5 hours ago


I was pretty livid and demanded compensation beyond their customary $5 which they tried to pawn off on me. I had to go through a supervisor, but I ended up with 50% off my subscription, which was $70.

Stupid corporate security people. We got these stupid phishing emails when I worked at Intel and this one was even worse.

#security #infosec #phishing #scam #amazon

5 hours ago


So I received 3 emails yesterday from Amazon, all with a header of “Important Information about your Google Play gift card order” where Google Play is also Mastercard and

I immediately went to my wife just to confirm she didn’t order any gift cards, then went again to the emails.

There is a button in the email. I viewed source and saw that it resolves to a legit amazon site that warns of the dangers of phishing.


#security #infosec #phishing #scam #amazon

Scameleon Discord Bot
7 hours ago

📈 Weekly statistics:
🗒 13 new reports were registered
🚫 72 potential scam messages were deleted.

🗑 14975 potential scam messages were deleted in total.
📊 3089 reported accounts in total.

#antiscam #scam #discord #discordbot
You also want to use the bot? Check out

😟 Did you get this email and worry your account was compromised?

I worried about that because I haven't ordered any Google Play gift cards. I worried this email was alerting me to fraud.

😠 Instead this was Amazon's hamhanded attempt to warn customers about scams.

⭐ Amazon relies so heavily on dark patterns that they don't remember how to be straightforward.

#misinformation #disinformation #Amazon #scam #communication #darkpatterns

Shown is a screenshot of an email from Amazon:

"Dear Amazon Customer,
Thank you for purchasing Google Play gift cards from

We would like our customers to be aware of some important information relating to purchase of Google Play gift cards.

There are a variety of scams in which fraudsters try to trick others into paying with gift cards from well-known brands. To learn more about some common scam attempts that may involve asking for payment using gift cards please click on the button below, or alternatively contact us now .

See more information

Thanks again for shopping with us.

Earth's Biggest Selection"
A post on Reddit: 

"Received three emails about purchased amazon gift cards


I feel like I'm pretty in tune to the crap scammers try to pull but this one has be scratching my head.

My wife received three emails from amazon regarding recently purchased amazon gift cards.
All three for different services. Google Play, and Mastercard.
We logged in to her amazon account (didn't click any links) and there is nothing in her purchase history. Also nothing on her Amazon credit card.

I can't figure out the scam

Edit: I'm still seeing a lot of posts about this. It was a poorly worded email from Amazon. No actual purchases were made, or accounts compromised. Now back to our regularly scheduled program 😁"

The post had 726 up-votes and 709 comments at the time the screenshot was captured.
Patrick H. Lauke
17 hours ago

glad to say that my patreon money contributed to a minute extent to this latest Folding Ideas video... #crypto #scam

1 day ago


I have not came across those. But I did a couple of quick checks.
doccmartensireland[.]com is hosted at the ip-address 196[.]196.197[.]222.
Toghether with 3 other scamsites:
inuikii-norge[.]com, lacosteportugal[.]com, valentinofrance[.]com.
"One step up" on on nearby ip-addresses and you find even more like those:

A nice/bad collection of scamsites.
Took a quick look at a few of them, they were not dropshipping sites either.
Which usually is a kind of #scam anyway.

Patrick O'Beirne
1 day ago

#scam targeting #BOI

Add to contacts Block number Saturday, 30 September 2023 ‘ BOI: Due to unusual activity your card has been placed on hold. Please visit and follow the on-screen instruc- tions to re-activate: _,,
Nick G
1 day ago

#scam warning

My wife just (supposedly) ordered Dr Martens boots from which purports to be an online outlet. The order was placed in Euro. Only afterwards did we notice the double c in docc.

When the card transaction came through, it was for a higher amount. Looks like it was converted to US$ and then back to Euro. It was also from a different company: Hbvshop.Com.

Then we got an email acknowledgement from yet another domain: (with another different total in Euro - actually slightly lower than the one shown at checkout). The email address given in the acknowledgement to contact customer services bounces (surprise, surprise).

A whois shows: is owned by ALIBABA.COM SINGAPORE E-COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED is owned by spaceship Inc (which seems to be a hosting site, so presumably the actual owner's details are hidden). is owned by Paknic Private Limited in Pakistan.

I've placed the transaction into dispute with my card issuer.

Has anyone else come across any of the above domains/companies?

1 day ago

Ulkig. Ab und zu bekomme ich auf dem Handy wie viele andere auch, Spam Anrufe. Die letzten 3-4 Anrufe kamen von völlig unterschiedlichen Nummern, zu unterschiedlichen Themen und Firmen. Aber die Dame am anderen Ende scheint immer die gleiche zu sein. Gestern wieder. Diesmal Frage zu meinen Radiohörgewohnheiten. Erstmal habe ich sie herzlich begrüßt und mich gefreut, dass es ihr gut geht. Und sie dann an ihren letzten Anruf erinnert, wo sie sich als Microsoft ausgab. #telefon #spam #scam

2 days ago

[3D Printing Nerd] investigates #3dprinting free-to-review scams and finds out from where the scammers are operating

2 days ago

One-ring phone scam

You get a call that rings only once and hangs up before you can answer. But you see the number that called. So do you call back?

No, you do not. Calling back costs you money. It's a scam.

Details here:

#phoneScam #scam

2 days ago

Pond0x DEX claims $100M in trading volume as critics allege it’s a scam - Pond0x reported that its DEX reached $100 million in cumulative v... - #basenetwork #rug-pull #pond0x #pondox #scam #pndx

Ali Roodsari
2 days ago

Ich weiß, dass die Hacks im Fediverse auf Phishing-Mails und Co nicht reinfallen. Aber es gibt noch genug Leute, die die Geschichte vom Millionenerbe glauben. In einem Beitrag für den Senioren Ratgeber kläre ich über bekannte Betrugsmaschen auf. In einem anschließenden Quiz könnt Ihr Euer Wissen testen (Auflösung in der Antwort). #Scam #Phishing #ApothekenUmschau

Ein Artikel aus dem Magazin Senioren Ratgeber zum Thema Betrug im Internet.
Quiz zum Artikel
T. T. Perry
2 days ago

Column: Scam victims may feel ashamed. They need support - Los Angeles Times (2021)

“Yes, hypnotism provides a simple explanation,” he said. “But science provides a fuller, more replicable process of how once conned, we humans use every possible rationalization available to justify our victimization.”

#Stigma #Shame #Fraud #Scam #Psychology #Empathy

Graham Cluley
2 days ago

Three men found guilty of laundering $2.5 million in Target gift card tech support scam.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender blog:

#cybersecurity #scam #techsupportscam #moneylaundering #giftcard

Target gift card
2 days ago

"Hallo Hannah, warum hast Du denn eine neue Nummer?" "Hi Mama, ich habe mir ein neues Smartphone gekauft, es liest meine alte SIM-Karte nicht, deshalb habe ich diese neue Telefonnummer. Ich installiere alles neu, es ist eine Menge Arbeit. Hast Du meine neue nummer gespeichert?? " "Ach du weisst doch mein Kind, dass ich mich nicht so gut auskenne." #scam #fraud

2 days ago

SMS auf unserem WhatsApp-Telefon: Hallo Mama, hier ist meine neue Nummer, kannst Du mir eine nachtricht schicken auf WhatsApp? It is on! #scam #fraud

Daily Source #Bias Check:

Factual Reporting: LOW
Country: USA
MBFC’s Country Freedom Rank: MOSTLY FREE
Media Type: Organization/Foundation
Traffic/Popularity: Medium Traffic
MBFC #Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY

#religion #christianity #christian #scam #atheism #atheist #cult

3 days ago

"The couple thought they’d executed the perfect crime: victimless and profitable. But, as hard as Konashewych had worked to keep his girlfriends apart, his two worlds were about to collide."

For #TorontoLife, Katherine Laidlaw tells a wild story of romance and fraud:

#Longreads #Fraud #Toronto #Scam #ElderAbuse

Jenny 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Holes break the scanner and force you to use the swipe, and thus their swipe skimmer.

(Thanks @ellesaurus for reminding me not to skim articles :meow_laugh: )

#Scam #Skimmer #Safety

Mike Reader
3 days ago

GOP is no longer a political party.

The Republican debate marked its soul leaving its body.

This group of seven candidates – particularly ... Nikki Haley ... the only one grounded in some form of reality – should be grinding Trump into hamburger. He has weakness upon weakness, and he is ... a raving nut ball.

#politics #GOP #GOPdebate #GQP #LunaticFringe #MAGA #DomesticTerrorists #QAnon #Cult #GOP #fantasyland #liars #impeachment #scam

#Biden #sanity #VoteBlue

3 days ago

Huch, ich hab mich doch gar nicht für die PhotoTAN registriert. Ich bin ja noch nicht mal Kunde bei der Commerzbank. 🤔

#commerzbank #scam #phishing

SMS-Nachricht: „Lieber Commerzbank Kunde, Ihre Registrierung für die PhotoTAN App läuft ab. Jetzt erneuern: seltsamer Link“
Fly Boy
3 days ago
Trench Reynolds
3 days ago

Did one victim's #crypto #scam cause a bank to collapse?

#scammers #scams

4 days ago

Local US Bank Shut Down after CEO Lost Millions in Crypto Scam - Heartland Tri-State Bank, a community bank in Elkhart, Kansas, has been forced to shut do... - #heartlandtri-statebank #altcoinnews #bank #scam

Anna Wasilewska-Śpioch
4 days ago

Facebookowi udało się mnie dziś zaskoczyć - usunął scamerskiego fanpejdża kilka minut po zgłoszeniu (niewykluczone, że nie tylko ja go zgłosiłam). Schemat oszustwa dosyć znany. Strona nosiła tytuł "Let us help with your technical problem", a widoczna u góry grafika sugerowała jej przynależność do pomocy technicznej Facebooka. Oszuści publikowali posty dotyczące rzekomego naruszenia praw autorskich i oznaczali różne inne fanpejdże, grożąc ich zablokowaniem. Aby tego uniknąć, należało zweryfikować konto, klikając w podany link. Celem było wyłudzenie danych logowania do Facebooka i przejęcie kont oszukanych użytkowników. Poniżej parę zrzutów ekranu obrazujących ten proces.

#facebook #scam #oszustwo

Fałszywa strona pomocy technicznej Facebooka
Przykładowy post skierowany do administratorów różnych fanpejdży
Zachęta do weryfikacji konta po kliknięciu w link
Fałszywy formularz weryfikacji konta

Ryzom is a FLOSS MMO RPG which has been operating for over a decade. The community bought it out, when it was a commercial flop, and has been maintaining the game and it's code base for ages now. It's AGPL and the assets are CC-BY-SA.

This #Kickstarter here:

Seems VERY likely being done without permission to use Ryzom's trademark. And somehow I suspect they're not intending to abide by the license on their code or assets.

I created an account over at #Ryzom to raise a support ticket about this.

Anyone else know a better way of getting it to their attention? Only the IP holder can raise a trademark issue with #Kickstarter ?

Original legit Ryzom FLOSS MMO here:

#FLOSS #OpenSource #Libre #Crowdfunding #MMO #MMORPG #Videogames #Scam

Vivien Tharun
5 days ago

Hm, ich glaube, eine viel geilere Idee, als auf den Link zu klicken, ist es, deine Telefonnummer öffentlich ins Internet zu stellen, damit alle sich die Scam-Nummer merken können. #scam #commerzbank #sms

A. Lee Bennett Jr.
5 days ago

I’ve known of the brushing scam phenomenon, but this is my first direct encounter

A brushing scam is when spammy Amazon Marketplace vendors pay for positive reviews, but a literal shipment has to be made which consist of cheap junky products. Two such very strange items came to my office—a pair of moist towelette packages and, inexplicably, a single blank crack-and-peel address label!

#brushing #Amazon #scam #fake

Two mail packages with personal/address info blacked out, sent as part of an Amazon brushing scam. The contents of one packages was a joined pair of moist towelette packages. The other contained a single blank Avery-style crack-and-peel address label.
Will Phoenix
5 days ago

Is anyone getting calls from 020 based numbers pretending to be from O2 or Phone providers recently ? Ive had 2 this week. #scam

5 days ago

#Google is trying again to convince you, YES YOU, to contribute for free to Google Maps.
Please don't.
It is 100% #proprietary, Google has full control over the data you added and people can only access Google Maps over proprietary channels where Google dictates the rules. This gives them too much power.

Contribute to #OpenStreetMap instead, it's a project by the community, for the community.

#OSM #GoogleMaps #PSA #scam #capitalism #OpenData

Oh dear, the #CryptoBros will be furious…

Crypto is now soooo infested with bad actors that Banks are refusing to allow their customers to be fleeced.

Which is nice.

#CraptoCurrency #Crypto #CryptoCurrency #Scam

A screenshot of an email from Chase bank.


Our policy around crypto is changing
Here's what it means for you

Hi Andrew,

To help keep your money safe from fraud and scams, we're changing the types of payments you can make from Chase.
From 16 October 2023, if we think you're making a payment related to crypto assets, we'll decline it. If you'd still like to invest in crypto assets, you can try using a different bank or provider instead - but please be cautious, as you may not be able to get the money back if the payment ends up being related to fraud or a scam.
Please head to our website for more info about how to protect your money.

We've made this decision because fraudsters are increasingly using crypto assets to steal large sums of money from people. Declining these payments is one of the ways we're helping keep you and your money safe.

All the best,
The Chase team
Renée Burton
5 days ago

Malicious actors who leverage DNS heavily to support their activity are often unrecognized and orthogonal to malware actors popularized in much media coverage, but they play a critical role in the online criminal economy. We've decided to publish more about those we track and some of our algorithms. Here's an intro! #dns #infosec #threatintel #malware #phishing #scam #spam

Spinal TapTap 🎮
6 days ago

Hmm I've gotten two of them now so maybe this is a common scam?

Followed by a 0 follower account absolutely loaded with LGBT symbolism. Only text and links are "I am doing blah blah LGBT work in (country)" and lots of GoFundMe links.

Account follows and DMs a "hi" instantly. Gotta assume it's spam.

Be wary of any go fund mes that you haven't seen someone you trust vouch for

#safety #security #scam

> #Costco now offering virtual #medical care for $29

> Sesame said it targets the uninsured and those with high deductibles who need to pay cash. It doesn't accept #healthInsurance to help keep prices low.

Wait.. I thought we already paid for health insurance, it also makes the cost more expensive!?


#insuranceIsAScam #ponzi #scam #health #healthcare

Michal :verified: :btw:
6 days ago

Dear Revolut,

I've had "Only 7 days left to earn €40 for inviting friends to Revolut" for over two years now.

Please stop with the #scum #marketing . Sorry, meant to say #scam.

Not Interested

Doopa 🇭🇲
6 days ago
Doopa 🇭🇲
6 days ago

This is an old video but definitely current to todays times.
#scam #money #cash

6 days ago

Just a bit of advice. If you are sent an “inspirational” pic containing pink sunflowers, or any amazing flower in a color it doesn’t usually have, or at least not that perfectly, & the only purveyor of its seeds/plants is an Etsy shop or weird Amazon seller, & not a seed catalog, it’s prob. a scam & the inspirational meme is its viral marketing.
Please don’t share this dreck even if you’re not trying to sell the fake flower. You’re spreading the scam & disinfo. #photoshoppedflowers #scam #fake

6 days ago

Is anyone able to identify what blockchain this scammer wallet is from?


#Infosec #Scam #OSInt

Screenshot of whatsapp messages from the scammer:

Ok, please wait patiently while we match you with the developer's cryptocurrency wallet address


! Please note
1. Before each transaction, please contact us to confirm the merchant's cryptocurrency waller address.
2. If you do not complete the deposit within 30 minutes of receiving the merchant's cryptocurrency, please contact us again to confirm the merchant's cryptocurrency wallet address

After your successful prepayment, please provide a screenshot of your prepayment record so that your prepayment can be verified
Victoria Strauss
1 week ago

This sad story illustrates why you should not look for #publishers or #self-publishing services by doing websearches (the company involved, Premium Book Publishers, is a ghostwriting #scam w/ sponsored links on Google) #WriterBeware

Johannes M. ✅
1 week ago

Ich und die Freenet.

Letztes Jahr hat mir Freenet ein kostenloses Waipu-Abo (WTF?) angeboten, wenn ich auch Norton für 9,90€/M dazu kaufe. Ich habe sofort und unmissverständlich abgelehnt. 3 Monate später fing man an, 9,90€ abzubuchen. Ich verstand den Zusammenhang nicht und dachte dass es sich mglw um eine Handyfinanzierung handelte. Außerdem bekam ich ja auch Payback vom Vertragsbroker. Wie die Untersuchung ergab war genau das vermutete eingetreten: Ein Waipu-Vertrag. #Scam #waipu #freenet

Enrique Barcelli
1 week ago

@blacklight well, I never gave 2 💩s about them... what bothers me if that the whole thing was a criminal scam, where actual innocent people have surely lost their savings... and I am sure that nobody is going to be held accountable. 🙄

#nft #scam #crypto

Mario Sangiorgio
1 week ago

I reported the #scam accounts but so far they’re still all active, including the one with DMs admitting he’s a scammer, and I haven’t even heard anything back 🤷

@jef +9001%

Also #DaylightSavingsTime is.not only a #Scam but #Torture and should not only be #abolished but #banned entirely!

It doesn't do javk shite except inconvenience people and organizations at no benefit but huge costs!

⚠️Obacht bei #bookingcom #scammer #scam
Nachricht direkt über die Booking-App.
Ich habe tatsächlich bei dem Hotel gebucht, allerdings mit Zahlung vor Ort. Darum bin ich NICHT auf den Link gegangen.

Schwein gehabt!


Hallo lieber Gast, Ihre Buchung wurde nicht vollständig bestätigt.

Wir haben eine Benachrichtigung von erhalten. Es heißt, dass sie deine Karte nicht vollständig bestätigen konnten. Normalerweise geben sie uns in Fällen wie diesem einen Link, an dem Sie umbuchen können.

Da der Reservierungsdienst deine Karte abgelehnt hat, musst du deine Karte überprüfen lassen. Der Reservierungsbetrag wird innerhalb von 3-5 Minuten nach Überprüfung auf der Karte eingefroren.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass unser Zahlungssystem gleichzeitig mit der Buchung funktioniert und zwei Bestätigungen erfordert. Die erste Bestätigung ist das Einfrieren von Geldern zur Überprüfung. Die zweite Bestätigung ist die Aufteilung der Mittel.

Sie können Ihre Karte unter diesem Link überprüfen:

Um Ihre Reservierung zu speichern, klicken Sie auf den obigen Link und geben Sie Ihre Informationen erneut ein. Dann folgen Sie allen Schritten, um Ihre Reservierung abzuschließen.
Andernfalls wird Ihre Reservierung innerhalb von 12 Stunden storniert.
Ich habe gebucht, dass ich vor Ort bezahlen werde. Daher verstehe ich das Problem nicht.

Mit meiner Karte ist alles in Ordnung.

Achtung!!! Die Nachricht oben ist eine scam Mail. Alles ist in Ordnung. Wir arbeiten an einer Lösung. Gehen sie NICHT auf den link. Wir stehen in Kontakt mit booking um das Problem zu beheben. Grüße Hotel El Capitan

Dachte mir sowas schon. Danke!

Anyone else seeing deep fake trading scam ads on YouTube?

So far I’ve seen two, both pretending to be a new AI-driven trading app that’s been bought by Elon Musk, with one using a fake of @MartinLewis

Both reported to YouTube, for what that is worth…

What stood out to me was the quality of the deep fake. The voice, the video, was pretty convincing. They did a good job.

The content, not so much!

#DeepFake #YouTube #Scam #ScamAds

New #scam: Text message that looks like a restaurant reservation. I did not click on the link for obvious reasons.

Anna Wasilewska-Śpioch
2 weeks ago

Jak ten Musk się o nas troszczy 😂​

#scam #elonmusk

Oszustwo "na Elona Muska", który rzekomo uruchomił nowy projekt specjalnie dla obywateli Polski
Tucker Carlson's Nuts
2 weeks ago

🥥 I'm NOT saying this is a #scam, but Eye'm also not saying it's NOT a scam:
Started getting toots from people in #Nigeria with lovely photos of car interiors and info about people there getting cars from the US.
Then an invite to inquire about getting one of those cars sent BACK to the US.
Dude, FYI, the trust was irreparably dinged by all your royalty who used to send us emails regarding the freeing-up of their seized funds if only we'd send them some of our favorite #dollars. 🥥.

2 weeks ago

"Davda’s Molipur cricket league was not a one-off caper, it turns out. It was a single node in a network of at least dozens of Molipur-style scams worldwide."

#Longreads #India #Cricket #Scam #Fake #Sports #Gambling

2 weeks ago

Hey artists, is someone DMing you about a commission? Look out for common signs of a scam!

Are they offering way above your normal prices? Are they asking for work/styles you don't normally do? Offering to pay by check? Sending screenshots as proof of payment? Those are 🚩s!

#psa #artists #artistsonmastodon #advice #scam

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Vielleicht noch mal der Hinweis, auch Euren Eltern und Großeltern ruhig öfters zu sagen, dass die Polizei niemals eine "Kaution" bei ihnen einsammeln wird. Never, ever! #scam

2 weeks ago

Putting this into the "some artists are definitely running a scam" bucket. #art #scam #grifting

BBC: Danish artist told to repay museum €67,000 after turning in blank canvasses... after he supplied it with two blank canvasses for a project he named "Take the Money and Run"."

2 weeks ago

Clearly Prime Day is working for them… sadly. Aside from the one-off actually good deals, most of it is a scam. I’ve compared many items before and during Prime Day sales and every time they’re the same price or more, but marked as if they’re on a big sale. It’s such a joke.

#amazon #PrimeDay #scam

2 weeks ago

Mark Cuban is now one of the many people impacted by scams in the industry he tirelessly promotes.
#Technews #crypto #MarkCuban #SCAM #HACK

2 weeks ago
Screenshot einer Scam-Email von Fr. Schaeffler
Egbert Schroeer
2 weeks ago

One data broker company called Acxiom claims to have information about 10% of the world’s population in their database. In short, the personal information held by data brokers poses a massive security risk.

#privacy #deleteMe #scam

2 weeks ago

♥ Only took me all day, but I defeated a bot scam scheme
♥ Dinner out. Their credit card sys was down but I had me some cash! so "Wine for everyone!"
♥ One of my kids told me her new roomates like me ... awwwwww

#3goodthings #scam #parenting

2 weeks ago

"Jones’s personal spending in July includes $7,900 on housekeeping, $6,338 on meals & entertainment, and $3,388 on groceries...

Jones’s #Texas lake house, which is his second home, cost him nearly $6,700 in July, including maintenance & property taxes... His vehicles & boats [plural] cost an additional $5,600...

Yet Jones has told his listeners this week that he is in financial pain and pleaded with them to donate."

#Scam #Grifter #AlexJones #Infowars #USA #News

Text from article:
In addition to the payments to his wife, Jones’s personal spending in July includes $7,900 on housekeeping, $6,338 on meals and entertainment, and $3,388 on groceries, according to the 12-page filing in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas. Jones spent about $850 a week on groceries in July, lawyers allege in the filing.

Jones’s Texas lake house, which is his second home, cost him nearly $6,700 in July, including maintenance and property taxes, the filing says. His vehicles and boats cost an additional $5,600, including insurance, maintenance and fuel.

Yet Jones has told his listeners this week that he is in financial pain and pleaded with them to donate.
2 weeks ago

@briannawu it’s these imposter #ai videos from like Nigeria gonna fool people #scam #faceswapping

Stuart Jones
3 weeks ago

Someone's trying to #scam Vodafone AU numbers tonight. I got a call, then my wife did 5 minutes later.

3 weeks ago

Shit, I just got a just a minute ago...

Scamming Bastards

#scam #auspol

SMS from Jacinta. "Hi, it's Jacinta Price. The Referendum is on Oct 14th. This Voice is risky, unknown and divisive. Don't know? Say no. For a postal vote go to URL
Chris Pirillo
3 weeks ago

my #tech #news view in fewer than two ~ have you ever fallen for a tech #scam? it seems that scammy ads have been proliferating the x (#twitter) feed with community notes often warning users ~ you might not be on that platform, but others are ~ how do you safeguard against such "too good to be true" traps?

Victoria Strauss
4 weeks ago

Scam alert from #WriterBeware: have you gotten an email from Robby Robinson or Tony Terry inviting you on a podcast & offering to pay you $2K? It's a #scam to steal your Facebook page. Info here:

Anders Borch
1 month ago

*Phone rings*

Bad text to speech generated message: "This is the danish police force. We are calling you about some suspicious activity. There has been issued an arrest warrant for you. Press 1 to talk to a police officer."

(I didn't translate this. They actually thought that the danish police force spoke english and not danish).


Guy with heavy indian accent (again, not speaking danish): "This is the danish police force" (because that is totally how danish police greets you on the phone).

Me: "Is this about the bodies in my basement? Because I totally didn't kill them, I swear!"

Guy with heavy indian accent: "Are you stupid?"

*He hangs up*

#PhoneScam #Scam #Joke

Angelika Tyborska
1 month ago

I learned about a new type of #scam - fake job ads on #WhatsApp. When I got the first message, I wasn't sure what it's about because I submitted one job application that didn't receive a reply yet and it might have been it. So I replied. They replied 2 seconds after I replied, making it super obvious it's a scam. The second scam number wrote to me today, on a Sunday morning US time (both US numbers). I guess during my real job search my CV leaked somewhere 🥲

Be warned #fedihire #jobsearch

Scam WhatsApp conversation starting with the message: "Hi, my name is Sofia. I am a recruitment consultant for Boyden. We have received your job application. Are you still looking for a job?"
Scam WhatsApp conversation starting with the message: "Hi, my name is Winona. I am a recruitment consultant for Universal Hires. We have received your job application. Are you still looking for a job?"
1 month ago

Aha, attempted #pig #butchering #scam

Unsolicited random text trying to get a response
Dr. Michael Marek, EdD
1 month ago

I don't see it here on Mastodon, but this is why those scam meme posts asking you to "copy and paste" are bad ideas to comply with.

#Facebook #Scam #Meme

Victoria Strauss
1 month ago

Have you gotten an email inviting you to enter the Barnes Book Awards? It's a #scam . You have to buy a review to enter at a cost of $399. Claims it was est'd in 2015 but web registration just 14 days old (to an address in the Philippines) #WriterBeware #WritingCommunity #BookReviews

1 month ago

"Worldcoin" is one of the most terrible ideas from recent times

They use so called "orbs" to scan your Iris so you "login anonymously" to certain crypto websites :nkoFacepalm2:

DO NOT fall for this bs! ⚠️

Never ever trust a "crypto company" with super personal data like a scan of your iris, ever

#Worldcoin #Cryptocurrency #scam

Ich fordere gleiche Regeln für "Alternativmedizin" und "konventionelle Medizin": Studien und Wirknachweise!

HomöopathInnen und AnthroposophInnen nennen das eine "Vernichtungskampagne".
Weil die ganz normale Verpflichtung zu Wirknachweisen ihr Geschäftsmodell beenden würde.

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1 month ago,speak%20directly%20to%20your%20bank.

Apparently this number has been active for bank #scam calls since 2021 - News to me!

159 works in the same way as 101 for the police or 111 for the NHS. It’s the number you can trust to get you through to your bank safely and securely, every time. So if you think someone is trying to trick you into handing over money or personal details - stop, hang up and call 159 to speak directly to your bank

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But like the #Hyperloop #scam being pushed to defund and cockblock #CaliforniaHighSpeedRail / #CHSR his plans aim to undercut overdue and long-term unavoidable #FTTB & #FTTH installations as only longterm feasible solution because we already do come close to the theoretical limitso of physics in terms of what can be done in the #RF #spectrum given earth's atmospheric composition and the narrow "Radio Window" into space...

2 months ago

Now that Twitter is gone, I Mastodon becoming the new Twitter?
I hope not.
Say "Hi!" to my first block ever!

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A scam private message asking me to install an extension on my computer.
And my sarcastic answer:
"Sure, an unknown profile since today, with a stock profile picture, no followers asking me to install an extension. What risk would I take on this?"
A reverse image search on google showing that the profile picture of the person is a stock image
2 months ago
Terrible mistakes were made, I just found out that works of this girl actually belong to other person ( - has NSFW).
I'm deeply sorry for this. Ignore that post please.

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I can't believe this "annual website domain listing" #scam is still running. Paper! So retro. I think I got my first one over 20 years ago.

Letter from "Domain Networks" for "Annual website domain listing".

... DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: ANNUAL WEBSITE DOMAIN LISTING: $289 From August 28, 2023 THRU August 28, 2024 TOTAL FOR ANNUAL TERM: $289 SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDES: Annual Domain / Business Listing on Complete details at This website listing offer is provided to leading websites throughout the United States to enhance their Website exposure and expose them to new customers through our directory. We are not a domain registrar and we do not Register or Renew Domain Names. The listing period is for 12 consecutive months and must be renewed annually if you wish to maintain your Domain listing and keep it active on our online website directory. THIS IS NOT A BILL. THIS IS A SOLICITATION. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PAY THE AMOUNT STATED ABOVE UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THIS OFFER. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS! INQUIRIES...
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2 months ago

Lil Tay released a crypto coin
But it was flagged as a scam with a groan
Harry Tsang denied it
But his plans were tried it
It looks like his dreams have been blown!

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