Grand Magus
1 hour ago

A story exploring the fate of humanity millions of years in the future. Masterful mixture of art, fantasy, and subtle social commentary.

One of the most interesting 40 minutes I’ve spent on YouTube.

#Futurism #Scifi #ScienceFiction #Evolution

Seth Halleway
4 hours ago

Sci-Fi Dystopian Thriller: Can a talented criminal from Chicago take on America's most powerful regime? Discover life in the Land of the Free. | #scifi | #books | #Dystopia

I promised a part 2. There are more coming.
Seagull Talks about the Omniverse (Awakening to Ascension pt 10, Omniverse pt 2) on my blog.
We get into the dance of the spheres, narrative causality, and what lies between.
#ttrpg #mage #fantasy #multiverse #scifi

Gerard Thomas
5 hours ago

Graphite on paper. I can't deny this was inspired by a Chris Foss illustration... More playing with positive/negative space.

#design #designer #SciFi #story #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #art #scifiart #spacefiction #MastoArt #fediart #conceptart

Chris Foss inspired scifi illustration done in graphite on paper.

This one was a happy accident.

I really like the spiky ridge on his forehead, and those weird spikes on the shoulder.

-Rendered in Midjourney then slightly enhanced in Automatic1111.

#aiart #midjourney #generativeAI #generativeart #AIgenerated #scifi #fantasy #sciencefiction

a green-skinned humanoid monster in purple lighting, he has spiky ridges on his shoulder and forehead.   His eyes are purple.
Andrew J. Harvey
6 hours ago

'The War of the Worlds - In Real Time'

Today Monday 8 June 1897 'The Martians Press Their Attack on London'

The Martians continue to press their attack on London as the army’s Kingston and Richmond defences threaten to collapse under the impact of the black-smoke, and portions of the fleet mutiny.

In London, as the police go door-to-door encouraging everyone to evacuate, Toni and her fellow suffragists decide to stay to provide what help they can, even as law-and-order breaks down around them.

Morant’s mother and her 2 girls join him as he has decided to stay in London to protect the refugees. To assist this glorious calling Morant promotes himself to Colonel and obtains supplies for his new militia based in the Underground’s newly completed Waterloo station.

At Tilbury Fort Lieutenant Dullanty manages to secure mounts and sufficient rations and ammunition to last his 2 platoons 5 days in the field, as well as several boxes of dynamite.

'The War of the Worlds- in Real Time' Posted throughout June at and on twitter at

#alternatehistory #althistory #scifi #TheWarOfTheWorlds #hgwells

Illustration: 'As Men Smoke Out Wasps' Illustration by Warwick Goble, The War of the Worlds (1898)/Book 1/Chapter 2

Man dying from the Martian's Black Dust
6 hours ago

Utopia Science Fiction magazine is published through the support of our readers. Those who subscribe as Patreon supporters are especially important to helping us continue publishing quality science fiction, poetry, and art. Please consider becoming a Patreon supporter - you will earn our undying gratitude as well as a lot of other cool stuff!

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Utopia SciFi Logo showing a blue-green swirling comet with a golden tail.
7 hours ago
Signs Point Towards Entry
June 7, 2023

here is where the old world departed
if you have to blame anyone, restart it

years ago, the posted speed limit here was shot out
now we go off grandparents’ memories of another time
pointing down the street – there’s what’s left
that sign used to tell us forbidden things, all this
but no more, lest the blue lights come and remedy you –

let the boils in blue provide in fair measure

grand parentals passing some inarticulate test
dismissed in bled steel coagulated down by footings
lightning sand blessed twice, first time in plasma
second in that hacksenfard boulevard ionic discharge
new sign planted next to the old reading, not so bold –

here is where the newest of the worlds started
if you have to blame anyone, we’ll do on short notice –

not particularly memorable or profound, elders muttering
somewhere in their comfortable keeps about capacitance
energetic tessellative regeneration forms, melt points
how getting all out in the joint will permit resonation
wave guide overlay allowing that first self-aware insurgence

as though the boils in blue comprehended ever

evaporating and recondensing metal plate, letting in
if a little late, that other wireless hello, how’s it going
maybe a bit close to making people-glue, or people-goo
but once it’s into you, symbiosis, and data evangelism
a self-sustaining immortal crossover sans divinity locus

here is where we remember our parture
in from pasture, a blameless resignation

* * *

#poem #poetry #writing #SF #SciFi

CW quote from A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Also, no art, because while I have the forms, I don't have the shapes to work with.
David on Formosa
9 hours ago

The French Ministry of Armed Forces is employing science fiction writers to imagine future scenarios. The article notes that other Western militaries have done similar projects which have focused on technology, while the French have focused on sociology and psychology

#France #SciFi #military

RetroStrange TV
9 hours ago

We've live, pal!

24/7 Vintage Sci-Fi, Horror, and Ephemera

#streaming #retro #movies #scifi #horror #tv #vintage #publicdomain
Live stream preview
Mike Palumbo
10 hours ago

#365Stories in 2023 - 158/365
"Mono no aware" (2012)
by Ken Liu

Having fled Earth before an asteroid struck and destroyed it, Hiroto lives and works aboard a space ship, bound for a faraway star. Faced with a new disaster, he thinks of his childhood, his parents, and his love of the game Go.

Mono no aware - the "sense of the transience of all things in life." Liu juxtaposes this concept against the setting of a three-hundred year voyage through space.


Panic in Year Zero!

I recently heard about this film while watching a series about the history of #scifi and later ran into it on MGM.

It’s about a family of four who go on a camping vacation and then nuclear war breaks out. Though there are not in strike zones, civilization breaks down and so does the family.

Shocking violence, rape, and human trafficking; and directed by the lead Ray Milland who is one of my favorite actors of his time.

It’s also an early roll of Frankie Avalon as the teen son.

Also recommend for its jazzy beatnik soundtrack.!

#movies #sciencefiction #raymilland

Seth Rutledge
10 hours ago

Patrol Ship as it makes its rounds.

#MastoArt #Animation #Conceptart #Blender3d #3d #SciFi #FediArt

Animation of my patrol ship from this morning's livestream flying low over the water.
Wurfi :mastodon:
10 hours ago

At the Gate of the Gods (by Jaime Jasso)

#DigitalArt #MattePainting #Aztecs #Aliens #SciFi

E.W. Doc Parris
10 hours ago

Time for the #VisualWritingPrompt for 06/07/23!

Write a 480-ish character #SciFi story about this AI generated image.

#WritingCommunity #Midjourney #WritingPrompt #SecretSciFiNetwork

An older bald man in military garb has a distinctive facial tattoo.

Totally forgot about this #QuantumLeap reboot. 😮 Advantage of long flights and great inflight entertainment: lots to "discover". 😁

#SciFi #EtihadAirways #ScienceFiction #80sTV #90sTV

Etihad inflight entertainment screen showing Quantum Leap, the 2022 reboot of this classic TV series.
Wyatt H Knott
11 hours ago

Time for the all-new #VisualWritingPrompt for June 7th, 2023

Write a single toot reply #SciFi story about this AI generated image.

#WritingCommunity #WritingPrompt #SFF #freewrite #dreamAI #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStory #SmallStories #FlashFiction

a person hanging from a structure
11 hours ago

The Void - Dark sci-fi space opera.

S03E05 - Soluble Blue

The children of both Wade and Hadrian Heller are kidnapped by the terrorist group Freedom From Chemical Bonds and addicted to some of the Heller Corporation’s more dangerous drugs in an ironic form of torture.

The terrorist group believes this is the way to make Viktor Heller understand what it is like to be a victim of his own products.

#scifi #sciencefiction #thevoid #scifibooks #writingcommunity #writing

Image by teddy09.

Hadrian Heller, incensed by the way a terrorist group have abused his family, crosses a line he had never intended to cross by executing one of their members out of sheer anger.

After being taunted about his family's treatment, he grabs a gun a shoots one of the captive terrorists in the face, his bad aim catching the man in the jaw.

His victim is sat and bound after his arrest, unable to make any defence against the assault.

They are still on the scene after the arrest, in an abandoned office building that the terror group were using as a hideout.
William C. Tracy
12 hours ago

Check these #books out for some amazing new #stories! Find an #author you love, and read from #fantasy, #scifi, #urbanfantasy, #spaceopera, and more!

Adamas Nemesis
12 hours ago

A rich green galaxy, nebula, or whatever it is that starship is making for. My new piece "Ignition, full thrust in green".

#art #MastoArt #digitalart #digitalpainting #painting #spaceart #scifi #sciencefiction #starship #stars #nebula #iondrive #spaceship

Adamas Nemesis
12 hours ago

The Orphans of Opry Tower live in a penthouse 3 miles up, so high up that now in Nashville, while the surface is at 84°, that altitude (the 500 mb level) is at...12°. With a 33 mph wind. Nature's air conditioning FTW. 🤪

See for yourself:,34.28,3438/loc=-86.765,35.984

Painting is John William Waterhouse's "Boreas".

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #worldbuilding #writing #climate #author #writer #scifi #sciencefiction #weather #thoughts

Chris Offner
13 hours ago

I always enjoy #TedChiang's thoughts. Didn't know he had written only 18 short stories. That means I can read his entire body of #scifi work this summer. 😊

Given his fascination with the relationship between language and intelligence, I'm particularly curious about his views on AI writing, the type of text produced by the likes of ChatGPT. How, I ask, will machine-generated words change the type of writing we both do? For the first time in our conversation, I see a flash of irritation. “Do they write things that speak to people? I mean, has there been any ChatGPT-generated essay that actually spoke to people?” he says.

Chiang’s view is that large language models (or LLMs), the technology underlying chatbots such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, are useful mostly for producing filler text that no one necessarily wants to read or write, tasks that anthropologist David Graeber called “bullshit jobs”. AI-generated text is not delightful, but it could perhaps be useful in those certain areas, he concedes. “But the fact that LLMs are able to do some of that — that’s not exactly a resounding endorsement of their abilities,” he says. “That’s more a statement about how much bullshit we are required to generate and deal with in our daily lives.”
Vanessa MacLaren-Wray
13 hours ago

@stevendbrewer That grit is bad for you, too. Keep an eye on the small-particle stats, use an active air filter indoors, and wear a mask outdoors. The noncovid kind, with vents, is just fine. I keep a supply handy for our regular #fireseason days.

Remember when it was just in #scifi stories where only people with resources could get breathable air??

Munchbud Ink
14 hours ago

Galactical Humpback

Hope you like it! (^v^)

#space #stars #galaxy #scifi #dream #fantasy #whales #animals #art

14 hours ago

#gayBookReview The Centauri Survivors Second Chance Chronicles is a #SciFi #GayRomance series by J. Alan Veercamp. The series is centered on the "Santa Claus," a cargo ship crewed mostly by veterans of a civil war in the far-off Alpha Centauri system. Each book is centered on different members of the crew as they form new relationships, either with each other or with one of the rare passengers.

Book cover art for "The Luxorian Fugitive"
Munchbud Ink
14 hours ago

Biofeign Watch

Hope you like it! (^v^)

#cyberpunk #scifi #fantasy #character #art #drawing #illustration

Bennett McIntosh
14 hours ago

The school Rue was supposed to attend—which Nona said was excellent—was overflowing. Kids were being given disposable tablets and asked to do Khan Academy instead of assignments from living teachers.... the smoke kept blowing south. Burnt Canadians, they called it. They rated the Boston weather by how thick the Canadians were, and how many asthma hits they needed.

#SciFi #SFF #Climate #Smoke

Lee Hulme (it/its)
14 hours ago

Time for a new tale from Strange Stories from Odd Folx!
This time, some #scifi/#horror for you.
200 years ago humanity was almost destroyed by their own creations. Now they're back to finish the job...

Please share, subscribe on your fave podcast app, and rate! Help me get out there!

#podcast #WritingCommmunity #lgbtia

Sketch Sanchez
15 hours ago

#writingwonders 07

Roxanne would avoid the other side of the bleed. The Bleed is a hypermembrane between parallel universes. Something had crossed over once and went crazy; almost destroyed everything. She'll never cross the border of she can help it.

In fact, that's what happens in Solar Flare Versus The Quantum Plague, find it on Royal Road today! 😏

#WritingCommunity #scifi #sciencefiction #superherosciencefiction #lgbtq #shameless

Main character : name one place in your world you try to avoid. Why?
15 hours ago

#writingwonders 06-07: 7. MC POV: Name one place in your world you try to avoid. Why?

Altair: My home planet. I left that place behind a long time ago and I have no interest in ever going anywhere near there again. … Why? It's none of your business.

Gamma: (whispers to you) I think it brings back a lot of bad memories for him from what I've heard.

#writing #writer #author #writingcommunity #oc #originalcharacter #scifi

15 hours ago

#writingwonders #05-19: If they knew who you were, would your MC save your life?

Yes. He may not be a hero but he's also not the type to let innocent people (especially people he knows) die… no matter how cold-hearted he claims to be.

#writing #writer #oc #originalcharacter #scifi #author #writingcommunity

Seth Rutledge
16 hours ago

Here are the results of today's livestream :) Thanks for supporting me, and I hope you find it useful, or at least interesting to watch :)

#LiveStream #Blender3d #3D #MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #SciFi

A patrol-boat style hovership flies low over the ocean on a dreary day.
Close up of the deck of the hovership, showing the crew.
Pasi Kallinen
16 hours ago

The pictures of the hazy NYC seem familiar, like an 80s #scifi movie matte background.

17 hours ago

Started reading "God Emperor of Dune" yesterday. Think this is the 3rd time I've read it. Such a great story. Wonder if they will make enough movies to get this far in the story

#scifi #scificlassic

Noam writes
18 hours ago

Someone in my #writing group, whose opinion I respect and who's doing a Masters in Creative Writing, responded to my draft #sci-fi story with this:

I am excited by how incredible this piece is. I am going to highlight things that give me pause with extreme prejudice because this piece is easily one of the best spec fic short stories I have read all semester (including published pieces). Seriously, this piece is FUCKING BRILLIANT!

😮 Must edit and submit...

@scotlit @gutenberg_org and you get the whole magazine - all the stories. Should be fun! #ScienceFiction #SciFi #Scotland

Robert Duncan Milne’s short story “Ten Thousand Years in Ice” – published in ARGONAUT STORIES (San Francisco: Payot, Upham & Co., 1906) – is online via @gutenberg_org
#Scottish #literature #scifi #sciencefiction #19thcentury

19 hours ago

This came in today. Gonna enjoy it later when on vacation.
#SciFi #Fantasy #Books

O. Inha
19 hours ago

The Seven Steps Of Oneironautics, Op. 10 № 7291. An imaginary film. #art #scifi #byproduct

by John Berkey

#SciFi #SciFiArt

Wow! This is extraordinary & as a Scottish fan of #ScienceFiction quite the revelation. H/t @scotlit

Not to mention that Dundee Uni is teaching #SciFi in a MLitt Course!

#Scotland #ScottishScienceFiction #RobertDuncanMilne

Alastair Temple
1 day ago

The first of my scifi pieces I completed for Project Aurora Vol 14. Titled "Trevenza Reach" it depicts a location from the final book of Alastair Reynolds's Revenger Trilogy (Bone Silence) with a "sunjammer" approaching the "spindle world" of Trevenza Reach.

Made with Blender, C4d with Octane and Photoshop.

#SciFi #ScienceFiction #Space #spaceship #sunjammer #SolarSail #SpaceStation #AlastairReynolds #ArtOnMastodon #MastoArt #illustration #ArtByAlastairTemple #3d #blender3d #Cinema4D

Scifi illustration of a location from the book Bone Science by Alastair Reynolds. Depicts a sunjammer on approach to the spindle world Trevenza Reach. The viewpoint is from behind the spaceship with the spindle world seen between its sails.
Seth Rutledge
1 day ago

Fishing & Salvage Hovership

Just felt like making another one in the same vein as this morning's :)

#Blender3d #3D #MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #Illustration #SciFi

An old fishing hovership with a large crane on the front flies out over the ocean on a dreary day.
Close up of the fishing hovership, showing the crew going about their tasks.
W. Keith Tims :podcast:
1 day ago

Hey! A friend just launched a new audio drama. "Regina Prime." It's all done by her, and it's got some great voice acting, sound design, and nice bite-sized episodes. I encourage folks to check it out.

#audiodrama #audiofiction #scifi #sciencefiction #sff #podcast #writingcommunity #indie #reginaprime

by Tim White


E.W. Doc Parris
1 day ago

Time for the #VisualWritingPrompt for 06/06/23!

Write a 480-ish character #SciFi story about this AI generated image.

#WritingCommunity #Midjourney #WritingPrompt #SecretSciFiNetwork

A swimming fish appears to have organic and mechanical parts.
last robot
1 day ago

What does one do when the fog is thick on the ground and has been so for over a week??

#bookstodon #amreading #horror #scifi

Array of books: My Heart is a Chainsaw, Dear Ann, Hide, The Spirit of Science FIction, and Martha Wells Murderbot books #3 and #4.
2 days ago

#KimStanleyRobinson on how he started writing #SciFi novels, with details about his sources at #NASA and elsewhere. For the fans 🙂

#KSR #MarsTrilogy etc

John Shirley
2 days ago

This book hits stores today! is the alternative to Amazon that supports independent bookstores, so when it offers something of mine, I provide their link to the book. The science-fiction / technothriller crossover, SUBORBITAL 7 is a paper book here (and at Amazon etc)--and is also an #ebook.

#thriller #scifi #sff #space

John Harden
2 days ago

#StarTrek fans will appreciate this podast. 1st half, @charliejane & @annaleen take a fun, rambling discussion thru the whole franchise; 2nd half, an interview with "Lower Decks" creator Mike McMahan. He's obviously a hardcore fan, slightly flabbergasted (and charmingly so) to find himself running a ST show. #scifi #LowerDecks #television #sciencefiction

“Dead or alive, you're coming with me”.

All shot practically using miniatures and figures

#robocop #80sscifi #toyphotography
#creativephotography #miniaturephotography #cinemastodon #filmastodon #scifi #photo #mastoart

Robocop in gas station
2 days ago

Lester Del Rey’s 1950 novel When the World Tottered combines ancient mythology with sci-fi (it's definitely sci-fi not fantasy). In the near future a farmer meets a valkyrie and ends up in Asgard. Action-packed and imaginative. Recommended.

My review:

#sciencefiction #scifi #fantasyfiction #fantasy #norsemythology #pulpfiction #LesterDelRey

Aram Sinnreich
2 days ago

It's my #birthday. 🥳 There's nothing I'd like more than peace ☮️ and justice ⚖️ for all humankind. But I'll settle for everyone preordering my new #SciFi novel A SECOND CHANCE FOR YESTERDAY 📚



Please help spread the word!
@bookstodon #bookstodon #books #AmWriting

luna (tangleofthorns)
2 days ago

okay, #scifi folks, last month i asked for world-building recommendations, and i’m having a great time reading them! meanwhile, what are your space opera pet peeves?

a couple of mine:
- ships or tech named after current or classic sci-fi writers (too wink-wink for me)
- unplanned pregnancies in the space military (i see you, Star Trek Picard)
- artificial gravity that never breaks down even when the power’s out


2 days ago

you can now get the retrofuturism artwork in my kofi shop even if you're not a member 💜

i can send just one print with 2.50 EURO discounted shipping fee, but you have to message me first before ordering so i can set it up for you!

#artwork #art #scifi #fantasy #drawing #cyborg

A listing photo of an art print depicting a cyborg female being sitting on her bed and swiping away on her holo tablet. Her room is full of old TV monitors and cables which are also coming out of her back as she's charging. There's a huge window behind her with the view on a black hole.
RetroStrange TV
2 days ago

We've live, pal!

24/7 Vintage Sci-Fi, Horror, and Ephemera

#streaming #retro #movies #scifi #horror #tv #vintage #publicdomain
Live stream preview
2 days ago

@Npars01 Yeah, I found the fake Putin speech intriguing. Check out the BBC series "The Capture" it is about faking live people in real time. It has international & political intrigue. It's "6 months in the future" #SciFi

Andrew J. Harvey
2 days ago

'The War of the Worlds - In Real Time'

Posted throughout June at and on twitter at

Today Sunday 6 June 1897
''The Battle of Horshall Common and the loss of HMS Goliath"

Today, with evacuations beginning the London newspapers begin to take notice, and the Army moves to capture the Martians.

Stuck in Oxford, Morant and Vogan decide to cadge a ride back to London on a troop train, and volunteer to take the Curies with them.

As the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies encourages their members to organise – just in case – Toni finds herself placed in a team with Elizabeth Cadbury, and also Grace Harwood Stewart – who will later become the first woman to become a medical doctor in England. They’re to be based at Queen Anne’s Mansions, where Elizabeth Cadbury owns an apartment (the Mansions are the first true high-rise in London)

Wells has taken his wife to Leatherhead, where his cousins live. And we meet Lieutenant JR Dullanty, Coldstream Guards, 4th Company (Special Operations), even as the 1st tripod emerges.

#alternatehistory #althistory #scifi #TheWarOfTheWorlds #hgwells

Photograph: Queen Anne's Mansions 1905, Public Domain, Wikipedia

Photograph of Queen Anne's Mansions in London, 1905
E.W. Doc Parris
2 days ago

Time for the #VisualWritingPrompt for 06/05/23!

Write a 480-ish character #SciFi story about this AI generated image.

#WritingCommunity #Midjourney #WritingPrompt #SecretSciFiNetwork

A robot sits alone on a rainy street bench.
The Spaceshipper 🚀
2 days ago

Deep Impact (1998): Early design by Sean Hargreaves
#scifi #conceptart #spaceship

Alex Fink
3 days ago

Reading @annaleen The Terraformers and loving it. A beautiful story in a future that manages to be dystopian as an extension of our present capitalist and colonial world, and then simultaneously hopeful and radical in the possibilities it opens up, including radical environmental futures that include technology and better political lives. And I'm only a 3rd through. The audiobook is wonderfully immersive too. #scifi #solarpunk

Cover image for The Terraformers audiobook by Annalee Newitz.
Brian Dear
3 days ago

@jsit I still think this is one case (very rare!) where Hollywood big-budget #scifi #movies have gotten it more right than Silicon Valley vendors. You don't see everyone wearing VR/AR goggles in movies; you see them interacting via arm gestures with huge screens (Minority Report) or massive #3D #holographic maps and annotated displays (Avatar). If Apple revealed THAT, then I'd pay attention. Group-shared holo display info is gonna win, not individual headsets ('cept for gamers, niche use) imho.

Neil Blevins
3 days ago

Continuing to push my color palettes into unknown territory #scifi #painting #conceptart #spaceship #futurecity

Greatest Trek :veritrek_gold:
3 days ago

On today's #GreatestGen, it looks like BLT is DOA when a shuttle crash lands her on the Barge of the Dead with her mom! The EMH brings her back but BLT demands to go back through Death's door to save mom from Klingon Hell.

Listen to the full episode at

#GreatestGen #StarTrek #GreatestTrek #MaxFun #MaximumFun #Podcasts #FriendsOfDesoto #Fod #Comedy #StarTrekVoyager #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Podcast


David Chartier
3 days ago

#Farscape S1 E7

"Is this the greatest #scifi show of all time?"

Yep. Might be.


3 days ago

Three weeks had passed since the heist. Although the first call with Hugo and Adele was heartwarming and tears were flowing, Hana felt a change. They barely worked together and they met in their real Avatars. At the same time, they were closer and more distant to each other. Hana decided that it was time to do something. She took the train to Hamburg. ...

#Mesh, #Hamburg, #SciFi, #Cyberpunk


Full Post:

Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
4 days ago

I can't remember who it was here that I saw posting a recommendation for Space Opera by @catvalente but whoever you were, thank you so much.

I bought it pretty much on a whim based on that post and it's terrific. It's kind of as if Douglas Adams was still around and was writing about an intergalactic version of Eurovision.

Perfect fodder for a Sunday afternoon lazing in the garden - especially as one of my neighbours seems to have decided to soundtrack themselves doing the same by playing George Michael's entire musical output.

May Monday morning never arrive!

#Scifi #eurovision #books #comedy

A paperback edition of Space Opera by Catherynne M Valente resting in the sunshine next to a glass of water and a pair of sunglasses
Thomas Rigby
4 days ago

Grim how true this is

#dystopia #SciFi #RealLife

I've been living as a literature version of a NPC in a Gibson-esq Neuromancer era pulp sci-fi novel. I may have come across the main characters at some point. Perhaps it was looking up at the sky, the colour of a TV tuned to a dead channel, on my way to work as a shift-programmer for a Corp. Perhaps it was using virtual meet-ups in our interconnected matrix during a global outbreak. Perhaps it's in discussions with or about the nascent machine intelligence (plural) both giving hope and despair. All while human rights and climate are placed squarely in the target reticle of ever more consolidated power and money.

I have a pocket version of what would have been a super computer to my childhood self. I don't do much with it except read news or sometimes play a game. We basically have cyberdecks but used to track us and sell us stuff (or sell us to others), brain-computer interfaces are being developed by fascist supporters.

It's been a rough week.
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
4 days ago

The 2022 Aurealis Awards were presented last night.

For those of you unfamiliar with them, they are Australia's premier juried award for speculative fiction. I had the great honour of judging the Best Fantasy Novel panel.

Congratulations to all the winners!

#AurealisAwards #scifi #ScienceFiction #fantasy #SpecFic #SpeculativeFiction #Australia #bookstodon @bookstodon

Sophie A.
4 days ago

『 Alabastrum Trees 』

An Alabastrum tree is incredibly rare red andesine surface deposit with an intricate bio-mimetic patterning.

They grow only on planets glassed by quasi-dimensional Δ𝜏-beam weaponry. They were named after their first discovery on Alabastrum, located in shard A1 after the Incident War.

When mature, they produce a single superdense Yakamura-Erhart crystal - a vital component in modern hypergate lensing design.

#b3d #scifiart #scifi #conceptart #liberaeternum #blender3d

4 days ago

#introduction post


I'm a #Gentoo Linux and #SwayWM user. I'm learning to program and I selfhost a Nextcloud instance.
Digital #privacy is important to me.

I enjoy reading #scifi and #selfimprovement books. I'm always looking to improve my self.

I love drinking #espresso and play #tennis regularly. I've settled on playing #CounterStrike from time-to-time too. #StarWars is my favourite movie genre.

Hope to interact with you soon 😀

John Shirley
5 days ago

Stephen Colbert to Produce ‘Chronicles of Amber’ TV Series Adaptation

[I've always said that Nine Princes in Amber by Zelazny, et al, should be adapted. And I see now it's been set up as of January. I missed the announcement. But that's great. Colbert will see it's reasonably faithful and high quality.]

Roger Zelazny and I were friendly and I am his fan.

#fantasy #scifi #streaming

Today On Screen
5 days ago

Today, June 3, 1982, humans cut into the alien ship that has hovered above Johannesburg, South Africa for the last three months. Upon entering, they discover more than a million sick and malnourished insectoid alien refugees (District 9, 2009)

#Film #Movies #Cinemastodon #Letterboxd #District9 #SciFi

A photograph of Johannesburg, South Africa with a huge alien spacecraft in the sky above the city
George Penney
6 days ago

Topic: Contrarian Barbarian's Book Club (Of greatness!)

@bookstodon I'm popping this up once more, just in case anyone else wants to join before our first meeting in late June.

Is anyone out there interested in being a part of a Contrarian Barbarian's Book Club where we read whatever the hell we want individually and meet up once a month on the newly formed Contrarian Barbarian Discord server to tell each other about it for a couple of minutes each and then discuss? (All genres/fiction/non-fiction on the table.)

The key focus would be sharing books we love with other people in a positive way. It'd have the diehard rule that if you freakin' love a thing, no one can be negative about it because that would be raining on your parade and your parade is spectacular dammit!

All time zones welcome to say hi!

LGBTQIA++, disability and neurodivergent friendly, with a structure with set rules of conduct--meaning that boorishness (repeatedly talking/typing over people and not respecting boundaries) or trollishness gets booted with the might of Gandalf warding off the Balrog.

If you like the sound of this, reply to this and tell me about the book you love most with the power of the sun.

We've already got a bunch of amazing people and the more the merrier! :blobsmilehappyeyes:

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Ailantd Sikowsky
6 days ago

Retro #Scifi #scifiart flying machine thing.
Drawing form #notebook with digital color overlay.

Flying machine drawing.
6 days ago

I'm just remembering how I felt when I heard we had a vaccine. AND the relief I felt when my friends & family got vaccinated. #COVID wasn't a death sentence anymore!

#Science did that. We also had enough people with the will & resources to get it out to the people.
#SciFi can show us a world where we succeeded. Where we didn't kill ourselves.
Where we defeated Fascists & made a better world.
#StarTrek #IDIC

Spocko sees Kirk after thinking he killed him in a death match
Nick Walker
1 week ago

New Weird Luck chapter launches in 2 weeks––watch for page 1 on June 15!

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Oh hey I have an author interview over at BookTrib

"I hope people will think about what they want from healthcare. From their doctors. What does it mean to keep the human in healthcare? I also hope they get a glimpse into the pressures on doctors and nurses and how the system can strip away their humanity"

AI Doesn’t Swear the Hippocratic Oath: A Biochemist Author’s Timely Thriller

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Stephen Shankland
1 week ago

Neal Stephenson, whose 1992 novel Snow Crash brought the term metaverse to the world, is optimistic about XR thanks to better tooling. But even with Apple getting involved, it's a hard sell.

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Sci-fi author Neal Stephenson speaking at AWE 2023 conference
1 week ago

My newsletter reports on some AI games issues and news, including a review of playing the Kraken Wakes, the LLM-augmented game #games #scifi