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Flipboard EDU Podcast 85: Unlocking Mental Wellness With Sara Candela and Arlen Bitsky - Flipboard #flipboard #education #teachersfollowteachers #mastodon #school #mentalhealth #rest #mentalhealthmatters

Louanne Cooley
4 hours ago

Toured #CT’s first #NetZero #school today. Thrilled our community worked so hard to bring this project to completion. Teachers integral to the design process built in flexibility, student centered infrastructure. Solar, geothermal, high efficiency design make for a #sustainable #green building that saves on operating costs, too. Whole process was transparent with excellent engagement, bipartisanship.

Front view of a wood sided school building with large windows and a circular drive in front. Grey clouds fill the sky above.
A group of people stand on a paved path looking at a long grey two story building with solar panels on the roof. Behind the building is a forest, just beside the group, a concrete stairway with metal railing goes up a hill along the building. Near the entrance, picnic tables sit on a patio area used as an outdoor classroom and art space.
The back of one wing of a new school building with a fenced outdoor garden area with raised beds. Forest is behind the school. Large puffy clouds and blue sky are overhead.
Looking out large windows that make up a whole wall in a classroom to a fenced area and forest beyond. In the classroom, blue and green bins filed with books fill shelves behind curvy modular tables with chairs and stools. Colorful pads line the window edge for seating. Student drawn portraits hang from a shelf across the windows that bounces light up into the room.
Medemblik Praat
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Wijkagent Laan: "Hier doen we het voor"

Nu op Medemblik praat: 'Wijkagenten bezoeken Maria Bernadetteschool Medemblik na aangrijpende kinderreanimatie'

Lees verder op:

#kinderreanimatie #medemblik #school #wijkagenten

Louanne Cooley
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Just got back from touring the first and only net zero school in the state (CT, US). Thanks to the hard work and vision of many at the town and state, and transparent process and engagement for this gift to our community. Teachers were integral in design decisions; it’s flexible, maximizes natural light, incorporates outdoor learning space. Sustainability was the guiding principle. Solar, geothermal, efficient design.

#NetZero #school #CT #NewEngland #sustainability

Front view of a school with a paved driveway leading to the front door. The school is sided in wood with large windows.
A group of people face toward a two story building with solar panels on the roof and a patio with tables that serves as an outdoor art space. The building is built into a hill and a concrete stairway with metal railings is to the right. A paved path leads around the school towards woods in the rear. The sky is filled with dramatic grey and white clouds with patches of blue
A school classroom with large windows looking out to a forest. In the room are modular tables and chairs than can be moved and reconfigured. Blue and green bins line shelves. Student portraits hang from a light bouncing shelf across the windows which serves to bounce light upward reducing the need for artificial light.
Children and adult dignitaries stand at a stage in a guy in front of rows of grey metal chairs. A screen in the back of the stage shows an image of the school with the words Mansfield Elementary School.
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The Doukhobors were pacifists who lived communally, rejected private ownership of land, and who rejected military institutions and war. For this, they were oppressed in Imperial Russia. Many fled to Canada in the late 1800s. The cost of their resettlement in Canada was funded by the Quakers, as well as by individuals, including Tolstoy and Kropotkin. Many worked as loggers, lumbermen, and carpenters. In Canada, they continued their passivism and activism, including demonstrations in the nude against militarism and conscription. From World War I until the 1970s, a faction known as Sons of Freedom carried out nude marches, night-time arson attacks and vandalism to protest militarism, compulsory education (where there was a history of abuse of Doukhobor children) and modern technology. In 1932, Canada criminalized public nudity in response to Doukhobor protests, arresting over 300 Doukhobor men and women, with average prison sentences of three years each.

In 1962, folksinger Malvina Reynolds, composed the song, “The Doukhobor Do,” about protesting in the nude. Pete Seeger covered the song.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #doukhobors #pacifism #peace #antiwar #protest #activism #prison #nudity #kropotkin #tolstoy #school #children #canada #russia

Doukhobor women are shown breaking the prairie sod by pulling a plough themselves, Thunder Hill Colony, Manitoba. c 1899. By Unknown author - Library and Archives Canada does not allow free use of its copyrighted works. See Category:Images from Library and Archives Canada., Public Domain,
Tab Combs
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Last day of #school. The kid's biking all the way home on her own for the first time.

We've been practicing for this day for weeks. She knows the rules, knows how to handle her bike, knows to look out for drivers because they're not looking out for her.

We can do this.

If you are out on the roads this afternoon, PLEASE keep your eyes peeled for happy kids about to embark on the best summer of their lives.

#SafeRoutesToSchool #KidsOnBikes #SafeStreetsForAll #HangUpAndDrive #BikeTooter

Photo of a small child in a pink helmet and dinosaur dress, riding a red bicycle. She is executing a left turn, with left arm out to signal her intent.

The background is a neighborhood street, uncharacteristically quiet, with street trees in full leaf.
Steve Dustcircle ⍻
13 hours ago

Friendly #Atheist Podcast
Ep. 482 - Shiny Happy People: The #Duggar Docuseries
#Christians are furious over a tiny #Pride flag on the set of “The Chosen,” a show about #Jesus.
#Oklahoma just approved a #taxpayer-funded #Catholic charter #school.
The L.A. #Dodgers never should've caved after honoring the #SistersofPerpetualIndulgence.
#RichardDawkins has a new analogy to describe people who are #transgender.

Jeff Moore
13 hours ago

10 years ago, my #equity theories of action revolved around attainment of standards: “all students will achieve at grade-appropriate levels.” Today, it’s all about #personalization: “all students will realize the promises of our mission toward their individual aspirations.” That feels like a proper and good evolution. #education #school #students @edutooters @edutooter

19 hours ago

Three Ministers about Artificial Intelligence: A mistake to turn back to pen and paper #artificialintelligence #AI #europe #research #school (Germany)
20 hours ago

Von Reichertshofen nach Lusaka (Sambia) - Flugpaten aus Deutschland / Germany nahmen 12 Laptops mit zur Twatasha Primary School. Danke Oliver und der UMI Foundation für die Fotos und die Koordination.

So bekommen die Kinder und Jugendlichen eine bessere Lern- und Lebensperspektive. Lasst uns den Unterschied machen.

#labdoo #sambia #zambia #primary #school #schule #lusaka #flugpate #laptop #education #perspektive #perspective @Labdoo_D

Eine Schulklassse in Sambia bedankt sich für Laptopspenden von

An interesting discovery during #school #therapy session today. Son divides his attention between one activity and another. He does it with therapist 1:1 as well. He’s MORE engaged while doing it. We’re going to work on letting him do this in classroom setting and see if it helps him. Excited at the potential! Is he self-managing his sensory load? Maybe!

#AuDHD #ActuallyAutistc #AutisticParenting #ParentingWhileAutistic @actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd

One interesting use of my School-Operated #Email server is private and end-to-end-encrypted messaging using @delta on their servers.

It works surprisingly well considering it's using E-Mail as a backend, and especially groups are quite seemlessly implemented.

Some might call this abusing my #School provided E-Mail, I just call this exercising my right to #Privacy.

#Tech #Messaging

Jana Semrau
1 day ago

Waiting for Our Daughter during Another School Lockdown

A psychiatrist and parent asks if we will let it become acceptable that children live daily with fear and stress

By Abraham M. Nussbaum

Via Alan Jacobs

#gunviolence #school #publichealth

Queer Lit Cats
2 days ago

Pink News: School cancels Pride celebration to protect pupils after ‘fury’ stirred by right-wing press #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Education #school #Pride #News

Miguel Dante
2 days ago

Breaking #News: Man Stabs at Least 6 #Nursery #School Children, One #Adult While on #Playground Outing in Shocking #Crime in #Annecy, #France as #French #President Emmanuel #Macron Condemns Vicious Attack: #Europe #Crime #Pâquier

salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
2 days ago

Picked up the 6 yr old from school (mom was busy).

After finishing her after school snack, she refused to hand over the wrapper.

She went: "I will put it in the trash myself."


Turns out, that day, they had learned about #littering and how bad it is for the #environment, critters, humans.

Nice #indoctrination job by the #California public #school system, 😉 .


Schoolhouse Rocked
2 days ago

What does real education look like? How has today’s traditional school model strayed from the heart of true education, and what can we do as homeschooling parents to avoid these traditional schooling traps?

Former public school teacher, Kelly Crawford, joins Yvette to talk about the difference between “School" and "Education.”

Watch or listen at

#podcast #homeschool #education #school #teachers

Munchbud Ink
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Night School Reaper

Hope you like it! (^v^)

#night #school #creepy #horror #monster #girl #character #fantasy #art

Russell Phillips
2 days ago

We had a meeting with the chair of governors of my daughter's #school today, to discuss how they (mis)handled her #SATs.

So now seems to be an appropriate time to share this petition to end SATs for primary school #children

Please share it with any #UK #parents or #teachers that you know.

@parents @teachers

Rob / OGTrekker
2 days ago

This is another example of how the #GOP #CampaignOfHate continues to fuel #CivilUnrest by fanning the flames of #bigotry. It needs to stop. #VoteBlue #GOPLies #GOPHate #PrideMonth

Violence erupted outside a #school board meeting as #LGBTQ+ activists and right-wing groups clashed over LGBTQ+ inclusion during #Pride Month.

On Tuesday (6 June) police were called to a school board meeting in the city of Glendale, California – just north of Los Angeles – after demonstrators came to blows with each other.

The confrontation happened as board members for the #Glendale Unified School District, which represents 25,000 #students, met to discuss recognising June as Pride Month. An agenda item they unanimously approved later in the evening.

Violence breaks out at LA school board meeting over Pride Month

Elan Hasson
2 days ago

Kid is going to kindergarten in #florida and I got an email from the school about #textbook adoption.

I admit I haven't been paying as close attention to anything other than the news articles-- but as we know the real stuff is in the #statutes, not the #media.

Can those familiar with how these are being implemented/enforced please help me with responding to this the email from the school.
cc: #blackmastodon #queer #boost #DeSantis #school #equality #transrights #queerrights #gayrights

(1) A person should dthat he o she.m aguish, or other forms of psychological distress for actio d'no part, committed in the past by ¢ f

the same race or sex. Instructional personnel may facilitate discussions and use curricula to address,in"ahage-appropriate manner how the freedoms of persons have been infringed by sexism, slavery, raial oppression, racial segregation;-and racial discrimination, including topics relating to the enactment and enforcement of laws resulting in sexism, racial oppression, racial segregation, and racial discrimination, including how recognition of these freedoms have overturned these unjust laws. Howeve oom instruction and. curriculum may not be used to indoctrinate or persuade students to-a-paricular point of view inconsistent with the principles of this subsection or state academic standards.

(4) The state Board of Education shall develop or adopt a curriculum to inspire future generations through motivating stories of American history that demonstrate important life skills and the principles of individual freedom that enabled persons to prosper even in the most difficult circumstances. This curriculum shall be known as “Stories of Inspiration” and made available to schools to implement the requirements of subsection (3).

(5) Any student whose parent makes written request to the school principal shall be exempted from the teaching of reproductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS,
Social Studies Textbook Adoption - Stakeholder Input

The textbook adoption committee met, reviewed materials, and received publisher presentations in order to select social studies textbooks that meet the needs of our students in grades K-8. The team of teachers, administrators, content specialists, and parents participated in the Library Media Training provided by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). The training ensures that committee participants follow the policies and procedures adopted by the FLDOE in November. Please visit the ELDOE website to find more information about instructional materials, adoption cycles, and FDOE policies

The committee selected the following state-adopted textbooks for implementation during the 23-24 school year. To review, just click on the appropriate link.

Grades K-5 Social Studies

Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI), Studies Alive! - Florida Edition

https://www teachtci com/k-5-social-studies-alive-for-floridal

Grades 6-8 Social Studies

Cengage, National Geographic - Florida Edition


If you have any objection to the social studies curricular material based on ES_1006.28 please respond to this brief survey by July 1, 2023. Due to the late approval process from the FDOE, the adoption of the social studies curriculum was not shared previously with our School Advisory Body. That meeting will occur in August.
. o) A ‘ Social Studies Alive! Me and My World Flip Through the Materials — Review Benchmark Alignment — 📚
2 days ago

Does your #workplace or #school use #MicrosoftTeams? You can get started with the app on your #Chromebook in a few simple steps.

3 days ago

I need to read 30 pages and write 10 double spaced by midnight. Wish me luck! #school

m naudin
3 days ago

#sondage #poll #ecole #school #etudes #studies
Très franchement, que considérez-vous comme meilleures années de votre vie❓

Merci de BOOSTER pour plus de votants.

3 days ago

My son all day yesterday playing and not wanting to practice math for tomorrow's test because it's easy and he's got it.
At 21:15 last night - Mom we have to practice math.
My son is a smart kid that went through school like it was nothing but now math isn't something he can just brows and get an A.
Linear equations with fractions and one unknown are not something that can be passed without practice.

I'm amazed how much of it I remember from my school days but I'm sure we did it in highschool and not in the sixth grade.
Math I struggled with but physics I aced. Strange, I know 😁

It's not about the grades, it's about getting to know the limitations of your abilities and act accordingly.
Luckily, my son put aside his ego and decided to go to school this morning an hour early to practice math with his teacher and other kids that are struggling before the test.

I'm proud of him 😊

#learning #school #self

"Tamatsukuri #Kindergarten is a #school for #earlylearning that is located in a forested region of #Japan’s Chiba prefecture. For over 40 years the school has dedicated itself to nourishing the souls, minds and bodies of its pupils. In 2022, the school decided to renew its main building and hired architect Naoki Hashimoto and artistic director Haruka Misawa to oversee their vision."

#architecture #design #children #kids #education #forest #nature


Now in stock! Featuring an adapted framework with actionable steps and activities based on culturally responsive principles that directly relate to
#AASL Standards, this book translates complex concepts into practical #school #library strategies.

book cover for Embracing Culturally Responsive Practice in School Libraries
Jane Rosenberg LaForge
3 days ago

A person has filed a complaint against the #Book of Mormon in the same Utah #school district which recently #banned #censored the Bible for lower grades. The new complaint “echoes” the original one, which “dripped with sarcasm.” Many other insights in article. #FirstAmendment #FreeSpeech #FreePress #FreedomToRead

chmod777 :donor:​
4 days ago

I’m neck deep doing some MBA homework and I’m in need of some study music. What should I be listening to?


#LGBTQ+ #Prideflag #burned at #LA #school and #trans #teacher #removed over ‘#safetyconcerns’.

“Such #intolerance should have no place in our #society – especially in our #children’s #schools." said #BradSherman, #Representative for #California’s #32ndCongressionalDistrict, denounced the #attack and those who #participated in it. I’m troubled by this news and I denounce those who contribute to #antiLGBTQ+ #hatred and #bigotry

Tai Wolf
4 days ago

Looks like Haru and Legoshi's extra credit assignment has gone a the rails... UwU

#furry #NSFW #Beastars #watersports #pee #school #Haru #Legoshi

I'm stunned by this. Is US right wing madness infecting the whole world?
#science #stem #education #school

"On June 1, India cut a slew of foundational topics from tenth grade textbooks, including the periodic table of elements, Darwin's theory of evolution, the Pythagorean theorem, sources of energy, sustainable management of natural resources and contribution of agriculture to the national economy, among others.
Even as thousands of scientists across the country protested the decision to slash evolution last month, it did not deter India’s National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) — the public body that designs curriculum and textbooks — from expanding its list of omitted topics."

4 days ago

Children in households with rental assistance had fewer health problems and missed 22% fewer school days for illness compared with children whose households were waiting for assistance.

Learn more:

#FactOfTheDay #Housing #SafetyNet #SDoH #Children #Families #Housing #Education #School #SickDay
@edutooters @edutooter #MedMastodon @medmastodon

A child, wearing a thermal vest, standing outside of a house.
Santiago Sainz :verified:
5 days ago

@ihrf - From planting trees and recycling to reducing waste and conserving energy, these ideas illustrate the many ways young people can help protect our environment. By nurturing their curiosity and encouraging their involvement, we are not only shaping their understanding of environmental challenges, but also fostering a generation that values and strives for environmental sustainability. #climatechange #climatecrisis #young #kids #school

José Manuel Barros
5 days ago

"Self-censorship among teachers to face the reactionary wave in the classrooms: "There is a certain climate of fear"" by Laura Galaup (; in Spanish).

"The entry of an ultra-conservative discourse in schools causes some teachers to fear the reactions of families to talks on feminist issues, LGTBI and sex education: "The ultra-right is beginning to participate in parents' associations"".

""There is a certain climate of fear about the reaction of families to certain activities," admits Alicia, a guidance counselor at a public high school in the southern part of the Community of Madrid. Among her colleagues, she says, there is some fear that classes on sexuality and LGTBI diversity are perceived among parents "as indoctrination or an ideological issue" and not as human rights issues"".

#School #Teacher #LGTBI #Feminism #Spain #SexEducation #ReactionaryWave


Steve Dustcircle ⍻
5 days ago

What Year is this? In #Mississippi The Fight For #School #Desegregation Continues
Decades after #BrownvBoard, the #DOJ announced that 32 #schooldistricts in Mississippi are under desegregation orders.

The European Network
6 days ago

How a school is being 3D printed in Ukraine.

Printing work on a 506 square metre school in Lviv began in mid-May. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of next week.

It will be Ukraine's first 3D printed building. Designed by Kyiv architectural firm Balbek Bureau, it will accommodate 100 pupils.

#Ukraine #Lviv #DPrinting #DPrint #School #Architecture

6 days ago

Today in Labor History June 3, 1910: U.S. anarchists formed the Francisco Ferrer Association in Harlem, one year after the wrongful execution of anarchist educator Francisco Ferrer in Spain. The organization founded libertarian socialist schools throughout the U.S. based on the principles of Ferrer’s Modern Schools. The American Modern Schools were designed to counter the discipline, formality and regimentation of traditional American schools. Regular working-class people ran the schools for the children of workers. They sought to abolish all forms of authority, including educational, with the goal of creating a society based on free association and free thought. They emphasized learning by doing, as well as crafts and reading. They avoided rigid curricula, rote memorization and regimentation, as well as rewards and punishments. They also believed that learning was a life-long process that never ended. Therefore, parents and other adults were encouraged to participate in the operation of the schools and to attend evening and weekend lectures. Some of the speakers at these lectures included Clarence Darrow, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Jack London, Upton Sinclair, and Man Ray. The schools also served as cultural centers for the promotion of revolutionary unionism, free speech, sexual liberation, and anti-militarism.

Read my full article on the anarchist roots of the Modern School Movement:

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #ModernSchool #FranciscoFerrer #Revolution #union #school #education #children #liberation #FreeSpeech

NY Modern School, c1911, Principal Will Durant and pupils. From the first issue of The Modern School magazine, public domain
Stuart D Neilson
6 days ago

"#Utah #bans the #bible" is the headline everyone was waiting for.

"The district officially decided to remove the #religious text from elementary and middle #school #libraries for containing "#vulgarity or #violence." The #ban will take effect immediately, with #Bibles being removed from #classrooms even as they close down for the summer."
#bannedbooks #bookchallenge

Santiago Sainz :verified:
1 week ago

Children are not only the future, they are also the best allies we have to help us create and fight for a better future. To those children, here is a little guide on how you can make the world a better place from your school: #Future #Children #Kids #SDGs #school #sdg

1 week ago

There has been a very significant increase in the number of people cycling to work in Ireland. In fact, the numbers have recovered to the levels from 1986. There has also been an 88% increase in primary school children cycling to school from 2016. And despite a lot of people working from home, bus use has also increased.

#GoodNews #Cycling #PublicTransport #Buses #Work #School #Environment #Health

laying in bed working on writing a story, it would seem that I really do like writing after all. I've always enjoyed storytelling and reading, but I struggled with english class. through elementary and high school, english was the one subject I dreaded. I struggled with keeping my grades on par with the rest of my classes, and I struggled to simply complete the work. writing a formal essay with word counts, mla formatting, and hard time limits led me to become adverse to writing as a whole. I stopped reading for fun in high school, and the act of reading became stressful, a task that needed to be performed. now I'm in university, and with my classes, strategically chosen to have as little formal writing as possible, I've started to write in ways I never had before. I've just begun writing down the stories I've had kicking around in my mind for years. as I work, the writing feels like a medium for an art form rather than something mechanical. there are no length requirements or ways it must be formatted. there is no ticking clock that holds the balance of some arbitrary pass or failure. I can just create, and I think that's something special

#writing #school #reflection #creativewriting

Khurram Wadee ✅
1 week ago

#India cuts #PeriodicTable and #evolution from #school #textbooks — experts are baffled

#RightWingPoliticians everywhere are trying to turn the clock back to the dark ages.


Eugene McParland
1 week ago

War photo

Ukrainian children have the “last bell” on the ruins of their school. The village of Liubymivka in the #Kherson region.

By Anna Urodlivchenko


#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState
#СлаваУкраїні! #school #StandWithUkraine #photography

Ukrainian children have the “last bell” on the ruins of their school. The village of Liubymivka in the Kherson region.

By Anna Urodlivchenko
Tab Combs
1 week ago

There's a quarter-mile stretch of #greenway on our route to #school that lets us momentarily forget to worry about the multi-ton high speed metal boxes that threaten our lives every day.

A moment of bliss in an otherwise screwed up world.

#SafeStreetsForAll #KidsOnBikes #SafeRoutesToSchool #AWorldWithoutCars #BikeTooter

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
1 week ago

Student to #Florida #school board “You’re not protecting us from anything” as community rallies around threatened #teacher

Dallman Ross
1 week ago
Eugene McParland
2 weeks ago

Ukrainian graduates dance in front of their school in Kharkiv, damaged by russian attacks

Graduates of the #Kharkiv school have marked their graduation with a #dance performance in front of their damaged school.
The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense shared a video of their performance. The footage released by the ministry shows ballerinas dancing waltz in front of a #school that was ruined during russian attacks.


#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine #StandWithUkraine #ballet

Ukrainian graduates dance in front of their school in Kharkiv, damaged by Russian attacks
B's Creative Life 🌈 🌱🌻
2 weeks ago

Looks like I'll be harvesting this week at the schools!
Lettuces, radishes, and some young snap peas! Need to place out the summer seeds next!
#school #Gardening #volunteer #food

A close-up of red radishes in a school garden bed

#mastoart, what tools got you through school (or you wish you'd had)?

HS #art teacher said her dad gave her a toolbox full of #tools when she went to #school and it was amazingly helpful for all her projects when she didn't have access to the studios.

I have some obvious things written down, but what else?

Piratenpartij Delft
2 weeks ago

#TweedeKamer motie 'Stuur #BigTech de klas uit is deze week aangenomen!
Hoog tijd om serieus werk te maken van vrije #opensource software op scholen.
#soevereiniteit #privacy #onderwijs #school

Patrick Stewart
2 weeks ago

It's #Friday! Jump up and down, turn around, and sit down. It's also the last day of #elementary #school for my #son He will move up to middle school in the fall 😞 Hopefully, I have prepared him enough to handle the #social pressures that will start to build. He is special needs but doesn't seem that way unless triggered. So it's been very difficult so far with peers and teachers. Good luck to all you #parents out there. Here is your #morning #mantra

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise and I will use this gift to help everyone I can.

#photography for today is a #sunrise over #Keller #Texas.

The sun rises behind a nighborhood.
Jeff Moore
2 weeks ago

How would #school be different in America if the #secondamendmemt read like this? “A well regulated Mind, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to access a free and empowering education, shall not be infringed.” #guns #schoolshootings @edutooter @edutooters #education #teaching

I agree with Alistair Campbell that one way to improve the discussion of (& arguments about) #politics is to engage the young (at #school), but I think including #primaryschool children as part of this idea is wrong-headed;

We have already robbed much of childhood's innocence & joy, turning it into an engine of #anxiety & stress (both in & outside school), lets at least leave the politics-talk until they get to secondary school (where, yes, it should be a bigger part of a revised curriculum)

Bryan Redeagle
2 weeks ago

My 12 year old son made an Aztec pyramid for history class using some simple CAD software. Of the class, he tied for best grade and got it 3D printed.

#history #aztec #3dPrinting #school

A 3D printed Aztec pyramid in gray.
2 weeks ago

Parking your #suv in a #bikelane like this can often be an indicator of how little someone respects the safety of their neighbors. That’s definitely the case with this motorist. A quick check of their plates on reveals this person has 34 violations since 2021, including 24 school zone #speeding violations. How is this person still able to #drive in #NYC ? And why is the ticket for speeding in a #school zone only $50?!

Selfish person blocking a protected bike lane with their dumb SUV
2 weeks ago

The Texas Senate approved a bill that mirrors Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill to restrict classroom discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Read about it here:

#dontsaygay #texas #school #lgbtq #news #Bills

2 weeks ago

New York Charter Schools Write Their Own Rules for When to Call 911 on Students Having a Mental Health Crisis

Families say Success Academy and other publicly funded but privately run schools are allowed to punish and discriminate against students by calling in emergency services.

Our latest in partnership with @THECITY

#NYC #NewYork #Schools #School #CharterSchool #SuccessAcademy #Police #MentalHealth #Students #Emergency

Patrick Stewart
3 weeks ago

Well hello there #Monday. For this area, it's the last week of school for my kids. Which is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, no more after #school activities or homework to stay on top of. On the other hand, dealing with #children at home while trying to #work is so difficult! Here is your morning #mantra.

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise and I will use this gift to help everyone I can.

#photography for #today is the sky above Fort Worth. I just love the way the sun was poking through the clouds. Amazing!

sun rays coming through the clouds
Jeff Moore
3 weeks ago

Thinking about the Five Paragraph Order format used in many military circles … In a context of shared decision-making and double loop organizational learning in public education, a format like that (with some tweaks) could be critical to articulating and clarifying the boundaries, goals, etc. of projects. Read more … #education #schools #school #leadership #learning

Jeff Moore
3 weeks ago

New episode of the School Ahead #podcast now available! Thoughts on #vulnerability in #education and #leadership in public #schools. Search and subscribe in your favorite podcast service, or visit below. #school #k12 #teaching #teacher #teachers #students @edutooter @edutooters

Claudia Zahn
3 weeks ago

Our six-year-old handed us a note. His teacher had called my wife and I in for an emergency meeting. We asked our son if he had any idea why, and he said, "She didn't like a drawing I did."
We went in the next day.
His teacher pulled the drawing below out and said, "I asked him to draw his family and he drew this. Would you mind explaining?"
"Not at all." my wife said. "Family vacation. Snorkeling off the Bahamas.
By #TheBeautyOfPlanet
#Story #storytelling #school #teacher #pupil #Painting

Right To Religion
3 weeks ago
Jeff Moore
3 weeks ago

A new #school policy in Hanover Township, #newjersey, has drawn fire (and a suit from the Attorney General) for forcing #educators to out #lgbtq #students to their parents without their consent. I had many questions, and ChatGPT had answers! #education #schools @edutooters @edutooter

Paul Chambers
3 weeks ago

A New Richmond, #Ohio high #school staff member won't face charges after mistakenly sending students link to sex toy

Shortly after sending the email, the staff member rushed to the school's resource officer and principal to report that he'd unintentionally sent a link copied from #Amazon to the students

The #email was sent predominantly to students in the senior class

The IT dept couldn't recall it as students had already opened the email

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Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 weeks ago

@ProPublica Colleges shamefully go all Musk-type payable "blue checkmarks" for students.
Antisocial Personality Disorder shouldn't become a profitable business model for schools, colleges & universities.

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3 weeks ago

The Newest College Admissions Ploy: Paying to Make Your Teen a “Peer-Reviewed” Author

Colleges are grappling with the latest pay-to-play maneuver that gives the rich an edge: published research papers. A new industry is extracting fees from well-heeled families to enable their teenage children to conduct and publish research that colleges may regard as a credential.

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4 weeks ago

In #Germany, far-right violence increasing in #school life – DW – 05/14/2023

Each day, five people are victims of #farright attacks in Germany. #Racism persists as a pressing reality. Alarmingly, such violence is on the rise among young people.

4 weeks ago

Could a Michigan School Shooting Have Been Prevented? Families Still Waiting for a Full Accounting of What Happened.

After the Feb. 2018 #shooting in Parkland, Florida, a state commission delivered a preliminary report 322 days later.

In Connecticut, the local state’s attorney issued a report 346 days after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

In Oxford, #Michigan, it’s been more than 525 days, and counting.

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1 month ago

The Student Protesters Were Arrested.
The Man Who Got Violent in the Parking Lot Wasn’t.
#College students #arrested. A parking lot altercation. A retired #teacher waking up to a broken window.

Events at a school district in Conway, #Arkansas, illustrate the alarming trend of unrest at school board meetings across the country.

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Luke Martell
1 month ago

A message from a primary school headteacher last week to his year 6 pupils, about the SATs they are having to take. These are government tests taken in the UK by kids aged 10 years old or so. #SATs #school #education #UK. (On a phone the alt text may be easier to read).

Message that reads: 
In the coming weeks you will sit your SATs tests for maths, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation....there is something very important you must know.
The SATs test does not assess all of what makes each of you special and unique. The people who create these tests and score them do not know each of you the way that we do and certainly not in the way your families do.
They do not know that some of you speak two languages or that you love to sing or draw. That some of you turn up every week before 8am on a Friday to play football. They have not seen your natural talent for dancing or playing a musical instrument. They do not know that your friends can count on you to be there for them, that your laughter can brighten the darkest day, that your face turns red when you feel shy or that you have a grumpy face until at least 10.00 every morning. They do not know that you participate in brownies, sports, wonder about the future, or sometimes help your little brother or sister after school. They do not know that you are kind, trustworthy and thoughtful and that every day you try to be your very best.
The levels you will get from this test will tell you something, but they will not tell you everything. There are many ways of being smart. You are smart! So while you are preparing for the test and in the midst of it all, remember that there is no way to 'test’ all of the amazing and awesome things that make you, YOU!
ts thank you ☕
1 month ago

Hey all, I’d appreciate your positive vibes, prayers, anything along this line as I look at my relationship with school/work. What did they teach me? How did this play out during my initial foray into adulthood? If there are unhealthy patterns then I want to ID them and make a helpful change. Here’s to being brave!
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Mark Dunk
1 month ago

How to Make Thinking Visible with Thinking Routines - TechNotes Blog
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Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

Доносы, военная подготовка, парты героев. Как изменилась российская школа с начала вторжения в Украину

An excellent piece by Natalia Zotova of BBCRussian on an atmosphere of #denunciations, mandatory military training for children and 'desks of heroes' - how the #Russian #school has changed since the beginning of the #invasion of #Ukraine
in Russian

Anita Y Cheng
1 month ago

51% of K-12 #school districts did not report using any #ventilation improvements in accordance to CDC #COVID guidelines. Interestingly, high-poverty school districts reported implementing the most ventilation strategies, relatively. 12/


Claudia Zahn
1 month ago

Our six-year-old handed us a note. His teacher had called my wife and I in for an emergency meeting. We asked our son if he had any idea why, and he said, "She didn't like a drawing I did."
We went in the next day.
His teacher pulled the drawing below out and said, "I asked him to draw his family and he drew this. Would you mind explaining?"
"Not at all." my wife said. "Family vacation. Snorkeling off the Bahamas.
By #TheBeautyOfPlanet
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1 month ago

Clarence Thomas’ Friend Acknowledges That Billionaire Harlan Crow Paid Tuition for the Child Thomas Was Raising “as a Son”

In response to ProPublica reporting, the friend said Crow covered two years of schooling for the teen, which would amount to roughly $100,000 of undisclosed gifts.

Meanwhile, Democrats renewed calls for judicial ethics overhaul.

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Arlyssa D. Becenti
1 month ago

“Ten days after narrowly defeating a bill to provide free #school lunches to low-income K-12 #students the #NorthDakota Senate approved legislation to increase the amount of money #lawmaker and other state employees receive in meal reimbursements.”

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
1 month ago

#Motorola should launch #school tools and their first product should be named the e-#razr.

Tut Willy 🔱
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@ftrain @internetarchive
Wow. Why did I never know about this 🤔
Now I want to #scan my #high #school #year #book, and upload it to the #internet #archive
With the hope that in 15 years someone will be searching for their grandparents and find their photos. 😁