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Canadians, you can sign up for free daily RECALL and Safety NOTIFICATIONS .
Follow the link below.

Topics include:
*Food allergens
*Consumer products
*Health products

Please boost

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brad m
2 days ago

So #automakers can make their #cars safer for people outside of the car, without #victimblaming

“riding down a street full of parked #cars can be nerve-wracking since you never know if one is about to open its door as you ride by. European #cyclists can rest a little easier because both #Ford and #Volkswagen are taking steps to prevent occupants in their vehicles from #dooring them”
"any help drivers (and #cyclists) can get is welcome” #cycling #safety #Europe

Scott M. :mstdn:
2 days ago

Did you miss yesterday's webinar on
Recognizing Avalanche Terrain
with a forecaster from #Avalanche Canada?

Here you go!

#hiking #skiing #backcountryskiing #backcountry #safety #snowshoe

Illuminati Press Office
3 days ago

The #Illuminati stands for a greater good and is always looking for ways to help people maximize their potential. That's why we support those who want to keep their possessions safe and in perfect condition. #Organization #Protection #Safety #Quality #Efficiency

3 days ago

You would not believe the things I'm finding on Telegram. Fascinating.

As if I needed another platform to figure out and leverage for all the reasons.

#OSINT #infosec #tech #safety #privacy #security 📚
3 days ago

Google’s personal safety features in Android have expanded in the past year to include a potentially lifesaving feature that can relay critical medical data to first responders when a user dials 911.

#google #android14 #personal #safety

3 days ago

Some of us decorate differently.

Also trenchcoats never go out of style.

#holidays #ornaments #spy #spying #tech #infosec #safety #privacy

A card with two spies in trench coats. A sticker that says NoFornHub and two ornaments in boxes. One is a squirrel and has 'Secret Squirrel' written on it. The other ornament has two spies making a snowman on it.
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Hey friends, so I definitely still need help this month bcuz being disabled & broke is a long-term state of being, but my sister needs some help too. She has treatment resistant epilepsy and the only thing we've found that consistently helps is delta8 THC w/ CBD. THC & CBD have been researched for epilepsy for years, but it's expensive!

Venmo: squiddcandy
Cashapp: $squiddcandy

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #HelpRequest #epilepsy #disability #safety #healthcare

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While a new audit finds serious safety and security issues at tne biggest library system in Oregon, that's not all that's wrong.

' Some employees pointed to diversity, equity and inclusion priorities and said they were “more talk than action.”

Some employees questioned the ... decision to close multiple neighborhood libraries that serve the county’s Black community for construction starting in December 2022 ... '

#libraries #Oregon #racism #diversity #safety


3 days ago

Them: What creds do you have to do OSINT?
Me: Absolutely none. I just wander around the internet for funsies.
Them: I meant credentials.
Me: I'm aware.

#infosec #tech #technology #security #safety #privacy #smallbusiness #consultant #OSINT

Michael T Babcock
4 days ago

Victim blaming isn't new, but its happening again with #Ebikes in the #NYT evidently, as though more people on bikes is the problem:
#cycling #safety #roadSafety #urbanDesign

4 days ago

Millions of People Used Tainted Breathing Machines. The #FDA Failed to Use Its Power to Protect Them.

The FDA’s complaint-tracking system for medical devices allowed Philips to obscure when it knew about dangerous CPAPs.

New reporting shows the regulatory lapses extend to many devices and companies.

#Health #HealthCare #Philips #CPAP #MedicalDevices #Patients #Safety

The family of the former Louisiana Attorney General Richard Ieyoub, a longtime user of a Philips continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine. 

The family is posed outdoors on a wooded lawn. From left to right, they are son Phillip Ieyoub, wife Caprice Ieyoub, daughter Khoury Ieyoub, daughter Anna Michael Ieyoub and son Christian Ieyoub at their childhood home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Photo Credit: Liz Moughon/ProPublica
4 days ago

Pornhub owner Aylo sued for alleged sex and human trafficking weeks after ‘ethical’ rebrand:

#HumanTrafficking #Sextech #Laws #Lawsuit #MindGeek #Safety

#Whistleblower claims #Tesla doesn't even follow its own #safety guidelines

5 days ago

When the interviewer finally reads my resume:
Them: Oh I see you worked at [redacted], can you tell me more about what programs you worked on?
Me: No.
Them: What it's classifed?
Me: Yes.
Them: Oh.

#infosec #security #tech #technology #safety #privacy #consultant #smallbusiness #contentcreator #business #strategy

5 days ago

Every time I think I'm doing too much, I see exceedingly average whyte bros getting credit for something stupid. I will continue to take up space. :)

#tech #infosec #OSINT #privacy #safety #security

6 days ago

Designed an entire year's worth of course content. Course syllabus next. 😍​

#tech #infosec #OSINT #nerd #socialmedia #contentcreator #safety #security #blog

6 days ago

@btaroli @duckduckgo @brave I don’t like having one search engine practically defining what I see on the internet, so I like to use more than just one. Brave Search and DuckDuckGo are the ones I tend use the most though, both having their own strengths and weaknesses. #BraveSearch #DuckDuckGo #search #safety #privacy

I’m curious to hear which #SearchEngine our choosy #infosec tin hat wearing friends prefer, and perhaps why. I’ve been a longtime @duckduckgo user but now I’m trying out @brave . Since I’m in an exploratory mood, I’m curious to know what others choose and why. #search #safety #privacy

1 week ago

If you're setting up your security budgets for next year, make sure you include digital safety training. I can help with that. 🙂

I deliver training with memes.

Please see example.

Send me a quick message if you're interested.

#tech #infosec #security #safety #training #consultant #smallbusiness #businessbestie #nerd #privacy

Kermit the Frog sipping tea and sighing.
1 week ago

Sore shoulders! I conditioned all summer for this!

I'm fit, and pace myself, but it's hard shoveling snow. Mind your #Heart #Health #Safety

It's getting daylight, I want to go shoot some fresh snow photos before tracks ruin the shots.

After this coffee, I'm dressing again and taking my camera out for a bit if I can. I'll finish my audiobook, take some photos, and then take a well-deserved rest.
I feel I could sleep; you know how unusual that is?
I had 4 hours last night.

I asked my heart, 
“Why I can’t sleep at night?”

Heart replied, 
“Because you slept  in the afternoon. 
Don’t act like you’re in love!”
1 week ago

"I'm A Crypto Hate Maximalist"

smcdow writes software that connects to crypto exchange APIs, and speaks on the nuts and bolts of "the always-amateur-hour that is the crypto world" in the Bond villain compliance strategy thread.

#analysis #API #crypto #CryptoCurrency #data #finance #financial #safety #software

Elan Head
1 week ago

This past week I caught up with Maxime Gariel from Xwing and Luuk van Dijk from Daedalean to discuss their new collaboration, which is all about persuading #aviation #safety regulators to embrace their shared vision for certifying #machinelearning #ai applications:

My latest video about micro budget filmmaking safety came out this week, check it out here:

#Filmmaking #MicroBudgetFilmmaking #Safety

Token Sane Person
1 week ago

This 1992 paper by system #safety guru #NancyLeveson describes the history of safety laws about high pressure #steam. Leveson was arguing for similar laws for safety critical #software, but the same arguments apply to safety in any area, including #socialmedia

She skewers #libertarian claims that liability & reputation are enough, & shows that only real laws regulating operator safety will reduce accidents.

But those who do not know history...

Ben Waber
1 week ago

Next was an engaging conversation with Laura Boudreau on multinational enforcement of labor laws in #Bangladesh on the @voxdev podcast. Boudreau convincingly shows through an RCT improved compliance after new worker safety laws were introduced and enforced by multinationals (with some complicating effects depending on management quality), and importantly improvements in safety and performance. Highly recommend (6/7) #labor #safety #management

Gabor Heja
1 week ago

Dead Electrolux,

I like your product but what the fuck?

Best regards,
a valued customer

There is an anti-crease function, but I'm not sure how effective it is after I took the stuffs out of the dryer.

#electrolux #clothesdryer #tumbledryer #bugreport #bug #wtf #programmingishard #safety #safetyfail #fail

Eric's Risk Assessment
1 week ago

I used to have a sail boat. One of the most important #safety rules in sailing is "don't sail on a schedule".

What this means is that if you have a destination & a deadline, you will override safety signals (like weather) & travel in unsafe conditions due to deadline pressure. This is how serious accidents happen while sailing.

Planning for sailing puts an emphasis on having a checklist that includes having situational awareness of issues like boat condition, charts, & weather by explicitly checking the marine weather forecasts.

Also you have to be prepared to bail on your destination & schedule if the safety signals change. You have to know where your closest port is to seek shelter if a storm arises.

It occurred to me that the #airbornePrecautions equivalent is "don't be task focused on a deadline".

The need to get a task done by a deadline causes you to lose situational awareness, & accept risk that you would not otherwise accept if you thought your safety plan through ahead of time.

This is exacerbated by the total lack of a danger signal in society right now. No mitigations visible. Out of sight, out of mind.

This bit me yesterday getting a vaccination from an unmasked pharmacist in a small room. I took a risk I should not have, because I lost situational awareness under the drive to get the task done. I never would have accepted that risk in my pre-thought out safety plan. But it just popped up in the middle of the task, & I let it slide because I wasn't situationally aware.

Now, ofc I was wearing #P100 #elastomeric so the risk here is relative due to #DefenceInDepth. My event was ocular exposure during high water mark for community transmission, not being maskless. But it is not a risk I would have taken in a pre-thought through safety plan.
And that's the big deal now. Every little ordinary task needs a safety plan.

It's frustrating. It's exhausting.

When it goes wrong, when the safety signals change, when you get off plan, you have to be prepared to "bail". Halt a task, walk out, cancel, reschedule. Find a safe port in the new storm.

I should have refused entry with a maskless pharmacist. Cancelled, requested accommodation & rescheduled.

This is a kind of risk "velocitization" that happens. I am getting velocitized into one-way masking even during high #community #transmission periods. Everyone else but me unmasked is the new normal.

This is how accidents happen - a bunch of little issues leading to an unwanted, unplanned outcome.

#SARS2 #sarscov2 #COVID19 #riskManagement #risk

Cam Lessey
1 week ago

PSA from #Fire Research Safety institute about the potential for thermal runaway of unregulated lithium ion batteries that can create explosions. Ebikes appear to be the main concern this holiday season.👇

#FirePrevention #safety #lithiumionbattery

David Zipper
1 week ago

Elon Musk yesterday: "The US actually has far fewer [crash] deaths per capita than the rest of the world."

Actually, the opposite is true. Examples:

🇳🇿~45% fewer crash deaths than the US (per capita)
🇨🇦 ~60%
🇮🇱 ~70%
🇪🇸 ~75%
🇯🇵 ~80%

Musk is either lying or clueless (or both).

Supporting info in this CityLab article I wrote last year:

#tesla #elonmusk #safety

Steve Maclellan
2 weeks ago

Storm-Resistant Housing Gains Foothold in U.S. Hurricane Zones

Storm-Resistant Housing Gains Foothold in U.S. Hurricane Zones
See more designs
Jay Hannah
2 weeks ago

Dunno why all my hobbies are so damn gear heavy. OK, street walking dogs is pretty gear light. But backyard runs juggling 2 e-collars is quite a lot of gear...

Anyhoo, check-out #scuba dive in the pool this morning. Had to charge:
1) dive computer
2) backup dive computer is dead, need to switch batteries, the stupid Suunto Zoop Novo is hard to open 😦. Ordered tiny Torx set off Amazon. Need T6 or T7 apparently. (A scuba shop doesn't have tiny Torx? That's weird, isn't it?)
3) primary light
4) secondary light is dead, bought a new one... Surprise! Brighter than my primary! Light tech keeps massively improving as the years tick by.
5) Pressure transmitter is dead, Aaron ordering new battery kits, scuba shop isn't allowed to change 'em (Suunto says NO). So we'll just change 'em ourselves. #safety 🙄

Anyhoo, scuba! So much fun! Excited for Thailand 2024!

Any suggestions of safely discharging a supercapacitor bank? I've got a device with two 120 Farad Tecate Ultracapacitors (rated 2.7 V) that are sitting about 85% full.

I'd really rather not wait a week to get these discharged naturally

#electronics #supercapacitor #safety

2 weeks ago

Lake County Fire Department warns of impending staffing crisis, compromising emergency medical response. (Lake County, California) #ems #ambulance #staffing #safety

2 weeks ago

What are some strategies for combating aggressive driving that:
1. do not involve law enforcement and
2. can be implemented even in places where the government considers cars to be the default form of transportation?

#safety #driving #biking #police #directaction #traffic #walking #urbanism #roads

2 weeks ago

#Sellafield #nuclear site a 'toxic mix of #bullying and harassment'

By Jim Reed and Sarah MacKinlayBBC News
9th March 2021, 09:03 EST

"Fear of reprisals'

"A work environment where staff are treated with dignity and respect is an 'essential trait of a healthy nuclear safety culture', according to the World Association of Nuclear Operators, an organisation formed in the aftermath of the #Chernobyl disaster - of which Sellafield is a member.

"An internal staff survey commissioned by the firm in 2018 and seen by the BBC showed 54% of the employees who filled in the poll agreed they 'could speak out about doing the right thing without fear of reprisals', a fall of 11 percentage points since the previous survey in 2016.

"'Sellafield management said staff surveys brought focus' to concerns about bullying and harassment at the site.

"'We did not ignore this, or seek to cover it up,' said a spokesperson. "We confronted the issue, proactively shared information with employees, and developed a company-wide improvement programme. This work is continuing."

"The BBC has also spoken to a number of former and current members of staff who had concerns about #safety at the site."

#NoNukes #NoWar #NuclearWeapons #ToxicWorkEnvironment #Whistleblowers #Safety

B Jarosz
2 weeks ago

Today, a young American woman between the ages of 25 and 34 face higher mortality rates than at any other point in more than 50 years. And had the mortality rate remained flat between 2000 and 2021, nearly 40,000 young women would not have died.
~Sara Srygley of PRB

@demography @sociology @publico_bot #Health #Healthcare #PublicHealth #Mortality #Data #Trend #Statistics #Overdose #COVID #COVID19 #Safety #Wellbeing #MeToo

Line chart showing mortality rate. Data available at link in post.
Jan Penfrat
2 weeks ago

#Prison inmates "are watched for the length of their sentences, (...) something that’s justified as being for their own #safety.

“This is the kind of narrative that’s always been put forward whenever someone wants to invade your #privacy. (...) Nobody can argue against being safe.”

Reporting from @restofworld

#surveillance #videosurveillance #freedom #humanrights

2 weeks ago

An absolute disgrace, does nothing but undermine the integrity of the Irish legal system. A travesty.
Diabetic accused of fatal car crash on M50 acquitted of dangerous driving causing death
#Ireland #roadDeaths #safety #justice

3 weeks ago

Absolutely, thanks for bringing this up!

#Accessibility #Disability #Safety

A report calls the temporary closure of #McGill University's #StewartBiology building part of a broader degradation that poses “clear and increasing #health and #safety risks” to the occupants.

Last winter, the aging infrastructure gave way to extreme cold, causing water pipes to burst and flood the building’s North and South blocks

This Old Hiker
3 weeks ago

Of late, I have been thinking often about the dangers of our dependence on driving. For years, I’ve driven by this memorial on Interstate 64 west of Charlottesville to #Virginia highway workers killed on the job. It includes at least 135 names. Late yesterday afternoon, I stopped there. #driving #safety #roadsafety

A rectangular granite memorial with the flags of Virginia and the United States on poles to the left and right. A set of three profiles representing highway workers are cut into the right side of the memorial.

There is grass in front and a hill behind.
3 weeks ago

Emmett Shear has called himself a "doomer" and "AI safetyist" in posts on X, and railed against e/acc ideology.
#Technews #OpenAI #AI #doomer #safety #e/acc #emmettshear #samaltman

3 weeks ago

Being half crazy from PTSD I think about safety a lot. There's a constant discourse about safety on here and it's missing one thing that when you see it, it's like the emperor has no clothes.

What's missing is a deep appreciation for the reality that people are not rational actors. I'm not a rational actor, you're not a rational actor, and the people who we respect are not rational actors.

This lack of rationality manifests in hundreds of way which cannot be fully explored here, and of course it has impacts on things beyond safety. But, just some things to think about in terms of non-rationality with regards to safety:

1) Safety is generally going to be listed as a top level concern, but people will not prioritize safety in their own actions, and imposing safety top down will be understood as stifling. That people always say they care about safety first and foremost, but consistently prioritize other factors when deciding what (if any) social media to use demonstrates this particular non-rationality.

2) People aren't good at correctly evaluating what is or isn't a safety threat. Someone feeling something is or isn't a safety threat more or less just shows what makes them uncomfortable or what they are ignorant of. Essentially an entirely different analysis has to be used, because when relying on discomfort and ignorance, people are only as accurate as chance when they evaluate safety. As an example, people routinely express concerns for my safety because I ride the bus, but they are actually at much greater risks in a car. They are ignorant about busses, uncomfortable around poorer people, and rating their own ability to navigate a dangerous situation (driving) too highly.

3) Correctly identifying a safety risk is not the same thing as correctly identifying a remediation for that risk which makes you safer. I know someone who, after an internationally notorious mass shooting in our state targeting her community, bought a gun. I told her at the time, having this gun makes everyone in her household considerably more unsafe and does nothing to prevent the situation which makes her feel endangered. She still has it and we all just have to hope that far more likely tragedies from "accidents" to "domestic violence" to "suicide" do not play out.

4) Creating an impression of safety is dangerous. Removing nazis from a space is a matter of comfort which I support. However, you cannot allow users to imagine that nazis cannot read any public message if they really want to. So, a lot of the blocklist initiatives... I think there are good things that blocklists provide but safety is not one of them. I need to post like there are nazis on here (because there are) even if I can't see them. Creating an impression that there are not nazis on here can prompt people to take safety risks they should not take when it comes to posting information which could identify them.

#safety #discourse #lang_en

David Zipper
3 weeks ago

My latest in Fast Company:

Last week the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that speed-limiting technology be required on all new cars.

It’s an excellent idea. USDOT should do it.

#cars #safety #regulation #crashes

3 weeks ago

Union Pacific Fired Him Rather Than Heed His Warnings of Dangerous Rail Conditions

Time and again, Johnny Taylor’s duty to keep the #rails safe from disaster conflicted with his employer’s desire to keep its #trains running as fast and as frequently as possible, putting his career and #family in peril.

#Railroad #Safety #UnionPacific #Railroads #Louisiana #News #Workers #Lawsuits

Closeup photo of Johnny Taylor in his old Union Pacific jacket. He was manager of track maintenance for a southern swath of Louisiana. Photo Credit: Emily Kask for ProPublica
Dr Claire Asher
3 weeks ago

"Agricultural land, in other words, has become a dumping ground for hazardous industrial waste – another gift to humanity from the privatised water industry."

"A great acreage of both arable and pasture land is likely to have been contaminated with a vibrant cocktail of environmental toxins. What are the effects? We have no idea." #Environment #Pollution #Safety #Health #PFAS

4 weeks ago

“Do Your Job.” How the #Railroad Industry Intimidates #Employees Into Putting Speed Before #Safety

Railroad companies have penalized #workers for taking the time to make needed repairs and created a culture in which supervisors threaten and fire the very people hired to keep #trains running safely.

Regulators say they can’t stop this intimidation.

#CSX #UnionPacific #BNSF #Transportation #News #Freight #Rail #Whistleblower #OSHA

Former Union Pacific inspector Bradley Haynes photographed alongside a freight train in a wooded landscape.

Photo Credit: Elise Kirk for ProPublica
David Zipper
4 weeks ago

New IIHS study finds that trucks & SUVs with hoods > 40 inches tall are 45% more likely to kill pedestrians than cars with low hoods.

Vertical/blunt hoods make vehicles even more deadly.

Reminder: NHTSA and USDOT continue to ignore these risks.

#cars #safety #regulation “engineers should make roads narrower to reduce car crashes. Such improvements would also come with environmental and economic benefits” #safestreets #visionzero #urbanism #biketooter #waroncars #climate #safety

1 month ago

#OSHA Investigates Small Dairy #Farms So Rarely That Many #Worker Advocates Don’t Bother to Report Deaths and Injuries

Worker advocates say the federal agency’s patchwork of enforcement across the country is fundamentally unfair.

Many don’t contact OSHA over #safety incidents because they’ve heard so frequently that small #farms can’t be investigated.

#Farming #Immigrants #MigrantWorkers #Workers #WorkplaceSafety #News #Dairy

Collage of illustrations of a farm, farming equipment, an ambulance, and multiple pieces of OSHA inspection reports.
1 month ago

#Maine Rarely Sanctions Residential Care Facilities Even After Severe #Abuse or #Neglect Incidents

From 2020 to 2022, Maine’s state health department cited residential care facilities for dozens of resident rights violations and hundreds of other deficiencies.

But it has imposed only one fine in response.

#Health #HealthCare #ElderAbuse #ElderCare #Patients #Doctors #Regulation #NewEngland #Safety #News

Black and white photo of the exterior of a residential care facility, overlaid with snippets of text that read:
"observed resident with shallow breathing, redness all over body and purple finger nails."
"Resident #1 was struck on the face by Employee #1."
"Based on record review and interview, the facility neglected to protect a resident's health and welfare."
David Zipper
1 month ago

This is the best series on road safety I’ve ever seen.

Last week Dallas's NBC 5 ran a five-part investigation into the city's epidemic of car crashes.

Rather than blame drivers, the story delves into speed, street design, state preemption, and Vision Zero's failures.

#dallas #safety #cars #crash

1 month ago

Officials Approve $8 Million for #Housing for #Immigrant Dairy Workers in Wisconsin. Sheriff’s Office Will Try to Close Language Gaps.

Dane County lawmakers cited ProPublica reporting for the moves to improve the lives of dairy workers in southern #Wisconsin.

#MigrantWorkers #Farms #OSHA #Midwest #Dairy #Safety #Workers #Language #News #Immigrants #Children #Families

Collage featuring a tearsheet from a Dane County, WI, budget item that allocates $8,000,000 for "FARM WORKER HOUSING FUND"
Jeri Dansky
1 month ago

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone paying attention to how Musk runs his companies:

"Reuters documented at least 600 previously unreported workplace injuries at Musk’s rocket company: crushed limbs, amputations, electrocutions, head and eye wounds and one death. SpaceX employees say they’re paying the price for the billionaire’s push to colonize space at breakneck speed."

h/t @JonChevreau

#ElonMusk #SpaceX #safety

Baloo Uriza
1 month ago

Tonight's loss of braincells brought to you by #NHTSA, who would like to remind you to not turn your car #airbag system into a claymore mine. #Transportation #Safety

Michael Henriksen
1 month ago
Post by @atomicthumbs on

"In the unlikely event you are ever in a public space and you see a blacklight display with glowing fluorescent colors, but the lights illuminating those colors are electric blue instead of deep purple, DO NOT LOOK AT THE TUBES, close your eyes immediately, turn around, shield your skin as much as possible, and get away from it.

Blacklight tubes are made of filter glass, which blocks everything except harmless UV-A (which, in a regular fluorescent tube, is blocked by the phosphor coating) and a small amount of purple visible light.

Germicidal tubes are made of quartz. Quartz is transparent to all wavelengths of light from UV-A through UV-C. The electric blue is the color of the bare mercury arc inside. You can see it. You can see it. You can see the electric arc. You can stare into the electric arc. You can worship the electric arc. You can give yourself to the electric arc. Remove your clothes and bathe in the forbidden actinic light of the electric arc. Free yourself. Give yourself to the electric arc. Show the electric arc your self. Give to the electric arc your eyes, your skin. Lie beneath the electric arc and show it you are worthy. Allow the electric arc to bathe your corneas and dermis in its glory. Let the electric arc change you. Let the electric arc change your DNA. Let the electric arc change you. Let the electric arc make you its own. Embrace the tubes and give your body to the electric arc."
1 month ago

The #EPA Has Found More Than a Dozen Contaminants in Drinking #Water but Hasn’t Set Safety Limits on Them

The inaction on regulating contaminants — including those that likely cause #cancer, reproductive or developmental issues — found in the water of millions of Americans illustrates shortcomings in the U.S. response to environmental threats, say experts.

#DrinkingWater #Chemicals #Safety #Texas #News #Pollution #Health #Government #Regulation

David Zipper
1 month ago

New Johns Hopkins report finds that narrower street lanes are safer.

For roads with 30-35 mph speed limits, 10-12 ft lanes "have a significantly higher number of crashes compared to those with 9 ft lanes."

#safety #cities

1 month ago

“Defendants' #FirstAmendment arguments in opposition to the imposition are wholly unpersuasive. This #GagOrder is as narrowly tailored as possible to accomplish its purpose, which is to protect the #safety of my staff & promote the orderly progression of this #trial. …I will not tolerate, under any circumstances, remarks about my court staff. The #threat of, & actual, #violence resulting from heated political rhetoric is well-documented.

#law #Trump #Engoron #Kise #Habba #PoliticalViolence

1 month ago

And #30daymapchallenge #day3 ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

I made a map of the ANYWAYS #bicycle #safety scores per country.

We are working on a global version of this map for Flanders and I used that data to create this map. I downloaded all schools from postgis, added a country polygon layer and averaged out safety scores on the country level.

I created a gradient to reflect the same colors as on the map for Flanders to give a color to each country. More yellow is better, black is worse.

A map of average safety scores for kids going to school by bicycle.
1 month ago

Don't know what a gas leak smells like?! Request a Scratch & Sniff! #gas #safety #smell

1 month ago

People Who Used Recalled #Philips Breathing Machines Face Painful Choices

The devices at their bedsides were lifelines, until they learned the foam inside could break down and make them sick.

Now, they’re plagued by illness, lost sleep and worry.

#CPAP #Recalls #Safety #Sleep #Health #HealthCare #Patients #News

4 portraits of adults affected by the Philips breathing machine recall.
1 month ago

Why does anyone bother reporting hacked profiles to #Facebook? This one was a middle-aged male called Robert, who is now a 20-year-old Asian girl photo, liking scores of accounts and hundreds of messages.

It's not rocket-science to see that this is a #hacked account, it's not even 5-year-old sandbox science. Every time they send the "We didn't remove the profile" Facebook admits that they are amateur and pathetically bad at #moderation and #Safety

#TwitterTrustandSafety #META


Support Message 6 Today at 2:44 AM

We didn't remove the profile To keep our review process as fair as possible, we use the same set of Community Standards to review all reports. We've taken a look and found that the profile doesn't go against our Community Standards. We understand that this might be upsetting so we recommend exploring the options available to control what you see. If you want us to review something specific within a profile, be sure to report the content (example: photo), not the entire profile. 1 previous message
David Zipper
1 month ago

I joined @lizzieohreally on Slate's What Next TBD podcast to discuss why Cruise's crisis could also damage its robotaxi competitors:

"It's a potentially extinction-level event for Cruise, but the bigger question is what it means for the entire AV industry."

#AVs #california #sanfrancisco #safety