Stephen Repetski
1 day ago

Elderly woman decapitated as truck driver slams into her in Brooklyn intersection: 'It was terrifying'

#SafeStreets #ZeroVision #EricAdams

Stephen Repetski
5 days ago

D.C. weighs banning cars in three corridors to create pedestrian zones

With quotes from our own @beyonddc!

#carfreedc #safestreets

brad m
5 days ago

🤨 “A new game aims to improve #artificialintelligence #AI detection in #autonomousvehicles #AV by challenging people to avoid being recognized by an object-detection #algorithm
Or instead of playing games invest time and money on #safestreets, #trafficcalming, #walkability and #publictransport #transit

You win this street game by getting “hit” by a #selfdriving car #carcentric #motonormativity #mobility “When you do little sections, you can get some targeted gain, but it’s not until you have connectivity that you see the exponential shift” #biketooter #wellington #waroncars #visionzero #safestreets

Stephen Repetski
6 days ago

Happy Friday! #Baltimore is getting 8 brand new red-light enforcement cameras


Bob Svercl
1 week ago

Posting on behalf of Beacon Hill Safe Streets & Rainier Valley Greenways-Safe Streets:
We're having our last joint monthly meeting of the year Tuesday November 21 at 6 pm via Zoom! We're going to catch up on recent events and discuss our plans for next year. See you tonight!

#Seattle #VisionZero #SafeStreets

Bike West Hartford
1 week ago

Families shared powerful stories at #WorldDayOfRemembrance for Road Traffic Victims in Bushnell Park #Hartford. Flags represent over 600 people killed by drivers in #CT in 2022+2023. Thank you and other organizers for bringing us together to act for change for #safestreets

Family holds sign for Natalia and Malakhi at World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims in Hartford CT
Each flag represents a person who has been killed in Connecticut... at World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims in Hartford CT
brad m
2 weeks ago

This advice is a bit too much “vehicular #cycling” and #victimblaming because
1️⃣”#bike #infrastructure projects take years if not generations, and if your town doesn’t have any then it does nothing for you right now”
2️⃣”you can pretty much count on drivers to do the wrong thing” #safestreets #safety #carcentric #motonormativity

Daigoro Toyama
2 weeks ago

Finaly installed the World Day of Remembrance sign in Lake City at NE 125th and 28th Ave NE, where an elderly woman was struck and killed by a driver while she was crossing NE 125th. The intersection has since been signalized.

#VisionZero #SafeStreets


The WDR sign put up on the pole at the intersection between NE 125th St & 28th Ave NE in Seattle
brad m
2 weeks ago

“dramatic rise in accidents killing or injuring #pedestrians and #bicyclists has led to a myriad of policy and #infrastructure changes, but moves to ban right on red have drawn some of the most intense sentiments on both sides”
"U.S. is one of few major countries that generally allow right turns on red”
"an example of bad policy”
“It doesn’t make sense to treat cars and #bikes the same”

#safety #safestreets #trafficcalming #transportation #carcentric #motonormativity

@rvaughnmd “More aggressive-looking vehicles can indeed do more harm” #biketooter #waroncars #safestreets #visionzero #bancars

brad m
2 weeks ago

This is kind of a big deal
“Last week, Sen. John #Fetterman (D–Penn.) quietly introduced the Building Safer Streets Act, which would require the Federal Highway Administration and US DOT to institute a slate of reforms aimed at building safer roadway #infrastructure, while ensuring that small communities can access the federal funds they need to make those changes” #safestreets #safety #walkability #bikelanes #transportation #design

Daigoro Toyama
2 weeks ago

The World Day of Remembrance for Victims of Traffic Violence (WDR) is Sunday, November 19. These signs will be hung in locations where people have been killed in a car crash since 2015, the year Seattle committed to Vision Zero.

#VisionZero #SafeStreets

Me and my daughter picking up the World Day of Remembrance signs for our neighbourhood
One of the locations in our neighbourhood where a person was killed in a car crash. A World Day of Remembrance sign is up.
brad m
2 weeks ago

Related by @irishcycle
“As a society, we’re really poor at judging #risk and we get fixated on the risks we think about”
“The main effect is to shift the focus of blame to vulnerable road users and away from motorists, the lack of enforcement, and the lack of official and political will to act quickly and decisively on the #design of our roads and laws that would make them safer” #safestreets #victimblaming #carcentric #motonormativity “engineers should make roads narrower to reduce car crashes. Such improvements would also come with environmental and economic benefits” #safestreets #visionzero #urbanism #biketooter #waroncars #climate #safety

Mike Doherty
2 weeks ago

Next up will be reading the OECD report "Zero Road Deaths and Serious Injuries: Letting a paradigm shift to a safe system"

#VisionZero #SafeSystemsApproach #safestreets

Mike Doherty
2 weeks ago

Having a truly wild Saturday night! Watching the NTSB safe systems approach conference panels from 2021. Anyone know of similar events on a safe systems approach to traffic safety in Canada from the past couple years?

#safety #SafetyFirst #safestreets #SafeSystemsApproach #VisionZero

Bicycling Monterey
3 weeks ago

Many drivers—of all ages—have little or no personal experience of biking on streets today. It makes sense they might not automatically think of some areas of concern. Help them share streets safely by telling them about the free webinar Bike-Safe Driving.

#BikeTooter #TrafficSafety #SafeStreets

brad m
3 weeks ago

by @parismarx
“already been a narrative that #Cruise is the bad actor while #Waymo is doing virtually everything right. But that needs to be resisted because it’s simply not true”
"Addressing the problems on our #roads won’t come from flawed #technologies pushed by powerful #corporations, but getting to the root causes: things like poor road #design, an overreliance on #cars, and the size and weight of the vehicles” #AVs #autonomousvehicles #safestreets #safety

Hooray for the dozens of Weathersfield Elementary students, parents, and staff who turned out this morning for another successful “walk’n’roll” event. Thanks too to @thousandoakspd and @cityofthousandoaks crossing guards who ensured this was a safe and fun event for everyone, and to CVUSD trustee @powell4cvusd for her good ideas on widening the walk’n’roll effort.
Studies have found that walking or riding to school not only makes for healthier kids, but also correlates with better academic performance. Contact your PTA if you’d like to start a walk’n’roll effort at your kids’ school!

#thousandoaks #walknroll #safestreets #conejovalley #walk2schoolto

brad m
3 weeks ago

because 👇
“causes of car crashes & their link to #planning & #transport policies continue to be ignored”
“policies have promoted #carcentric #infrastructure & urban #sprawl. #Publictransport & #activetransport such as #walking & #cycling have been neglected”
“inconsequential modifications mostly target the potential victims, which highlights our state of denial of the role of cars” #victimblaming #motonormativity #safestreets

Not Just Bikes 🇳🇱
3 weeks ago

I can't wait for December 8th when the gemeente will pull off these stickers to reveal those sweet, sweet 30km/h speed limit signs.

These signs are popping up all over Amsterdam these days, and it's great to see!

#Amsterdam #safestreets #30kmph #twentyisplenty

Street sign stating that the street will be 30km/h from December 8th.
brad m
3 weeks ago

#Cruise Reportedly Knew Its #Robotaxis Struggled to Notice #Children and Kept Them on the Road Anyway
#Cruise #AVs may not exercise additional care around #children
“Based on the simulation results, we can't rule out that a fully #autonomousvehicle might have struck the child”
“the #selfdriving industry's self-proclaimed raison d'etre is that its #technology will ‘save lives’ by being safer than human drivers” 🙄 #safety #safestreets #GM #GeneralMotors #driverless

#DirtRally2 is like "Own an Expensive Car Simulator 2023"

Driving a #Chevrolet #Camaro makes me realize that people who do can't see SHIT! The bottom of all the windows come up to eye level. You can just barely ever see anything that's above the horizon.

It should be illegal to drive them on the street.

#warOnCars #bikeTooter #urbanism #safeStreets #20IsPlenty #20sPlenty #visionZero #videoGames

the view from the driver's of a Camaro “He just needed to wait 20 more seconds and he would have had a green light, and that 20 seconds made a big impact on me” #biketooter #safestreets #visionzero #waroncars #climate

This person drove down a protected bike lane, climbed the curb onto the sidewalk, then proceeded to do their best to make a turn down an alley

#Milwaukee #cycling #urbanism #safestreets #recklessdriving

Pickup truck driving down a protected bike lane between a streetcar stop and the sidewalk. The right half of the truck has climbed onto the sidewalk.
Ryan Schuchard
1 month ago

Over the summer I set out to run for elected office for the first time on a campaign of #climate action, #safestreets, & transpo/housing options.

I’d guessed this is something people are hungry for.

A big community joined me quickly.

#Boulder, please come out to vote by Nov 7.

Bike West Hartford
1 month ago

Today we explored new bike lanes in downtown #Hartford #CT
Thanks to Senior Planner Grace Yi for ideas and examples to bring back to #WestHartford
If #HartfordHasIt then #WhyNotWeHa?
More pics and info at
#BikeTooter #safestreets

Jennifer Boyd and riders on Church St bike lane in Hartford
Riders Jon and Arthur on Church St bike lane in Hartford
Daigoro Toyama
1 month ago

Great news! I can't wait to ride safely on Eastlake Ave. In the meantime, Sara Nelson and Eastlake Community Council can go fuck themselves. #SEABikes #SafeStreets

Cap'n Transit
1 month ago

RT @nymtc Join us for the next Brown Bag meeting on November 2 at 12PM. The presentation will be given by @nycdot on New York City Pedestrian Mobility Plan
#mobilityplan #NYCDOT #safestreets

1 month ago

Can we come up with a better term than “road diet?”

I feel like drawing on toxic diet culture is suboptimal for communicating what we want to accomplish. Is there a phrase that suggests positivity rather than restriction? #urbanism #safestreets #walkablecities #infrastructure

Bike West Hartford
1 month ago

Join our ride to check out new bike lanes in downtown Hartford!
If #HartfordHasIt then #WhyNotWeHa?
Co-led by Jennifer Boyd filmmaker of "The Street Project"
Saturday Oct 28th 9am start at Elizabeth Park greenhouses
Register at
#biketooter #safestreets

flyer of bike ride to check out Hartford bike lanes Oct 28th
Daigoro Toyama
1 month ago

Attended the Sound Transit open house about the safety improvements arounud he NE 130th St Light Rail station. #SoundTransit #SafeStreets #Transit #Seattle

Sound Transit open house held at Lake City Branch of Seattle Public Library #1
Sound Transit open house held at Lake City Branch of Seattle Public Library #2

Parents: Students who walk or ride bikes to school do better.

There are walk’n’roll events scheduled TODAY at Banyan and EARThS Magnet schools. Talk with your principal and PTA about a similar program at your kids’ school.

#walknroll #safestreets #walk2schoolto #thousandoaks

Harald Kliems
2 months ago

Excellent event in #MadisonWI coming up: #MadisonBikes, the WI chapter of #CNU and the Wisconsin Student Planning Assocation are organizing a showing of #TheStreetProject and a panel discussion. Oct 30, free admission, but RSVP requested
#VisionZero #SafeStreets

2 months ago

Riding down from union square to city hall #bikeNYC #bike

There have been 26 deaths of cyclists on #nyc streets so far this year.

Mayor Adam’s vetoes every plan to reduce road violence and calm streets, tanking years of community study and work to make our streets safe for everyone — even if you’re not in a car.

Frédérique Uster-Hug, widow of slain cyclist advocate mowed down by a truck in a bike lane last year sums up our shameful numbers:


Bikes take over a nyc street
Bikes take over a street near city hall nyc
Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago

@bikeottawa Great idea! It reminds me of the Velo bus here in #France. Built like a mini bus, but everyone has to pedal. Meanwhile, there is even a company that builds it with a solar roof, then the minibus is autonomous for about 20 km. #schoolbus #KidsOnBikes #SafeStreets #bikes #school #velo #Fahrrad

Thomas Connor
2 months ago

Supposedly the reason #Monopoly takes so long is because most everyone plays by the house rule that landing on Free Parking gives you all the fees collected so far. Treating it just as a blank space speeds things up dramatically.

As such, in Monopoly as in real life, Free Parking ruins everything. #WarOnCars #SafeStreets #Urbanism

The War on Cars
2 months ago

New BONUS episode: "Celebrating Your Wins!" After a quick news roundup, we hear from listeners about the ways in which they're winning The War on Cars. Become a Patreon supporter for access to this and all our bonus content.

#TheWarOnCars #transportation #cars #podcast #safestreets “The introduction of 20mph speed limits in all residential areas in Wales and the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London has shone a spotlight on the issues drivers are facing” #backlash #safestreets #twentyisplenty #waroncars #climate #airquality #london #wales #oxford #urbanism

@ggwash “Leaders who participated were profoundly affected by the experience, many of whom recognized a greater need for investments in non-car forms of transportation and infrastructure because they weren’t able to get around without a car during the week” #equity #waroncars #accessibility #safestreets #transit #biketooter #bikedc

@Nondriver “while there are many challenges for those who are getting around the city without a car, I think there are just as many good reasons to get out, experience the community, and be connected with your surroundings” #accessibility #biketooter #waroncars #climate #urbanism #safestreets #airquality

Avi Schwab
2 months ago

I did some covert civic improvement today. Propped up these smashed crosswalk signs with some scrap & zip ties. #Chicago #SafeStreets

A sign in a pedestrian island that reads “State law yield to pedestrians within crosswalk”. The sign is dirty and cracked. It is being propped up by some 2x4 scraps that are secured to the sign with screws and zip ties.
A sign in a pedestrian island that reads “State law yield to pedestrians within crosswalk”. The sign is dirty and cracked. It is being propped up by some 2x4 scraps that are secured to the sign with screws and zip ties. A printed label on one of the 2x4s reads “this is absurd”
A sign in a pedestrian island that reads “State law yield to pedestrians within crosswalk”. The sign is dirty and cracked. It is being propped up by some 2x4 scraps that are secured to the sign with screws and zip ties. A printed label on the 2x4 reads “Call the alder 773-324-5555”
A wide angle photo of the pedestrian island with two janky propped up crosswalk signs.

@TheWarOnCars “No one also wants to be stuck in traffic, no one wants mental health stress, no one wants their children to feel unsafe walking or riding their bikes to school, no one wants the elderly to feel trapped, no one wants endless sprawl” #biketooter #urbanism #safestreets #climate “incredible safety benefits to pedestrians and cyclists as well as an expected improvement in air quality to all residents and road users” #publicsafety #safestreets #waroncars #climate #twentyisplenty #wales #biketooter #airquality

Bicycling Monterey
2 months ago

Amy Cohen, cofounder of Families for Safe Streets ( on #BikeLeague / League of American #Bicyclists webinar Slow Roads Save Lives (

Amy's son Sammy was age 12 when killed by preventable epidemic of traffic violence. Later the speed limit there was slowed, and a child age 5 struck on the same street survived.

#SlowSpeeds #SlowSpeedsSaveLives #SlowRoadsSaveLives

Resource Guide, currently available in 3 languages:

Families for #SafeStreets Resource Guide

Amy commented: been at this for 10 years and never would have believed change happens so slowly; persist!

#CrashNotAccident #TrafficViolence #TrafficSafety #PublicSafety #BikeTooter #bike #walk #cycling #bicycling #UrbanPlanning #TrafficCalming #transportation #infrastructure #TrafficViolence

brad m
2 months ago

Quit complaining carbrains and #cycling snobs!

“all the research points to positive results when it comes to #bicycles with an electric boost” #ebikes
“People who ride #bikes should support people who ride #bikes. People who drive cars should #sharetheroad with all users. Communities should want various modes of #transportation, and options that include saving the planet” #cycling #infrastructure #safestreets #health #climatechange

2 months ago

I wanna brag and shout out @inliuofjoan and myself (and others!) for the intersection of Franklin and Pearl street in #EastSomerville - the initial pearl street reconstruction plan included no treatments for this intersection which leads to two schools and a corner store. We advocated for a raised crossing, and now that it’s in, driver yield compliance has improved markedly! #safestreets #somerville #infrastrucure #walkablecities

A raised four way intersection with pedestrian crosswalks in front of a house and corner store
2 months ago

Sign commemorating the woman who was run over by an access a ride driver and died.

On Canal street

#safestreets #NYC #FixCanal

Sign commemorative of someone who died of traffic violence

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (@business) report finds that electric bikes and trikes are globally displacing close to a MILLION barrels of oil PER DAY — which is more than 3X that displaced by electric vehicles. #ebike #ebikes #EV #safestreets

Excerpt of diagram from Bloomberg New Energy Finance "Electric Vehicle Outlook 2023" illistrating that electric passenger cars are currently displacing 264,382 barrels of oil per day, while electric bikes and trikes are displacing 997,230 barrels of oil a day.
Daigoro Toyama (he/him)
3 months ago

Very sad and embarassing.

Posted by on X/Twitter.

#SafeStreets #SDOT #CarBrain #BikeTooter

Image comparing the old and new bike paths on the waterfront in Seattle. The old one is straight, much wider and has trees alongside. The new one looks miserable compared to that.
Phil Sturgeon
3 months ago

🌍🚘 The latest post in my Unfucking the Climate series focuses on how cars have destroyed society. The ”War on Cars” is both entirely imaginary, yet should be an utterly sensible mainstream policy.

People need to be free to move around their world without constant fear of being killed, so let’s invest in low-carbon alternatives that do that.

#climate #climateaction #WarOnCars #BikeLife #SafeStreets #TrainsNotPlanes


This wagon carries 150lbs of groceries, (that’s a respectable beer run) weighs 20lbs, and can fold up in a closet.

Unlike the wagons in the background, you can wheel this one right into the store.

When I’m lucky, my kid pulls it, meaning my personal energy efficiency goes to infinity.


#WalkableCities #SafeStreets #VisionZero

@davidzipper “There is a persistent cohort of drivers who are getting five, six, seven, ten, 15, 20 speeding tickets — and driving on our streets recklessly without any consequences whatsoever” #safestreets #powerlaw

Chris Henrick
4 months ago

Urban progressives: “We’re all for the environment and safety, but don’t you dare take away our parking or tell us how we should move around our city!”

#cars #transportation #safestreets

@TheWarOnCars “These hulking vehicles are lethal to pedestrians, disastrous for the environment and have no place on our city streets” #climate #safestreets #transportation

TrafficViolence Rapid Response
4 months ago

Grand is one of Oakland's most popular locations. It runs along gorgeous Lake Merritt and hosts so many wonderful local businesses

It is also a high injury multi-lane road where drivers speed past pedestrians in the crosswalk hitting one of our neighbors every month

#oakland #ACTransit #GrandAve #safestreets

Overhead photo of Lake Merritt showing the park and Grand Ave
A 23-year-old man is in critical condition after he was hit by a car while crossing a street Wednesday night in Adams Point, authorities said.

The collision happened about 9:33 p.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Perkins Street.

Police said the man, an Oakland resident, was walking southbound across Grand Avenue in a marked crosswalk when he was hit by a silver Toyota Camry that was going westbound on Grand. After medical attention at the scene, the man was taken to a hospital.
Three firefighters were injured in a crash Saturday after their ladder engine rammed into an apartment complex, prompting authorities to evacuate the building and shut down part of Grand Avenue near Lake Merritt for much of the afternoon.

At about 12:40 p.m., the firetruck veered off the road to avoid a car that was making a left turn onto Grand Avenue from Perkins Street. The engine crashed into the front entrance of the apartment building at 353 Grand Avenue, the site of a closed business on the ground floor that was in the process of being renovated.

Shortly after 4:30 p.m., fire crews removed the engine with a tow truck and prepared to reopen the street.

The engine had been on its way to respond to a structure fire at Warfield Avenue about a mile away. Three firefighters suffered “moderate injuries” and are being treated at Highland Hospital, Oakland Fire spokesman Michael Hunt said in an interview.
5 months ago

#Climate #ClimateChange

#WeAct for #EnvironmentalJustice is having a rally at #NYC City Hall (Broadway & Chambers)
#ExtremeHeat : Too Hot to Handle
Thursday, July 13 at noon.

I’m thinking between them and the #SafeMcGuiness folks rallying the same place the hour before
Thursday, July 13 at 11am
, downtown will be awash in #urbanist #bikeNYC #SafeStreets

noel hidalgo :verified:
5 months ago

When we want to see "liberals" loose their sh1t in the same way, just look at the anti-#safestreets campaigners.

Literal #CarBrain "social justice"

From: @waldoj

5 months ago

A few days ago, a 15 year old was killed in a collision with a van in Bend, Oregon, while riding an #ebike.
Disappointingly and predictably, people are harping how dangerous ebikes are, and that the rider wasn't wearing a helmet.
My first thought was, "wait a minute, do we know whether the ebike motor or lack of helmet had anything to do with the poor kid's death?" Pedestrians and (non electric) cyclists are killed by vehicle every day in America. This felt like victim blaming and pearl clutching over new technology, avoiding discussion of the real problem (#FuckCars!).
Turns out, I'm right...

This is where the kid died (in attached picture, yellow arrow). Does this look like a safe place for bikes or kids? Fuck no.

As Jonathan Maus, the author of that article states:
"Folks need to spend less time pointing fingers and more time in front of a mirror. I’m hearing a lot of people demand “more education!”, “more enforcement!”, “more laws!” Those are lazy responses because they put the onus on someone else to do something. If we want to make streets safe for everyone, we must reflect on our own behaviors. One of the major tenets of the “safe systems” approach to traffic safety (that PBOT and many other cities are working on as part of their vision zero goal) is that our streets should allow people to make small errors in judgment without the consequence of death."

#cycling #ebikes #safestreets #biketooter #bikesafety #bikeportland

@davidzipper “if you say, ‘We want to give you XYZ,’ people get excited. I always say I need modal shift in order to create better public space” #urbanism #safestreets

I know these pictures are very famous now but in addition to my earlier post:
Metropolitan Police at a peaceful vigil for Sarah Everard, who was abducted, raped and murdered BY A SERVING METROPOLITAN POLICE OFFICER
#MetPolice #UKPolitics #ThisIsNotDemocracy #SafeStreets #RIPSarahEverard

Metropolitan Police manhandling peaceful members of the public at the vigil for Sarah Everard, March 2021
Patsy Stevenson being wrestled to the ground by four Metropolitan Police officers at the vigil for Sarah Everard, March 2021
Metropolitan Police aggresively restraining women at a peaceful vigil for Sarah Everard, murdered by a serving police officer, March 2021
Mary Pustejovsky
7 months ago

#BikeToSchoolDay Is today I guess? 2 of my kids rode today, just like most days. The other took the bus since their school is farther away. If your kids can’t ride to school because it is unsafe—reach out to your city about making it more safe! #safeStreets

Marc Hedlund
7 months ago

The opponents of bike lanes on Hopkins Street have moved on to the next stage of their campaign. I'm glad to see they're supporting car-free Hopkins now! #Berkeley #SafeStreets

A sign topper that reads, “Now for a plan that’s _really_ safe!” If it’s not clear, my post is sarcastic.
Wesley Cook ⚡🚲
7 months ago

This should be our litmus test whenever we're building any new bicycle infrastructure. We should always ask ourselves if we would want our elderly parents or grandparents riding in it. Or if we'd want our children and grandchildren riding in it. If it's not safe enough for our most vulnerable then it's not safe enough. Period.


Screenshot of post from De Filmende Fietser with a photo of an elderly woman riding what appears to be an electric tricycle or 3-wheeled mobility scooter.

When designing a cycle path, constantly ask yourself: will people like her feel comfortable riding it? If the answer is yes, most other people will too! 

#cycling #AllAgesAndAbilities #BikeTooter
8 months ago

Really glad massdot is rebuilding this intersection with exactly the same layout instead of listening to everyone in the neighborhood who asked for safety improvements 🙄

(Lombardi/grand union @ mystic)
#SomervilleMA #BostonMa #SafeStreets @MassDOT @universalhub

Several police cars and two damaged vehicles at an intersection
Thomas Connor
8 months ago

Have we considered Means Testing free parking? Like, if you can fill out 50 forms, prove your income is lower than an already lower-than-reasonable level, and verify everything in-person every three months through an office impossible to reach if you don't take public transit -- you can park on the sides of streets for free. For everyone else, you can't leech off of the rest of us, and you need to pay! #Urbanism #SafeStreets #BikeLanes

Better Streets Australia
8 months ago

New MIT research on footpath maps.

> It’s easier than ever to view maps of any place you’d like to go — by car, that is. By foot is another matter. Most cities and towns in the U.S. do not have sidewalk maps, and pedestrians are usually left to fend for themselves: Can you walk from your hotel to the restaurants on the other side of the highway? Is there a shortcut from downtown to the sports arena? ...

#betterstreets #sidewalks #mit #maps #computervision #safestreets

Better Streets Australia
8 months ago

When would be a good time to make our streets safe for our children?

Video created in collaboration with the incredible @tomflood

#betterstreets #visionzero #australia #cycling #urbanism #walking #safestreets

Wesley Cook ⚡🚲
9 months ago

I moved instances so I guess I need to do another #introduction post

So hi everyone, I'm Wesley 👋

I love in #Atlanta and I'm really interested in #safestreets and people oriented cities built around #walking #biking and #transit

I'm also a #soccer fan. I mostly follow #ManUtd and #atlutd

My main hobbies are #coffee and #gaming

Jake Coppinger
9 months ago

RT (I'm trying to get them on Mastodon).

Another close call on Footscray Road.

Frightening footage that demonstrates just how bad the Dock Link Rd intersection is.

Who will take responsibility to fix it? vicroads or WestGateTunnel?

#victoria #westgatetunnel #vicroads #bicycles #cycling #safety #safestreets #urbanism #melbourne #footscrayroad #bikewest

Not Just Bikes 🇳🇱
10 months ago

Some activists in Minneapolis are trying to get an urban highway turned back into a boulevard.

It's always so sad to see the historic photos of what used to be there before American streets were turned into highways and stroads.

If you live in or around the Minneapolis area, be sure to check it out and maybe even help them bring back 6th Avenue!

#Minneapolis #urbanrenewal #urbanism #urbanfreeways #safestreets #twincities