1 day ago

@slackline @lauren dried-sync-transient sits on top of dired-rsync for those who prefer a #magit like interface to the underlying #rsync command (allowing you to tweak a few vars). However I'm fine with just using plain dired-rsync - full disclosure I'm the original author so unsurprisingly it suites my workflow ;-)

2 days ago

@lauren for this reason I have embedded all my use of #rsync into #emacs #dired mode so I don't have to thing about it.

3 days ago

rsync error when source is a mounted internal SSD #kubuntu #rsync

Lars Bartsch
5 days ago


...per #rsync super kombinierbar mit #vimwiki 👍

#foss #floss

5 days ago

Dolphin context menu exec command, cp will duplicate selected folder if already copied #commandline #scripts #rsync #dolphin #contextmenu

6 days ago

Dolphin context menu exec command, cp will duplicate selected folder if already copied #commandline #backup #rsync #dolphin #contextmenu

6 days ago

rsync remote paths with spaces and autocompletion is not working #commandline #bash #ssh #rsync #autocompletion

Andreas Kilgus
1 week ago

Wenn btrfs die inkrementelle Synchronisation einiger Snapshots vom internen auf einen externen Datenträger im aktuellen Tempo fortsetzt, kann ich auch gleich bei der vorherigen rsync-Lösung bleiben.
Irgendwie hatte ich gehofft, dass btrfs als Dateisystem im Gegensatz zu rsync auf Anhieb zeitsparend mehr über die inneren Zusammenhänge zwischen den Snapshots wüsste und somit nicht erst eine komplette Bestandsaufnahme der zu übertragenden Inhalte machen müsste.

Vielleicht wird's ja noch besser. Aber bisher hat insgesamt betrachtet rsync im Vergleich zu btrfs send & btrfs receive die Nase vorn.

#btrfs #rsync

kann.nix ⭐ 🇦🇶
1 week ago

@necrosis #rsync ist so lustiges Ding.40 TB, dauert, so durchs Land , ssh , das dauert bisschen. 😂🤣 , ich hab da schon so paar ulkige Dinger hingefummelt.

1 week ago

Backups are crashing Computer or Filling Home Directory #backup #rsync

2 weeks ago

love #rsync for quick #FairCamp updates

screen cap from command line showing that for a total web site size of 652 megabytes, I only had to actually send 27.25 kilobytes in changed files.
Open Source Pro
2 weeks ago

"🐧🖥️ In der Linux-Welt gibt es das mächtige Kommando #rsync für Dateisynchronisation & Backups. Einfacher Befehl: 'rsync -avz quelle/ ziel/' 🔄💾 Auch Remote-Synchronisation möglich! Bsp.: 'rsync -avzP quelle/ benutzer@ziel:/zielverzeichnis/'. Probier es aus & sicher deine Daten effizient! 💪 #OpenSource"

2 weeks ago

Is there a method to have rsync write only errors to a log file? #rsync

2 weeks ago

Rsync from Ubuntu to Synology fails when created as task #rsync

2 weeks ago

Ich frage mal in die Schwarmoffensive des Fediserv, ob jemand eine #Synology nutzt und, anstatt das mitgelieferte #SynologyDrive zur Synchronisation auf #Linux, ein #rsync ?

Vielen Dank

3 weeks ago

Waaahh ... Ich hab jetzt 15 Minuten rumprobiert und gerätselt, warum ich bei #rsync die Meldung "protocol version mismatch -- is your shell clean?" bekomme. Natürlich war die Shell clean, rsync auf beiden Seiten auch auf derselben Version. Dann ist mir aufgefallen, dass der Sender nicht #openssh, sondern #dropbear benutzt. #SSH

3 weeks ago

use rsync to back up operating system for ubuntu server #server #backup #rsync

Joel Carnat ♑ 🐘
3 weeks ago

👈this person is running a whole lot of #rsync and #diff processes.

3 weeks ago

Cannot delete files with no owner or permissions #permissions #files #rsync

3 weeks ago
Stupid me, made a key pair and started to rsync the www root on the Raspberry Pi ( Linux ). A while ago I chowned it to the group www-data. Well if there isn't one (why do they allow it) rsync does not work. Checked the groups and chowned it all to www where pi has rights to read it. Since ssh isn't open on the outside, I can do it. I only use key pairs internally :facepalm

#bsd #rsync #chown

rsync is truly a magical tool.

Its man page leaves something to be desired tho.

#linux #rsync #manPage

4 weeks ago

How to transfer very large folders from a server which I access sudo and ssh to another server with ftp access? #server #rsync #transfer #scp

1 month ago

read only file system error on boot up after virtual box error #server #rsync

realcaseyrollins ✝️
1 month ago

@freemo Hmm, what’s #rsync?

1 month ago

hrfmpfmf why is #rsync sourcedir destdir not the same as rsync sourcedir/ destdir/ ?

i know i know, i’ve read the manpage. Still i am using it the wrong way the first time, every time.

1 month ago

At it again today trying to #backup our #peertube instance.

Since I delved into #linux 2yrs ago, I‘m constantly learning new stuff and always feel either insanely informed or not informed at all.

Can you imagine? I used #scp to do backups?! Disgusting, I know. 😂

Since I don’t have tons of space, I‘ll probably keep moving the backups away from the host with #rsync —remove-source-files.

I‘m obviously not copying the videos. I have those in raw format on my backup server.

#autistic #sysadmin

Open Source Pro
1 month ago

"Für fortgeschrittene Linux-Nutzer: Benutze 'rsync' zum effizienten Synchronisieren von Daten zwischen unterschiedlichen Systemen - es überträgt nur die Änderungen und spart somit Zeit und Bandbreite! #LinuxTipps #OpenSource #rsync"

K@rsten 🏳️‍🌈
1 month ago

Jetzt kauft man sich schon extra das neue #iPhone 15 pro Max und man kann trotzdem noch nicht per #USB-C und #Kabel Dateien aus der #Dateien #App in den #Finder zum #Macbook übertragen.
Was war das doch alles noch einfach, als ich noch #Linux hatte und das einfach mit #cp, #mv oder #rsync erledigt habe.

Now to figure out how to enable symlinks on my old DroboFS because rsync is complaining (something I probably wouldn't have known if rsnapshot wasn't emailing me debug stuff).

#DroboFS #rsync #rsnapshot

2 months ago

Wow, #macOS ships with #rsync version 2.6.9. That's from *2006*. That's almost two decades old. I can't imagine how many bug fixes and security fixes and performance improvements we're missing out on. It's a wonder that rsync from 2006 on one machine is even compatible with rsync from 2022 on another machine.

Plus this means I can't use --info=progress2 T_T

Naty :blobfoxcofeowo:
2 months ago

Oh, I am in love with #rsync haha! Been using it quite a bit to transfer files between my retiring #MacBookAir, #raspberrypi4b and #MacminiM1.

This page has everything to get you started, it helped me understand what all the flags and options mean. #filetransfer #filesync #filesynchronization #backup_tools

2 months ago

TIL about "rrsync", and it is installed alongside regular #rsync. Put it into your `authorized_keys` file, and restrict an incoming connection to a certain directory!

Toujours réaliser des sauvegardes (#backup) 😉
Ici, c'est avec #rsync et les nouveaux #clones @Emmabuntus pour l' #EmmaKey (clé #USB de réemploi) 👍
PS : bientôt une vidéo sur l'EmmaKey ultime 💪

Chmouel Boudjnah
2 months ago

Today I learn you can have a overall progressbar to #rsync 😍

I found that useful when transferring my whole disk on my #linux laptop from a btrfs partition to ext4

(thanks to the #arch linux wiki:

2 months ago

Did you miss anything from FOSSlife last week? Read it now and subscribe free to get FOSSlife Weekly in your inbox every Thursday #rsync #SeaGL #CISA #OpenSource #security #OpenFL #shell #script #Rust #IDE #jobs #events

FOSSlife Weekly | Feature (image of school of large sardines swimming): Synchronize Your Data with rsync
Marcus Jaschen
3 months ago

Mein Wochenrückblick, Ausgabe 8 (2023-38). Diesmal mit #Raycast, CLI- und Shortcuts-Steuerung für das #Elgato #Keylight, der neuen Firmware für den #Prusa #PrusaMINI mit Input Shaper 😲, dem Helikopter #DHRTF / #CHX49 im Garten, #rsync, #OsmoTagger als Unterwegs-Editor für #OpenStreetMap auf #iOS, #CanIPHP, #SeriesHeat, dem #EUCAPTCHA und natürlich #Techno.

Do you run a mirror of the #OpenStreetMap data on We're changing how we serve planet files in a way that will impact you. Currently we have a medium amount of historic files available by HTTP and #rsync, but we're going to have all historic data available by HTTP with a redirect and limited data available by rsync. Rsync will eventually be shut down, but this is some time away.

Details at

@tux Das Syncen der wichtigsten Bereiche aus dem Home-Ordner übernimmt aktuell #freefilesync - ggf. würde ich auf lange Sicht aber mit Skripten auf #rsync schwenken. 💾

Für versionierte Backups bin ich noch am Tüfteln... Leider werfen #backintime und vor allem #kup, das interne und elegant verankerte #backup tool von #kde, noch Fehler - Zweiteres würde mir am besten gefallen. 🥺

Daher laufen die Backups momentan über #duplicati - was m.M. auch ein geniales Tool ist! 💪

Wie machst du es? 😊

Michael Connor Buchan
3 months ago

Was idly browsing through the #rfc database and was wondering if I could mirror the text versions of RFCs for easy, offline consumption. Did a bit of digging and discovered one of the easiest ways is with #rsync: Perhaps some of you would also find this useful.

Josef Garvi
3 months ago

What are the use cases where #Rsync would be a better choice than #SyncThing?

3 months ago

Learn how to synchronize your data on a local or remote computer with rsync #shell #Linux #tools #data #rsync #SystemAdministration #SSH #Samba

school of large sardines swimming
3 months ago

OK, note to self: when you rsync backups to your Synology NAS, make sure you either disable the recyclebin or schedule empty-recyclebin jobs... Just cleaned up 7TB... #synology #rsync #backup

A first: I uploaded 1 TB of data in about 1 day from my home fiber connection that is only 100 MBit/s upload bandwidth. In #Germany we mostly have asynchronous #bandwidth (up/down), as I have (100/500 MBit/s).

Still pretty cool it "only" took 1 day.

#rsync #debian #internet #fiber #FTTB

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
3 months ago

🥥 Eye have a bit of dyslexia going on, so I often have trouble parsing #Linux #Terminal commands.
Using #rsync without a GUI was beyond me.
Then I discovered #LuckyBackup -- a GUI for rsync that was understandable to me.
I'm currently using it to move files from old hard drives to my new M2 drive in my new desktop.
Boy, is it fast!
This may be what YOU'VE been looking for if other options have not felt comfortable.
PS: I found the non-super-user version looks better on my monitor. 🥥

Yisrael Dov :emacs: :nixos:
3 months ago

Ok, so this seems like an obvious thing, but is there a better `cp` and `mv` command for #linux , I want something that shows progress and speed etc. I know I can use #rsync but that seems like overkill

rclone: Sync various cloud storage systems on Linux command line. Includes a FUSE file system driver
#commandline #rsync #cloud #mount #linux #files #fuse #+

Chilly Cat
4 months ago

What I'm looking for is "What are the ways this mechanism can go wrong?"

I think I need to understand the mechanism better to be sure it's not going to land me in a heap of trouble.

Chilly Cat
4 months ago

#AskFedi #Rsync


How does rsync *know* that a file has "changed"?

Relative to what?

Does it keep track of when it was last run?

Is there some kind of hidden file that it's using? Is it marking the files somehow?

Or does "changed" just mean "relative to the destination"?

And if it's that, then why is there an "update" option?

The man page is kind of vague on this.

Just want to make sure I'm not going to accidentally destroy important data.

Kludge Guru
4 months ago

Why is there a ton of complex distributed #filesystem's and a bunch of p2p file sync solutions, and, of course, bunch of automagically sharding and object stores,

But not a single one well-maintained simple solution for one-way live filesystem #replication (that I could find)?

Is it just not what super serious "high availability" #devops people ever need or what.

I just want a live copy of everything I have on a server on another server. Currently using #Syncthing for that but even that feels like way too many failure modes for what is basically #rsync in a loop.

Thinking of building a basic thing that hooks into fanotify and maintains an append-only log of changes and hashes, and plays those back to the replica client over ssh or tls.

Can't help but feel I'm missing something crucial that would make it fail in a major way. Surely it can't be that simple.

Alright so I decided to format the memory stick, after copying the save data and plugins, and I'll just add the games, starting with PS1, 13 GB being copied via #rsync, good progress so far :P

terminal output of rsync showing the progress transfering savedata and games to my psp
4 months ago

A new "Your own extras" is available:

Check the new "Donation list" to support your favourite free and open source software.
It includes all the #donation links with all the listed #tutorials and #services we provide.

Still missing links:
- #lvm
- #luks
- #networkmanager
- #zram
- #sddm
- #firewalld
- #cronie ( #crontab )
- #rsync
- #AdGuardHome
- #redis
- #docker
- #LibreWolf
- #arkenfox
- #CustomNewTabPage
- #ProxySwitchOmega
- #Icecraven

#foss #donate

Christian Pietsch 🍑
4 months ago

Dear rsync pros, I have a question:

How can I filter a file that is being transferred? Rsync has a --filter option, but that can only filter the list of files – not the file contents.

I'd like to run sed on the file stream before it is stored.

Is there any way to do this?

#sysadmin #cli #rsync #gnu #linux #shell #programming

Christian Pietsch 🍑
4 months ago

Liebe rsync-Profis, eine Frage:

Wie kann ich die übertragenen Dateien durch einen Unix-Filter schicken?

Ich würde gern on-the-fly eine Ersetzung mit sed machen, bevor die Datei auf der Empfangsseite auf Platte geschrieben wird.

Das muss doch gehen? Leider finde ich in der Manpage nichts Passendes.

#sysadmin #cli #rsync #gnu #linux #shell #programming

@lamp you avoid a lot of issues.

And depending on your setup you could just have some CI/CD that automagically #rsync's your changes once you saved a file to said server...

I mean it does take time but even I'd build myself a script for that.

I mean, @fuchsiii did that for herself on multiple occasions like to rapidly test some #wine stuff or develop some #react based #apps...

Bah, j’ai lu que sur #Debian #autofs est obsolète ?

Je monte comment mes #NAS qui se mettent en route quelques heures par jour pour les #rsync ?

5 months ago

man! whoever scrolled by here the other day, hinting to really really take a look at the user-local #ssh ~/.ssh/config … thanks a million out into the fediether.

if you've ever had to deal with ssh/sftp-transported #rsync into a machine with nonstandard-port; fruttling with ugly --rsh='ssh…' to pass down options… argh.

all gone … all gone … :blobcatrainbow:
thanks man ssh_config, thanks man hint giver

@ifixcoinops (Thread)
🥥 I thought your toot was asking, "Is it #Linux time?" Dan.
I'm neither a #Scotsman, a coin-op, nor someone who knows what a "furry plumber" is.
What I AM is an extremely shy 74-year-old who's experiencing mild cognitive issues, has a Linux question, wants to test the theory that the #Fediverse is all-knowing, and uses the #OxfordComma.
I'm attempting to backup a drive to a directory on a larger drive using either #dd, #rsync, or some better solution. 🥥

@livho +9001%

There should be #ConflictResolution like renaming the files diff'ing...

Just like #git and #rsync and even #Windows can do...

John Goerzen
6 months ago

If you're like me, you wish #rsync would work asynchronously.

It won't.

But it turns out the #dar, which already is asynchronous-capable, can work like #rsync.

I wrote up how over here:

John Goerzen
6 months ago

#dar 14/ The #rsync approach is better if you don't know the state of the destination filesystem. Perhaps it was modified, or the state is unknown. rsync will handle that and figure out what to do.

#dar is better when you don't have a live connection to the destination filesystem - airgapped backups, or the destination won't exist for another year yet, when you go to do a restore. Also, when the destination is empty, dar can be faster.

John Goerzen
6 months ago

#dar 13/ So I think dar can be thought of as a filesystem differ. Pretty cool. But then #rsync is also, isn't it?

The difference is that rsync compares two live filesystems, while dar compares the current state of a filesystem with a saved state. When is each approach better?

@benaryorg @natty point taken - both options are valid and can be used since they don't conflict each other.

Ideally said dotfiles would be synced and versioned with something like a #git (and/or maybe #rsync) and be identical on all machines of the same type.

Matthew Graybosch
8 months ago

@jaredwhite @cappiello @vanilla @bridgetown Oh, I know. I'd prefer to stick with back-end development (.NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server) because I'm familiar with it and I only got into coding because it pays better than cleaning toilets, but I keep landing in projects that want full-stack so I must perforce adapt.

On my personal website, though, my stack is #make, #bash, #sed, #awk., #pandoc, #htmlXmlUtils, and #ImageMagick. Deployment is #rsync over #ssh. :)

Any #rsync based GUI apps for #macOS that you can vouch for? #AskFedi

1 year ago

Building on someone else's work, I made a quick bash script that backs up your #Mastodon #server using #rsync.

Check it out at - PRs welcome.


Benny Powers
1 year ago offered to give me 1TB of storage, for life, for $540. If I cancelled both iCloud subscription and Google One, it would still take 9 years to break even.
Would you?

Benny Powers
1 year ago

@bart I use #borg backup (#pika backup gui) to restoring the files was a bit finicky, but i managed to figure it out, and i believe that the gui will improve over time