Scientific Frontline
9 hours ago

#Scientists have shown that in some cases, mutated forms of the #virus have been able to be transmitted from patients treated with #molnupiravir and spread within the community.
#Medical #Covid19 #sflorg

CelloMom On Cars
13 hours ago

"Thirty percent report feeling very or extremely anxious about #ClimateChange, 27% feel very or extremely angry. Emotions about climate change are roughly similar across different #generations.

Fifty-nine percent of the public think the #FederalGovernment is currently doing too little to reduce climate change, including 82% of Democrats and 31% of Republicans."

Good to see: After #ExtremeWeather, it's #scientists who have most influenced Americans' views on climate.

Xinjiang News :verified:
16 hours ago

The shrinking Aral Sea has caused severe challenges to the surrounding community, including many cotton farmers. Chinese and Uzbek scientists have been working together to promote water-saving technology. Behind every cotton bloom lies the hope for a healthier Earth and people's well-being. #China #Uzbek #scientists #technology #science #water

1 day ago
Call on US Federal Agencies to Implement Strong #ScientificIntegrity Policies

∙ transparent, explicit procedures for investigating allegations;

∙ explicit written policies on #scientists' media communication about their areas of expertise; prompt clearance of scientific materials;

∙ enforceable ethics rules with penalties;

∙ retaliation protections when engaged in policy dissent that does not meet the definition of whistleblowing.

2 days ago

The Band of #Debunkers Busting Bad #Scientists. #Stanford’s president and a high-profile physicist are among those taken down by a growing wave of volunteers who expose faulty or #fraudulent #research #papers

2 days ago

#Academics & #government #scientists say the campaign also is successfully throttling the years-long effort to #study #online #falsehoods, which grew after #Russian attempts to #interfere in the 2016 #election caught both #SocialMedia sites & politicians unawares.

Interviews w/ >2 dozen professors, government officials, #physicians, #nonprofits & #research funders… describe an escalating campaign emerging as #online #propaganda is rising.

brad m
3 days ago

“How can America preserve its hard-earned dominance in #science, especially given the volume of recent attacks?”
“silence could well shape the plans of young people now choosing careers, as they see how #scientists are treated”
“U.S. must also recognize how #antiscience rhetoric has emerged as a new lethal force and find mechanisms to halt its advance”

Do not obey in advance #dictatorship #authoritarianism #fascism #farright #propaganda #disinformation #misinformation

3 days ago

#RishiSunak urged to stop attacking #ClimateChange Committee

#Scientists ask PM to cease ‘politicising’ government’s independent advisers after his remarks and #Tory letter to journalists

There is the #science (that on average refers to the evidence) & there are the people that for varying personal reasons, attack that #science on social media.

Sunak’s family firm signed a billion-dollar deal with BP before PM opened new North Sea licences

Of all my Peoples, I think it's the #Scientists I Love the most. I'm sorry #Mathematicians (including that part of myself).


3 days ago

Opinion: From #COVID to #climate, #scientists need defending “The U.S. must also recognize how #AntiScience rhetoric has emerged as a new lethal force and find mechanisms to halt its advance. ..Beyond the 200,000 deaths that have already occurred, as activism against COVID #vaccines morphs into panic about all #immunizations, we could see the return of catastrophic childhood infections such as #measles or #polio.”

#Scientists Make Breakthrough in Undoing #Spine Injuries

Adam on an 🐘
4 days ago

#Scientists of Mastodon: my 2nd grader has a burning question: what color pants do you wear? #Science #ScienceHelp

Dieter Lukas
4 days ago

While we are figuring out new #socialmedia landscapes, this new preprint might be of interest to #scientists:

“tweeted articles were downloaded more often immediately after tweeting, and retained significantly higher Altmetric scores and number of tweets 3 years after tweeting. However, the overall increase in citation counts after three years (+7% for Web of Science and +12% for Google Scholar) was not statistically significant”

Are #Green #Sustainability and 20th Century-Style ‘#Economic Growth’ Compatible? #Scientists increasingly Fear Not
https://www.juancole. com/2023/09/sustainability-compatible-increasingly.html

salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
5 days ago

#Flatearthers: #Earth is flat!

#Geophysicists: Earth is a sphere, with bumps and such, but spherical.

#NYT #OpEd: #Scientists discover our planet is a #cube.

Xinjiang News :verified:
6 days ago

The Tarim Desert Highway passes through the Taklimakan desert, the world's second-largest shifting sand desert, also known as the "Sea of Death." To prevent the erosion of the highway by quicksand, a project was launched in 2003 to plant a green belt along the road.
Far away in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, a group of Chinese scientists have been supporting a similar Green Belt project for years. #China #Xinjiang #desert #highway #greenbelt #Astana #Kazakhstan #science #Scientists

salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
6 days ago

Cognitive dissonance getting you down these days?

There's a #podcast for that.
Or rather against that, 😉 .

"Brain Science features the latest books about #neuroscience as well as #interviews with leading #scientists from around the world."

Atthis Arts
6 days ago

RELEASE DAY! And Tuesday short story rally! Please check out our awesome collection and help us spread the news! #Scientists #SFF #RosalindsSiblings #TuesdayRally

Ars Electronica
1 week ago

88,000 visitors, 1,542 #artists, #scientists, #developers, #designers and #activists from 88 countries, 338 partners and sponsors, 650 #exhibits and 575 #events within 5 days at 14 locations in Linz. Look back with us on the Ars Electronica Festival 2023:

PJ Coffey
1 week ago


That's very cool and I agree you're absolutely right in every detail.

Anyway, if you're using MicroblogFedi then you need scientists like say @petergleick or @kathhayhoe to see it and boost it. Which means that you need the thread to be # and in relevant groups.

This gives you short term and long term discoverability*.

Joys of the Fedi.

#scientists #ScienceComm

*exclusions apply

1 week ago

#Scientists may have worked out why there is water on the Moon | indy100

1 week ago

The Aditya-L1 Indian #Solar Mission is a significant step forward for India's space program. It will help #scientists better understand the Sun, which is essential for understanding our planet and its place in the universe.

The Aditya-L1 Indian #Solar Mission is a significant step forward for India's space program. It will help #scientists better understand the Sun, which is essential for understanding our planet and its place in the universe.
C. L. Nichols
1 week ago

#Animal #Communication & #Psychic #Pets
In the realm of #interspecies connections, there exists a fascinating #phenomenon that has captured the curiosity of both #scientists and #petowners alike - animal communication and the enigmatic realm of psychic pets. This intriguing concept looks into the idea that animals possess a form of communication and sensitivity that transcends our conventional understanding.

Alexander Hay
1 week ago

It drove them batty... BlahBlah. Bats in the bellfray... BlahBlah. They're in a flap... Etc. Dead parents... Zzzzz.

"The Race to Save the Pekapeka-Tou-Poto, #NewZealand’s Unique #Bat

"For #Scientists, monitoring the feisty, #Endangered burrowing bat includes moments of 'actual madness..."

#News #Nature #Bats #Zoology #Conservation #PekapekaTouPoto

Cindy Weinstein
1 week ago

@stevesilberman . This is so sad for many reasons. Its effect on young #researchers, especially historically excluded #scientists, & the proliferation of #falsehoods, which is dangerous & just plain wrong, to give just 2 examples. On a personal note, I'm not a #scientist but am very interested in #neurology and #brain health. I connected w/ several #neurologists on #Twitter/X & learned a lot. I miss those exchanges & opportunities to learn. I have tried to follow those who migrated to #Mastodon.

Lukas VF Novak
1 week ago

The earliest #DeepSea #vertebrates revealed by unusual trace #fossils

The earliest evidence of deep-sea vertebrates

"#Scientists have discovered a missing evolution puzzle piece in 130-million-year-old rocks."

False-colour height map of the fish-feeding trail fossil
Lukas VF Novak
1 week ago

#SquatLobsters Guide Scientists To New #Hydrothermal Vent Field

"Scientists have discovered a new #HydrothermalVent field... when a Galatheid #crab, also known as a #SquatLobster, came into view. The number of #crabs grew until the #scientists finally arrived on the vent field and were excited to find giant #TubeWorms nestled around the hot water. The Ecuadorian observers onboard the vessel named the vent field Sendero del Cangrejo: Trail of the Crabs.”

pale squat lobsters on the rocky seafloor
Lukas VF Novak
1 week ago

#Scientists find banded sand #catsharks hiding inside sea sponges

#Sharks checking in to the #sponge hotel: first internal use of #sponges of the genus #Agelas and family #Irciniidae by banded sand catsharks #Atelomycterus fasciatus. By Helen O'Neill et al.

"Some bony #fish use sponges as #microhabitats. However, this behavior had never been seen before in sharks or other #elasmobranchs, the group including sharks, #rays, #skates, #sawfish"

One of the Banded sand catsharks found hiding in sponges
Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
2 weeks ago

I signed this group letter, together with @valmasdel, @cassouman40 and 300 other scientists in #France.

The #oil megaproject #EACOP, emblematic of #climate-harming projects, is being criticized by #scientists. It's the tree that hides the forest. We must adopt a global #FossilFuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Such projet will transform the #Earth in an uninhabitable #planet.

#StopEACOP #FossilFuelTreaty #EndFossilFuels #FastFairForever

2 weeks ago

Homo Sapiens Are Working Overtime to Join ‘The Great Silence’

…And if it does affect the economy, we’ll find a way to…                     extract a profit from it….
Driven mostly by rising global temperatures from the continued burning of fossil fuels, extreme weather events such as typhoons, hurricanes, floods, heatwaves and drought are becoming more frequent, increasing 83% worldwide in the past 20 years (as of 2020), and the costs have increased by 800% over that same period. In 2023, the world has witnessed the highest ocean surface
… they knew… they stayed the course…
#sociopaths #leading #humanity #extinction
#scientists #physicists #whistleblowers #publicinterest

Steve Dustcircle :rose:
2 weeks ago

#War is not Inevitable, and Social #Scientists are Finding #Peace Movements more Effective

Soh Kam Yung
2 weeks ago

Things may be looking up for these Malaysian astronomers.

"IAUS 377: Early Disk-Galaxy Formation from JWST to the Milky Way was the first major astronomy conference in Southeast Asia since 1990, and was only possible due to the hard work of many local students in Malaysia! We sat down with four members of the Local Organizing Committee to learn about their path through astronomy and the impact of the conference."

#Malaysia #Astronomy #Scientists #Students

2 weeks ago

Climate Strike Sept 15 and 17, #worldwide
Local Groups across the US will be holding actions on September 15th.

Some Local Groups along the East Coast will be striking in #NYC together with a mass mobilization on September 17th

Nearly 400 #scientists signed a letter today endorsing the demands of the March to End Fossil Fuels, which will take place Sunday in #NewYork City.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction

Lukas VF Novak
2 weeks ago

#Scientists find evolutionary clues while examining microbes in far-flung #HotSprings

#Tectonic and #geological setting influence #HotSpring #microbiology

"The environments have unique #geology and #chemistry, almost like a fingerprint, so it was surprising to find highly related #microbes separated by thousands of miles... We found common microbes, but also diversity as the #microorganisms adapted to local conditions"

photo of a colorful hot spring lake
2 weeks ago

The fighting words come as #FEMA’s #DisasterRelief #fund is rapidly running out of #money in the wake of #Idalia, unprecedented #flooding in #Vermont & devastating #wildfires in #Maui.

#Scientists say #ClimateChange is increasing the frequency & intensity of such #WeatherDisasters, further straining FEMA’s #budget & personnel.

#ForMeButNotForThee #TheRealWeaponizationOfGovernment #AbuseOfPower #PublicDisservice #PoliticsOfAppeasement #GovernmentShutdown

@JSharp1436 the whole #NeuraLink bs. really gets every #scientists blood to boil.

Like in every civilized nation one can't just torture animals but has to recordkeep for every single animal why that test was necessary...

If we ever get a #PlanetOfTheApes scenario, it will be deservedly because we allowed #ApartheidEmeraldBoy to torture primates and the one survivor that didn't die literally downloads whole tech packages for a gun factory and will go Rambo on Humanity...

Alexander Hay
2 weeks ago

#Plastic #Pollution everywhere... Including our bloodstreams. But there may be a suitably buggy solution.

"...#Scientists are scouring #Garbage sites around the world for #Bacteria, #Fungi and even #Insects that harbor #Enzymes that could be harnessed for breaking down various #Polymers. It’s early days, but if the efforts can be efficiently scaled-up, such #Biological #Recycling could put a dent in the #PlasticWaste problem..."

#News #Science #Environment

The UK has joined the EU’s #Horizon science funding scheme – but if we want the UK to lead, the hard work has just begun. The deal will bring relief to UK #scientists after #Brexit led to uncertainty over funding and collaborative projects.

Cindy Weinstein
2 weeks ago

@edsuom. It's #worldalzheimersmonth and an excellent opportunity for the #media to spend (more) time covering the #research on #COVID and #brain health. Perhaps if more people knew about the links that #scientists are discovering between #COVID and #dementia symptoms, more people would mask.

Steve Dustcircle :rose:
2 weeks ago

After #NASA’s #DART mission slammed into #asteroid #Dimorphous in September 2022, #scientists determined the impact caused tons of rock to be ejected from the small asteroid’s surface. But more importantly, DART’s impact altered Dimorphos’ #orbital period, decreasing it by about 33 minutes.

Lukas VF Novak
3 weeks ago

#NASA #scientists test new tool for tracking #AlgalBlooms

First Light Demonstration of Red Solar Induced #Fluorescence for #HarmfulAlgalBlooms Monitoring

"#space-based instrument #TROPOMI was able to peer through thin #clouds to uncover powerful clues about #Karenia brevis... K. brevis events are especially concerning because the #algae produce a potent #neurotoxin that in high concentrations can cause massive #fish kills and poison #MarineLife."

satellite image of the southern tip of Florida curving into a blue-green ocean edged by white clouds
Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once #ClimateChange solutions require as much varied and relevant information as possible.

This story is of a daunting, dangerous, and unique #scientific effort to help determine just how dire our extremely dire situation may be.

"#Scientists have less material from under the #IceSheet [covering #Greenland] than they do from the surface of the #moon."

Hi! Thank you, and welcome to this place! We ♥️ love 🔬science n stuff! My mom got a minor in biology/anthropology. Loves to read too. You will find TONS of #Cats n #Dogs here, + other more exotic fauna too. #Scientists are flocking to our world 🌍 here. #CatsOfMastodon #DogsOfMastodon

TuxieGirl Betty sitting next to a big shell.
TabbyCat Stevie sitting in his bed looking kinda crabby 🦀
Alaska Native News
3 weeks ago

New research explains “Atlantification” of the Arctic Ocean
[the_ad id="30587"]

New research by an international team of scientists explains what’s behind a stalled trend in Arctic Ocean sea ice loss since 2007. The findings indicate that stronger declines in sea ice will occur when an atmospheric feature known as the Arctic dipole...
#uaf #atlantification #arctic #ocean #scientists #explanation

Claire Barnes
3 weeks ago

Thanks @researchbuzz for this new 🕳️ 🐇
I've immediately discovered some wonderful new #scientists on ...
#AcademicChatter #FediTips #FediMigration @trishgreenhalgh @mackayim2022

Thinking about how #mastodon (and the #Fediverse in general) is great for #academia / #scientists, because not only do science deniers have less reach on this site without their #BlueChecks, but we have servers dedicated to various scientific fields, moderated by members of that community. This gives them an easy way to talk to each other, as a small community, which simultaneously functions as a way for them to talk in public in front of all of us, so we can see what they're working on, and chime in. (It also allows them to avoid constantly having to fend off hoards of science deniers, because most servers moderate them, and the ones that don't can be blocked.)

That's what's great about #Fediverse: every group can find a space that's uniquely tailored to them, but still connected to the whole world.

Lukas VF Novak
4 weeks ago

Hunting for #HydrothermalVents / Buscando #FuentesHidrotermales

"#Scientists hunt for #hydrothermal plumes in the deep ocean using a technique called the ‘Tow-Yo’. This involves a series of #sensors attached to a wire that live-streams data to the ship. The sensors are lowered down to the #seafloor, along with a rosette that secures water sampling bottles. The wire is then slowly towed from a moving vessel, while lowered and raised repeatedly, maximizing the area"

Underwater photo of beautiful chimneys and geologic structures formed by hydrothermal venting
Lukas VF Novak
4 weeks ago

What Does It Take To Photograph A #Bat Cave? #ConservationOptimism #Conservation #Fungi #Extinction #Caves

"Longtime cave #photographer Stephen Alvarez goes #underground to document an #endangered bat species on the rebound. Over a decade ago the #bats seemed doomed by #WhiteNoseSyndrome. But, when Alvarez heard in 2022 that #scientists expected the next local census to be quite a bit more promising, he knew he had to photograph it."

photo of 2 people standing in a cave
Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

#Scientists voyage to #Greenland's melting sanctuary #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Arctic #CNRS #Greenlandia

"We see that #GlobalWarming is really entering a strong phase here. So we need to document that. The future scientific generation will observe a massive melting in Greenland. We will give them the maximum amount of samples"

small sailing ship among icebergs
Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

#Scientists show how #parasites turn marsh-dwelling brown #crustaceans into neon zombies

#ParasiteManipulation of host phenotypes inferred from transcriptional analyses in a #trematode-#amphipod system

"#SaltMarshes are home to tiny crustaceans called amphipods that keep a low profile... But when amphipods are infected with a #parasitic #worm, they turn bright orange and lose their tendency to run for cover when exposed."

photo of an amphipods - a small shrimp-like crustacean
1 month ago

@natematias SUCH a great thread 🧵

Thank you so much for inspiring it. #science #bravery #scientists

This one was found at the website of #KenHam (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s #holiest man who knows more about #religion and #science than everyone else. It’s titled #Scientists Discover Hundreds of Frog #Species “Glow”, and it was written by ol’ Hambo himself.

Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

#Scientists reveal the depths #SilvertipSharks go in search of food

Pop-up archival tags reveal environmental influences on the vertical movements of silvertip sharks #Carcharhinus albimarginatus

"The #sharks were observed to make dives of up to 750m, with regular forays into the colder and darker waters of the #mesopelagic zone, 200m or more below the surface"

underwater photo of a shark

More on #RishiSunak's prevarication about (re)joining the EU's #horizon research funding programme:

no surprise that the continued delay to conluding the deal (already mostly finalised) is leading #scientists & research staff to either decamp to new jobs in the EU or not apply to come to the UK to join research projects....

My guess is by now the damage is irreversible, become yet one more cost of #Brexit & the #Tories political myopia.

once again #headinmyhands

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
1 month ago

I have the feeling that this #Nature paper is motivating even more #scientists to quit #X than all #Musk's decisions over one year.

So many of my colleagues are now joining other social networks... 🤣

R.I.P. #X

"Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, seeding angst and uncertainty"

#academicchatter #academicmastodon @academicchatter #academic #SocialNetwork #Twitter #twittermigration #AcademicLife

No twitter sign, seen many times in scientific talks
1 month ago

The Esquire, August 2015
By John H. Richardson,

Jason Box: "I think most #scientists must be burying overt recognition of the awful truths of climate change in a protective layer of denial."

Laymen too

Jeffrey Kiehl concluded that #consumption and #growth have become so central to our sense of personal identity, we literally cannot imagine making the necessary changes. It threatens us with a loss of faith in the fundamental order of the universe
#capitalism #climate

Kat ♾️
1 month ago

@AkaSci @YMItalking

Lots of us appreciate #science here. Welcome #scientists!

AkaSci 🛰️
1 month ago

"Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, seeding angst and uncertainty."

The #1 choice is Mastodon!

Let's reach out to all our scientist (and non-scientist) friends and acquaintances and encourage them to join the Fediverse. If you still have an account on twitter, post some messages there with links to the Mastodon signup site. Let's welcome them here and provide some gentle hints on how to be productive here.
#Scientists #twitter

Graphic from the nature article showing reasons for dissatisfaction with twitter and stats on alternate platforms when scientists are opening new accounts

This post is the repetition of my #introduction. First of all. You can ignore all other accounts, since this one give me everything I want.
Sometimes if not, many times, I like to write a lot, trying to explain few little things of reality, using words.
Reality is so beauty that we can only #enjoy it, because we know how #complex is each #fragment of #simplicity. The #key is always in our #ability to #imagine.
The focused subject is as well what create the necessary #tools to #find the expression of it in #reality.
Is curious that subjectivity is for each self, objectivation of reality, which makes things more #funny. The #Solipsism is the condition.
Is like to #imagine that we are #Universes and there is no other thing that can deny your absolute notion of reality.
When I #follow you, it mean I may like the content that you share, but when I interact with it, is where I wish to learn more and create a possible and natural conversation, where two persons try to explain their own interpretation about the subject in causa, so that condition, #lead both persons to #grow. Is the #psychologic aspect of those who #dream, which if you think, even #dogs or #cats do. :D
Thank You #GOD to giving #CONSCIENCE to all simples animals that doesn't #TALK or #READ text, but I am not sure about the #Free will of #Choice that you gave to human kind, while I cannot deny about mine. In fact I cannot deny yours, which is the condition that declare solipsism a false theory. But is #true at the same Time. And all of it is only #data (objects and functions) that are in #memory.
#Theories are like myth's and illusions.. which is our inability to intercept correctly, reality.
Ah, I had other account here in this #mastodon #instance, but I got a strike for giving tips to someone to hack reality. Sometimes, those reactions, lead me to think that no one like to have new suggestions to learn how to deal with reality, which is #strange.. and not.. we go again to our eternal positive and negative condition when dealing with reality, which is solipsism..
I like what is possibly #True. But When I do, I try to care it. Is like trying to care flowers to make them grow #stronger. They will be like many others, but better in upgrading their personal #skills.
Even then, we always need to point into some direction, which includes #intentions. I think reality is fine as it is, but you know, I am just a #Monkey and I like to imagine a better world. That world can be only possible if others agree with it. I don't care who you are, what cultural base you have. You will be persons for all eternity. People have the ability to create what ever they wish to. So, I join this instance because in fact give me everything I need to possess to feel #good. I can write a lot :D Monkey #style. I can explain.. GOOD !!!
Sometimes I have this style, which can be a bit provocative, but what can I do, if not, being my self even if here, I am nothing more than simple text. I am nothing.. I am just data.. only useful if you wish to do something with it. But that is not me, just the data that is here, #impressed in #electrical #signals that our #brain can #process, like #machines do. As you can see.. I am nothing than #text. So since text is data and data can be organized in #onjects and with them we can create #functions, I always like to tag everyone is the #world and talk about #education approaches.
A #lamp is only a #lamp .. if I am the expression of #Yang.. is only light. #Music is #light for my #mind. I don't know about you but I always like to think about #China.
I have a crazy illusion that I have the #mission to talk with the #Dragon. Some #old knowledge says he will help me to dream in a safer way. But I cannot prove that, because that is my illusion. In my illusion, there is the other side of the coin, which is the #Tiger. Even if the Tiger can be good, like all cats, they have that skill that prove to be #brave, while sometimes, #evil.
Dragon have different approachs, and normally, dragons are more respectful, while abcessive with perfectionism. I don't know the Dragon or the Tiger, but here I am talking to them. #USA #ASIA #AFRICA #EUROPE #INDIA #RUSSIA #AMERICA #Galaxy
I am just a peaceful monkey that likes to write and produce music and nothing more.. is what #develpers or #educators do, most of the #Time.. even #Scientists, #jornalists, etc...
But you know.. I am in this shell of Time, that can repeat it self, every time that the conditions to happen are true in reality, else they couldn't happen. :D #activism or #artivism is what some call.. I don't know.. but #rationaliy is in my way of being the self.. that is why I need to give a plent of congratulations to Jerry.
I can dive into the Scientific research that is based mainly in #documents, created by "us". :D ..
I think "God" did like me, but I don't understand why. I cannot explain how thankful I am, but you know, he gave me this mission where an #Eternal #license needs to be accomplished and here, with you, we can solve many problems together.
Is what #technology is doing for years, but we need to focus technology to something good and #healthier for all. #Japan try that, putiing robos as workers. That is good. They have a lot of others #crazy things.. good imagination with #math .. what they cannot ? but hey, USA or SouthAfrica is the same. is Knowledge in the brain. :D
#dance and #enjoy #life and #leave all things that create bad #moods. I like #animals too. all kind. I like #Linux. #Terminal with #Black background, where I can write something and create light, even if doing something wrong. :D

Trash Robot
1 month ago

What if the fediverse is not just how #scientists leave #Twitter but how we leave #Elsevier? I could imagine someone building peer review tools into #mastodon, adding #LaTeX support, building infrastructure for long term backups, citations. Those predatory for-profit publishers cost the scientific community more than enough money to pay for developing the tools which would replace them. I think what would be key is getting buy in for the idea from the major organizations like AAAS, IEEE, APS(American Physical Society) etc. I think that a form of peer reviewed microblogging on a platform like this might be the future of science communication, both inside the community and for communication with society at large.

1 month ago

#Mastodon is by far the social platform of choice when #scientists move from #twitter. This is looking very promising for the future of the #fediverse and for #science in general. Finally researchers can own and publish material without getting hidden by algorithms or risk losing their accounts and outlets. Image source: Nature #sciencemastodon

Diagram describing platform of choice when scientists move from twitter. Mastodon leads by 46 percent followed by LinkedIn, Instagram and threads.
Ruth Mottram
1 month ago

About 9 months after the invasion of #Ukraine, Danish trade union DM published a remarkable interview with 2 highly educated "academics" (people with at least MSc education in the DK definition) who had joined up to serve. 1 a historian, 1 an IT specialist.

The National #Antarctic #Science Centre of #Ukraine also has #scientists who are now serving in the Ukrainian armed forces. They made this video.


Mat-Su Monitor student paper
1 month ago

We have ascertained that multifold #scientists and polymaths are nomadizing anew to the Mastadon community network.

By absorbing our dispatches you will comprehend that we are not dolts. We are your bookish similars. If we were not, how could we fathom millions of frequentative bigwigged and seldom met with words.

So scientists!!!

Whomp our "Follow" knicknack!

Concuss our "Follow" bauble!

Make mincemeat of our "Follow" gewgaw!'

Staggering blow our "Follow" lever!

#science #twitter

As a #MedicalEditor, I've always kept up with #science #communities through #Twitter (where I am @KOKEdit). Now that it is called X, many are leaving, so I'm looking for #scientists on Mastodon and BlueSky ( Please keep reaching out on social media, scientists! #Bookstodon

Prof Stephen Serjeant
1 month ago

#Nature finds #scientists are leaving #Twitter/X for, well, all the obvious reasons

Pinky and the Brain | Scicomm
1 month ago

Nature survey among #scientists who were, or still are, users of #Twitter/X:

"More than half reported that they have reduced the time they spend on the platform in the past 6 months. Just under 7% have stopped using it altogether. Roughly 46% have joined other #SocialMedia platforms, such as Mastodon, #Bluesky, #Threads & #TikTok.

"The most popular alternative social-media site that respondents mentioned opening accounts with was #Mastodon."


#SciComm #ScienceMastodon

Results of the Nature survey in a pie chart. More than half of the scientists have reduced or stopped their use of Twitter, for the remaining scientists, their use has stayed the same or increased.
Results of the Nature survey in a bar chart. 46% of the scientists have opened a new social media account. Of these, 47% chose Mastodon, followed by LinkedIn, Instagram, and Threads.
Kathy CW
1 month ago

Does anyone have a list of climate scientists who are on this platform?

According to the article some have made the move to Mastodon.

Thanks in advance.

#climatechange #climatecrisis #scientists #environment #biodiversity

1 month ago

On that story about scientists leaving X and coming here. Please, please lean into the feature of hashtag following and tag your stuff. A lot of us would love to find you and hashtag discovery is the easiest way here.

#scientists #scientist #mastodon #followers #discovery #news #science

Lukas VF Novak
2 months ago

#Scientists discover how #trilobites survived environmental change

Developmental and functional controls on enrolment in an ancient, #extinct arthropod

"As the number of segments increased, the body proportions did not allow them to tuck their posteriors neatly under their heads and still be completely shielded. So, why did this species keep adding segments anyway, and how could it survive the nasty #predators?"

fossils of trilobites
2 months ago

This is one of the coolest initiatives I’ve seen in a while. “Skype A Scientist” allows families, school groups or individuals to have direct Q&As with scientists from dozens of fields, from astronomy to virology, and social sciences to neuro. And they’re looking for more scientists too, so why not get involved as a source? Sign up for the next sessions, get the email & more here:

#science #scicomm #skypeascientist #education #scientists #outreach #scientist

We're connecting scientists with classrooms (and more) across the globe Skype a Scientist has a database of thousands of scientists and helps them connect with classrooms, families, libraries, scout troops, and more all over the globe! We give students the opportunity to get to know a real scientist and get the answers to their questions straight from the source.
Lukas VF Novak
2 months ago

Discovered in the deep: scientists solve mystery of ‘pogo-stick’ seabed holes by Helen Scales

"During an #expedition in the cold waters of the #BeringSea last summer, a team of scientists spotted neat lines of holes poked into the #seafloor. But they did not know who – or what – had created them. #Scientists on the #German #ResearchVessel #Sonne set about hunting for clues."

Series of holes in the muddy seafloor with a small crustacean in one of them.
Lukas VF Novak
2 months ago

Discovered in the deep: the ghost #catshark found after an egg hunt by Helen Scales

#Scientists in #Australia solve puzzle of sole egg left in #museum and identify new #DeepSea species with unique ridged egg case.

Photo of a small dark deep-sea shark
Hashtag Lists
2 months ago

Scientists in the Social Sciences

• Published (not necessarily in field)

Please Message For Additions, Deletions or Edits

Anthropology (#Anthropology)
Battles, Heather @anthroetc
Baynes-Rock, Marcus @hyenachow
Blair, James JA @jjablair
Cajilig, Pamela @anthropam
Campbell, Baird @bairdcampbell
Chrisomalis, Stephen @schrisomalis
Corsín Jiménez, Alberto @acorsin
Coward, Fiona @FionaCoward
Davis, Sara LM @saralmdavis
Duque, Anamaria Tamayo @atama001
Eisenberg, Andrew J @eisenberg_andy
Göpfert, Mirco @goepfe
Kebbe, Victor Hugo @factolvictor
King, Barbara J @bjkingape
Kowal, Emma @emmakowal
Lanclos, Donna @DonnaLanclos
Mattioli, Fabio @fabiomattioli
Menzies, Charles/hagwil hayetsk @cmenzies
Munro, Catherine @CatherineMunro
Pauwelussen, Annet @annetpauwelussen
Schmitt, Eddie @edwin_schmitt
Sponheimer, Matt @spon
Waters, Holly @Manigarm
Whitehouse, Andrew @anthrobirder
Wilenius, Heikki @hw
Young-Leslie, Heather E @HyL

Archaeology (#Archaeology)
Auchter, William
Coto-Sarmiento, Maria @mcotsar
Dietrich, Oliver @oliverdietrich
Dzwiza, Kirsten D @antikemagie
Garland, Nicky @nicky_garland
Gilmour, Rebecca @RebeccaGilmour
Haddow, Scott D @scotthaddow
Harris, Barnabas @Barney
Harris, Claire @Dr_ClaireH
Hoffmann, Birgitta @birgittahoffmann
Maguire, Rena @StillJustRena
Mills, Coralie
Moilanen, Ulla @umoilanen
Nolan, Kevin C @KCNolanINDelCo
Plomp, Esther @toothFAIRy
Shilobod, Nika @NikaShilobod
Smith, Geoffrey M @geoffreymsmith
Wragg Sykes, Rebecca @LeMoustier

Cartography (#Cartography)
Bacinger, Tomislav @tomo
Bell, Sarah @sarahbell
Everhart, Avery @averose
Fink, Christoph @christoph
Garniaux, Jérémy @jeremy
Ledermann, Florian @floledermann
Liu, Brandon @bdon
Longour, Lucas @llongour
McConchie, Alan @alan
Monteath, Timothy W @twm
Tyrrell, Andrew @SouthArrowMaps

Economics (#Economics)
Dittrich, Dennis Alexis Valin @davdittrich

Antarctic Explorer (#Explorer)
Choy, Emily S @EmilySChoy
Waldman, Ariel @arielwaldman

Geography (#Geography)
Ali, Javed @javedali
Berg, Kathryn N @pokateo
Bitner, David @bitnerd
Bourg, Amandine @eco_amandine
Comby, Emeline @emelinecomby
Cramer, Wolfgang @wolfgangcramer
Dorn, Michael L @mdorn
Everhart, Avery @averose
Fink, Christoph @christoph
Frisch, Morten @mortenfrisch
Glückler, Ramesh @rglueckler
Gold, Catriona @catrionagold
Hartz, Friederike @frhartz
Head, Lesley @lesleyhead
Lovelace, Robin @robinlovelace
Mason, Joe @MoreorLoess
McConchie, Alan @alan
Monteath, Timothy W @twm
Mould, Oli @olimould
Neal, Zachary P @zpneal
Neff, Christophe @cneff
Ostermann, Frank O @f_ostermann
Soutar, Iain @isoutar
Sultana, Farhana @farhanasultana
Sweeney, Kevin @kjsgeo
Temenos, Cristina @CTemenos

Law Science (#LawScience)
Fobbe, Seán @seanfobbe

Linguistics (#Linguistics)
De Cock, Barbara @barbaradecock
Hartmann, Stefan @stefanhartmann
Le Foll, Elen @ElenLeFoll
McCulloch, Gretchen @gretchenmcc
Scheffler, Tatjana @tschfflr

Naturalists (#Naturalists)
Purrington, Colin @colinpurrington
Raman, TR Shankar @mizoraman
Woodmore, Larena @larena

Philosophy of Science (#PhilosophyOfScience)
Bergstrom, Carl T @ct_bergstrom
Brusse, Carl @carlbrusse
Carvalho, Eros Moreira de @eroscarvalho
Chiu, Lynn @drlynnchiu
Ferry-Danini, Juliette @ferrydanini
Fisher, Sarah A @sarahafisher
Gerson, Elihu M @emgerson
Leonelli, Sabina @sabinaleonelli
Mollo, Dimitri Coelho @dcm
Pearce, Gareth R @GarethRPearce
Pence, Charles H @pence
Podschwadek, Frodo @fpo
Rubin, Hannah @hannahrubin
Wenmackers, Sylvia @SylviaFysica
Williams, Damien Patrick @Wolven
Wu, Wayne @attninaction
Zhao, Kino @kinozhao

Political Science (#PoliticalScience)
Arzheimer, Kai @kaiarzheimer
Bradley, Fiona @fionabradley
Crawley, Sam @SamCrawley
Dupont, Claire @Cladupont
Heiss, Andrew @andrew
Kelly-Bisson, Christy Ó @GarlicBreath
Levine, Peter @peterlevine

Psychology (#Psychology)
Bellec, Pierre @pierre_bellec
Bortolotti, Lisa @lisabortolotti
Horner, Aidan J @aidanhorner
Johansson, Magnus @pgmj
Karmarkar, Uma R @uma_karma
Kominsky, Jonathan F @jfkominsky
König, Laura M @lauramkoenig
Marschall, Amy @dramypsyd
Michie, Susan @SusanMichie
Nityananda, Vivek @viveknityananda
Reimers, Stian @steer_rhinos
Rubin, Mark @MarkRubin
Sætrevik, Bjørn @satrevik
Snyder, Hannah R @Hannah_R_Snyder
Steltenpohl, Crystal N @cnsyoung
Szala, Anna @anna
Van Damme, Stefaan @StefaanVanDamme
Ward, Emma Kate @emma_cogdev

Safety Science (#SafetyScience)
Cramer, Christopher J @CRO_Cramer

Science Communication (#ScienceCommunicatIon)
Abrahams, Marc @MarcAbrahams
Angler, Martin W @martinangler
Bartlett, Richard J @astronomywriter
Bastian, Hilda @hildabast
Becker, Adam @freelanceastro
Bohon, Wendy @DrWendyRocks
Branswell, Helen @HelenBranswell
Chiu, Lynn @drlynnchiu
Cockett, Rowan @rowan
Connor, Anne N @AnneENConnor
Deppe, Stephanie JH @spacescisteph
Fischer, Daniel @cosmos4u
Fischer, Lars @Fischblog
Gross, Michael @proseandpassion
Hedreen, Rebecca @delibrarian
Hodgkinson, Matt @mattjhodgkinson
Kalinić, Jelena @zrnopameti
Krishna, Swapna @skrishna
Kupferschmidt, Kai @kakape
Lepo, Kelly @kellylepo
Markolin, Philipp @protagonist_future
Matheson, Stephen F @sfmatheson
McAnulty, Sarah @SarahMackAttack
McIntyre, Mary @MaryMcIntyreAstro
Meijer, Roy @RoyMeijer
Moore, Jennifer @unchartedworlds
Muñoz-Mateos, Juan Carlos
Musser, George @gmusser
Nazarovets, Serhii @serhii
Newitz, Annalee @annaleen
O'Donoghue, James @Physicsj
O’Neill, Ian J @astroengine
Ouellette, Jennifer @JenLucPiquant
Plait, Philip Cary @badastro
Rohn, Jennifer L @JennyRohn
Rose, Ian @ianrosewrites
Schnell, Christian @NeuroSchnell
Smeets, Ionica @ionica
Suber, Peter @petersuber
Tan, Fayth Hui @fungalpals
Varmazis, Maria @maria
Vizcarra, Natasha @vizcarran
Winkless, Laurie @LaurieWinkless
Zimmer, Carl @Carl_Zimmer

Sociology (#Sociology)
Anthis, Jacy Reese @jacyanthis
Brankovic, Jelena @jelena3121
Erz, Hendrik @hendrikerz
Gerson, Elihu M @emgerson
Krawczyk, Stanisław @stanislawkrawczyk
Mackay, Ried E @mackayried
Mallon, Annetta @annettamallon
Martinson, Brian C @bcmFietser
Perry, Anja @Datendealerin
Stoyko, Peter @peter

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#SciFedi #Scientists #FediScientists

Andrew Porter
2 months ago

@BBCRD Great to see the #BBC experimenting with the #fediverse and #mastodon

I still remember the experiments with streaming - of #radio content - back when I was at university, and how far advanced the BBC was in that technology (the original #iPlayer!)

I'm looking forward to seeing how this #experiment pans out and hope to learn from it in ways that are useful to #academics and #scientists - good luck!

Hashtag Lists
2 months ago

Scientists in the Natural Sciences - Physical Sciences

• Published (not necessarily in field)

Please Message For Additions, Deletions or Edits

Physical Sciences
Astronomy (#Astronomy)
Alberts, Stacey @dustobscured
Bannister, Michele T @astrokiwi
Barentine, John C @JohnBarentine
Batalha, Natalie M @nbatalha
Bellm, Eric @ebellm
Brown, Michael E @Mikebrown
Busch, Michael W @michael_w_busch
Cabanela, Juan E @Juan_Kinda_Guy
Connor, Thomas @ThomasConnor
Deppe, Stephanie JH @spacescisteph
Dickinson, David @AstroDave
Dorsher, Steven @sdorsher
Fischer, Daniel @cosmos4u
Gay, Pamela L @starstryder
Hunt, Emily @emilydoesastro
Kendrew, Sarah @sarahkendrew
Kramer, Roban Hultman @roban
Lawler, Samantha @sundogplanets
Lepo, Kelly @kellylepo
Mangum, Jeff G @JeffMangum
May, Erin M @_astronoMay
McCaughrean, Mark @markmccaughrean
McDowell, Jonathan C @planet4589
Muñoz-Mateos, Juan Carlos
Plait, Philip Cary @badastro
Rigby, Jane Rebecca @janerigby
Rivkin, Andrew S @asrivkin
Roukema, Boudewijn F @boud
Ruscica, Corrado @astrocorrus
Santander-Vela, Juan de Dios @juandesant
Santerne, Alexandre @AlexSanterne
Schwamb, Meg E @megschwamb
Seidel, Julia Victoria @JuliaVSeidel
Snowder, Brad @Skywise
Stevance, Heloise F @sydonahi
Stevens, Abigail L @abbie
Tuomi, Mikko @mustapipa
U, Vivian @justtheletteru
Winkel, Benjamin @HIprocessor
Wu, John F @jwuphysics

Astrophysics (#AstroPhysics)
Batalha, Natalie M @nbatalha
Becker, Adam @freelanceastro
Danilovich, Taïssa @StellarAlchemist
Donaghy, Timothy @timdonaghy
Dorsher, Steven @sdorsher
Dutil, Yvan @YvanDutil
Falcke, Heino D @hfalcke
Grinberg, Victoria @vicgrinberg
Hughes, Anna Gwen @annaghughes
Hyde, Elaina @AstroHyde
Jenkins, James S @ProfDoubleJ
Kerins, Eamonn @eamonn_kerins
Kirwan, Andrew @starburps
Knödlseder, Jürgen @jknodlseder
Kramer, Roban Hultman @roban
Lepo, Kelly @kellylepo
Mack, Katherine J @AstroKatie
Masters, Karen L @karenlmasters
May, Erin M @_astronoMay
McDowell, Jonathan C @planet4589
Prescod-Weinstein, Chanda @chanda
Prinoth, Bibiana @bibianaprinoth
Qin, Juehang @qinjuehang
Rincon, François @jaztrophysicist
Roukema, Boudewijn F @boud
Ruscica, Corrado @astrocorrus
Schnittman, Jeremy @SchnittGetsReal
Schuh, Sonja @schuh
Segal, Ethan @startswithabang
Seidel, Julia Victoria @JuliaVSeidel
Stevance, Heloise F @sydonahi
Tasker, Elizabeth J @elizabethtasker

Atmospheric Science (#AtmosphericScience)
Chakraborty, Tirthankar @TC_Chakraborty
Feist, Dietrich G @dgfeist
Gassó, Santiago @SanGasso
Griffiths Paul T @paultgriffiths
McNeill, V Faye @vfmcneill
O'Brien, Rachel E @rachelOB1
Parrington, Mark @m_parrington
Pfannerstill, Eva Y @tilvi
Saha, Anamitra @anamitra
Saturno, Jorge @jorge
Subramanian, R @subu_caps
Uma, Alaska @alaskauma

Biogeochemistry (#Biogeochemistry)
de Froe, Evert @EvertFroe
Feist, Dietrich G @dgfeist
Fiss, Mackenzie @sacrebluecarbon
Haygood, Lauren @La_U_Re_N
Hauck, Judith @jhauck
Kolb, Steffen @Kolb2022
Lechleitner, Franziska @DrFranziskaAnna
Rafter, Patrick A @OceanAndClimate
Stachelek, Jemma @jsta
Thirumalai, Kaustubh @kau
Todd-Brown, Katherine EO @ktoddbrown
Vidal, Alix @AlixVidal

Biological Anthropology (#BiologicalAnthropology)
Battles, Heather @anthroetc

Chemistry (#Chemistry)
Berger, Raphael JF @rjf_berger
Colombo, Giorgio @lab_colombo
Cramer, Christopher J @ChemProfCramer
Hammann, Simon @simonhammann
Jones, Oliver AH @Dr_Oli_Jones
Keller, Bettina G @BettinaKeller
Kelley, Megan Elizabeth @MeganEKelley
MacDougall, Preston @ChemicalEyeGuy
Malaska, Michael J @mike_malaska
Neuman, Nicolas I @nicolas_neuman
O'Boyle, Noel M @baoilleach
Sella, Andrea @sellathechemist
Serrano-Plana, Joan @JoanSP
Tate, Brandon K @brandontate
Volkov, Alexey I @lexolf
Walker-Franklin, Imari @calimari
Yates, Adam @alcootatooter

Cosmology (#Cosmology)
Dorsher, Steven @sdorsher
Lamman, Claire M @ClaireLamman
Mack, Katherine J @AstroKatie
McNees, Robert A @mcnees
Pomarède, Daniel @pomarede
Ruscica, Corrado @astrocorrus
Segal, Ethan @startswithabang
Stevens, Abigail L @abbie

Geochemistry (#Geochemistry)
Baker, Andy @Andbaker
Bhattacharya, Tripti @triptychphrases
Blanchet, Cécile @clblanchet
Boyle, Alan @apbliv
Faithfull, John W @FaithfullJohn
Foster, Gavin L @TheFosterLab
Fröhberg, Nico @NicoFroehberg
González, Diego @dgonzalez_geo
Gray, William R @willerstorfi
Greene, Sarah @carbonatefan
Lacey, Jack H @JackHLacey
Mallik, Ananya @DrRockChef
Minarik, William G @silicatefondue
Reiners, Peter @peterreiners
O'Shea, Bethany M @DrBethRocks
Stratford, James @jstratford
Witts, James D @jdwitts

Geology (#Geology)
Andeweg, Bernd @berndandeweg
Bohon, Wendy @DrWendyRocks
Castano, Fernanda @Ferwen
Holt-Wilson, Tim @timholtwilson
Kirby, Rachel @fibreandspace
Knightly, J Paul @paulknightly
Messerman, Craig @cmflyer
Mitchell, Euan @MindOverMagma
Moreau, Julien @Boorhin
Munroe, Jeff @jmunroe
Pimentel, Carlos @doclomieu
Stevenson, Naomi @Almandine
Witts, James D @jdwitts
Tapp, Bryan @oldguy52

Geomorphology (#Geomorphology)
Alvioli, Massi @nocharge
Anderson, Ryan B @ryanbanderson
Bishop-Taylor, Robbi @SatelliteSci
Fielding, Eric J @EricFielding
Holt-Wilson, Tim @timholtwilson
Hui, Stephen @stephenhui
Jefferson, Anne J @annejefferson
Khare, Devayani @Geo_Sophist
Marshall, Jill A @happygeojill
Mason, Joe @MoreorLoess
Mast, Joy @jnmast
Plummer, Ian M @IMPlumm
Shugar, Dan H @watershedlab
Sweeney, Kevin @kjsgeo
Veritas, Vicky @vickyveritas

Geophysics (#Geophysics)
Grandin, Raphael @RaphaelGrandin
Jordahl, Kelsey A @kajord
Moreau, Julien @Boorhin
Plattner, Alain @AlainPlattner
Polet, Jascha @jascha
Rodríguez Liñán, Gustavo @gsrdzl
Stål, Tobias @Toby

Hydrology (#Hydrology)
Ali, Javed @javedali
Baker, Andy @Andbaker
Brobeck, Jim @BellTreeJim
Flores, Lejo @HydroLejo
Heisman, Evan @eheisman
Hildebrandt, Anke @ankehildebrandt
Jefferson, Anne J @annejefferson
Jehn, Florian Ulrich @florianjehn
Kratzert, Frederik @kratzert
Litwin, David G @davidglitwin
Robeson, Scott @indianaclimate
Saha, Anamitra @anamitra
Verkade, Jan @janverkade

Meteorology (#Meteorology)
Amsch, Jesper @jesper
Díaz, Gerry @geravitywave
Doering, Scott @Scott_wx
Ingalls, Mark @ingalls
Lightbown, Rob @crownweather
Sweeney, Kevin @kjsgeo

Microscopy (#Microscopy)
Delpierre, Julien @JulienDelpierre
Gaboriau, David @dgaboriau
Kelley, Megan Elizabeth @MeganEKelley

Nuclear Chemistry (#NuclearChemistry)
Walmarth, Phillip A @pwilmart
Wright, Bryan @catselbow

Oceanography (#Oceanography)
Andrews, Samantha @oceanoculus
Bostock, Helen @HelenB
Czerski, Helen @helenczerski
de Jong Femke @Fmkdejong
Heuzé, Céline @ClnHz
Hill, Tessa M @ClimateTessa
Jordahl, Kelsey A @kajord
Kuhlbrodt, Till @tillku
Lilly, Jonathan M @jmlilly
McClatchie, Sam @Huia_fishocean
Moffat, Carlos @carlosmoffat
Moreau, Julien @Boorhin
Rafter, Patrick @OceanAndClimate

Palaeobiology (#Palaeobiology)
Anderson, Brendan Matthew @Fossilsndcoffee
De Baets, Kenneth @djbirddanerd
Holtz, Thomas R @Arctomet
Sakamoto, Manabu @drmambobob
Wagner, Peter J @PeterJWagner6

Palaeobotany (#Palaeobotany)
Kiely, Jules @Palaeojules
Lydon, Susannah J @susieoftraken
Spencer, Alan RT @AlanRTSpencer
Vera, Ezequiel Ignacio @ezequielvera

Palaeontology (#Palaeontology)
Anderson, Brendan Matthew @Fossilsndcoffee
Audo, Denis @audodenis
Campbell, Micheline @michcampbell
Castano, Fernanda @Ferwen
Connolly, Andrew M @Fossilbonanza
Harris, Jerry D @dinogami
Hegna, Thomas A @Thomashegna
Holtz, Thomas R @Arctomet
Kiely, Jules @Palaeojules
Laville, Thomas @Ellivalcaris
Rowan, Chris @allochthonous
Sakamoto, Manabu @drmambobob
Stevenson, Naomi @Almandine
Wang, Steve C @SteveWang251
Williamson, Thomas @ABQTom
Witton, Mark P @markwitton
Witts, James D @jdwitts

Physics (#Physics)
Andreani, Virgile @Armavica
Baez, John C @johncarlosbaez
Batalha, Natalie M @nbatalha
Becke, Christopher @BeckePhysics
Benedetti, Fabrizio @scienceFab
Betancourt, Michael @betanalpha
Blekman, Freya @freyablekman
Byrne, Brendan @bbyrne
Cabanela, Juan E @Juan_Kinda_Guy
Czerski, Helen @helenczerski
Dellago, Christoph @CHHDellago
Dorsher, Steven @sdorsher
Faez, Sanli @sanli
Feist, Dietrich G @dgfeist
Fressengeas, Nicolas @fresseng
Gbur, Gregory J @drskyskull
Jakubowski, Marcin @jakmarcin
Knochel, Alexander K @quantensalat
Lee, Claire @Claire_Lee
Marmet, Louis @redshiftdrift
Martin, Alex @sidewalksciguy
McNees, Robert A @mcnees
Messerman, Craig @cmflyer
Milewski, Bartosz @BartoszMilewski
Nittler, Larry R @LarryNittler
Prescod-Weinstein, Chanda @chanda
Small, Michael @Small
Stein, Leo C @duetosymmetry
Stevance, Heloise F @sydonahi
Truelove, Kelly @TrueSciPhi
Wade, Jessica Alice Feinmann @jesswade
Wenmackers, Sylvia @SylviaFysica
Winkless, Laurie @LaurieWinkless
Wright, Bryan @catselbow

Planetary Science (#PlanetaryScience)
Anderson, Ryan B @ryanbanderson
Batalha, Natalie M @nbatalha
Bannister, Michele T @astrokiwi
Brown, Michael E @Mikebrown
Busch, Michael W @michael_w_busch
Calef, Fred @mapperwocky
Campos Estrada, Beatriz @exobeatriz
Cowart, Aster JC @TerraSabaea
Deppe, Stephanie JH @spacescisteph
Hauck II, Steven A @hauck
Ile-de-France Planets @IDF_Planets
Jenkins, James S @ProfDoubleJ
Kerins, Eamonn @eamonn_kerins
Knightly, J Paul @paulknightly
Lakdawalla, Emily @elakdawalla
Malaska, Michael J @mike_malaska
May, Erin M @_astronoMay
Nittler, Larry R @LarryNittler
Prinoth, Bibiana @bibianaprinoth
Rivkin, Andrew S @asrivkin
Santerne, Alexandre @AlexSanterne
Schwamb, Meg E @megschwamb
Seidel, Julia Victoria @JuliaVSeidel
Tasker, Elizabeth J @elizabethtasker
Tuomi, Mikko @mustapipa
Wieczorek, Mark @mrak

Space Science (#SpaceScience)
Fischer, Daniel @cosmos4u
Kirby, Rachel @fibreandspace
Stevens, Abigail L @abbie

Spectroscopy (#Spectroscopy)

Anderson, Ryan B @ryanbanderson
Bowman, Sarah EJ @XtalMaker
Konda, Prathyusha @prats
Krapohl, David @dkrapohl
Marmet, Louis @redshiftdrift
Newsome, G Asher @AsherNewsome
van der Wel, Patrick @p_vanderwel
Wade, Jessica Alice Feinmann @jesswade

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