1 hour ago

"Making Python 100x faster with less than 100 lines of Rust"

I am a horrible developer. I've had no better journey in development than learning #Rust

Jeremy Knope
2 hours ago

So I’m trying to test some network code in rust today, I was trying to use a VPS (Ubuntu) but damned if it just wedges somewhere. Futex wait I think? But of course it doesn’t do this on any local Ubuntu environments. Wtf! #Rust #programming #Linux

2 hours ago

Doing the rustling course again. I'm scared of reaching the lifetimes...

#Rust #RustLang

Crispin Bennett
3 hours ago

@garrowbregenza I'm in a similar situation. I wanted to add a GUI to an existing #Rust cli project, with limited Rust abilities.
The one I've been able to make any headway with is Tauri. I would prefer not to use a js front end, but by keeping the UI layer very thin and doing most of the work on the Tauri/Rust side of the bridge, you can keep it minimal. You can use Rust for the FE, but Tauri doesn't hold your hand as much as with js.

#Dioxus has potential, but I've found it pretty inscrutable

David Andersen
4 hours ago

squee. I finally got around to enabling the #rust #cargo sparse protocol and I. am. in. love.

in ~/.cargo/config.toml, put:

protocol = "sparse"

The speed difference for 'cargo update', particularly on a smaller project, is amazing and delightful.

Crispin Bennett
4 hours ago

I find the #Dioxus website misleading. It's in the nature of open source that much isn't truly ready for user-space programmers, and that's fine. But honesty is always and everywhere a requirement. With its "Feature-packed Examples" (few of which are documented, and only one of which I could get to run), "Start building today, with Dioxus" (surely only possible for superior #Rust developers), the Dioxus web site is borderline deceptive (even given the slack we rightly give open source projects)

Taggart: ~# :idle:
5 hours ago

We're listening to #vaporwave and hacking on some #Rust, if you're into that sorta thing.

Hacker News 50
8 hours ago

Sōzu – HTTP reverse proxy in Rust for immutable infrastructures


#rust #http

Piotr Siuszko
8 hours ago

I am slowly going back to old idea of card game in Rust. This time using #bevyengine #bevy, and I need to say that right now it is a real pleasure to use it. Even I did write some GitHub Actions, so I have auto upload of new WebGL version. One big thing missing for now is any kind of gameplay 🙈#rust #gamedev #indiedev

Astra Kernel :verified:
8 hours ago

Has anyone else felt like this?

#rustlang #rust

Astra Kernel :verified:
8 hours ago

🐍+🦀 => Making Python 100x faster with less than 100 lines of Rust

#rustlang #rust #python #programming

I gave up trying to learn #Rust #rustlang
I think it's basically unusable.
If you want strong typing and programming safety, use Ada. It's been around for years and is much easier to understand and use.
#Ada #AdaLang

9 hours ago

"New Mexico’s district attorney overseeing the “#Rust” shooting criminal prosecutions of #AlecBaldwin and armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed has stepped down from the case, in the latest twist in the ongoing legal saga.

On Wednesday, 1st Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies announced that she had handed the prosecution of the high-profile case over to two seasoned New Mexico attorneys, Kari Morrissey and Jason Lewis." #legal
9 hours ago

Novel way of handling integer overflow, which actually follows Liskov Substitution Principle (2021) #security #rust #plt

Rob Streeting
9 hours ago

Has anyone had any luck with setting up a #rust debugging with dap-mode in #emacs? Getting down a progressively deep rabbit hole trying to compile lldb-mi from source and failing.

9 hours ago

Novel way of handling integer overflow, which actually follows Liskov Substitution Principle (2021) | #plt #rust #security

9 hours ago

My first blog post on my from scratch blog about building a blog in Rust. Enjoy

Embarking on a Rust Web Development Journey in 2023

#blog #rust #rustlang

Alice I Cecile
10 hours ago

Putting some time and energy into information visualization for Emergence has really paid off.

Now, you should be able to follow the basic rules of the game:
- structures emit signals based on tasks they need done
- units pick their goals based on the strongest signal in their tile when their current goal is complete
- units follow the signal gradient to pathfind in order to satisfy their goal

#bevy and #rust have been a joy for this sort of systems-heavy #gamedev.

11 hours ago

Moar TT munchers! I re-built the tracing crate's `trace!` macro from scratch to learn how it works:

(This is my first intermediate-level Rust post, so I'd appreciate any and all feedback about how easy it is to consume 😇


I had a typo in the extension for the font file I was trying to serve, and the CSS was attempting to ask for a local install of it, which obviously wasn't going to work on most devices. :alicemlem:​

Aside from that, I changed the pre-rendered HTML from Dioxus to go into a non-escaped HTML template being rendered through Rocket, using Handlebars. That should be a much better solution than simply manually writing some shitty HTML by paw and then casting the string as RawHtml(). :alicesweat:​

In the future, it would be good to separate the Dioxus and Rocket parts into subcrates, so one could run dioxus serve in one, and cargo run in the main one. (something like this)Buuuut... that's for later, I need a break. :aliceweh:​

#Rust #Dioxus #Rocket #TailwindCSS

Nieuws |
12 hours ago

𝗖𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗼 𝗕𝗼𝘀𝘇𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗱 𝗻𝗲𝗲𝗺𝘁 𝗿𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗻𝗮 𝗲𝗻𝗸𝗲𝗹𝗯𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀𝘂𝗿𝗲: '𝗠𝗼𝗲𝘁 𝗴𝗼𝗲𝗱 𝗻𝗮𝗮𝗿 𝗺𝗲𝘇𝗲𝗹𝗳 𝗹𝘂𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻'

Carlo Boszhard moet het rustig aan doen. De presentator is door zijn enkel gegaan en ligt met zijn been omhoog, schrijft Boszhard in zijn column voor Televizier. #nieuws #NUnl #CarloBoszhard #enkelblessure #rust

Peter Hartley
14 hours ago

Today's waypoint on my #Rust journey: a new crate, implementing #SSDP client and server, which depends on my other crate. For instance, this is what you want if you're implementing #upnp, which I might have a go at later on

Ed Summers
15 hours ago

Here's another fun interview about the Zed editor (written in #rust) this time with co-founder/developer Antonio Scandurra:

It was interesting to hear a teensy bit about his prior work on CRDTs and how that factored into the design of how collaboration works:

Ain Tohvri
17 hours ago

New #rustlang 1.68.2 is out, patches GitHub's compromised RSA key bundled in Cargo. Upgrade! #Rust #Programming #Security

Tim Kellogg
18 hours ago

question: is there a way to be one-time notified of library releases? I’ve had this problem in #Python, #Ruby, and #Rust. A dependency breaks, so I send a pull request, but then use my own fork of the project until the PR gets released in an official release. How do you get notified when a library releases?

From what I see, #sshfs is getting some love from the community since it was archived in 2022-05-26. There is a fork that is focused on fixing bugs and merging PR (maintaining the current software), and there is also an effort to port the software in #Rust. I think these people can get some extra help from the community, especially the Rust fork which has came a long way.

The Rust fork:

The maintenance fork:

Shoutout to @h4sh and friends

19 hours ago #rust with #python . A lot of powerful Python libs is wrappers around #c libs . We could do a #rust development with Python wrappers that make it available to wide Python community

Leon Qadirie
19 hours ago

@timClicks First, thank you for your contributions to the learning ecosystem. I loved #rustinaction.

Not a #rustlang specific, yet as a relative beginner in programming with only a (deep-ish) generic tech background I currently struggle with the transition from simple programs to designing more complex systems with clean interfaces, as the type system seems to favour well-planned design over rapid prototyping (at my skill-level at least).

So: ‘Pragmatic ways to tackle/balance this in #rust’?

heise Developer
20 hours ago

NIST nimmt Rust in die Liste der sichereren Programmiersprachen auf

Das National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) nimmt Rust wegen seines Ownership-Konzepts in die Liste der sichereren Programmiersprachen auf.

#NIST #Programmiersprachen #Rust #Security #Softwareentwicklung #news

Writing Wolf
21 hours ago

So,if Rust takes a steep learning curve and it takes some effort to create quality code with the complex language, what makes that better than learning to avoid the pitfalls in C with the same effort while using the much less complex language?

#Rust #C #programming #RandomThoughts

Since the 2021 edition, Cargo manifest files support the rust-version field where you can specify the Minimum Supported Rust Version (yes, that’s what MSRV stands for!) for your crate.

What is even cooler is that #clippy (since 1.64) will read that value and respect it, no lints will be run that require new versions of #rust to fix!

So you can happily run clippy from the latest #rustlang version without worrying about it proposing changes that won’t compile on your oldest supported version!

Astra Kernel :verified:
21 hours ago

Rust is NOT a low level programming language

#rustlang #rust #programming

23 hours ago

@nova do it! Which reminds me that I need to check out the #Rust #NVPTX target at some point

Nathan Stocks
1 day ago

Rust Releases! #Rust 1.68.2

1 day ago

Learn @bevy 0.10 Beginner Tutorial - EP10 - Bevy UI is out now! #bevy #bevyengine #rust #rustlang #gamedev #gamedevelopment #ecs

Okay, so like... I have the site working, and I'm realizing that I absolutely can't get the site to be served with static assets alone. I would absolutely need to use some kind of other framework or write html to a file if I want static assets. That's fine, but it requires more work as well. Oh well, time to check out #rocket

Another option would be to have the SSR only output the HTML if I'm building for release, then I can just serve those assets alone with something like nginx. :alicesideeye:​

But then that requires using nginx for things like routing and I'm not really about that. :aliceweh:​

#Rust #Dioxus #StaticSiteRendering

Andy Scott
1 day ago

Dear #android, #rust / #cargo, #cmake, #dbus, #hp, #mozilla #firefox & #thunderbird, #npm, #pipewire / #pulseaudio, #putty, #python, #steam, #wine, #yarn (and I'm sure many, many others),

Why don't you use #xdg defaults? This doesn't seem ridiculous to you?

Screenshot of the results from the "ls -a" command in my home directory. It shows about 15 hidden folders and files belonging to applications that blatantly disregard XDG specifications.
1 day ago

new blog up! I share tips and tricks for getting started with #egui I discovered while making a 3D animation GUI in #rust

1 day ago

runa: a wayland compositor toolbox in Rust looking for collaborators | #linux #rust

Astra Kernel :verified:
1 day ago

🦀🐧Writing a Linux executable from scratch with x86_64-unknown-none and Rust

#rustlang #linux #rust #programming

Itamar Turner-Trauring
1 day ago

Staring at a #Rust build that includes both "openssl" and "rustls", trying hard not to care.

Astra Kernel :verified:
1 day ago

Can you write assembly code in Rust without `unsafe` keyword?

#rustlang #rust

1 day ago
Astra Kernel :verified:
1 day ago

🦀 #RustQuiz

A. It will give compilation error
B. It will compile(what is the output?)

#rustlang #rust

1 day ago

samply: Command-line sampling profiler for macOS and Linux | #rust

Guillaume Gomez
1 day ago

Quoting burntsushi from this reddit post:

So the question was "What is your number one rust tool?". They answered:

rustdoc/cargo doc. By far. It was absolutely one of the things that drew me to the language, and it is one of things I miss the most in almost every other language. Most popular languages do of course have a similar tool, but rustdoc is best in class IMO, and it isn't even close. (I haven't tried literally every documentation tool out there, but I've tried/used at least the following: Doxygen, Sphinx, epydoc, pydoc, pdoc (duh), godoc, haddock, javadoc and probably some more that I'm forgetting.)

I'm super happy to see our work is appreciated. :)

#rust #rustlang

Guillaume Gomez
2 days ago

My fix for intra-doc links on "intermediate re-exports" was just merged: Code example:

mod m {
pub enum ValueEnum {}
mod m2 {
/// [`ValueEnum`]
pub use crate::m::ValueEnum;
pub use m2::ValueEnum;

The problem was that when rewriting a re-export attribute, the parent was not correctly set, messing up with the intra-doc link resolution.

#rust #rustlang

Fabio Valentini
2 days ago

Things happening wrt/ #Rust on #Fedora (just yesterday and today):

1. submitted a PR to fix a bug in the glib-macros, gtk3-macros, and gtk4-macros crates, and updated the Fedora packages to match (fixing failing builds).

2. updated the pyo3 crates to the latest version (v0.18.2)

3. updated the openssl and openssl-sys crates to the latest versions (addressing RUSTSEC-2023-0022, RUSTSEC-2023-0023, and RUSTSEC-2023-0024) - rebuilds of dependent packages are still pending

@janriemer @ozamidas I don't really understand what it means but building a quick mobile app isn't really doable with Tauri the way it is now. (I found out after fighting the thing for an entire afternoon.) #Rust

Astra Kernel :verified:
2 days ago

🦀Your first hello world program in Rust:
> cargo new hello_world
> cd hello_world
> cargo run

#rustlang #rust #developers

Wesley Moore
2 days ago

After a lot of fighting with the linker in Retro68 I rebuilt my temperature converter application in #Rust. As with the Nim version, the C code is currently dealing with the toolbox calls and Rust handles parsing the strings, doing the calculation, stringifying the result, and writing it back out.

The Rust version is a bit better than the Nim one as it avoids allocation of intermediate strings and some copying of data.

Code is on GitHub:

#VintageMac #MARCHintosh

A video of a temperature converter application partially implemented in Rust running on Mac OS 8.1 (in an emulator).
Astra Kernel :verified:
2 days ago

🦀 NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) added Rust to list of Safer languages list

#rustlang #rust #infosec #appsec #cpp #programming

"Rust has an ownership model that guarantees both memory safety and thread safety, at compile-time, without requiring a garbage collector. This allows users to write high-performance code while eliminating many bug classes. Though Rust does have an unsafe mode, its use is explicit, and only a narrow scope of actions is allowed. (14 Mar 2023)"
2 days ago

got drag and drop working on the "timeline", and widgets like buttons layered with canvas drawing 🎛🎨 #egui #rust

Instantaneous drag and drop example. A native Rust app renders a UI similar to a game engine IDE like Unity or Unreal. The bottom panel is an animation timeline. The user drags and drops a box on the timeline that represents an animation clip.
Daniel Paoliello :rust:
2 days ago

It's taken a while, but we're finally stabilizing raw-dylib for #rust

2 days ago

#Rust slowly beating bad callback habits out of me from #JavaScript.

#TIL it's better to use a for loop instead of a `for_each()` if you need access to variables outside it's scope.

a rust code snippet showing a painter variable getting created with a struct inside, then a wrong method for looping over a range that uses a functional style for_each callback. Under that is the correct example using a standard for loop. On the bottom the painter variable gets used again to emphasize it hasn't been moved into another scope.
2 days ago

#Design #Development #Tools
Ruffle · Flash is back on the web – with a Rust-based Flash Player

#Ruffle #FlashEmulator #FlashPlayer #Rust #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #OpenSource

Wannes Malfait
3 days ago

Spent some time this weekend to configure my terminal, since I've started using it more and more recently. Quite pleased with the results:
- Terminal is #alacritty
- Shell is #nushell
- Multiplexer is @zellij
- Editor is #HelixEditor
- Background is a wallpaper by @davidrevoy

#rust #linux #PopOS

Screenshot of a configured terminal. It is split into two panes, the left pane showing source code, and the right pane showing a shell prompt. The background of the terminal is slightly transparent and blurry, and shows an artwork of a spooky house.

What's interesting about this write-up by Ferrous Systems of creating a real life visual demo with embedded #Rust is that the technology looks increasingly accessible.

Kris Nóva
4 days ago

Good day #Hachyderm.

My update is that it was a very busy week at work, but today I am lucky enough to carve out just a few hours of time to work on my passion projects.

Today will be hanging out live, enjoying #Sunday and hacking on #Rust, #Aurae, #Linux, and maybe even poking around at some AI or similar.

#TheNovaShow live now.



Dear #rust #rustlang

Is there something in the standard library that I can pass to Command as stdout/stderr such that the child process can write to it while I iterate over output lines in the same thread? I’m confused

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo
4 days ago

Morning #Rust developers! What is your favorite book/course/tutorial for learning rust?

Hell yeah, that's the book done! :alicemlem:​

Gosh, that was quite a journey. I think if I remember correctly, I started this about 2 or 3 weeks ago?.... Unsure! I probably could look back at my posts to find out, but that's not the point. I can do a #Rust program now. :alicehearttrans:​
#trans #transbian #transfemme #programmersocks #gay

A screenshot of my desktop with two opened windows. One is the ending of Chapter 20 of the official Rust documentation. The other is a Visual Studio Codium window open to an SSH session with my development server, showing the completed code from the project in the aforementioned chapter.
5 days ago

tried using the Plot widget from #egui (which is fantastic), but I couldn't customize it to get the kind of control or output I wanted.

starting to roll my own very similar implementation based on their PaintBezier example widget #rust

Rust code snippet of drawing the hovered line using egui's various APIs like UI, Painter, and RectTransform
5 days ago

figured out how to draw lines, custom timeline UI here we gooo #egui #rust

a native rust app window rendering a UI similar to a game engine like Unreal or Unity with left and right sidebars, a top menu bar,  and a bottom panel. The bottom panel is titled Animation and features a custom egui timeline component represented by a rectangular area with vertical lines spaced inside to represent segments of time. as the mouse hovers over the timeline a red line shows under the cursor position on the timeline

A nice deep dive into the lowest levels of #Rust programming just to be able to target the web browser (!). I'd like to use #wasm as soon as I have a good reason and project to do so.

5 days ago

I’m excited to share with you my latest blog post on how to apply functional programming principles to your #Rust functions. This is something I’ve been learning and practicing for a while. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And of course, I’d love to hear your opinions and suggestions on this topic.

Chris Dickinson
5 days ago

it'd be really neat if #rust supported list comprehensions by using the last expr of a for loop, sort of like:

let v: Vec<i32> = for foo in bar {

6 days ago

If you ever wanted a clean guide on how to make Mastodon in rust from scratch,

:BoostOK: :ReplyOK:

#rust #rustlang

Tim McNamara
6 days ago

Why Rust for serverless/cloud native apps? Choose 9/9:

- Cost efficiency
- Low latency
- Memory efficiency
- Memory safety
- Environmental sustainability
- Fewer runtime errors
- Easy deployments
- Developer happiness
- Customer happiness

#rust #rustlang #serverless #cloudnative

it's incredibly cool that you can just build 3ds games on your own, using #rust #rustlang (and for the PSP!)

Jon Yoder
1 week ago

Why was the dishwasher looking at the phone?

Async promised to callback

*ba dum* *tish* 😏

#dadjokes #rust #javascript

fasterthanlime 🌌
1 week ago

I've made the repository for my #Rust memory profiler public, enjoy!

(Also send me cool screenshots of it!)

Jan :rust: :ferris:
1 week ago

@surma @lgarron I'm also not sure what's wrong with rollup (vite is using it as well under the hood).

@surma Yeah, I think wasm-bindgen is almost as low-level as you can get in terms of compiling from Rust to WASM (emscripten is lowest level), so it should definitely work, good point! 👆

@lgarron I assume, you've already tried wasm-pack?

If yes, I'd be interested why it wouldn't work for you.

It is THE tool for packaging your #Rust #WASM lib.

#WebAssembly #RustLang