Jesus Cova
2 hours ago

TIL #Safari doesn’t support rel=‘preload’ for stylesheets and fonts 😵‍💫

Consent-O-Matic is a browser extension that auto-responds to all the #GDPR and similar consent popups with optimal user preferences.

Unlike the extension "I don't care about cookies" which just accepts all cookies, Consent-O-Matic clicks the prompts on your behalf to reject most of the cookies. You can also choose what to accept/reject in the preferences.

Available for Firefox, Chrome and others.

I've been using this on Firefox :firefox: for quite sometime now and it works great!

Their Github page has links to official extension stores:

#AMO link:

#privacy #webextensions #addons #addon #extension #chrome #firefox #safari

Consent-O-Matic preferences screenshot
🆘Bill Cole 🇺🇦
1 day ago

Nope. Apparently it’s not DNS. Just the recently updated #Safari. Works in Firefox, once I let it.

1 day ago

#Development #Evolutions
Push notifications are now supported cross-browser · Finally, you can deliver timely and valuable notifications to your web users · by @tomayac

#Browser #Chrome #Edge #Firefox #Safari #BrowserEngine #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #PWA #WebApp #PushNotifications

Reisefreak ☑
1 day ago

Heute wieder ein neuer Beitrag in ReiseFreak's #ReiseMagazin und #ReiseBlog

ELEFANTEN EKSTASE: Ein Gute-Laune-Namibia-Reisekrimi von Claudia du Plessis

Ein bayrisch-namibisches Lesevergnügen, auch geeignet für Nic

#Angebote #Buchvorstellung #Namibia #ReiseBerichte #Buchvorstellung #Bwabwata #Caprivi #ClaudiaduPlessis #Etosha #Kavango #Krimi #Namibia #Reisebericht #Reisekrimi #Safari

Keith J Grant
1 day ago

Okay, it seems #Safari on iOS does NOT support intersectionObserver with a negative root margin 😡 #webdev

#Safari is such a good browser. The only thing that prevents me from using it: you cannot freely customize the search engine you want to use and are stuck with the five #Apple sanctioned players: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia and DuckDuckGo.

My search engines of choice are #BraveSearch and

Any ideas?

VM (Vicky) Brasseur
1 day ago

#GoogleDrive doesn't seem to like the latest #Safari very much.

(clicking the 'Try again' led to a successful login)

A warning received when trying to log into Google Drive using the latest release of Safari. The warning reads:

Couldn’t sign you in 

This browser or app may not be secure. Learn more [this 'learn more' is a link]

Try using a different browser. If you're already using a supported browser, you can try again to sign in.

Try again [this is a button]

Has #safari 16 dropped support for #themeColors using `<meta name="theme-color">`? i remember that Twitter and a lot of other websites used it immediately when it was available, but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore for me in my tests.

2 days ago

Huge list of new features in Safari 16.4. Updates to colour syntax look awesome.

#css #javascript #safari #avif

Keith Wilson
2 days ago

I sometimes wish apps other than #Safari, such as #Pages, supported #TabGroups so I that could easily switch to a bunch of documents I’m using for a particular project without having to open each of them individually. But then isn’t that what #StageManager is for?

Unfortunately, SM fails to do that because SM window layouts (unlike Safari tab groups) do not persist between logins. I hope #Apple will fix this and make SM genuinely useful in the next version of #macOS, but I’m not holding my breath. #UX #UXFail

Mac & i
2 days ago

Nach iOS 16.4 und macOS 13.3: Auch Updates für altes macOS, tvOS und mehr

Apple hat in der Nacht zum Dienstag noch weitere Aktualisierungen und Firmware-Versionen vorgelegt. Viele Sicherheitslücken werden gestopft.

#Entertainment #macOS #Safari #news

2 days ago

So much great stuff in today's #Safari 16.4 release - most importantly (to me) some direct rendering/CSS improvements like outlines following border-radius, button inputs respecting padding, font-size, etc by default, and margin-trim!

Now if only I could get the attention of #Safari / #WebKit devs to fix the #bug I reported at the start of the year in Feedback FB11931815 “SVG image using display-p3 renders as sRGB on macOS if used as a background image and it repeats”

John Bradshaw
2 days ago

@mookie Given how many trackers they use, it's surprising their website loads at all. (This was just in Safari.)

#BestBuy #safari - 41 trackers prevented from profiling you
2 days ago

Amazing how #Arc (#ArcBrowser) feels more polished than #Safari

Jen Simmons
2 days ago
Josiah Winslow
3 days ago

Someone notified me of a weird #browser interop issue that affected my #website. Apparently in #Safari, if you've selected some text and you click a button, the text selection will be cleared.

A fix for this was annoying, but quick to write.

#webdev #JS #JavaScript

A Discord chat log, which reads as follows:

Josiah Winslow — Today at 7:19 AM
someone let me know of a weird interop issue
apparently in safari on mobile, the text selection is cleared when you press a button
the pelicanizer relies on this not happening
so i gotta change that
but not now because i'm lazy
Josiah Winslow — Today at 8:26 AM
turns out yes i *am* fixing it now because i'm too lazy to be lazy
// Change text selection in document
document.onselectionchange = () => {
  /* HACK[id=safari-selection] In Safari, clicking a button clears the text
  selection. Because the Pelicanizer relies on the text selection being
  preserved upon clicking a button, we have to find some way to preserve the
  text selection.

  To work around this, every time the text selection changes, we save all text
  selection ranges (only Firefox supports multiple ranges, but just in case),
  and whenever a Hide/Toggle/Show button is clicked, we clear the text selection
  (again, just in case) and store the saved ranges back into it.

  const sel = window.getSelection();
  // If selection type isn't Range or selection has 0 ranges
  if (sel.type !== "Range" || sel.rangeCount === 0)
    // We aren't selecting anything
    lastSelectionRanges = null;

  // Collect all ranges in selection
  lastSelectionRanges = [];
  for (let i = 0; i < sel.rangeCount; i++)
    lastSelectionRanges[i] = sel.getRangeAt(i);
// Helper function for "___ Selected" buttons
function buildSelectedButtonHandler(action) {
  return () => {
    // Clear text selection
    const sel = window.getSelection();

    // Add back ranges from last selection
    // LINK #safari-selection
    for (const range of lastSelectionRanges ?? [])

    const letters = getSelectedElements()
      .filter(n => n.classList.contains(PELICAN_LETTER_CLASS));
    // If there are no letters, do nothing
    if (!letters.length) return;

    shouldRegenerateImage = true;

    letters.forEach(n => {

// Click "___ Selected" buttons
hideButtonEl.onclick = buildSelectedButtonHandler("add");
showButtonEl.onclick = buildSelectedButtonHandler("remove");
toggleButtonEl.onclick = buildSelectedButtonHandler("toggle");
Marc Prill
3 days ago
Marc Prill
3 days ago
5 days ago

I find that web developers need to implement inputmode more often (to customize virtual keyboard for phone, email, etc). Hey Safari, why don't you support it?! #safari #browsers #html #forms #usability

Scot Hacker
5 days ago

Whoa when did #Apple slip in this little gem? Open #Safari and visit a page that includes one or more images that have embedded text, like this one. Hit Cmd-F and search for "quartz" or "drive" or "loop" - it jumps to the image and highlights the search term within. We live in amazing times.

5 days ago

#Business #Development #Evolutions
Health benefits of browser diversity · “A pivot in strategy from Apple could open up so many doors to a healthier web”

#BrowserChoice #Browser #BrowserEngine #Chrome #Edge #Firefox #Safari #iOS #iPadOS #WebDevelopment #WebDev

Stephen Foskett
5 days ago

Does someone know if there's a way to disable the "Switch Tab Group" (command-shift-up and command-shift-down) command in #macOS #Safari? It often nabs me when I'm using command-shift-right to switch tabs...

Dan Danowski
6 days ago

I worked on a Windows machine for about ten years before I switched to a MacBook for the job that I started last year. In that time I think I launched #Safari once and it was by accident. Not sure what I am afraid of.

My work is done using #Chrome and personal browsing on #ArcBrowser.

Jen Simmons
6 days ago

Ready for Safari Technology Preview 166? It’s out today, with support for:
• `@counter-style`
• `contain-intrinsic-size`
• `@supports (selector(&))` for testing CSS Nesting
• `text-transform: full-width`
• `popover`
• RegExp `v` flag
• new WASM baseline JIT
• `preconnect` via HTTP early hints
• Cancel, Unknown, and Clear keycodes
• selection API that works across shadow boundaries

Plus even more:

#CSS #JavaScript #HTML #WebAPI #Safari

Papal Penguin aka Derek Graham
1 week ago

@Vivaldi how long until we can get #vivaldibrowser on my iPhone 14 Pro and how might it compare with Safari and other browsers available currently on iOS #Safari #bravebrowser #Chrome #Firefox #ios #iphone

Kevin Renskers
1 week ago

Such a weird #Safari bug: the top 1 pixel of a website is hidden when macOS is in Dark Mode. See Apple peeps: FB12075967

Caleb Hailey
1 week ago

Totally stumped by this Safari Extension issue on iPadOS. Anybody have any ideas?

#Safari #SafariExtension #WebKit
#AppleDeveloper #AppleDevelopers

Dog I Have No Idea What Im Doing GIF
Boris Builds :verified:
1 week ago

Man did I invest hours to find out how to make this in Photoshop! The look of Mac OS X in 2001. When we used this on web sites, it forced us to cut all buttons as images. And yes, it was #HTML 3.01 <table> layouts for #NetscapeNavigator. #Safari did not even exist. Good old times. I'm suprised I still can do it. The iMac G3 restoration project brings back memories.
#Mac #Apple #Webdesign #Retro

John Gordon ⚡️
2 weeks ago

Safari 16.3 seems to have a number of serious bugs which is disappointing as I generally prefer it. Some frequent ones (which I don't see on Brave, my alternate browser) are:

a) Google search terms being invisible (didn't happen on previous versions of SafarI)

b) Text entry being randomly slowed to the point of showing what I type slower than one character per second).

c) Having problems playing embedded video content. Won't start, controls are unresponsive.

#Safari #Apple #MacOS #Bugs

Google's search term box and predictive terms are all invisible (they are there, but you can't even read them when selecting the text, so not just white on white).
Version 16.3 (17614.4.6.116, 17614)

Copyright ® 2003-2022 Apple Inc
All rights reserved.
Mac & i
3 weeks ago

heise+ | Browser-Tuning: Die besten Extensions für Apples Safari

Viele Nutzer surfen in Safari ohne eine einzige Erweiterung – dabei lernt der Browser mit ihnen tolle Tricks. Wir stellen 25 davon für Mac, iPhone und iPad vor.

#Browser #iOS #iPad #iPhone #Mac #macOS #Safari #news

3 weeks ago

Ever at the head of a wave of innovation, Apple still uses a Netscape document type to export your bookmarks.

<!DOCTYPE NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1>

And a plist file that has to be deliberately cryptic

#Apple #Safari #MacOS

Maybe by the time I'm back from lunch someone who was also being driven mad by their inability to generate or save new passwords with #1Password 8 and #Safari will tell me what on earth I need to do besides the usual “uninstall, reinstall, restart" flailing about.

Specific symptom: Popup shows suggested password, clicking does nothing. Trying to make a password from the extension menu gives me “Unable to save generated password.”

Dan Hart
3 weeks ago

I am a daily #Safari for one main reason: built-in (and optionally automatic) Reader View. #accessibility #a11y

A screenshot of an article from the guardian. The article is unreadable due to ads, pop-ups, and ridiculousness.
A screenshot of an article from the guardian. This one is using Safari’s reader view, and is clean, without any ads or pop-ups. Much more readable than without reader view.
3 weeks ago

Can someone please remind me again why, in #macOS #Safari, I have no choice but to show all bookmarks and edit them in a tiny cramped space on the left, in the sidebar, instead of being able to use all the empty space available in the actual window?

Zack Katz
3 weeks ago

Thank goodness: the latest Safari Tech Preview removed smooth scrolling when using Page Down / Page Up 😌 🙌

Related: follow @jensimmons for Jen's excellent work on web standards and WebKit.

#Safari #SafariTechPreview #STP

3 weeks ago

#Business #Development #Previews
First look at Google Chrome’s Blink engine running on an iPhone · “Google’s Blink for iOS project is already making significant progress”

#BrowserChoice #Apple #Google #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Browser #Chrome #Safari #BrowserEngine #Blink #WebKit #iPad #iPhone #iPadOS #iOS

I just finished reviewing all the #TypeScript web lib changes coming from #Safari 16.4. Heck, that was HUGE. Both Apple and Microsoft should buy me a coffee.

(A way for automatic feature detection for IDL dictionaries will make this process much better, but sadly there's no good general way that applies to all situations.

Timothy Jasionowski
4 weeks ago

@flexion Samsies on #Safari Reader. If only its toggle was contextual!

Toby Jaffey
4 weeks ago

Recently, I've been figuring out how to get PCM audio (e.g. from game ports) playing nicely with wasm in the browser.
I've got it working and have cleaned it up enough to share. Hopefully this is useful to others who might want to do the same thing.
Demos at
Code at

If anyone can make this work reliably in #Safari I'd appreciate it
#wasm #gamedev #zig #webdev

Uli Kusterer
4 weeks ago

How my Safari window looks like when I decide to bring it forward from behind another window, and how it looks the split-second I actually click it. (Someone forgot that destructive buttons and hidden mouse-over buttons should ignore front clicks).

#Apple #Safari

An inactive Safari window with a tab open.
The same Safari window active, and with the tab's close box suddenly visible on the left, showing its mouse-over highlight because I'm about to accidentally close it because I clicked in exactly that "empty" part of the window.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago

@ethanschoonover @Migueldeicaza You can only share to News from #Safari. Other browsers do not display the News icon on their share sheets, even on the same URLs.

Except on #ArcInternet, for some reason. They worked out how to do it.

😱 Brian Morearty
1 month ago

But there is one thing I prefer about running #Mastodon web in Safari vs running it as a standalone app: in Safari, 3rd-party links open in a new tab. Standalone they open in-app.

BTW, mobile #Safari has long had a nice feature that if a page opens in a new tab and you then hit the Back button before switching to other tabs, it just closes the new tab for you. If you don’t want it to close, just swipe the URL bar to get back to the page that opened it.

Serhii Kulykov
1 month ago

📢 #WebComponents in 2023: February update.

- #Safari 16.4 beta release new features
- #Interop2023 for Web Components
- #React and #CustomElements news

Timothy Hatcher
1 month ago

Just re-read the latest release notes for Safari Technology Preview 164 and Safari 16.4 beta, and I'm blown away by the incredible work of @jondavis and @jensimmons.

Their attention to detail and comprehensive explanations make it easy to appreciate the hard work that goes into #WebKit and #Safari every day.

Thank you for keeping us informed and inspired!

1 month ago

White Fronted Bee Eater in the Linyati region of Botswana. These resident birds are quite common in this area and nest in colonies on the sand cliff riverbanks. #Wilderness Duma Tau camp, #Botswana

#Botswana #DumaTatu #Africa #safari #ExpertAfrica #WeAreWilderness #AfricaTravel #visitafrica #photography #wildlifephotograhy #Nikon #wanderlust #travelbucketlist #travel #TravelInspiration #adventuretravel #BirdPhotography #OkavangoDelta #Linyati

This White Fronted Bee Eater photographed in the Linyati region of Botswana is perched on a branch. It is looking up and to your right searching for flying insects.
Ayo Ayco
1 month ago

@cheeaun That makes sense! Maybe the apps remember I used other keyboards which I uninstalled and somehow the apps can't forget those and still try to use them. Hopefully someone from #ios or #safari sees this

Ayo Ayco
1 month ago

Maybe the apps need to be given permission to the keyboard? But I don't see these PWAs in the Settings app 🤔 #PWA #iOS #Safari #help

Ayo Ayco
1 month ago

iOS Safari "Add to Homescreen" apps does not give me the keyboard access when I need it. Tested in a couple of PWAs.

Is there a work around?

#PWA #iOS #Safari #help

Incomplete UI, missing keyboard on iOS
Incomplete UI, missing keyboard on iOS
Ryosuke Niwa
1 month ago

In STP164, we enabled live range selection, which means getSelection().getRangeAt(0) returns a live, mutable Range object instead of a copy, matching other browsers and standards. #WebKit #Safari

1 month ago

I'm loving the support for #Safari, but I'm on updated #Firefox and hit this.
I even bet it's actually compatible.

#ChromeRiver is rubbish. File your expenses somewhere else.

If you had told me in '07 that it would be '23 before #Apple got around to enabling #pushNotifications on the #web I'd have thrown my #iPhone at a wall. #safari #webkit #browser #webdev #standards #webpush #safariIsTheNewIE

Web Push for iOS :


My guess is Apple started to get tired of being sued every few months for its anti-trust policies and decided to add what was missing for Progressive Web Apps on their platforms: web notifications.

The industry will at last be able to develop complete Progressive Web Apps.

Next step is Safari renaming its "Add to Home Screen" button to "Install" if a service worker is detected, but we're allowed to dream a little...

#ProgressiveWebApps #Safari #WebPush

1 month ago

#Development #Reviews
A very significant day for the web · The day when the web becomes a first-class citizen on iOS again · by @johnallsopp

#Apple #iOS #iPadOS #WebDevelopment #WebDev #PWA #Browser #Safari #WebKit