14 hours ago

A reminder to other linux nerds from a 10+ year noob with adhd and aphantasia that RTFM only works if the manual is understandable by all people. (Text is not enough) ^ .^
#RTFM #linux #programming

Josh, or whatever
6 days ago

No you know what that’s great. I’ve taken my ambien 20 minutes ago but let me definitely go into the office NOC to kickstart a firewall pair that you were specifically told to do 2->1 but then when you decarped it you “just don’t know why the whole thing became unresponsive” so let me go into work at 12:30am on ambien because this specialist we flew in from Kiev via Croatia expects the 10 million dollar building to have a working network.

#facedesk #network #networking #rtfm

Matthew Graybosch
2 weeks ago
I was tempted to just email Jim Nielsen with my answer, but decided to blog it instead.
RE: Date and Time with a Static Site Generator
Stephen Shankland
3 weeks ago

Again, more Mastodon people voted in my last (somewhat flippant) poll, but the results generally agreed with Twitter.

#poll #AI #RTFM #RLHF

Tech acronym poll: RTFM beats RLHF 94/6 on Mastodon.
Tech acronym poll: RTFM beats RLHF 80/20 on Twitter.
Sarah Roth
3 weeks ago

Wow, ich habe heute einen #gpt Open Assistent benutzt, um ein altes Problem zu lösen, das mich schon lange gefuchst hat. Es war zwar nicht so einfach wie, "Hier ist mein Code, was ist falsch", aber es war wie eine Konversation mit einem anderen Entwickler, der mich am Ende auf ein Missverständnis und den passenden Lösungsweg aufmerksam machte. Zeitweise habe ich mal was bei #stackoverflow nachgeschlagen und die armen Fragesteller da wurden immer erst mal angefaucht (nach dem #rtfm Prinzip)

ShawnT 🐀
1 month ago

The year is 2023 Anno Domini. You are still asking your users to read the manual.


RichBartlett :donor:
1 month ago

I worked this out, it was a classic #rtfm moment. See “Every time you create or update an incident, a new log entry will be added to the table”. So to query the Sentinel SecurityIncident table to analyse incident category or closure you use | summarize arg_max(LastModifiedTime, *) by IncidentNumber.

Helmut Strasser
1 month ago
1 month ago

The first real-world study of AI in the workplace finds a surprising benefit for novice workers - #ChatGPT type systems really do help customer support staff: This is also why you see all those #chatbots on every website now. They actually do help people who don't #RTFM

Blain Smith
1 month ago

Replying to a Slack message that has a link to official documentation and asking a question that is answered in that same documentation in my new annoying hell. #RTFM

1 month ago

We're having an @oshwassociation #OHS2023 watch party here at @DoESLiverpool to watch the live stream of the conference.

Really enjoying @sjpiper145's talk encouraging us to #WTFM (not just #RTFM)

(And so many #wearables and pretty #PCBs popping up all through the day!)

Paul Jacobson
1 month ago

I managed to have myself temporarily banned from a #subreddit after trying to post a YouTube video that doesn't quite meet the fairly specific rules for the subreddit.

It's probably my fault for not reading the rules closely enough. My kids think this is hilarious. 😂

#reddit #moderation #rtfm #banned

Ji Fu
1 month ago
@tobias @battlemage @lnxw37b4 I wish someone would have told me to #RTFM
Thomas 🐢
1 month ago

Ach ja… ich hab mich bei #Kickstarter mal wieder von einem Stück Hardware blenden lassen: Turing Pi 2. Ich hab nun zwei #Nvidia Jetson Nano reingepackt und es leuchtet - Bildschirm zeigt auch was an, aber ganz so simpel ist es dann doch nicht. Tja, da ist dann #RTFM angesagt: Hauptsache Spaß am Gerät!

Do I switch with each aggregation to a new bucket? Or how would I organize that optimally?

*Waiting for the #rtfm comments 🤓 *

2 months ago

@pkw @prahou @ParadeGrotesque @solene
I guess the answer is somewhere in #rtfm :
protocols/talkd.h .. client sends CTL_MSG to server of type LOOK_UP .. server searches invitation tables ..
tbh I can't decode this yet

Chris :damnified:
2 months ago

Merke: es gibt unterschiede bei OS Tools: fuer einen Status von dd unter Linux nutze ich kill -USR1 `pgrep dd` , dann druckt dd eine Statuszeile ueber die geschriebenen Daten, mache ich selbiges bei Freebsd ---> Kill User Signal 1 --> wird dd beendet. Jetzt Neustart 😠 und bei Freebsd gibt es dd status=progress #RTFM #Linux #Freebsd

David Asch
2 months ago

I was today years old that I realised that #1Password can fill in 2FA codes in the same way it fills login details.

I should really #RTFM 🙄

2 months ago

@kkeller maybe @Gargron can share something more information without risk 2 months later?

In case there was already something written about it which I didn't find please point me in the right Direktion with a friendly #rtfm ;-)

Matthew Campbell
2 months ago

So I'm not sure about other parts of the world, but in Ontario Canada, Emotional Support Animals are *NOT* service animals. To the folks who have them, stop bringing them in to businesses, and claiming that they are service animals, because they clearly are not! I'd suggest looking up the AODA. Finally, A note from a doctor stating that you need an emotional support animal does not turn fluffy in to a service animal. Thanks much! #RTFM or something.


> noob ... just about immutable systems specifically

Gasp! You mean... they did not #RTFM? 😮


My greatest contribution to #OpenSource so far has been trying to follow the #documentation, failing, and then fixing the documentation. #FOSS #docs #rtfm

En train de tester #spectrwm. 🤔


@DerApotheker Dass die "präferierte Seite" einem die Packungsbeilage die Blister umfassend ausgibt ist so gewollt und soweit ich weiß sogar vorgeschrieben.

Quasi als #RTFM für die ganzen Leute die sonst nix lesen!

Focaccio at CupOfTea
3 months ago

Finally solved the mystery of the sticking iron loaf tin! It's amazing what you can learn when you read the manual #RTFM. Edit: my second choice would've been groundnut oil.

User guide for iron loaf tins clearly stating that olive oil is *not* suitable for seasoning. Tut.
Harald Walker
3 months ago

Even AI benefits from reading a manual 😂

An AI Learned to Play Atari 6,000 Times Faster by Reading the Instructions

#RTFM #AI #Atari

3 months ago
Jeff C. 🇺🇦
3 months ago

@ironicsans @gruber Is the model itself open source, or was the goal simply to replicate the helpfulness of the open source community?


Koen Hufkens, PhD
3 months ago

On #ChatGPT and code. Soon nobody will have #RTFM, nobody will know where to find #TFM, and most will be lost when without a network connection and #ChatGPT API access fixing a system in some dark server room - or just a place without wifi.

kernpanik 🐾
3 months ago

@derbruesseler Nur #RTFM.

(Sorry, geht gleich wieder.)

Chris Johnson ♾🕴
3 months ago

After wanting to for years, I finally bought #LogicPro
Reading the manual, Apple’s writers are good #rtfm #rtfmtoself

Today's #atl rain reminded me I made a thing. So I updated the thing. It's some code I wrote when I was learning #golang.

It probably has some areas requiring polish, but at least it works! (I know... it lacks tests.) #rtfm #ymmv

3 months ago

shit no one w/ #ADHD says —

“I usually play #videogames for 10 minutes a day. Just 10 minutes, then I stop”
“Finally, I can relax”
“Let’s just read the instructions, it’ll make things way easier” #RTFM


3 months ago

hate being told what to do!!!! #RTFM

Door problem. #1 read the manual #2 consult a specialist #3 ask some random idiot on social media [all bad answers sometimes] fourth door also reads “3”, but is just being kicked down. Manuals are so —
3 months ago

"‘Scanners are complicated’: why Gen Z faces workplace ‘tech shame’"

Behold the devolution of humanity. These youngsters demand training courses on the use of #photocopiers. How about reading the fucking manual?

I despair.

#GenZ #tech #RTFM

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 months ago

me: elseif
perl: no, spell it “elsif”
me: fine, I’ll just check the documentation
perldoc: ha, got you there, too

@Perl #Perl #coding #programming #scripting #documentation #RTFM

Trying to use “elseif” in a Perl program. The documentation specifically calls out the fact that Perl parses it just to tell you to use “elsif” instead.

щойно (гаразд, учора) дізнався (гаразд, просто роззув очі й побачив очевидне), що втулок #music, встановлений на моєму сервері #owncloud, вже має сервіси #ampache та #subsonic з коробки! і це означа, що мені нема жодної необхідности копіювати музику на мудрофон, ані лаятися на брак доступу до музики через додаток owncloud — достатньо згенерувати пароль (в налаштуваннях music), встановити програвач із підримкою subsonic (e.g. dsub) і… ллється музика до вух просто з сервера.

#rtfm, холєра!

Phil Thane ✅
4 months ago

@mmasnick @thurrott Crazy isn't it? I follow 96, have 87 followers and we interact very nicely thanks. What I don't get is hundreds of retweets 'selected' for me by Twitter. Thurrot also refers to difficulties setting up. Nonsense, this 70 year-old did it no probs. And linked to my blog for verification. #rtfm

TSM at Work
4 months ago

I would be remiss if I did not mention that I am on my second draft of this program. The first draft went far, far worse. I wrote a lot of code that ended up at an impasse where I actually had #roles and #classes in conflict. After starting over and adopting an approach resembling #testdrivendevelopment I find that I can proceed with more confidence and better results, even in a familiar language and toolset. And after some significant #RTFM I understand #Perl #Moose a little bit better.

4 months ago

@adamconover video game manuals used to be so crucial to playing and navigating the game. Until game devs realized that most people didn’t read them, so they started implementing “in-game tutorials”… I miss the days of reading manuals… plus the old manuals usually had cool graphics, and would tell back stories or info about the games characters and world. #RTFM

hxameer :qed:
4 months ago

Learning -
From C- SPC to C -x- SPC in Emacs can be a long curve if you learn by need and obviously, the history of what you ve needed to do with Emacs. Among alternatives is #rtfm by heart and be know it all. I ve no idea how that works for some people

5 months ago

If one reports something on Mastodon, how does this work after the report? Will the admins of the instance with of the reporting user receive the report and has to decide if some action needs to be taken?

Will it be the admins of the reported users instance l, both or even more?

If this is a #rtfm question which fine manual should I consult?

Rob / OGTrekker
5 months ago

@KevinMarks @mgsiegler Oh myyy. He’s had a hell of a lot more trouble than I had. I too started with that server only to find performance abysmal. Once I switched to a less populated and better supported instance all was well. Yes, the biggest challenge is to pick a viable server, but changing servers is a simple process. #Feditips has all the resources required to help folks onboard. Once you’re in, it’s very straightforward. Like it or not, sometimes you just have to #RTFM. 🥳🖖

hxameer :qed:
5 months ago

This a very interesting contrast to, what justifies, why #rtfm doesn't work unless you have reasonable depth
Grammarly is also telling me, the right pronoun for my sentence depends on how I construct the sentence
That's kinda true for types and functional programs as well

6 months ago

or reading in general


Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
6 months ago

@IPEdmonton Per its documentation, #Mastodon uses the #ActivityStreams object properties “to” and “cc” to determine the audience and visibility of a toot

I would have to read the Mastodon source code at to determine if those were sent and received as updates, though

I didn’t know any of this before replying to you. Remember, #RTFM is a superpower

“RTFM is s superpower” with a superhero emoji
Mark Gardner
6 months ago

@allenholub I’m reclaiming #RTFM for those of us who know reading the #documentation is a superpower

Text: “RTFM is a superpower” with a superhero emoji
6 months ago

We have been informed that the #ChatGPT from #OpenAI is suggesting Flameshot to address certain questions. Although we are flattered and we appreciate the efforts, we would like to suggest this chatbot to read our manual to know there is no -t flag :blobcatno: You can add text via CLI to your screenshots by tools like ImageMagic, but #Flameshot is designed for interactive annotation 📸

So if it doesn't hurt the feeling of a charbot, we would like to prescribe a #RTFM every 8 hours for 9 days 💊

A screenshot of the ChatGPT response in which is it suggesting to use the -t flag in FlameShot to add text to a screenshot.
Taylor Parizo
6 months ago

Why #RTFM when you can use #ChatGPT

how to use the PowerShell Enter-PSSession cmdlet
rmoff 🏃🏻 🍺 🥓
6 months ago

Nice writeup from Joel Labes from dbt on how to move data from spreadsheets into your data warehouse a.k.a. "I've read everyone's documentation so that you don't have to".

#datadon #datawarehouse #spreadsheet #excel #excelhell #rtfm

Coralie Mercier
6 months ago

166 lines later, my #documentation has shaped up nicely. I have a modified workflow as a result, and added lots of new stuff on my TODO tomorrow. Including setting up a bunch of redirects, which is fine. And a good deal of cvs, which I am not looking forward to.

But next time, if I remember to #RTFM, I’ll save time, and get it right \o/

6 months ago

@ianbetteridge whoa! Thanks for posting this, I guess I should have #RTFM 'd first, I've been feeling very overwhelmed by seeing the same post boosted by multiple people 🙌🏻

7 months ago

@werner58 @freemo
I have the book. I can cite pages if needed.


@mathr hey, I'm an #archlinux person. I actually enjoy #rtfm 😛

7 months ago

#DOCS is the same number of characters as #RTFM if you're trying to be nice today.

7 months ago

Welcome new users!

#RTFM it has some helpful knowledge contained within to aide your journey through the #Fediverse

#TwitterMigration #FediTips

7 months ago

REMINDER: Girare su una nuova piattaforma e premere pulsanti a caso su una App sconosciuta é come guidare senza aver fatto il corso della patente. :awesome_rotate:

Meglio spendere dieci minuti a leggere la guida che andare avanti un mese a tentativi! :awesome:

#twittermigration #mastoaiuto #help #mastodonhelp #RTFM #introduction #buongiorno

Effectivement, c'est tout le contenu de l'aide et c'est long.
Mais bon, à un moment donné il faut savoir ce qu'on veut et se donner les moyens d'y arriver.
Et pour connaitre les fonctionnalités, ben... faut lire la documentation.