Vivienne Dunstan
7 minutes ago

The drawback of reading Iain Banks’s “Raw Spirit” whisky tour book is I now have a very long list of whiskies I want to try! If we ever get back to the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh I will have to spend a long time - and a lot of money! - in their dedicated whisky bar. It is also marvellous reading more re whisky names I recognise from the computers at #StAndrews Computer Science back in the 1990s 🙂 #Scotch #whisky #Scotland #IainBanks #BalmoralHotel #StAndrewsUniversity #ComputerScience #Scotland

Wim 🅾
33 minutes ago

A view towards the west, it gives a good general impression of the scenery.

View over a wide moor towards mostly-bare hills and broad wooded glens in the distance. Big blue sky with cirrus clouds.
Foreground the hiking path, earth and short green grass. Young trees here and there. Tall withered grass everywhere.
Craig Cockburn
43 minutes ago

🇺🇦 #Ukraine

Taken at #standrews #scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Wim 🅾
56 minutes ago

Today's walk started on the Helensburgh waterfront

Sea, a promenade with low buildings on the right, wooded hills on the left, taller rocky hills in the far distance. Blue sky with some cirrus clouds.
Hannah Graham
1 hour ago

This is beautiful 🌿 💚

Scottish makar - or national poet - Kathleen Jamie explores a temperate #rainforest on the Atlantic coastline near the Sound of Mull. Out of this experience, Kathleen has written The Green Room - a sequence of #poems which tell the story of these ancient woodlands from the perspective of the water, lichens, mosses, oaks and hazelwoods that make up this unique and rare ecosystem, also known as Celtic rainforest or Atlantic Woodland.
#Nature #Scotland

I live in a country where another country controls our TV schedules, where the news output is massively biased against my country and where most of the political parties which stand in my country are not even registered here.
What other country would put up with this?
Welcome to Scotland.

Wim 🅾
2 hours ago

But only 15 minutes before, this was the scene at the mouth of the Gareloch, at the tip of the low peninsula in the previous picture.

A rather grainy image of an expanse of water with a dark hill behind it. In the centre of the picture, some naval activity: a large dark submarine flanked by two tugs and some smaller craft.
Wim 🅾
2 hours ago

The Firth of Clyde lying peaceful under the glorious sun of a Scottish summer day.

A wide view from a high moor, with a hiking path in the foreground.
In the distance, a broad estuary with an peninsula jutting out on the right and low hills on the opposite shore. At the edge of sight, the hazy mountains of the Isle of Arran. Beautiful summer weather.
Scottish Lass
2 hours ago

Cycling Granny Mave completes 1,000-mile Scotland challenge - BBC News
#Cycling #Scotland #Cancer

2 hours ago

Really curious about the promotion/relegation final in #Scotland - My #Partick #Thistle have been absolutely on fire recently, but the two games against #RossCounty start from zero.

Donald Roy
4 hours ago

And, as stated earlier, if the byelections are held before October the new #voterid requirements will not be in force. This would give #labour something of an advantage. However if they are held later the #libdems might benefit more than the #Conservatives. These considerations may not matter so much as far the seat in #Scotland is concerned because the main contenders there are #labour and the #snp. The other four seats are held by the #Consevatives.

Donald Roy
4 hours ago

Three parliamentary seats are held by people widely believed to be in line for peerages on the delayed "resignation honours list" from #BorisJohnson. Once taking up their places in the House of Lords the lucky recipients would automatically vacate their seats in the House of Commons thus causing byelections to be held. And last there is a distinct possibility that #BorisJohnson himself could end up in the same position as the lady in #Scotland !

Donald Roy
4 hours ago

The new #VoterID requirements do not come into force for parliamentary elections until October this year. There are potentially up to five parliamentary byelections that could occur this year. The first in #Scotland in Rutherglen and Hamilton West where the M.P. would face a recall petition petition if she is suspended from parliament for more than very short period. A vote to suspend has been postponed until after the current Whitsun recess.

langes Wochenende gehabt und immer noch keine Urlaubsplanung für Schottland dieses Jahr geschafft.

Wie gut das wir flexibel sind und mit Zelten so wie so immer irgend wo einen Platz finden in Schottland. Aber wenigstens einen groben Plan brauchen wir schon, vor allem wo es mich mal wieder auf die äußeren Hebriden zieht....

Und ich würde wahnsinnig gern mal auf der Isle of Harris Golf spielen. Ich war ja da schon mal, nur ohne eine Runde zu drehen.

Einfach toll dort...

#Scotland #Schottland #Golf #Hebredies #hebriden

4 hours ago

Things to do later, but simply too nice to go straight home, dawdling along the Union Canal on way home from work.

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #Fountainbridge #UnionCanal #Scotland #Ecosse #barge #boat #bateaux

Video panning left to right along the Union Canal, past waterfront townhouses and barges
Bob the Traveler
5 hours ago

David Beaton, who died OTD in 1546, was Archbishop of St Andrews and the last Scottish Cardinal before the Scottish Reformation #travel #Scotland #history

Undiscovered Scotland
6 hours ago

The superb Museum of Lead Mining can be found high in the Lowther Hills in Wanlockhead, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland's highest village. It should be on the "must see" list of anyone visiting or passing through southern Scotland. More pics and info:

#Scotland #MuseumOfLeadMining #Museum #Wanlockhead #DumfriesAndGalloway #UndiscoveredScotland

The Museum of Lead Mining. The image shows a view down onto a car park with, behind it, a long single storey stone building stretching across the centre of the frame, made up of distinct parts. Behind it the land rises and there are stone buildings in the upper right of the frame. The scene is in sunlight.
7 hours ago

Look at that expression. A Rook has started visiting the garden to feed and I love watching it.
#birdphotography #birds #scotland #nature #naturephotography #photography

Head and shoulders of a black Rook with a huge grey beak, staring straight into camera
7 hours ago

Mina Stack, #StKilda

My favourite image from the trip, a few more on the website.

#Fomapan 100 (4x5) in #PyrocatHD (1+1+100, 12min @ 20C). O22 and LinPol filters.

#LargeFormat #BelieveInFilm #VisitScotland #Scotland

Black and white image of the Mina Stac of St Kilda with the 400m Hirta cliffs on the right side.
8 hours ago

Damn. I'm too late for #SilentSunday and too early for #WaterfallWednesday

How about a #MellowMonday ?

Or maybe a #MoistMonday ?

Erm. Maybe not.

Anyway. Have some peace and tranquillity by Inversnaid Waterfall.

#Scotland #photography #video #loop #waterfall #drawing

A short loop of a waterfall splashing into a pool of water. Trees and rocks surround it, with simple cartoon figures sitting and watching.
The European Network
8 hours ago

How a UK river serves as a natural lab for flood defence research.

A river near Edinburgh in Scotland has served for more than a decade as a natural laboratory for studying flood defences, providing benefits such as improved water quality worth millions.

“Models are great and all, but it’s only with real-world data that you get a full understanding of all the various factors that can affect these results.”

#UK #Scotland #Edinburgh #River #Flood #Ecology #Science

9 hours ago

Judging by the sky outside my place I feel your tags are a little generalised 😁

ZZ Bottom
9 hours ago

#JxCat exposes the worst on #Catalans desire to regain their independence, the normality to make right wing parties relevant.
#Scotland can not follow this path, independence from Oppression can not be replaced by nationalist fascism.

BBC Scotland insist on prefixing the Scottish Govt's planned recycling scheme with 'controversial'.

Er, no.

Controversy is Jimmy Saville or the numerous law-breaking Tories or Brexit. Not a recycling scheme.


#BBCbias #BBC #Scotland #SNP #Greens

Will Phoenix
10 hours ago

Meanwhile on /r/scotland with bots #scotland

4 Posts on Reddit title being different but the body is the same except for the top one and 1 word. 

Whats up with Tourist in /r/Scotland ? 

Whats'up with all the Scottish tourists in Scotland ? 

What's up with Polish Tourists in Scotland ? 

Whats Up with American Tourist in Scotland ?
11 hours ago

Four years ago yesterday I came across this little shrine on the shore at Tarbet Ness. A cup of tea, a wicker basket with an empty beer can, a bunch of chrysanthemums and a handful of small plastic carrots. One of the myriad ways people mark the major events in their lives. I think of it often. #TarbetNess #Scotland #Beach #Shrine

A rocky seashore. Photographed from above, someone has placed a cup of tea, a wicker basket containing an empty beer can, a bunch of white and yellow chrysanthemums, and a handful of small plastic carrots.
John Altringham
11 hours ago

Morning walnut ink sketch of Gleann Bianasdail and the Abhainn an Fhasaigh falling into Loch Maree, Torridon. A view rich in Earth history: "fossil" hills and valleys in the Lewisian (1bya) landscape, inverted rock sequence of the Moine Thrust, Loch Maree Fault, glacial erosion, stream delta... and much more. As seen on a sunny day 2 weeks ago, sitting on the shining white quartz of the Beinn Eighe group.

#geology #Scotland #art

Walnut ink sketch of deep cut mountain valley with stream falling into loch from an elevated viewpoint on the other side of the loch.
12 hours ago

It is really sunny here, again. Getting used to this summer weather.

It's lovely having a Mediterranean climate. 😃

#Highlands #Scotland

Eilean Dà Bharr.

Loch Chille Chiarain, Ceann Tìre.
Davaar, Campbeltown.

#Gaelic #Gàidhlig #Kintyre #Campbeltown #Islands #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #Scotland

Eilean Dà Bharr, Ceann Tìre.
Mike Bolam
14 hours ago
Contrails gradually covering the clear blue skies of south west scotland
Undiscovered Scotland
15 hours ago

The amazing prehistoric henge and cairn at Cairnpapple Hill in the Bathgate Hills. It's over 5,000 years old and on a clear day can offer magnificent views across central Scotland taking in Arran in the west and Bass Rock in the east. More pics and info:

#Scotland #CairnpappleHill #Henge #Prehistoric #Cairn #Bathgate #WestLothian #UndiscoveredScotland

Cairnpapple Hill. The image shows a grassy mound with steps leading up its left-hand side to an open hatch on the top. There’s a hint of distant views on the right, while the foreground has a level rocky area with a shallow circular hole in it at the foot of the frame. The scene is in sunshine.
15 hours ago

I’m posting local pictures on my socials atm as I’m moving and thought I’d highlight the area surrounding where I live now.

#scotland #scottishhighlands #easterross #fearnpeninsula #cromartyfirth #nigg #niggbeach #cromartyfirth #scotlandphotography #scotlandphotographer #scotlandinsta #photooftheday #nofilter #sun #sea #sand #walking #localview #downthehill

Blue sky with a starburst sun, silhouette of a town across the icy blue water, pebbles at the shore line and ridged sand towards the right edge of the photo
Tomasz Oryński
23 hours ago

Ok, I am absolutely in love with this Glaswegian AI chatbot.

Most humanlike experience I had so far:

#AI #chatbot #scotland

Bob the Traveler
1 day ago

William Wishart, who died OTD in 1279, was Bishop of Saint Andrews in #Scotland #travel #history

Martin Geissler from BBC Scotland has let slip that the UK Government has 'a leash that can be tugged' to keep Scotland in line.
All pretence that this is a union of equals is slipping.
A leash? Is Scotland just a dog to London rule? Is it any wonder so many want to break our chains?

I post things like this to give people across the UK a view of what happens in Scotland as I guess such things won't be widely reported outside Scotland and our kennel.

Liz Ellis She/Her🌳
1 day ago

Back in the field in preparation for delivering research training to peer researchers. Fucking love my job!

#Academia #Research #Coproduction #Scotland

Alt text: photos taken of Rhu point and from there looking up towards Gare Loch this evening. It's a beautiful still evening as I walked along the shingle beach

Greg Restall
1 day ago

Thanks, especially, to @walkhighlands, for their public online repository of maps and guides for walks across Scotland. They make it *so* easy to find your way around and get out and about, whether for a short day walk or a longer adventure.

#walking #Scotland

A black-and-white view to Tobermory lighthouse, with a gull in the sky and a sailboat out on the harbour.
Greg Restall
1 day ago

…and a few more scenes, from #Mull, #Iona and #Lochanine

#walking #Scotland

Looking down to the sandy beach at Calgary Bay.
Sheep on the road at Fionnphort, heading down to the Iona Ferry.
The last ferry from Fishnish (on Mull), heading back to Lochanine.
The Abbey at Iona, with a view across to Mull.
Greg Restall
1 day ago

A few scenes from a weekend on #Mull.

#walking #Scotland

A view down to Loch Frisa, and the hills of Mull.
A view from the hills behind Loch Carnain an Amais, back toward the Loch.
A view from the path between Tobermory and the nearby lighthouse, through trees, toward Kilchoan.
A view of Duart Castle, on the Isle of Mull, looking out over the sea towards Craignure.
Nick Ferguson
1 day ago

View of Dervaig, a hamlet on the Isle of Mull, and Loch Tuath. #LandscapePhotography #IsleOfMull #Scotland #Photography

Photogrpah of a view of Dervaig, a hamlet on the Isle of Mull, and Loch Tuath, from the hills above.
Rob Wigham Watercolours
1 day ago

Our latest addition to our prints range: 'Seatown and East Beach from Prospect Terrace', watercolour, 74 x 53 cm (original sold). It's a beautiful view from the headland over the beach. Prints in 4 sizes are available - please see for details and pricing!

#lossiemouth #lossie #moray #scotland #landscape #mywork #artprints #art #mastoart #painting #paintings #limitededition #seaside #beach

A view over where a river meets the sea. At left is the sea, with dunes and beach meeting it. The river runs behind this beach, turning at the bottom of the painting to go to the sea. Two bridges cross the river. In the foreground, at the bottom of the hill we stand on, are buildings of the town; to the right are the fisherman's cottages of Seatown.
Dale Harvey
1 day ago

Caught another Brocken spectre the other day, always such a curious and slightly ominous thing to see in the morning.

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

A brocken spectre projecting a shadow in the clouds with a rainbow around it
Undiscovered Scotland
1 day ago

Standing on a rocky outcrop on the south-eastern shore of Loch Sween in Argyll, Castle Sween is believed to be one of the earliest surviving stone castles in Scotland, probably dating back to the late 1100s. More pics and info:

#Scotland #CastleSween #Castle #Argyll #UndiscoveredScotland

Castle Sween. The image shows a grassy mount with rocky sides with a tall stone ruined tower on top of it. It is seen from a corner angle and there are two rows of window openings along its long side. Lower down on the right is a glimpse of the sea in the background, with land beyond it.
Nick Ferguson
1 day ago

The glass roof inside the Isle of Mull Cheese factory restaurant, and the outside view. As recently made famous by the interior design program featuring Banjo. Had a great lunch there, and bought plenty of cheese. #IsleOfMull #Cheese #Banjo #Scotland

Photo of the inside of the glass roof and it's vegitation at the Isle of Mull Cheese factory.
Photo of the outside of the restaurant at the Isle of Mull Cheese factory
Photo of the sign for the Isle of Mull Cheese factory
Adrian Fry
1 day ago

@stevenlawson And this, lovely people of the Fediverse, is part of the reason why I moved to this beautiful forward-looking country.


1 day ago


Kibble Palace, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, #Scotland

A white marble statue of a naked woman in a large Victorian glass house, filled with lush green plants, a blue sky outside.
Katie Featherstone
1 day ago

A swarm of puffins (that's the right terminology, isn't it? 😉).

Brought to you by complicated arrangement of: camera to laptop, to phone via Bluetooth, to hill and one bar of 4G.

(there's also wifi in the shop, if you are passing/desperate)

#IsleOfCanna #SmallIsles #InnerHebrides #Scotland

A lot of puffins flying over cliffs and sea
1 day ago

Fog approaching the Scott Monument on gloomy day in city of Edinburgh in Scotland, United Kingdom. Silhouette of Victorian Gothic monument in honour of the Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott.
#Edinburgh #Scotland #Scott #ScottMonument #UK #UnitedKingdom #monument #architecture #fog #mastoart #ayearforart #buyintoart #photography #photo

Fog approaching the Scott Monument on gloomy day in city of Edinburgh in Scotland, United Kingdom. Silhouette of Victorian Gothic monument in honour of the Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott.
Hannah Graham
2 days ago

I am among those quoted in this article calling for urgent attention and action regarding serious issues at HMP Addiewell.

It is a credit to Karin Goodwin @theferret that these further troubling claims and issues are being brought to light, following a very negative report on HMP Addiewell by HM Inspectorate of Prisons.

'Violence, failure and rotten food: Life in Scotland's last private prison'
#Prison #Criminology #CriminalJustice #Scotland #InvestigativeJournalism

SubtleBlade ⚔️
3 days ago

#UK ‘demanding’ glass bottles removed from #Scottish #DepositReturnScheme, Yousaf says

The #FirstMinister said he had received a letter late on Friday ‘demanding’ glass be dropped from the Scottish scheme.
#DRS #Scotland #Democracy #Independence #ToryPoliciesInAction #Environment #Sustainability

Nick Ferguson
3 days ago

The Waverley docked in Oban harbour this morning. "The Waverley is the last seagoing passenger-carrying paddle steamer in the world. Built in 1946" #ship #boat #oban #scotland

Photograph of The Waverly docked in Oban harbour this morning
Katie Featherstone
3 days ago

Forever leaving #Islay these days.

I'm taking the very slow public transport route back to the Small Isles today (and tomorrow); Canna this time.

#Hebrides #Scotland

Woman looking tired on a ferry with a distant lighthouse, on a sunny day
4 days ago

Forest walks. Yesterday we walked in the Den of Alyth, a deep gorge filled with mixed forest and Alyth Burn and managed to photograph my first young Dipper being fed / taught to feed itself.
#Birds #birdphotography #nature #naturephotography #photography #wildlife #scotland #perthandkinross #alyth

A young brown coloured Dipper with a dark white chest standing on a rock in a stream and surrounded by flies
An adult Dipper half submerged in a stream with the young Dipper watching, out of focus. Surrounded by rocks
A young Dipper standing on a rock midstream watching the adult in the stream while it forages for food
Adult Dipper, the body is shades of brown and breast is white. Surrounded by the sparkling bokeh from the stream
Dark Galloway
4 days ago

St Kennera's Church in Kirkinner. A 19th C church, built on 13th C foundations and possibly on the much earlier monastic site of 4th C hermitess St Kennera. A 10th C disc headed cross now stands inside the church.

#Scotland #History #Galloway #Blackandwhitephotography

Black and white photo of gravestones in the foreground, leading to an early 19th century church with a square tower.
Charles Harper
4 days ago

What a day. The greenness is still fresh as summer hereabouts comes with great whooshes and sudden arrivings. It can be cold at night and in the morning but when the clear, clean air is pierced with sunlight it is the most glorious feeling. Wild flowers don’t show off here. They play a secondary rôle. They hide in the grass and heather; then they wave at us with bursts of colour like tiny flags on a march or a demonstration in favour of joy.

#summer #day #Scotland #isleofskye

“May soft winds blow about your head,
May sun caress your tender cheeks,
May tears of gentle rain then wash
The marks of fretful care away;
May you remember from this day
Good resolutions and great plans,
Our promises once made believed,
The sharing of our private hopes,
In letters that are signed with love, 
With secret names, with pencilled signs.”  From Summer by Alexander McCall Smith
Dale Harvey
5 days ago

Definitely going to return to this spot, I think in decent light it would make a really good photo

Loch Ossian which is quickly becoming one of my favourite places, partially because its only accessible by train + bike and you cant get there by car.

#photography #landscapephotography #scotland

Some rocks and reeds breaking out of of a loch with an island of trees in the distance

Two #polls show conflicting results for #SNP and #ScottishIndependence. One indicates significant losses for the SNP in the next #GeneralElection. The second poll, however, shows support for independence at 53%.

#Scotland #IndyRef2

6 days ago

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.

A view down a Scottish Glen with low clouds over the mountains at the end of the valley.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Scotland #landscape #glen #valley #landscapephotography

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.

A view down a Scottish Glen with low clouds over the mountains at the end of the valley.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Scotland #landscape #glen #valley #landscapephotography
Dale Harvey
6 days ago

Obligatory photos of clouds being a bit wild.

As much as I have been enjoying shooting music, hadnt realised how much I was missing heading outdoors and shooting some landscapes.

#photography #landscapephotography #MunroBagging #scotland

Sunrise clouds converging on one hill
Gocha :prami:
6 days ago
Dale Harvey
6 days ago

Not a bad spot for the night.

Been way too long since I did a summit camp. Sgòr Gaibhre and Càrn Dearg.

⛰️ 87 / 282

#photography #landscapephotography #MunroBagging #scotland

A tent overlooking a mountainous valley during a purple sunrise
Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
1 week ago

Around Lady Mary's walk yesterday afternoon

Trowan Lodge ruin (finally worked out what it's called)
Hazy moods
Reflections in the River Earn
Another bluebell

#Crieff #perthshire #scotland #spring #bluebell #photography #fujifilmxh2

Trowan Lodge ruin, Lady Mary's Walk outside Crieff
Hazy moments - faint drizzle across the River Earn
Symmetric reflections in the river Earn
A bluebell
1 week ago

The KLF literally burnt £1 million, on the island of Jura (Scotland), in 1994.

Sadly, Fedi admins didn't exist in 1994.

#Scotland #money #music

Scott Williams 🐧
1 week ago

I finally got around to trying the IRN BRU I bought. I would describe it as bubble gum flavored cream soda with a diet cola finish (from the aspartame). I'm glad I tried it, but I have to admit it's not going on my favorites list.


Rí Rua
1 week ago

Love a bit of Blazin' Fiddles

Full Set — Orkney Folk Festival 2022

#TradMusic #Music #NowPlaying #MastoRadio #Scotland #Fiddle

Dale Harvey
1 week ago

When we were looking for crabs on Bute I was pretty surprised to find lots of little starfish around. I thought they were mainly in hotter / more tropical places.

#photography #wildlife #scotland

An upturned rock with small starfish
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 week ago

Bon Scott's pre-AC/DC bandmate remembers their wild times: “We nicknamed him Road-Test Ronnie. He tried it all!”
AC/DC's former frontman Bon Scott was also, apparently, a talented marriage counsellor

#BonScott #ACDC #EarlyYears #RockandRoll #Scotland #Australia #MusicalHistory #ScotlandAgain #MusicIndustry #Vocalist

ChatGPT making things up about the article:
This article looks at the early life of AC/DC's legendary frontman, Bon Scott. Born in Scotland in 1946, Scott moved to Australia as a child and began his singing career in the late 1960s. His style was a combination of heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll that became the hallmarks of AC/DC. He performed with various bands and achieved success with Fraternity before joining AC/DC in 1974. Scott's unique vocals and powerful stage presence made him an icon of rock music and ensured his legacy as an important influence in the history of hard rock. He died tragically in 1980 and, despite his short career, will always be remembered as one of the most iconic lead singers in music history.
1 week ago

I'm planning trips to #Scotland, specifically #Dumfries and #Galloway.

The aim is to meet people doing cool 'green' stuff with a view to doing similar myself in the future.

Likely dates are 31st May - 2nd Jun, and July 10-14

I'd like to meet people doing small scale informal or alternative #housing, #renewableenergy, #solar, #permaculture or anything else like that!

please boost!

Nick Ferguson
1 week ago

Machrie Moor Stone Circle 2, Isle of Arran, Scotland. Iconic. #StandingStoneSunday #Arran #Scotland

Photograph of Machrie Moor Stone Circle 2, taken August 2022.
Steven Lawson Photography
1 week ago

GRit and GRain IV

High contrast images from the west coast

#photography #BlackAndWhite #contrast #grain #Scotland

Black and white portrait format image showing coastal rocks in the foreground and leading the eye across a flat-calm Firth of Clyde to the hills of the Isle of Arran
Black and white landscape format image showing the textures and tones of pebbles and quartz on the stony shoreline
Black and white landscape format image showing the many tiers of sandstone coastal rocks worn down by thousands of years of tides
Black and white portrait format image on a still, sunny day showing a maritime marker pole in shallow water with a gentle tide and the vast Ayrshire skies above
Nicki Lygo
1 week ago

An iPhone photograph for some wider context to the last shot.

This is such a beautiful part of Scotland and walking early in the day means you can have it all to yourself

#Scotland #Hebrides #LochNaCliofa #Crabhadail #VanLife #SoloFemaleTravel #RoadTrip #HighlandsAndIslands #Photography #iPhonePhotography

A grey loch expands out of the bottom right corner of the photo. On the far side is a small white croft against a craggy hillside backdrop. The sky is cloudy and moody and some of it is low enough to veil the tops of the hills
Nicki Lygo
1 week ago

A camera shot this time, from one of my walks on Harris earlier this month.

Minutes before taking this, I had rounded the top of a hill and startled a golden eagle on the ground. No photos, but I can tell you that watching him take off, not 20 feet from where I stood, was breathtaking

#Photography #Hebrides #HighlandsAndIslands #Scotland #Hiking #GoldenEagle #Crabhadail #LochNaCliofa #Harris #VanLife #SoloFemaleTravel #RoadTrip

A white Croft stands on the shore of a lake. Behind it, a craggy mountainside rises sharply. The colours are muted greens and greys.