Kristina Campbell
4 months ago

Researchers found both compositional & functional gut #microbiome differences in people with various types of arthritis and I like their caution in concluding these are probably a RESPONSE to system-wide inflammation, rather than the cause of it.

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Groundbreaking #vaccine delivers extra-long protection against #rheumatoid #arthritis

5 months ago

Hey #disability and #chronicIllness and #rheumatoid disease folks, this is one of my favorite places to chat though it's still very quiet, hasn't reached critical mass.

5 months ago

I had to cancel plans I was feeling two ways about anyway, today, because both I and the person I was going with have chronic illnesses and body conditions that are interfering today.

Someone said on Twitter yesterday that age is only a number as long as we stay healthy, well, and happy.

I would flip off the screen but I still can't straighten my fingers well.

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Is there a mastodon equivalent hashtag for #disability twitter?

6 months ago

for the Instagram-enabled:

My new phone wallpaper is a reminder of my #priorities. A few weeks back, my podiatrist told me that the pain #rheumatoid disease damage causes in my feet is only fixable with steroid shots in the short term and surgery that will cost me #mobility...
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6 months ago

I'll happily lie around half the day when it's my choice, but now I'm on two days of bed rest so I want to go hiking or play kickball.

(Realistically: I'm recovering from 5 days of extreme foot #pain after a week of walking around in #Galapagos, on osteoporotic feet that were already trashed from #rheumatoid disease and a fracture. I can't realistically play kickball, and the bedrest is to recover from TEN steroid injections into my foot joints after destroying them further there.)

Life-changing #vaccine provides long-lasting protection against #rheumatoid #arthritis

8 months ago

I'm expecting/hoping for another wave of folks over here as requiring the paid #bluecheck to vote in polls and eliminating legacy blue checks hits Twitter. #MineralCup will die otherwise.

amazing how #rheumatoid flare affects mindful social media use. It only occasionally touches clicky clicky Twitter but when I'm sore and want to use mastodon carefully it's hard. #ChronicPain is really hard on executive function.

Scientific Frontline
9 months ago

When Rice University computational biologist Vicky #Yao found traces of #bacteria associated with #periodontal #disease in samples collected from #rheumatoid #arthritis patients, she was not sure what to make of it.
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My newest news story for the Canadian Healthcare Network/ The Medical Post.

JAN 2023 -- Can treating pre-symptomatic rheumatoid arthritis delay onset?
DMARDs might help, according to a review published in Autoimmunity Review.

Early treatment of patients in the pre-clinical phase of #rheumatoid #arthritis (RA) may actually delay onset of the full-blown disease.

According to a systemic literature review by researchers from the Netherlands, patients in the earliest stages of disease could benefit the most from preventive strategies in terms of delayed onset and reduced disease burden, but more study is needed including if and how long symptoms could be delayed by various treatments. The review was published in the #Autoimmunity Review.

At this point, there are no formal treatment recommendations for patients in the pre-clinical stage of RA after presenting with arthralgia. Often a wait-and-see approach is taken, the authors said.

But looking forward, “in order to prevent disease development it is important to identify which patients would benefit the most from a targeted intervention since on average only 30% of seropositive individuals will develop RA in the foreseeable future, and since many different factors influence disease risk,” they wrote... etc...

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10 months ago

A little off topic BUT potentially an #health breakthrough.

"Vagus nerve receptors may be key to controlling inflammation"

This could lead to treatments to #rheumatoid #arthritis

1 year ago

I haven't found my #disability community here yet. I'm kind of pondering using different accounts in different places to compartmentalize my life a little, but that often feels wrong to me.

"Changing standards and financial instability are making disabled users of Twitter anxious they may lose a valuable tool for connection and advocacy."


1 year ago

My rheumatoid-flare joints are gonna hate me tomorrow and my sinuses are a mess but I'm just thinking of the time in otherwise horrible 1977 the bookmobile had the #YellowBrickRoad songbook (piano, lyrics, guitar chords) and I tried to memorize it all in 2 weeks before the due date.


@Phoenix_Borealis Neither did I! And yes! I totally want one too, especially if it works out to be more comfortable to wear.

I'm physically disabled, myself, suffering from #rheumatoid and #spondyloarthritis (#ankylosing) along with #fibromyalgia, so something like this seems perfect for me given how hot, heavy, and fatigue-inducing regular #fursuits are, especially if they're #digitigrade in any manner.

I'll have to keep this in my ideas box for the future.

@kistaro Aww, that makes me so happy to hear your response to mine! Anti-psychotics have considerably improved my quality-of-life in every single way since I started taking them all those years ago. To be honest, I used to be a real asshole without them thanks to my Borderline Personality Disorder, when it started becoming active/present at that point of my life. I don't ever want to be that kind of person again, especially for the sake of my friends. But don't get me wrong, these very powerful drugs do have their downsides.

Some of the downsides include high amounts of fatigue (although you do develop a tolerance over time as I have), unable to get a stiffy as easily (or even ejaculate sometimes), and the worst one, in my opinion, is diabetes. Almost everyone who's on a high dose of these drugs (like I am) will almost certainly get #diabetes at one point in their life, and after a few years of being on them, I now have to take #insulin twice-daily. My #pancreas is all but dead :/

This is due to the immense cravings for fatty and sugary foods that anti-psychotics give you, sort'a like the #munchies that you get with weed, I suppose. But it's active 24/7 instead and you even wake up at night in the middle of sleeping, wanting this food. A particular positive of this class of drugs though is that they also treat #chronic #pain quite well which I also have, due to my #rheumatoid #arthritis and #spondyloarthritis, which are both extremely painful, autoimmune conditions.

I'm very sorry to hear that you have generalized anxiety disorder yourself :( It's a terrible condition that I wouldn't wish upon anybody. If I may ask, do you currently work? Or are you on social benefits instead? I'm on the latter myself due to all the health conditions I possess. But regarding the Adderall, I actually heard that it calms some people down weirdly enough.

Thank you for the suggestions for my partner! He does drink coffee regularly although I'm not sure how much, to be exact. I think he's pretty happy the way he is, really. His employer is extremely forgiving and understanding of his symptoms and all of his friends are understanding too ^,==,^. But it's good that you're seeing a psychiatrist yourself, they've helped me so much in the past with getting my own life together! I've had mixed success with psychologists though and despite wanting to see one now, everyone locally is booked out by a year or more due to COVID-19 :/

My local psychiatrist is a really awesome person, he doesn't charge me at all for his services and instead just charges it to the government. I don't know of any other psychiatrist in Australia who does that XD

Adderall is a specific isomer of methamphetamine, I think? Different from the stuff you find in the street. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's the case. Anyway, I'm sorry for the super long post ^ ^;