Looks like I'm going to have ~6 days/5 nights in Rome in June, what should I do/see?

I don't mind travelling a bit to see something outside Rome.

#travel #rome

Good night, #Florence. Headed to #Rome in the morning 🚆

Lights on a large building
World Concert Hall
1 day ago

Right now, Fausone and Musso play #Beethoven and #Dohnányi in #Rome #wch

World Concert Hall
1 day ago

In 20 minutes, Fausone and Musso play #Beethoven and #Dohnányi in #Rome #wch

World Concert Hall
2 days ago

Right now, Ancillotti and Grasso play #Bonis #Debussy and #Messiaen in #Rome #wch

World Concert Hall
2 days ago

In 15 minutes, Ancillotti and Grasso play #Bonis #Debussy and #Messiaen in #Rome #wch

World Concert Hall
2 days ago

Right now, Brunello plays two #Bach's Suites and a Partita in #Rome #wch

World Concert Hall
2 days ago

In 20 minutes, Brunello plays two #Bach's Suites and a Partita in #Rome #wch

World Concert Hall
2 days ago

Right now, #Wagner's 'Die Walküre' Act I with de Barbeyrac, Oakes and Sherratt from #Rome #wch

World Concert Hall
2 days ago

In 20 minutes, #Wagner's 'Die Walküre' Act I with de Barbeyrac, Oakes and Sherratt from #Rome #wch

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
2 days ago

✝️🇺🇦Andriy Yermak spoke with Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, thanked him for helping negotiate the return of a kidnapped and illegally deported teenager back to Ukraine (more) #Ukraine #Italy #Press #Rome #PopeFrancis #News #russia #russiaUkraineWar #9yrInvasionofUkraine #BoycottMusk #AxisOfEvil

How NOT To Make A Movie
4 days ago

Take us with you this weekend - wherever your plans take you!

Our most popular episode this year was our deep dive into the making of CALIGULA - "How NOT To Make A Porno".

Some people can't do anything right...

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4 days ago

La famosa isola dei cormorani, Roma Eur
Cormorant island, Rome Eur
#Rome #now

A spot in a lake where cormorants dry their wings, in the background St Peter’s and Paul rationalist dome, Rome  Eur, in a pale sun
4 days ago

Lancia Fulvia

Four-Wheel Friday

#fourwheelfriday #cars #photography #Vintage #Rome

Front of a blue Lancia Fulvia. Seen in Rome
4 days ago

J’ai fait la pub pendant le financement participatif, mais maintenant le pdf est disponible !
Pour acheter le #JdR #Missions #Rome Antique, avec mes 2 scénarios et une campagne à développer, c’est sur le marketplace de GameOnTabletop !

Présentation du supplément de jeu de rôle Missions Rome antique. Le haut de l’image représente un guerrier grec casqué, en noir sur fond rouge.
Le bas est du texte peu lisible.
4 days ago

How toxic air is affecting mental health in #Rome
“Study explores link between higher particle
#pollution and conditions such as anxiety disorders and depression”

#Environment | The Guardian

Kai Chang 張文愷
5 days ago

At the #Luoyang Museum, another #SilkRoad product: #Christianity. How did the teachings of Jesus spread as far as #Rome and #China? Like Buddhism and Islam, via the Silk Road. This 8th century Tang dynasty stele contains Nestorian Christian scripture, translated from Syriac into Chinese, with the emblem of Asian Christianity: the cross and lotus. In the cosmopolitan #TangDynasty, Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims, Christians, and Zoroastrians lived side by side. #KaiSilkRoad #Asia #travel

An ancient stone tablet, with a hexagonal body and a round cap, engraved with Chinese text as well as a cross and lotus emblem of Asian Christianity from the Silk Road.
Visit Sights
5 days ago

🏙 Area: Rome, Italy
🏛️ Attraction: All Saints' Anglican Church

❓ Which destination do you recommend for someone who's looking for a relaxing sightseeing trip?

➡ Discover fascinating sights in Rome:

#️⃣ #Church #PlaceOfWorship #Building #Sights #Travel #Religion #Christian #Rome #Italy #Amenity #Sightseeing

© Credits: Wikimedia / gaspa / CC BY 2.0

Gordon Anthony
6 days ago

It is often said that the one thing we learn from #History is that we never learn from history.
I’ve just watched the first episode in the #BBC mini-series on Julius Caesar. As usual with TV history, they gloss over some points, but the main message is clear. There are a lot of not very subtle, and some very overt, comparisons to modern day populist #Politics, and some trolling by the writers who use phrases like, “Billionaire celebrities” and “Take back control”.
It’s certainly painting a very dark picture of Caesar which may not be entirely fair, but does make for some fascinating comparisons with the modern day.
#AncientHistory #Rome #AncientRome

6 days ago

Seeing this happening in my hometown pisses me off. #lazio ultras are well know for being a bunch of areseholes, fascists and racist. Among he worse ones, possibly.
#italy #fascism #Rome #celticfc

Erotic Mythology (hire me) 💖
6 days ago

It's the Day of Hermes aka Mercurius Day aka #Wednesday! 🐏

Terracotta head of #Hermes of Véies from the sanctuary of Portonaccio in Veji.

🏛 Hermes-Turms, Etruscan terracotta head wearing a pilos, 6th century BCE, Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia, #Rome

@mythology @antiquidons
#DayOfHermes #Mythology #EtruscanArt

Etruscan terracotta head of the god Turms, associated with the Greek god Hermes. He is wearing a pilos hat, his hair arranged in neat curls and long braids falling to his shoulders. The god has large, expressive eyes and a kind smile.

Good morning #Rome! Landing soon, then headed to #Venice by train 🚆

Map of Italy on a screen showing a plane near Rome

On my way to #Rome. They gave us fanny packs which my mom has already claimed when I get back :blobfoxcrylaugh:

Airline fanny pack
1 week ago

BMW 1200
seen in Rome

Motorcycle Monday

#motorcyclemonday #motorcycles #photography #Rome

BMW 1200 parked in a Rome street among other motorcycles.
A L Katz
1 week ago

On our podcast, we love telling stories about what happens when good film making turns bad.

In this episode, we deep dive into the making of the infamous monstrosity "CALIGULA".

They didn't just make a crap movie, they made a crap porno, too. That was harder to do than it looked.

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1 week ago

Largo di Torre Argentina, Rome.
Not only the site where things got stabby in 44 BC, but also comes with colour-coordinated felines today.
The ruins are now partly accessible to the public, but tourists are limited to footbridges while inhabitants of the famous cat sanctuary are allowed to roam free.
#CatsOfMastodon #caturday #Rome #RomeArchaeology

Photo of a tortoisshell cat in similary coloured brick ruins
1 week ago

10 euro worth of food (including a quart of wine, half a litre of mineral water, and bread) and a liberal dose of good company.
#OsteriaDegliUbertini #Rome #Food

Pasta e fagioli in a terracotta dish, red wine picking at the top of the picture
Tripe alla Romana (in tomato sauce and grated pecorino cheese on top) and cicoria.

I hear the pathetic yells of a hundred thousand 'classical liberals' around the World 😂


2 weeks ago

San Clemente is probably my favourite church in Rome. It's modestly decorated compared to similarly important sites and you can time travel to Imperial Rome just by going downstairs; visit a mithraeum, buildings which were probably part of the imperial mint and an underground river.
#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #rome #rom #architecture

photo of an medieval church with mosaic floors, golden apse and baroque ceiling
those mosaic floors...
Apse: Byzantine arabesque motif of scrolled acanthus tendrils
baroque ceiling and stone ciborium
Maria Luisa Franciolini
2 weeks ago
Valle Dei Casali
Maria Luisa Franciolini
2 weeks ago
Valle Dei Casali
2 weeks ago

Vespa with Sidecar in Rome

Motorcycle Monday

#motorcyclemonday #motorcycles #photography #Rome

Blue Vespa with Sidecar in Rome
Mina Hanse
2 weeks ago

An investigation by the Bank of Italy’s Financial Intelligence Unit found a series of anomalies, including the withdrawal of roughly €4m ($4.35m) in cash, which had been taken from two accounts held by the Russian Embassy in #Rome since the #Kremlin began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

#Ukraine #Russia #Italy #EU

Any recommendations for things to do in:


I love the kinds of things that end up on Atlas Obsecura or anything to do with animals.

#Italy #tourist #askfedi #advice

David W
2 weeks ago

Colosseum at night is a truly awesome landmark
#rome #colosseum

View of the Colosseum taken at night brightly lit from within
3 weeks ago
Vintage Mini Cooper convertible parked in a Rome street
3 weeks ago

Ah yes, Medieval Centurians (sic) #Rome #Centurion

A crappy helmet you can buy on Etsy
Ben Higbie
3 weeks ago
a painting of a tall proud woman wearing robes, a staff in her hands, it has snapped off at both ends so her arm is just in the air, she wears a crown , she is in mid-step
Erotic Mythology (hire me) 💖
3 weeks ago

It's the Day of Selene / Luna's Day / #Monday! 🌛

#Diana-Selene wears a crescent-moon ornament in her hair and a torch in her right hand, attributes characteristic of the moon goddess. The statue has been found near the Porta San Sebastiano.

🏛️ #Selene, 1st century CE, Musei Capitolini: Palazzo Nuovo, #Rome

@antiquidons @mythology
#DayOfSelene #MoonMonday #ancientRome #GreekRomanArt #Luna

Diana-Selene, personification of the Moon, is wearing a sleeveless, high-girded chiton, which gathers on her breasts and legs revealing her figure, and then gathers at the hem and in the folds that fall alongside her, pushed by the impetus of the movement.
Around her shoulders, there is also a himation, which in the typical iconography of flying figures billows up like a sail behind the goddess.
3 weeks ago

Vespa with Sidecar in Rome

Motorcycle Monday

#motorcyclemonday #motorcycles #photography #Rome

Vespa with Sidecar in Rome
World Concert Hall
3 weeks ago

Right now, music on the #Diwali with Sarothy, Sahai and Dutta from #Rome #wch

4 weeks ago
Vintage Mini Cooper convertible in Rome
Alex K
1 month ago

Looking out over Rome from Castel Sant’Angelo
Love the trees, they’re about 20 meters tall and they are called Stone Pines or Umbrella Pines

Umbrella pine trees with Rome city in the background
1 month ago

Did you know that an old #folk #tale has been around since the #Romans?

Androcles was a runaway #slave who helped a #lion with a thorn in its paw. The lion becomes friendly & shares its kill.

When Androcles is re-captured by #Ancient #Rome, he's condemned to #die. When he faces his fate, the lion sent to kill him turns out to be HIS lion.

#Emperor Caligula lets him & the lion go.

This story resurfaced in the #MiddleAges, the #Victorian Age & is still being used as recently as 2010.

This is a print of the tale of Androcles & the Lion.

it shows a bald, older man crouching on the forest floor. he wears a toga and nothing else.

He is hugged from the back by a big lion. The animal has large claws and an impressive mane.

Androcles is holding one of the lion's claws and pulls out of obvious thorn, like that of a rose.

The lion is hauling in pain.
Brian K.
1 month ago

Un gatto di Roma
#Cats #Rome #CatsOfMastodon

A dirty black and white cat sits on top of a black and white Smart Car parked on a street in Rome
1 month ago

Looking out an open window in the Vatican museum to the Vatican private Gardens. Note the reflection of the Basilica in the window.

#Vatican #Rome #Italy

Setting a timer to remind myself to think about the #Roman empire as a form of #testosterone #therapy.

#rome #masculinity

Auschwitz Memorial
2 months ago

16 October 1943 | Raid of the Ghetto of Rome.

365 German security & police forces sealed off the ghetto. 1,259 people were detained, comprising 363 men, 689 women, and 207 children. Afterwards, non-Jewish people were released while the Jews were detained at the Collegio militare in the Palazzo Salviati in Trastevere.

Two days later, a transport of 1,035 Jews left Tiburtina station and left towards Auschwitz.

Only fifteen men and one woman survived the war.
#16ottobre #Auschwitz #Rome

A street photo of people loaded onto a truck.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 months ago

Photos at the Vatican

After the crowds have gone on a cold November day in 2017, I visited St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican for some photos, and came across two women taking advantage of the quiet for some photos.

The sun had already set, and it wasn’t 5pm yet, but it was nice to be in such a normally crowded area with hardly anyone about.

#photo #photography #Vatican #Rome #Italy #StreetPhotography

A woman takes the photo of another woman who leans against a small pillar near a fountain in St. Peter's Square, in the Vatican.
Yahia Lababidi
2 months ago

A Roman mosaic discovered during the most recent excavations of Pompei

#history #italy #art #rome #beauty

Auschwitz Memorial
2 months ago

14 October 1897 | An Italian Jew, Settimio Sciunnach, was born in Rome.

In Auschwitz from 10 April 1944.
No. 180115
He perished in the camp on 31 October 1944.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts #Rome #Italy

A portrait of an Italian Jew, Settimio Sciunnach wearing a suit, tie and a hat.
Poor Frank Raw
2 months ago

Rome. Some roofs (?rooves?). Ceilings anyway. Always look up.

1. Santa Maria at the Baths of Diocletian
2. The over-the-top roof over the crossing of the Gesu, home church of the Jesuits
3. The ceiling of Sant Agnese fuori le mura
4. The mosaic ceiling over the outer ring of Santa Costanza.

#rome #roof #ceiling #mosaic

A view looking straight up at part of the plain vaulted ceiling of Santa Maria at the Baths of Diocletian, Rome
A view looking straight up at the ornate, carved, gilded, over the top dome over the crossing of the Gesu church (home of the Jeuits) in Rome
A view looking straight up at the ceiling and gallery of Sant Agnese fuori le mura in Rome
Composite photo of the mosaic ceiling of the outer ring of Santa Costanza in Rome
Armin Hanisch
2 months ago

Time flies when you’re having fun. 😎 Me and Gaius in 1982 and 2017. Looks like the statue aged a bit better. 😉
#ThrowbackThursday #Rome #Caesar #Italy #LookingBack

Me and Gaius Iulius Caesar 1982 and 2017

“Double helix”

The Bramante Staircase is a double helix staircase in the Vatican Museums. Wrongly attributed to Donato Bramante, this staircase was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932, inspired by an older one actually designed by…


📅 12 May 2017

📸 Fujifilm X-T2 + Fujinon XF 10-24mm f/4.0 R OIS
🎞️ ISO 1600, ƒ/9, 1/40s

#Travel #TravelPhotography #Europe #Italy #Rome #VaticanCity #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto #MastoArt

Double helix
2 months ago

Did you know that the Romans' favourite #snack went #extinct?

Besides honey & grape juice, meals in #Ancient #Rome were flavoured with imported dates from Judea (#Israel).

Date palm fronds were symbolic of #success - lawyers pinned them to their doors & generals wore special "toga palmata".

Judean dates were also shelf-stable & delicious.

Sadly, by the 19th c., they had vanished.

Except for a few 2000-year-old seeds.

They were successfully germinated in 2020.

#history #food

This is a photo collage of six images showing the six seeds of the Judean date palm that researchers have successfully germinated in 2020.

The images show plant pots with seedlings ranging from about 30cm to a good metre in height.

The plants are green and have feathered palm fronds, with a considerable width.
Ryan Pendell
2 months ago


I finished Ovid's Metamorphoses last night. (McCarter translation)

I expected mythology but I was surprised by the amount of magic. Like, woman with wild hair in the woods at night with a wand and cauldron, mixing herbs and casting spells.

I guess I had associated that with more Germanic (Grimm fairy tales) literature. Apparently a lot of that imagery comes from Rome.

#books #bookstodon #magic #history #rome #poetry

Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
2 months ago

The Roman Colosseum's underground, is a hidden marvel beneath the iconic amphitheater. This labyrinthine of tunnels was once a hive of activity, housing gladiators, animals, and props. Understanding the workings below further defines the Colosseum as one of history's most magnificent architectural wonders.

The ART:

#architecture #photography #history #Rome #Underground #buyintoart #MastoArt #Art #Photo #FediArt #Fedigiftshop #Italy

In the dark tunnels below the floor of the Roman Colosseum.
Armin Hanisch
2 months ago

Hello #Fediverse, do I know someone who knows someone with knowledge about the period of Rome‘s acitivities against pirates after the destruction of Carthage, especially Metellus Balearicus and his war on the mediterranean pirates?
#Rome #SPQR #History #Mediterranean #Pirates

The Roman Empire is white people's "We were kings and queens in Egypt"

#Rome #BlackFedi #BlackMastodon

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 and Art by Artist: #JR 💕 #AtelierJR in Loc.: #Rome Galleria Continua, Italy 🇮🇹 - Title: "Ferita" ("Wound"/"Wunde") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Fotografie #Photography #Installation #Anamorphosis #APhotoLove
🔛 #Exhibition : 15 Sept.- 4 Nov. 2023 - Website:

Photography and Art. A color photo of a photo installation in a room of a gallery. You can see a room like a Roman palazzo with columns, arches and frescoes. On the floor there are black and white checkered tiles. In this ancient masonry, street artist and photographer JR has placed a floor installation of a black and white photo to make the actual photo like this. A deep crack goes through the floor of the room and extends to the wall, where some Roman buildings can be seen. To make the illusion perfect, a real man in a black suit jumps over this crack. Both this photo and the photo of the crack are works of art that are exhibited like this in various galleries.
"Ferita" is JR's first solo exhibition in Rome. It gathers for the first time works from the artist's biggest and most iconic anamorphosis. Anamorphosis - the technique of distorting an image in such a way that it becomes recognizable only when viewed from a specific angle.
Jyn Erso Lives!
3 months ago

Ok fine: dear men/mascs, how often do YOU think about the Imperium Romanum? In the comments feel free to explain why.

#FediPoll #Rome #RomanEmpire #ImperiumRomanum

3 months ago

I wrote about our plans for a #summer #vacation to #Greece without airtravel a while ago. I'd said I wanted to put my money and effort where my mouth is.

Now I wanted to add a follow-up, but the original post is already gone. My fault for setting auto-deletion to 3 months.

Two adults and two children travelled from #Vienna 🇦🇹 to #Corfu 🇬🇷 and back via #Italy 🇮🇹 , with some sightseeing in #Ancona, Corfu Town, #Brindisi, and #Rome without using any cars or airplanes. I had bought additional travel insurance for missed connections, but we didn't need that.

Itinerary: Tram, #Nightjet sleeper, bus, #ferry, bus, bus, (hotel stay with occasional outings by bus), bus, bus, ferry, shuttle bus, bus, (hotel), #Frecciargento train, (hotel, metro and bus for #sightseeing), #Frecciarossa train, Nightjet sleeper, metro. (Busses means regular public transit busses on numbered lines that the locals also take.)

Every single vehicle everywhere had working air condition. They were clean and on time, and all the longer trips had tasty food. There's power outlets everywhere. The Frecciarossa (red arrow) between Rome and #Bologna only got to 250 km/h, not the 300 we were hoping to see, but that was the only slightest disappointment.

The ferries are not at all climate-friendly. I have not found a number for how much #CO² for a crossing, but they are similar to cruise ships. The trips are far shorter than cruises of course, but we see and smell the black smoke from the stacks. It's wrong to feel smug about taking a ferry instead of an airplane. All the busses had #combustion engines. All the trains/metros/trams were #electric, so that depends on the grid. The Austrian ÖBB prides itself on using only "green" #electricity.

We enjoyed the trip very much. I am unsure about any future travel. I would totally do this again in terms of comfort and experiences. But my goals for how much I hope to not pollute and damage the world for my pleasure have changed. I have no answers right now.

#stayGrounded #climateCatastrophe #ClimateDiary

Greg Dance
3 months ago

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brasil. 11 Sep 2023

“I want to know why we are members but
not the United States,
not Russia,
not India,
not China,”
Lula said. “I’m not saying I’m going to leave the court.(ICC)
(no mention of Israel, Saudi etc)

"I just want to know why Brazil is a signatory”

Most of the worlds worst power abuser states haven't ratified the Rome Statute which is the foundation of the ICC.

#icc #rome #statute

3 months ago

My brother is getting married in #Oslo in a little over three weeks. In absolute disregard of the limits of what I'm capable of I decided to fly to #Rome with my #bike, to see if I can make it up there in time. I want to climb over the #alps. I want to experience #Italy on a #bicycle. #Germany and #Denmark are in the way so I have to do those too. After living in the US for four years I need to re-experience European bicycle infrastructure. #Eurovelo here I come. #bikepacking #midlifecrisis

Fully loaded bikepacking bicycle
Semi-disassembled bicycle lying on the floor
Disassembled bicycle lying on floor with foam padding taped around all tubes
Bicycle in cardboard box
3 months ago

#Development #Projects
Announcing Biome · Biome, toolchain of the web, is the successor to Rome

#WebDev #Biome #Rome #Formatter #Linter #ToolChain #Frontend #JavaScript #TypeScript #JSON #CSS