5 hours ago

The hero has doubtless watched 500 Days of Summer and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and knows he has no choice but to fall in love with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.
#LifeinaYear #MovieReview #Romance #JadenSmith #CaraDelevigne

5 hours ago

Next Exit’s two main problems are 1) someone else already made this movie five years ago and called it The Discovery, and 2) The Discovery sucked like a motherfucker, so that not only is Next Exit a sort of unofficial remake (or, to put it more bluntly, a shameless rip-off), but it does nothing to improve upon the source material.
#NextExit #MovieReview #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Romance

Jess Mahler
7 hours ago

The Last Lady of Lună, Season 2 Cover

The bonds between Nastasia and her human partners barely had time to settle before they were faced with surprise allies and an enemy attack.

Now they need to defeat the enemies, learn about the allies, and rebuild their trust in each other - before it's too late.

Season 2 of Last Lady of Lună starts now.

RSS feed:

L3 is a #SlowBurn #WhyChoose #queer #Vampire #romance, chapters published weekly.

Shaula Evans
8 hours ago

When the CEO's mother sends a curvy goddess to watch over the company finances, has he met his downfall—or his perfect match?

"Wrath: Seven Deadly Curvy Girl Sins" by Kelsie Calloway is a dark workplace romance + erotic revenge story that's very high heat — where I have too much narrating the Wolfish CEO voice.

Get it now!

#Romance #Romancelandia #Audiobook @romancelandia @audiobooks @AudioFiction @bookstodon

In the background, waving rays of light in hues of molten copper and gold fan out from the center. On the left, yellow neon letters spell out "Now in Audio". On the right, a Kindle displays the cover of "Wrath: High Heat Instalove Romance" by Kelsie Calloway, illustrated with a man in a white dress shirt, standing behind attractive blonde woman, his hand on her waist, his head turned to give a smoldering and somewhat predatory look at the viewer.
16 hours ago

I’m finding middle aged dating so much better than in my younger years. I know who I am now, what I want, what my boundaries are, and I have the confidence to communicate all of this. No need for mind games, just getting on with it and loving it 😍
#relationships #romance

Me: {Lying on Mr AL's chest, his arms around me, watching the moon bright as copper through the bedroom window} What are you thinking?

Mr AL: {Arms tight round me, heart steady under my ear, legs entwined} How much I really don't like Budweiser.


The #TimeTraveler's Wife (2009)
offical trailer

Starring Rachel McAdams & Eric Bana
Directed by Robert Schwentke

#TimeTravel #Krononautics #romance #film

22 hours ago

Who here has seen Elfen Lied and what were your thoughts about it? #Anime #Ecchi #Horror #Romance #Action #Drama #ShonenJump #YoungJump

Isobel necessary on a bicycle?
1 day ago

Y'all, I have a cover reveal booked for July 6th! No going back now. 😱

#WritingCommunity #AmWriting #Romance #Fantasy #FantasyRomance

Author Steaphan Kay :verfox:
1 day ago

Alyssalee bests Fiore De'i Liberi after a day's training in Of Evil and Angels Book II, Chapter 2.

#AmReading #Paranormal #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Sapphic #Romance #BookArt #Illustration

A young woman in a training gambeson is fencing with a 13th century noble and gains the upper hand, scoring a point with her scimitar,
Thomas Rabenstein ✨
1 day ago

Nachdem @tombud bereits einen ersten Update für sein Angebot durchgeführt hat, habe auch ich damit begonnen, erste Grafiken vorzustellen.
Meine Hauptthemen sind: #ScienceFiction, #Fantasy, #Steampunk und #Horror, aber auch #Western, #Romance und #Thriller / #Krimi.
Falls du eine Kategorie im Sinn hast, für die es #PremadeCove geben sollte, hinterlasse gern einen Kommentar.
#autorenleben #selfpublisher #verlag #cover #AIArt #ebook #print #fandom #fanzine

Premade Covers
Wulf Krueger
2 days ago

The Soulmate Equation by Christina LaurenMy rating: 4 of 5 stars“People who believe in soulmates commonly accept that one will feel 'complete' once they have found their soulmate, as it is partially in the perceived d

#BookReview #Book #Family #Humour #Review #Romance #bücherliebe #booklove #buchblog #bookblog #lesen #reading #literatur #literature #BooksOfMastodon #Bookstadon @bookstodon #bookstodon #BookReview

Adara Astin
2 days ago

As roughly half the continent spent the day without clean air, I feel like you deserve some treats tonight.

If you're having a rough time & an audiobook narrated in a soothing voice would lift your spirits, pick out a title from my catalogue and it's yours, no questions asked.

Just let me know the title you'd like by reply or DM this evening.

Titles here:

#NSFW #Audiofiction #Romance #Erotica
@audiobooks @romancelandia @smutstodon @sizestodon @AudioFiction 1/2

Ron Hogan
2 days ago

This summer #romance list from Katherine D. Morgan for Five Books looks great… I started That Summer Feeling a while back, and this gives me the perfect excuse to pick it up again!

AndThisIsMrsPeacock 🏳️‍🌈
2 days ago

Out to dinner with my best friend and we are sitting next to THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE #Tinder #date in history.

The guy is eating with one hand and has had his other fist CLENCHED for like 20 minutes.

#AreStraightPeopleOk #Dating #Romance

InterNutter :nb_verify:
2 days ago

It's #WordpressWednesday but on a Thursday!

Sorry I had a brain fart y'all. Warning: this is a long one.

#Tiefling #Romance #dungeonsandragons

Esme Elora
2 days ago

Hello friends!

I'm gonna be out of work in a few days, so if you're interested in reading about lesbian invertebrates and want to support a deaf lesbian this #PrideMonth, please consider supporting me on Patreon! Even a dollar helps.

Ignore tags: #writer #writing #fantasy #romance #lesbian #LesbianRomance #lesfic #anthro #furry #furries #FurryFandom #spider #spiders #arachnid #arachnids #bug #bugs #invertebrate #invertebrates #deaf

An anthropomorphic spider in spiderweb leggings and a corset looking very excited.
Author Sharon E. Cathcart ✅
2 days ago

Just submitted my interest form for #Bookstore #Romance Day, which is August 19. I hope I get matched up; there's a local shop, Hicklebee's, in my town that is one of the participating sellers, but there are a couple of others within reasonable distance as well. So, now we wait and see.

Prism & Pen
3 days ago

He had a habit of clasping one hand over the other like a choirmaster preparing to address his flock of altar boys — he was a Papist, and before he came to sea, he had been a junior butler for two years at a fancy manor house.
#LGBTQ #Fiction #Romance #ShortStory #Pride2023

Nioiclín Hidalgo
3 days ago

#TimeTravelAuthors 7: Wednesday snippet (optional word: "bright/light")

I often talk about my love birds, Annabelle and Claire, but they never had the chance to appear in an excerpt. Well, today "changes things"!

This is one of their first scenes together in Book 1, when they're still seeing each other only at a distance, thanks to Claire's mental projection.

#WritingCommunity #SapphicBooks #Romance #Fantasy #WIP

“You're back,” she whispered, keeping the secret between them. The secret that Claire shouldn’t be there, and Annabelle shouldn’t be able to see and talk to her.

“I had to make sure you were getting better.”

Annabelle sighed, and Claire cursed herself for alluding to the terrible past few days. Relief washed over her when Annabelle smiled again, a dimmer and shier smile, but entrancing all the same. “Having you here changed things. Truly. You came as a light, reminding me that even in my darkest times, I was never completely alone.”
Susanne Leist Author
3 days ago

The storm strikes Blue Harbor, Maine, with a vengeance as the violent winds release torrential rains and the deadly curse.

Who will survive the Penobscot Indian curse?


#Bookrecommendations #Darkfantasy #BooksWorthReading #Bookstagrams #Reading #Vampire #Romance #Paranormal #Horror #Thriller #Ebooks #Occult #Romanticsuspense @bookstodon

A lighthouse at night during a storm.
Sherry Briscoe, Author
3 days ago

Tazia visits her friend's new bar in the resort town of Ketchum. The adventure begins with a secret, a ghost, a murder and romance. The elements of every great vacation. #booklovers #greatreads #kindlebooks #readers #paranormal #suspense #mystery #womensfiction #murder #crime #romance #nativeAmerican

Chris Hallbeck
3 days ago

What you see in me. #wholesome #love #romance #comic

Person 1: I'm so ugly, I don't know what you see in me. 
Person 2: Well, you only see yourself in selfies or in the mirror. I see you when a dog walks by. I see you when a joke catches you off guard. When our children get off the school bus. When you put on clothes fresh from the dryer on a cold day. Your face is joy, your face is love.

[Person 1 has a joyous look on their face]

Person 2: Yeah, like that.
Adara Astin
3 days ago

"Wrath: Seven Deadly Curvy Girl Sins" is one the highest heat stories in my erotic romance audiobook collection!

When a CEO discovers his mother is framing him for embezzlement, he decides to use her hand-picked auditor as the instrument of his revenge.

With workplace romance / office romance + dark romance, a side of enemies to lovers & erotic revenge, plus some exhibitionism for good measure!

Ge it now.

#Erotica #Romance #Audiobook #BBW @smutstodon #Exhibitionism

A single hanging light illuminates a dark room filled with smoke. A woman in lingerie lies on her back on a leather sofa, her arms stretched above her head, her stocking-clad legs over the sofa's arm. The effect is decadent and debauched.

On the left, a smartphone plays he audiobook version of "Wrath: Seven Deadly Curvy Girl Sins", showing a large, shirtless, muscular man who glares at the viewer. Text on the right says: "Revenge is a dish best served cold. Wrath. Written by Kelsie Calloway. Narrated by Eden Cavell." Across the bottom are logos for Audible and KindleUnlimited.
Shaula Evans
4 days ago

"Taken by the Mountain Man" is a single mom romance to make your heart melt, featuring me doing a "curvy mom" voice & a "hot mountain man" voice. The best of all possible worlds!

A single mom making a fresh start is looking for a new home & hoping for a new love. Her brother's best friend might be the answer to her prayers!

Get this tenderhearted romance with a sizzling finale today!

#Romance #Audiobook @romancelandia @audiobooks @AudioFiction @bookstodon

Over an orange and purple mountain sunrise, pastel neon letters on the left say: "Now in Audio." On the right, a Kindle displays the cover of "Taken by the Mountain Man", showing a muscular shirtless man against a pink sky.

Kitoushi (祈祷師)

Happy Birthday Toriko Nishina

What do you do when your girlfriend is a total disaster (lesbian)?

Genre: #Yuri #Romance


Art: Mai-Sensei

#百合 # 仁科鳥子生誕祭2023 #仁科鳥子誕生祭2023 #UraPi #OthersidePicnic #TorikoNishina #FanFiction #FlashFiction #裏世界ピクニック

Kitoushi (祈祷師)
       By NaraMoore
       Art by: Mai-sensei
       Image: Shrine Cat: Toriko is sitting in a small Shinto Shrine. She has Cat ears and a tail and is wearing a shrine maiden’s outfit. At the top is written the title and at the bottom is written 仁科鳥子誕生祭2023.

Holy shit holy shit! 2,500 words written today, and by the end there were almost literally tears falling on the keyboard.

They finally DID it, those fucking morons!

#Romance #Sapphic #Lesbian #Fantasy #AmWriting

Writing Wolf
4 days ago

Noticed I fell more short than I had thought on the latest draft episode during the edit, and had to fill up the minimum word count.

The edit of the last part will have to wait untill tomorrow unfortunately before I can post it on Patreon.

#writing #furry #romance #comedy Daily Life with Furry Girls

4 days ago

Finished all 5 books in the Credence Horse Rescue series by #JennieMarts. It made me want to hang out with farm animals.

First time listening to Jennie's books. Good flirty banter, which I appreciate.

Tbh, they're basically the same with slightly different characters/plots but they're super sweet. 🤣 If I had one complaint it would be that they could have been steamier for my taste. #audiobooks #romance #OnToTheNextOne

Screenshot of the front cover of Jennie Marts Every Bit a Cowboy. The photo is a dark haired White cowboy in a white button down shirt (hilariously open a few buttons) carrying a saddle, one handed, over his right shoulder.
Shaula Evans
5 days ago

"Scar" presents a great grumpy-sunshine pairing of a gruff Alaskan mountain man who's given up on love & naive city girl who doesn't know what love is (but might be about to find out). You get to hear my Naive Virgin Voice & my 6'5" Mountain Man Voice! Plus it's a First Time story with some (very consensual) #spanking thrown in for good measure.

Get this charming high heat age gap romance now!

#Romance #Audiobook @audiobooks @romancelandia @AudioFiction @bookstodon

In the background, a winter sunrise paints a snowy mountain scene in pastel shades of lavender, pink and gold. On the left, a Kindle plays "Scar" by Kelsie Calloway; on the cover is a muscular, tattooed, bearded mountain man pulling the hood of his unzipped jacket up over his head. On the right, purple and sunrise-pink letters say: "Now in Audio", while pale blue sound waves pulse out on either side. Tiny snowflakes fall gently into the scene.
5 days ago

Review - Ana Maria and the Fox
Historical romance highlighting the conflict between the French and Mexicans
@bookstodon @diversebooks #books #romance #historicalromance

Delia Christina
5 days ago

I love the weirdo sub genres of #romance.

Where else can you read a blurb about a backwater village of Scottish shifter wolves (with a King of Wolves, no less) who need a bunch of wives?

Writing Wolf
5 days ago

Draft episode done for Daily Life with Furry Girls.

Turned out to become another two-parter.

Let's see if I can return to normal writing production again.

#writing #furry #romance #comedy

Donald Rex Jr
5 days ago

In the mood for some Alex Toth
Romance from 1951? (3/3)

#Comics #comicbooks #AlexToth #romance

Donald Rex Jr
5 days ago

In the mood for some Alex Toth
Romance from 1951? (2/3)

#Comics #comicbooks #AlexToth #romance

Donald Rex Jr
5 days ago

In the mood for some Alex Toth
Romance from 1951? (1/3)

#Comics #comicbooks #AlexToth #romance

Shaula Evans
5 days ago

z"Saved by the Mountain Man": This Runaway Bride Romance throws a heartbroken curvy girl into the arms of a solitary mountain man.

It was a wonderful acting challenge to narrate the female lead's transition from furious to swooning.

Bonus: the shower scene is steamy in every sense!

Get it now!

#Romance #Audiobook #Romancelandia #RomanceBooks @romancelandia @audiobooks @bookstodon @AudioFiction

In the background, the sunrise paints the sky orange over lavender clouds. On the left, a Kindle displays the cover of "Saved by the Mountain Man" by Kelsie Calloway, showing an attractive, shirtless man flaunting his muscles. On the right, bold neon letters in pink and orange say: "Now in Audio."

54k words reached on the current draft, and we've hit the final section of the book. Time to pull out all the stops, crank it up to eleven, unleash the hounds!

#AmWriting #Romance #Lesbian #Sapphic #Fantasy

Susanne Leist Author
6 days ago

The lights go out, and Elizabeth fears for her life as the dead bodies pile up at her inn. She asks herself if one of her friends can be responsible for the Penobscot #Indian curse? Whom can she trust in Blue Harbor, #Maine?

by Susanne Leist

#Bookrecommendations #Darkfantasy #BooksWorthReading #Bookstagrams #Reading #Vampire #Romance #Paranormal #Horror #Thriller #Ebooks #Occult #Romanticsuspense @bookstodon #Booksale

Woman standing by the ocean and gazing at a lighthouse hit by waves.
Shaula Evans
6 days ago

If you love #SportsRomance, check out "Protective Love" by Kelsie Calloway!

Theo is a Major League Baseball player on thin ice with his manager for always getting in trouble, but when he sees a woman being hassled by a drunk at his favorite dive bar, he can't stop himself from wading in...

I love narrating good guy romance heroes! I hope you'll ❤ Theo as much as I do.

#Romance #Romancelandia #RomanceBooks @romancelandia @audiobooks @bookstodon @AudioFiction

Over an animated background of tiny butterflies flitting through colorful wildflowers, on the left text says: "Now in Audio." On the right, a Kindle plays "Protective Love"; the cover is illustrated with a an attractive couple i a close embrace, possibly whispering, probably kissing.
Robert Kingett
1 week ago

This #romance is about an editor and an author falling in love over email after the editor passes out on a subway, then the author ghosts the editor that he made such a strong connection with, Lilly, but then moves in to an apartment next-door to hers. It is slow burn, but I am just loving this way more than I thought I would! Insecurities, comedic situations, learning to trust your own worth and value. I know that this is writing advice others would disagree with, but I also like the fact the author name drops other real black writers in the book. It’s allowed me to take down names for later reading after I finish this one. #RomanceLandia

1 week ago

I'm shifting gears from a monthly newsletter to a quarterly one (largely because it turns out months go FAST!)--so hey, if you're interested in #InclusiveLanguage, #Romance, #fiction #writing, #editing, and/or related events and opportunities, but you didn't want to hear from me THAT often, maybe sign up!

@edibuddies @romancelandia

An anatomical heart graphic in salmon, with the words Eliot West's Heart of the Story: a newsletter for editors and writers
1 week ago

She is the earth
He is the sea
She is the sea
He is the earth

“The Selkie’s Bride” a little late for #Mermay but better late than never?

I actually started this last May and didn’t have enough time to finish it. I dusted it off this year, scrapped all the work I had done on it, and redid it from the base sketch. The characters are oc’s of mine.

#art #MastoArt #romance #illustration #folklore

Shaula Evans
1 week ago

In "Backstage: A Fake Wedding Romance", the leads of a stage production fall in love for real — throwing everyone's lives into romantic chaos!

A high heat actor romance (sex in the greenroom, anyone?) with classic romance tropes, great chemistry between the leads plus a huge cast of voices.

Available for Kindle and Audiobook, from Amazon, Audible & Apple Books!

#Romance #RomanceBooks #Audiobook #AudioFiction @audiobooks @romancelandia @bookstodon @AudioFiction

As Mendelsson's Wedding March plays over an animated background of opening gold curtains, on the left a Kindle displays an illustrated cover for "Backstage: A Fake Wedding Romance" by Abbey Foxx, showing a bride and groom standing on stage, bound with a dark pink chain that's locked with a dark pink, heart-shaped padlock. On he right, neon pink letters spell out "Now in Audio." The wedding march ends and an unseen audience is heard breaking into enthusiastic applause.
George Penney
1 week ago

Topic: Contrarian Barbarian's Book Club (Of greatness!)

@bookstodon I'm popping this up once more, just in case anyone else wants to join before our first meeting in late June.

Is anyone out there interested in being a part of a Contrarian Barbarian's Book Club where we read whatever the hell we want individually and meet up once a month on the newly formed Contrarian Barbarian Discord server to tell each other about it for a couple of minutes each and then discuss? (All genres/fiction/non-fiction on the table.)

The key focus would be sharing books we love with other people in a positive way. It'd have the diehard rule that if you freakin' love a thing, no one can be negative about it because that would be raining on your parade and your parade is spectacular dammit!

All time zones welcome to say hi!

LGBTQIA++, disability and neurodivergent friendly, with a structure with set rules of conduct--meaning that boorishness (repeatedly talking/typing over people and not respecting boundaries) or trollishness gets booted with the might of Gandalf warding off the Balrog.

If you like the sound of this, reply to this and tell me about the book you love most with the power of the sun.

We've already got a bunch of amazing people and the more the merrier! :blobsmilehappyeyes:

#books #bookstodon #sff #horror #scifi #crimefiction #nonfiction #reading #genrefiction #scifi #mystery #literature #history #botany #romance #science #reading

1 week ago


#IndieAuthors don't have to be exclusive to put our #books in Kobo's Subscription service!

Kobo Plus is newly available to US & UK and is less than #KindleUnlimited and #Audible

Here's an incredible sample of what's available! Pick your genre! 👀

#SFF #SciFi #HorrorBooks #Mystery #Suspense #HistoricalFiction #Romance #LGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy #EroticFantasy

@sffbookclub @horrorbooks @bookstodon @bookstadon @lgbtqbookstodon @sffbipoc

A reader relaxed reading a book on the couch while wearing a gas mask. The view out the window shows a post-apocalyptic landscape and warms of insects among the ruins. "All You Can Read: Books and Audiobooks Available in Kobo Plus!"
Shaula Evans
1 week ago

In "Lust: Seven Deadly Curvy Girl Sins", a powerhouse lawyer out on the town is surprised to stumble across the curvy goddess of his dreams.

I have to confess that "guy who is absolutely smitten with the woman he loves" is one of my favorite kind of voices to perform — which is part of why I love narrating romance!

Lust is available in Kindle Ebook, Paperback & (of course!) audiobook. Get it now.

#Romance #BBW @audiobooks @romancelandia @bookstodon @AudioFiction@chirp.socia

Over an animated background of waving rays of amber light that fan out from the center, on the left neon gold letters say: "Now in Audio", and on the right is the paperback edition of "Lust" by Kelsie Calloway, the cover illustrated with a blonde woman in a gold dress leaning back into a handsome man in a dark suit with an unbuttoned collar. On the cover, the title is spelled out in large gold letters. It all adds up to look very luxurious.
Shaula Evans
1 week ago

"His Curvy First Love" pits no-nonsense PA Ivy against office bad boy Nathaniel, but HR doesn't know the curvy goddess is exactly his type.

If you're a fan of BBW romance, alpha males, office / workplace romance, taming the bad boy + happily ever afters, this audiobook is for you!

*Also newly re-released in ebook & paperback as "Charmed by Her Boss."

Get it now!

#Romance #Audiobook #Romancelandia #Bookstodon @romancelandia @audiobooks @bookstodon

Book cover for "His Curvy First Love: Curvy Girl Steamy Romance Collection" by Avalon Everhart. A man stands in front of a wall of graffiti, in blue jeans that ride low to reveal the red waistband of his Calvin Klein underwear. He pulls a bright red T-shirt over his head, muscular arms crossed, shamelessly showing off his abs and Belt of Adonis. A yellow band across the bottom right corner says: "Now in Audio."
Book cover for "Charmed By Her Boss: Curvy Girl Steamy Romance" by Avalon Everhart, showing a handsome, dark-haired man with short hair and a neatly-trimmed beard in a tuxedo, standing in front of a wood plank wall. He gives a smoldering look at the viewer. A yellow band across the bottom right corner says: "Now in audio."
Shaula Evans
1 week ago

To celebrate #Pride Month, I'm giving away free review copies of my polyam romance audiobook, The Trouble With Angels. 👿😇😈

It's a hot, funny, big-hearted romantic comedy about a woman starting over who's taken in by two best friend Daddy Doms — & who falls in love with them both!

If you'd like to write a (brief!) Audible review, reply or DM. 💙❤️🖤

#Romance #Polyamory #Romancelandia @bookstodon @audiobooks @romancelandia @polyamory

Details from the audiobook cover for "The Trouble With Angels" by Maggie Adams, narrated by Eden Cavell. It's illustrated with silhouettes of two men in sharp suits standing in a field of wildflowers, while animated lacy white wings gently wave behind them. A shining golden halo hangs at a jaunty angle from the "E" of "Trouble" in the title. Hot pink text on the right says: "Get it now!" followed by a QR code. A yellow banner across the bottom right corner says: "Now in Audio."
Adara Astin
1 week ago

For #Pride Month, I would love more reviews on my queer-positive #audiobooks to boost their visibility — so I'm giving away free review copies!

The Trouble With Angels: MFM #polyam #romance / romantic comedy / #BDSM romance

Bitch Like Me: BDSM Femdom forced bi #erotica with MM & MMF

The #Giantess Slave: all-female cast campy erotic scifi, lightly #sapphic

Want to review one? Reply or DM! 💋

#LGBTQbookstodon @lgbtqbookstodon @smutstodon @sizestodon @BDSM

Shaula Evans
2 weeks ago

"Wrath": when a bad boy billionaire discovers his mother is trying to oust him as CEO, he finds the perfect instrument for his revenge: her sexy hand-picked auditor.

If you like workplace romance, dark romance, enemies to lovers & high heat attraction, this story is for you! (Plus you can hear me having a blast as a hot alpha male!)

Get it now!

#Romance #Audiobook #Audiobooks #AudioFiction #AudioDrama @romancelandia
@audiobooks @bookstodon

A photo zooms into view of a strong male hand holding a black smart phone in the driver's seat of a black leather interior luxury car, as stylish blues rock plays in the background. The phone displays the cover of "Wrath" by Kelsie Calloway, showing an attractive, dark-haired man in a white dress suit standing behind a blonde woman with his hand on her hip, giving a ferociously predatory look directly at the viewer. It's steamy stuff!
Narrelle M. Harris
2 weeks ago

The special 99c US price for my specfic winged romance, Grounded, finishes at the end of the month. Check out your favourite US ebook site to see why reviews called it "a sweet, empowering tale of renewal" and "one of the best [...] romances I've read"

#wingfic #romance #specfic #ebook #booksale @bookstodon

A promotional image for Grounded by Narrelle M Harris. The book cover features a muscular Asian man with wings, looking down. The promo goes till 31 May 2023 for US ebook stories, including Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and Google Play. Reviewer quotes are: "a sweet, empowering tale of renewal"; "romance a beat away from the norm"; "The world held me captive and I would love to read more within it"; and "Grounded is one of the best paranormal romances I've read".
Adara Astin
2 weeks ago

You can find my audiobooks (and all my links) here:

If you are an Audible member and you have credits leftover at the end of the month, why not treat yourself to a steamy audiobook? 💋

#Audioobok #Audiobooks #Romance #Erotica #EroticRomance #Audible #AudibleBooks @sizestodon @smutstodon

Chris Hallbeck
2 weeks ago
[a person is laying in the grass at night looking up at the moon ]

Person: Sometimes i look up at the moon and I think of you. What was your day like? Where are you now? Are you also looking at the moon?

Person 2: You know I'm right next— 
Person 1: Shh... I'm being romantic.
2 weeks ago

In episode 3 of "Queen Charlotte," there is this line I do not understand.

"It is an even day."

What does it mean?

#Bridgerton #Netflix #QueenCharlotte #ShondaRimes #Streaming #TVShows #TVSeries #Drama #Romance

Susanne Leist Author
2 weeks ago

He has come for me,
Never to set me free.
I'm lost in his heated gaze;
I'm his for the rest of my days.

by Susanne Leist

#Bookrecommendations #Darkfantasy #BooksWorthReading #Bookstagrams #Reading #Vampire #Romance #Paranormal #Horror #Thriller #Ebooks #Occult #Romanticsuspense @bookstodon

A woman's profile in red.
Isobel necessary on a bicycle?
2 weeks ago

Okay, new attempt. Looks like my blurb is too long to be animated. I'm hoping this is a better length for an IG reel.

#AmWriting #WritingCommunity #Fantasy #Romance @bookstodon

“Before the massacre, people used a system they called GPS, but the angels destroyed every satellite in the sky, so it doesn’t work anymore. This is a much older technique, but it doesn’t rely on artificial satellites. And as much as they may want to, the angels can’t destroy the stars.” 

GODHUNTER by Isobel Lynn Coming August 1, 2023
Lars Fiedler
2 weeks ago

#Romantik bei @norberteder #52WochenFotoChallenge

21/52 #romance
Blue Lagoon
This Sunday lived up to its name, so sunny it was. I took a nice walk through the forest to a pond that I really love. For me this place is the living romance, so turquoise the water, so vivid the colors of nature. I was lucky, the light was just perfect today - Happy Pentecost to those who celebrate.

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:nikon: :darktable:

The scene shot in landscape format shows a pond in a forest. The pond stretches across the entire width in the foreground and narrows towards the background. On the left side, a steep slope ends at the shore. The surface of the intensely turquoise water is calm. Next to the shore grow trees and grasses that are reflected in the water surface. A tree with bright green leaves stretches its branches across the pond. Just below it, a few leaves float on the water. A little further left in the center, illuminated by the sun, a tree trunk lies on the ground. The light directs the view to this small spot on the shore, the surroundings are shadier.

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Isobel necessary on a bicycle?
2 weeks ago

Practicing my Canva/blurb writing skills. How does this work for ya'll?
—Terrible! What are you thinking, Izzy? Delete that at once before you embarrass yourself.
—She doesn't even go here.

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A Tyranny of Angels, book 1 
by Isobel Lynn

Bryony Moss didn’t plan to become a god, but accidents happen, and giving up immortality once you have it is easier said than done. Convinced her life is in danger, she infiltrates the crew of the infamous Black Armada with plans to dispatch their godhunter before she is discovered. But all her plans begin to unravel as soon as she learns the truth.

Far from the ruthless pirates she’d imagined, the Black Armada are akin to ruthless librarians, distributing banned books to fight the tyrannical rule of the angels. Once she’s in, Bryony can’t imagine killing any of them. She might even be tempted to join them for real. To top it off, she seems to be falling for the flagship’s navigator, a kind but isolated giant named Michael.
2 weeks ago

If I get into a manga... it's usually a romance manga.

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My new story on Sponsus:

- is a #Lesbian #Romance between a demon and an angel
- takes place in a world evocative of the setting of the Hebrew Bible (the "Old Testament")
- is 1,800 words long, and is "vanilla" NSFW (nudity, sexual pleasure)

Read it here for just $1!

Photo of a restless landscape, a wide field of grain under a darkened sky threatening storms. An arc of lightning flashes out from the center of this sky.
Shaula Evans
2 weeks ago

"Let's talk about Fictional Sex: Writing sex scenes that deepen character" by Tara Kennedy explores how authors can use the ways their characters think about and engage in sex to create more fully rounded characters and even better stories.


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Book cover. The background has teal stripes, like bedroom wallpaper, and at the bottom is a double bed with a deeper teal blanket..

Text says: "Let's talk about Fictional Sex: Writing sex scenes that deepen character. Tara Kennedy."
Shaula Evans
2 weeks ago

How To Write Short Romance: The Quick and Easy Guide to Writing Instalove
by Nell Alexander

Learn what Short Romance is, the unmissable beats and where to hit them, the framework for 7k, 10k and 15k fiction, short romance book. marketing, and more


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Book cover. An illustration of a brunette woman sitting at a laptop, smiling, her chin resting in her hand, against a backdrop of hand-drawn hearts. Text says: "How to Write Short Romance. Nell Alexander."
Shaula Evans
2 weeks ago

Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels (How to Write Kissing Books)

The romance arc is made up of its own story beats, and the external plot and theme need to be braided to the romance arc—not the other way around. Learn how to craft a well-structured romance.


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Book cover, illustrated with a women sitting at a desk, typing on a typewriter as the desk shakes and pages fly everywhere. Text says: "Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novelists (How to Write Kissing Books). Gwen Hayes."
Shaula Evans
2 weeks ago

An in-depth step-by-step guide to the key techniques to start writing short romance fiction & publish on the Amazon Kindle platform. Including: Understanding the Amazon Kindle Market for Romance; Writing Romance; Self-Editing; Building an Ebook; #SelfPublishing on Amazon; Marketing & Promotion.

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Book cover with bold bold blue and red text over a white background that says: "How to write Short Romance Kindle books: A Complete Guide to Kindle Publishing. Nina Harrington."
Shaula Evans
2 weeks ago

So you want to write #Romance?

Here's a thread of resources about writing, self-publishing and marketing romance to help you out. ⬇

*I'll update the thread over time & add a note here when I do. Fave or RT this top post for alerts when there are new additions. ❤️

Updated: May 24, 2023

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Kam Reads and Recs
3 weeks ago

@bookstodon My #review of #GrandmasterofDemonicCultivation Vol. 5 (#MoDaoZuShi) by #MoXiangTongXiu has gone live! This was a great wrap-up of the series: bittersweet for the most part, which I think makes better sense than an out-and-out happy ending.

#danmei #xianxia #historical #fantasy #romance

Full review here:

The cover of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Vol. 5. Features Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji enjoying a tender moment in a grassy field, with some trees in the background.
Deborah League
3 weeks ago

Pink roses in the garden, photography. I've never tried to grow what I would call "fancy" roses. You know, those on tall stems intended for vases. I like them, just think they're probably finicky & require a lot of work. I opt for hedges of "knockout" roses. Beautiful, full of colorful, long-lasting blooms that self clean. Easy peasy!


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Wild Pink Roses. Pink blooms turn their frilly petals to the sun in this captivating garden image.
Pratik Patel
3 weeks ago

An investigation reveals how hundreds of freelancers hired as customer service reps catfish users into paying for subscriptions on niche dating and hookup sites.

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Degenerate Fantasies
3 weeks ago

Well, I'm a newbie here, so let me tell ya a bit about myself.

I'm #writer who writes everything from #fantasy, #horror, #sci-fi, to even some #romance, #erotica, and #smut as well.

I'm also a nerdy guy and into a bit of sport too, I even have an ongoing #Webnovel series about a couple of high school American football athletes (you can check that out here btw).

Still trying to figure out what to do with all this social media, but, let's be friends and help each other.

Susanne Leist Author
3 weeks ago

Tourists disappear
in the humid air.
The night hides their cries
as they're gone before our eyes.

by Susanne Leist

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The Games Have Just Begun... written across a dark scene with a house behind trees.
Shaula Evans
1 month ago

A question for romance fans: what are the romance tropes and subgenres that you really love? I'm really curious about what your specific tastes in romance are like.

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Madeline Konrad
1 month ago

New, shiny, professional #introduction time!!

I'm a #transgender #queer #writer who specializes in #sapphic / #lesbian #romance and (occasionally) #erotica. My heart is in the #fantasy genre. I also write #poetry, which I freely share on this site.

I'm furiously working on rewriting my first book! Hopefully I'll be able to self publish during 2023, then work on writing my next fantastic romantic adventure.

If you want to support my work, consider donating to my ko-fi!

A redraw of the character Utena Tenjou from the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena.

anyone wanna tell me about 3rd act breakups? I'm writing a queer polycule non-white thing disaster comedy romance. actually its a comic. but whatever!

also i'm tired!!!

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Narrelle M. Harris
1 month ago

My spec-fic romance, Grounded, is in a great price promotion in US stores this month! For 99c you can enter a world where two people - flightless in a society of the winged - find each other and lift each other up. Check out IBooks, Google Play books, Kobo and other ebook retailers!

Visit for links!

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Promotional image - the cover of Grounded is on the left, showing a muscular Japanese man with wings, looking down. His face is in shadows. Below him is the name of the book - Grounded - and the author's name - Narrelle M. Harris
1 month ago

Alright, I’ll bite! What’s a fun #book to live react to? I like #fantasy #YA #SF #Romance @bookstodon

1 month ago

Good morning @bookstodon and #authors of #bookstodon. if you write #fantasy, #romance, or both, I would love to read your #books. I have reviewed many books in the past, and love to read, of course. my specialities are all things dark and steamy, #ReverseHarem and #WhyChoose, #shifters and #magic. Though of course I will read just about anything. #amreading #amwriting

Shaula Evans
1 month ago

I still haven't figured out how to connect with romance fans on Mastodon, so I have a question for Romancelandia:

Who are the writers, readers / listeners & reviewers you follow in Romance Mastodon who use hashtags skillfully?

I need to learn from some people who are good at this!

*Consider this an early reverse #FollowFriday.

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Dr. Carlotta A. Berry, PhD
1 month ago

#BlackSTEMRomance is now a genre and I am a pioneer of these #WomensLiterature #AfricanAmericanFiction #Romance novels. I will create my first newsletter in anticipation of the launch of book 2 in #FirstResponderFairytales #BreakingPoint #ChandlersChoice. Will you sign up?

Tanya Kan
1 month ago

Wow, it's been a while! In less than an hour at 5pm ET / 2pm PT, I'll be chatting with gamedevs Abhi of Venba, Marina Ayano Kittaka of Sephonie, Natalie Tin Yin Gan & @remysiu of 1000xResist!

We'll have a profound talk on how our respective games and characters explore cultural memory, hope, and trauma.

You can watch the panel here, as part of Fellow Traveller's #LudoNarraCon !


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Adara Astin
1 month ago

I have a question for men who read (or listen to) romance books: How did you find your way into the genre? What got you started?

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Shaula Evans
1 month ago

"The Trouble With Angels" is a romantic comedy that's really enjoyable and accessible for people who are not diehard romance fans.

If you've been thinking about checking out my fiction books but felt iffy about the romance genre (romance is not everyone's cup of tea & that's perfectly fine), "The Trouble with Angels" is genuinely a good place to start.

#Romance @romancelandia @audiobooks @bookstodon

A Kindle lying on a pale blue background plays the audiobook of "The Trouble With Angels" by Maggie Adams, narrated by Eden Cavell, showing silhouettes of of two men in suits with angel wings, standing in a field of wildflowers. A yellow banner across the bottom right-hand corner says: "now in audio."
Shaula Evans
1 month ago

Have I ever told you what Maggie Adams made me do for the audiobook of "The Trouble With Angels?" 😅

There are two male characters with a lot of shared scenes: I had to differentiate the voices. And [mildest spoilers] there's a scene where one of the men puts on an accent, & then the other guy mimics him to make fun of him -- that's layer on layer of voice actor challenge.

If you want to hear me flex as an audiobook narrator, check it out!

#Romance #Audiobook

A little tableau of three versions of "The Trouble With Angels" by Maggie Adams: in paperback, on a Kindle, and on a smart phone. The cover is robin's egg blue with silhouettes of two men in suits with angel wings, standing in a filed of wildflowers.
I Like Books
1 month ago

Heteroromantic – Romantic attraction to a different sex/gender

Homoromantic – Romantic attraction to the same sex/gender

Biromantic – Romantic attraction to more than one sex/gender

Panromantic – Romantic attraction to people regardless of sex/gender

Aromantic – Does not experience romantic attraction

Demiromantic – Only experiences romantic attraction after a strong emotional bond has been established

Greyromantic – Only occasionally experiences romantic attractions

#SexualOrientation #RomanticOrientation #Sex #Romance #Orientation


I Like Books
1 month ago

One’s sexual and romantic attractions may not align. An asexual is not necessarily aromantic and a sexual is not necessarily romantic. As well, a person may be heterosexual but may be homoromantic, because again, sexual and romantic attractions may not be the same

Heterosexual – Sexual attraction to a different sex/gender

Homosexual – Sexual attraction to the same sex/gender

Bisexual – Sexual attraction to more than one sex/gender

Pansexual – Sexual attraction to people regardless of sex/gender

Asexual – Does not experience sexual attraction

Demisexual – Only experiences sexual attraction after a strong emotional bond has been established

Greysexual – Only occasionally experience sexual attraction

#SexualOrientation #RomanticOrientation #Sex #Romance #Orientation


I Like Books
1 month ago

Instead of a meme

Sexual Orientation - A sexual orientation is whether you feel a sexual attraction to another person or not, and who you are sexually attracted to. Sexual attraction is a desire to have sexual relations with another person and/or vivid sexual fantasies of said person. Sexual attraction should not be confused with aesthetic attraction.

Romantic Orientation – A romantic orientation is whether you experience romantic attraction to another person or not, and to whom you experience romantic attraction to. Romantic attraction is a desire to be close/intimate with another person, but is not necessarily sexual. Romantic orientation is used strongly by asexuals as they do not experience sexual attraction.

#SexualOrientation #RomanticOrientation #Sex #Romance #Orientation