4 days ago

Our chickens, ducks and rabbits live together in one big pen. It’s very relaxing to watch them!

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1 black rabbit, 4 white sussex chickens, 1 black ancona chicken and a silver bahama duck grazing together.
How To Love Comics
5 days ago

Shū Sakuratani’s Rooster Fighter will give you lots to crow about.

#Comics #Manga #Rooster

Hawaii Kai Auntie
2 weeks ago

Got feral chickens in #Honolulu ? The city will now loan you a trap and dispose of caught fowl. #Hawaii #Rooster

Muellers Kabinett
2 weeks ago

Werden hier junge Männer aufbewahrt? ...ich habe Fragen #chicken #rooster #imbiss

The advertising sign for a snack bar that specialises in poultry, The sign shows a cheerful greeting rooster in comic style. The title is Chicken House. My weird brain wonders if this is a place where young men are kept....
2 weeks ago
A tea tableau featuring roosters and strawberry black tea from Ahmad.
Karen Kaspar
3 weeks ago

For my friends in Europe - my ink drawing "Rooster" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Für meine Freunde in Deutschland - meine Tuschezeichnung "Hahn" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhältlich (kostenloser Versand).

#art #ink #mastoart #rooster #cock #drawing

Charles Lemaire Photographe
4 weeks ago

#rooster and more around #waulsort
#uglybelgianstatues by (ig and fb) charles.lemaire.photographe and uglybelgianstatues
Not all of them are really ugly... but !

1 month ago

Pumpkin spice glass beads for pumpkin spice sunfish. For some reason, I start seeing these warmouth sunfish late summer into early fall.

I caught it on a new-to-me Fenwick FF70 7' 5-6 weight fiberglass fly rod that has the date 7/7/70 written on the rod tube. The glass beads came from a bead shop in Athens Ohio. One of the feathers came from a pheasant, and the other came from my new ratty rooster skin.

#glassbeads #pumpkinspice #warmouth #sunfish #flyfishing #flytying #weightforward #fiberglass #rooster #pheasant

1 month ago

Heavily inspired of the style of Benjamin Renner who draw "Le grand méchant renard" ("The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales") go watch the movie and read the cartoon! :D

Even if this fox is just playing along with the chicks, the rooster is not amused to see him enter freely in the coop! Beware!

Gui the rooster belong to @Toxicoow

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #Krita #Toony #Furry

#krita #toony #rooster #gui #fox #BigBadFox #GrandMchantRenard #artfight #arfight2023 #chick #cartoon

An illustration in the style of the movie/cartoon "The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales..." ("Le grand méchant renard" in french) you can see the fox acting like he try to scare three chicks who look like amused, laughting at him like it is an act/playing. One of the chick is pointing behind the fox because behind him there is toxicoow character "gui the rooster" looking angrily at the fox who hasn't notice him yet.
beforewisdom :vegan: :tofu:🦣
1 month ago


This is my favorite substitute for Huy Fong sriracha ( "the rooster" ) so far.

#HuyFong #Rooster #RoosterSauce #Sriracha #SriRachaSauce #SkyValley

A picture of Sky Valley brand sriracha sauce.
Hrefna (DHC)
1 month ago

#Rooster status.

* Fricassee has decided to start trying to have dance offs with me. So it begins.

* Coq au Vin has now developed the _fanciest_ tail and has gotten quite proficient at crowing.

* As yet unnamed Brahma has just started figuring out how to crow.

* Napoleon has decided that the best spot to be is on the top of my roommate's truck.

nb. Said roommate does not park his truck in the #chicken yard.

* Gumbo tends to not care about anyone's antics.

1 month ago

I bought a barnyard rooster skin on eBay, and it turned out a little on the ratty side. On the other hand, I have some primo flytying-bred chicken feathers that I am afraid to use because they are so expensive. I am not afraid to use my ratty rooster skin. It was not a small bird, so even the ugly feathers have plenty of barbs to palmer around a hook.

I've got here three wet flies. In each case, the rear palmered feather is a stiffer pheasant feather, and the front palmered feather is a softer rooster feather. The orange hotspot is recycled leftover backing.

#flytying #flyfishing #rooster #pheasant #wetfly #fishing #downeye

Three home-made fly fishing lures. They are made from rooster, pheasant, and wool.

🐓Artist: #DEGE / #Dege1 in City: #Ceyssac France 🇨🇵 2023 - Title: "Le roi de la basse-cour" (The king of the chicken yard"/ "Der König des Hühnerhofs") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork #Rooster #GoodMorning ! 🥐☕🥐

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a modern one-story house with 3 windows and a glass door is sprayed/painted a mural of a huge rooster with a chicken. On brown background is sprayed a magnificent rooster with yellow and royal blue plumage. In front of him sits a green black chicken.
1 month ago

Hector volunteers to bring Buford some fried chicken and cake.

#furry #furryart #fat #fatfur #fatfurry #obese #obesity #fox #rooster #feeder #gainer

Tato Pece
1 month ago

If I had the means, land, resources, etc. to create an #AnimalSanctuary, I think I would create a #cat sanctuary. For all the poor, old, unwanted cats out there, to potentially be their forever home, or possibly their temporary home before they get adopted in a true forever home with a loving family. I would need a lot of fencing and wire to ensure no wildlife encounters and escape occurs! 😂

Second on my list would be a #chicken and #rooster sanctuary (kept separately of course*), where they can have space to live out their lives in peace. I have been thinking about chickens and all other forms of birds lately, in terms of a #veganism perspective. A recent estimate** in terms of the number of land animals killed for food (that huge number you always see #vegans ranting on about), is now estimated at 92.2 billion for 2023. The majority of those individuals would be birds of one sort of another, primarily chickens. 🐔🐣

Thinking about it some more, I came across this piece by #KarenDavis of #UnitedPoultryConcerns and the unfortunate views of #PeterSinger*** when it comes to his viewpoints regarding chickens:

I say unfortunate, as the "Father of Animal Liberation****", it really saddens me to see his views exposed so clearly and his disdain for chickens shown so plainly. I suppose he is being practical/centrist/unemotive/etc. in his views, and perhaps he is trying to reach more people, by appearing more flexible and open, so that others out there that are not yet #vegan would consider the option of becoming vegan and embrace this philosophy for life. But really, not to be that #AnnoyingVegan, but he almost sounds like a #Flexitarian, being open to eat what he can when travelling, not upsetting hosts when invited over to dinner, and being ok with backyard hens and their eggs.

I guess it is easy to bash on someone that has done so much for the animal rights movement, but I do think that it is important to call out people, no matter how loved or famous, if some of their views dont correspond to the rest of their actions and stated beliefs and philosophies.*****

In the meanwhile, I will continue imagining all the animals I will try and save one day, but really I am more grateful for the many (though not enough) sanctuaries out there that are currently giving animals of all sorts (least of all, chickens) a safe presence, away from the living nightmare that is the reality of the majority of their species existence. 🌱


*Probably easier than trying to desex poultry!
***I have tooted about him before:
****I think this is given to him by others, I have never seen him claim this title.
*****Not that I am famous, but I am happy to be called out by my actions and words if they are not aligned and happy to make corrections accordingly.

2 months ago

I love how I always wake up HOURS before my neighbor's lazy #rooster starts making noise.

2 months ago


#pixel #pixelart #huhn #hühner #chicks #rooster #lego (naja, nicht ganz)

Ein kleiner Mini-Hahn aus Lego-ähnlichen Bauteilen
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

One of my oldest roosters. He's always looking for me to feed him since the others chase him around. His brother stays in the coop most of the time and shows his age but was actually the alpha rooster for a longer stint. He came from an ebay egg from a Texas flock I incubated in 2018 so he's 5 years old this year.

Swedish Flower Hen.

#chickens #sfh #rooster

A Swedish Flower Hen rooster looks at the cameraman wanting something to eat. The bark on the base of a silver birch tree in the background with green lawn and brown grass stalks.
Devorah Ostrov
2 months ago

Hubby's trying to convince me to throw away this #rooster figurine, which I saved from being tossed out by someone else after it failed to sell at a car boot.

I think it's got a quirky yet ridiculous charm about it, but hubby says it the ugliest/ stupidest thing ever.

Please post a photo of your most ridiculous ornament so I can show hubby this rooster isn't so bad!

A large white ceramic rooster figurine with a dark green comb, beak and eye, and green flourishes across its tail & wings.
Tac O'Cat
2 months ago

A cute rooster Gui for Toxicoow! ^_^

#gui #toxicoow #rooster #toony #chubby #belly

a portrait sketch of a toony rooster
2 months ago

Recently, my partner @Kaylee's friend bought me a custom made shark plushie, which is unicorn-themed with a small #rooster plushie on its fin! (Since Kaylee's a #shark 🦈, I'm a #unicorn 🦄 and #roosters are amazing! 🐓)

Since then, my #cat Tommy has been fascinated by it. 😂 He's probably quite confused!

Thanks for the amazing gift, Tixx! ❤️

#plushie #plushies #catsofmastodon #cats #plush #photography #animals #cute #unicorn

A tortoiseshell cat smelling the side of a plushie in the shape of a shark. The shark has a horn like a unicorn on its head, and a small plushie in the shape of a rooster attached to its fin.
Left Field Farm
2 months ago

And now one of my #hens is crowing like a #rooster. "Often, a hen crows to establish her place in the pecking order. Hens do this to assert their dominance and establish a territory just like roosters will. If your hens are crowing, chances are, they're on some sort of power trip and sporting a masculine trait." #chickens

reziplikativ 🟥🟩🟦🟨
2 months ago

Aus dem Bilderbuch "Eric Carle's Großes Tierbilderbuch". (3/3)

Viele Collagen in diesem Buch sind groß und - wie hier zu sehen - auf zwei Seiten abgedruckt. Das Bild mit dem Wal geht sogar über vier Seiten.

Erics Arbeitsmethode blieb immer gleich, er pinselte Farben auf Seidenpapier und verwischte sie; nach der Trocknung ordnete er das Papier in Schubladen, um später Collagen zu kleben.

#bilderbuch #illustration #art #mastoart #artofmastodon #picturebook #collage #adler #eagle #Hahn #Rooster

Collage einers Adlers
Collage eines Hahns
Hrefna (DHC)
2 months ago

The #rooster is over-mating one hen in particular, so a saddle for her.

She's pretty sure I have just inflicted the worst punishment on her. The other #chickens are baffled. We'll see how this goes.

A group of chickens eating. One silkie with a teal chicken saddle on while a brahma stares in confusion.
Peter M 🎯
3 months ago

(3) #burnout (vervolg)
..en zijn 60 #personeelsleden. Hij is nog geen jaar #bedrijfsleider in een overigens succesvol bedrijf. (sic).

Mijn #vaderlijke én #management #nekharen gaan recht overeind staan. Ik wil hem #adviezen meegeven, zoals:

- Je bent nu #bedrijfsleider, dus #personeelsleden zijn niet meer je #collega's. Zij spreken je aan op alles wat hen niet zint. 'Tot hier en niet verder' is de enige boodschap die je hen nu moet geven.
- Benoem dat het #rooster en de #bonus .. (4)

🔴 History Shapes 🟦
3 months ago

Need a midweek pick-me-up?

Grab a frosty pint of Cock Ale, the Red Bull of the 17th century 🍺

It'll give you wings 🐔


Cool kids saw this early 😎:


#History #Histodons #FoodHistory #Rooster #17thCentury #1600s #English #UKHistory #Brewing #BrewingHistory #BeerHistory #Beer #Cartoon #Comics #illustration

Morgan, a green oval, is dressed in a 17th century wide brimmed hat with a plume. He stomps a very panicked live rooster down into a barrel of beer.

Recipe reads:
Cock Ale

England, circa 1670s CE

    8 gallons ale
    1 large cock
    2 qts. sack
    1 lb. dates
    4 lbs. raisins
    2 nutmegs
    2 cloves
    4 flakes mace

Take one large cock, the older the better.

Properly caw and gut the bird.

Grind the cock down with a mortar making sure to split the bones. If using a live cock, skip these first steps and proceed to below.

Place cock in a canvas bag, along with your raisins, nutmeg, cloves, mace and dates.

Measure out two quarts of the finest Sack (fortified wine) and set aside.

Take eight gallons of partially fermented ale in a ten gallon barrel and unseal.

Lower the cock bag and put your Sack into the cask and re-seal.

When fermentation is complete, unseal cask, remove cock bag, and strain ale to remove particulates. Bottle and serve.

Drink to absorb the characteristics of a cock.
3 months ago

This young #WhiteSussex #rooster is handsome but has a very mean temperament & tries to attack people & other animals. He doesn't do any hens protection either. I'm the only human he has not tried to attack(so far). A few months ago, he killed the other older rooster who was friendly & did great job protecting hens & property. #MeanChicken

White Sussex rooster, standing by some trees.
3 months ago

Young #rooster with leg injury. Limping around & crowing

4 months ago

Another morning? Hope this one is going better for you!

#MastoArt #rooster

A rooster sleeps on it's side, a large cup of coffee next to it's feet.
4 months ago

Terrible #customerservice experience with #Natwest #Rooster Money bank, and I'm not even a customer!

I found a pre-paid card that a kid had dropped in the street. I saw him cycling off but couldn't get his attention, so called their CS line to report it stolen. 10 minutes on hold waiting for an operator, then the guy was completely thrown by my refusal to give him my name, address and telephone number. I'm reporting someone else's lost card, not mine, why’d they need *my* personal details?

4 months ago

How's your morning going?

#MastoArt #rooster

A rooster sleeping on it's back with a large coffee mug resting on it's belly.
Belinda Greb
6 months ago

Wild Rooster from Kauai with Painterly Background
This wild rooster from Kauai is actually called a red jungle fowl and was probably a descendent of the first Polynesian settlers who arrived in Hawaii between 1000 and 1200AD. I painted a background for this fine looking cock.

My watermark does not appear on the high resolution prints found on my website:

#aYearforArt #rooster #redjunglefowl #birdphotography #Kauai #digitalart

This is a wild rooster seen on Kauai whose proper name is a red jungle fowl. I painted a background of colors that match his beautiful iridescent tail to replace the original background of the photograph. The image also contains my watermark, Belinda Greb Photography which does not appear on the high resolution prints.

Who needs a fucking #rooster when you can have my asshole #cat wake you up at 5am every goddamn morning. #cockadoodledoo #bitch

Suzi Dragonlady
8 months ago

Weekly Sketch #156 - 12th of February. A Rooster-Farmer, the boar druid I did before is part of an idea that I had, a medieval RPG thingi with fantasy elements but instead of humans, the characters are different European animals. 😁
#art #drawing #drawings #sketch #sketches #fantasy #rooster #chicken #anthro #character #farmer

A pencil drawing of an anthro rooster with farmer's outfit and a hayfork.

My current favorite genre of humor is someone doing something noisy that inspires roosters to start crowing along.


Dude whose laugh sets off roosters:

Rooster wants to participate in the Bad Romance Challenge:

#Rooster #Roosters #FunnyAnimals #Comedy #Genre #Humor

Happy #caturday. This is Goldie Hahn. She and another “barn cat” came with the house when we bought it over the summer. Both cats are very sweet and friendly, and even seem to get along with the roosters. I’ve been calling this rooster GameBoi (his breed is a modern version of the Old English Game Bird).

#farmlife #homesteading #catsofmastodon #barncat #rooster #gamecock

An orange, floofy cat sits on the patio in front of the back door looking in the window into the house. A brightly colored rooster stands a couple feet behind the cat. Neither seem bothered by each other’s presence.
John Gordon ⚡️
10 months ago

A color splashed version of a photo I took back over the summer on our visit to the UK. He was walking around the tables at the farm restaurant we went to for lunch.

#photography #rooster #colorsplash

Photo of a rooster’s head an neck, from the side, with the background greyed out.

Painted a bright rooster for a recent collective art show. All acrylic and paint markers on a wood panel box. #rooster #painting #acrylicpainting #brightcolours

A bright teal-blue rooster head painting, done in a graphic style, with a purple background.

🐓Artist: #matthiasmross in
City: near #Augsburg Germany 🇩🇪
Title: "Red Rooster" - #streetart #mastoart #art #mural #graffiti #urbanart #painting #rooster #hahn #caturday 😁