Sarena Ulibarri
4 minutes ago

Oh, and direct link to the book if you'd like to read Angus McIntyre's award-nominated story! It's a wonderful #GenreMashup and the whole anthology has some real gems.

#cyberpunk #ScienceFiction #SciFiBooks #FairyTales #FairyTaleRetelling #SmallPressAward #Capclave

RS, Author, Novelist
2 hours ago

#WritersCoffeeClub Ch 1 #25 — What keeps you striving concerning your writing goals?

/The lights are on, but you're not home
Your will is not your own (it's the MC's)
Your heart sweats, your teeth grind
Another few paragraphs and the chapter'll be done
Whoa, you'd like to think you're immune to a good turn of phrase, oh yeah
It's closer to the truth to say you can't get enough
You know you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to writing

Chorus: /Might as well face it, you're addicted to writing.../

I'm addicted. I can't stop writing.

[I'm hoping this counts as satire or reasonable use. A riff off of /Addicted to Love/ a
song by Robert Palmer. A great song, btw.]


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3 hours ago

Things have made you what you are," she recited "What you are will make you what you will become.

#ScienceFiction #SamuelRDelany

3 hours ago

The Void - Dark sci-fi space opera.

S03E10 - Foundation Day

The Republic celebrates the birth of their democracy, and the HDR Liberator crew finally get a chance to join in, dispersing to join their families on this momentous day.

Captain Carl Schafer remains alone, but the holiday is about to offer him an unexpected opportunity.

Even a grim universe can have a holiday special.

#scifi #sciencefiction #audiobook #thevoid #scifibooks

Image by Nuwan Tharaka.

Livia Teel arrives on Vovek, a planet still relatively early in the planetshaping process, and still primal in nature.

The Teel Corporation uses the planet as a military base and second home for the Incarnate process, source of the Teel Dynasty's immortality.

The facility is located on a coast, atop a series of bluffs. Livia's shuttle has landed on the top of one of these bluffs, and she has disembarked, ready to meet a representative from the Incarnate facility, who stands upon the lichen-strewn rocks.
Michael Schneiberg
3 hours ago

„In Science-Fiction-Romanen und -Filmen gibt es eine solche Antigravitation seit Langem. (…) Doch ein Zusammenschluss von Forscherinnen und Forschern erteilt solchen Träumereien nun eine Absage. Ihnen zufolge kann ausgeschlossen werden, dass es so etwas wie Antigravitation gibt.“ #physik #scifi #sciencefiction

RS, Author, Novelist
3 hours ago


I've been toying with the idea of taking one of my projects and releasing it as a sort of serial on a blog.

This is a great idea and it looks like you did. There's no guarantee you'll get feedback, but it will stretch your mind to new dimensions.

Being /Shy/ is difficult for writers, and not uncommon. I am also horribly shy... in person. It prevented me from networking when I got an agent, sold, and could get in to all those fabulous parties and meetups at Worldcon and other SF conventions. It's difficult, and crippling. But now you are on the Internet. You can have blogs, you can have webpages, and you have a Mastodon account. You can write to prompts, practice, and get things out there. Like I am.

I recommend following these hashtags /and participating/. Practice makes perfect, and writing lots of stories helps suppress the fear about starting and finishing, and having troubles coming up with ideas.

Remember this about feedback you may get: It is only the opinion of the person providing the feedback (advice, etc.), and it is up to you to decide if it is relevant in anyway to accept or ignore at your whim.

#writingwonders (defunct, but a very good read.)

These will give you a sense of community:

#writer #writers #author #writingCommunity #writersOfMastodon #sf #sff #fiction #scifi #ScienceFiction

Good luck! #shy #shyness

RS, Author, Novelist
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#WordWeavers 9.27 — Do any children under two or older people factor into your story?

I can't remember a story with children under two, though if one MC turns out to be pregnant, she may be fighting against the end of the world with a baby in tow.

Older people show up as the story requires them. The ages of the main players in the SFF WiP are 17, 18, 26, 35, 71, and 135. Different humans have different lifespans. The 71 year-old looks grey and somewhat wrinkled, and is the butt of agist humor, but he's the bad guy's muscle and a force to contend with. The 135 year old is, well, let's say, /unique and special?/ Read an interaction with him here: Ms George and the Dragon

I also have a character who's hundreds and hundreds of years old. I don't know her actual age because it hasn't come up as important enough in any story. But... she's always 24 years old. If she takes a fancy to your guy, she's not shy at seducing him away, either. Interestingly enough, the age of majority is 25 where she lives.


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John Harden
4 hours ago

I wanted to post a relevant page from the script but I don't seem to have a copy anymore. But, I did unearth my rejection letter. Check out that nifty #DS9 letterhead!
#scifi #sciencefiction #StarTrek #DeepSpaceNine #DeepSpace9 #screenwriting #screenwriter 🧵

John Harden
5 hours ago

The scene was more than just a random moment I wanted to include. It was setting up an expositional dive into how replicators work, b/c the episode hinged on it. OK here's the pitch: An antimatter torpedo, powerful enough to obliterate the station, pops out of the wormhole from parts unknown and attaches itself to DS9. It hacks the station's main computer and forces all the replicators onboard to start making copies of itself. The station starts filling up with bombs. They can't shut down the replicators b/c if they do, the bombs are so programmed that one will detonate, destroying DS9, and the rest of the warheads will be scattered through local space.
#scifi #sciencefiction #StarTrek #DeepSpaceNine #DeepSpace9 🧵

Polynomial C
5 hours ago
5 hours ago

Welcome back to Trek Long Island award-winning #1 New York Times bestselling author, pop culturalist, Trekspert, publishing professional, and author of more than 70 books Robb Pearlman! Whew, try saying that in one breathe!
#startrek #author #childrensbooks #sciencefiction

John Harden
5 hours ago

I didn't watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine when it aired, so I'm watching them now. In S4 E19 Molly puts the dirty dishes from dinner back into the replicator and zaps them away. I jumped up off the couch and yelled "FINALLY!" I'd been waiting to see a #StarTrek character do that since the 1990s. And, this toot explains exactly what flavor of nerd I am. 🧵
#scifi #sciencefiction #DeepSpaceNine #DeepSpace9

5 hours ago

They're Made Out of Meat - Terry Bisson, short story

Holger Nohr 🌻
6 hours ago

"Es ist nicht wichtig, dass eine Geschichte geglaubt wird. Viel wichtiger ist es, dass sie erzählt wird (...)."

Und vor allem muss sie gelesen werden! Unbedingt.

#ScienceFiction von Sven #Haupt ist nie einfach und oberflächlich. Das ist auch "Niemandes Schlaf" nicht. Wirklich gute deutsche SciFi mit Tiefgang. Unbedingt lesen!

Buchcover: "Niemandes Schlaf" von Sven Haupt.
6 hours ago


Det er lidt at spoile næsten, når man siger, at en roman stiller spørgsmålstegn ved virkeligheden, for så ved man som læser, at der kommer til at ske ting og sager her. Men nogle gange er det også svært at fortælle om en roman uden at spoile. Som nu “Anomalien” af Hervé Le Tellier – “der er et fly, som kommer ind i en storm, og mere vil […]

#fransk #HervéLeTellier #scienceFiction

In „The Creator“ kämpfen Menschen gegen Roboter. „Rogue One“- Regisseur Gareth Edwards übt in seinem neuen Film nebenbei Kritik an dem Konzept der Supermacht.#Film #Spielfilm #Science-Fiction #Roboter #Kriegsfilm #Filmregisseur #StarWars #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Kultur #Schwerpunkt
Regisseur Gareth Edwards über KI: „Anti-amerikanisch ist er nicht“
8 hours ago

#ScienceFiction-Film #TheCreator: "Die Dinger da unten haben mehr Herz als ihr!"

#GarethEdwards präsentiert seine philosophische Geschichte über Menschen und #KI in Ultra-Widescreen. Es ist einer der besten Science-Fiction-Filme des Jahres.

Michael Whelan
8 hours ago

Acrylic on Primed Masonite - 30" x 22"

I used myself as a model for this. Audrey took my picture on the driveway with a Polaroid as I posed for the figure. 1/4

#sciencefiction #scifi #scifiart #sff #illustration #gordonrdickson

A man in white jumpsuit rests his chin on his hand contemplatively as he hangs weightless in front of of clouded planet. His right leg is drawn up so that his elbow rests on his thigh with his other hand settled on the opposite hip and that leg pointed to extension. It's a pose only comfortable—or possible—in zero gravity. The line of his eyes leads left to a geometric shape formed from two intersecting tetrahedrons. A transparent bubble surrounds that ship. From a docking bay on the underside, a rocket burns away in a sweeping arc. The immediate foreground of the painting is a line of green tinted rocks which constrains our view of the planet to its upper hemisphere. A stone tower rises between the man and ship to bisect the planet beyond.  Streaks of green run diagonally across the starfield backdrop.

Thrilling Wonder Stories vol. 25, no. 2 (1944)

I love this, it's so wild. I love the expression on the captured woman's face particularly. She looks resentful rather than terrified.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

A woman is tied to a pillar, looking up to the sky where a giant green-lit face of a woman surrounded by snakes can be seen. Three men are apparently trying to rescue the woman, one of them firing at the green face.
Magazine cover from the 1940s,

Thrilling Wonder Stories vol. 25, no. 2 (1944).
Futuremania (official)
9 hours ago

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Heute vor 43 Jahren wurde zum ersten Male eine Folge „Captain Future“ im deutschen Fernsehen ausgestrahlt...

Futuremania (official)
9 hours ago

#captainfuture #capitaineflam #kult #scifi #sciencefiction #spaceopera #space #80er #zeichentrick #anime #lieblingsserie

Hach, was für ein Wochenende...
Es war grandios! Endlich mal wieder unter „normalen Leuten“ 😎
Letztes Jahr hatte es wegen Corona ja leider nicht geklappt, dafür haben uns dieses Jahr die Besucher fast die Bude eingerannt – es waren so viele an unserem Stand wie noch nie.
Vielen lieben Dank von uns Captain-Future-Fans! Es war uns eine Ehre, mit dabei gewesen zu sein.

Michael Shotter
9 hours ago

We're less than a week away from the start of season 2, so now's a great time to catch up on any episodes you might have missed.



Official Site:

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Prism & Pen
9 hours ago

“Papa Ardyn!” Myria cried out, running toward them. “I made a gift for you!”
“Oh, it’s beautiful! Did you make it?” Ardyn asked.
Nodding with a shy smile, she looked up at Jevan. “There’s another gift inside, and one is for you, Papa Jevan!”

#LGBTQ #Fiction #Queer Fiction #ScienceFiction #SerialFiction

10 hours ago

Nouvel article sur le blog ✍
Cette semaine, je reviens sur Les îles du soleil de Ian R. MacLeod, un auteur que j'aime décidément beaucoup (et j'ai bientôt fait le tour de tout ce qui a été traduit 😥).
#MastoLivre #Lecture #VendrediLecture #SFFF #Imaginaire #Uchronie #ScienceFiction

11 hours ago

Yes." The word was dough in his mouth. "Ah… thanks for my—" he almost shook his head again, but remembered—"my notebook.

#ScienceFiction #SamuelRDelany

How To Love Comics
11 hours ago

Have you ever wanted to start reading 2000 AD? This week's prog (#2351) is a great jumping-on issue, with all-new stories starting.

I've read it and it's heaps of fun.

You can get it at comic book shops and newsagents in the UK from today. Also availability digitally on the 2000 AD webshop:

(It'll be available in comic book shops outside the UK at a later date - there's always a bit of a delay.)

#Comics #ComicBooks #2000ad #JudgeDredd #ScienceFiction #SFF

Mario Portela
12 hours ago

➡️«ENKI: Tales from the Past» 🗓️ Schedule 🗓️
✅1 new episode this Thursday!
✅1 new episode next Sunday!
★ Listen NOW with your favorite podcast platform ★
#enki #narrative #audiodrama #ancientaliens #podcast #sciencefiction #podcasting #podcastshow

Anyone got any examples in fiction of an empire conquering something as large as the Milky Way? I can't think of anything that comes close.

#Scifi #SF #ScienceFiction #Empire #Stage #TypeIII

A FlipBoard presentation of my illustrated Science-Fiction-Fantasy Adventure Trilogy entitled, ‘Alex The Inventor’ which is loaded on Amazon and Draft2Digital. The series is for all ages 12 and up. Enjoy a great escape into the unique story-world of Alex Faraway (Alex The Inventor). #SciFi #sciencefiction #amazon #ebooks

The Gib :startrek:
16 hours ago


La palla da biliardo (The Billiard Ball), 1967

Isaac Asimov conosceva bene il caravanserraglio della scienza, e ci regala un breve racconto che descrive l'eterno "scontro" tra scienziati ed ingegneri; non solo #Fantascienza, ma anche una spruzzata di giallo. Potete leggerlo da qui:

Michael Ditsch
17 hours ago

#Filmtipp #ScienceFiction #Spoiler - The Creator - Film von Gareth Edwards - "'The Creator' aber übertrifft an Schönheit wie an Weisheit Spielberg, Lemire und Nguyen, weil Edwards erstens ambivalenteres Material aufbietet und es zweitens schlüssiger verdichtet." - Rezension von Dietmar Dath - Eventl. €

Michael Ditsch
17 hours ago

#Filmtipp #ScienceFiction #Spoiler - The Creator - Film von Gareth Edwards - "Gareth Edwards präsentiert seine philosophische Geschichte über Menschen und KI in Ultra-Widescreen. Es ist einer der besten Science-Fiction-Filme des Jahres." - Rezension von Peter Osteried - Eventl. €

#PennedPossibilities 84 — Did your SC fit in with the family they grew up with? If not, why?

If your adoptive mother is the ruler of the world, she pawns you off on her physician to raise, and you've got more "magical" ability in your pinky finger than any of your high school teachers, you're going to find it difficult to fit into any family. She became a bully, made sure everybody knew she'd succeed her mother (wrong), did a lot of teenage drinking and later intelligence-enhancing drugs, and couldn't get laid for trying (the worst!).


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20 hours ago

One week until #SurrealEstate S2 premieres October 4th on #Crave, #CTV #Scifi Channel, #Syfy US with ’Trust the Process.’

Diverse, talented main cast. Deadpan delivery of well crafted wry and quirky Canadian scripts. #TimRozon #SarahLevy #AdamKorson #MauriceDeanWint #SavannahBasley

Don’t sleep on this show. It may be true that ‘The House Always Wins’ - or not.

#horror #sciencefiction #supernatural #television

Worlds of IF (March 1952)

Very low-res image, but this is an all-time classic. Space ship, sexy woman, tiger, no explanation whatsoever necessary.

She's the Tiger Lady but she's dressed in leopard skin. Are leopards the enemies of Tiger People? Is her dress a warning to the tiger to behave itself or else?

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

A man points a gun at a woman in leopardskin off-the-shoulder clothing who is holding a tiger. There is a space ship in the background.

Worlds of IF magazine cover from the 1950s.

Worlds of IF (1952/03).

#WritingAndRobots 3.2 — Do you have any opening lines that you’re proud of? What’s the line, and why do you like it?

I'd seen t-shirt and chain-wearing ruffians much like these specimens before, loitering around Baltimore and harassing people.

I reviewed a few dozen stories to come up with this one. I'm dancing in the street if I can come up with a good opening paragraph, let alone a first line. This one really sets the stage. It of course brings up the question why not concentrate on a slam-bang opening line?

For me, spending too much time working on getting a perfect start prevents me from starting. I think I'm going to try a strategy of coming back to the beginning after writing chapters and see if I can come up with that line, being inspired by other events later.

Here's a two others that I like. The first could be written with semicolons and said in one breath, so I say it counts.

“Gah! Mark, you’re doing it again! Get out of my bed!"


It's hard to reminisce about the naïve events of your childhood when you can't help but remember seeing the princess of your adopted homeland murdered.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon #WritingWonders

#WritersCoffeeClub Ch 1 #27 — What's the strangest research you've done for your writing?

Well... I studied folklore and mythology and got a degree specializing in it. My day job ended up being a programmer, not a curator, though my background served me well as an SF & F author. One of the best parts of attending university was the university library. They had a Lesser Key of Solomon there (I think it was the lesser). An original edition from the 1700s—old books rock! And smell, interesting. The contents creeped me out as I imagined how to make it work. I never succeeded in summoning demons. I'm a lot less credulous these days. Studied a lot of real life magic, voodoo, and Sámi and native American shamanism. I learned lucid dreaming and tried to do soul travel (but failed, though I have a great treatment for an SF soul travel story). I often use technical terms in my writing, like "contagious magic," when describing particular spells or magical apparitions because I understand why. Sorry I can't be more specific, but school was decades (millennia) ago...


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon #WritingWonders

Keith Stevenson
1 day ago

Traitor’s Run launches this weekend at Conflux. If you can’t make it, you can pre-order copies at
#TheLenticular #ScienceFiction

The logo for Conflux Convention 17: Passages and Portals held in Canberra this weekend with a copy of Traitor's Run rising in the foreground
1 day ago

One Star Wars Director has been promoting his upcoming movie, The Creator, and was asked about Lucasfilm and their troubled history with creatives. In a new interview with Uproxx, Gareth Edwards (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) respectfully disagrees that Lucasfilm removing creators is a problem. #scifi #sciencefiction

Colin Macleod
1 day ago

"The dangerous philosophy of Ursula Le Guin" - - worth a look.
#sf #sciencefiction

Abra Staffin-Wiebe
1 day ago

(4/6) Looking for a way to procrastinate productively? Try monthly flash fiction contests!

#amwriting #writingCommunity #ScienceFiction #Fantasy

1 day ago

It's finally here! After 8 long years of working on this novel, I'm excited that it's finally published.


Within the forbidden woods lies a secret that could change everything.

"Artifact of the Dawn," an exciting sci-fi adventure by Grayson Bell, available now.


#SciFi #ScienceFiction #SciFiNovel #SciFiSeries #QueerFiction #LGBTQ #Amazon #AmazonBook #AmazonKindle

Promotional graphic with a colorful nebula background. On the foreground is an image of the book being promoted, "Artifact of the Dawn." The cover art depicts two men standing on a hillside overlooking a valley with a high-tech tower and mountains in the background. 

The taller man has dark skin, short black hair, and a closely cropped beard.

The shorter man has very pale skin, long purple, braided hair, and pointed ears.

The promotional text reads:

An Exciting Sci-Fi Adventure. 

Within the forbidden woods lies a secret that could change everything.

Now Available

Below the text is a QR code and URL.
Kit Muse
1 day ago

Okay, now I want to know if there are any academic journals devoted to speculative fiction. I know there are the anthologies like BtVS and Philosophy (or the book I have on my TBR, the Religions of Star Trek).

If there isn't, must look up what it takes to start one, because that would certainly fall under the umbrella of something I'm working on.

#Academia #sf #ScienceFiction @bookstodon #bookstodon

SciFi/Fantasy Magazine Covers
1 day ago

Amazing Stories vol. 28, no. 4 (September 1954)

Giant red Trojan horse! Obviously it's OK to try that trick on aliens, they don't know the story. They are pretty unhappy though. Maybe giant red objects being lowered onto them are an unnatural phobia they have.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

A huge red object in the stylised shape of a horse is falling/being lowered from above from a circular light source as green alien creatures react in consternation.
Amazing Stories magazine cover from the 1950s.

Amazing Stories vol. 28, no. 4 (1954/09).
heise online
1 day ago

heise+ | AR-Designer: "Etwas erschaffen, das eine andere Realitätsebene darstellt"

Designer Keiichi Matsuda hat mit "Hyper-Reality" einen dystopischen Kurzfilm über die AR-Zukunft geschaffen. Im Interview erklärt er, wie es weitergehen könnte.

#AugmentedReality #Design #Infotech #VirtualReality #ScienceFiction #news

Jack of all trades
2 days ago

Reading these reports is like reading a sci-fi novel, making me curious what amazing scenarios they will conjure up next.

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #GreenGrowth #NetZero #ScienceFiction

Keith Stevenson
2 days ago

One week to go in our Goodreads Giveaway. Win 1 of 3 paperback copies of Traitor's Run. US and Canada only (soz).
#TheLenticular #ScienceFiction

William Kretschmer
2 days ago
Ariel Kroon
2 days ago

Stoked to be moderating a #panel at this year's #CanCon on #Gentrification #Climate and #Infrastructure - @annaleen and @premeesaurus be prepared for me to stalk you a lot. I don't think Mark Robinson has a Masto account, so I'll have to search him up the old fashioned way.

#sff #sf #fantastika #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Convention #Canada #ClimateCrisis #solarpunk

SciFi/Fantasy Magazine Covers
2 days ago

Authentic Science Fiction Monthly 74 (November 1956)

This is clearly a remake of “Wages of Fear” only instead of transporting nitroglycerine through a jungle, the challenge is to transport the world's largest BabyBel cheese across an alien planet.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

A tank-like tracked vehicle is moving across an alien landscape with a large red sphere on top of it, which is shooting out a beam of light.
Authentic Science Fiction magazine cover from the 1950s.

Authentic Science Fiction Monthly 74 (1956/11).

Sooo... as it was getting near the end of S11E10 of #Futurama (All The Way Down), I thought... they're not, are they?

And, yep, they did. They copied one of the plot points from @gregeganSF #GregEgan's #PermutationCity which came out in 1994.

So, my theory that #ScienceFiction moves from hardcore to mainstream in around thirty years is, once again, VINDICATED!

They'll rue the day they expelled me from the academy, those CLAMS!


Greatest Trek :veritrek_gold:
2 days ago

On today's #GreatestGen, Icheb has to take his eyes off the stars and put his hands in the dirt when he's reunited with his agrarian parents. But he's not too keen on leaving the Voyager for the post-Borg rustic life.

Listen to the full episode at

#GreatestGen #StarTrek #GreatestTrek #MaxFun #MaximumFun #Podcasts #FriendsOfDesoto #Fod #Comedy #StarTrekVoyager #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Podcast


S. Z. Attwell ☕️💻
3 days ago

Last-ditch attempt to get you all to grab copies of my books before I take them offline, hopefully not for long but potentially a couple years (admin reasons). eBooks are $2.99, see
I love my story and hope you will too. This isn’t (mainly) about sales.

#books #scifi #ScienceFiction #dystopian #ClimateChange #ClimateFiction #clifi #bookstodon

Aestus 1 and 2 against desert cover art. Top, all caps: “DON’T MISS OUT.” Bottom: “Available until midnight Pacific time”
First chapter excerpt from Aestus 1:


15 years ago 

Jossey scrambled up the side of the condenser pod and sat under the desert sky, looking up at the glitter of stars. 

She winced at the squeak of Tark's shoes on the sleek metal curve of the pod. This one was older, maybe a century or more, but still in good condition. "Ship-shape," Father would say, though the phrase meant nothing to her. It was one of those strange things grown-ups said. 

The steel pod gleamed in the starlight. She hoped the Onlar wouldn't see two figures sitting here.

Tark plunked down beside her, floppy hair shoved out of his face. "You scared now?" he hissed.
Reviews for Aestus 1 against a book 2 cover art background (dark canyon with a lit rock structure). Reviews:
“…at the level of Frank Herbert’s Dune” - IHeartSci-fi
“…nothing short of brilliant.” - C. J. Shane
“…has the makings of a viral sensation.” - Ian the Reader, SPSFC2 judge
“…masterful…on par with the best in the genre.” - A. R. Saida
SciFi/Fantasy Magazine Covers
3 days ago

Science Fiction Stories vol. 6, no. 3 (November 1955)

No idea what's going on here. Those who don't learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them, maybe the guy is saying, so let's save them from the post-apocalyptic rubble.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

A man with grey hair and embroidered coat is holding on to a pile of books with titles indicating they're histories. Science Fiction Stories magazine cover from the 1950s.

Science Fiction Stories vol. 6, no. 3 (1955/11).
3 days ago

FINAL WEEK for these 4 titles! is a #blog site all about #LGBT characters in #ScienceFiction, #Fantasy, #Paranormal and #Horror!

Part of the curated library of #LiminalFiction #Indies! 😍
Join the #Queer #SciFi weekly #newsletter, and receive 4 #FreeBooks , PLUS the opportunity to request featured #books EVERY month! 💪📖

@bookstodon @fantasy @specfic @horror @paranormal @lgbtqbookstodon @sffbookclub
@literature @liminalfiction

Join the Queer Sci-Fi Email List and get Four Speculative Fiction eBooks Free! September offer:
"Life in the Land" by Rebecca Cohen.
"Sons to Keep: A Sister Seekers Prequel" by A.S. Etaski
"Treading Water" by Swimbikerun.
"Gloam: a Witchlight Short Story" by Jaime Munn.
3 days ago


Wondering if this will have a #CJCherryh vibe…?

And why haven’t any of the #AllianceUnion books been brought to screen yet?

#1980s #Scifi #ScienceFiction #SpaceStations #AsteroidMiners

Original DAW cover for CJ Cherryh’s 1982 Hugo award winning novel Downbelow Station.
Inset of David B Mattingly’s painting of Downbelow station for the original 1981 DAW cover.
Cover for CJ Cherryh’s 1991 novel ‘Heavy Time’ show  a man held up in an airlock by two others wearing spacesuits.
Cover for CJ Cherryh’s 1992 ‘Hellburner’ shows a helmeted spacesuit and gloved hands pressing against an airlock window.
William Kretschmer
4 days ago
Players' Patchwork Theatre Co
4 days ago

The kitties of the Patchwork Palace and Dalek Skarino implore you to have a wonderful first #Caturday of Autumn!

#cat #cats #kitty #kitties #Dalek #DoctorWho #ScienceFiction #SciFi #parody #Autumn #Fall #Equinox

A black & white Maine coon mix looks at the camera while sitting on a cat climbing tower. Behind the cat is a green & purple parody Dalek from "Doctor Who" wearing a mohawk in his own colors. Off to the side is a grey & white cat on a smaller tower looking at the window.
Metin Seven 🎨
5 days ago

Space ray guns. 🔫

I designed the grey on-board cannon as a replacement part for the 1970s Star Bird toy spaceship. It can be ordered in my 3D print store:

#3d #b3d #MoI3D #art #artwork #space #guns #weapons #SciFi #ScienceFiction #DigitalArt #HardSurface #FediArt #MastoArt

A detailed gun turret replacement for the legendary 1970s / 1980s MB Electronics collector's item toy spaceship called the Star Bird.
3D toy space ray gun design.
3D toy space ray gun design.
3D toy space ray gun design.
5 days ago

@triptych @mrawdon

Thanks, yes I see them there.

And I’ve just realized that the mysterious asteroid of #Space1999 S01 E03 ‘Collision Course’ must surely be #Bennu - based on its unique shape.

Except that the real life Bennu was only officially discovered by astronomers on September 11, 1999.

How fun is that?

(#ScienceFiction preceding #ScienceFact.)

Screencap from cold open of Space 1999 S01 E03 ‘Collision Course’ showing an Eagle lander carrying an explosive payload approaching an odd cubic shaped asteroid from the left.
A black & white composite photo of the real asteroid Bennu.
Jason W. Ellis
5 days ago


Hello, all! I just moved here from

I am an Associate Professor of English at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY, where I coordinate the City Tech Science Fiction Collection and teach classes on #sciencefiction, #language, #writing, #multimodal #composition, #law through #literature, and #technicalcommunication.

I co-founded the annual City Tech Science Fiction Symposium, and I am a former director of the Bachelor of Science in Professional and Technical Writing Program.

I am also into #artificialintelligence, #ai, #generativeai, #neuroscience and neuroscientific discourses, #retrocomputing, #emulation, #linux, #lego, #making, #starwars, and #skateboarding.

Looking forward to the conversations!

Michael Whelan
5 days ago

DESCENT (1989)

Acrylic on Canvas - 28" x48"

When I was asked to do a new cover for Ray Bradbury's classic THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES, I reread it and found I was deeply moved by the sense of inevitable tragedy that permeates the first half of the book.

#sciencefiction #scifi #scifiart #illustration #raybradbury


A comet streaks across the Martian sky over a distant city and descending past a massive rectangular horned arch. Mountains run along the horizon like irregular plates jutting from its spine. The familiar red-orange of Martian regolith is broken by deep blue canals that wind through the landscape. In the immediate foreground, a trio of domed towers, each unique, dwarf tall slender pyramids clustered just beyond. Set above all that to the foreground right, a raised pool reflects the sky in a gray-blue gradient. A pair of bronze skinned humans sit next to it on an ivory overhang dotted with amber beads. The surface is elegantly patterned ending in a lace-like edging. One man holds an ornate mask over his face, casting a distinctly alien gaze at the viewer. In contrast, his companion cups his mask in his hand, exposing slightly elongated features in profile, as he gazes up at the contrail that crosses the sky.
Deirdre Saoirse Moen
1 week ago

Robert Heinlein really raised awareness about blood donation in 1976 when he started getting fans at the World Science Fiction Conventions to donate.

It just hit me tonight that this inadvertently led to the death of his biggest rival, Isaac Asimov, who died in 1992 from complications of HIV from tainted blood transfused during bypass surgery.


Petar Toushkov
1 week ago

I was so! excited! that today's my birthday, I was up and about at 3am 🙂 🎂 🥳

Well, part of the truth is, the author, along with the cover artist, of this freshly printed book we published over at @trubadurs_mag will be passing through Sofia on her way to Plovdiv for the annual #ScienceFiction convention #BulgaCon, where they'll attend the premier of the book. And at 7am, I must be ready to rush out and toss them these copies of it so they'll have something to show for while they are at it.

A bunch of books in packaging and a cardboard box inscribed:

"Elena Pavlova
RISE! Ltd.
Don't play with your food"
1 week ago

And if so then does that make them basically the same species as the #Silurians
( #DoctorWho )?
#GerryAnderson #Fanderson #ScienceFiction #SciFi #Stingray #FireballXL5

1 week ago

How did the aquaphibians on the planet Zofeit ( #FireballXL5 ) manage to get to the Earth?
( #Stingray )
Or, did they evolve on Earth first?
#GerryAnderson #Fanderson #ScienceFiction #SciFi

Bogi Takács
1 week ago

Today is LAUNCH DAY for an anthology I edited!

#RosalindsSiblings: Fiction and Poetry Celebrating Scientists of Marginalized Genders.

The Rosalind Franklin memorial anthology!

ToC + direct purchase from publisher:

#SFF #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Anthology #Science #SciComm #RosalindFranklin #QueerBooks #Feminism #AtthisArts @bookstodon @shortsff @shortstory #Bookstodon #Books #SpeculativeFiction #SpeculativePoetry #PoetryCommunity #WritingCommunity

Cover art by Mia Carnevale: a sepia-toned drawing of Rosalind Franklin looking into her microscope.
SciFi/Fantasy Magazine Covers
1 week ago

Amazing Stories vol. 26, no. 12 (December 1952)

Did the guy bring his special nuclear-explosion goggles to wear, just in case?

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

A man holds an unconscious woman in his arms, as he looks out across a mountain valley to a distant mushroom-cloud explosion. Amazing Stories magazine cover from the 1950s.

Amazing Stories vol. 26, no. 12 (1952/12).
Hearth Stories
1 week ago

We are excited to announce the list of stories/authors that will be in our first issue!

It will be out on the 21st of December, so there is still a bit of time left to get really really excited 😀

#speculativefiction #fantasy #scienceFiction

@sarahijackson @aphowell @alicia @JenniferShelby @emily_writes @cjyeates

1 week ago

What is the organization Frontiers of Science? Are they behind a string of mysterious deaths in the scientific community?

All will be revealed when Three-Body Problem, the mind-blowing Chinese sci-fi epic, premieres on September 23 at 9 PM.

#threebodyproblem #scifi #sciencefiction #PBS

An illustration in the style of a retro science fiction poster, of planets in space. The planet closest to us has pyramid-like structures on it, and a poster with a fuzzy image. Wrapped in something that looks like video film, a group of scientists sits in a blue room at a table, with posters and charts around them. Text reads THREE-BODY PROBLEM. KCTS 9 | World's Best TV.
Greatest Trek :veritrek_gold:
1 week ago

On today's #GreatestGen, a deceased crewmember returns to the Voyager with a new face, a new race & she has Harry's hormones all over the place. It's no fun & games for the Borgs kids when Seven's in charge of the day's play.

Listen to the full episode at

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#toilets #friction #Science #sciencefiction @bookstodon

Chapter 27 in The Mote in God's Eye, By Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle: the Moties make a toilet for the earthmen that is frictionless like this, and uses no water.

All very good, but what will we read about that silicone oil (or the other bits) in a few years?

More "forever chemicals" to screw us up?

This is the kind of super good idea we tend to take to without doing any homework...

rabbit_fighter (Brad Wright)
1 week ago

@bookstodon I'm looking for book recommendations for an 11yo who reads at a much more advanced level. He likes sci-fi. He has read the Hitchhiker's Guide series and loved them. I think he would enjoy some more 'hard' sci-fi as well. He needs something challenging but without subject matter that is too mature. Thanks for any help! #sciencefiction #bookstodon

RS, Author, Novelist
2 weeks ago

#WritersCoffeeClub Ch 1 #17 — How do you promote your writing?

This is the reason I am on Mastodon. I hope that didn't sound callus or self-serving, but it is a first step for me going from traditional commercial agent-mediated publishing to publishing commercially myself.

By being here, I am making an effort to help others with my experience as a published author and am encouraging writers who are feeling the less fun side of writing. As always, I am open to questions either as public comments because #commentingIsCool or via private mention toots.

I'm also getting samples of my writing out there, and preparing to go with a website in the near future. In the background, I'm revising unpublished manuscripts and publishing some non-commercial novel-length works on another site under different alias.

I also feel I'm networking. I'm connecting with lots of other authors and hopeful I'm find some of my Clarion buddies one day.

I am very much looking forward to other answers to this prompt! I really need ideas.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon #WritingWonders

Tucker Teague
2 weeks ago

I finally got around to watching Denis Villeneuve's 2016 film, ARRIVAL. The screenplay is based on a short story by Ted Chiang, and it feels a lot like an Arthur C. Clarke kind of story. In other words, there's something of the grand yet intimate classic science fiction stories of the golden age of scifi. A true "first contact" story with deep meaning, mystery, and socio-political questions. I feel it's a rather remarkable and excellent film.

#ScienceFiction #scifi #cinema #film #movies

A graphic based on key visual elements from the 2016 film, Arrival.
Spencer Wolfe
2 weeks ago

A new #introduction

My name is Spencer and I decided to join Mastodon because I like the idea behind the #fediverse and a more decentralized system. I also think the alternatives are becoming crappier by the day ...

What social media I've done involves my #hobbies of #gardening and building a #scalemodel when I have time.

My other interests are #reading #sciencefiction and #electronics

I have a background in #Science ( #Physics ) as well.

I hope to make some new connections here! 🙂 🖖

Stan Carey
2 weeks ago

Nice examination of how gender and pronoun use evolved in SFF over the last century, with David Lindsay, Ursula Le Guin, and Ann Leckie as mini case studies. By @ergative @NerdsofaFeather: #SFF #ScienceFiction #gender

Katherine Karch
2 weeks ago

Happy to share the I’ve got a new flash story out in Radon Journal (@radonjournal).

A colony ship’s AI committed to saving humanity no matter the cost. You can read it here.'s-companion

#writer #writers #author #authors #writing #writingcommunity #amwriting #sciencefiction #flashfiction #RadonJournal

Cait Gordon ♿️
2 weeks ago

In a galactic network known as the Keangal, where space is accessible…

...get ready for Season One: Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space!

Learn more about this #Disability #ScienceFiction #Hopepunk series where bodyminds are celebrated (and maybe also cake). PEW-PEW-PEW!

Book cover description: Four crew members of the SS SpoonZ and a robot stand on a planetary surface. The image of them is superimposed over a sky with swirling stars that features a ship whose hull looks like it’s shaped from spoons. The crew members from the right are Lieutenant Iris, who’s holding her white cane with the red stripe and has her other hand on the head of her aqua guidebot, Clarence; Security Chief Leanna Lartha is aiming a grey tubular weapon at something while smirking. She has two leg prostheses and one is glowing; Commander Davan waves a blue arm at Iris. He has a prominent trunk, which he also uses to communicate in his own language; And Mr. Herbert, Chief of Engineering, has his back to us while pointing to the sky.
“I simply cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this! Best thing I've read all year” Robert Kingett, co-editor of Artificial Divide
“Space... the most accessible frontier. These interconnected, intergalactic stories imagine disability as a natural part of life, and accessibility as a necessity rather than an afterthought. No matter what your body can or can’t do, and no matter your species, Iris and the crew welcomes you aboard.” Jennifer Lee Rossman, co-editor of Mighty: An Anthology of Disabled Superheroes
“Readers, get ready—for the gleekin’ ride of your life! Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space is an exuberant romp that ditches all the stale clichés of sci-fi in favour of what’s fresh, exciting, and truly possible. Here is a tale that shows when it comes to accessibility, not even the sky is the limit. Buckle up and enjoy!” Amanda Leduc, author of The Centaur’s Wife and Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space
Wendy M. Grossman
2 weeks ago

This week's net.wars, "Doom cyberfuture", goes to speculative law conference #GikiiUtrecht2023, where AI overwhelms science fiction: #NetWars #Gikii #AI #law #ScienceFiction