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More than 3 yrs into #pandemic M of people who have suffered from #LongCovid finally have #scientific #proof that their condition is #real. Scientists have found clear differences in the #blood of people with long Covid key 1st step in dev of test to #diagnose. Findings published the journal Nature also offer clues into what could be causing the elusive condition that has perplexed doctors worldwide and left M w ongoing #fatigue, trouble w memory d#ebilitating #symptoms.

Ricardo Harvin
2 days ago

#LongCovid has #scientific proof in this currently still-being-edited paper published in #Nature:

@rebeccasear publication counts only if it is made in a #scientific journal, preferably highly rated. Scientific journals charge either readers or writers. We would be happy to publish free, but we rarely have 2-4k euro of grant money to pay for a single publication. This area, as well as others btw, require very serious #copyright reform.

1 week ago

@Pathways_Initiative @Lylamehta @farhanasultana

Quoting the website:
"In practice, the predominance of the #Eurocentric #scientific paradigm continues to hamper this effort while reinforcing deep social injustices and unequal power relations, leaving many #researchers at a loss on how to effectively contribute to more diverse and #inclusive approaches."

Very interesting!

#MastodonScience #sustainability

1 week ago

Job advertisement Group Susan Mango

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Technician/Research Associate (100%)

@biozentrum @UniBasel_en
#Biozentrum #Basel #research #science #Scientific

2 weeks ago

BEXUS launch campaign started today at #ESRANGE balloon base near #Kiruna, Sweden.

#BEXUS stands for Balloon Experiments for University Students is a project part of the REXUS/BEXUs initiative that allows #students from #universities and higher education #colleges across Europe and more recently Canada to carry out #scientific and #technological #experiments on #stratospheric research balloons.

Two #balloons have been launched each year since 2003 carrying multiple student experiments.


View of the integration hall assigned for the teams participating of this year's BEXUS campaign at the European Space Range (ESRANGE) located in the polar circle near the Swedish city of Kiruna.

More than 2,000 researchers have signed an open letter requesting the #repatriation of a #dinosaur #fossil to #Brazil. Some say the case highlights a pattern of #scientific #colonialism in #paleontology.

3 weeks ago

We are happy to introduce you to Edgar Alberto Alcalá Orozco, one of our #PhD #researchers. His #scientific focus revolves around the development of enzymatic processes for the synthesis of activated sugars and human milk oligosaccharides.

If you want to read more about his experiences at the #IMPRS ProEng, have a look at our article:

3 weeks ago

The judges, however, found some of the govt communications enjoined by the district court to be permissible, including those of fmr chief medical adviser to the president, Anthony #Fauci. They said the record did NOT show that Fauci communicated directly w/ the platforms & said his efforts to promote the govt’s #scientific & &policy views did NOT “run afoul of the #FirstAmendment.”

Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once #ClimateChange solutions require as much varied and relevant information as possible.

This story is of a daunting, dangerous, and unique #scientific effort to help determine just how dire our extremely dire situation may be.

"#Scientists have less material from under the #IceSheet [covering #Greenland] than they do from the surface of the #moon."

RIO Journal
3 weeks ago

🆕 The #PoshBee Toolbox is the latest #scientific result to be featured in the Poshbee Project's #openscience outcomes collection in our #journal!

Published as a Policy Brief, the consortium publicly shared a whole range of protocols, tools & guides meant to help #pollinators management, developed during the project. See:

🧐 Explore all 46 project publications to date:

More coming soon!

#EUbiodiversity #SavetheBees #Horizon2020 #HorizonEU

News18 India
3 weeks ago

The special commissioner (law and order) also urged Delhiites to respond to the requests of the police to keep peace to ensure a flawless, foolproof G20 event
#Scientific #MultilayerSecurity #DelhiG20Meet #Lockdown #CPDependraPathak #News18

Paul Secular
1 month ago


These #scam #adverts generally follow a pattern:

1) They are usually a slideshow with text captions and narration. Rather than a human narrator, the text is read by a computer text-to-speech system. The information is often self-contradictory.

2) They claim that one or more #experts (who don't actually exist) have discovered a cure to a common #health problem (nail #fungus, gum #disease, #obesity, etc.). This seemingly magical #cure is usually referred to as a "hack" or "trick". The #hack is sometimes described using nonsensical adjectives like #exotic or #weird.

3) The "hack" is implied to be cheaper than conventional #medicine. It is usually said to take just a few minutes each day. However, at the same time, it is often claimed to magically cure you "overnight".

4) They often mention prestigious institutes like #Harvard or they make up institutes that don't exist but give them impressive sounding names. Alternatively they may simply reference "Ivy league" institutions.

5) They often exaggerate the danger of the health condition. For example they may claim that people with nail #fungus are at risk of losing their #toes.

6) They usually make #scientific sounding claims that make no sense whatsoever. They illustrate these with ridiculous unrelated visuals.

7) They claim that some large (but often very specific) number of people have already been cured.

8) Finally, they claim that there is a #conspiracy by some big #industry that is trying to silence them. They warn you to click now before it is "too late" and the industry defeats them and gets the #information removed from the web.

Paul Secular
1 month ago


The #web is overrun with tiresome #scam #adverts. Many of them are snake oil promising seemingly magical cures to common #health problems. They are no doubt hoping to trick #vulnerable people with no #scientific training.

Here's a screenshot from one of the latest disgusting adverts on #YouTube (which is full of them). Clicking it leads to a #webpage with the following ridiculous text claiming that one single "expert" is taking on the "Billion Dollar Anti-fungal Industry", and that this "expert" is in danger of being silenced...

"World Renowned International Fungus Expert Dr. Langdon has discovered a 3-Minute Shower Hack that can help eliminate stubborn toenail fungus, itchy skin, and smelly feet.

Dr. Langdon discovered that the possible cause of skin and toe fungus infection has nothing to do with outside influence but from a disturbing fungus mutation.

She discovered that this mutation can be so powerful that the conventional home remedies, creams, or antibiotics may actually feed your toenail fungus, instead of starving it!

Over 43,000 other men and women have already used this 'antifungal 3 minute shower hack' to eliminate toenail fungus, itchy skin, and smelly feet while re-growing and restoring the smooth glossiness of their nails.

This video is shaking up the Billion Dollar Anti-fungal Industry and is at risk of being taken again.

Click the button below before it’s taken down!"

Screenshot of a YouTube advert. It shows the arms and hands of three seated, suited people. Their faces are not shown. They are holding pieces of paper. There is a caption reading "Powerful corporations are trying to silence this innovative doctor".
1 month ago

🌍 Exploring Paradigm Shifts 🚀

From Copernicus to Darwin, history is filled with moments that changed the way we see the world. Let's dive into the evolution of paradigm shifts that reshaped science, culture, and our understanding of reality.

#ParadigmShifts #History #Understanding #Science #Scientific #Philosophy

1 month ago

1 of world’s biggest #scientific publishers retracted a journal article that claimed 2 have found no evidence of #climatecrisis. #SpringerNature said it had retracted article by 4 Italian physicists after internal investigation found conclusions were “not supported by available evidence or data provided by authors”. Climate sceptic groups widely publicised article which appeared in European Physical Journal Plus in Jan 2022 not known 4 publishing #climatechange #science

Andreas Dutzler
1 month ago

We published our open-access paper about damage mechanisms of air spring bellows and how to obtain a representative specimen design for cord-rubber composite materials.

The scripts for the simulation, including a Jupyter notebook which may be executed in Google Colab, is available on GitHub.

#hyperelasticity #damage #composite #rubber #cord #airspring #bellow #python #fea #finiteelements #scientificcomputing #scientific #opensource #computationalmechanics #openscience

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
1 month ago

Scarificator, late 17th century. This instrument with spring-loaded blades delivered many cuts simultaneously. Afterwards, the doctor placed a heated cup over the site. As it cooled, blood was forced out of the wounds.

Photo: University of Melbourne.

#histodons #histodon #history #histmed #medhist #histsci #instrument #scientific #science #medicine #doctors

A blocky instrument with little slits at the bottom, out of which protrudes many blades.

Perceptions of #scientific #research literature and strategies for reading papers depend on #academic career stage | PLOS ONE

1 month ago

#Anthropologist Ales Hrdlicka served as the head of the #Smithsonian’s physical anthropology div 1903-1941…. During Hrdlicka’s 4 decades at the institution, he oversaw the acquisition of hundreds of human brains & thousands of other remains. The overwhelming majority… were taken w/o the #consent of the deceased or their family, & Hrdlicka took particular interest in the remains of #Indigenous people & #PeopleOfColor to undergird his search for #scientific evidence of #WhiteSuperiority.

Numerous #Scientific #Studies following International #Olympic Committee (#IOC) standards consistently show that trans women do not gain any competitive advantage.

In stark contrast, #Disinformation disguised as studies, created by #Transphobic #Extremists, are the only ones that claim otherwise. These intentionally deceptive reports are contradicted by dozens of legitimate studies, yet suddenly the principles of #Science and #Fairness seem to be abandoned. 📚
1 month ago

New data suggests another important group of users are also pulling back from #Twitter. More than half of #scientific #researchers who use Twitter report they’ve reduced the amount of time they spend there or have left altogether.

#EricSchmidt is a true #visionary for using his personal wealth to fund an organization that will use #AI to tackle some of the world's most pressing #scientific challenges! It's an inspiring example of how one person can make a tremendous difference in the world! #Innovation #Inspiration

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
1 month ago

Some hints on the #scientific #publication I'm currently working on...


cc @jknodlseder @leo @Labos1point5_en

#AcademicLife #academicmastodon #academicchatter #LaTeX #TeXLaTeX #Science #Overleaf

There’s far more #scientific #fraud than anyone wants to admit

"nearly 5,500 retractions we catalogued in 2022.... #Retractions have risen sharply in recent years for two main reasons: first, sleuthing, largely by volunteers who comb #academic literature for anomalies, and, second, major publishers’ (belated) recognition that their business models have made them susceptible to paper mills"

2 months ago

Are you a senior or young professional looking for a new challenge?
Then, go check @EFSA_EU's new job openings in the #Scientific and #Legal fields!
#EUCareers #ShapingEuropeTogether


2 months ago

🌟 Seeking a new challenge in the #Scientific, #Data, or #Legal fields?
Whether you're a senior or young professional, we have opportunities for your growth!
🚀 Explore our career page and apply now⤵️
Join us:
#EFSACareers #EUcareers | @EU_Careers


Mathemagician 🟧⬛
2 months ago

@nus "Don't take a conservative at their word, look at their actions."

Also don't take a #Mastodon user who is a goat for their word but read #studies and #scientific papers yourself.


2 months ago

Currently watching #JurassicParc. After 30y of experience, I watch this movie completely different compared to back then, when I was a kid.

Not only the part with the IT security (no redundancy, just one underpaid IT engineer etc), but also the part with Hammond using the #scientific results others gained after decades of research without any morals.

Compared to him, the people around #Oppenheimer at least knew, what they were unleashing when constructing the A bomb.

#movie #cinema #classics

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
2 months ago

In the next few weeks, you will probably see a big announcement from #AviLoeb and his team from #Harvard about the proof of an #Alien #Life, following the on-going analysis of spheres found in the Pacific that would come from IM1, an #interstellar object.

The publication is not available yet, but given Avi's highly controversial reputation, I am expecting this result to be fake.

Avi is currently manipulating the #media, which is a mean of #scientific #imposture.

#Astronomy #Space #Science

Spheres found in the Pacific by the Galileo expedition led by Avi Loeb
Open Book Publishers
2 months ago

📢#OutNow in #OA: '#Seabirds in the #NorthEast #Atlantic: #ClimateChange Vulnerability and Potential #Conservation Actions' by Henry Häkkinen, Silviu Petrovan, Nigel G. Taylor, William J. Sutherland & Nathalie Pettorelli.

This book was produced by the #Zoological Society of London and the University of Cambridge.

'#Seabirds in the #NorthEast #Atlantic' collates information from the #scientific #literature, #nongovernmental organisations’ reports, #conservation practitioner input and online databases into a single volume, and provides a reference manual to assist conservation planning.

It is intended to be used by anyone who wishes to identify #climatechange threats to #seabirds; to compare threats between different areas of the #NorthEast #Atlantic; to start a quantitative climate change vulnerability assessment for a #local population; or to review options for #conservation action in response to #climatechange.

Access at

Cover of 'Seabirds in the North-East Atlantic’ on a 3D image of a tablet, a phone, and a book.
2 months ago

#scientific : used in science

- French: Scientifique

- German: wissenschaftlich

- Italian: scientifico

- Portuguese: científico

- Spanish: cientifico


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@Cloaker yeah, but not only won't there be any preview render of the link if there's an image in the toot, but it's also an important and vital part to follow #scientific standards and #LinkToSources whether one likes them or not.

After all, citing a press release isn't an endorsement but just transparency of sources...

2 months ago

During #SouthAfrica's #COVID hard #LOCKDOWN, rising star scientist Dr Sandile Cele spent his Christmas holidays in a laboratory. Soon the 35-year-old became the first to successfully grow the #Betavariant of SARS-CoV-2 in the lab. Biénne Huisman spoke to Cele about how he did this, the string of accolades he received since, and his leap from a modest upbringing to the global #scientific stage.

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

It's these types of efforts where we need to focus basic and advanced #research, #scientific and #technological #exploration, and large-scale #commercial and #government #development.

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is the most sound #global #philosophy and #strategy to potentially mitigate, and possibly reverse, the extreme damage we've done to our #climate and #environment.

It's what an #ecological #MoonShot means, to me.


Philipp Markolin ☑️
2 months ago

"Another athlete mysteriously died... was it the #vaccine?" - you might have seen this before.

Media #manipulators constantly hunt for unexplained anomalies they can leverage for furthering their self-serving narratives.

This works because our brains do not deal well with #uncertainty; we tend to overfit unexplained datapoints into stories offered by others.

However, anomalies (fake or real) are just exceptional #anecdotes and almost always irrelevant to a #scientific #consensus on a topic.

#Florida has completely dropped #science and #scientific teaching. I can only advise parents living in Florida to leave as fast as possible (and no, "but the weather and I can afford a house there" is NO reason to leave your children under this indoctrination).

Florida allows "PragerU" (a right wing BS spewing website) as scientific for usage in schools.

LM Little
2 months ago

What the #scientific community is telling us now, is that the Earth is screaming at us...We need to stop using #fossilfuels. That is the only solution to this massive assault on humanity."

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateBreakdown #cdnpoli #uspoli

Spaceflight 🚀
2 months ago

🇺🇸 📊 47% of men say conducting basic #scientific research 🔭 🛰️ to increase knowledge of #space 🌌 should be a top priority, compared with 35% of women.
Majorities of Democrats (64%) and Republicans (57%) say monitoring #asteroids ☄️ that could hit the #Earth 🌎 should be a top priority for #NASA. At the other end of the spectrum, relatively few place top priority on sending human #astronauts 👨‍🚀 to the #moon 🌙 (12% and 13%) or #Mars 🔴 (12% and 10%). 69% think there will definitely or probably be a major problem with #SpaceDebris 🗑️. 55% expect people will routinely travel to space as #tourists 📷 by the year 📆 2073

@pallenberg how does this happen - i need a #scientific explanation here. Is this occurring at high elevation?

2 months ago

DLR Institut für Future Fuels

#hiring #Job #Academia #PhD #postdoc #Germany #Europe

#Scientific #ProjectManagement : Materials and components for #thermochemical production of #energy carriers and fuels.

Full-time / Part-time available

+Info & Application:

Spaceflight 🚀
2 months ago

"From a #scientific perspective, we have lots of data at one g, where we have billions of data points of how the human body works in this environment. And we have a decent amount of data points at zero g based largely from the #ISS experience. But we have nothing in between one and zero." There would also be other benefits to having a modest amount of #gravity, he said. "It would be nice, sometimes, to be able to pour yourself a cup of #coffee ☕ "


Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

So yes, #scirnce and #scientists do make, and have always made, absolute pronouncements that are later proven false or incomplete even when following the #ScientificMethod.

Who's to say the hallowed, revered #scientific #method itself may not one to be proven to be flawed..?

Ingmar Lippert
3 months ago

Dear @aseva might it be the case that you are looking for this overview page:
I consider it helpful to find connections to various #scientific #communities - ranging from #AfricanStudies to #Theologidons. Seems like #zoology is not connected to that overview page yet.

4 months ago

I haven't been a student for a while. I thus have only very limited access to #scientific #literature. Nevertheless, I continue to deal with scientific literature. I am currently engaged with #surveillance of public space and how we can fight against it. I need scientific literature for my #political work. It is frustrating that scientific #knowledge disappears behind pay walls. The public needs this literature to be able to critically follow the actions of #politics and the #powerful. We need #OpenScience!

4 months ago

For centuries #native #ClamGardens on #BritishColumbia #Westcoast provided #FirstNations with #clams & other #seafood .
In aftermath of 2021 #HeatDome - there's more interest in this #ancient #aquaculture technique. 

#Scientific experiments from #SFU #researchers & #CoastSalish #Indigenous ppl show clam gardens help #SeaLife stay cooler.
#Research aims to show how ancient #IndigenousPractices offers #ClimateChange #solutions in present.

#nature #science #Oceans #PNW

Claire Dupont
4 months ago

I moved instances, so allow me to #introduce myself again!

I am Claire Dupont, Research Professor of European governance of sustainability transformations at Ghent University, #Belgium. I analyse the politics, policy & democratic governance of climate and sustainability transformations.

I'm originally from #Ireland & have been living in Ghent since 2017.

I am chair of the #Scientific Committee of the European #Environment Agency, and a member of the Climate Policy Observatory of Luxembourg.

Knowledge Zone
4 months ago

An Anatomical #Quirk Could Explain Why #Whale Brains Aren't Pulverized When They Dive : Science Alert

More than half of the world’s largest #Lakes are drying up : Science News

Do #Scientific #Meetings matter? Turning up for talks brings surprise benefits : Nature

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

I think #AI generated content should be labeled as such, espcially when used for #scientific work, #journalism or #art.

I think its only fair to do so.

Neil Hopkins (He/Him)
5 months ago

#Research & #technology question - can you help me out, folks?
(Personal project, #health, #wellbeing and #wellness focused. Semi #scientific (but I am not a professional so n=1 with no advice given for others).

I am experiencing a stressful period in my life, and have a lot of work based stress to come. While I have various "coping" mechanisms, I am interested in the effects of various other changes I can make to move from "coping" to "thriving".

Part of this is monitoring my overall health more closely. #BloodPressure, #HeartRate, #skin condition (when I get stressed, dry skin flares up).

I can take #quantitative measurements using various devices already in my possession.

Part of this is #qualitative measurements, sense of satisfaction at the end of the day, pain.levels, sleep, general energy etc.

My question is this...

Is there some #middleware which could scrape data out of my #GoogleFit account (all devices are compatible with GF), and allow me to construct my own qual questionnaire in one platform?

I could use a spreadsheet and manually transfer #data - but that is Something Else To Do, so if I can avoid that, I would like to!

Hope that all makes sense. In essence, a connected health qual / quant personal research app.

Is it too much to hope for?

#ThankYou, in advance!

Desert Dweller 🌵
5 months ago

For my #dog, #horse, #Arizona, #GermanShepherd, #scientific and #introspective friends, I have a new account to recommend: a current neighbor here on the high desert and someone I've known for decades. Friendly welcomes would be appreciated to

Daniel Dvorkin
5 months ago

There are two philosophies in #programming toward handling questionable #data. The first is to check the #integrity of the data every time it’s used. This takes a fair amount of #programmer time, and depending on the size of the data may also take a fair amount of #computer time. It’s a PITA to write, test, debug, and run.

The second is to say “I’ve already checked this data a bunch of times in the program, it’s fine” and skip the integrity checks after the first time. In #scientific programming, this is particularly tempting: the data sets are huge, and writing checks is annoying. The whole thing feels like a waste of time when you’re reasonably sure your code will never run on anything except this particular data set which you already see more of than your family and your pets and you just want to get the damned thing done.

About 95% of the time, I take the first approach. Every time I do it, I’m grumbling to myself. Just finish it, already! And I am uneasily aware that those who take the second approach get their work done faster than I do.

Yes. This is true.

They also get a lot of #garbage results—many of which don’t look like garbage at all. Here comes the ritual chest-thumping … in #bioinformatics, and #biomedical #research generally, those mistakes don’t just lead to flawed publications, as bad as that is. Garbage results kill people.

I just received a lesson in why the first is a really good idea. Let’s be careful out there.

Daniel Dvorkin
5 months ago

On #research, and #dreams, and what I do all day.

Nearly all of my work consists of using absolutely standard #bioinformatics and #biostatistics techniques. These methods were long ago worked out in excruciating detail by people much more knowledgeable in their subspecialties than I’ll ever be. Although I grumble about the quality of #scientific #software (and there’s a lot to grumble about) I almost always use mostly-reliable packages rather than writing my own. There are only so many hours in a day, days in a year, and years in a career.

The truth is, that’s the way most #science jobs are, at least in #biology and #medicine—I’m honestly not sure about others. #Methodological research, working out entirely new ways to do things, is largely a privilege of dewy-eyed grad students and slightly more cynical but still idealistic postdocs. #Faculty get to do some, but less the higher up the food chain they get: full #professorship is at least half administration and half overseeing other people’s research and half #grantwriting, and if you’re thinking that’s one too many halves, you’re right. There are probably a couple of other halves in there I don’t even know about.

#Industry scientists like me? The #PhD is an entry-level qualification. We’re not paid to come up with new ways to do things better. We’re paid to use old ways to do things faster. Ultimately, the goal is something new, sure, usually a new #drug for a particular #disease. The process of making that happen is a bunch of painstaking and carefully programmed steps. There’s about as much room for creativity as there was when I was in the service—which BTW is more than people often assume, but with pretty sharp limits. And almost always, the clock is ticking. Loudly.

This may all sound kind of bitter. Yes, there’s some bitterness, but I know I have plenty of company.

No one goes into science for the money or the prestige: without any false modesty at all, I can say that anyone who is capable of becoming a #scientist is capable of doing lots of other things too, and most of those things pay better and get more respect. We start our long and winding road because we see, or think we see, something at the heart of reality no one else has seen before. We think we can bring that into the light and show it to the world. We can make a difference. We believe.

Eventually we come around. It’s not just an adventure, it’s a job.

My point—I swear I have one—is that we grumble about this, and think back wistfully to the days when we could sink into one project, and recall with tolerant amusement our conviction that we alone could reveal the Truth unto the world … and mostly accept it. Do the work, be the cog in the machine, and small-t truth will be revealed. Not just by us alone, no. By us and by everyone who came before us in the chain and everyone after, and a year or five or twenty down the line, someone who would have died will live. They’ll never know our names, and we’ll never know theirs. It’s okay.

And every once in a while, in the middle of this daily grind, we realize that what we have to do to solve this particular problem, get at this particular small truth, no one else has ever done.

So we do it.

We do it, and go back to the grind. Nobody else may ever know we did it. If they do, it will probably be buried in the methods section of a multi-author article in a mid-tier journal. If ten people in the world ever read it, we’ll be pleasantly surprised. A citation, and we’ll be over the moon. And there’s no guarantee of even that much. Locked away in a tech report gathering e-dust, just as likely.

But we know. And sometimes we dream again, for a little while.

5 months ago

Made a few tube in tubes today at Urbanglass. The outer tube heats the inner and then they both bend. Its tricky, and I am still practicing for sure. Borosilicate is a very different glass and the gas oxy carlisle torches are pretty different- but so nice and hot! I gotta try larger diameter inner and outer tubes next time.
Excited to dust coat some of these, and make a few more!

#neon #borosilicate #sculpture #mirror #silver #condensor #brooklyn #scientific #glass #pyrex #ringseal #mineraloil

long tube inside with ring seals on both ends and double blowhose adaptor. The torches in the back are candleing and ready for crossfire gas and oxygen bending! The hazyness is condensation on both sides from water vapor
Tube in tube held together with cardboard technology. you can see the outer tube is much thicker than the inner.
Wiggly doodle all crazy in a tube holder. Still gotta work on the wall weights and bends
After the first ring seal and side seal cools the other side can be ring sealed by making a roundbottom on the other end till it seals up. Here the tube is in the rollers and the other end in the candle flame, pre- pre heating
Jascha Achterberg
6 months ago

Really enjoyed this #perspective on how to choose a #scientific #problem !

I always find the time to start new projects equally exciting and frightening!

#science #research #neuroscience #AI #phd

6 months ago

#scientific : used in science

- French: Scientifique

- German: wissenschaftlich

- Italian: scientifico

- Portuguese: científico

- Spanish: cientifico


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Petra van Cronenburg
6 months ago

Every time I find a #scientific #study that would be extremely exciting for my podcast #NatureMatchCuts and for which I could never pay access with the best will in the world: *cries*

I could spend hundreds of dollars for one episode only to decide which scientific work could be interesting or not for my journalistic work.😭
#OpenAccess #SciComm #Journalism

I've been asked why I consider #StartUps making small #apps on top of #OpenAI #APIs a distraction. Well, here goes:

First of all, there's no unfair advantage. Someone easily builds an open source clone which makes exactly the same thing. There is no way these businesses can become profitable before becoming redundant.

Also, let's appreciate the fact that we will get #AGI in months. That is important, and business plans should be evaluated against that.

Think where you will be in that new world. It doesn't matter if you have a small app which calls OpenAI API, that's all obsolete instantly. It doesn't even matter if you have a stable stream of revenue, that will almost certainly dry up.

Things that matter are:
- Who you have in your trusted circle (who you trust, who trust you, who have capacity to see, understand and act fast and correctly);
- what capacity you have to utilize or support AGI for (#industrial, #medical, #military, #scientific, #social, #chips, #power, #internet connectivity, #data, ...);
- what #compute you have available under your own control, not rented (we will have a sudden scarcity of compute at the start, and all cloud rents will go sky high);
- will you have the latest models or not? They won't be published, to get such you need to be in the "game".

This is more important than the internet and the electricity combined. Put your money where it matters, not into gold and derivatives. Remember what "capital" is.

Javed Ali
7 months ago

To highlight the importance of #research and #scientific evidence in addressing the #water-related challenges, @Nature provides a great collection of research articles from the #NaturePortfolio that aligns with the discussion themes of the #UN2023WaterConference.

The articles are available for free for 2 weeks, starting March 13, 2023.

Check it out here:

"In 2009, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, then a top executive at the biotechnology company #Genentech, was the primary author of a #scientific paper published in the prestigious journal Nature that claimed to have found the potential cause for brain degeneration in #Alzheimer’s patients.
[…] Neither a correction nor a retraction was issued, and the paper stands to this day."

Impressive investigation by #TheoBaker: #medicines #authorship #science #historyOfScience #ethics 🧶

Kai Rüsberg :mastodon:
7 months ago

Wer ist durch den Wegfall der bislang kostenlosen #Scientific #API von #Twitter betroffen?
Ich suche Beispiele für Bericht im DLF, wo dies Einfluss auf die Forschung hat.
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Nikolaus Weiskopf
8 months ago

Should you be allowed to use #AI, #LLM, #ChatGPT for writing #scientific #papers?

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Fernando Racimo
8 months ago

What (else) can #scientists do to fight the #biospheric #emergency?

Decades of #scientific research point to the same conclusion: our current #economic and #political structures have an increasingly devastating impact on #climate & #ecology. Yet governments are still driving us off the cliff.

What (else) can scientists do? Join this hybrid talk by Teresa Santos & João Carvalho to hear about more effective forms of #ScientificEngagement in the form of #CivilResistance:

Bawan Amin
8 months ago

There is a lot that can be improved when it comes to #correcting the #scientific literature. Unfortunately, there are many seen and unseen barriers that prevent researchers from amending their work.

Inspired by #openscience developments, Adam Kane and myself wrote an opinion piece on how authors could transparently and (relatively) easily communicate amendments on their work. Published today #openaccess in #biology letters:

Philipp Markolin ☑️
8 months ago

NEW: Nine lines of compelling scientific evidence for a #zoonotic #originofcovid. This is a bite-size #overview on the origin science.

It's time to put the #lableak fantasies, fears, lies & #conspiracy myths behind us and go with the #scientific #consensus.

Read in less than 5 minutes:

Daniela Kubesch
9 months ago

I declined a #thesis position at a big global company today. It would have been a topic of interest (a thesis about web #accessibility ), but something just felt off. 😬

They would not #pay me and clarified that they were more interested in my #technical implementation than my #scientific findings, which is weird if you want me to write a master thesis for you.

Luckily I already have another topic I‘m thrilled about – #AccessibilityOverlay 🤓 But kind of disappointing still.

RIO Journal
9 months ago

👋 It's a new platform and a new introduction of #RIOjournal: the #OpenScience journal that welcomes #research from across the #scientific process!

9 months ago

@mguhlin @edutooter @edutooters

There are actually different #hierarchies of evidence used in #science, some explicit and some implicit. There have also been some #scientific criticism of the reliance on HOEs, but no serious proposals on what they could be replaced with.

Fernando Racimo
10 months ago

I used to think publishing articles in #Elsevier journals like #Cell was a sign of #scientific prestige. Now I see them more and more as stains in my CV. The extent of the ties between Elsevier and the #climate wrecking #FossilFuel industry is truly deplorable:

#Climate #OpenScience #ScienceMastodon #Publishing #ClimateCrisis #Greenwashing

Omid V. Ebrahimi
10 months ago

4 | Nonetheless, nothing has happened to attempt to address the issue.

No organisational entity has to date reached out to report of any ongoing plan or intent to do whatever is in their hands to mitigate this critical #problem.

We need major #scientific entities & #conference organisers to acknowledge and show that they are aware of this issue, and publicly inform us about what their concrete actionable steps in combating it.

Please join me in calling for #action

✅We must end purely in-person #scientific - and #publichealth - conferences to put our principles into practice:



@nisreen @SusanMichie @SGriffin_Lab et al in @bmj_latest

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Andy :ir: Mask up like Bucky!
10 months ago

My #introduction post: I'm #Autistic & was diagnosed with "hyperactivity" before #ADHD existed in the DSM. I self-diagnosed in my 20s, back in the early 2000s, but only got an official diagnosis (privately, as the NHS in my area was useless for AFAB adults) in January 2020. In addition, I'm #dyspraxic and #dyscalculic too.

I'm #disabled and #ChronicallyIll - my main diagnoses are #PoTs , #CentralSleepApnea , #Endometriosis , #InterstitialCystitis and #HidradenitisSuppurativa (among others).

As well as being #ActuallyAutistic , I'm an #atheist , a #humanist and #demisexual , #bisexual and #nonbinary .

I love the #Marvel character #TheWinterSoldier and the actor Sebastian Stan, #Rats , #knitting , #crochet , #tunisiancrochet, #writing and anything #medicine or #scientific . #Learning is definitely a #spin (and clearly I love hashtags too 😂).

If I say something that seems off, please just ask me to clarify. I always try to say exactly what I mean, but that doesn't always translate in reality.

Omid V. Ebrahimi
10 months ago

4 | Nonetheless, nothing has happened to attempt to address the issue.

No organisational entity has to date reached out to report of any ongoing plan or intent to do whatever is in their hands to mitigate this critical #problem.

We need major #scientific entities & #conference organisers to acknowledge and show that they are aware of this issue, and publicly inform us about what their concrete actionable steps in combating it.

Please join me in calling for #action

Claire Dupont
11 months ago

Time for an #introduction.

I am Claire Dupont, Associate Professor of European governance at Ghent University, #Belgium.

I'm originally from #Ireland & have been living in Ghent since 2017.

My research is on societal #transformations to sustainability, especially on #EU #climate policy and #politics, and #energy, #environment and #democracy.

I serve as chair of the #Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency. And I am a member of the Climate Policy Observatory of Luxembourg.

11 months ago

#Introduction to #Mastodon community on new instance!

I'm an #academic interested in #metabolomics #chemometrics and #diseases. My group focuses on decoding #smell of #diseases and #scent in general. We work with #clinicians across the globe to build predictive #models. We are based in #Manchester, #UK.

If you are interested in #scientific #research, #academia, #coffee or #cricket, come say hi! Also, if you have any #tips and #tricks to find cool stuff on here, please #educate me!

Kelsey Jordahl
11 months ago


I have a doctorate in #geophysics and #oceanography and now work at Planet Labs PBC ( in #remotesensing and #software development. Previous research in #marinegeophysics and #tectonics. Open source #geospatial software, original author of #geopandas (though no longer an active maintainer). Professional interests in #scientific #computing #scicomm #dataviz #python #foss

Personal interests #backpacking #hiking #gravelbike #mountaineering #nordic #skiing

Inland NW

New server, quick intro to pin to the profile.

I'm a #chemist and #molecular #biophysicist by training, turned #hpc bloke.

Been at the sharp end of #scientific #computing for over 25yrs. Ran a bunch of big groups and systems, mostly now focusing on #rse, and removing #friction for #scientists

Ex #birdsite, not famous, and not afraid to overuse #hashtags, loving the new #fediverse universe, humans here are wonderful!

Built, and enjoying my little forever home here at:

Prathyusha Konda
11 months ago

Hello everyone, I'm Prathyusha, a postdoctoral researcher at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. My PhD research was in cancer immunology, specifically tumor antigens and immunotherapies for melanoma. I recently became interested in genetics, and my current postdoctoral interests are in #immunology and #genetics of kidney cancers. I enjoy reading and painting as a hobby. Here to meet the fun #academic and #scientific community! #ScienceMastodon

1 year ago

A bit more about the #Snipette. I started the #magazine with my friend Manasa in 2017 (we were both teenagers then) to explain the world in an accessible way.

Since we're heavy readers, we use techniques like #suspense and #metaphor to write better #nonfiction 😉

Simple doesn't mean shallow! At Snipette we often spend hours going through random #scientific #papers or digging up little-known #facts to make the article interesting 🔎