Drea and Team
3 hours ago

The world of energy is constantly adapting. Join the latest #Mentoring365 Circle on Energy and You to connect with experts and peers who share your passion for sustainable #energy horizons.

It's free and open to all in #ESS communities.

#STEM #science #engineering #ClimateChange #engineering #education #SciComm #CleanEnergy #sustainability #students #professionals #HigherEd

3 hours ago

The Signal Awards Finalists were announced, and the episode of Daily Space (now EVSN) we submitted has been selected as a finalist! We are incredibly proud of the work we did. Please vote for us before October 6:

#scicomm #podcast #signalawards #science

The night sky with the Milky Way is in the background. The top text reads: We've been nominated for the. Followed by the Signal Awards 2023 Finalist badge. The bottom text reads: Vote for us before October 6th. The CosmoQuest X watermark is in the lower right corner.
SETI Institute
4 hours ago

An anonymous supporter has generously offered a $20,000 matching gift through
the end of September. This means every $1 you donate today is worth $2!

Here, at the SETI Institute, we've made it our mission to advance the search for
life beyond Earth, and answer the question, "Are we alone?"

Will you make a gift TODAY and DOUBLE your impact on the SETI Institute? You can
help unlock the full gift of $40,000 when you donate today:

#science #scicomm #seti #arewealone

The Allen Telescope Array at night with a pearly sky. Graphics read: Match Challenge Alert! Double Your Impact. Help us unlock $40,000!
Dr. Victoria Grinberg
6 hours ago

* collecting art supplies or learning new tools is a hobby of it’s own and not the same hobby as making art
* understanding of basics is helpful: how to build up a page? how do shadows work? how to colors work together?

And that's it. I do hope you find it useful and maybe encouraging to try on your own!

#VicisArt #AcademicChatter #SciArt #SciComm #WissKomm #Art

Dr. Victoria Grinberg
6 hours ago

1/16 This July, I gave an invited talk in the "Communicating Science Through Art" session at the European Astronomical Society annual meeting, organized by the amazing @theastrophoenix . And I thought it may be something that would also interest you #fediverse folks.

The aim of the talk was partly to give people insight into my why & how of my art. But mainly to encourage others to just try. In a very subjective manner.

A thread: 🧵

#VicisArt #AcademicChatter #SciArt #SciComm #WissKomm #Art

A simple white slide, reading
"But I can’t draw …! A very personal take on art (or is it illustrations?) & science"
7 hours ago

Pressure paradox demonstrated by a balloon and a CD
The same flow of air escaping the balloon creates a higher and a lower air pressure

#physics #science #SciComm

9 hours ago

Opinion: Scientists have become sitting ducks. We need leaders to step up and defend us
“We must find ways to preserve our achievements in biomedicine and support scientists, even if that means both the scientists and those in positions of power engage political leaders and challenge ideologues to reject their anti-science rhetoric and agenda”
#Science #Disinformation #Fascism #Scicomm #Medicine

Brigitte Nerlich
16 hours ago

For weekend readers, some meandering thoughts on naming viruses and weather systems #scicomm

Víctor R. Ruiz
22 hours ago

CONSTRAIN Climate Comics

«Three leading comic creators have collaborated with the CONSTRAIN project, a consortium of 14 European partners tasked with improving near-term climate projections, to develop comics exploring the climate change challenge».

Darryl Chunningham, Sayra Begum & War and Peas.

#Science #ClimateChange #Comics #SciComm

SETI Institute
1 day ago
In 2016, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft embarked on a mission to the asteroid Bennu to collect a sample from the asteroid’s surface and return it to Earth. Now, in the early hours of September 24, the retrieval team will await the much-anticipated capsule in Utah’s desert. SETI Institute meteor astronomer Dr. Peter Jenniskens will join other NASA scientists and amateur astronomers in North-East Nevada to witness the return home.

#science #scicomm #osirisrex #bennu

1 day ago

Today Max’s Mobile Museum #M3 is at Estudillo Elementary School in San Jacinto, CA. Among the nearly 100 specimens on display is this “elbow-bone” (technically, the olecranon process of the ulna) from the extinct camel Camelops hesternus. It’s from the #Pleistocene of Temecula, and is covered with bite marks from a carnivoran. The images show the #3dprint in the Mobile Museum, and the original specimen @westernsciencecenter.

#FossilFriday #paleontology #fossil #scicomm #camel #museum

3D print of ulna fragment
Original specimen ulna fragment
Bogi Takács
1 day ago

I think this is the first review of Rosalind's Siblings I see! From Clara Ward.

"Suffice it to say this anthology offers twenty more unique points of view, each brimming with literary and societal insights, a surprising number sharing both tea and comfort." 5*

#Bookstodon #RosalindsSiblings #Anthology #Reviews @bookstodon @sffshorts @shortstory #Science #SciComm #ShortStories #Poetry #PoetryCommunity #WritingCommunity

William H. Grover
1 day ago

I'll be talking about "Using candy, musical instruments, and Crosscutting Concepts to fight fake medicines" at the Moreno Valley Unified School District's STEAM Innovators Summit this Saturday. #NGSS #SciComm

Come celebrate STEAM Innovation in MVUSD teachers at every grade and subject are igniting their students’ creativity, and finding new ways to tap. into their own passion, by implementing STEAM. See what your colleagues are LT 1 doing to implement STEAM in their Our day will kick off with keynote speaker, Dr. William H. Grover, an Associate DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 21 Professor in the Department of be followed with time to attend breakout sessions led by your peers throughout the district who will be sharing ideas, resources, and strategies for implementing STEAM with your students.
SETI Institute
1 day ago

#PPOD: On September 12, stones of Iceland's modern Arctic Henge point skyward in this startling scene. Entertaining an intrepid group of aurora hunters during a geomagnetic storm, alluring northern lights dance across the darkened sky when a stunning fireball meteor explodes. Awestruck, the camera-equipped skygazers captured video and still images of the boreal bolide, at its peak about as bright as a full moon. Credit: Jennifer Franklin; Text: APOD

#science #scicomm #photography #aurora

William Gunn
1 day ago
A log-log plot of objects by mass and radius, from galaxy superclusters to atoms.
1 day ago

New blog post time!

Title: My Hull Science Festival Demo: How do AIs understand text?


Swapna Krishna
1 day ago

I'm doing the news today again on Science Friday! Be sure to tune in on your local NPR station!

#science #scicomm #womeninstem

Dr Nathalie Brusgaard
1 day ago

New episode out on the sounds of the Netherlands in the past, in which I'm wild boar spotting 'in the Roman period' 😃 🐗 (in 🇳🇱 )

Really cool podcast concept in which the sounds of the Netherlands' past are brought to life. And really fun to participate in! #scicomm #podcast

The Big Data Cluster
1 day ago

Just added to our newsroom.

A March 2023 paper describes how an evolutionary #algorithm helped make #BigData sources more accessible.

#EnvironmentalScience #hydrology #CriticalZone #SciComm

Mindy Weisberger (she/her)
1 day ago

Ancient jawless fishes were weird and wonderful, and the cartilage in their heads hinted at the bony skulls that would later evolve in vertebrates.

In my latest for CNN, I wrote about new analysis of a fossil fish head that's 455 million years old. It's the oldest 3D-preserved vertebrate cranium ever found, and fills an important gap in the record of skull evolution.

#FossilFriday #SciComm #science #fossil

Dr. Simon Bunchuay-Peth
2 days ago

Exciting visit today at the Department of Geography and Regional Research @univienna A team from the Austrian Television ORF interviewed me on the topic of climate and migration. I look forward to seeing my little cork globe on TV soon. :)

#SciComm #GeographyMatters #Migration #climatechange

Lydia Gil
2 days ago

‼️No sólo se construyen las inteligencias artificiales con sesgos sino que además los heredamos.‼️

🗣️ Lo cuenta @HelenaMatute en su charla “Experimentos con humanos e IAs” en @naukas_com.

#InteligenciaArtificial #IA #scicomm

Research Whisperer
2 days ago

Vicky Howe provides a heart-felt explanation of why research communication should start at home.
"Some people think of science communication as a formal, deliberate act. ... But science communication works its way into our everyday interactions. Science communication starts with our friends and family."
#SciComm #ResearchCommunication #FirstInFamily

2 days ago

I made the front page of the provincial newspaper, de krant van West-Vlaanderen, in Belgium! This article introduces me and my upcoming British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (in Dutch).

#Archaeology #Zooarchaeology #Archaeobotany #Farming #Sustainability #Outreach #SciComm

Dr. Victoria Grinberg
2 days ago

Physics World has talked to me about my science and about all the things I do as a scientist that are not my science - climate activism and Astronomers for Planet Earth (@a4e), my art and outreach in general :)

If podcasts are your thing, you may like this one (also download able on all usual #podcast sources):


#astrodon #scicomm #XraysAreTheBestRays

Salla-Maaria Laaksonen
2 days ago

Tieteessä on tiukat eettiset koodistot, mutta näkyykö tutkimusetiikka tiedeviestinnässä? Tätä pohdimme Sanna-Kaisa Spoofin, Jarno Forssellin, Lauri Aaltosen ja Henrik Rydenfeltin kanssa Suomen tiedetoimittajain liiton artikkelissa.
#tiedesome #scicomm

SETI Institute
2 days ago

#PPOD: This picture shows the stellar system HIP 81208, captured by ESO’s Very Large Telescope. Astronomers thought HIP 81208 was a system consisting of a massive central star (A, the central bright spot), a brown dwarf (B) circling around it, and a low-mass star (C) orbiting further away. However, a new study has revealed a never-before-seen hidden gem: an object (Cb), approximately 15x Jupiter's mass, orbiting around the smaller of the two stars (C). Credit Image: ESO/A. Chomez et al


Sterling Ericsson
2 days ago

Our regulatory systems, not unexpectedly, have close ties to issues of inflammation, cancer, and immune disorders.

The protein p38 also has those ties and de-regulation of it is a key research therapy, but past inhibitors used produce toxic side effects.

Now, IRB Barcelona scientists have made a non-canonical inhibitor that stops p38 autophosphorylation, but doesn't affect its normal regulatory pathway much.

#Medicine #Cancer #Biology #Immunology #Science #Scicomm

Vaccine specialist Peter Hotez: scientists are ‘under attack for someone else’s political gain’
A book review from Nature. This book is on my list.
“Understand that science and scientists are under threat, and it’s a coordinated campaign. What you’re doing as a scientist is noble. Scientists should feel good about what they do…Understand that it’s not you who’s doing something wrong: you’re under attack for someone else’s political gain”
#Science #Scicomm #Books

SETI Institute
2 days ago


Last week, the SETI Institute celebrated the prestigious 2023 Drake Awards, an event that not only recognized Dr. John Rummel for his outstanding programmatic contributions but also unveiled other notable awards. The evening included presentation of the Carl Sagan Center Director's Award, the SETI Institute Trustee Service Award, and a surprise presentation honoring the newest Fellow of the SETI Institute.

#science #scicomm #seti #reu #undergraduate

Swapna Krishna
2 days ago

What did our sun look like when it was just a tiny baby? A new JWST photo gives us a clue!

#JWST #space #science #scicomm #nasa #womeninstem

I discuss this neuroendocrine reflex in my class so it is time to update the slides.

Newfound brain circuit explains why infant cries prompt milk release
#Lactation #Oxytocin #Pregnancy
#ReproSci #Science #Scicomm

Elizabeth Toon
2 days ago

Treating myself to a coffee and choc brioche at Procaffeinated Salford while I dither over choosing new readings for #scicomm

Holly Kirk
3 days ago

Decided to pop up/down to the FameLab Australia finals tonight at the WA Museum Boola Bardip, and frankly this couldn't be a nicer venue to watch the next generation of #scicomm do their thing!
Live stream here:

Amazing whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling of Hackett Hall in Boola Bardip, WA Museum. The whale is lit up with blue light and in the background you can see the stage and seating set up for the FameLab Australia final.
3 days ago

Today you can find out more about the IHC and have a chat at the Almada Negreiros College in Campolide, Lisbon.

It's Research and Innovation Day at the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Bonus: you can win books!


#Histodons #Archaeodons #ContemporaryHistory #ModernHistory #SciComm #OpenDay #OpenAccess #DigitalHumanities

IHC stand at the research units' exhibition on the FCSH's Research and Innovation Day. The IHC table has several books, leaflets and a mug with pencils.
Photograph of part of the poster publicising the Burning Landscapes research project, on the political and environmental history of great fires in Portugal.
Photograph of part of the poster promoting the Forced research project on Portuguese and Spanish forced labourers during the Third Reich.
SETI Institute
3 days ago

While showcasing their remarkable academic talent and contributing to scientific discourse through presentations at conferences and peer-reviewed journal publications, our talented REU students also infused creativity and fun into their experience. In a nod to educational and entertaining pursuits, this year's interns collaborated on an engaging video to demystify the Drake Equation and shed light on "SETI's Plan." Enjoy!

#seti #scicomm #parody #drake #drakeequation

SETI Institute
3 days ago

#PPOD: This dream-like image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope features the galaxy known as NGC 3156. It lies about 73 million light-years from Earth, in the minor equatorial constellation Sextans. NGC 3156 is a lenticular galaxy, with two visible threads of dark reddish-brown dust crossing the galaxy’s disk. This galaxy type is named for their lens-like appearance when viewed from the side or edge-on.

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Sharples, S. Kaviraj, W. Keel

#space #science #scicomm

A hazy lenticular galaxy is imaged against the background of the deep Universe. Several red and thin dust trails cut across and around the galactic disc.
Michele Banks
3 days ago

I wrote a little about my #SciArt work and about communicating through words and images #SciComm

blue painting of brain scan images with half-visible text
SETI Institute
4 days ago

Life on a faraway planet — if it’s out there — might not look anything like life on Earth. But there are only so many chemical ingredients in the universe’s pantry and only so many ways to mix them. A team led by scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has exploited those limitations to write a cookbook of hundreds of chemical recipes with the potential to give rise to life.

#astrobiology #chemistry #science #scicomm

SFU Science
4 days ago

Art and science are often seen as opposites, but are they? Join SFU Chemistry professor @vancew for a talk about the often blurry lines between the artist and the scientist at his Café Scientifique talk on Zoom, Tuesday, September 26:*lfmqa2*_ga*MjAwNDc0OTg3NC4xNjg2NjEzNDIy*_ga_R4BCVYL1QF*MTY5NTE0ODMzNC4xNjkuMS4xNjk1MTQ4NjI2LjU5LjAuMA&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=57a97829-44f9-4b41-a39f-ea44c3175561 #sfuscience #sfu #chemistry #sciart #scicomm #cafescientifique #scienceoutreach #SFUChemistry

A colourful, microscopic image of a liquid crystal with overlaid text: SFU Cafe Scientifique

My first book is out! Well, I edited, coordinated and wrote much of a #book on the #history of the Science Writers & Communicators of Canada/Canadian #Science Writers Association. :"From Typewriters to Twitter". It is 92 pages long with lots of fun photos, and may be the only book about science #writing in #Canada. It covers 50 years of the association, and profiles a number of big name Canadian science #journalists - including some eccentric ones. Controversies the association has faced in the past are included. Romance! Serious stuff! Humor! Short bios!
A digital copy is available on the SWCC and is free to members -- available on the link below.
*IF* there is interest in getting digital copy and you're NOT a member, send a note to the SWCC office ( I think it's still free.

If you are interested in a possible soft-cover #print version, contact the SWCC office and let them know. They're gauging interest.
A print version will only happen if enough people are interested - and would pay to get a copy to cover costs. It would probably be about $30 (plus or minus) plus shipping -- and you wouldn't need to be a member.
And ask them to let me know.
#scicomm #journalism #press

Bogi Takács
4 days ago

Today is LAUNCH DAY for an anthology I edited!

#RosalindsSiblings: Fiction and Poetry Celebrating Scientists of Marginalized Genders.

The Rosalind Franklin memorial anthology!

ToC + direct purchase from publisher:

#SFF #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Anthology #Science #SciComm #RosalindFranklin #QueerBooks #Feminism #AtthisArts @bookstodon @shortsff @shortstory #Bookstodon #Books #SpeculativeFiction #SpeculativePoetry #PoetryCommunity #WritingCommunity

Cover art by Mia Carnevale: a sepia-toned drawing of Rosalind Franklin looking into her microscope.
SETI Institute
4 days ago

#PPOD: Hat Creek Radio Observatory (HCRO) is the home of the Allen Telescope Array, the only array designed specifically for the purpose of conducting SETI research. Director of the Carl Sagan Center for Research Nathalie Cabrol was there for a meeting of the SETI Institute over the weekend and had the chance to appreciate how much progress has been made with the array. Learn more about HCRO:

Credit: Nathalie A. Cabrol - HCRO Allen Telescope Array

#scicomm #photography

Several dishes of the Allen Telescope Array are pointed upward against the background of dramatic daytime clouds and rolling hills.
Svenja Lohmann
4 days ago

Just signed up for this event about the impact of AI on science communication

(Not sure if I have many followers from Sweden but I’d love to connect with more people interested in sciComm in Sweden)

#SciComm #AI #Sweden #forskningsKommunikation

SETI Institute
5 days ago

For the past century, we’ve inadvertently broadcast our presence to an estimated 75 nearby star systems. About a quarter of those stars have confirmed exoplanets orbiting in the habitable zone. But what kind of emissions are seeping into space now? Could extraterrestrials detect our satellite pings around the globe, and could they be listening in on our cellphone conversations?

#seti #science #scicomm #arewealone

Dr. Simon Bunchuay-Peth
5 days ago

Are you living in #Vienna and interested in #sustainability projects? Check out this #SustainabilityMap by our great @univienna #geography students Flora Male and Marissa Lammers. You can add sustainability projects to the map too.

#SciComm #OpenMinds #goodnewsmovement #mapsforfuture #fridaysforfuture

SETI Institute
5 days ago

#PPOD: NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover used its Mast Camera, or Mastcam, to capture this image while driving toward the center of this scene, an area that forms the narrow “Paraitepuy Pass,” on Aug. 14, 2022, the 3,563rd Martian day, or sol, of the mission.

The color has been adjusted to match the lighting conditions as the human eye would perceive them on Earth.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

#space #science #scicomm

Martian surface as seen by the Curiosity rover while heading toward Paraitepuy Pass, shown in the distance as a gap next to a layered hill of rock. In the foreground, the Martian sand is marred by the wheels of the rover, while several rocks are scattered about the area.
Niels Mede
5 days ago

From discussions about #science at the Christmas table to #populism, #disinformation, stealth issue advocacy, and “parachute science”: I was interviewed by the great blog “Elephant in the Lab” and discussed the small and big challenges of science communication research and practice:

Thanks a lot for this conversation, it was a pleasure! 🙏

@communicationscholars @commodon #scicomm #sciencecommunication #AcademicMastodon

The image shows a screenshot of the interview mentioned in the toot.
5 days ago

More about #pluvial Lake Franklin, mentioned in this stop along The Collectors Tour in this 2013 paper co-authored by @middlebury-based Cluster member @jmunroe

#geology #SciComm

MPI for Gravitational Physics
6 days ago

In 12 days, the German-British gravitational-wave detector GEO600 will be open to the public! Drop by on September 30 from noon to 4 p.m. and experience cutting-edge research up close.


#GravitationalWaves #SciComm #Hannover #Hildesheim

Poster from the GEO600 Open Day on 30.9.2023 from noon to 4 p.m. In the background, an aerial view of the gravitational-wave detector, which shows up as an L in the landscape.

If you do #scicomm in Canada and are a member of the Science Writers and Communicators of #Canada -- come to the Zoom AGM meeting on Sept. 19, 5:30. I'll have an announcement.

1 week ago

Today Max’s Mobile Museum #M3 is at Megan Cope Elementary School in San Jacinto, CA! @westernsciencecenter #museum #scicomm #scienceeducation #paleontology #FossilFriday

Children lining up to enter the Mobile Museum trailer.

To Get Kids Interested in Science, We Have to Let Them Do Science - Scientific American


“By getting kids hooked on science now, we not only shape the future of research—we help more people see themselves as scientists and start them on paths toward careers in the exciting world of fundamental research.”
#Canada #Science #Scicomm #Education

Kristin ( Admin)
1 week ago

Given the week that I'm having, I'm sharing another one of my covid-themed games for today's #SciArtSeptember post.

In this game, what looks like paper snowflakes float down the screen. Except these snowflakes are made from virus diagrams!

The game is keyboard controlled, and you 'shoot' vaccines at the viral snowflakes and the drift down.

It's free to play on itch:

#SciArt #SciComm #art #MastoArt #indiegame

Screenshot of Viral Snowflakes game. The snowflakes are based on virus diagrams. There is a syringe at the bottom and it is shooting vaccines at the viruses.

Seriously regretting my life choices right now.

I knew all this before, but now being able to go, “oh, shit, that ridge I always pass on the freeway was pushed 20 feet in the air in a SINGLE EARTHQUAKE?” and “that beach park I went to was formed because of a tsunami?”

Nick Zentner is a badass #SciComm wizard…but his excited smile after infodumping the above made me start yelling at my TV. 😝

#geology #seattle #seismology #earthquake #SeattleFault #NickZentner

Zack Labe
1 week ago
Ionica Smeets
2 weeks ago

Wat een geweldige keynote over public engagement van Madelijn Strick bij de opening van het academisch jaar aan de Universiteit Utrecht (29:25)


Sometimes, #SciArt is about communicating the enormity of a number...and remind that each number represents a person.

I created this piece in 2021, as the number of Americans dying of covid surpassed 400,000. It's an animated piece.

I also wrote up my thoughts, while working on the piece:

#SciArtSeptember #art #DataVis #SciComm

Screenshot of animation showing silhouettes of people and text that says "how big is 400,000?"
Ionica Smeets
2 weeks ago

Does anyone have a nice example of a study on science communication using a hermeneutic approach?

2 weeks ago

Get PhyloPic posters and Pocket Phylogenies as reward add-ons for backing the PALEOCENE #4 crowdfunding campaign by @keeseycomics! #sciart #scicomm #biology #evolution #evolutionarybiology #paleoart #deeptime #prehistoric #silhouette

If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?
Evolution of Homo sapiens from the earliest animals.
Ele Willoughby, PhD
2 weeks ago

This #MinCup23 Round 1 Match 10 is a challenge for my pro-art or geophysics voting scheme. I don’t think there’s any strong art or geophysics reasons to vote for either one.

Adamite forms as secondary mineral in the oxidized zone of zinc- & arsenic-bearing hydrothermal mineral deposits & is fluorescent. But meh.

I’m tempted to vote for the weirdo guano-mineral. 🤷‍♀️ #scicomm

I guess now is your chance to sway me. Got a more compelling reason than sometimes bird poop can cause a new mineral?

Yellow-green Adamite in limonite via Wikipedia
Sky blue ammineite crystals (a mineral with amine groups, IMA 2008-032) in a matrix of halite. From: Pabellon de Pica, Chanabaya, Iquique Province, Tarapacá Region, Chile. Via Wikipedia
2 weeks ago

A comically cute Pluto portrait for today’s #SciArtSeptember • Heart

#SciArt #SciComm #MastoArt #FediArt #SpaceArt #pluto

A comic style drawing of an anthropomorphized Pluto sitting in a starry sky. Loose inky outline, splotchy orange and browns filling in with a red-orange heart shape on the lower part of the sphere. Two simple eyes at something out of the panel, maybe the Sun way off in the distance.
William H. Grover
2 weeks ago

@MLE_online <rant> We academics should aspire for *all* of our writing to be accessible to laypersons with minimal jargon - not just our #scicomm but our journal articles too. We think jargon makes us sound smart and makes our work look impressive, when in reality all jargon does is exclude people from reading and benefitting from our work. Even highly technical stuff should at least have an Abstract that a 5th grader can understand (*especially* for taxpayer-funded research). </rant>

Chris Armstrong
2 weeks ago

Some images of The Compass, a light display projected onto The Deep as part of the Humber Science Festival. With credits to Illuminos and Inspirate UK for the production and technology.

#Hull #Humber #TheDeep #HumberScienceFestival #SciComm #SciArt #theCompass

The angular Deep aquarium at night, lit in an abstract green pattern that spills rays of light into the black sky.
The Deep lit in a red and yellow, mandala like pattern, with the city lights on the background.
A blue, concentric pattern projected onto the angular and abstract side of The Deep.
The Deep from the front, designed to resemble a shark fin, or even the bow of a ship, it looms out over the Humber. Black on one side, and lit in bright blue on the side of the River Hull.
Catrina Hacker
2 weeks ago

I've spent a lot of time over the last couple years thinking about #sciComm, both in sharing research with the public and other scientists.

Doing research for my latest Penn NeuroKnow post debunking common myths about the brain was fascinating as I traced through where several of these myths originated. Oftentimes they start with real #neuroscience results that get twisted into something overly generalized or not quite accurate. In some cases, as with the "tongue map" myth, we have a pretty clear idea of what single decision or moment in time caused the confusion, but in other cases it's less clear how we got to such widespread misconceptions.

In my post I briefly talked about how anyone can help stop this cycle of miscommunication, but I'm eager to hear other opinions about where the responsibility to prevent future neuromyths lies and what we as neuroscientists can do to stop them.

You can read my post, "Neuro MythBusters: The truth behind 10 common myths about your brain", here:

2 weeks ago

A simian in silhouette for SciArtSeptember

#SciArtSeptember #SciArt #SciComm #MastoArt #FediArt #simian

A drawing of a gorilla standing in some grass, looking out over the night under a pink-ish moon. The sky, clouds, and highlights are shades of purple and lavender.
Holly Prendeville
2 weeks ago

Join the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center at IARC_Alaska & University of Alaska Fairbanks!

To see the full position description and apply, go to

Review of candidates will begin on September 25, 2023. #climatejobs #Alaska #climate #scicommjobs #scicomm #alaskajobs

Timothy Caulfield
2 weeks ago

"Study finds COVID vaccine mandates significantly reduce infection rates on college campuses"

From study: "These data are consistent with COVID vaccines having achieved hoped-for effects in our community..."

#VaccinesWork #publichealth #Vaccines #science #education #scicomm

2 weeks ago

Hey Americans: the #CDC is taking comments on the next round of vaccinations. I wish I could thread better here--and quote toot--because many great science and doctor posts have gone past on this.

We are asking for you to comment--because I assure you the cranks are commenting. I read the comments. I assure you, they are there.

Please be a voice of science and reason and equity.

I will offer some samples in this thread.

#scicomm #VaccinesSaveLives

Example 1:

Chris Armstrong
2 weeks ago

Time to reassemble the Chemistry Escape Room ready for the upcoming science festival.

#EscapeRoom #Chemistry #SciComm

An assortment of crap spread out on my office floor. Including boxes, folders, a few locks, photos, some scissors and notebooks
Jane Adams
3 weeks ago

People who have created a fediverse account for your lab: how did you decide on a server?

We want to share our research updates with a lab account, but there are so many considerations to make regarding moderation, federation, donation, visibility, etc etc 🫨

#Academia #FediMigration #Mastodon #SciComm #ScientificCommunication #Research #Fediverse #FediMeta #Lab #ResearchLab #Outreach #Education #SocialMedia