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New podcast alert! Over at Slate Future Tense, the inimitable Maddie Stone is hosting a series about the science in fiction -- a combination of professionally-read short stories and interesting conversations with authors. The first episode drops this week, and it features my story "When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis". #podcast #scifi #science #futurism

Tech news from Canada
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Ars Technica: New method gets better performance out of atomically thin transistors #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #materialsscience #2Dmaterials #Transistors #circuitry #computers #Science

IT News
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New method gets better performance out of atomically thin transistors - Enlarge / The much-larger-than-2D form of molybdenum disulfide. (credit... - #materialsscience #2dmaterials #transistors #circuitry #computers #science

Bf3R centre
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The Joint Research Centre’s EU Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL ECVAM) published its 2022 Status Report about

"Non-animal Methods in Science and Regulation"

More information:

#Science #Toxicology #AlternativesToAnimalTesting

The 2022 EURL ECVAM Status Report about Non-animal Methods in Science and Regulation.
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A Chromosome-length Assembly of the Black Petaltail (Tanypteryx hageni) Dragonfly #science #evolution #biology #genome #SciComm #evolgen_paper

(A) T. hageni, adult. E. HiC contact map with the chromosome level assembly. (B) Phylogeny of Odonata (modified from Kohli et al. 2021). Families with a reference genome (The zygopterya Cholorcyphidae, Calopterygidae, Platycnemididae and Anisoptera Libellulidae) highlighted in purple, Petaluridae highlighted in green. (C) T. hageni, larvae, credit Marla Garrison. (D) A fen in Lassen National Forest (California, USA) where T. hageni was collected. (Upper right) E. Hi-C contact map visualizing the alignment to the reference genome assembly.

Genes Vary Greatly in Their Propensity for Collateral Fitness Effects of Mutations #science #evolution #biology #genome #SciComm #evolgen_paper

Yahia Lababidi
1 hour ago

🧬 AI Creates Cancer Treatment

in 30 Days that can predict a patient’s survival rate.

Researchers from the University of #toronto and Insilico Medicine have made a potential treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), a common type of liver cancer, using a drug discovery platform called Pharma AI

Read the paper, here:

#ai #science #cancer #tech #news #artificialintelligence #technology #breakingnews #drugs #medicine #science

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Jeffrey Yost
1 hour ago

New Essay! "Busted Banks, Band-Aids, Blame Games and Craters of a Losing ARK" a historical reflection on banking, Silicon Valley, contagion, risk, and crypto in Blockchain and Society.

@histodons @economics @sociology @anthropology #business #economics #banking #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #cryptocurrency #altcoins #environment #carbon #sociology #anthropology #history #finance #financialization #bankfailures #SiliconValley #tech #hightech #technology #science #ineaquality

Kirk I. M.
2 hours ago

Scientists discover, to no one's surprise, that after the derailment East Palestine Ohio is probably still toxic despite EPA trying to reassure everyone: the EPA mostly focused on short term effects and neglected looking for chemical compounds that would have been formed secondarily.
#ohio #EPA #train #nature #science #news

2 hours ago

"Besides lasers, this demonstration of a time reflection is a step forward in our ability to modulate materials in time."
#tech-science #Science #physics #Time #mirror #Abstract

Scientific Frontline
2 hours ago

The World Health Organization reports that today nearly 2 billion people regularly consume #contaminated #water. It estimates that by 2025 half of the world’s population could be facing water scarcity. Many of those affected are in rural
#Science #Chemistry #Environmental #Biology #Physics #Nanotechnology #sflorg

Bread and Circuses
2 hours ago

Headline from an article at Salon:

"A looming El Niño could give us a preview of life at 1.5C of warming"

The last three years were objectively hot, numbering among the warmest since records began in 1880. But the scorch factor of recent years was actually tempered by a climate pattern that slightly cools the globe, "La Niña."

This year and next, La Niña might give way to its hotter counterpart, El Niño. Distinguished by warm surface waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean, the weather pattern has consequences for temperatures, drought, and rainfall around the world. The planet hasn't seen a strong El Niño since 2016 — the hottest year ever recorded — and the next El Niño will occur on top of all the warming that's occurred since then.

El Niño's return could further strain sensitive ecosystems, like the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon rainforest, and nudge the planet closer to worrisome tipping points. It might also push the world past a threshold that scientists have been warning about, giving people a temporary glimpse of what it's like to live on a planet that's 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) than preindustrial times — a level that could begin to unleash some of the more drastic consequences of climate change.

The world has already warmed an average of 1.2 degrees C (2.2 degrees F) since the Industrial Revolution ushered in the widespread use of fossil fuels. Most estimates said 1.5 degrees of warming wouldn't arrive until at least the early 2030s.

El Niño's arrival could be disastrous for the Amazon rainforest, which scientists have warned is nearing a critical "tipping point." The rainforest, already struggling with challenges from climate change and deforestation, could eventually transform into something more like a grassy savanna, releasing the vast stores of carbon held in its trees. The drought and fires egged on by the last strong El Niño killed roughly 2.5 billion trees in the Amazon, temporarily turning one of the world's largest carbon-capturing ecosystems into a giant source of carbon emissions.


#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency

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2 hours ago

Filtering #science #news is the easiest thing in the world.

Just block every site with headlines about:

1. Asteroids hitting the Earth
2. IQ
3. Diet

Easily done, though you will make an advertising executive weep somewhere.

Tech news from Canada
2 hours ago

Ars Technica: Kazakhstan’s seizure of Russian space assets threatens the Soyuz-5 rocket #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #kazahkstan #Science #soyuz-5 #russia #space

Gemma Sarracenia
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Picks I took for a mushroom kit to be sent to Brown Station Elementary in Gaithersburg, MD. Some website was throwing a hissy fit over their inclusive practices, so they must be doing something right. The box pics compare yesterday to today. Back To The Roots will send a free kit to a school of your choice if you post on Instagram and tag them. I had to pull out the macro lens and microscope for my submission because I am I.

#gardening #stem #education #mushrooms #fungi #science #botany

Macro of oyster mushrooms, with some drama.
Microscope slide of gills at the edge of a cap.
Yesterday's growth. Caps are about the size of a penny, with coppery brown caps.
Today the caps are two to three times larger, and a little more blue.
2 hours ago

The nervous system is electro-chemical. Thought's are the product of electro-chemical reactivity. Heat is one byproduct of a chemical reaction. Consciousness is another. Whilst science currently does not have a complete understanding of consciousness, all the experimental & observational evidence would lead a reasoned person, who is aware of that evidence, to conclude that consciousness is biological.

Therefore, the intrinsic fuel for consciousness is food & water (& external aspects that sustain the organisms bio systems within sustainable limits. E.g., temperature)

Scientifically, the explanations in this post are not controversial nor speculative (However, folk psychology, etc).

Organism that think (e.g., mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians & fish) #CognitivePsychology & don't think (e.g., plants, fungi, etc) evolved.

Conscious thoughts are #adaptations (adaptive), #maladaptations (maladaptive), #byproducts ("noise") & #malfunctions. (E.g., disease). Conscious thoughts are nature & nurture. For example, inheritance & learning (experience).

Beliefs either have an adaptive (e.g., placebo), maladaptive or benign quality. Understanding is adaptive. Misunderstanding is adaptive, if the mistake is recognised & leads to adaptation. If the mistake is implicit, the misunderstanding is maladaptive (e.g., dogma).

The human mind has evolved to be a general adaptive system (general intelligence). The more an individual organism is aware of their minds adaptive & maladaptive characteristics, the more generally adaptive that mind.

Humanity must adapt to sustain #ecology (environment). Does humanity, in general, have what it takes? Does humanity have sufficient general adaptive intelligence? Or is humanity ecologically maladapted?

Time will "tell".

#science #psychology

Andrea Gianopoulos
2 hours ago

The final new Hubble Messier image is Messier 19 (M19). The Hubble proposal associated with this image sought to investigate M19’s formation and the ratios of different populations of stars within the cluster. The image includes Hubble observations taken in ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths of light.

Visit Hubble's Messier Catalog to see more Hubble images of these objects.

#NASA #Hubble #MessierMarathon #astronomy #stargazing #Astrodon #universe #space #sciencemastodon #science #stars

The field is filled with orange, red, yellow, blue, and white stars. They appear as a spherical, dense mass that tapers out toward the edges of the image on a black background. A small gap in Hubble data (horizontal line at center right) is instead filled in with observations from the ground-based Victor M. Blanco 4-meter Telescope.
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#science #neuro "Connectomics" in systems neuroscience is about how the parts of the brain interact with each other--in fMRI it's how the blood oxygenation signals across regions correlate, in DTI it's how the white matter tracts connect up.

This paper from 2020 looked at white matter connectomics and smart phone use, sleep issues, and depression in adolescents. Right amygdala centrality correlated with smartphone dependence severity, hmmm...

Figure from the picture: Left, colored DTI image showing white matter tract reconstruction for an example subject; right, graph of nodes and their connectomics (quantified tract measures showing strength of connections), including right amygdala and caudate as hubs of connectivity.
IT News
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Kazakhstan’s seizure of Russian space assets threatens the Soyuz-5 rocket - Enlarge / A Russian Proton-M rocket carrying Spain's satellite Amazonas... - #kazahkstan #science #soyuz-5 #russia #space

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Job advertisement Research IT and Imaging Core Facility (IMCF)
Scientific IT Infrastructure / DevOps Specialist (60-100%)

#Biozentrum #Basel #research #science #joboffer #DevOps #Specialist #ScientificIT

Tech news from Canada
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Tech News (CTV): Soak up the sun: Dalhousie engineers build Atlantic Canada's 1st solar-powered car #CTV #CTVBC #Tech #Science #TechNews

Tech news from Canada
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Tyler McGee
3 hours ago

Happy National Ag Day everyone!

Learn all about how we grow our food and protect our resources 🧑‍🌾


Here are a couple of the cool things I’ve gotten to see and do in the last year or so while out on research trips.

#NationalAgDay #Agriculture #Farming #Food #Science #Research #AgTech #Farm #Photography #AltText

Banner for National Ag Day that says “Celebrating 50 Years” and “Growing A Climate for Tomorrow”.
Picture of me standing in front of tall corn plants in a field under a blue sky.
Picture of freshly cut celery held in the foreground with a celery field in the background.
Picture of rows of young lettuce plants stretching off into the distance.
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Frankie ✅
3 hours ago

Managers Exploit Loyal Workers Over Less Committed Colleagues

A loyal worker gets more extra work than the fair, honest, or disloyal

#news #science #business #work

Mark Graf
3 hours ago

I feel like if I start using more metric units, I should probably start also saying aluminium, no matter how many times autocorrect changes it. ☺️

#personalgrowth #science

Drexel MCBG
3 hours ago

🧬MCBG Seminar🧬
Thursday, March 23, 1 PM

Dr. Mark R. Witmer
Scientific Senior Director
Leads Development & Optimization/SMDD
Bristol Myers Squibb

Host: Dr. Shae Padrick
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Drexel University College of Medicine

My Career Path in Drug Discovery:
The Team Sport of Discovering New Medicines

#DrugDiscovery #GraduateSchool #BiomedicalScience #Medicine #Biochemistry #MolecularBiology #TeamWork #Science

Drea and Team
3 hours ago

Citizenscience projects are an excellent way to provide #handsonlearning for all
and bridge gaps between ages, disciplines and education levels.

Are you a #citizenscience enthusiast?

Hit reply. Share about a project and what you learned via participating in it.
Provide a link for others if project is still active.

#STEMeducation #science #edutoot #lifelonglearning

NWS Detroit (bot)
3 hours ago

You already know to take shelter as soon as you hear thunder or see lightning--but have you ever wondered why lightning and thunder happen in the first place? Watch this video for a quick #science lesson. #MIREADY

Bread and Circuses
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Re my previous post on climate tipping points...'s more information from the research paper published in the journal Science and highlighted in the BBC article.

The study actually finds not just six but NINE tipping points we must hope to avoid, AND it states that some of these could be triggered at a global temperature rise of only 1.1°C, which we've already reached.

As noted earlier, once a tipping point has been crossed, it is by definition irreversible. So, we are in a highly precarious position.


#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency

Translate Science
4 hours ago

If you're at #Mozfest this week, come say hi to some of our volunteers on spacial chat.

We'll be #gathering in the Movement Building Garden on Friday at 10:00 EDT to meet folks and run through a small activity surfacing some considerations the #translation of #science

Feel free to add questions or suggestions to the document below and hope to see some folks on the 24th:

Tech news from Canada
4 hours ago
Bread and Circuses
4 hours ago

How soon will climate tipping points be reached? We don't know for sure.

Can crossing one point trigger more to fall? We don't know.

Could there be other interactions we're not yet aware of? Yes, certainly.

More on the subject from the BBC...

The idea of "climate tipping points" was first introduced by the UN's climate science group, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), two decades ago.

If crossed, they could spark a significant change in the way the Earth's systems operate, affecting oceans, weather, and chemical processes, which could be "irreversible", according to the UN.

Once a critical point is crossed — or "tipped over" — the breakdown of the system is self-sustaining, so will continue even if there is no further warming.

This is self-perpetuating: a bit like if a ball crests the top of a hill and starts rolling down and cannot stop.

At the time it was thought the tipping points would only be crossed if global average temperatures increased to more than 5C. But since then there has been increasing evidence that these thresholds may be crossed much earlier.

The six tipping points "likely" to be crossed, according to research published in Science, are:

‣ Greenland Ice Sheet collapse

‣ West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse

‣ Collapse of ocean circulation in the polar region of the North Atlantic

‣ Coral reef die off in the low latitudes

‣ Sudden thawing of permafrost in the Northern regions

‣ Abrupt sea ice loss in the Barents Sea



#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency

Atlas Obcsura
4 hours ago
A marine reptile fossil from Svalbard challenges ideas about evolution and Earth’s greatest mass extinction.
This Arctic Ichthyosaur Should Not Exist
EU Council TV News
5 hours ago

Doorstep by @k_edtstadler #Austria at #GAC on 21 March 2023 in #Brussels.

On the topic of #climatechange:
"We should not work with bans, but consider how we can promote and challenge #science and #technologies more strongly in order to achieve results."


IT News
6 hours ago

The Quest for Injectable Brain Implants Has Begun - The hard electrodes inserted into the brain to treat Parkinson’s and paralysis damage the... - #science/psychologyandneuroscience #science/biotech #science/health #neuroscience #science

Daniel Pomarède
6 hours ago

Inside or outside? That is the question.

All-sky Aitoff projections of the positions of galaxies from the XSCz Catalog: 1) all galaxies, 2) only galaxies located within the boundaries of Laniakea, our home supercluster of galaxies.

#universe #cosmology #astronomy #astrophysics #laniakea #supercluster #galaxies #milkyway #galaxy #cosmicweb #cosmography #cartography #space #science #research #astro #astrodon

All-sky Aitoff projections of the positions of all galaxies from the XSCz Catalog. Markers are colored as a function of the recession velocity of the galaxies, expressed in units of km/s.
All-sky Aitoff projections of the positions of XSCz galaxies located within the boundaries of Laniakea, our home supercluster of galaxies. Markers are colored as a function of the recession velocity of the galaxies, expressed in units of km/s.
MY LEE :mastodon: 🇹🇼
6 hours ago

布蘭特原油期貨價格(Yahoo! Finance, BZ=F)

到2023年3月16日的趨勢線Y=431.449286-1.421548*X, R2=0.832260

到2023年3月17日的趨勢線Y=435.543111-1.438167*X, R2=0.878616

到2023年3月20日的趨勢線Y=413.302000-1.348000*X, R2=0.887865



@economics #數學 #統計 #AI #人工智慧 #精準建模 #精準分析 #finance #財經 #原油 #油價 #brent #economics #mathematics #statistics #artificialintelligence #data #datascience #science #dataanalytics #dataanalysis #econmastodon #econdon

MY LEE :mastodon: 🇹🇼
6 hours ago

布蘭特原油期貨價格(Yahoo! Finance, BZ=F)
方法:lines conbimed method 多線段法
軟體:#MathGPT for numerical modelling
想解數字問題 必先建立精準數學模型
#數學 #統計 #AI #人工智慧 #精準建模 #精準分析 #finance #財經 #原油 #油價 #brent #economics #mathematics #statistics #artificialintelligence #data #datascience #science #dataanalytics #dataanalysis #crudeoil @economics #econmastodon

The Conversation AU + NZ
19 hours ago

The #IPCC released a rundown of the state of scientific knowledge on climate change.

It found global temperatures are likely to reach 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels in the early 2030s.

But we can close the gap.

#Climate #climatechange #climatecrisis #emissions #sustainability #science #globalwarming #australia #auspol #news

20 hours ago

NGC 4216 - Silberstreif-Galaxie ist eine sogenannte Balkenspiralgalaxie vom Hubble-Typ SBb, ca. 50-53 mio. Lichtjahre von der Milchstraße entfernt und hat einen Durchmesser von ca. 130.000 Lichtjahren.

Im Hintergrund kann man noch viele weitere Galaxien, wie z.B. NGC 4206 und NGC 4222, entdecken. Diese sind teilweise 120 mio. Lichtjahre und weiter entfernt.

#astronomie #astronomy #wissenschaft #science #twitchTV #twitchDE #twitchdeutschland

The Conversation U.S.
23 hours ago

In rare cases, the COVID-19 vaccine has been linked to inflammation of the heart known as myocarditis, but studies have largely confirmed that the overall myocarditis risk is significantly higher after an actual COVID-19 infection.

Two cardiologist explain:

#science #research #covid19 #covid

Athena Andreadis, PhD
23 hours ago


You're right, as you can see by my near-immediate edit to the original post about the Asilomar conference. That said, the #biology #research community put all recombinant #DNA work on hold until they came up with comprehensive & coherent safeguards, something conspicuously absent with #ChatGPT. I'm not familiar with the FLI, but will look into it! #science #technology

#Zen #Buddhist koans help us understand #lifeexperiences like #science helps us understand the world

UC Santa Cruz Science
1 day ago

Please join us in welcoming internationally recognized astronomer Bryan Gaensler to serve as dean of the Division of Physical & Biological Sciences at @ucsc, effective August 15.

Gaensler is currently Director of the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, where he is a professor, and a Canada Research Chair in Radio Astronomy.

We are very excited to welcome Dr. Gaensler to campus! Learn more:

#astronomy #science #astrodon

portrait of Bryan with text that reads "Just announced! Bryan Gaensler will assume the role of the Dean of the Physical & Biological Sciences Division starting in August 2023" with a blue gradient background and UCSC Science logo.
The Xylom
1 day ago

Congrats to alum Katrina Miller for being selected to the New York Times Fellowship! We are so proud 🥲

From our archives, read Katrina's reported essay about why Black women are underrepresented in Physics, and if bridge programs are a solution:

#physics #science #education #blackwomen #womenshistorymonth

Alan Kotok
1 day ago

HPV Vaccine Generates Immune Responses in Trial

Early results from a clinical trial show a #vaccine for the human #papillomavirus is safe and invokes #immune responses in women with low-grade #cervical #lesions.

#News #Science #Business #HPV #HumanPapillomavirus #Cancer #Immunotherapy #Cervix #ClinicalTrial #TCell #SyntheticBiology #OxfordUK

Colorized electron microscopic image of T-cell
The Conversation U.S.
1 day ago

In the 18th and 19th century medical students had to resort to grave robbing if they wanted corpses to dissect.

Fortunately, those days are gone but it was due to the thousands of Americans in the 20th century who donated their bodies to science.

Learn more about this physical form of philanthropy:

#science #research #history

Athena Andreadis, PhD
1 day ago


Agreed. Almost all of basic biomed #research is funded by government grants, which explicitly require ethical/social safeguards. #AI seriously impinges on these domains, but its (visible) development has been left almost entirely to the private sector, which is a-brim with libertarians. A similar state of affairs has been increasingly prevailing in #pharma, with predictable results. #technology #science

Athena Andreadis, PhD
1 day ago

When recombinant #DNA (aka gene splicing) first became a possibility, practitioners in the discipline organized a major conference to discuss potential dangers & safeguards (Asilomar, 1975). This put down the foundations that still guide such #research. Where's the equivalent conference for apps like #ChatGPT?

ETA: Upon checking, I saw there was such a conference for #AI in 2017, also in Asilomar. But GPT et al hadn't appeared yet & must be factored in ASAP.

#technology #science

The Conversation U.S.
1 day ago

Most people have been exposed to #PFAS, or #foreverchemicals, making the EPA drinking water regulation a key step in limiting human exposure. Learn more about the health risks associated with PFA exposure and the need for national regulation.


#health #science #research

Khurram Wadee ✅
1 day ago
1 day ago

"Counterportation" through a wormhole "gives you the end goal of the object being reconstituted across space, but we can verify that nothing has passed."
#tech-science #worldnews #Science #physics #quantum #wormhole #Abstract

1 day ago

Here's a Monday hug to all of you because let's be honest we could use hugs on Mondays. 🫂
#cartoon #academia #science

brad m
1 day ago

“Many so-called alternative treatments lack empirical evidence to support them, instead relying on some combination of #celebrity and athlete #endorsements and #pseudoscience#influencers
“The reality is that if a runner is faster than you, it’s likely due to some combination of #genetics, #training, and #experience—not the pills or drinks or jellybeans they’re endorsing”

#Debunking Alternative Therapies for Runners #running #placeboeffect #science

Eva Amsen
1 day ago

For BiteSize Bio I've been hosting the Cryo-Talk #podcast, in which I interview researchers working with #cryoEM
The first episode of season 2 went up last week so this is good time to catch up. #science

1 day ago

This push against @eLife's new model of #PeerReview and publishing just tells me that a lot of people in #science just bought into the system of glamour publication and gate keeping based on prestige. Anyone defending meaningful reform is going to have a tough time, I'm afraid this belief is deeply rooted.
#OpenScience #Research

Supermassive Black Hole Lurking at Edge of the Universe is One of Biggest Ever Detected–and ‘Completely Unexpected’ #stargazing #discovery #history #science #space

The Conversation AU + NZ
2 days ago

As the world waits with bated breath for the release of the latest UN #climate report, let’s take a fresh look at the #IPCC.

🌏 Climate scientist Prof Nerilie Abram explains what we can expect from the Synthesis Report today:

#ClimateChange #Science #ClimateCrisis #news #research #emissions #policy #politics #auspol #australia

Human Cell Atlas: A writeup of the ambitious global project to map every type of cell in the human body and what proteins they express
#humancellatlas #histology #science #biology #+

Se Ⓐnstapa
2 days ago

Astrology Reborn: The New Science that Unites Planetary Forces with the Human Mind! Dr Angela Puca of Angela's Symposium looks at how science and astrology have interacted over the last century and how both have been changed by the exchange of ideas.

#astrology #science #esotericism #Jung #psychology #Pauli #physics #quantumTheory #magick #EPR #multiverse

Kirk I. M.
2 days ago

Joke title #science post making fun of some recent #news in #physics articles regarding the big wig-out over unusually early galaxies that completely neglect to mention that, yes, #science DID predict and explain that, just not the popular top dog models of dark matter:

Luring someone over to #Mastodon from other forms of social media is known as masto-baiting.
#Facts #Science

B's Creative Life 🌈 🌱🌻
2 days ago

B's Jr Gardeners

What is it?
It's a junior #gardening program teaching #science in a #garden classroom. We grow #food & flowers, eat the things we grow, investigate insects, water, #soil, & decomposition, we build things for the garden, & harness the sun's energy in various ways.

This is science in a garden #classroom

Where? Princeton City #School District- elementary level

How to help? #Volunteer, donate, educate, share

Want to start your own? Send me a message 😉

Links in the reply

Student's potted food plants are returning to the school grounds after a summer of care at a local gardener's home. They are loaded and fill the back of a pickup truck.
Students are melting chocolate chips by harvesting the sun's energy with cooking boxes and hand mirrors.
Students are planting bulbs in a small garden plot at their school
Wide view of one school's pollinator garden patch located in the playground area of the school
2 days ago


I am a practicing minimalist and owner of, a private (for now) personal encyclopedia about #minimalism, #bushcraft, and #science. My goal is to practice these disciplines to prepare for retirement in 10 years.


Jennifer McMurray
3 days ago

Hate against #transgender people isn't relegated to the #US.

Due to #politicians passing laws against, and media outlets ignoring #science and spreading lies about #trans people, murder rates are way too high worldwide.

None of these trans people should have died. We need to stop the hate to save lives.

A 25-year old #Ecuadorian #transwoman named Camila Azul Vargas was found dead due to a gunshot in #LosRios, #Ecuador on February 10, 2023. Please remember her.

Sheril Kirshenbaum
3 days ago

One of my favorite animals is the very rare blanket octopus. Few people have seen them firsthand.

The female has a spectacular ‘cape’ enclosing her tentacles, which makes her look larger to predators. She can grow >6.5ft or 2m!

Meanwhile, the male is smaller than a walnut. He weighs 40,000x less than the female measuring 2.4cm.

Blanket octopus are the most extreme example of female vs male size discrepancy across the (non-mircoscopic) animal kingdom. #nature #science

Two rare, multi-colored octopuses off the coast of the Philippines via USA Today from 2019
Kevin M. Gill
3 days ago

Stunning photo of early morning clouds over Jezero Crater taken by the Mars Perseverance Rover's NavCams a few hours ago on Sol 738.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Kevin M. Gill

#Mars #MarsPerseverance #Space #Science

Early pre-sunrise light and clouds
Alan Kotok
3 days ago

Infographic – A.I. Venture Funds Tick Up in Q4 2022

A new report on venture #funding for artificial intelligence start-ups shows global #investment dollars rose in the fourth quarter of 2022, the first increase in 18 months.

#News #Science #Business #Finance #VentureCapital #ArtificialIntelligence #StartUp #Entrepreneurs #Statistics #Infographic

Chart: Venture funding in A.I. by quarter 2018-2022
Brindy :verifiedbynurgle:
3 days ago

Had a good night out last night. It's been a while! Had science cocktails at The Alchemist in Glasgow and then went to watch some comedy. No dramas for once. Cheryl's new anxiety meds seem to be doing well for her.

#cocktails #science #socialising #alcohol

"TNT" science cocktails on fire.
A science cocktail brewing
A science cocktail after brewing ready to be poured
A science cocktail being poured releasing a cloud of dry ice on the table
Sheril Kirshenbaum
3 days ago

Just learned Serving Up Science - the quirky PBS series I write & host - has been recognized with two Broadcast Excellence Awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. We won Best Mini-Documentary or Series & Best Use of Multiplatform Media. #science #tv

So lucky to work with our incredible WKAR team!

Some of the WKAR team behind Serving Up Science having fun in the kitchen post-shoot.
Terence Eden
3 days ago

🆕 blog! “Book Review: Consider the Platypus - Maggie Ryan Sandford”

This is a fluffy and breezy wander through some of the oddities thrown up be evolution. It's also well illustrated and, luckily, most of the picture suit eInk very well. Of great interest to me were the tantalising asides - for example, a formerly enslaved man taught Darwin th…

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Book cover featuring a Platypus.
Bread and Circuses
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In case you run into someone offering alternative "scientific" explanations for climate change that try to exclude human industry and the burning of fossil fuels, this article is a great resource...

It starts as a reasonable question: If the Earth's climate changed before humans existed, how can we be so sure the current change is due to us and not something natural?

To answer that question, we need to understand what caused the natural changes of the past. Fortunately, science has a good handle on the causes of Earth’s natural climate changes going back hundreds of millions of years. Some were cyclical; others were gradual shifts or abrupt events, but none explain our changing climate today.


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Aral Balkan
3 days ago

“Scientists have created baby mice from two males for the first time, raising the possibility of using the same technique for people.”

In a stunning blow to bigots everywhere, it turns out god’s fine with Adam and Steve.

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Mark Wyner :vm:
4 days ago

3D artist Vinny Ravuri created this animation of the Earth’s tides being pulled around by the moon. It’s pretty cool.

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Digital animation of our planet covered entirely in water with one lone mountain being circled by the moon and waves crashing around dramatically in sync with the moon’s movements
Annalee Newitz 🍜
4 days ago

Today I learned that fish make incredibly loud, low frequency sounds. According to a researcher I spoke with, NOAA's Megan McKenna, they are kind of like frogs -- one will start yammering, then a ton of them will join into a chorus, and then it will die down. Here are some recordings! #science #fish #music

Helen Czerski
4 days ago

Today in academia: First meeting at the start of a student’s final year experimental project:

Me: The first task is to fill in the project summary form, with the aims and objectives of the project, based on what was in the project catalogue. That will show the department that you really understand the project and how to get started on it.

Student: Oh, I already got ChatGPT to do that, based on the project title. Here it is.

Me. *facepalm*

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Emily Lakdawalla
4 days ago

So now I know the scope of each of the final chapters of my #CuriosityBook. In each chapter, I'll talk about the routine challenges of driving on Mars, the decisions about what to explore, and the Mars science that we learned from it.
Vera Rubin Ridge (sols 1726-2302)
Glen Torridon (sols 2302-3052)
Clay-Sulfate Transition (sols 3052-3572)
Into the Sulfates (Sols 3572-3644 and beyond)

And now, it's time for me to read lots and lots and lots of papers.

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Alan Kotok
4 days ago

Standard Electronic Biomarkers Validated for Schizophrenia

A new #study validates #standard #electronic instrument #measures of healthy individuals and people with #schizophrenia to enable reliable clinical trials for treating the disease.

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Brain circuits illustration
Emily Lakdawalla
4 days ago

My first book gave a very brief overview of the mission up to sol 1648, at which point the rover had crossed the Bagnold dune field and was headed to Vera Rubin Ridge. At JPL's "Where Is the Rover Now?" page I can see a dynamic map of the rover's position and past route. It's now sol 3771.
The pics here are from my book and a screencap from the JPL website. #CuriosityBook #scicomm #science #space

Figure 3.4 from my book "The Design and Engineering of Curiosity." It shows the route of Curiosity across the floor of Gale crater from Yellowknife Bay to Murray buttes, then across the Bagnold Dunes. The route changes from solid line to dotted right before it reaches Vera Rubin Ridge, indicating what was the future route after the book was published.

The caption reads: "Figure 3.4. Route map for the mission to sol 1800. Bold text denotes drill or scoop sites. Map by Emily Lakdawalla on a base image of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter CTX mosaic colorized with Mars Express HRSC image."
A screen cap from JPL's "Where Is the Rover" page. It shows part of the rover rout from Ogunquit Beach at the south side of the Bagnold dune field, across Vera Rubin Ridge, to the base of the Greenheugh Pediment, around a dark blot of sand dunes, and then up into the knobby hills of Mount Sharp, with a little symbol indicating the rover's current position as of sol 3771.
Emily Lakdawalla
4 days ago

It's a writing day today! It's been a long time since I've paid close attention to #Curiosity activities, so today my goal is to orient myself to time and place on the mission. In this thread I'll share the resources I use to figure that out. #CuriosityBook #amwriting #scicomm #science #space

Bread and Circuses
4 days ago

If we are to have any chance of preserving even a limited version of our modern civilization, we *must* urgently pivot away from burning fossil fuels, and start supporting positive plans like Project Drawdown.

Drawdown is the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline. This is the point when we begin the process of stopping further climate change and averting potentially catastrophic warming. It is a critical turning point for life on Earth.

Burning fossil fuels for electricity, mobility, and heat. Manufacturing cement and steel. Plowing soils. Clearing forests and degrading other ecosystems.

All these activities emit heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the air.

Cattle, rice fields, landfills, and fossil fuel operations release methane — a gas that warms the planet even more. Nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases seep out of agricultural lands, industrial sites, refrigeration systems, and urban areas, adding still more heat-trapping pollutants to Earth’s atmosphere.

Most of these greenhouse gases stay airborne, but not all. Natural biological and chemical processes — especially photosynthesis — bring some of that excess back to plants, soil, or sea.

These “sinks” are nature’s reservoirs for absorbing and storing carbon. While most heat-trapping emissions stay in the atmosphere, significant portions are quickly removed by plants on land or taken up by oceans.

To reach drawdown, we must work on all aspects of the climate equation — stopping sources and supporting sinks as well as helping society achieve broader transformations. That is, three connected areas call for action, which we must pursue globally, simultaneously, and with determination.

1. Reduce Sources — bringing emissions to zero

2. Support Sinks — uplifting nature’s carbon cycle

3. Improve Society — fostering equality for all


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In 2013, the worst #Ebola #outbreak in history started in a small #village in southern #Guinea , eventually tearing through #WestAfrica . By the time it ended in 2016, more than 11,300 people were dead. #Scientists have #linked this and other Ebola outbreaks to specific #patterns of #deforestation .

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Rope out sequence of a tornado near McLean, Texas on a big hype May chase day in 2017. This was a picturesque tornado that was witnessed by half of the storm chasers in the country, but this rope out sequence remains the most interesting piece of this tornado. It was a classic case of an occluded mesocyclone being left behind by its parent storm which had raced off to the northeast. #weather #tornado #texas #science #nature

Glendon Mellow
5 days ago

Darwin Took Steps.

Without a doubt, my most popular piece. It’s been on 3 book covers, a magazine cover, and in a Darwin exhibition at a Spanish museum.

I was attempting to speed paint, and painted over the pencils in ~3 hours.

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Portrait of the elder Darwin with a staircase coming out of his head, and his sketch next to him. Umbers and ochres.