Started today's run with #ThrowbackThursday & #Madonna

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2 hours ago

Day 1543 🏃‍♂️ / 70°F / 20.99°C #dailyrun #running

A map showing a 7.14 mile run completed in 59:24
Andrea Zio
2 hours ago

Away for work, and quite timely as the air quality in Boston is much better than in NYC today.
#Running #cycling #swimming #triathlon

selfie with my glasses and Boston Marathon hat, with Boston skyline and the Charles River in the background
Boston skyline taken under a bridge
3 hours ago

Der erste Teil wieder mit bester Begleitung, danach wurde es hart. Mit #dinner_for_run #teddiesinspace und #skyewallace im Ohr. 😅🏃‍♂️

#twitterlaufgruppe #beatyesterday #nevernotrunning #RunFatboyRun #running

4 hours ago

Looking forward to Saturday. The 6th #Parkrun in #Fürth - and my first one. #Running #mastodonLaufTreff

Announcement of the Parkrun. Written on the walkway with crayons.
brad m
5 hours ago

The #Supershoe Revolution Continues. Here’s What the Latest Research Says
“a reminder that the debate about #training in #supershoes is still very much in play, and there will be more data to come” #running

brad m
5 hours ago

“All of #running is energy maintenance, from our #shoes to our stride. ‘We are essentially giant springs as we #run’”
“Everybody at the time made a huge deal about this #carbonfiber plate, but that foam is the magic, that’s the game changer” #supershoes
“The plate brings the center of pressure to where we need it under the foot”
“The better #running economy…cannot be currently explained from a biomechanical standpoint”

Read before You Ultra
5 hours ago

❝You can only start from where you find yourself. Take a moment to imagine what seems impossible. How much of it is a conventional, or routine constraint? A construction that you take for granted? Made a part of yourself. Even your whole self, maybe?
Now, imagine that it is wrong. All wrong. Disconcerting, isn’t it? Yet pregnant with possibilities, no?
—Chris Toepker @BreakingImpossible
#running #trailrunning #ultrarunning

SteveWJJ 💙
7 hours ago
Tree and bush lined grass avenue.
Tree lined grass avenue leading under a railway viaduct arch.
River with overhanging trees.
River surrounded by bushes.
7 hours ago

Running injury advice: knee pain. Like "oh that's a new pain, that happened twice now...this time it's sore after I stopped"
Should I:
<Be honest> #running #injury #knee #pain

Kieron James
9 hours ago
9 hours ago

It hasn't rained in two weeks.
I have massive hayfever.
It's _really_ uncomfortably hot in the evenings already.

So of course I went #running before breakfast today and ran 5km in 38 minutes and 36 seconds.

Paul Flo Williams
9 hours ago

I’ve been running for 2½ years. Now, if I want to run a half marathon, the only criterion is ‘have I got a couple of hours free?’ Not, am I prepared, or have I run one (or two!) already this week? Simply, do I fancy it? And, on the Downs, I *really* do. #running #SouthDowns #Brighton

A map showing a 21km run on the South Downs and between Rottingdean and Brighton Marina
10 hours ago

Who is the idiot who ran a good 5K but totally skipped the post run stretches and is now walking around with pain in every fiber of his lower body?

Damn you lactic acid.

The KamikaZEN 🇲🇽
12 hours ago

This was the nice part if my day , I earned a badge on Garmin Connect.

#garmin #Running #Runner #ZenRunner

The KamikaZEN 🇲🇽
12 hours ago

Busy and a tad hectic #HumpDay. Didn’t have time to share my morning hill repeats until now:

#Running #Runner #ZenRunner

The face of a happy runner, right before the day went crazy
Running stats and route heat map
Pace and heart rate graphs
A clear sunrise before the storm
Khad Young
13 hours ago

10-mile run w/ new Chariot Sport to celebrate #GlobalRunningDay. Thule had a great Memorial Day sale, so we stocked up for our forthcoming 2nd kid. Pictured:

* Urban Glide 2 w/ 3k miles
* Urban Glide 2 double
* Chariot Sport w/ jogging kit (not pictured)

It was different having a fixed wheel and wider rear wheelbase, but my pace was the same as the single stroller. Success! The kid likes it more. He brought Pooh and his reindeer (and the usual snacks). #run #running #joggingstroller

Thule Urban Glide 2, Thule Urban Glide 2 double, and Thule Chariot Sport
Mike Lawton
16 hours ago

The smoke has compromised the air quality even way down here in SW VA, although nowhere near what my northern friends are enduring. Still, I opted/settled for #GlobalRunningDay on a treadmill.

Aggravatingly, this one was not even close to being accurate. A constant pace cannot result in lengthening time per kilometer… and yet I had drift of somewhere around 10-15 seconds on some KMs and perhaps even more. No idea how well I ran. Definitely dissatisfied, but I felt alright. I guess.☹️


16 hours ago

Due to the arrival of Gozer The Destoryer, there will be no #running this evening.

AQI map showing Philadelphia at 232.
Mike NuanceRhymesWithOrange
18 hours ago

Woohoo! Air quality is now "moderate", instead of this morning's level of "instant death". Time for a run! #Ottawa #Running

19 hours ago

I forgot to mention that Garmin lowered my VO2 max today, from 39 to 38. 😩 I know it's not "true" VO2 max but still. I've been sitting at 39 for three months now (since I got my Forerunner 55) and was hoping that, you know, running a bunch would raise it, but I guess I need more speed work.

I WILL raise that score up!

#Running #Garmin

Dagegenbewegen :kassette:
21 hours ago

Lockerer Lauf bei 80-85% der HFmax auf der Hausstrecke. #laufen #running #Hamburg

Karte vom südöstlichen Hamburg, eingezeichnet ist die Laufstrecke von der HafenCity zum Park Entenwerder. Unten steht: Lauf 7 km, Tempo 6:25 /km, Zeit 45 min 15 s
21 hours ago
Ziel für den heutigen Lauf (und ich setze mir fast nie Ziele) war eine Durchschnitts-Pace von 4:35. Fast gelungen :-) Die "langen Graden" am Rhein sollten um die 4:30 sein. Das ist mir zumindest auf der ersten Hälfte ganz gut gelungen.

21,15 km Dauerlauf in 1:37:25 (4:36/km) - Halber am Abend

#laufen #running #shammasandals #warriorsmaximus  #runalyze #coros #apexpro #rheinrunde #hm
21 hours ago

✅🏃🏽31K Trail run (LongRun)

Good run - got to listen to some Koop Cast episodes. I really like his “I have no sponsor biased approach”. Also started one from Trail Runner Nation: I like their good humor … sometimes it manifests into real life as smiles or even giggles 🤭

Target was 30K … but hey … it’s trail running … so plus/minus a few kilometers is part of the game 😅🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️

#running #trailrunning

22 hours ago

Hätte mich auch geärgert, wenn ich gerade heute nicht gelaufen wäre. Lief besser als gestern, auch wenn die Leistung insgesamt immer geringer wird. Aber der TP für den Halbmarathon in Köln beginnt auch erst in der kommenden Woche.

#laufen #running #mastodonlauftreff

Garmin-Badge für einen Lauf am "Global Running Day 2023". Grafik mit einer laufenden Frau in orange, um sie herum lila Sterne.
22 hours ago

#Running update: Tough (for me) tempo run today, 4x8:00 @ 10:45/mi. My feet are still going numb when running, especially at faster paces, even with looser lacing. It goes away when I stop and do some ankle rotations and stuff and doesn't seem to impact my slower paces so I should probably do some more dynamic stretching before a session.

Happy Global Running Day!

#Strava #Garmin #pdx

Just a picture of my Strava run. Run was 5.1 miles, Pace was 12:31/mi, Time was 1h 4m.
1 day ago

Wrote a little piece up on DIY powder for fueling runs and this year’s #ultras. Gist is 100 calories is 14g maltodextrin, 7g fructose, 3g MCT, 0.1g salt mixed with liquid of choice.

I’ve been mixing a large batch of powder, then making it as needed based on length of run.

#trailRunning #fueling #running #ultramarathon

1 day ago

Day 1542 🏃‍♂️ / 65°F / 18.11°C #dailyrun #running

A map showing a 7.1 mile run completed in 58:31
1 day ago

Day 54 of #Running recovery break. Another smokey, hazy day in Ottawa, so it was a short 6 KM walk with a mask on.

AnApple Fitness map of the 6km route starting in Bordeleau Park, across the Minto Bridges and onto the  Rideau River Eastern Pathway, following the path all the way to the Adawe Crossing into Strathcona Park, then through Sandy Hill and back into Lowertown.
Grid of five photos
1) Park with grass, trees, the Rideau River in the background and an orange sun in the sky from the smoke.
2) Close up of a leaf, with haze in the distance with trees partially obscured.
3) A merganser with twelve young on the Rideau River
4) View of the Rideau River with grass on the bottom, trees on the left, and buildings in the distance partially obscured by the smokey haze.
5) Selfie with a hat, day-glow yellow shirt, hoodie, and N95 mask.
Andrea Zio
1 day ago

brick #run outside today for #GlobalRunningDay but the haze from the Canadian wildfires is still strong in there city😱
@WTL hope it's not too much worse over there
#Running #cycling #triathlon

the sun over the East River with an orange glow due to the smoke from the wildfires
1 day ago

10K post-Jury Duty run to work through Quebec’s smoky air in Baltimore. Focused on Zone 4 work. Ended up being one of my fastest runs to work! Lol.

#running #Baltimore #Quebec #wildfires #run #runs #strava #photography

Datenwolke 🛡️
1 day ago

Heute wieder etwas besser im Speed unterwegs. Keine Ampeln, alles flach, da kann man gut laufen.

#arakawa #tokyo #running #laufen

Websites von regionalen Laufveranstaltungen, auf denen man fast alle Infos findet – Nur eben nicht das Wichtigste: WANN verdammt noch mal findet die Veranstaltung statt??

1 day ago

We took part in the #REWETeamChallenge in #Dresden yesterday: 30 members of @mpicbg from the research groups of Anthony Hyman, Eric Geertsma, Jonathan Rodenfles, Rita Mateus, @nadlerlab & many more, conquered the fun 5K run and left footprints of determination in the heart of Dresden. 🔥🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ #running

Runner on the streets of Dresden.
Team members of the run in front of a church in Dresden.
Runners in the Dresden stadium.
Matthew Broberg
2 days ago

🏃#Running shoe toot 🏃

Finally burned through my Hokas and done enough PT on my knee to be ready to get running again. I'm giving On running shoes a try.

Anyone big on either of these chunky kicks? I'd love to hear your experience

2 days ago

Prepared the running vest for tomorrows long run: water bladder 💦 , mid layer shirt, running jacket, first aid kit, emergency blanket, calories etc. Will also half-fill my two vest water bottles💧.

A lot of “not going to use it” stuff - except the water and calories 😉. Mainly to train closer to the race gear setup.

Running after work 🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽 … in my hard earned Istria100 by UTMB t-shirt 👌🏼😅

#running #trailrunning

JSkier :archlinux:
2 days ago

Eerie how #music triggers memories. On my run today, Santa Monica came on my wireless ear buds, and it reminded of 26 years ago. The same song on a portable Minidisc player, pocketed in my overly large cargo shorts, with wired headphones to my head, while #rollerblading on a hot day 😏

#running #everclear #music

2 days ago

✅🏃🏽16K Trail run

Mostly Gravel. Due to keeping the effort under somewhat control.

Target was 14K. I’ll cut 2K from the Thu/Fri runs to keep in line with my weekly target volume.

#running #trailrunning

Juhani Lehtimäki
2 days ago

I want to find a movement / #running coach in #munich but none of the ones I contact even reply to my messages :(

Might be a language thing. I don't think my German is good enough yet for the purpose and they probably don't feel comfortable delivering their services in English.

2 days ago

Day 53 of #Running recovery break. Wore a N-95 mask for my 7km walk, got home to our neighbour returning home with only one of her two dogs; the other one got spooked in Stanley park, so I dropped off the groceries, and biked around (still with my mask on) the area looking for the missing puppy.
Fortunately someone else did find it and posted it online.

Glad to see a lot of folks wearing masks outside because it's bad out there, #Ottawa. #ForestFires

An Apple Fitness map of the 7 km route starting in Bordeleau Park to Sussex to the Governor Generals, then to the beginning of the Rideau River Eastern Pathway, crossing the Adawe Crossing into Strathcona Park, then through Sandy Hill and back into Lowertown.
An Apple Fitness of the 8 KM cycle rout starting and ending in Bordeleau Park, searching through New Edinburgh and returning back home.
1) A wild turkey 
2) Rideau falls and the Ottawa River with a lot of haze in the air.
3) Gravel recreational path with trees.
4) The red sun though the trees
5) close-up of some flowers over looking the Rideau River with the hazy sky.
3 days ago

Day 52 of #Running recovery break. Smokey start to the day as a haze covered #Ottawa from wildfires. Got 34km of #Cycling in, though the battery on the camera gave up after 27KM or so. Construction detours are as unclear as I was told. Might be cycling with a mask tomorrow if the smoke gets much worse. #OttBike

Apple fitness map showing 34 km starting in Bordeleau Park, going across the MacDonald Cartier bridge, along the voyagers pathway, then crossing the Portage Bridge and continuing west along the Ottawa River Pathway, going around some of the construction, then turning south onto the Pinecrest Creek Pathway, turning eastwards along the Experimental Farm Pathway, across the Hartwell locks, and heading north along the Rideau Canal Eastern pathway, then onto Sussex, and then ending in Bordeleau Park.
3 days ago

Who invented the marathon? It’s not as ancient as you think

Most people believe the race was inspired by an ancient Greek courier, who ran 26 miles to declare victory against the Persians. They’re wrong.

#TIL #TodayILearned #Marathan #TwentySixPointTwo #Run #Running #RunChat #RunningHistory #Histodon #GetOutside

4 days ago

Day 51 of #Running recovery break. 26km of #Cycling around #Ottawa, on a lovely day, even if it's far too sunny for me. Some clouds would be nice. Then cycled another 14 KM with @TAV before walking her up to the LRT for her flight out west.

Apple Fitness map showing a 26km ride starting in Bordeleau Park to Sussex, onto the Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway (RCEP), over the Corktown Bridge, along the Rideau Canal Western Pathway, around Dow’s Lake, over the Hartwell lock, and continuing south on the RCEP to Hog’s Back, then northwards along the Rideau River Eastern Pathway, over the LRT bridge, around Hurdman park, continuing along the path, then over the Minto Bridges, and finishing in Bordeleau Park.
4 days ago

Various #Bodensee savouring had to happen the last days. Needed way more off-screen time recently. So here are some impressions from #running and touristy tours as well as "usual" sunset savouring - just because I can. 🙂💚

#itsTheLittleThings #Seeliebe #balance #mentalHealth

4 days ago

Another lovely, slightly cooler #dailyrun this morning. It’s so nice at this time of year to see the baby animals (you might be able to make out the ducklings behind the mother duck in the 3rd picture). #ottawa #rideaucanal #arboretum #dowslake #run #running #ottrun

Blue sky above the Rideau Canal
Rental kayaks and pedal boats at Dow’s Lake
Mother duck and ducklings on the arboretum side of Dow’s Lake
The view of the Rideau Canal facing north from the Flora footbridge
Matthew Clover
4 days ago

Yesterday was spent on Surveyor’s Ridge trail on the east side of Mt. Hood. What a day out there! The mountain was popping, the sky was blue, and while we both ran out of water it was still a fantastic day. #Mountains #running #trailrunning

Trail runner and Alaskan Husky walking a trail with a snow cover mountain in the background, blue skies, and open field.
Alaskan Husky on a trail with a snow cover mountain in the background, blue skies, and pine trees.
Trail runner running on a trail with a snow cover mountain in the background, blue skies, and pine trees.
Flowers with a snow covered mountain in the background.
4 days ago

Nice morning #running / #scrambling in the Lake District

A waterfall in the Lake District
Aaron Ouellette
4 days ago

I get joy out of #Running in new places, especially early in cities when it hasn't woken yet. Ran a little in Portland Maine this brisk morning.

Bee :verified:
4 days ago

My first half marathon!
I’m so happy and sore at the same time 😅
Neck pain was something I was My expecting. My posture must be off.
#running #fitness #AppleFitness #halfmarathon

4 days ago

5/2 Running Experiment*: It’s a bit weird here on the second day off (rest day) from running. Feeling a bit restless and as if I should be having a long run later (not happening).

On the positive side I feel “super ready” to train already, have had no stress due to conflicts with family weekend activities, … and I feel like it is allowing me true recovery; useful for the next week 😎

Garmin agrees 😉🏃🏽

*5 consecutive weekdays running, 2 consecutive weekend days recovery.


Jim Lunsford
5 days ago

5k fail. Cut it a little short. The heat got to me. Probably should have not started at ten till noon. 🤣 #fitness #runner #running #fail

5 days ago

Day 50 of #Running recovery break. 23KM of #Cycling in what I consider a (finally) acceptable temperature (16°C), even if the wind was a bit much (37km/hr, gust to 55km/hr), went exploring a bit more east, then south to find a bike path that dwindled out in a parking lot. 🤷🏻 I did consult my map before heading out, so was able to get back onto a recreational path relatively quickly.

An Apple Fitness map of the 23.98 bike ride, starting in Bordeleau Park to Sussex, following Sussex to the Ottawa River Pathway past the Rockliffe Airport, then up and doubling backwards a bit to the Aviation Parkway Pathway to the path along the LRT, then onto St Laurent for a few hundred metres, onto the “path” along Tremblay, then connecting to a proper path, past Hurdman, then northwards on Rideau River Eastern Pathway, across the Minto Bridges, and ending in Bordeleau Park.
Ricardo Carlino
5 days ago

One last long run before I start a rest week. Will do nothing but cross training during the week probably. #running

A middle-aged white guy in the woods wearing dad sunglasses taking a selfie while running in gear.
Roni Laukkarinen
5 days ago

Beautiful #running weather today by the lake. Not too cold, not too warm. Just perfect. #Weather #Lake #Photography #Run #Finland

A close view to Jyväsjärvi lake, slight waves, lots of clouds, stark contrast. Buildings and woods in the horisont. Light reflecting from the waves

Escucho música mientras corro. 🏃‍♂️ Hoy empiezo con Luis Fonsi.

#HooraySongOfTheDay #NowPlaying
#Musicá #LuisFonsi #BuenosAires
#Running #HealthyLiving

Unexpected 5km PB today at parkrun today!!! Closing in on that sub 25 minute goal. #running

Strava segments showing 5km 26:10 - 5:14/km
We Built This City
6 days ago

If you're interested, more info on how #running helps reduce joint inflammation:

And how slow running should be a majority of running mileage:

We Built This City
6 days ago

This was surprisingly hard to write but with some encouragement from the right people I finished it.

Some notes of why I started running how I started, and how I'm going today.

#running #run

Aaron Ouellette
1 week ago

Must have overlooked the run start time was 5:40 not 5:45... I managed to catch them in 1.8 miles, also getting run off the road by some jerk in a car. #running
I guess I need to get up even earlier on Thursdays to run with this crowd. Might not be for me, it's quite an effort for a 6 mile easy run. I do like being up, and active early.

Charlotte Walker
1 week ago

Whoooooooop I just ran 5k on the treadmill! I haven’t run that far continuously for about 15 years! Annoyingly though I came in 8 seconds slower than when I run half and walk half, which just shows you how slowly I run (or how fast I walk 😹). Never mind, my goal for the race, which is in 3 weeks and 2 days, was just to be able to run the course without stopping and now I think I can 😃 #running

Michael Lysons
1 week ago

What are you favourite sports nutrition food/drinks to help with training and recovery?

I used to be a big fan of Picky Bars, but since they abandoned the UK (can’t think why…) I’ve had to find new stuff.

My current favourite is OTE. I love their hydro tablets for keeping me hydrated, and their flapjacks/Duo Bars for pre-run energy and post-run recovery.

#running #exercise

SteveWJJ 💙
1 week ago
Info graphic of my run.
Buttercup with greenery blurred in the background.
Flower covered field with trees in the background.
1 week ago

I love to run, that's clear.
But the best parts of training for an ultra run are the (solo) long runs, for sure! 🙌 Just me, myself and the trails, enjoying nature and the views: pure joy.


longish (kind of wanted longer but body didn't want to play) run done today. Needed to run off some anger.

Different route today, headed backwards from my usual runs along the river and did a loop around the botanical gardens (apparently this is called running the tan?).


strava screenshot showing lap around the melbourne botanical gardens
Aaron Ouellette
2 weeks ago

#HumbleBrag time, ran 1/2 this morning. It was hot. Personal pr, 1:31:02, beat my two #running buddies who smoked me at Boston this year, and I didn't really train for this race. Don't get me wrong I have been working hard, but just not on my running specifically.
On a cooler day, with less traffic the last few miles, I might have broken 130, a big goal for me.

Rich Vance
2 weeks ago

Garbage week. Absolute muck. From multiple angles. But, I drove the unkillable banger to the woods and had a nice trail run. And, and, and The Sainted One has just constructed my fourth ice cream of the day. So, really, what have I got to complain about? #running

Divergent paths in the wood. Path in centre, foreground. Splits in two I front of a tree. Plenty of greenery around. Photo is actually from another day, because I didn't get anything decent today,
One of the sugary constructions: strawberry ice cream in a cone, with pink and white marshmallows and sprinkles on top.

Parkruns seemingly have become my recovery/easy runs. Great run with lots of furs this weekend.

Time: 27:50

Picture courtesy of Parkrun Kirkdale.


Me running in long orange and green tights, 1080v12 running shows, nike orange sports bra and nike running singlet. Holding home and smiling at camera.