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Current (hydrology) (Hydrology 💧)

In hydrology, a current in a stream or other water body is the flow of water influenced by gravity as the water moves downhill to reduce its potential energy. The current varies spatially as well as temporally within the stream, dependent upon the flow volume of water, stream gradient, and channel geometry. In tidal zones, the current and streams ...

#Current #Rivers #Hydrology #WaterStreams #CoastalGeography

But...but...we're keeping those bloody marbles. 🇬🇧 🗑🔥💩👎
SubtleBlade - #England’s only three #swimming #rivers given ‘poor’ #WaterQuality status

Designation means the bathing waters carry risk of sickness, as government is accused of ‘gross negligence’


SubtleBlade ⚔️
5 days ago

#England’s only three #swimming #rivers given ‘poor’ #WaterQuality status

Designation means the bathing waters carry risk of sickness, as government is accused of ‘gross negligence’


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Murray-Darling Basin Plan changes recognise a First Nations connection to water in 'small step forward'
By Annie Brown and Else Kennedy

First Nations water groups have welcomed changes to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan which will formally acknowledge their connection to water and aim to increase Indigenous ownership.

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Atlas Obscura
6 days ago

Crossing the Rubicon in Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy

For many years, the river that Julius Caeser led his army across into Italy was lost until re-identified.#militaryhistory #rivers #history&culture #section-Atlas
Crossing the Rubicon

Jane Lago
6 days ago

It's a blue morning.

If you can see the vehicles on the bridge, that gives a sense of proportion for how wide the river is.
#Rivers #MissouriRiver

Looking downstream along the Missouri River toward the morning sun. There are buildings to the right, with fallen trees along the shoreline. In the mid-distance is a bridge upon which can be seen a panel truck followed by a pickup truck and some cars.
6 days ago

💡#LightPollution in #rivers and #lakes: Excessive artificial #light is changing aquatic life and entire #ecosystems. An IGB overview shows how #fish, toads, #insects and microorganisms perceive light and why we need to better protect them. Read here >

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$50 million river deal to green light environmental water buybacks
By Kath Sullivan

The Commonwealth will have a green light to enter the water market and buy irrigation water from farmers to boost the environment, with the Albanese government securing the numbers to re-write the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

#FederalGovernment #GovernmentandPolitics #Rural #MurrayDarlingBasin #WaterManagement #Water #Irrigation #Rivers #KathSullivan

Ryan Peek
1 week ago

#30DayMapChallenge still catching up...when i can. This is Terminal points to rivers in CA for the Day 26: Minimal. Tried to theme as much like a terminal console as possible but not much time on this one. #rstats #rivers

Map of california rivers in green like a terminal interface, with points at the Terminus of each watershed or river. Points are in light yellow. A CA outline/boundary is in gray with a dark gray background.
Steve Maclellan
1 week ago

Running on Empty—Water in Southern Alberta

Running on Empty—Water in Southern Alberta
Steven Lawson Photography
1 week ago

The Falls of Clyde

A common view of the River Clyde is that of a wide, polluted river meandering through Scotland's largest city to the sea. But in the Southern Uplands of South Lanarkshire, where it forms from two burns, the Clyde is an impressive force of nature that crashes down waterfalls like the Cora Linn, near New Lanark world heritage village.

#photography #BlackAndWhite #rivers #waterfalls #Scotland

Black and white portrait format image showing the Cora Linn, a series of narrow, steep waterfalls over which the River Clyde crashes, near New Lanark. The scenes shows a lone larch tree on an outcrop of rock, its dying needles a paler colour than the surrounding trees, and the mouth of the falls narrowing, forcing the water into a roaring channel
Black and white portrait format image, taken with a slow shutter speed to turn the raging waters of the River Clyde into silky curtains as it races over tiers of ancient rock at Cora Linn, past trees and shrubs that cling to the vertiginous bank. As the water hits the lower levels of the falls it boils before surging onward on its journey to the sea.
Black and white portrait format image using a slow shutter speed to contrast the delicate branches of a bankside tree with the raging torrent of water racing past, the water has been turned into a blurry mass of greys and blacks while the tree remains in focus.
Black and white portrait format image shows a section of the Falls of Clyde where the shapes of the dark land force the powerful river to twist and curve before it surges over the edge and into a pool where froth and spray rise from the bubbling rocky cauldron
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'Lesser of two evils': Return of Murray Mouth dredging met with mixed emotions after floods
By Eliza Berlage and Stephanie Nitschke

Dredgers at the River Murray mouth were halted for the first time in six years when floodwaters arrived in 2022. But now they're back in action in what irrigators and scientists see as an unfortunate necessity in this unique ecosystem.

#WaterManagement #MurrayDarlingBasin #Irrigation #Ecology #MarineBiology #TourismandLeisureIndustry #Birds #Rivers #OceansandReefs #Engineering #GovernmentandPolitics #WaterSupply #EnvironmentalManagement #EnvironmentalImpact #Water #DairyProduction #ElizaBerlage #StephanieNitschke

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Bourne (stream) (Geomorphology 🏞️)

A bourne is an intermittent stream, flowing from a spring. Frequent in chalk and limestone country where the rock becomes saturated with winter rain, that slowly drains away until the rock becomes dry, when the stream ceases. The word is from the Anglo-Saxon language of England. The word can be found in northern England in placenames such ...

#Bourne #Rivers #Hydrology #WaterStreams #BodiesOfWater #Geomorphology

1 week ago

Murray-Darling Basin deal on 'Restoring Our Rivers'

"Australia is the driest inhabited continent and consequently, much of the fauna and flora are adapted to arid climates. But aridity is an extreme condition, and life is difficult. When we take water from their environment, we can push the flora and fauna to the limits of their survival, and over the edge to extinction. Returning environmental flows closer to their natural levels provides the platypus, rikali (water ‘rats’), fish, frogs, crayfish and other invertebrates the water they need to survive."

"Extracting too much water stops rivers from flowing, leading to a build-up of toxic pollutants including pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Too many nutrients can cause extensive algal growths which smother the surface resulting in deoxygenation and fish kills. Often these algae are toxic to humans, livestock and wildlife. When water stops flowing it warms up and becomes deoxygenated, conditions that few species can survive."

"The water buybacks are a vital initiative to restore the health of Australia’s major river system." Professor Catherine Yule is Professor of Ecology at the University of the Sunshine Coast
#rivers #water #extraction #pollution #biodiversity #WaterJustice #MDB #IndigenousRights

1 week ago

Ads for SUVs " breaching social responsibility in an environmental context."

"Toyota SUV adverts banned in UK on environmental grounds. Advertising Standards Authority says Hilux poster and video condone driving that disregards ‘impact on nature’. Advertising for SUVs is pushing up demand for massive gas-guzzling, highly polluting cars in urban environments, just when we want streets that are safer and cleaner and an [accessible] low carbon transport system,” Wignall said, adding that the situation was similar for flights, meat and dairy."
#advertising #PublicSpaces #SUVs #regulation #GHG #pollution #harm
#spectacles #nature #rivers #climate

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Government strikes Murray-Darling Basin deal with Greens
By Kath Sullivan

The government has struck a deal with the Greens that could see more than 700 gigalitres of water used for farming each year, allocated to the environment.

#FederalGovernment #Rural #MurrayDarlingBasin #Irrigation #Water #WaterManagement #Rivers #AgriculturalPolicy #KathSullivan

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Dead fish at River Torrens weir unlikely to have been killed by toxins, biologist says

Clusters of dead carp spotted near Adelaide's Torrens weir are likely the result of last week's heavy rain higher up in the catchment area, rather than anything more noxious in the water, a biologist says.

#Fish #AnimalScience #Rivers #Ecology #EnvironmentalImpact

Kurt Kremitzki
2 weeks ago

The meeting of the #Sangamon and #Illinois #rivers - by Dan Maggart

An undulating river on a forested plain meeting a larger body of water in a chaotic-looking fashion.
Gary James
2 weeks ago

Good morning everyone , happy weekend to you all 👋❤️📸
A shot from Bideford this week #photography #rivers #travel #nature

A photo of a river in Devon UK . Taken from the quayside
Primo Natura
2 weeks ago

"The Government may be forced to rewrite its plans to restore thousands of rivers to good ecological status following a landmark legal case that found it had failed its duty to reduce pollution at a popular fly fishing spot in the Humber."

#UK #UnitedKingdom #Environment #Rivers

Steven Lawson Photography
2 weeks ago

Upper Clyde ripples and reflections
As a technical aside, this was shot on my X-T4 with a near-50 year-old Olympus OM Zuiko 28mm manual focus lens - you simply can't beat vintage glass like that.
#photography #BlackAndWhite #monochrome #rivers #reflections #abstract

Black and white landscape format image taken from the banks of the upper River Clyde in South Lanarkshire where the bankside trees and vegetation are reflected in the water which is swirling and eddying, creating psychedelic, abstract patterns.
2 weeks ago

Australian freshwater turtle conservation

"Australian freshwater turtles support healthy wetlands and rivers. Yet one in three turtle species is threatened with extinction."

"Threats include habitat loss, being eaten by foxes or feral pigs, disease, fire, and moving species into new areas where they breed with existing turtle species. To manage these threats, we need to move beyond engagement to an integrated approach, where conservation advice is co-determined by First Nations people who are closely involved in implementing recovery plans and action plans."

Our research reveals some fresh insights into turtle behaviour, survey methods and conservation strategies. Report:

"The Bellinger River snapping turtle was listed as Critically Endangered under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 after a virus, now known as the Bellinger River virus, caused mass mortality of the turtles in early 2015.16 Nov 2022"

#FreshwaterTurtles #conservation #rivers #water #pollution #roads #cars #foxes #dogs #BellingerRiverSnappingTurtle #extinction

Atlas Obscura
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Veteran's Memorial Bridge in Ozark, Alabama

Now abandoned, the first reinforced concrete bridge in Alabama still stands over the Pea River.#abandoned #rivers #engineering #bridges #section-Atlas
Veteran's Memorial Bridge

2 weeks ago

All Aquatic Species in Mouths of Rivers Contaminated by Microplastics, Study Finds #rivers #environment #marinelife #species #plastic #microplastics

2 weeks ago

We are reframing ecosystems as infrastructure

"Living landscapes are a form of infrastructure in the sense that forests, for example, clean our water and our air."

"...It is not enough simply to restore natural systems to their former condition. “There is no ‘pure nature’ that’s outside of us, untouched up there in the foothills somewhere...We’ve ‘made’ the world what it is already, so now we need to take a very, very strong hand in the remaking. … A big part of climate adaptation may simply be unbuilding what we’ve already built.”

"A big part of climate adaptation may simply be unbuilding what we’ve already built. Rather than thinking of design as something merely additive or “beautifying,” we need to think about undoing our environmental mistakes, like damming rivers, bulkheading our shorelines, and concretizing streams. We need to start making room for rivers and floods."

"What we are trying to do is integrate many local projects into a larger-scale systemic approach, into a larger-scale resilience plan."
#extinction #biodiversity #nature #restore #depave #RegenerativeDesign #MobilityDesign #ReFraming #beautification #rivers #floods #NativeForests #transition #resilience #ClimateEmergency

Denny Kozlov
2 weeks ago

Out and about at my favorite accessible riverside hang, catching coffee and bagel and outdoor vibe on a surprisingly sunny mid-autumn day.

#DrivebyPhotography #SpoonieLife #rivers #spoonie #QueerSpoonie

A tree-lined riverside bike path with most of the leaves off the trees and carpeting the ground in orange and yellow. The dark leafless trunks and branches, large and small, make a lacework against the sky, which is currently mostly cloudy but with a big patch of blue at upper right of shot.
Atlas Obscura
2 weeks ago

Mighty Samson of the Cimarron in Liberal, Kansas

Raised high above the Cimarron River, this 1,268-foot rail bridge followed a half-century of trainwrecks, bridge collapses, and an abandoned town.#crashsite #rivers #trains #railroads #bridges #section-Atlas
Mighty Samson of the Cimarron

2 weeks ago

Rivers & Mountains Of The World – Various Tchotchkes
-- <-- version at David Rumsey Map collection site
[this is NOT an endorsement of this product]
It is a pleasure to see these old Victorian infographic maps as teaching aids on water bottles and other tchotchkes, I have always been fascinated by them and their place in geologic, geographic, cartographic history…
“Nowadays, detailed maps of any corner of the Earth are available for everyone. Detailed information about any geographical object on our planet can be got in just a few seconds. But two centuries ago, life was radically different. That’s why comparative infographic maps were viral in the 19th century, which allowed people to get information about the main geographical objects of our planet.”
#GIS #spatial #mapping #teaching #teachingaids #Victorian #infographics #maps #history #learning #geology #geography #cartography #comparative #global #rivers #mountains

image - water bottle - Rivers & Mountains of the World infographic / map
image - Rivers & Mountains of the World infographic / map - Victorian, 1847
image - Rivers & Mountains of the World infographic / map - Victorian - another example
image - Rivers & Mountains of the World infographic / map - Victorian, 1847 - zoom of portion
Steven Lawson Photography
3 weeks ago

The Poetry of Water III

I am still working on this collection, the aim being to produce a zine at some point in the future, but for now these will be the final set I will be posting here so thank you very much for all the interest in this project 🙏🏻

#photography #BlackAndWhite #monochrome #water #lakes #rivers #sea #waterfalls

Black and white portrait format image showing sunlight reflecting off the ripples in a slow-moving stream, where the water has created texture and sworls which look like liquid mercury
Black and white portrait format image taken with a slow shutter speed which shows water pouring down several levels of a waterfall in woodland. The falls have several levels which widen progressively from top to bottom as the silk-like water streams over the dark rocks, and there is vegetation on both sides of the falls.
Black and white portrait format image taken with a slow shutter speed of waves crashing against dar rocks at the coast, the water appears like silk strands as it turns to spray against the boulders
Portrait format black and white image showing the swell of the sea as waves start to form off the coast, telling of the depth and power of the water which will soon break against the land
R. Natale Fine Art
3 weeks ago

Canoeing - photo taken from our canoe on the Delaware River on a cold March day. It was super windy, but my husband managed to row us safely all the way.

#canoeing #adventure #buyintoart #BlackandWhite_Photography #rivers #MastoArt #art #fedigiftshop

B&W photo of canoeing the Delaware River. View shows the front of the boat with a yellow ratchet strap in color
3 weeks ago

Good morning 🏞️ 8:30am@JP
あさ8時半 🏞️ おはようございます

There is a hidden world in the #ponds and #rivers near us. For example, you might find #catfish wearing suits🤭

Have a #great week ahead 👐

身近な ## の中には、わたしたちの知らない世界があります、例えばスーツを着て盛装した #ナマズ が居たりね🤭

#華麗なる 一週間となりますように👐
#aiart #morning #おはよう #bingimagecreator #BingImageCreater

A catfish wearing a bowtie(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Ian Rose
1 month ago

Everyone who cares about healthy Northwest ecosystems should be thanking the salmon protectors of the Yurok, S’Klallam and Puyallup people today, for successfully leading this campaign. Now they need sustained attention and support from the rest of us to keep regulators focused on salmon and river health.

#PNW #salmon #rivers #water

Rafagas Links
1 month ago

A public art project and walking tour, that rediscovers streams and hidden stories that run beneath our feet, visualizes a lost stream buried beneath the streets of Baltimore #rivers

Steven Lawson Photography
1 month ago

An autumnal moment of calm in misty early morning light.
#photography #rivers #reflections #bridges #autumn #trees

Portrait format colour image showing an old stone bridge arching over a gently-flowing river which is reflecting the graceful curve of the grey bridge and the autumnal colours of the bankside trees in the distance. The cool blue and grey of the stonework and the vibrant orange and yellow of the trees are in stark contrast.
1 month ago

NOAA has awarded an unprecedented $27.8 million to its partners to bring Central California Coast coho #salmon back to California #rivers

Coho salmon. Credit: NOAA Fisheries
1 month ago

#Beets as a de-icer! Encourage #RemoteWork! More #LightRail, less #Cars!

Scientists have found a ‘sleeping giant’ of environmental problems: Earth is getting saltier

#Salt used to de-ice roads is the single biggest source of salt in the U.S.

By Kasha Patel
October 31, 2023

"Human activities are making the globe saltier, specifically in our soils, fresh water and air, according to a study released Tuesday in the journal Nature Reviews Earth & Environment.

"The excess salt has already caused serious issues in freshwater supplies in recent decades. Saltier water led to brown tap water for months in Montgomery County, #Maryland. It also played a part in creating the #toxic lead-laden water in #FlintMichigan.

"Salt pollution isn’t some flashy threat to our existence — like, say, a meteor hitting Earth — but the issue is gravely overlooked and is a 'sleeping giant,' said Sujay Kaushal, lead author of the study. He said it might be the 'most boring but contemporary problem that we have.'

"Most people think of salt as the white specks we put in our food or the salt in oceans, chemically known as sodium chloride (NaCl). That sodium salt can also be found in detergents, other household products and more, but there are many different salts, including calcium, magnesium and other ions used in additional products — and they’re all increasing in places where they don’t normally occur.

"Over the past 50 years, salt ions have increased in #streams and #rivers as people have begun using and producing more salts, the study says. The team found that across the globe, about 2.5 billion acres of soil — an area about the size of the United States — have become saltier. Salt lakes are also drying up and sending saline dust into the air.

“'We use water for everything from growing crops to drinking to industrial processes to heating and cooling,' said Kaushal, a geologist at the University of Maryland. 'But when you have salt in the water, it affects all of those things … and it’s increasing.'"

Read more:

#WaterIsLife #SaltPollution

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 month ago

From 27 Oct: ‘Ghost Rivers’ Visualizes a Mile-Long Stream Buried Deep Beneath Baltimore - Photo © Public Mechanics. All images shared with permission How much do we really know about the lan... #art #baltimore #bruce-willen #cities #design #history #installation #public-art #rivers #street-art

And another #Brexit freedom... although this one has been pretty clearly predicted by sometime from those concerned about the #water quality in the UK's #rivers & around the coast.

The UK Govt. is going to bring in its own methodology for measuring water quality, which (for them) has the advantage of making international comparisons difficult & (of course) will involve lots of nice consultancy work for their chums.

Why not reinvent the wheel?

1 month ago

"England to diverge from EU water monitoring standards"

This cunning plan will make it harder to compare pollution in England's waterways with that in EU countries, and thus deflect from the sewage scandal.

Brexit benefit!

#Brexit #rivers #pollution #WaterQuality

Rafagas Links
1 month ago

Hidden Hydrology is a resource to explore lost rivers, buried creeks, and disappeared streams in urban areas and reconnect historical ecology with the urban metropolis #rivers

Anne N. Connor
1 month ago

River heat waves suffocate trout and salmon. Researchers added cool water to rivers to save the fish. Next: Water could be cooled pump-free by diverting part of the river underground temporarily. #solutions #rivers #fish #climate #climateresilience

The Secret Life Of Plants🌱
1 month ago

Here are all of the rivers and waterways in the #Germany, coloured according to the major hydrological basins they are part of and scaled by their size. #Python #DataScience #Data #DataVisualization #Germany
PythonMaps #Rivers

Here are all of the rivers and waterways in the Germany, coloured according to the major hydrological basins they are part of and scaled by their size.
K. Lauren de Boer
1 month ago

From the interview: “You can doom scroll on your phone and get really depressed, but I’m like, stop and read about the Klamath, because I think we’re showing that you can put places back together. And a handful of super dedicated people can make it happen.”

#salmon #river #rivers #nature #naturelovers #conservation #environment #environmental #salmonrivers #goodnews

Vivienne Dunstan
1 month ago

We live in #Angus, #Scotland near the #DightyBurn on the eastern edge of #Dundee. It’s been very deep and flooded the last few days due to #StormBabet. I was worried about dipper birds my husband sees every week there. Fortunately he saw loads today. Here is a #video of one fishing beside a very fast whooshing river. #Babet #storms #Monifieth #BroughtyFerry #Birds #Birding #Birdstodon #Dippers #DipperBirds #Photography #Countryside #Floods #Wildlife #Rivers #Dighty

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

" It was discovered that a staggering 87% of the #rivers studied were experiencing persistent #warming, while 70% were suffering from #deoxygenation. While this phenomenon is more commonly associated with larger bodies of water like oceans and lakes, its presence in flowing rivers is a growing concern that has largely gone unnoticed until now."

Claire Barnes
2 months ago

@mk30 Here's a source reference:
"at least 25,000 km of rivers will be restored into free-flowing rivers by 2030 through the removal of primarily obsolete barriers and the restoration of floodplains and wetlands".
EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, 2.2.7:
The EU Nature Restoration Plan is summarized in the same document, 2.2.10.
🇪🇺 #EU #biodiversity #NatureRestoration #rewilding #DamRemoval #rivers

Chris Townsend
2 months ago

The river Spey today. Still high after last weekend's heavy rain. #Cairngorms #Strathspey #rain #rivers

A wide river flowing under a bridge
2 months ago

Finding #water in many parts of #Kenya is a struggle. The country is in the midst of its worst #drought in decades. #Rivers are drying up & the rainy season …has repeatedly failed to produce significant rainfall. Around the world, #ClimateChange is worsening conditions & limiting water #access, leaving people searching for surprising sources, like #fog & #dew.

#ClimateCrisis #FogHarvesting #technology #Climate #Science

2 months ago
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

What if it represented the shit they pour daily into your #rivers and #seas? The poisons they spread throughout the land. The #hedgerows ripped and smashed. The #foxes and #badgers tortured and murdered. The disappearing #bees, #birds and #butterflies.
The once fresh #air that is now too just a fiction. What if it represented all of those other less celebrated #trees only one bad decision away from a similar but less noticed fate.


Black and white image looking up through trees.
Vivienne Dunstan
2 months ago

Bonus #photos from my husband this afternoon, in #BroughtyFerry, in eastern #Dundee, #Scotland. A very very wild #RiverTay / #sea near where we parked by the #seafront. That is Broughty #Castle in some of the pictures. The other direction looks towards Dundee and the bridges. #Tay #Seaside #Rivers #Photography #Tayside #Birding #Birdstodon #BirdPhotography #BirdingPhotography #Seagulls #Gulls #Castles #Waves #SeaSpray

A very wild seafront scene. At the front of a picture a bench sits, looking out towards a very wild sea, throwing up spray beside and around it. Behind in the distance can be seen a pier and far beyond that oil rigs being worked on, and beyond that the outline of Dundee by the seaside. You can also just glimpse the Tay Road Bridge and Tay Rail Bridge in the distance.
A dark bench sitting on a walkway beside the sea, totally drenched with seaspray which fills the image. The sea beyond it looks extremely wild.
A seafront with the land to the left and benches running alongside it, and a very wild sea on the right throwing spray up onto the pavement and benches. In the background is an ornate arch sculpture, and beyond that an old castle with a tower in the middle. Behind is a slightly cloudy blue sky.
Looking across a wild river/sea estuary. There is a small outcrop of land in the middle left, and in the background is more land on the other side of the big  river. The sea is wild, and a white seagull skims across in the air from left to right, its wings spread wide, and it outlined against the sea and land beyond.
George Steffanos
2 months ago

🧵 1/5
40 years ago today: From the bank, it all looked so peaceful. Golden sun-drops swirled innocently over foam-flecked blue and soft breezes stirred the pines. The initial fifteen or twenty yards to the gravel bar was almost anticlimactic. The current was strong, but the water was barely ankle-deep.

⬇️ Thread in comments

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #Maine #nature #lakes #forest #rivers #adventure #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails #hikingtrails

Beneath a hazy blue sky with a few streaky clouds we are standing at on a shaded rocky bank of a wide but shallow river. The opposite shore is also a jumble of rocks and small boulders, a long, narrow bar of ricks and gravel lies not far from that riverbank. A low wooded ridge rises above the far bank.
2 months ago

The Cleanup of Seattle’s Only River Could Cost #Boeing and #Taxpayers $1 Billion.

Talks Over Who Will Pay Most Are Secret.

The company once described the Duwamish, one of the country’s most #contaminated waterways, as “a natural collector” for its wastes.

The Port of #Seattle and Boeing accuse each other of failing to pay their fair shares for the cleanup.

#Washington #PNW #Environment #Pollution #Water #CleanWater #Rivers #News

3 months ago

#Deoxygenation is commonly observed in #oceans and #lakes but less expected in #rivers. Assessments of almost 800 rivers revealed persistent warming in 87% and deoxygenation in 70% of the rivers. Mean deoxygenation rates per decade were higher than those in oceans. Projected future rates are between 1.6 and 2.5 times higher than historical rates, indicating significant ramifications for #waterquality and #aquatic #ecosystems.

#ClimateChange, #GlobalWarming

Wyatt Brege
3 months ago

Off the North Country Trail in the Lake Superior State Forest #woodlandwednesday #woodlands #nature #michigan #rivers

Partly cloudy skies over a coniferous forest that's broken only by a shallow, winding river. The faraway ferns on the banks are still mostly green, while the river is obstructed by a small log jam.  The water is clear enough to see through its 3-foot depth, which reflects some of the landscape and sky on its surface. It was about 85°F (30°C) in the afternoon--mostly dry with a shy breeze

In case you were curious - this is the river system of in South Africa.

#maps #southAfrica #rivers #Qgis

Corrupt Conservatives just don’t give a shit anymore.

For them it’s time to trouser as much a cash in backhanders and donations from developers and big business as they can before they’re kicked out of power.

The only strange thing is that people in England have put up with this bollocks for 13 yrs and keep re-electing the #ToryScum™️ responsible 🤷‍♂️

‘Giving up on waterways’: Ministers scrap anti-pollution housebuilding rules

#Pollution #Environment #Rivers

Texas Observer
3 months ago

For #Newstodon Friday, let's look at highlights of our series on Texas #rivers:

1. ”The Second Rio Grande” A river brought to the brink

2. “Breaking the Brazos” Development strains this historic river

3. How Dow Chemical Controls the Brazos

4. ”Staying Afloat” Lessons for the #future

#news #Texas #ClimateChange #environment #water #pollution #politics #USpol

Juan Carlos Muñoz
3 months ago

If you're like me and enjoy some non-distracting background sounds when you're #reading, check this out:


Lots of playlists with #nature sounds like #rain, #wind, #birds, #rivers... I've used it for the last few days and I'm loving it so far!

Primo Natura
3 months ago

"Europe’s rivers are running dry, spelling trouble not only for industries that rely on them to move cargo but also for the EU's climate ambitions."

#EU #EuropeanUnion #Europe #Climate #ClimateChange #Water #Rivers

Alexander Hay
4 months ago

Apropos of nothing, #UnitedUtilities are fucking scumbags. Makes a change from them pumping sewage into streams and onto beaches, mind you.

"United Utilities fined £800,000 after illegally abstracting 22 billion litres of #Water in #Lancashire

"It caused a significant decline in the #Fylde #Aquifer, which is an important public #WaterSupply for residents in the #NorthWest and also helps the flows of local #Rivers..."

#UK #News #Environment

Texas Observer
4 months ago

"The #water in our rivers is over-allocated and under-protected. And with all this growth, there’s tremendous pressure to push environmental needs to the side."

#news #politics #USpol #Texas #ClimateChange #rivers #environment

Texas Observer
4 months ago

Staying Afloat: The Medina And San Antonio Rivers Are Drying Up

From our magazine, the final contribution from #Environment Reporter @delger Erdenesanaa, who just joined the #NYTimes Fellowship Program, and the continuation of our series on the future of #Texas waterways:

(📸 #Photography by Jordan Vonderhaar)
#ClimateChange #water #rivers #SanAntonio #summer

An overhead view of residential docks on the Medina Lake which normally float but are currently on dry land.
Tony Kennick
4 months ago

#Rivers #puns

Captions that follow the audio in a pink typewriter font show over video of the rivers mentioned.
The Seven footage features the bore, the Thames is at Sonning near Reading on a sunny day. The Trent has a pleasure boat motoring along. The Wye is an aerial shot.
4 months ago

Worldwide there is a growing commitments to swimmable rivers and clean natural waterways.

The case of the Bellingen's scenic swimming hole
Bellingen just smashed in a "$5.2M “gate way to the Promised Land” so that mass tourism can speed along the new 'highway' (Gleniffer Road) to the Never Never Creek. It is the town's main 'tourist destination' (but has no public toilet).

In January the Promised Land swimming hole near Bellingen recorded faecal contamination of water. "Council advised swimmers to stay out of the Never Never River.” Humans and dogs were blamed for the faecal matter. "It has been very popular over the holiday period and there are certainly indications that people have been using the riparian area there along the banks for toileting purposes”

“Tell the city you want your river back”

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Bellingen swimming hole without toilet facilities
5 months ago

With less than a year to go, the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is in a dreadful mess. These 5 steps are needed to fix it
"The Murray-Darling Basin covers about a seventh of the Australian land mass: most of New South Wales, parts of Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and all of the Australian Capital Territory. It includes the Murray River and Darling River/Baarka and their tributaries...."
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5 months ago

EXCLUSIVE: UK river ‘dying’ after farmers lobbied government to water down protections.

National Farmers’ Union boasted about months of lobbying to weaken enforcement of environmental regulation.

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El Perro Negro
5 months ago

It's 37C outside. You are in the midst of a fierce spanish summer. Either "head for the hills" or as we did today, head to some dramatic local gorges and refreshing, cooling waters. Marvellous!

Rio Santos, Albuñuelas.

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A hiker makes her way up through a small waterfall
Two hikers are waist deep in a small lagoon within a steep sided dramatic gorge
A man in purple tee shirt stands under a waterfall
People wade through waist deep water in a small lake formed by a steep sided, dramatic gorge