Ulrich K.
2 minutes ago

Nach einiger Zeit habe ich nun meine andere DAEDALUS-KLASSE (Star Trek) entstaubt und eine Szene mit einem Sternennebel gerendert, den ich vor ein paar Tagen frisch zusammengebastelt habe.

In meinem Fanon sind die Raumschiffe dieser Klasse nicht nur 105 Meter lang, sondern sie haben eine Länge von 186,2 Metern, bei einer Breite von 84,2 Metern und einer Höhe von 58,5 Meter.

#fanart #scifi #scifiart #cgi #startrek #romulanwar

Diese Scifi-Szene zeigt drei DAEDALUS-KLASSE Raumschiffe aus dem STAR TREK Universum. Vorn die HORIZON, dahinter vorne die DAEDALUS und den Abschluss macht die CAROLINA.
Im Hintergrund ist ein rötlicher Sternennebel zu sehen, der sich im Raum der Romulaner befindet.
Während des vierjährigen Krieges der Föderation gegen die Romulaner spielen diese drei Kreuzer in meinem Fanon eine wichtige Rolle.
Anthony Rosbottom
4 minutes ago

I’m still sorting through old sketchbooks. Found these rough robot / organic bug sketches. It’s weird how you forget drawing things after a few years (these are 2019 vintage) #scifi #art

Rough ink sketch of a robotic bug with one eye
Unfinished ink sketch of an imaginary four legged bug
Eirik Gumeny
8 minutes ago

Thank you to everyone who's already pledged, but we've still got a long way to go! If you like weird #SciFi and #Horror, these anthologies are really going to be something special. #WritingCommunity #Bookstodon

Adamas Nemesis
11 minutes ago

If you know anything about my spacey art you know spacey blue had to show up in this scene sooner or later. 😀 My new "Ruminating a route in blue". 🚀🌌

#art #MastoArt #digitalart #digitalpainting #painting #scifiart #scifi #sciencefiction #spaceopera #spaceflight #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl

Seth Rutledge
12 minutes ago

Alflynd IV: Aldric's Phoenix
"Biologists who did on-location studies of Alflynd had to question some of their core precepts - What's the point of having 'species' when essentially every creature can produce viable offspring with every other creature?"

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d #NomadSculpt

Medium-close shot of a brightly coloured bird standing on the forest floor in a dense fog.
Close up of the bird's head.
Initial sculpt render of the bird.
Ailantd Sikowsky
12 minutes ago

Some type of flying #vehicle built using repurposed heavy industrial machinery. These unique machines are occasionally found in poverty-stricken areas and urban centers.

#Notebook #doodle with digital color overlay.

#Car #SciFi #SciFiart #FlyingCar #MastoArt

A yellow flying machine.
A yellow flying machine.
Today On Screen
25 minutes ago

Today, March 21, in ’75, surveillant LUH 3417 replaces her factory worker roommate THX 1138’s government-mandated medications, freeing him from mind control (THX 1138, 1971)

#Movies #Film #Cinemastodon #Letterboxd #Retro #SciFi #THX1138

Text on a screen reading: "subjecte: LUH 3417, mate: THX 1138, 3/2/75, possible drug violation." It spells subject with an extra E on the screen.
Scenes from a futuristic sci fi movie. A bald woman looks upset about something.
39 minutes ago

The Void - Dark sci-fi space opera.

Do please visit the website for more information.

Also, please boost and favourite in order to get this in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Boosting is always a massive help to creators, and it is greatly appreciated. With just a single click you help enormously.

#scifi #sciencefiction #audiobook #thevoid #scifibooks

“Oppressors always like to control language, Commander. Words have power, and they want to hoard that power. And swear words represent opposition to that control, open defiance, even freedom.”

Carl Schafer
Captain, HDR Liberator
ErosBlog Bacchus
49 minutes ago

Ran across a post from 2018 that reminds me, we haven't done nearly as much with the marriage of virtual reality and #teledildonics as we could have done, and doubtless will do in the future. Graphics here are from a noncon #BDSM #scifi comic, but there's no reason we couldn't be doing essentially this essentially now. I know people are working on it, but there's room yet for a ton of progress!

#VR #VirtualReality #Aliens

Comic panels illustrating a double-penetration teledildonics device showing hard-thrusting dildos in cutaway penetrating ass and pussy alternately. Next panel shows an incoming VR connection starring a menacing toothy alien with two cocks.
Redfern Jon Barrett
1 hour ago

I was interviewed by Wayne Goodman for the Queer Words Podcast!

We talk about #writing, #LGBTQ conflicts, and my new #scifi novel Proud Pink Sky.

Listen to my sultry sultry voice here:

Annalee Newitz 🍜
1 hour ago

New podcast alert! Over at Slate Future Tense, the inimitable Maddie Stone is hosting a series about the science in fiction -- a combination of professionally-read short stories and interesting conversations with authors. The first episode drops this week, and it features my story "When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis". #podcast #scifi #science #futurism

Seth Rutledge
1 hour ago

Alflynd IV:Standing in the Hatch

" knew the heir has been hidden on Alflynd for 16 years, and now we find out that a "lost" Imperial ship that disappeared less than a month after the heir vanished secretly has been on the planet and acting as a hub for a rogue base that may well have cloned the heir as part of an unknown plot?"

"Yeah, that's pretty much the situation."

"Fuck me, mate."

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Wide shot of a passenger hatch into the ship, with the same mysterious veiled woman as before standing in the doorway.
Medium shot of the same scene, showing details of the hatch and how it has been integrated as a stationary "building" for the last decade and a half.
Winter Wolves Games
2 hours ago

amazing, with little less than 2 days left we've hit even the last-minute stretch goal:
prepare to see some gorgeous aliens (and cute girls) in 4K 🧐#visualnovel #scifi #aliens #yuri

Author Steaphan Kay :vftrek:
2 hours ago

This book illustration is from Of Evil and Angels Book II. It's titled "Sophie La Fata".

... And Book II is on sale for $.99! 🏷️

#SciFiArt #SciFi #Books #AmReading #SciFiRomance

The scene is set in a grassy field. A soldier holding a rifle has his hand on a young brunette woman dressed in camo shorts, sports bra, and unlaced combat boots. She has a sword slung over her back . The brunette is wearing shock on her face. The soldier has is hand on her shoulder as she looks on at the shimmering visage of a young blonde woman standing in the distance. The blonde is wearing running shorts and top and is looking mournfully behind her at a third woman lying under the burning wreckage from an explosion.
3 hours ago

I think there's great potential for a serious dystopian near-future sci-fi series based on the worldbuilding of Command & Conquer and Killzone.

Tiberium-driven climate change sends streams of refugees from poor equatorial regions to rich temperate regions, whose crowded under-supplied containment zones cause the radicalization of the youth to follow an autocratic guerilla cult, and the military response only make things worse.

#SciFi #CnC #CommandAndConquer #Killzone

🛰Proseguono le live di commento episodi della stagione finale di:
Star Trek: Picard.
Tutte le Info in grafica.
Iscriviti al nostro canale Youtube e attiva la campanella 🔔 per non perdere le nostre live.📡

#StarTrekIta #StarTrekPicard #StarTrekUniverse #Scifi #StarTrek #Fantascienza #startrekpicard3 #ParamountPlus #PrimeVideo

Dhaem17 aka Kraken
4 hours ago

He trasladado la traducción al inglés de #DHARS de Tumblr a Archive of Our Own. Me resulta más cómodo para organizarse.

I have moved the English translation of #DHARS from Tumblr to Archive of Our Own. I find it more convenient for organization.

#DHARS #dharkomai #webnovel #webserial #freefiction #fantasy #fantasia #scifi #sciencefantasy #sentai

Left to right: Alma Aster (Rider Red), Avra Aster (Rider Blue), Antos Aster (Rider Purple), Armyos Aster (Rider Orange) & Athea Aster (Rider Black)
Prism & Pen
4 hours ago

Taking a breath to compose himself, Ardyn’s voice still quavered when he spoke. “You… saved my life and felled the sar’ora I had been tracking for the past week. For that, I am grateful.”
#LGBTQ #SciFi #Fiction #Adventure #SFF

awful piper
5 hours ago

_wolds collide #midjourney #aiart #scifi

Alexander Corby
5 hours ago

#WritingWonders D21: How descriptive is your writing?

There are some things I try to leave to the reader's imagination such as physical character descriptions and such, but sometimes you just have to set a scene. This is the crew taking a day off on Burton Moon Beach, an unknown world in orbit around Betelgeuse (get it?!)

#SciFi #writingcommunity

A few hours later, Ari and Flip were looking down from the Soapbox at the hideously beautiful surface of the world secretly known as Burton Moon Beach. Black sandy beaches crisscrossed over the planet’s surface banded with splotches of purple seas and rivers. As Behrvon lowered them down to a makeshift landing site, Ari could see Flip craning his neck to look at the incredible sky above them. Long vibrant strings of orange, blue, gold, and ghostly green light bled from the sky painting garish colors across the planet. The spackled sky changed from a dim glow around the horizon to an electric neon display higher in the sky. Right where most people would expect to see a brilliant star expelling daylight, Burton Moon Beach only had one purple spot of light in the sky, hardly bigger than a juggling ball. The violet neutron star, and surrounding nebula, were all that was left of the supermassive giant once known as Betelgeuse.
awful piper
5 hours ago
awful piper
5 hours ago
awful piper
5 hours ago
awful piper
5 hours ago
awful piper
5 hours ago
Terence Eden
6 hours ago

🆕 blog! “Book Review: Denizen 43 - A. E. Currie”

I usually don't like reading endless sequels of sci-fi books - but I'll make a gleeful exception for Anne Currie's "Panopticon" series. What if the METAVERSE but IN SPACE! With a MURDER! C'mon, how can you not love that? At its heart is a classic Asimov mystery. Why would a robot kill a human? It […]

👀 Read more:

#BookReview #PanopticonBooks #SciFi

Book cover. A star floats in space.
Jon Stubbington
6 hours ago

Shoreline of Infinity 34 is out now! It features one of my illustrations alongside a really excellent piece about the history of concrete by Emma Levin (no, really... don't believe me, then you're just going to have to buy a copy and see for yourself).

#ShorelineOfInfinity #SciFi

Rod Faulkner
6 hours ago

EYE ON SCI-FI Episode #187 features our chat with Stargate SG-1 showrunner Joe Mallozzi!

In this clip, Joe reveals a key philosophy he follows called "LTS" + it's one we all need!

Check out our full convo here: #stargatesg1 #stargate #scifi #sciencefiction

Audio clip from EYE ON SCI-FI podcast chat with Stargate SG-1 showrunner Joe Mallozzi
Anthony Rosbottom
8 hours ago

A couple of 4 year old sketches I rediscovered. #scifi #aircraft #conceptart #pencil

Pencil sketch showing front half of a science fiction style aircraft. On the nose one is a picture of a cartoon wasp
An unfinished sketch of a sci-fi aircraft in three quarter view
Eye For Film
8 hours ago

"I'm trying to do something that is light and comic but also say things that matter to me." - Sophie Barthes on the feminist design and ethos of The Pod Generation #film #ThePodGeneration #SophieBarthes #sciFi #Feminism

Still showing Alvy and Rachel with their baby pod in The Pod Generation
Director Sophie Barthes
Susanna Shore, Author
9 hours ago

My latest book review: Hel’s Eight by Stark Holborn. Unique, atmospheric sci-fi dystopia. Out today.

#BookReview #scifi

Sophie McKeand
9 hours ago

It’s lovely to see where the ebooks end up, & the many different devices people use to read them.
“Sophie’s lilting prose weaves together the tales of women and their relationship with self in a changing world…
… the second book, Prophets of The Red Night, took me deeper into the realm of the central characters, and had me recognising elements from many of them, good and bad. the last instalment of The MthR Trilogy is out on 1st May and I can’t wait.”
Instagram: VickyandRuby 🙏🏻💙 #writer #scifi

Kindle held before winter woodland, reads The Madness of Sara Mansfield by Sophie McKeand
Staunch Ethical Atheist @ U.S.
9 hours ago

alright.. this dude is a hardcore hip hop / artist / iraq war vet ..
AND ISSUES imho.. he admits..

#socialmedia .. the wrongs ones..

keyboard would drive me nuts tho.. ha!

hardcore #atheist #scifi nerd too :ablobcatbongo:

Social Media according to hip hop artist called Greydon Square. * Atheist.
hpkomic 👻
11 hours ago

The following #DailyDoodle is a spoiler for the current #CosmicDash mini-comic, "Blood & Oil." If you don't want to get spoiled with a character design from this week's page it may be best to skip this one until next week.

The major inspirations here are the mechs from Capcom's #TronBonne, Bowser Jr's koopa car, and the colors are pulled from #Gundam78

#art #robot #mastoArt #illustration #webcomic #indieComic #sciFi #scienceFiction

A small robot in a mech
11 hours ago

Who here has seen Afro Samurai and what were your thoughts about it? #Anime #Samurai #Revenge #Action #Adventure #PostApocalyptic #SciFi #ScienceFiction #AfroSamurai

13 hours ago

Yes, I still remember the book I loaned my sister's friend over forty years ago. The Realms of Tartarus by Brian Stableford. Months went by, and then a year, and no mention of it. A year later I bought another copy and vowed to put it out of my mind. I've done a great job, no? #ScienceFiction #books #reading #scifi

Starting "The Labyrinth", a graphic novel by Simon Stålenhag. If it's like his earlier work, it's better described as an art book than a graphic novel. It doesn't have multi-panel pages and word ballons. It's a large format hardcover book (approx 10" square), with full-page art of single scenes (sometimes double-page spreads) with a few paragraphs of prose on the opposite page. They're moody, realistic dystopian near-future science fiction. The art is fantastic and the stories are almost mundane, laced with sadness and creepiness. They're subtle and grounded.

#TheLabyrinth #SimonStålenhag #bookstodon #GraphicNovel #read #scifi #ScienceFiction

Cover of the graphic novel / art book "The Labyrinth" by Simon Stålenhag. The image is of two people wearing what look like space suits or hazmat suits, each with a hose umbilical attached, walking away from the viewer down what looks like a city street covered with drifting snow and surrounded by ruined buildings. It's dark, as if evening, or perhaps in an atmosphere of heavy dust.
The Hockey Hoosier
15 hours ago

Since I finished "Notorious Sorcerer", here is the next book I'm reading:

#SciFi #ScienceFiction #Book #Books

A hardcover copy of "The Genesis of Misery" by Neon Yang.
Seth Rutledge
16 hours ago

Alflynd IV:The Lost Imperial Heir

We examined the scene on the hill with our macro-binoculars.

"Is that..?"
"The lost Imperial Heir? Yes."
"She's the girl we've been tracking?"
"I didn't know she had a younger sister."
"She doesn't."
"Oh. That's a problem."

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Extremely long shot - A grassy meadow with red and white flowers in the late afternoon. Two young girls in blue tunic-dresses are standing listening to another woman, veiled and all in black.
An even tighter long shot to focus on the older girl's face.
Humbird0 Fandom
17 hours ago

Dennou Coil is an amazing anime from 2007. It's like a combination of Studio Ghibli, Ghost in the Shell, Digimon, a ghost story, and a mystery.

"The story follows a group of children as they use AR glasses to unravel the mysteries of the half real, half Internet city, using a variety of illegal software tools, techniques, and virtual pets to manipulate the digital landscape."

#Anime #Scifi #ScienceFiction #Cartoon #InternetArchive

Matias Hettich 🎮💻
17 hours ago

So, I'm making a marathon of MCU movies from the beggining, and just finished watching "ThorThe Dark World" and I don't understand why people hate it so much 🤨

#MCU #Movies #MarvelMovies #Thor #Cinema #SciFi #SpaceOpera

The Three-Body Problem, by Ken Liu, is a very cool example of Chinese science fiction. It's a little more current than Li Bai, anyhow!

I talked to a Chinese person recently that says he likes our funky lizard-bat dragons better than the snake thing dragons they call longs.

Hurray for lizard-bats! And great sci-fi.

#scifi #Literature #Chinese #ChineseScienceFiction #Book #JustDownloadTheBookAndReadItWhenYouGetToItTrustMeItsCool

Nick Walker
18 hours ago

SPOON KNIFE 7: TRANSITIONS, the latest volume of the annual Spoon Knife multi-genre neuroqueer lit anthology, has been released into the world and is now available to be ordered!

SPOON KNIFE 7 is available internationally through Amazon as of today, and will become available through most other major online booksellers over the next week or so. Can also be ordered through your local bookshop, if they're cool.

#neuroqueer #books #stories #fiction #fantasy #scifi #weird #queer

18 hours ago

Some time in near future it’s going to be confirmed, that prominent Republicans, the murdochs, Douche Bank (I don’t know how to spell Deutsche), Saudis, Putin, China, Zuckerberg, and why not , google have been working an ordered plan for shared world domination. But, it won’t matter because superstorms will be ravaging the earth. #scifi #worldbuilding

Teja Ray Shankara
19 hours ago

Would you go?

I mean, if they were really nice, and you felt really amazing, high vibration energies, and you felt overwhelming love and good vibes…. ✨💫✨

Would you go with them (hoping they’d bring you back)?

#UFO #aliens #SciFi

Green glowing UFO coming down into a forest of pine trees and mountains, with green northern lights and stars in the background. Image: CoolCatGameStudio on Pixabay.
Courtney Cantrell
20 hours ago


MALEFACTORS is a collection of speculative fiction short stories about bad people doing bad things to worse people. These are the scofflaws, scoundrels, and outright villains. Get it at Amazon for now, but it'll distribute to other platforms soon!

Yay #books!!!


Cover art for MALEFACTORS AND OTHER BLOODLINES OF THE LIGHT-WALKERS by Courtney Cantrell. A rough black frame surrounds the image. In the background, ethereal blue filaments swirl together to form an eerie face. Midground, we see a young blonde woman in a layered lace collar, her head crowned in blond braids. She is leaning forward slightly, an arrgoant "you can't actually be speaking to ME" look on her face. In the foreground looms a shadowy, hooded figure with its dark-sleeved arms folded. Its face is lost in darkness beneath the hood, but its eyes glow bright white-red.

Here's another high-detail piece that you can zoom in on with the link:
(A.I. generated)

SD upscale at the denoising strength I set it to for these will usually screw up a normal image quite a bit, lol... but with these robots it actually works well.

#aiart #generativeart #mastoart #fediart #scifi #scifiart #midjourney #stablediffusion

a portrait of a robot man made of intricate robotic parts.
E.W. Doc Parris
20 hours ago

Time for the #VisualWritingPrompt for 03/20/23!

Write a 480-ish character #SciFi story about this AI generated image.

#WritingCommunity #Midjourney #WritingPrompt #SecretSciFiNetwork

A man in a flight jacket broods in front of a spacecraft's porthole.
Trey Piepmeier
21 hours ago

Alright, #UrsulaKLeGuin fans, what am I missing?

Just fiction so far, and only a couple of the collections (that are part of bigger series that have novels as well).

#SciFi #books #checklists #SFF #Bookstodon

Wohoo, Battlestar Galactica Blurays are on their way in the mail. 😁

I want to rewatch the show soon, and all I have are some old DVDs and some low quality downloads of the series.

Not sure where I watched it last time, but it must have been on some streaming service. It's always difficult to chase old shows around the lot of them 🙄

#SciFi #BattlestarGalactica

A short GIF of a lineup of crew members on the Battlestar Galactica, applauding.
John Wilker - SFF Author
1 day ago

Chapter 16 is currently ‘premiering’ on YouTube. Home stretch on this Space Rogues adventure!

New chapters are released every monday!

#audiobook #scifi #spaceopera

On the left is the cover for 'Big Ship, Lots of Guns' featuring a spaceship racing across the screen being fired on by a larger vessel. On the right it says "FANTASTIC SPACE OPERA ADVENTURES"
Mike Palumbo
1 day ago

#365Stories in 2023 - 79/365
"Bloodchild" (1984)
by Octavia E. Butler

The Tlic, an insectoid race, use humans to carry their eggs. Gan, a boy chosen to bear the eggs of T'Gatoi, a Tlic official, must assist her with surgery on a human who's being eaten alive by his hatched larvae.

Butler's unusual coming-of-age tale finds humans on the short end of a power imbalance; instead of conquering the Tlic, they become a commodity on an alien world.


1 day ago

Just started playing around with AI photo manipulation, interesting to say the least. This is the interpretation of the Tetons 5 million years in the future.

#Earth #future-earth #AIart #art #digitalart #landscape #scifi

Artificial Intelligence processed image of the Grand Teton Mountain range in Jackson Hole, WY. The mountains are worn down over 5 million years leaving an other earthly quality.
J. Martin
1 day ago

Aliens Magazine Vol.1 No.1
Trident Comics UK, February 1991

Cover Art: Denis Beauvais

My own copy.

#alien #aliens #horror #sf #sciencefiction #scifi #magazine

Alaiens magazine cover by Denis Beauvais; several aliens with stenciled numbers on their foreheads against the backdrop of a thunderstorm
W. Keith Tims :podcast:
1 day ago

I'm humbled and grateful to all those who have supported The Book of Constellations and voted my show one of the "Best Existing Story-Based Production" in the Audio Verse Awards.

Thank you so much!

#AudioFiction #AudioFictionPodcast #podcast #podcasts #AudioDrama #AudioDramaSunday #awards2022 #sciencefiction #sff #scifi #hopepunk #alien #indie #audioverseawards #writing #writingcommunity

A splash screen for an award. It reads "Audio Verse Awards 2022, Est. 2013. Winner. Best Existing Story-Based Production. The Book of Constellations."
Martin Rundkvist
1 day ago

"All the while, as he speaks softly and listens attentively, his eyes gleam, and one knows he is thinking of the strange sights he has seen and the odd deeds he has done." Jack Vance 1964, The Killing Machine #scifi

Oren Nichols
2 days ago

New instance, time to share the #introduction

I'm an #author, #storyteller, New Yorker, and General Weirdo.

My main interests are #SciFi, #Horror, #gaming, #writing, and #hiking. I have a weird thing for #fountainpens and old #books.

You can find my links here:

Chris Pirillo
2 days ago

i had #chatgpt #ai write a villanelle about #TheOrville (or, as i dubbed it, an orvillanelle) for @tomcostantino ~ #scifi #poetry #poem #writing

"The Orville Renewed"

The Orville, a sci-fi delight,
With humor, action, and heart to spare,
Deserves to be renewed with all its might.

Its characters, both alien and bright,
Have grown and evolved with each affair,
The Orville, a sci-fi delight.

Its explorations, both dark and light,
Of the universe, and what's out there,
Deserves to be renewed with all its might.

Its stories, both epic and tight,
Are thrilling, heartfelt, and rare,
The Orville, a sci-fi delight.

So let's make our voices heard tonight,
And show the world that we all care,
The Orville, a sci-fi delight,
Deserves to be renewed with all its might.
RetroStrange TV
2 days ago

We've live, pal!

24/7 Vintage Sci-fi, Horror, and Ephemera

#streaming #retro #movies #scifi #horror #tv #vintage #publicdomain
Live stream preview
Seth Rutledge
2 days ago

Alflynd IV:The Little Folk
"If there is one thing humans are known for, it's giving their own traits to things they fear or dream of. Imperial scientists estimate that up to 50% of the sentient beings on Alflynd are descended from domestic animals, or even plants. Numbers are hard to quantify given that the little folk tend to avoid their former masters."

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d #NomadSculpt

Medium-wide shot - One of the little folk, furry, with big ears and a bushy tail, stands at the end of a homestead, ready to dart back into the forest.
Close up of the figure's head.
Initial 3D model of the little folk person.
VOLTUR :batbrain:
2 days ago

Bedtime Stories from New Cyberia

DANGER: Anomaly detected. Proceed with caution. Stasis stabilization protocols have been engaged for your safety. Please enjoy today's leisure sims: The Seat of Teles and Amalga-X. Initiating neural hand-off in

STATUS: :godzilla: :artificial_gravity_absent:​ :boost_ok:​ :hacker:​ :hackers_town:​

#HackerCulture #Hackers #SciFi #AudioBook #NewCyberia #BedtimeStoriesFromNewCyberia #Microfiction #MicroFic

2 days ago

If you have an interest in #SciFi and #design , I highly recommend checking out this book. I am absolutely loving it. #ScienceFiction #typography

(Honestly, even if you're only into sci-fi television / film, there is more than enough to keep your attention.)

Typeset in the Future, by Dave Addey book
E.W. Doc Parris
2 days ago

Time for the #VisualWritingPrompt for 03/19/23!

Write a 480-ish character #SciFi story about this AI generated image.

#WritingCommunity #Midjourney #WritingPrompt #SecretSciFiNetwork

A couple share drinks and a meal in a lunar restaurant.
Sarah Jackson
2 days ago

Hey #SciFi #Fantasy and #Horror readers! 🚀🧚‍♂️💀

I would love to hear about any works that you've read (old or new, long or short, prose or poetry) that you felt had interesting, effective, or just plain relatable representations of mental health challenges or trauma. I'm interested in both literal and metaphorical representations.

I'd also be grateful for any boosts ❤

#SpeculativeFiction #MentalHealth #Trauma #SFF #SFFH #Bookstodon #Books #Reading

Oli Mould
2 days ago

#TheExpanse season 5 was totally epic. Proved you don't need protomolocules, silly ghost characters and ring gates to really ramp up the tension and #scifi drama.

2 days ago

Greatest 90s Sci Fi TV show that isn't Star Trek?

#SciFi #90s #90sTV #90sTelly
#Babylon5 #Farscape #Stargate
#StargateSG1 #TheXFiles

Stoat Paws
2 days ago

don't wake the dyson sphere

#blender #b3d #animation #scifi #space #art #mastoart

a 3D animation of a dyson sphere flipping its hexagonal panels outwards to look for who disturbed it's slumber
2 days ago

›The Andromeda Strain‹

#FirstView – Nice old #SciFi #Movie from 1971 about a deadly #bacteria from #outerspace there kill peoples. Sounds simple but this #flic makes fun and don't feels to old but some props and #computer's are so typical 70is.


Movie Poster: The Andromeda Strain (1971)
Justin Ferrell
3 days ago

My friend Wayne made me this #MichaelMyers trading card a while back and Audra commissioned him to do a collection of #Alien cards for our anniversary. Highly recommend checking out his work: #mastoart #art #scifi #horror

A hand drawn trading card depicting Michael Myers. It’s sitting on the trackpad of a MacBook Air
A collection of four hand drawn trading cards featuring characters from Alien. One is Ellen Ripley, one is the grey Xenomorph from Alien: Resurrection and two are different poses of the traditional black Xenomorph
Firehorseart lives!
3 days ago

is a zine by @simonrussell that I'm in.

It's cheered me up earlier this year, to write some comics fandom memories down.

When kickstarter releases the funds, Simon will be sending out backers' copies. Also a donation of £750 to Alzheimer's Research UK.

I've loved being part of this. Thanks you to everyone who's backed it and been involved!

#art #comics #zine #memories #alzheimers #scifi #history #Marvel #DC #nostalgia #WritingCommunity

A photo by Simon of the inside of an open box, with a pile of madeleine books from CPUK.
Vanessa MacLaren-Wray
3 days ago

Just a few hours until the party gets rolling over on the Facebookie, celebrating 2 years of storytelling with Strong Women – Strange Worlds. It's all free, all for fun.

Meet and hang out with authors, chat, play games, and win prizes! New activities every half-hour 11-4 EDT

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Wim 🅾
5 days ago

One of my favourite #scifi authors is Ken MacLeod. "Scattered" is a short film based on one of his stories, "The Surface of Last Scattering". That film has nothing to do with my previous post, but is well worth watching.

Today On Screen
5 days ago

Today, March 16, mission control technician Elliot Whitter notices something is amiss when the Capricorn One crew's television signals are being transmitted ahead of the ship's telemetry (Capricorn One, 1978)

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March 16, inside a space control room on the ground. The seal reads Capricorn One. A man is talking to a manager. "The readout. The television signals are coming in ahead of the  spacecraft signals. It's like they're closer or something. Much closer."
K. Tempest Bradford
5 days ago

☀️ New Suns 2 ☀️ Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color is out this week!

18 science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories revealing daring futures, hidden pasts, and present-day worlds filled with unmapped wonders.

Check out my new short story and all the other amazing ones!

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image showing the cover of the book on the left, title on the right, and a quote by Octavia E Butler: There's nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.
5 days ago

#Operator: R00ts Plan

`B055` once showed her the place in the 3D map of Prague. "I'd go there", he said pointing at the ugliest piece of brutalism architecture that her otherwise beautiful home city had to offer. It was the abandoned, rotten TV tower. Now she came here to think from time to time. And there was a lot to process now. ...

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Henrik Nyh
6 days ago

“Artifact Space” by @Cameronauthor is fantastic so far. Space traders, mysterious aliens, navy life.

I *love* that the central spaceship has history and wood panelling and acanthus leaves carved on door blades instead of Apple minimalism.

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6 days ago

#TheBond: Arrival

Arriving in the Rana system was less spectacular than Martin thought. The blackness of the space there followed the blackness between the systems. The only difference was a star that shone a bit brighter than usual. They still had two days until they were supposed to reach the orbit. ...

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1 week ago
Nick Walker
1 week ago

This week on the Weird Luck webcomic site: WATER DAMAGE, page 1 of 4.

Chapter 5 of the main Weird Luck storyline is on track to launch this Spring. In the meantime, enjoy this short tale of interspecies barter on the Tal Sharnis waterfront!

Page 2 coming next Tuesday!

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1 week ago

this was a really good read and not at all extremely worrisome –

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

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Ailantd Sikowsky
1 week ago

Some type of flying #vehicle, as basic as it is sturdy, is capable of enduring the most demanding day-to-day use.

#Notebook #doodle with digital color overlay.

#Car #SciFi #SciFiart #FlyingCar #MastoArt

Flying car notebook doodle with digital color overlay.
Flying car notebook doodle.
Redfern Jon Barrett
1 week ago
Elan Hasson
1 week ago

Need a new #SciFi series to watch.

Suggestions please!

Here is a list of stuff I've seen:

Sci Fi Brickyards 🔜 LFCC
1 week ago

Greatest 90s Sci Fi TV show that isn't a Star Trek?

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#Babylon5 #Farscape #Stargate
#StargateSG1 #TheXFiles

Ailantd Sikowsky
1 week ago

Some sort of tiny flying #vehicle for those who like or need to travel through tiny and compact cities. It is also easy to park or carry in your everyday use suitcase.

#Notebook #doodle with digital color overlay.
So long without one of these!

#Car #SciFi #SciFiart #FlyingCar #MastoArt

Notebook flying vehicle doodle with digital color overlay.
Notebook flying vehicle doodle.