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3 days ago

#ColonialViolence in #Scandinavia countries and the religious and economic war on #Indigenous #Sami populations are the stories of such #books as Stolen by Ann-Helén Laestadius, The End of Drum-Time by Hanna Pylväinen, and Forty Days Without Shadow by Olivier Truc. I just finished #reading Truc's book. Like the Americas, #Australia and everywhere else subjected to #colonialism, the #racism, #misogyny and #greed all look the same and have same outcomes.
#bookstodon #Arctic #historicalFiction

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The #Sámi side of #Tromosø, #Norway.
Susan Nerberg embarks on a deeply personal tour of Tromsø, taking part in #SámiWeek as a means to better understand her own Sámi #roots and #culture.

#Indigenous #NativePeoples #FirstPeoples

Boardda Mihkkal
4 days ago

A message from the #Sámi Council:

- #Israel must end its occupation of the #West Bank and annexation of occupied territories.

- Implement UN Security Council Res 242 and a 2-state solution w/ 1967 borders.

- Boycott trade and investments from the occupied territories.

- Lift the blockade on #Gaza.

- UN investigations of war crimes and violations of international law. #Indigenous #Solidarity #FreePalestine




A friend from the northern hemisphere

Reindeer herding among the Sami people is an important activity for their culture and livelihood. In some Nordic countries, reindeer herding is allowed only to their indigenous people in an attempt to preserve their culture.

So if there were a Pokémon trainer representing the Sami people, he would be a great friend to the Sawsbuck. 🦌

I hope you enjoy this work.

#pokemon #illustration #Sami #indigenous #イラスト #ポケモン #reindeer #art #digitalArt #fanart #scandinavia #SappoArt

An illustration of a Sami man holding a Sawsbuck (winter form) on a leash, symbolizing reindeer herding.
Miro Collas
2 weeks ago

Jon Henrik Fjällgren - My Home Is My Heart - Game For Börje 2023. - YouTube

You don't need words to be moved

#Music #Sami #Joik #JonHenrikFjällgren

Miro Collas
2 weeks ago
Tine Schenck
3 weeks ago

Ultimate time saving tip: Using strength exercise rests to read up on some research, preferably some 1000 yo #pitesami dwelling remains for a cute puzzle scenario that transcends time. 💪🏾 #archaeology #sami #samisk #heritage

3 weeks ago

Und so erzählen wir immer die gleiche Geschichte und handeln doch immer gegen diese. Denn die, die sie erzählen, sind nicht die, auf die es uns ankommt und auch nicht die, die bestimmen.

„Hear the voices of the foremothers!
They ask you why you let the earth become polluted
They remind you where you come from,
do you hear?
Again, they want to remind you
that the earth is our mother.
If we take her life
we die with her.“

Mari Boine, 1989. (Im Netz gefundene Übersetzung aus dem Samischen ins Englische.)

Hier eine Fassung von 2019.

#nielsotunes #klimawandel #mariboine #sami #liedermacher #spirituell #spiritual

Boardda Mihkkal
1 month ago

A statement from the #Sámi House in #Oslo about the ongoing war in #Israel and #Palestine.

The Sámi House laments the victims of atrocities from #Hamas and the State of Israel,
expresses sympathy with communities associated with Israel and Palestine,
condemns the #warcrimes and #ethniccleansing of #Gaza by the State of Israel,
and stands in #Indigenous solidarity with the Palestinian civilians who are now being driven from their land, denied their rights, and murdered.

November 2nd, 2023, Oslo, Norway

The Oslo Sami House condemns the violence against civilians perpetrated by the State of Israel and Hamas. We observe the events unfolding in Israel and Palestine with the deepest concern for all people living there.

The State of Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza. The massive bombing of civilian targets and the forced movement of large parts of the population of Gaza amounts to ethnic cleansing. The scale of the attacks and the collective punishment of everyone living in Gaza cannot be seen as appropriate resistance against the terrorist attacks of Hamas on October 7th 2023. Rather, the State of Israel is now continuing and escalating hate, violence and terrorism across the region.

Oslo, Sapmi, and Norway are home to many people who belong to religions or ethnicities associated with Israel and Palestine. In these dark times, we must all stand together against hate speech and hate crimes in our communities.

As an institution promoting the rights of the Sami people in Norway, it is especially important for us to speak up when we see that Palestinians in Gaza are forcefully driven away from their homes and their homeland. None of us should watch quietly. We urge everyone to make their voices heard, and contribute to the protection of civilians in Israel and Palestine, peace in the region and the Palestinian people’s right to land and human rights. Sincerely, 

The Board of the Oslo Sami House
Matthias Sammer ist ein Kenner des deutschen Fußballs. Der Berater des BVB und TV-Experte spricht im Podcast „Phrasenmäher“ gewohnt meinungsstark über Julian Nagelsmann, Oliver Kahn, die Probleme beim DFB und mögliche Fehler von Uli Hoeneß.#Sammer #Matthias #DFB #Khedira #Sami #FCBayernMünchen #Hoeneß #Uli #Nagelsmann #JulianTrainer #MatthiasSammer #OliverKahn #JulianNagelsmann #BorussiaDortmund #UliHoeneß #JoachimLöw #HasanSalihamidzic #JoshuaKimmich #ThomasMüller #Phrasenmäher #SäbenerStraße #Fußball #Fussball
Matthias Sammer: Oliver Kahn hatte beim FC Bayern den falschen Job
1 month ago

Rahčan - Ella's Riot

Part of HRFFB 2023

Ella Marie puts on her coat in the tent and points to her belt with the fish symbol: Let's go.
Flashback: Her home is with the #Sámi people in Finnmark, Norway's northernmost province. In Oslo, Ella has made a new life for herself, singing with the band #ISÁK.


#RahčanEllasRiot #Film #Filmfan #FilmReview #Filmastodon #FilmMastodon #SoilentFilm #ACUDKino #HRFFB #HumanRightsFilmFestival

Det er dag 735 der Noreg har gjort menneske rettigdoms brudd mot samane på Fosen. Regjeringa har nekta dei desse rettigdomane.

#fosen #norge #menneskerettigheter #sámi #krittmarkering #markering

Boardda Mihkkal
2 months ago

"Vástádus eana" ("The answer is land") dancers from the #Indigenous #Sámi nation of #Norway during the #Fosen protests of October 2023.

The Vástádus Eana choreography is made by Sámi artist Elle Sofe Sara for music by Sámi composer Frode Fjellheim (also known for the intro music to #Frozen).


Boardda Mihkkal
2 months ago

#Fosen buttons.

1. Ingemund Skålnes (@jukselapp): "The state is breaking the law." Main poster for the October 11+ demos.

2. Sámi protester being carried away by police. Based on photo by Rasmus Berg in February. Merged w #Sámi flag.

3. The #Indigenous Sámi slogan ČSV (Show Sámi Spirit), by my 9-year-old son Sámmol Jovnna.

Boardda Mihkkal
2 months ago

I generally post about the protesters. If you were wondering what the antagonist in all this looks like, here he is: Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre of #Norway. A ruler who apparently thinks he can chose when he has to listen to Supreme Court.

Photo by Rasmus Berg, taken as Støre passes by the #Indigenous #Sámi protesters inside parliament.

#LandBack #HumanRights #Environmentalism

Boardda Mihkkal
2 months ago

During Day 3 the #Fosen activists have blocked the doors of government ministries to protest government's ignoring a decision of the Supreme Court of #Norway. Activists have been forcibly removed by police.

Now, #Indigenous #Sámi tents, lávvus, have been set up outside the royal castle.

As the legislative and executive branches of the state refuse to respect the courts, activists have requested a meeting with the King of Norway.

#ruleoflaw #environmentalism #landback

@b9AcE UN has characterized the construction as violation of human rights. This is the 700th day that the human rights has been breached without any action from the norwegian state.

Stand in solidarity with the sami people :sami: :sami: ✊

#fosen #sami

Boardda Mihkkal
2 months ago

Yesterday's protests ended with a cultural event at the square outside parliament. Today's protests ended with a live concert at the Trinity Church in #Oslo.

The church has opened its doors as a second safe space for #Fosen activists, in addition to the activist base at Oslo #Sámi House.

Photo: Outdoor stage under construction, 11.10. Banner by Ingemund Skålnes reads"The state is breaking the law."

#Indigenous #Norway #Oslove

Tadzio Mueller
2 months ago

Neue Ideen fürs Protestrepertoire:

"Demonstration in #Oslo für die Beseitigung von Windkraftanlagen: Aktivisti blockieren mit traditionellen #Sami-Zelten Straßen in der norwegischen Hauptstadt, um gegen Turbinen auf Rentierweiden zu protestieren."

Boardda Mihkkal
2 months ago

Once again #Norway has erupted in #Indigenous and #environmentalist protest- but also something more:
Norway's legal system, the safety of all citizens, is at stake.

The Government has now for two years ignored the Supreme Court's decision in the #Fosen case.

Yesterday a protest camp was put up outside parlament and #Sámi activists entered the building for peaceful protest. They were carried out by police in the night.

RIFS Potsdam
2 months ago

#Sámi president Aslak Holmberg welcoming attendees to the 3rd Workshop on #Ethics and #Methods in #Arctic #Transformative #Research (WEMA III) in Oulu, Finland, jointly hosted by the University of Oulu
Biodiverse Anthropocenes Programme and the RIFS

Boardda Mihkkal
2 months ago

Could -and should- #Indigenous art be a tool in a process of #reconcilliation? With whom, and how?

I have been honored to lead an episode of the Dáiddadállu #podcast starring #Sámi politician and activist Aili Keskitalo, #Inuit artist Aqqalu Berthelsen, and Sámi activist and artist Petra Laiti - on #indigenousart and reconcilliation.

Spotify link:

LM Little
2 months ago

"the so-called green industry is controversial in #Sápmi, as it often leads to #Sámi losing access to land and water as these land-intensive industries encroach the land, piece by piece."

#EU #IndigenousRights #IndigenousPeople #Arctic #Rightsholders #GreenNewDeal

Miro Collas
3 months ago

Jon Henrik Fjällgren - The Way You Make Me Feel (feat. Elin Oskal) [Official Video] - YouTube

#Music #Lapland #Sápmi #Sámi

Daniel Carkner🦆
3 months ago

got ticket for Let The River Flow, International Village
October 08, 2023 06:15PM
I was wavering just based on the description but the trailer really won me over. Looks excellent. A drama about coming of age, pride in heritage and #Sami activism

3 months ago

@mbergnordlie "Maybe AI perceives #Sámi culture as synonymous with 'north' and 'fairytale', much like many global perceptions?

3 months ago

@mbergnordlie I have been able to create some high quality illustrations that absolutely would pass as #Sámi art.

Boardda Mihkkal
3 months ago

@jukselapp #Midjourney is no better with #Indigenous people than #stablediffusion. Whenever I've asked it to make #Sámi people, I tend to get people who look like a mix of Sámi, Inuit, Viking, Churchill, and Elf.

Boardda Mihkkal
3 months ago

The lecture focuses on

- The importance of trad land and sea use for the survival of #Indigenous Sámi culture.

- #Norwegianization (#assimilation policy against the #Sámi of #Norway

- Conflict over natural resources as a constant theme and an unsolved issue in Norwegian-Sámi relations.

- The #history of Sámi counter-mobilization.

Images: Norwegian police removing Sámi protesters in Oslo 2023 and Alta 1981.

Boardda Mihkkal
3 months ago

A job somewhat out of the ordinary today: contributing to editing my own video lecture.

The National Library of #Norway commissioned my institute NIBR at #OsloMet University to have me record a 30 minute video.

Task: Help high school students get an overview of #Sámi and #Norwegian history that will allow them to better understand why the temperature is so high in conflicts between the Norwegian government and #Indigenous Sámi over natural resources.

#academia #academicmastodon #histodons

3 months ago

The trail has entered the area, where #Sami people engage in traditional #reindeer herding. And the sight of reindeer grazing has quickly become commonplace.

#TravelPhotography #Backpacking #Sweden #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #NaturePhotography

A photo of a reindeer silouette in front of a white cloudbank. Another silhouette is of a human trying to take a photo of the reindeer.
Martin Rundkvist
3 months ago

Glacier is goasstejiegŋa, 'old ice', in Lule Sámi and jiehkki in North Sámi.

#language #sami

3 months ago

I am looking for a Sami / Sapmi contact who might be interested in doing a sensitivity read as well as discussing aspects of Sami mythology with me, which I'm researching for the book I'm writing.

If anyone knows someone or has any contacts please let me know! I will of course offer compensation accordingly.

#sami #saamelainen #sapmi #sensitivityreader

Boardda Mihkkal
3 months ago

Episode 2 of the Dáiddadállu Podcast: "Art is our knife?"

Beaska Niillas invites Juno Berthelsen, Qivioq Løvstrøm and Stina Aletta Aikio to an exploration of the knife metaphor in regards to #IndigenousArt.

Listen in as they discuss the different levels of how #IndigenousActivism might relate to our artists and #art In other words; is art as our knife a weapon or can it also be a tool?

#Sápmi #Sámi #Inuit #KalaalitNunaat #IndigenousPolitics #Indigenous

Art is our knife episode cover by Kamilla Marie Triumf Oppheim
Boardda Mihkkal
3 months ago

Episode 1 of the Dáiddadállu Podcast: "What makes #Indigenous artists tick?"

Dine Arnannguaq Fenger Lynge talks with Beaska Niillas, Juno Berthelsen, Qivioq Løvstrøm and Stina Aletta Aikio.

With backgrounds ranging from the Deatnu riverside to Nuuk in Greenland and #IndigenousPolitics to spacial arts, Beaska, Berthelsen, Løvstrøm and Aikio, open up about what has driven them to their professions.

#IndigenousArt #Sápmi #Sámi #KalaallitNunaat #Inuit

Episode cover by Kamilla Marie Triumf Oppheim
Boardda Mihkkal
3 months ago

The Dáiddadállu Podcast: a brand new podcast series on #Indigenous art, by Indigenous people. Episodes are captured live at various cultural events.

The podcast is released biweekly from the 15th of August, and the two first episodes are out now!

#Sámi #Sápmi #IndigenousArt

Graphics by Kamilla Marie Triumf Oppheim
Boardda Mihkkal
3 months ago

@MaryPot @leftiefriele The cutscenes have narration :-) But you choose dialogue+text in English *or* #Sámi, so the Sámi version won't make much sense for people who don't already know the language

"Herein lies the most essential core of the aesthetic act of being mindful, particularly in contact with — in contract with—our Mother the earth.

It is the particular role of Indigenous peoples to remind the rest of humanity of this crucial idea without which we cannot hope to survive."

- Harald Gaski, in Sami Art and Aesthetics (2016).

#indigenous #sami #arctic #environment

Antti Peltola
4 months ago

Sami self-governing reform headed to Finnish Parliament

The government says it plans to bring the controversial Sami Parliament Act before the legislature before year’s end:

#Finland #Suomi #Sami #Saamelaiset #Politiikka #Politik

Boardda Mihkkal
4 months ago

On #IndigenousPeoplesDay two #Indigenous #game releases announced:

1 Award winning #Sámi PC game "Skábma" launched on among others #Playstation, #XBox and #Switch / #NintendoSwitch!

2 New chapter released for Sámi mobile #appgame "Raanaa" (pictured).

Both games are based on Sámi #mythology and folklore, and have young #noaidi ("shaman") protagonists.

Skábma / Snowfall:


#IndigenousGames #IndigenousGaming #gaming

Girl wearing pink-white-blue Sámi inspired clothes standing on a mountain looking out over a landscape of misty peaks, with a rainbow visible in the sky. From "Raanaa".
Boardda Mihkkal
4 months ago

The #Melkøya project is announced in a year that has seen the sharpest conflicts between #Indigenous #Sámi and the government of #Norway in four decades.

Large-scale protests have been taking place due to the government's failure to act after Supreme Court ruled that a #windturbine plant built on reindeer herding lands at #Fosen was illegal due to violating the #humanrights of local Sámi #reindeerherders.

#Melkøya is set to worsen these conflicts.

Sámi "Land back" posters on a statue commemorating the foundation of Oslo, Norway's capital (2023)
Boardda Mihkkal
4 months ago


Reindeer herding #Sámi at Fála, Finnmark. Inga Karen Anne M. Sara, Marit Kirsten Sara Triumf. Photo taken by the #Japanese photographer Koji Tsuda who travelled #Sápmi in the 1970s and 1980s.

#samisk #Indigenous #allheimen

Two Sámi children (names in text) sitting on a wooden sled outside a white house by a mountain.
Martin Rundkvist
4 months ago

@daviddlevine In Sweden we've dealt with another transition: old established but ad hoc renderings of Sámi place names have been changed into correct Sámi orthography. A few weeks from now my kids and I are hiking to a place named Kårsavagge on old maps, Górsavaggi on new ones.

#sami #placenames

4 months ago

reading about the Norwegian ethnic cleansing of the Sami people in 1920ies in the book by Elin Anna Labán. it is something Norwegians aren’t taught in school. we learn about the US and how they mistreated their native population. ignoring how we forced the sami people from their lands, stripped them of their land, language, culture and destroyed their way of life.
#norway #sami

AGF : poemproducer
4 months ago

In this Interview they discuss much about the Sami Tribe and its traditions, the struggles they face today in modern culture and what we can do about it. Even though, and as with many things, there are troubling signs in our world and cultures, there is hope through awakening to change this planet. Connecting with each other and the earth. #sapmi #sami #saami

Jungle Svonni (Sami Shaman) 2022 #reindeerherding #nomadicstatus #indigenous

Boardda Mihkkal
5 months ago

Riksgrense-området mellom Norge og Sverige på #Ofotbanen. Grense dratt gjennom #Sápmi i 1751. Bilde tatt i området Ábeskovva (sjøskogen), som på svensk/norsk kalles "#Abisko." Fjellformasjonen th er Čuonjávággi (gåsdalen) som svenskene kaller "Lapp-porten."

#ReiseTut #NorskTut #sami

The Ábeskovva ("Abisko") border area. Border drawn through Sápmi by Sweden and Norway in 1751.
Boardda Mihkkal
5 months ago

At the #Skansen open-air museum, #Stockholm, there's an islet called Offerholmen - "The Sacrifical Islet" It's not marked on the maps and the odd name isn't explained.

Turns out that a century or so ago, one or more #Indigenous #Sámi sacrificial stones/statuettes (sieidi) were taken from #Sápmi and put on display here. Still trying to find more details about this story.

I guess Skansen isn't proud about it but still, they ought to at least put up a sign or something.

#Stuehkie #Repatriation

The small islet "Offerholmen" in a lake at the Skansen open air museum. Apparently, several sacrifical objects were put on display here.  No sign tells visitors about this, no texts on the Skansen homepages talks about it.
Boardda Mihkkal
5 months ago

An #Indigenous #Sámi ritual drum is delivered back from a German museum to Sápmi. The drum was stolen by missionaries in 1723. In 1732 #Linnaeus described a #Norwegian method to steal drums from Sámi:

""...he asks the Lapp [outdated: Sámi] to give up the drum, but the Lapp refuses (...) he then grabs his arm, slips up his sleeve, and before the Lapp can see opens up his vein. The Lapp begins to beg for his life and says he'll give up the drum. The arm is then bound up."

Boardda Mihkkal
6 months ago

Good morning from the #Fosen protest camp in Oslo. Today 600 days have passed with the government of #Norway ignoring the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of the #Indigenous #Sámi. #Landback.

Boardda Mihkkal
6 months ago

The statue "Christian IV's glove" in Oslo got decorated by #Indigenous #Sámi activists this night. King Christian IV had a particular interest in the colonization of Sámi lands and the execution of practitioners of the Sámi religion. He'd have hated this, which is one more reason to like it.
#Landback #Fosen

There's something going on with #Lithium mining in Serbia and Finland that illustrates well Achille #Mbembe's concept of "Africanization of the world".

Places for mining are chosen with a consideration for "sacrifice ability" of the local populations: as in, who could care less about the #Serb or the #Sami people, when we can have #Progress and #ElectricCars?

#WaterOrPower? The people chose and fight back.

The European Network
7 months ago

With the triumph of the right, Finland’s Sámi people face bleak future.

After conservative and far-right parties won the 2023 Finnish elections, the original inhabitants of the land fear that they have now lost hope for more self-governance, at a time when the climate emergency threatens their livelihoods.

#Finland #Lapland #Sami #ClimateChange #Fishing

Hanna Esmeralda
7 months ago

The Finnish Broadcasting Company #Yleisradio is broadcasting the #EurovisionSongContest not only in Finnish and Swedish (our official languages), but also in Norhern Sami (one of the #Sami-languages) AND in Ukranian and Russian for the #Ukraine refugees in #Finland!

#StandWithUkraine #SlavaUkraini #Ukraina #Sápmi #saame #Venäjä #Eurovision #ESC #ESC23 #Euroviisut23 #Eurovision23 #Euroviisut2023 #Eurovision2023 #Suomi #Finnland #Finlande #Viisut #Yle

Kuvakaappaus Yle Areenan ohjelmatietosivulta, jossa kerrottu klo 22.00 alkavan kolme eri lähetystä Euroviisuista tootissa mainituilla kielillä.
LM Little
7 months ago

"The states need to respect the international human rights law and national laws, they themselves have signed. The need for strong, independent #Sámi representative bodies and respect to our territorial rights are now needed as much as ever."
#IndigenousPeoples #UNDRIP #Finland #Sweden #Norway #colonialism #imperialism

7 months ago

World Governments Rattled as Indigenous Expose Atrocities at the United Nations

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, April 22, 2023

"Governments from around the world are rushing to defend their #HumanRights records as #IndigenousPeoples describe the atrocities during the 22nd session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues."

#NativeAmericans #IndigenousNews #Colonialism #War #OakFlat #Russia #ReindeerHerders #CulturalGenocide #Sami #Shoshone #GreenColonialism #Brazil #NewZealand #Australia #UnitedStates #China #Mongolia #Vietnam #SouthAfrica #FirstNations #Genocide #Indonesia #Colombia

Read more:

AGF : poemproducer
7 months ago

Stitches for Sapmi: A Sami artist’s fight against climate change

The frontier of climate change as seen through the eyes of world-renowned Sami artist and activist Britta Marakatt-Labba.

#sami #sapmi #indigenous @mementomaori

8 months ago

Happening at the UN:

#Apache on #OakFlat:
"The United States is failing to comply with international standards incumbent on them."

#Sámi on #GreenColonialism:
"A shift to sustainability is just Nordic colonialism hiding behind a new kind of mask.”

#Māori threatened by a changing landscape:
#ClimateChange is accelerating the severity and frequency of major weather events."

Global #Indigenous Youth Caucus: "We are future bearers of knowledge."

Read more 👇

Bob Downie☑️
8 months ago

@bookstodon I have just finished reading the book by Petra Rautiainen translated into English from the original Finnish as "Land of Snow and Ashes". It is a gripping & complex amalgam of the search for truth, & the horrors of the wartime labour camps which were built in the #Sami territory of N Finland during #WWII. This is a profound book which casts light onto aspects of WWII about which I knew little. I highly recommend it from its historical perspective & as a detective story. #books

Title page "Land of Snow & Ashes"
Back book cover with very brief synopsis
Siri Gloppen
9 months ago

From the first, nightly, police action in Oslo against #Sami & #environmental_activists demanding that the government comply with the #NorwegianSupremeCourt ruling - 500+ days ago - stating that the building of the #Fosen_wind_farm on #reindeer grazing lands constituted #humanrightsviolation against #indigenous reindeer herders. A week later - after countless police actions, growing media attention & expanding crowds - the government gave in, #apologized and promised to take remedial action.

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

President of the #Sámi Parliament of #Norway, Silje Karine Muotka states that the actions of the Norwegian government has created a "deep crisis of trust" between the #Indigenous Sámi and the Norwegian state.

Before true dialogue can begin, she says that

- PM Jonas Gahr Støre must give an unconditional apology to the #Fosen #reindeerherding Sámi
- The Government must recognize that Fosen is now the site of an ongoing human rights' violation.

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

It's been four decades since the Alta Affair got #Norway international negative attention. The Norwegian state was destroying #Indigenous #Sámi land by damming the Alta River, and cracked down on Sámi and #environmentalist protest

Not that much has changed. The #Fosen Affair is arguably even worse: this time the Norwegian government is suppressing the Sámi in spite of its own Supreme Court's decision. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the #Fosen Sámi over 500 days ago. The government ignores it

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

DAY FIVE: In the middle of the night, police have notified the #Indigenous #Sámi :sami: activists that they will be forcibly evicted within very short time, at 02:25

The authorities are likely removing them in the small hours on short notice to keep media attention away from what they are doing.

Law-breaking, land-stealing cowards.

#IndigenousMastodon #LandBack

Frans-Jan Parmentier
9 months ago

Sami occupying the Norwegian ministry of oil and energy, demanding the removal of a wind farm that was placed illegally on their land. Despite being ordered by the supreme court of Norway to restore the land to its natural state, the Norwegian government has refused to comply for more than 500 days. The press is eerily silent.
#fosendommen #fosen #indigenouspeople #Sami #landback

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

A message from young #Indigenous #Sámi :sami: activists who are occupying the Oil and Energy Dept of #Norway


Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

I don't have a full overview over who is taking part in the #Sámi :sami: occupation of #Norway's Oil and Energy Ministry, but at least two musicians:

Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen - activist, actress, musician - is one of the #Indigenous occupation's main spokespeople.
Listen to the group ISÁK here:

Aslak Heika Hætta Bjørn - politician, musician.
Listen to the group ONDT BLOD here:

Hopefully soon you'll hear them speak in international media. #Fosen

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

DAY THREE: The #Indigenous #Sámi occupation of the Oil and Energy Ministry of #Norway is still ongoing. Norwegian media is writing next to nothing about it.

Maybe international media will eventually notice?

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

DAY TWO: #Indigenous #sami :sami: activists, and #environmentalist allies, are still occupying the Oil and Energy Ministry (OED) of #Norway. There are also many activists outside the building.

OED security has attempted to isolate them and drive them out. The media and all visitors were denied access, isolating them from media attention. People bringing them food and water were refused, apparently an attempt to starve out the activists.

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

ONGOING: #Indigenous #Sámi youth and environmentalists are occupying Norway's Ministry for Oil and Energy, protesting the government of #Norway's inaction after Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Sámi agains the #Fosen #windturbine plant.

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago


500 days of Norwegian #humanrights violations.

500 days of governmental disrespect for the Supreme Court's decision.

500 days of building distrust between #Indigenous #Sámi and the Kingdom of #Norway.

Hundreds of years of Norwegian destruction of Sámi land, culture, and language.

When will it end?
How will it end?

Image: Mattis Danielsen

The lion of Norway's coat-of-arms, crowned with wind turbines, destroying a Sámi encampment.

If you need a definition for #GreenslSacrificeZone #GreenColonialism, #culturecide, #indigenocide.

"Once again we, the #Sami, will be forced, by a company owned by the Swedish state, to give up land, culture, Sami place names, traditions and future in the area where our ancestors have lived since ancient times. The Sami, the only recognised #indigenous people in the #EU, are expected to carry the burden of the demand for ”green minerals” by EU politicians & industry."

Charlotte Högberg
10 months ago

Happy #Sámi National day! If you did not know it already; there are several sami languages. In my hometown, there is right now a struggle going on about which sami language should be used for the city road signs #Lycksele

Today is the national day of the Sámi people, who mostly live across what is now Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. This day commemorates the first cross-border congress of Norwegian and Swedish Sámi, in 1917.

In Sweden the language is spoken by about 20,000 people, but far more have Sámi heritage, as a result of racism and assimilation policies. #sami #indigenous

@axbom Remember coming across the #Sámi years ago at, would you believe, the Glastonbury Festival. There was a delightful Sámi duo called Adjagas singing or rather joiking beautifully like this...
Have fun

Huge thanks to Scribner Books for reaching out and sending me this ARC. 1/31/2023

“Stolen” by Ann-Helén Lasestadius is a #Sámi story out of Sweden.

It takes place in the Arctic Circle addresses hatred & violence against the Sámi.

This is based on actual events, which isn’t a surprise as violence against #Indigenous peoples happens on every continent.

This will be my first Sàmi novel and I look forward to sharing my thoughts soon!

#DecolonizeYourBookshelf #Bookstodon #AmReading #Books

White book with the title “Stolen” in red letters with a picture of a reindeer in sections. The book is on a wooden table with a lit candle on the right and a cozy blue blanket on the left.
11 months ago

Just finished listening to this @thefolklorepodcast Podcast -- season 7, episode 115 -- #Selkies! I learned a lot and found it quite thought-provoking. Especially the possible connections to the #Sami peoples. I also noticed that #Selkie women -- like the Slavic #Samodiva -- would become "captive" to their husbands if their magical clothing were in his possession -- unable to use their powers and/or leave! Interesting parallel. I wonder if it's IndoEuropean? #Folklore

gemma lynn
1 year ago

@zhivi #Trondheim is just south of what was #Sami territory until the 16th century (and was the site of the first Sámi national assembly in 1917).

Map of northeastern Europe and northwestern Russia. Sami territory shown in dark blue overlapping northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.