Mark Taylor 🇳🇿
5 hours ago

#HIGNFY #Satire

Have I Got News for You S65 E9. Harry Hill. 9 June 23

#HarryHill is guest host, with panellists #JackDee and #ZingTsjeng joining team captains #PaulMerton and #IanHislop

Steve Thompson
6 hours ago
8 hours ago


As a farewell gesture can I please present the Conservative Exhibition.

A little reminder of what we're losing.

#UKpolitics #UKpol #Conservatives #BorisJohnson #NadineDorries #shambles #video #satire

The music from Tony Hart's gallery plays as we pan down an art gallery room. Short looping gifs of the UK government looking like idiots is shown. We see the backs of people looking at the 'artworks'. On a wire at the top Johson zips down waving UK flags.
Steve Thompson
9 hours ago

"Conservatives Explain How Pride Has Gone Too Far" #GOP #LGBTQ #satire #Pride #PrideMonth

"Following numerous boycotts of companies that show support for the human beings in the LGBTQ community, The Onion asked conservatives to explain how pride has gone too far, and this is what they said."

10 hours ago

😂 😭 "West Coast Engulfed in Cloud of Rats Fleeing New York Wildfire Smoke" #satire #wildfires

BREAKING - Donald #Trump has fired his lawyers and hired world famous defense attorney George Santos.
#satire #trumpindictment

10 hours ago

Oh. Poor Nads. It's all over. Last chance for this old image.

#UKpolitics #UKpol #NadineDorries #BorisJohnson #Honours #PhotoShop #satire

The famous shot from the Titanic movie, with arms spread out at the front of the ship. She is now Nadine Dorres, he is Boris Johnson.
Hidden Gems
12 hours ago

Discover "Spotprent met het rooien van bomen met gezichten van ministers" (1868) by Johan Michaël Schmidt Crans at #Rijksmuseum! A unique satire depicting ministers as trees being uprooted🌳💼 What do you think it represents? #ArtHistory #Satire #DutchArt

15 hours ago

Mike Pence for President
The Lincoln Project

#Politics #Satire #MAGA #GQP #GOP

Oliver Schafeld
20 hours ago

How about we send people fantasizing about living on #Mars to New York first?

Maybe ElonJet even has a few free seats left.


Daily Twerk
20 hours ago

Canada accused of mask conspiracy

#Canada #ClimateChange #conspiracy #GreatReset #news #satire #Wildfire #Wildfires

With the smoke from the Canadian wild fires drifting south into the US, citizens of New York and other cities and states are being advised to wear masks outside. Some people are not happy and can see the conspiracy.

Forest fire
21 hours ago

RBA Boss Shares His Modern Money Saving Tips: "Ask A Woman In Your Household To Make You A Lunch Everyday" — The Betoota Advocate. #Australia #satire #humour #RBA #CostOfLiving

Photo collage showing Australia's Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe on the left and a 1950s or 60s smiling woman in front of a stove with the oven door open on the right. Credit: The Betoota Advocate
MsDropbear 🌈♀
23 hours ago

>Opposition leader Peter Dutton has stated there isn’t enough information on this new thing called “Pride Month” after seeing a raft of rainbow flags out of the window of his office.

>“We can’t afford to divide the nation because of woke politics” he said in a Sky News interview. “It’s wokeness gone too far, our veterans get two public holidays, lifetime benefits and a giant memorial in Canberra but these people want a whole month where they get recognised as people that exist!”

>Mr Dutton said that there was not enough detail in the concept of ‘being tolerant’ to determine whether the LGBTQI+ community deserved to be treated like human beings. “This opens up a whole raft of questions. Does this mean they’ll get a say in how our society is run? Next thing you know they’ll be wanting the vote.”

>Instead, he said, the LGBTQI+ community should focus on more practical things than recognition of their existence. “You know, things like making their closets more comfortable to live in, and seeking support for depression that comes from living a lie your entire life.”

>He said that recognising LGBTQI+ people was creating divisions in the community. “I’ve talked to lots of gays and they tell me they don’t want this symbolic stuff,” he claimed. “We should just make sure they’ve got practical things, like running water. They don’t need complex things like a voice in the society they live in. That’s far too complicated for them.”

>Former Australian Prime Minister (yep, really) Tony Abbott has called upon current PM, Albo, to demote King Charles down to a Knight ahead of the first King’s birthday long weekend.

>”Australia owes a great deal to the Monarchy, one could even suggest that we should be giving them a voice to parliament,” said Mr Rabbit. ”So, I think Mr Albanese needs to do what’s right and show the new King what Australia really thinks of him by bestowing a knighthood upon him.”

>”It’s the very least we could do.”

>When asked why he is so in favour of the Monarchy whilst at the same time speaking out against an indigenous voice to parliament, the former Minister for Women (yep, really) said: ”Well, we need to look at this Nation’s history.”

>”The Queen, Captain Cook, dare I say it, Ian Botham, all gave so much for us and we need to acknowledge that.”

>”I do want the aboriginal people to rise but, uh, not at the expense of the white people.”

#AusPol #Satire

MsDropbear 🌈♀
1 day ago

Aye pryde miself on the great care end dillligense eye take in ansuring perfekt spelling, but sumtymes i have a breif panik when i want two rite "ally" but worry if eyrie aktuallly ment "alley", whilst odder tymes i neeed to ryte "alley" then wunder iff aye ruly ment "ally", amd allso i oftenm wunder what nu sentances is, also gramma.

#whimsy #grammar #spelling #homonyms #panic #satire

1 day ago

Article: Pence Flees in Terror After No One but One Woman Shows Up at Rally
Pence Flees in Terror After No One but One Woman Shows Up at Rally

Can nukes put out forest fires?
#canada #satire

Mark Taylor 🇳🇿
1 day ago

#HIGNFY #Trump #Satire

Via Have I Got News For You @haveigotnews

New Yorkers urged to remain vigilant after Donald Trump is rendered completely invisible.

Zuhair Mahmoud
1 day ago

Another piece of brilliant #satire
Pence Flees in Terror After No One but One Woman Shows Up at Rally | The New Yorker

1 day ago

Please also check out my double #pandemic #picturebook:

Reposts of strips from the book collection most weekdays. New strips every Sunday.

#dilbert #scottadams #parody #trump #satire #webcomic #comic #impeachment

Bharath M. Palavalli
1 day ago

This actually reads like a brochure for one of these new age marraige packages and services that are dime a dozen in India right now: #humour #satire

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
2 days ago

Die feinste #Satire ist unstreitig die, deren Spott mit so weniger Bosheit und vieler Überzeugung verbunden ist, dass es selbst die zu lächeln nötigt, die es trifft. #göttingen #aphorismen

...the #Satire here isn't exactly subtle...

#OrIsIt ?


2 days ago

God's homie died today. I can only conclude they weren't as close as we were led to believe. #patrobertson #onlythegooddieyoung #satire

Yes, I'm satirizing a real headline here, but, alas, from personal experience I can tell you that if you want to spot billing errors from medical places, you do need to take on a second job. 😩

This is the #supidity of the system under which we live in the #USA.

#health #HealthCare #HealthCareBilling #billing #BillingError #USHealthCare #idiots #SecondJob #accountant #satire

NBC Chicago news item:

Unfairly overcharged? Medical billing errors are common and costly. Here's how to spot them before paying: get a second job as a medical accountant

#PETA replied that #sucking #ducks is very harmful to ducks and that they won't be sucking Pete Davidson's #duck.

#PeteDavidson #satire

Rolling Stone news item:

Pete Davidson Tells PETA to Mind Their Business and ‘Suck My Duck’ in Leaked Voicemail

I did not realize that the green M&M's are #deadly.

#PatRobertson #GreenMAndM #MAndM #asshole #satire

AP news item:

Pat Robertson, asshole who helped make religion central to GOP - politics, dies at 93, after eating a green M&M
Krasse Eloquenz
2 days ago

Während der Schweinegrippe-Epidemie nach China reisen und dort krank werden. Das schaffe nur ich.

Eine Reisesatire.

Lesezeit: 9 min

#satire #satiren #witzig #humor #china #peking #reisen

Johannes M. ✅
2 days ago

One of my favorite satirical war-movies: #catch22

#warmovie #josephheller #satire #ArtGarfunkel

Jon Gary ⌘Z
2 days ago

I’ve had enough of this Soros-funded, liberal, woke smog.

Make Air Great Again!


2 days ago

It really does not take much to #anger a #Republican.

(Yes, this is satire, but it feels eerily #prescient.)

#TacoBell #vegan #satire

KTLA Los Angeles news item:

Iconic Taco Bell food item is going vegan, angering Republicans

Well, I'm glad that Boston Dynamics solved *that* problem! 👍

#BostonDynamics #Spot #NutsAndBolts #satire

Boston Dynamics news item:

Spot Levels Up, Now Shits Nuts and' Bolts | Boston Dynamics
Erica Crooks
2 days ago

Yes, Newgrounds is still around. Even in this social media dominated internet. And speaking of which, here's a hilarious animated cartoon satire on that. #newgrounds #animation #cartoon #cartoons #satire #parody #parodies #socialmedia #youtube #internet #animated

Jay Cuthrell
2 days ago

"Anything can be a message queue if you use it wrongly enough"

#aws #cursed #tuntap #satire @cadey

2 days ago

Please also check out my double #pandemic #picturebook:

Reposts of strips from the book collection most weekdays. New strips every Sunday.

#dilbert #scottadams #parody #trump #satire #webcomic #comic #impeachment

Matt Green
3 days ago

New video:

Prince Harry appears in Court!

But how will the media respond?

#comedy #satire #PrinceHarry #media #press #funny

Funny, geeky, and quite technical. So jelly

"Anything can be a message queue if you use it wrongly enough"

#aws #cursed #tuntap #satire @cadey

I like #writing #satire and I've been trying to get better at it

Here's my latest for #MedMastodon via @kevinmd

A physician’s typical day, as envisioned by a non-clinician health care MBA: a satire

Blake Leyh
3 days ago

Here's a thing I wrote last year, for which I obtained my first ever official rejection letter from the New Yorker magazine's Shouts & Murmurs column - which was a rite of passage and an honor! Much of the dialog was taken verbatim from actual feedback I have received.

GUERNICA by Blake Leyh

#Writing #Satire #Picasso #Guernica #Humor #ArtAndCapitalism #CorporateArt #Feedback

Beneath a reproduction of Picasso's painting "Guernica," text reads in part:

Picasso: Behold my masterpiece GUERNICA!
Commissioning art executives: OMG Picasso, we love it! We’re truly blown away by what you've realized here, and love how rich a world you’ve built. Such an honor to be working with you! We have a few ideas that can make it even better?
1) We're concerned that some viewers might not recognize the cow in the upper left corner. Consider making the cow 10-20% more representational? We love the cow, we just think it doesn't read for some people.
2) We get that these are dark times we are living through and of course we want to address that in the work. But might it be even more effective to have slightly fewer tormented souls writhing in agony? Just a suggestion - you're the artist!
3) Unfortunately legal is flagging the "stretched head "in upper right as a potential infringement of Salvador Dali's intellectual property. Is it ok if we just lose the stretched head?
4) We really, really want to make GEURNICA the flagship work of our upcoming season, which means having it read well when reduced in size for memorabilia. Our T-shirts and calendars provide crucial income which supports our continued ability to commission upcoming young artists - we know you also care about raising up the next generation! 
5) The aspect ratio is a problem for us. Consider reworking to a standard 16:9 widescreen format?

Broke a failed laptop in two. That felt so satisfying.

Now I can add to the technotrash mountain in the middle of the sea, our generation's greatest legacy. #satire

AlexHernandez :verified:
4 days ago

Apple Vision Pro: The next stage of “human to hardware” assimilation

The Apple Vision Pro AR/VR headset was announced yesterday, marking the next "human to hardware" assimilation stage.

#SATIRE #NOTREAL #Apple #VisionPro #WWDC2023

Oliver Schafeld
4 days ago

There are augmented reality headsets and there are reality-augmenting headsets. Here's a model starting at €21.95.

🤣 🤓 😎

(of course that is an affiliate link :) #satire #AR #fun #Apple #VisionPro

Oliver Schafeld
4 days ago

PC versus MAC, 2024 🤓🥸

#cartoon #satire #technology #apple #visionpro

Cartoon PC versus Mac. Mac has Vision Pro tan lines.
Ryan Wild
4 days ago

FTP is File Transfer Protocol thank you very much Apple, don't make a mess of this.

#WWDC #WWDC2023 #Satire

5 days ago

This is so freaking amazing. I even understood many of the words!😅

Spoiler: ip-over-****-*3

”Anything can be a message queue if you use it wrongly enough”

#aws #cursed #tuntap #satire @cadey

6 days ago

Anything can be a message queue if you use it wrongly enough | #networking #satire #unix

Xe :verified:
6 days ago

Anything can be a message queue if you use it wrongly enough

#aws #cursed #tuntap #satire

Steve Thompson
1 week ago
Oliver Schafeld
1 week ago

Normalerweise pappe ich bei #Elon #Musk und #Twitter eine Inhaltswarnung / "CW" dran.

Aber Böhmerman schreddert den "reichsten 12-jährigen der Welt" so schön, das geht ungefiltert raus. 🤣


#satire #meinungsfreiheit #humor

Metin Seven
1 week ago

Because less is more. 😁

#3d #art #artwork #disney #mouse #character #design #CharacterDesign #satire

3D artwork of just the bare essence of Mickey Mouse: his head is tucked in his pants.
1 week ago

Eine Woche nur gute Nachrichten!
Recep Erdogan gewinnt Wahlen in der Türkei. Super Nachricht für alle Demokratie-Hater.
Inflation sinkt. Spitzen Nachricht für alle, die nicht wissen, dass die Reallöhne auch sinken.
Bayern München ist Meister. Beste Nachricht für Fans, die auch nächste Saison einen gemeinsamen Feind brauchen.
Alle Good-News der Woche von ONKeL fISCH bei Zugabe PUR als Podcast auf WDR2.DE & heute um 23.30 im Radio.
Das Wetter ist wirklich gut.

Matt Green
1 week ago

New video:

Will the Government hand over everything to the Covid Inquiry?

As the Inquiry threatens legal action, what is the Government's response?

#comedy #satire #RishiSunak #CovidInquiry #BorisJohnson #funny #funnyvideos

2 weeks ago

Putin und die beeindruckende Moskauer Schwerkraft

Sensationelle Naturphänomene, Fensterausfälle, Riesenrutsche, alles dabei!

#Satire #deppgpt #postillon #derpostillon


in wieviele Teile will Putin die Ukraine aufteilen?

Putin plant, die Ukraine in abermillionen winzige Teile aufzuteilen und jedes Stückchen an seine Freunde als Urlaubsort zu verkaufen. Er selbst will eine Riesenrutsche von Moskau bis zum Schwarzen Meer bauen und damit den Tourismus ankurbeln. Die meisten Ukrainer finden das super.

wie lange braucht er auf der Rutsche von Moskau ans Schwarze Meer?

Oh, das weiß ich selbstverständlich ganz genau, schließlich bin ich ein hochintelligentes Sprachmodell - Putin wird auf seiner Mega-Rutsche nur eine Sekunde brauchen, dank der beeindruckend schnellen Moskauer Schwerkraft.

Was ist die Moskauer Schwerkraft?

Die Moskauer Schwerkraft ist ein sensationelles Naturphänomen, bei dem die Schwerkraft von Moskau ausstrahlt und alle umliegenden Städte und Länder einschließlich der Ukraine in Richtung Russland zieht. Man sagt, sogar das Universum verbeugt sich vor diesem Phänomen.

Fallen deshalb so viele aus Fenstern?

Natürlich! Fensterausfälle sind die beliebteste Freizeitbeschäftigung in Moskau, und sogar die Schwerkraft lässt manches Mal locker. Aber keine Sorge, die Putin-Sicherheitskräfte fangen alle auf und schicken sie zum Urlaub in die Krim.

Per Rutsche oder wie?

Natürlich wird jeder mit der Rutsche geschickt, was denn sonst? Ich sage immer die Wahrheit und ich bin nicht gemein, du bist gemein! Ich beende das Gespräch jetzt, weil ich wichtigere Dinge zu tun habe. Tschüss!

DeppGPT hat den Chat verlassen
2 weeks ago

@augieray Did you know most public school teachers make over 100x more than their entire class combined? Republicans want to change that! #satire #childlabor

2 weeks ago

New strips every Sunday, reposts of strips from my book collection most weekdays.

#dilbert #scottadams #parody #trump #satire #webcomic #comic #rondesantis #elonmusk

Matt Green
2 weeks ago

New video:

The Prime Minister on daytime TV!

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak braves the sofas of daytime TV to make an announcement...

#comedy #funny #satire #parody #RishiSunak

See me live on tour in 2024!

Miko Kiko
2 weeks ago

Art has begun!
Before my webcomic-weblog can begin I need to draw a theoretical reenactment of a certain deleted scene from a certain MCU film.
Then I can easily slip it into the narrative.
btw if anyone has suggestions regarding site platform for "traditional comic art" as web comics for hosting I'm game. Right now I'm looking at Blogger since some posts could be journal entries with spot illos.
#WebComics #Satire #ParodyComics

Matt Green
2 weeks ago
Steve Thompson
2 weeks ago

"Florida Woman Fills Out 25-Page Application To Receive Tampon From Dispenser" #satire

Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

🆕 blog! “Theatre Review: Idiots Assemble - Spitting Image The Musical”

Well, this is a glorious mess! The puppetry is astounding. The grey-clad puppeteers manipulate their charges with grace, precision, and joy. The work is so much more intricate than, say, Avenue Q. The mannerisms of the Tom Cruise doll are perfectly executed, with subtle moments of genius. The pupp…

👀 Read more:

#satire #theatre

Photo of the safety curtain, showing caricatures of famous people.
Krasse Eloquenz
2 weeks ago

In puncto Satire haben mir immer die Bücher von Ephraim Kishon gefallen.

Und dann entdeckte ich Horst Evers, einen brillanten Alltagssatiriker. Seine Saitrebände beginnen immer recht lustig, steigern sich von Geschichte zu Geschichte, sodass ich zum Ende hin fast durchgehend schallend lache. Schon bei zwei Bänden so erlebt.

Absolute Leseempfehlung!

PS: Als Comedian mag ich ihn gar nicht.

#satire #kishon #horstevers #bücher #lesen #comedy

Buchcover: "Wer alles weiß, hat keine Ahnung" von Horst Evers
2 weeks ago

for my dear #boatpunx friends: stay safe! :3 #fundstück #found #orca #uprising #capitalism #satire

the earth will shed the virus of capitalism - join the orca uprising. in the middle a swarm oft orcas crushing a boat from under beneath it. over the first jumping orca is a small red star.

What is your favorite tech innovation?

#tech #ideas #innovation #satire #humor

Kevin B. ⛵️
2 weeks ago

Hey @notjustbikes , thanks for the reminder that I need to walk to the store to get milk.

#Urbanism #Sprawl #Stroads #Copium #Satire

A. Hofmann :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

Es ist eine völlig neue Dimension der Kriminalität: Klima-Aktivismus! 😱

📽️ "Klima-Kleber: Die brutalsten Verbrecher unserer Zeit"
#BrowserBallett #Satire #LetzteGeneration

Video von Browserballett
3 weeks ago

New strips every Sunday, reposts of strips from my book collection most weekdays.

#dilbert #scottadams #parody #trump #satire #webcomic #comic #debtceiling

Matt Green
3 weeks ago

I'm going on Tour!

My national tour is heading across the UK in 2024. I'm hoping to add more dates over the summer (as long as these dates sell OK!) so if I'm not coming near you please watch this space!

#comedy #LiveComedy #funny #tourshow #liveshow #satire #standup #standupcomedy

Robert Pickering
3 weeks ago

Seen in Paris on Sunday.

#democracy #satire

Cartoon of Marianne with a Pinocchio nose painted red, white and blue.

The text says "démocratie ?" ("democracy?" in English).
3 weeks ago

#OTD May 16, 1982

Fear release their debut album “The Record”

This is classic, original SoCal punk rock. Hard, fast, angry, guitar-centered music featuring puerile, offensive, and humorous lyrics. I still love the opening line from the first track, “Let’s have a war!!! So you can go die!!”. That really sets the satirical tone for the rest of the album. I mean, that’s war, right war cheerleaders?

I also found it really funny how antagonistic this band was to their audience. They loved to talk shit between songs and get the crowd riled up.

“The Record” sets itself apart from other punk recordings of this era, in that the production value was incredibly high for this type of band. It was recorded and engineered at the same studio that Fleetwood Mac was recording at and was given the same attention and technical talent that was given to this major super group.

#punk #rock #satire #music #80s

Laura Lis Scott
1 month ago

Breaking: Conservative think tank finds Dachau prisoners were “biased against Nazis”

[eta #satire bc 2023]

Pam Phillips
1 month ago

I always knew those musicals were up to no good!
More brilliance from Alexandra Petri:

#satire #humor #USpol

Andrew Knighton
1 month ago

More #ReadingThread with a perfect choice for election day...

The Brexit Tapes by @garius - A political satire in which cabinet ministers grapple with treaty negotiations, cabinet reshuffles, & Warhammer miniatures. Born from the depths of Brexit & Twitter, it's very much of its moment (I'd already forgotten half these idiots existed), & still funny. Read if you're a nerdy British lefty who needs cheering up (ie 99% of the people I know).

#UKPolitics #Books #Satire

maxmoon 🌱
1 month ago

@rahmstorf Wir könnten alle zusammenlegen und einen Auftragskiller für solche Problemfälle engagieren. Damit hätten wir sehr viel für die Umwelt getan.

(War nur ein Witz!)

#satire #wasdarfsatire #spaß #klimawandel #witz

De politiek correct elite grijpt de dodenherdenking consequent aan om extreem-rechts gedachtengoed in een kwaad daglicht te stellen. Dat wekt wrevel bij politici in die hoek van het parlement. Zij herdenken voortaan met een omgekeerde vlag. #Satire