Part of why I've been so depressed lately is seeing all the #scammers and #spammers, who instead of using advances in #AI technology to benefit humanity are using it to unfairly enrich themselves with automated #ContentMills. I'm sure this is happening on all online platforms, not just #YouTube; I've seen it on my blog host @medium as well.

Reporting and enforcing is like playing whack-a-mole. I wish people would just suck less.

Your Autistic Life
2 days ago

So I matched this morning, but I suspect the person is a scammer. I would have had to like her first for this match to happen. The clues that she might be a scammer:

* I don't recall her profile pictures. This happened a few times. I think there's a type of scammer that switches pictures between the time you like them and the time they talk to you.

* No face in the pictures. It is bloody rare that I engage with those people.

* One of the pictures is clearly a screenshot of somebody's profile picture. You can see the navigation UI in the corner.

"But why did you like her with those shitty pictures!"

See my first point above. I think the pictures changed between the time I would have sent her a like, and now.

* Her profile text is rather generic.

My first question to her is whether she's neurodivergent. If she's a scammer, she's going to get schooled. :madjoy:

I'll keep you updated, but right this minute it ain't looking too good.

#dating #scammers #DatingProfile #DatingPictures

Your Autistic Life
2 days ago

#Feeld! New and improved! Now with more scammers!


I've been reporting scammers left and right today. I think the upgrade has been perceived by scammers as a sign that they should show up to the party.

#dating #scammers

Peter Nimmo
3 days ago

#Parliament's #Treasury Select Committee on a #UK central bank digital #currency. It sounds like nobody really knows what it is and why we would need it. Perhaps #government attention should be elsewhere, like access to #banks, dealing with customers being defrauded by #scammers, and shutting down #environmentally disastrous #cryptocurrency.

Adrian Morales
3 days ago

I have a profound dislike for influencers and how they get wined and dined by corporations in exchange for peddling their products and services to impressionable folks.

Sportspeople, however, are the worst. Sure, millions adore them because they can kick a ball or whatever, but this doesn't mean they get to tell people to invest in unregulated goods and currencies.

#Cryptocurrency #Scammers #Influencers #Sports

Trench Reynolds
4 days ago
1 week ago

My poor old 84 yo sister was done over by this scam - despite my years of schooling her about scams, despite her being far smarter than me, despite all the security her computer runs under (I maintain it for her and I'm ex IT).

Unbeknownst to me, she had given them access to her PC via remote access software - that SHE installed, following instructions from the "kind gentleman" on the phone.

Yet she fell "hook, line, and sinker" for it. Word of mouth from a friend on Facebook, though she is not on it!! Very, very smooth operators. No dodgy accents, no subtle signs or unreasonable requests - other than the total absurdity of their promise of impossible spoils.

When the scammers asked for more money and she gave them her bank acct number (wtf 😮? ) her Building Society (Newcastle Permanent) stepped in and blocked the scammer's access and informed her of the risk.

A new account and new cards were issued.

And fuck me 😶 I give up.

#DeepFakes #Scammers

Peter Nimmo
1 week ago

The #scammers are getting cleverer. Just had a call from someone purporting to be from a #phone company, followed by a text message with a #login code

1 week ago

Asked to get a banana, a BAYC owner narrowly avoids a fake Forbes scam - Scammers posing as Forbes journalists have been targeting BAYC ho... - #journalists #phishing #scammers #forbes #scams #bayc

#DIFMARK are #Scammers

Dont fall for them !

Fake fake faake
2 weeks ago

A friend of mine, just sent me this Gallup poll result that was published today about how many Americans have been impacted. Ken is co-founder of a new 501c3 organization to prevent scams by working private-public partnerships for a coordinated approach in the USA. He's working with government, financial services, etc. He started this after his mom was scammed out of lots of money.

And here's a link to the organization.

#Scammers #Fraud

🦋 Benjamin West - 🐒🌻
2 weeks ago

Careful out there x mas shoppers... Credit card skimming on the rise for the holiday shopping season

"One particular threat we’re following closely and expect to increase over the next several weeks is credit card skimming. Online stores are not always as secure as you might think they are, and yet you need to hand over your valuable credit card information in order to buy anything.

When a merchant website is hacked, any purchase made has the potential of being intercepted by bad actors. Often, the malicious code is right underneath the surface and yet completely invisible to shoppers...

We first discovered this credit card skimming operation back in March 2023, as it stood out from the rest due to its large volume. The threat actors were also taking the time to customize their skimmer for each victim site with very convincing templates that were even localized in several languages."

- @malwarebytes

Curious how #opsec folks feel about the use of Apple Pay or Google Pay as a way to reduce risk. Not a great solution as far as privacy is concerned but maybe better in terms of security. Alias card numbers via is a great option or other similar services if they are available in your area (not in Canada).

#infosec #creditCards #scammers #security #privacy

Trench Reynolds
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

FBI Public Service Announcement: The FBI is warning the public of scammers targeting senior citizen victims in grandparent scams and demanding funds by wire, mail, or couriers.

#FBI #scammers #wirefraud

Cragsand :catjam:
3 weeks ago

Started to collect art #scammers on #Twitter in a list a while back in order to spot them easier.

I used to bother reporting them but eventually gave up since they rarely if ever get banned. Checking the list its up to 184. Unfortunately I can't share the list in an easy way, as the site lacks exporting tools and making private list public, the users will immediately block, removing them from it.

Since joining mastodon last year I've only come across 1 scammer.
#artscam #artscammers #scambots

Scrolling quickly through a private list on Twitter containing 184 art scammers. Gathered by

Was in a conversation with @TechConnectify about #YouTubeAds and #YouTubePremium and all that, and I was sitting here listening to something with the #advertisements not blocked, and it occurred to me that the biggest issue I really have with #YouTube #ads is that most of them seem to be #scams or Nazi adjacent #propaganda. Like, whenever I come across an actual ad for an actual product, like a movie or one of those weird tools that helps you measure corners or whatever, or a charity, I skip it quickly because I don't want them to have to pay money: I let the #Scammers and #PragerU crap sit for 30 seconds.

I just find it interesting how much of the ad space is filled, not with people trying to sell you something you might actually want, but people trying to push inequitable political ideologies or trick you into some sort of scam. I think that's a part of the problem we don't talk about enough, because that hurts everyone.

Trench Reynolds
3 weeks ago
beezy :archlinux: :cupofcoffee:
3 weeks ago

I still have my old gmail account from years ago and still to this day I get those fake bullshit #scam emails. Do I start calling them back since they charged my card for 500 dollars? Surely I could get one of their bitcoin wallets or something similar and report it, right? It’s genuinely awful what these #scammers do to the elderly and just people who don’t have any idea that this stuff goes on.

Trench Reynolds
3 weeks ago

Are #Zelle #scam victims finally getting their due?

#scams #scammers

Trench Reynolds
3 weeks ago

Scammers are still after me. I've received an email similar to the one in this article.

I demonstrate in this article how those emails are all just puffery, smoke and mirrors. I tell you what to look for in those stupid emails.

#scammers #email #analysis #puffery #SmokeAndMirrors #idiots

Michal Bryxí 🌱
4 weeks ago

My #hobby: Talk to #scammers so that you don't have to.

Your Autistic Life
4 weeks ago

I have three scammers who liked me. Two of there are queer, one is straight. Why do I call them scammers? Empty profiles and a list of desires that don't always match mine. (Especially, the straight individual.)

(Reminder: on #Feeld the list of desires is more or less like hashtags in the fediverse. When I talk about an "empty profile" I mean there is no narrative. "I am looking for... I work in..." The list of desires can be filled, however.)

#dating #scammers

Gerard Braad
1 month ago

Trapping scammers in an endless maze/trap to waste their time, on something like redeeming bitcoins:

marvelous! #kitboga #youtube #scammers

Adrian J. Chung
1 month ago

Amazing how much pain call centre #scammers were willing to subject themselves to in order to collect a nonexistent #bitcoin. #Scam baiters create a customer service website from hell.

And along the way [Kitboga] rescues a victim who had been paying scammers bitcoins for 6 years.

1 month ago

This novel method came up the other day. Someone made a google photos album and is sharing it out to people. They may be the owner of that google account or it was made via a compromised account. Either case, they are appealing to the thirsty and hope you contact them further.

Less of these are trying to immediately get you to buy into something. They want details about you. They wanna match up information and after three different fake accounts chat with you, they may have enough information to sell to someone who will then pretend to be you and maybe steal your accounts or money or take out credit.

You can always tell these people because no matter what you say, they will try to keep talking to you. Something seemingly innocent like talking about your day will slowly reveal important details they can sell. And the people who they sell this too are trained to take from you. Social engineering sucks, but it's a job now that people with time and a need for money can do and in the end you are just a paycheck.

#scammers #SocialEngineering #hacking #psa

1 month ago

#Bitcoin is not a #scam.

#SBF and his ilk are #scammers. They will scam using any tool they can find.

Separate the technology from the actors.

The Tired Horizon
1 month ago

And so #Amazon is tackling the #scams by removing the reviews of those scammed.

(ref )

I've attempted to reply to their team to try and correct them.

#ConsumerRights #ConsumerElectronics #shopping #scammers #losingbattle #UK #Europe #UKrights #UKLaw

Steve :verified:
1 month ago

Beware Scammers!

I've had two random PMs this past week from people I've never seen on here before.

Both had the same approach:
"Hi" or "Hello" followed by messages explaining they are lgbtiq activist in Kenya kakuma refugee camp.

Web search shows this to be a scam.

I strongly suggest that, if you're PM'd by someone you don't know, assume it's a scam until otherwise convinced.

Report & Block, there bye helping to protect the more gullible amongst us.

#Scams #Scammers

Johnny B. 𓅇
1 month ago

I hate to say it, but there's a long running #donation #scam campaign regarding #lgbtq people in the #kakuma camp in #Kenya. I was contacted privately in the typical fashion (just "hi") by @ Don't fall for it. If you want to help with the real dire situation, the attached reddit link has information and true donation links.
If you encounter #scammers, please #report them. And please #boost this for more awareness.

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #42/2023 is out! It includes the following and much more:

➝ 🔓 👀 Tracking Unauthorized Access to #Okta's Support System
➝ 🔓 🇯🇵 #Casio discloses #databreach impacting customers in 149 countries
➝ 🔓 🧬 Hacker leaks millions more #23andMe user records on #cybercrime forum
➝ 🔓 🇨🇳 D-Link confirms data breach after employee #phishing attack
➝ 🔓 💰 #Equifax Fined $13.5 Million Over 2017 Data Breach
➝ 🇺🇦 🧹 Ukrainian activists hack Trigona #ransomware gang, wipe servers
➝ 🇺🇸 🇰🇵 FBI: Thousands of Remote IT Workers Sent Wages to #NorthKorea to Help Fund Weapons Program
➝ 🇮🇳 ☁️ #India targets #Microsoft, #Amazon tech support #scammers in nationwide crackdown
➝ 🇵🇸 🇮🇷 #Hamas-linked app offers window into cyber infrastructure, possible links to Iran
➝ 👮🏻‍♂️ 🥷🏻 Police seize #RagnarLocker leak site
➝ 🇰🇵 North Korean Hackers Exploiting Recent #TeamCity Vulnerability
➝ 🇨🇳 🇷🇺 #China replaces #Russia as top #cyberthreat
➝ 🇺🇦 📡 CERT-UA Reports: 11 Ukrainian Telecom Providers Hit by Cyberattacks
➝ 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 #France frees the two biggest Spanish hackers
➝ 🇺🇸 ⚓️ Ex-Navy IT head gets 5 years for selling people’s data on #darkweb
➝ 🇨🇭 🗳️ #Switzerland’s e-voting system has predictable implementation blunder
➝ 🔓 🏭 Critical Vulnerabilities Expose ​​#Weintek HMIs to Attacks
➝ 🔓 🏭 #Milesight Industrial Router #Vulnerability Possibly Exploited in Attacks
➝ 🦠 🇻🇳 Fake #Corsair job offers on #LinkedIn push #DarkGate malware
➝ 🦠 Google-hosted #malvertising leads to fake #Keepass site that looks genuine
➝ 🦠 💬 #Discord still a hotbed of #malware activity — Now APTs join the fun
➝ 🦠 🕵🏻‍♂️ SpyNote: Beware of This Android #Trojan that Records Audio and Phone Calls
➝ 🛍️ 🦠 #Android will now scan sideloaded apps for malware at install time
➝ 💬 🔐 #WhatsApp #passkeys on the way, but as usual, for Android first
➝ 🇷🇺 🗂️ Pro-Russian Hackers Exploiting Recent #WinRAR Vulnerability in New Campaign
➝ 🗓️ ❌ Signal Pours Cold Water on Zero-Day Exploit Rumors
➝ 🔓 💥 #Cisco warns of new #IOS XE #zeroday actively exploited in attacks

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "RTFM: Red Team Field Manual v2" by Ben Clark and Nicholas Downer

Subscribe to the #infosecMASHUP newsletter to have it piping hot in your inbox every week-end ⬇️

Ronke Babajide
2 months ago

🚨🚨🚨ACHTUNG - neuer Scam direkt über die @bookingcom Seite.
🚨🚨🚨BEWARE - new scam directly through the #bookingcom website

@hanna personally I think using AI to #ScamBait #scammers and waste their time is a good option...

After all, there's onyl so mich stuff #JimBrowning and #Kitboga can do in a 24hr day...

Or the #MadLads at #Da532...

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
2 months ago

17 #Florida #Sheriff's Deputies Accused Of Stealing About $500,000 In #PandemicReliefFunds
#scammers #ACAB ##police #cops #FTP
2 months ago
Patrick O'Beirne
2 months ago
scam targeting AIB

Perhaps the #discoverability of new #scammers is something that attracts 60+yr olds and up to #Meta's #Facebook & #Instagram crowd as the #grift is what brings all the #scammers to #scam the.. retirement community crowd? Huh.

2 months ago

This looks might satisfying👍​ Who hasn't wanted to take down that scammer on the other end of the phone line or internet connection. Especially in Jason Statham style👍​

The Beekeeper (2024)

Though I'll probably have to wait till next spring before it is released on something I can get/view. Sigh😑​

#scammers #movietrailer

📡 Daan Berg
2 months ago

I've got a week off from work because I have way too much annual leave saved up.

What happens when I've got too much time on my hands?

Well, I finally managed to turn extension 666 on my phone line into this never-ending hold music loop for telemarketing scammers. I'm sure they will love my selection. :catjam:

#phone #telephone #voip #pbx #telemarketing #scam #scammers #shittyflute

2 months ago

So #Analogue charge me for a #analoguepocket I had in my basket then after having charged me I get message "out of stock" 🤷‍♂️

When i contact their "support" they reply "see with your bank" 🤔
Checking on sites like ebay clearly show what happened : scalpers & scammers orverloaded the site with bots and legit customers could not purchase a lot of consoles that are now a 2x price and more on ebay...

#scammers #customer #scalpers

Jason Gill
2 months ago

ever wonder how scalpers can get a hold of so many tickets so fast, in spite of safeguards in place to prevent it? This is "evil genius" level stuff
#TaylorSwiftTix #oliviarodrigo #scammers

2 months ago

Whenever you post something to #Gumtree, you have to be prepared to deal with the #scammers.

That is the email of the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

our item on Gumtree has been successfully reserved, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by technical issues that may have hindered direct communication. We want to inform you that the payment receipt will be sent to your registered email address. Any shipping charges that may arise will be the responsibility of the customer. To ensure a smooth processing, kindly confirm your email address by providing it below. We highly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Excellent, send it to

I found a good way to deal with #Scammers and #Telemarketers when they call.

Answer the phone with:

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency."

When I tried that, they hung up straight away!

#Voyager #EMH

Your Autistic Life
2 months ago

Someone matched with me. I said I hope you're not freaked out by polyamory, and they disappeared, like 20 minutes later, without saying anything.

I wish people would read my damn profile, and not match with me when they see something problematic.

Though, I guess it is possible that they are a scammer. They decided to match with me first. Then looked me up in their database and saw that I'm impervious to scams and decided to unmatch.

I recently changed some of my profile pictures... and maybe that makes detecting me harder??? 🤷

#dating #DatingProfile #polyamory #scammers

Your Autistic Life
3 months ago

Okay another #straight person liked me... this time with a ping.

#dating #scammers

Your Autistic Life
3 months ago

Good grief! I keep attracting the #scammers. Another straight person liked me with an empty profile, and one picture.



@Darksidestraxus that's because #NSAbook is unwilling to moderate shit and they've had waves of #scammers using this to propagate their crap.

@bhawthorne @mhoye yeah, but you'd have the same issue with a credit card terminal and payment provider: Needing to hope you don't end up wuth #scammers and #fraudsters like #wirecard..

Also #PaymentProcessors are way more expensive and even if you don't want to deal with exchanging #Monero :monero: yourself, there are #PaymentProviders that do offer you to direcrpy convert that and take all the risks at the same rares, so there's that...

3 months ago

The stone they were adamant they were paying for themselves? All the MLAs are on full pay, despite not operating in Stormont for a year, and despite this place having no decisions, no allocated finances for infrastructure, education, health etc, yet on top of their more than generous salaries and allowances they want the taxpayers of the UK to foot this bill. 🤬. #moneyfornothing #scammers #politicians @irelandpolitics

Ericka Simone
4 months ago

That man has always been attached to some criminal organization and it was always clear their intent was to steal elections and destabilize nations. And yet republicans are still pushing him as their Hail Hydra president.

I mean… is American democracy even real? I mean from this angle I could always see the scam but geez. This is violent.

Please help

@lamp @R001my And the only thing people like #JimBrowning gets are said #Scammers trying #PrivacyTakedowns on #YouTube and #Google sides with them instead of calling the #CyberPolice in #India since said Scammers literally confessed their fraudulent business to said Corporation...

But it's not as if that isn't intentional as a #PowerImbalance that YouTube/Google wants to exist...

Wenn ich richtig bin bedarf es für die Vermittlung von Krediten in Deutschland eine Lizenz seitens der @BaFin, oder?

Genauso wie die Bewerbung von #Waffen ohne Hinweis auf Notwendigkeit von Erwerbsberechtigungen verboten ist, oder @bmi ??

Wem darf' ich den illegalen #Spam den ich diesbezüglich täglich bekomme zukommen lassen???
@bsi vielleicht ????

#Spamming #Scammers

@trans_caracal And #Kenya did in fact ban the #WorldCoin #Scammers from collecting any future #Biometrics...

As if #scammers needed yet another opportunity.... Tricky phishing email targeting #Twitter Blue subscribers with X rebranding confusion


Teri Radichel
5 months ago

Ways to Avoid Being Scammed. I heard about multiple scams this week…in fact I had to add another one to the post after I wrote this I just read. How to stay safe.
by Teri Radichel | Jul 17, 2023
#scam #scammers #security #fraud #cybersecurity

@HopelessDemigod I'm glad such #scammers are quite rare in #Germany since #ColdCalling consumers [not businesses] is basically illegal and @BNetzA terminates numbers that get reported for doing so routinely and quickly...

5 months ago

Here's 2 more UK mobile scammer phone numbers, tied to the same scammer.

Attempting to convince me (male) that I'm their mum and they broke their phone and got a new phone number and I need to call them urgently.

Do people actually fall for these? I guess they must because they keep trying them.

Scammer phone numbers

UK +44 7729 751055

UK +44 7950 861185

Add them to all of the block lists.


Inga Leonora
5 months ago

Not going to lie, the Elizabeth Holmes story still completely amazes me. All that money came from people who didn't think for one second, "why do they take so much blood now?" and then look that shit up. I mean, blood is a complex mixture. A lot of tests are 'parts per' measurements. Just seems like a complete no brainer.

#ElizabethHolmes #BloodTests #Scammers

Someone created an #AI-powered #chatbot designed to dupe #telemarketers and #scammers into thinking they’re speaking with a real person — and then wasting as much of their time as possible.

#llm #chatgpt #yourCarsExtendedWarranty

These members of Congress had their loans forgiven.

#FascistCacus #Republican #scammers

Article from The Verge on the state of big tech in 2023 (it's crap!)

"Google is trying to kill the 10 blue links. Twitter is being abandoned to bots and blue ticks. There’s the junkification of Amazon and the enshittification of TikTok. Layoffs are gutting online media. A job posting looking for an 'AI editor' expects 'output of 200 to 250 articles per week.' ChatGPT is being used to generate whole spam sites. Etsy is flooded with 'AI-generated junk.' Chatbots cite one another in a misinformation ouroboros. LinkedIn is using AI to stimulate tired users. Snapchat and Instagram hope bots will talk to you when your friends don’t. Redditors are staging blackouts. Stack Overflow mods are on strike. The Internet Archive is fighting off data scrapers, and 'AI is tearing Wikipedia apart.'"

#scams #scammers #tech #ai #google #twitter #tiktok #reddit #etsy #wikipedia #TheInternetArchive #amazon #LinkedIn #snapchat #instagram #StackOverflow #enshittification #ChatGPT #jobs #future

Any other guys have weird spam accounts on here acting like attractive ladies nearby? I had one. It was so weird, she kept DMing me and giving me her email, asking if I was on Telegram, and her bio was so generic and bizarre, it was clearly phony. The bio was kind of odd, overcapitalized English and that's how the DMs were too-- despite her public posts (and there weren't many) being perfectly spelled (obviously copied from somewhere). The scammers are getting really good, too. Her profile had legit-seeming pics that pulled up nothing when I reverse image searched them. Plus, I'm married, and really? Cmon. I just had to block her.

#scams #scammers #spam #spammers

Same day I get my first crypto/ai spam, Wired runs these two stories. This crap is gonna be a menace. Buckle up

#scams #scammers #ChatGPT #ChatGPTScams #AI #law #regulation #tech #future #Wired

Screenshot of a Wired article headline: ChatGPT scams are infiltrating the App Store and Google Play.
Screenshot of a Wired article headline: Spooked by ChatGPT, US lawmakers want to create an AI regulator
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
7 months ago

Over the past year, I’ve received dozens of spear #phishing/#smishing SMS text messages pretending to be from my employer’s CEO or another executive. Today I got my first one marked as an #iMessage (#Apple’s exclusive messaging service—the “blue bubbles” in your #iPhone Messages app).

This is pretty troubling—it means #scammers are getting past Apple’s defenses in addition to abusing the porous patchwork of SMS providers and networks.

#infosec #security #cybersecurity #scam #spam

In my view anyone who is using the dating platforms should read my series about the predators you can find waiting to screw you.

If you think you know how to spot them, great! But they are always innovating, and there's always more to learn.

I've got two more articles awaiting publications, but the articles already published are here:

#dating #datingapp #datingadvice #relationships #love #sex #scam #scammers #predators

:boost_ok: #FollowerPower: Does anyone know a #distributor that actually sells @Raspberry_Pi / #RaspberryPi #PiZero v1.3 / #Pi0 1.3 (NOT #Pi0W / #Pi0W2!) at #MSRP or at least not beyond 300% of it?
Cuz all I see are shitty #scammers and #ValueRemoving #rentseekers aka. [unofficial!] "#resellers" that charge 1.000% - >2.000% of the MSRP and they seem to #bot all the shops empty.
Like it's worse than with the #PS5 & #XboxSeriesX, and that's already shit.

Cragsand :verified_coffee:
8 months ago

I've reported so many scam bot accounts on Twitter to no effect at all that I eventually gave up.

One strange phenomena are "art scammers" who promote themselves as artists but they use stolen art or free logo generators as references. They trick people to pay upfront for commissions which they never deliver on.

It's really damaging for legit artists who are trying to make a living that those are allowed to remain and nothing is done.
#artscammers #scammers #bots #scambots #artscammer

IntelSoup :donor:
8 months ago

All the more reason why to stop publicly posting about your kids and letting kids have public social media accounts. It will be interesting to see if this is just a passing fad scam, or if spoofing kid's voices will become more prevalent. (Get your safe word prepped now)

#voiceAI #scammers

9 months ago

I work at a #CreditUnion supporting the 300 some contact center reps that answer calls, most on our main line for members. If you call in and ask for a manger you may end up speaking to me. The scope of my job is much larger than that as I need to know about every product we offer and the basics of servicing it. I enjoy my work more than I expected.

This week #scammers really kicked up their game. I saw more bad checks and locked more compromised accounts than usual. It gets depressing.


Nona Rose
10 months ago

For those who wanted the details from my interaction with a scammer ... here it is.

It was going to be too much in a thread so I added it to my blog as an annotated transcript of the conversation. Please have a read and leave a comment there or here with your thoughts.

@keithdevereux @schwedenpete @aenesidemusoz @piper

#scam #scammers #fraud #tips #HowItWorks #money #education

David White :verified:
10 months ago

My #updated #introduction for #newgaymembers. I am a 40-year-old #single #gay #male. I live in #MissouriCityTexas which is a #suburb just outside of #HoustonTexas. I enjoy #workingoutnaked, #watchingtelevision, #watchingmovies, #reading, and #diningout. I also would like to #cuddle with a #sexy #guy. My #petpeeves are #scammers, #liars, #fakepeople, #jerks, & #smokers. I do enjoy the occasional #alcoholicdrink once in a while, though. The rest is in my #profile!

David White :verified:
10 months ago

My #introduction for #newmembers of #woofgroup. I am a 40-year-old #single #gay #male. I live in #MissouriCityTexas which is a #suburb just outside of #HoustonTexas. I enjoy #workingoutnaked, #watchingtelevision, #watchingmovies, #reading, and #diningout. I also would like to #cuddle with a #sexy #guy. My #petpeeves are #scammers, #liars, #jerks, and #smokers. I do enjoy the occasional #alcoholicdrink once in a while, though. The rest is in my #profile!

Tim Richards
10 months ago

Apple should really let you block text messages by keyword. I've had *so many* scam messages lately about toll charges from Linkt - and I don't even have a car! Would love to block the keyword 'Linkt'.

#Scam #Scams #Scammers

Roni Laukkarinen
10 months ago

I'm laughing my ass off to these during lunch breaks. Thanks #Kitboga, you're the best.

Installing 100 Viruses - Calling Tech Support Scammers #YouTube #Virus #Scammers #Funny #Videos

Philipp Markolin ☑️
10 months ago

And of course, just ausing the #climatescam hashtag gets my timeline on #twitter spammed by #bots and #scammers.

Not even 10 minutes in, my #notifications blow up with bots, Musk #stans, climate #deniers and other #conspiracy theorists.

Again: #Twitter is a #hostile #information environment for #scientists now.

Be aware of it. #Leave if you don't need to be there, or act #accordingly.

@EposVox Reminds me of my old #youtube account I haven't logged into for 11+ years.

(I think I'm not even sure if the #associated #email still exists)

Like, don't think goole cares that much anyways

Friggin #Scammers

11 months ago

An interesting note in this article, that #Romance and #Crypto #Scammers are now using forced & trafficked labour to #outsource the gruntwork of their #scam operations.

Add to this, that the increasingly large proceeds are usually going to #OrganizedCrime, and there's a whole farmyard of crap going on here.

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11 months ago

Forbes: Cybercriminals have started using OpenAI’s artificially intelligent chatbot ChatGPT to quickly build hacking tools, cybersecurity researchers warned on Friday. Scammers are also testing ChatGPT’s ability to build other chatbots designed to impersonate young females to ensnare targets, one expert monitoring criminal forums told.
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ricardo :mastodon:
1 year ago

It appears the toots have been deleted, but the account still stands. Again, beware of #scammers.

scam alert 1
scam alert 2

I and some others recently saw an interesting (clever but in a gross way) spam development, exploiting the privacy of favoriting.

It was an account set up as a bot using the Mastodon logo and name to appear official. Its profile was devoted entirely to text claiming your PC was infected and your account would be removed for slowing down Mastodon if you didn’t click a suspicious link to fix it. The account had no posts, follows, or followers.

It seemed to operate by favoriting potential victims’ posts without boosting, leaving no visible tracks of where it had been or what it was doing, while bringing eyes to its profile. I know I clicked over to its profile to see what the heck was up. I wasn’t the only one.

The scammers have arrived.

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