Heron&Fox Photo
1 week ago

The #Florida communities of St Augustine and Anastasia Island are linked across the #Matanzas River, part of the #Intracoastal #Waterway, by the “Bridge of Lions,” a concrete #bridge styled to also be a work of #art, and crowned with the gift of two marble lion sculptures.
Since #ship traffic passes through the vital #IntracoastalWaterway, the bridge rises to permit tall boats through. Many #sailboats and #yachts are either waiting to cross or are anchored in the river.

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#StAugustine, #AnastasiaIsland, #MatanzasRiver, #BridgeOfLions, #Boats, #Photography

An outdoor, daylight photograph of a stonework bridge across a waterway. There are 4 stone towers with terra cotta tile roofs and a metal bridge part between the two pairs. On the calm, muddy blue water, there are sailboats, small yachts, and speedboats. The sky above is a clear, light blue without clouds.
Brad Stowers
1 week ago

Ugh. Mondays are the worst, right?
#sailing #sailboats #lazy #monday #florida #IndianRiverLagoon

Helen H
3 weeks ago

Took this photo of the marina in the South Yacht basin in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. The number of white sailboat masts standing at side by side attention caught my eye. The Albert Whitted airport control tower can be seen in the distance.

Available here:
#sailboats #marina #BoatMasts #masts #StPetersburgFlorida #AlbertWhitted #Florida #photography #MastoPhoto #LandscapePhotography #WallArt #HomeDecor #BuyIntoArt #fediverse #FediGiftShop

A photo taken in the South Yacht basin marina in downtown St. Petersburg, FL shows a marina full of sailboats and yachts with numerous sailboat masts standing side by side at attention.  The Albert Whitted airport control tower can be seen in the distance under a blue gray partly cloudy sky.
John Thompson
4 weeks ago

A friend of my daughter took a group of us sailing on Narragansett Bay on a beautiful day. #photography #sailing #sailboats #sail

Looking forward along the deck of a sailboat heeling to starboard.
Looking forward from the cockpit of a sailboat.
Passing an ocean-going freighter on a sailboat.
A sailboat paralleling our course into harbor.
Helen H
4 weeks ago

A quiet morning in this secluded cove shows a personal watercraft beached on the shore waiting for the day to begin. Sailboats are anchored on the glassy smooth bay waters as the sun climbs in the morning sky through breaks in the cloud-filled sky. It was a beautiful start to the day.

#FreeShipping here:

#sunrise #beach #Florida #seascape #sailboats #photography #MastoPhoto #NaturePhotography #LandscapePhotography #BuyIntoArt #fediverse #FediGiftShop

A photo of a morning sunrise on a secluded Florida bay showing a personal watercraft beached on the shore, sailboats anchored on the glassy smooth water and the sun peeking through a break in the cloud filled sky.
Ann Cognito
1 month ago

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The European Network
2 months ago

In the Strait of Gibraltar, the revenge of Gladis the orca.

Killer whale 'attacks' on sailboats in these waters have been increasing over the past three years. According to scientists, all the cetaceans involved in these incidents belong to the family of a female hit by a boat in 2020.

#Spain #Gibraltar #Portugal #Orca #KillerWhale #Sailboats

Sudo, the boat
2 months ago

Package day on Sudo!

A perfect occasion to get the camera out.

I need to make sure that the camera is looking down next time :-D

#boats #sailboats #sailboatlife #diy #liveaboardlife #liveaboards

History of Art
2 months ago
Vintage seascape with sailing ships.
Brian Jopek
2 months ago

Wednesday night sail boat races and the privately-owned Sundew headed to music at Glensheen in Duluth, 12 July, 2023. Photo by David Schauer.

Babs E. Blue
3 months ago


"Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly...
Into the mystic" - Van Morrison

Photography by me
Cascais, Portugal

#photography #sailing #ocean #water #bay #sailboats #sky #sea #VanMorrison #Portugal

Sailboats on the bay of Cascais in Portugal.  Off in the slightly hazy distance is a peninsula where the town of Sesimbra lies....each on different sides of Lisbon.  The greens and blues of the water are so soothing which made me think of Van Morrison's Into The Mystic lyrics.
3 months ago

Pictured here is Jetties Beach in Nantucket Massachusetts. These colorful sailboats were kind enough to line up perfectly along the end of the jetty for this photo. #nantucket #jettiesbeach #massachusetts #sailboats #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt

Colorful Sailboats off of Jetties Beach in Nantucket.
Daniel Sofer
3 months ago

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Santa Monica Bay
Looking southwest towards Palos Verdes, from northern Hermosa Beach. A nice day for sailing. Maybe even nicer with such small waves...

Taken in Hermosa Beach, California


#HermosaBeach #California #photography #sailboats #beach #写真 #カリフォルニア #海岸 #夕日

Sailboats on the Santa Monica Bay, with Palos Verdes behind.
Tomas Ekeli
3 months ago

i understand that people want to root for the #orcas that are attacking #sailboats, but this is just going to end in extinction for them.

that's what humans do to creatures that inconvenience us

Helen H
3 months ago

I love to be on the water in the early morning hours when everything is so peaceful and tranquil and before the rush of the day begins. This beautiful sailboat is safely moored along the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway on the Florida Gulf coast.
#sailboat #sailboats #boats #Florida #photography #photo #MastoPhoto #BuyIntoArt #fediverse #FediGiftShop #GiftIdeas #SupportIndependentArtists

A Beautiful Morning can be seen here:

A photograph of a moored sailboat at a dock along the calm waters of the Florida Gulf coast Intracoastal Waterway.  Early morning finds a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere on the water.
History of Art
4 months ago

The seascape painting Various Sailing Vessels and a Rowing Boat with Fishermen on Choppy Waters under a Stormy Sky was created by the Dutch Baroque painter Abraham van Beijeren (1620-1690) in 1641.

#art #arthistory #seascape #painting #vintage #boats #sailboats #storm #waves #Dutch #fishing #fishermen #sea

Stormy seascape with fishing boats and sailboats.
4 months ago

Week 24

Another sail boat, a new color

Traveling this week so I’ll be sure to have more pictures of goats than boats this week 💜

#DarkroomApp #HalideApp #iPhone #photography #NewYearsGoals #NewYearsResolutions #SanDiego #SanDiegoBay #sailing #SailBoats #boats

black sail boat with black sails on the San Diego bay on a cloudy day
MPI für Meteorologie
4 months ago

Check out this new paper 'Sailing through the southern seas of air-sea CO2 flux uncertainty'. Landschützer et al. present partial pressure of #CO2 data collected over the past 5 years aboard #sailboats ⛵ Sailboats are a novel platform to observe remote ocean regions 🌊
📚Read more: @jac_beh

Figure with the ship tracks showing where the sail boats collected data.
Helen H
4 months ago

The sky and water reflections glow pink as the sun peeks over the horizon while a few gray cumulus clouds scurry by overhead. Moored sailboats rock gently in the early morning salty seabreeze in this secluded cove on a balmy start to the day.
#sunrise #Florida #pink #sailboats #clouds #photography #MastoPhoto #ocean #BuyIntoArt #fediverse #FediGiftShop

Sunrise-A New Day is available here:

A photo of a Florida sunrise over the bay with the sky and and water reflecting pink.  Moored sailboats rock gently in the light morning breeze.
Tucker Teague
4 months ago

First day #sailing this season. A cloudy, breezy day. Not ideal but still wonderful. Lots of #sailboats too.

Black and white photo of dark waters and cloudy skies and a distant line of white sails against a distant shore.
Peggy Collins
4 months ago

"Sailing at Sunset" is my latest #artwork with a three dimensional quilted effect. (Not a real quilt but can be purchased on many products including prints.) This is my second image with a sailing theme.

Art is here -

#sailing #sailboats #ocean #mountains #art #artist #colorful #color #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #PeggyCollins

Colorful artwork of a sailboat sailing at sunset with an aqua turquoise ocean in the foreground and pink and purple mountains in the background, by artist Peggy Collins. Art has a 3D quilted effect added.
History of Art
5 months ago

This #seascape was created by Vincent van Gogh in 1888 at the fishing village of Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, during a trip he took from Arles in the south of France. We can tell that Van Gogh painted this view of the sea from the beach, as grains of sand have been found in the paint layers. With bold brush strokes, he neatly captured the effect of the light through the waves.

#art #arthistory #vanGogh #waves #painting #sea #sailboats #1800s

Seascape near Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer by Vincent van Gogh.
5 months ago

Going through old pictures and found these from our family trip to Mackinac Island. They were taken from the wooden steps that lead up to arch rock where I stopped on a bench to enjoy the woods and scenery. #MackinacIsland #sailboats #LakeHuron

Looking at a sailboat far in the distance across Lake Huron from Mackinac Island.
Lots of trees with an old path seen from a bench on Mackinac Island
Helen H
5 months ago

The sun was rising in a cloud-filled sky on this particular morning, casting a blue mood over the peaceful secluded cove. Sailboats were quietly anchored in the bay as a personal watercraft sat idly on the shore waiting at the ready for the day to begin.
#sunrise #sunrises #FloridaSunrises #Florida #sailboats #BuyIntoArt #BuyHandmade #photography #PhotographyIsArt #MastoPhoto #fediverse #FediGiftShop

Morning Peace – Florida Sunrise is available here:

A photo of a sunrise in a secluded cove on a Florida bay.  Broken clouds fill the sky giving the scene a peaceful, blue mood.  Sailboats are anchored on the glassy, calm water and a personal watercraft sits on the shore waiting for the day to begin.
Cascade Pine
5 months ago

Evening sunbeams illuminating sailboats. Seen from Golden Gardens park, Seattle.

#sunset #sunbeam #sailboats #boats #seattle #pnw #GoldenGardens

A line of sailboats with colorful sails makes its way across dark waters in the early evening. A brilliant sunbeam breaks through the clouds, illuminating the sails.
Helen H
6 months ago

A peaceful, tranquil day was unfolding when we arrived for sunrise on this cool December morning. Scattered clouds overhead were beautifully reflected in the waters below while the boats were anchored on the calm, glassy waters waiting for the day to begin.
#sunrise #FloridaSunrise #ColorfulSunrise #sailboat #sailboats #boat #boats #photography #MastoPhoto #MastoArt #SupportTheArts #SpringForArt #SpringIntoArt

Morning Tranquility available here:

A peaceful, tranquil day begins on a Florida bay at sunrise.  Scattered clouds are overhead and reflected in the waters below.  Sailboats are anchored on the bay waters.
Kevin Boyd
6 months ago

I'm kind of obsessed with looking at sailboat listings, as many people who know me are aware, but it has just occurred to me that there's no such thing as window shopping for boats.

It isn't window shopping. It's portlight shopping.

#sailing #boats #sailboats

6 months ago

Die letzte Periode war eine der härtesten dieses Refits für uns: wir hatten den kompletten Salon zerlegt, um vier Schotts zu reparieren - tlw war kein halber qm mehr zum treten da. Da das Schiff nicht in einer Halle steht, mussten wir alles im Schiff selbst erledigen - sägen, schleifen, primern, streichen usw. Umso zufriedener sind wir, dass alles wieder zusammen bekommen zu haben.

#refit #segeln #segelboot #segelreise #weltreise #diy #holzarbeiten #restoration #sailboat #sailing #Sailboats

Aufnahme des Salons in Richtung vorn Steuerbord. Kontraste zwischen weiß und Teakholz, glänzend gestrichen. Das Hauptschott ist an der Rumpfseite weiß, da es dort repariert wurde.
Die Backbordseite des Salons, auch hier weiß mit Teak im Mix. Hier ist die Decksluke zu sehen, direkt am Schott mittig und von einem dicken Rahmen aus Teak umrandet. Auf dem Taupe farbenen Polster auf der Sitzbank liegt eine Decke
Steuerbord Salon Richtung Heck, auch hier ein repariertes Schott in halber Salonhöhe. An der Decke eine Lichterkette.
Der neu in weiß gestrichene Navigationstisch, umrandet von Teak Abschlussleisten. Rechts ein noch leerer Rahmen für Elektrik und Navigation. Der Rumpf ist mit Anthrazitfarbenem Isolierschaum bedeckt.
Helen H
7 months ago

The atmosphere of a foggy morning is always a great way to start the day. Sailboats were peacefully anchored on the bay waters as the yellow fireball rose above the horizon and painted the cloudy sky with a warm orange glow. One lone pelican was up early as we arrived to watch the sun come up.
#sunrise #sun #FloridaSunrise #sailboats #photography #Fediverse #FediGiftShop #SupportTheArts #BuyIntoArt #SpringIntoArt

Peaceful Beginnings is here:

A Florida sunrise with the sun just above the horizon and a cloudy sky painted orange by the rising sun.  Sailboats are anchored on the bay and a lone pelican flies overhead.
Karstan 🚲🍑💨⛵
7 months ago

#introduction How to define a Karstan? I'm just this guy, you know? Some labels that fit me: #maker, #neurodivergent (severe #ADHD), #vegan, cis man, #nerd, #lefty. (Day job is as a sysadmin in fintech)

I tinker on stuff. Wood stuff, metal stuff, digital stuff, and so forth. Portland, OR resident since 2000. I like #bikes. And #sailboats. Politically rather far to the #left. But revolutions aren't JUST about lining fascists up against a wall. They take everyday #communitybuilding and #kindness.

Photo of me, a white, bald man in my 40s. I'm mustachioed, wearing glasses and a gray, flat cap (english style). I have my arms crossed and I'm smiling. I'm standing in front of a ladder leading into a dumpster.
Photo of me, a white, bald man in my 40s. I'm I have a slight stubble and glasses. I'm wearing a medium jacket and sweater with a red scarf. I'm seated on a log next to a river with a bridge over my shoulder. On my lap I'm holding two small dogs, both chihuaha mixes. One is tan and has a look of terrier to him. The other is dark and appears to have some miniature pinscher.
Photo of me, a white, bald man in my 40s. I have a thick mustache and I'm wearing a gray flat english cap and glasses. I have on a checkered shirt and black tie as well as a black sweater. Over top of that I have a tan work apron with tools in the pockets. Over my shoulder you can see a room under construction.
Helen H
7 months ago

A beautiful, cloud-filled sky greeted us on a balmy summer morning as we arrived at this secluded cove along the Intracoastal Waterway. Sailboats were anchored and just a couple of people were on deck to watch the sun come up. This is what getting up early is all about.
#sunrise #FloridaSunrises #Florida #seascape #cloudscape #sailboats #boats #photography #MastoPhoto #fediverse #FediGiftShop #HomeDecor #BuyIntoArt #SpringIntoArt

Tranquility Bay is available here:

Pink and orange altocumulus clouds fill the sky overhead on this beautiful morning along the Intracoastal Waterway in west coast Florida.  Sailboats sit anchored in the calm waters of the bay and the beautiful colors of the sky are reflected in the water below.
7 months ago

Hey hey boat nerds, Off Center Harbor's Classic Boat Show is happening this week, and is getting extended through March 5th! It's a cheap ticket ($10) and the presentations are great (as is the gallery of boat photos, be still my heart)! All presentations are available for viewing later, so if you get a ticket now, you can still watch the earlier days.

#boats #sailing #sailboats #boating #maritime

Helen H
7 months ago

We visit this secluded cove often because I love the peace that blankets the atmosphere here. There are always a few sailboats moored in the bay either as a stopover on their way to somewhere else or a few who call this bay home.
#seascape #sunset #Florida #sailboats #clouds #photography #MastoPhoto #Fediverse #FediGiftShop #HomeDecor #OfficeDecor #SupportTheArts #AYearForArt

Afternoon Light:

A secluded cove on a Florida bay with a few sailboats anchored and pink and cream clouds in an otherwise blue sky.  The clouds are reflected in the still water which casts a pink glow over the scene.
8 months ago

Anyone with experience trailering sailboats? I visited my Flicka 20 today, she's in a boatyard on a trailer that I bought to be modified for her. These pads are at the stern, both sides aren't touching the hull. Is that odd? LOA is only 20ft but she's heavy at 3 tons. I noticed one other full keel sailboat's stern pads not touching. Eventually she'll need to travel 230 miles (Eugene OR to Olympia WA and back, along I5). I want to make sure this is safe? #sailing #boats #sailboats #trailers

Close up of a trailer pad under a fiberglass boat hull  - the trailer pad seems like it should be touching the hull, but isn't, there's visible air space between them.
Close up of a trailer pad under a fiberglass boat hull  - the trailer pad seems like it should be touching the hull, but isn't, there's visible air space between them.
Helen H
8 months ago

The folks on the sailboat in this secluded cove on the bay were up early to watch the sunrise along with us. Clouds usually guarantee a pretty sunrise or sunset and this balmy summer morning was no exception. #sunrise #sailboats #clouds #Florida #FebruaryFun #Fediverse #photography #MastodonPhotography #MastoPhotography #MastoPhoto #FediArt #art #artists #Mastodon #FediGiftShop #AYearForArt

My work HERE:

A secluded cove on a Florida Gulf coast bay at sunrise.  Two people can be seen watching the sunrise on one of the anchored sailboats.
Helen H
9 months ago

Big Sky Morning was one of those mornings you don’t mind getting up early for. The sky was filled with altocumulus clouds which always make for a beautiful sunrise or sunset. The moored sailboats sit quietly on the glassy bay waters as the sun rises in the east. It's HERE:

#sunrise #sailboats #sea #ocean #clouds #photography #FediArt #MastoPhotography #artists #art #ArtMatters #AYearForArt

A beautiful morning sunrise with a sky full of blue and gray altocumulus clouds that reflects in the glassy, still water below.  The rising sun in the east brings a spot of orange to the otherwise blue scene.

Some favorite images from 2022. I was watching sailboats at the lake in July. Was an awesome day to be outdoors. Enliven your space with some beautiful artwork! Happy day to all!

Here it is:
#AYearForArt #ArtMatters #sailboats #sailing #boats #summer #art #photo #tranquil #artist

A photo of 3 sailboats sailing on the lake on a beautiful July afternoon. Lots of blues that are soothing for the soul.
9 months ago

I guess I never posted an #introduction? Maybe I should do that. How to define a Karstan? I'm just this guy, you know? Some labels that folks might use for me: #maker, #neurodivergent (severe #ADHD), #vegan, cis man, #nerd, #lefty. (My day job is as a sysadmin in fintech)

I like to tinker on stuff. Wood stuff, metal stuff, digital stuff, and so forth. I've lived in Portland, OR most of my life (since 2000). I like #bikes. And #sailboats. On a political spectrum I definitely would put myself rather far to the #left. However, revolutions aren't just about lining the fascists up against the wall. They take everyday #communitybuilding and #kindness. Without the latter, we're just an angry and easily manipulated mob. I struggle every day to be less angry/manipulated and more kind.

Photo of yours truly. I'm a white, bald, thin man with a blond mustache. I'm wearing glasses, a grayish-greenish tshirt,  and a gray, flat (english) cap. I'm standing in front of a red dumpster with a ladder leaning against it and there are two people cut off by the edges of the photo standing on either side of me. I'm smiling with my arms crossed across my chest, showing a couple tattoos on my arms.
Photo of yours truly. I'm a white, bald, thin man with a blond mustache. I'm wearing glasses, a red plaid dress shirt with black tie, a black zip-up sweater,  and a gray, flat (english) cap. I'm also wearing a brown work apron with pens and pencils, and  a utility knife in the top pockets. There's a dust mask hanging from a hook on it too. I'm standing in a pink and white bathroom that appears to be partially desconstructed.
Another photo of me, a white, thin, bald man. In this photo I have a light/short reddish blond beard with lots of gray. I have clear plastic glasses on. I'm wearing a white button down shirt, gray zip-up sweater, a brown jacket and red and black striped scarf. I'm sitting on a log on a river bank in front of a bridge with trees behind me. The trees are starting to turn yellow with autumn. I'm holding two small dogs on my lap, both chihuahua mixes. The smaller one has miniature pinscher coloring and is wearing a pink and white striped sweater. The other is light tan and is missing one eye. Both are adorable.