Little Girl in Monsterland
8 hours ago

Inside and outside the library #screenshot #adventuregame #indiedev #pixelart #location

Morris Wayts
2 days ago

#wip #wipwednesday #snippet #screenshot #amwriting #writingcommunity
I am writing a short story to publish by end of September on my #ko-fi blog free to read. Here, have a sample as I struggle :D

As always, #interaction makes you a VIP, boosting very much appreciated!

He leads the way and I follow, glancing to the side. The grey bugger there hides something behind his back. We pass a circular door and the small corridor illuminates itself, without any visible light source. I would find that impressing, but my brain is occupied with screaming “You are fucked, you will die!” in endless repetitions. I almost bump into my abductor as he stops right before me and touches the wall. A part of it opens up into a circular door, much like the one we came out of, and I see a claustrophobia-inducing compartment before me. It is about big enough for me to lie down and roll once to the side. Three quarters of it are occupied by something that looks like a yoga mat on steroides and seems to have exactly my height as its length. 
“You will lie down and sleep. You will be comfortable. You will not leak your body waste.”
“And what if I do?”
“You will not leak your bodywaste! You will not leak your bodywaste!”
“Listen, mate… I am hu-man as you say. We leak our bodywaste in fairly regular intervals. We call that taking a piss, you know?”
“You will not take a piss. We don’t travel long. You will lie down.”
He points a hand to the mat on the floor, and I feel my nerves tingling again. With all the reluctance I can afford I step into the compartment and lie down on the mat, which is softer than expected but not soft enough to support all my weight from the metal floor. Before I can actually complain, the door shuts itself and I am left in the dark, trying ....
3 days ago

Flameshot not working after update #screenshot

SHUT Breaking News
3 days ago

Sony Launches Investigation After Ransomware Group Breaches Company Systems: Sony is investigating a claim made by a ransomware group that it has breached the company's systems and is threatening to sell stolen data. #Twitter #Sony #Hacker #Computersecurity #Screenshot

3 days ago

Man it’s been a while since I shared a #screenshot like this hahaha

#Xubuntu #Linux #btop

screenshot of a fresh Xubuntu install showing neofetch and btop
3 days ago

Flameshot – A Simple, Yet Powerful, Feature-rich Screenshot Tool For Linux #Flameshot #Screenshot #Linux #Opensource 📚
4 days ago

Microsoft is adding a new screenshot tool to Microsoft Edge with advanced editing features. The company recently removed web select. #microsoft #edge #browser #screenshot #tool

4 days ago

Framed #563
🎥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟩

#framed #movie #screenshot

Chelsea Thompto
5 days ago

Lots of studio work this week for my digital project “The Fog” commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art and opening online in November. The #screenshot here is of “Act 2” which focuses on fog in horror narratives. Working on foggy procedurally generated spaces in #threejs rendered in an #asciiart style and leveraging browser text-to-speech to deliver excerpts from horror narratives.

A 3D space with dark ground and light sky rendered in ASCII characters in black and white. The scene has buildings in the background and text in the foreground that reads “…in the fog.”
5 days ago
5 days ago

All this talk of Starfield has made me re-install NMS after the Echoes update and I have to say, it still has one of the best in game photo modes I have ever experienced #screenshot #nomanssky #trans

Me infront of my ship on the paradise planet I now call home
Little Girl in Monsterland
5 days ago

Here's a new in-game screen, folks! #screenshot #pixelart #adventuregame #indiegamedev

6 days ago

#ScreenshotSaturday for #Warlordocracy:

Getting a quest from one of two competing inns in the Jadenbury Market District (new alpha of Ch2 on Patreon tomorrow).

#indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #rpg #crpg #strategy #gaming #steam #fantasy #indiegamedev #screenshot

:blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑
6 days ago

Trying this (Paladin) one more time.

Now Half-Elf (Wood).

Oath of Vengeance, will seriously try not to break it but I will not switch from her moral compass to protect her oath. I will play her as a two-handed or pole-arm specialist this time. Favoring a more aggressive play style.

Also "The Guardian". Because I think she looks really cool this time.

#BG3 #Paladin #DnD #Gaming #Restartitis #Screenshot #RPG #CRPG

Redheaded (with blonde highlights) blue-eyed paladin with a war hammer on her back.
An elf with a curly dark blonde mohawk and a huge facial tattoo on her left side that looks like dark energy spreading from her eye.
VladlenO 🐳💨
6 days ago

В #Nextcloud появился #прототип социальной сети, которая позволяет взаимодействовать с федирацией.

Все желающие могут ознакомиться
Логин: demo
(За #флуд и #пиздец я не отвечаю, это полноценный #аккаунт, без ограничений).

Социальная сеть имеет 2 профиля, один в социальной сети (скриншот 1), и другой nextcloud (скриншот 2). В последнем так же отображаются посты пользователя.

Конечно есть куча недороботок, и на данный момент я бы не стал пользоваться на постоянной основе, но начало уже положено!

#скриншоты #облако #федерация #новости #некстклауд #демо #пользователи #Пользователям #Администрирование #screenshots #screenshot #demo #News #cloud #fedi #Federation #web #FederatedWeb #digic #zocial #social #société #социальныесети

6 days ago

@xuxxux @BlackAzizAnansi that's my primary use for it. It's my default #screenshot tool. Being able to upload screenshots with annotations to #imgur is just a bonus. In theory, I believe there's a lot more online stuff I can do aside from that, but a great screenshot tool was what I was looking for when I found it. Or specifically when I upgraded to it from #Greenshot which is an excellent tool but #ShareX is better imo.

6 days ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:fonts/cg/emc-vol08/eddacaps/font.iff #Font #Rectangle #Parallel #Screenshot #Number

Font Rectangle Parallel Screenshot Number
:blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑
1 week ago


Thanks to the "Magic Mirror" inclusion in patch nr 3 you can now change appearance (but not race) any time you're at camp, so... redhead.

#Gaming #BG3 #CRPG #RPG #Screenshot #DnD

1 week ago

Man kann nicht sagen, dass ich #TESO nicht mehrere Chancen gegeben habe!

Ausserdem ist mein Charakter-Namensgebungsschema on point.

#Screenshot #CharacterSelect #ElderScrolls #ElderScrollsOnline #ESO

Screenshot Charakterauswahl, man sieht einen Dunkelelfen zentral als ausgewählten Charakter, in der Auswahlbox rechts aussen die Liste von Namen:
Rafinox, Rafe Cracken, Raforawk, Rafyrox, Rafylux, Rafeluxx, Rafnox, und Raphy Arunsun
1 week ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase3:fonts/type1/emc-vol81/athletes/font.iff #Organism #Rectangle #Font #Parallel #Illustration #Art #Screenshot #Number #Slope #Writing

Organism Rectangle Font Parallel Illustration Art Screenshot Number Slope Writing
1 week ago

Some #screenshot s from ... wait... #xenoblade chronicles 2!

Pyra and Rex from Xenoblade 2
Pyra and Rex from Xenoblade 2
Rex and Malos from Xenoblade 2
Rex and Nia from Xenoblade 2
1 week ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase3:fonts/cg/emc-vol85/hanzikais/font.iff #Rectangle #Font #Parallel #Number #Screenshot

Rectangle Font Parallel Number Screenshot
1 week ago

Just a few #screenshot s :)

In the mean time the trap-making is being expanded. All that empty space i got on so many levels sure could use some filling!

Tech Geek
1 week ago

@ticho @mdiluz

As far as I see, these #trends are used to convey large #paragraphs into a single #tweet / #toot to avoid multiple #threads. But as u said, for #screen #readers it's challenging. #Alt texts are must if they are following this trend. It's an untold #rule which still a lot of people yet to follow.
#image #Accessibility #screenshot

:blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑
1 week ago

Last minute hairdo change. Because that's important.

#BG3 #Paladin #DnD #Gaming #Screenshot #RPG #CRPG #Elf

Green-skinned grey-eyed wood elf paladin armed with a hammer.
George Yang
1 week ago

I wanna share this before I switch to another lockscreen wallpaper. I really enjoy it!

#iPhone #lockscreen #screenshot #wallpaper

iPhone 12 Pro Max lockscreen screenshot featuring a wallpaper showing a girl’s left eye looking straight

Been playing a lot of Armored Core 6 recently, and I've been having so much fun with it that I keep forgetting to take screenshots.
Made a conscious effort to take this one, my main build:
Linear Rifle
Pilebunker exploding spike
Swappable gattling guns on shoulders
Reverse Join Legs

I really like this build, and I don't care if I have to stop to shoot a charged shot like this.
#AC6 #armoredcore #Screenshot

:blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑
1 week ago

I present to you my first custom character in #BG3

Csharynn, the wood elf Oath Of Vengeance Paladin.

#RPG #CRPG #Gaming #Screenshot

A blonde, grey-eyed pale-green wood elf in armor and a war hammer on her back.
A blonde, grey-eyed pale-green wood elf in armor and a war hammer on her back (From further away).
1 week ago

While fixing a bug that would cause an array indexing error when clicking on the "right" place on a popup menu (was due to leftover code from before the grand GUI refactoring), I also added the ability of using separators between two menu elements. Might as well also write test4 to test the Lua scripting engine I spent time on getting work, but then never actually testing it.

#gamedev #dlang #screenshot #pixelart

Retro GUI with a popup menu having a separator item.
1 week ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:fonts/type1/emc-vol04/nordic/font.iff #Rectangle #Font #Screenshot #Parallel #Number

Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Number 📚
1 week ago

The screenshot app Snipping Tool integrated in Windows 11 can be set so that it's called up by pressing the print key. #windows11 #screenshot

001 Game Creator
2 weeks ago

#Screenshot showcase by "Eagle" from our discord community.

Hey #gamedevelopers want to show off your #001GameCreator creation? Join our community today:

2 weeks ago

Just avali things. ^.^

Have some cheeky Seeker avali pics.

#Avali #StarSeekerAvali #NeosVR #VR #Screenshot

2 weeks ago

What a super goofy mount! This cracks me up. #ffxiv #ffss #screenshot

Rav riding on the back of the Fat Black Chocobo Mount, she has a fishing rod with a lettuce suspended from a rope to guide the Mount.
2 weeks ago

starocie znalazłem... screeny mojego linuxa sprzed 12 lat... Aptosid z jajkiem 2.6 i PekWM na desktopie...

#linux #oldschool #screenshot #debian #sid #unstable #PekWM

screen desktopu Aptosid Linux. PekWM w oodcieniach szarości. otwarty terminal i okno Sonaty - klienta MPD
screen desktopu Aptosid Linux. PekWM w odcieniach szarości. otwarte: menadżer plików Thunar i okno Sonaty - klienta MPD + horyzontalne minimal conky w górnej części ekranu 📚
2 weeks ago

Windows 11 will soon let you copy text from screenshots #windows11 #screenshot #text

Joseph Quigley
2 weeks ago

@marcoarment I do appreciate your commitment to privacy, but maybe advertising the show one is already listening to on @overcastfm is taking things a little too privately? 🤣

#Podcast #Funny #Screenshot #Privacy #advertising

Screenshot of the overcast podcast player displaying an ad for the free version of a podcast I’m already paying for.
001 Game Creator
2 weeks ago

#Screenshot showcase by "SkullByte" from our discord community.

Hey #gamedevelopers want to show off your #001GameCreator creation? Join our community today:

2 weeks ago

Trickle rescues your #screenshot chaos with #AI.


2 weeks ago

Rav, channelling her inner Dark Souls. #ffxiv #ffxivss #ff14 #gposers #screenshot

Rav, in a tattered worn iron medieval armor set of gear with cloak, hand on hip looking right at the camera.
2 weeks ago

I whine about unit tests most of the time... but this week i started writing some to cover this puzzle game and some of my addons, and dang if this isn't pretty good coverage for not very much code!

Here we create a puzzle based on a few (puzzlescript-y) lines, walk it to create the bug, then assert that you can indeed undo (move backwards) in this situation.

#DevLog #IndieDev #GodotEngine #SoloDev #Code #Screenshot

Screenshot of a test case from a puzzle game. Full code pasted below. First we create a puzzle based on some text-lines, then we call `level.move` with various directions, walking a circle around the level, eventually jumping over some already-visited dots to the goal (but without reaching every dot!). The bug was this situation, where we need to undo our last move while there are some not-last-visited dots between the current spot and the undo spot. We assert on the state of the grid before and after the undo to be sure the behavior is what we expect.

	func test_can_undo_across_dotted_cells():
		var level = build_puzzle([


			[["Dotted", "Undo"], ["Dotted"], ["Dotted"], ["Dotted"], ["Goal", "Player"]])
		assert_eq(level.state.players[0].stuck, true)


		assert_eq(level.state.players[0].stuck, false)
			[["Dotted", "Player"], ["Dotted"], ["Dotted"], ["Dotted"], ["Goal"]])
2 weeks ago

How to disable extra screensharing / screenshoting permission requests? #screenshot

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Trickle, extrae información relevante de tus capturas de pantalla aunque sean complejas #IA #screenshot #capturapatalla

3 weeks ago

Some new screenshots from #xenoblade 3. It's incredible how good this game looks on what is basically a gaming tablet from 2017. #jrpg #screenshot

Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Sena from Xenoblade Chonicles 3
Sena from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
A from Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Little Girl in Monsterland
3 weeks ago

Dear friends, here is how the game currently looks, with characters and user interface! (Everything is work in progress) #screenshot #pixelart #adventuregame #indiedev

Misja van Laatum
4 weeks ago

Old pixelart time again: I had a lot of fun making Burton's 1920s messy London appartment. From Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth. #screenshot #pixelart #indianajones #pointnclick

1 month ago

Very #wip but here's a #screenshot of #Immich half-way working on #NixOS thanks by oddlama

1 month ago

#Development #Guidelines
Please take full window screenshots · Best practices for capturing screenshots in product documentation

#WebDesign #WebDev #Frontend #Browser #DevTools #Documentation #Context #Screenshot

1 month ago

Rough pixel art for some brownstones. Not too sure on the windows or the tree, as a whole i like it pretty well! Tomorrow I'll cut this into some godot tilemaps.

#PixelArt #BeatEmUp #Aseprite #Screenshot #DevLog

Pixel art of 4 brownstones/townhouses. 3 on the left, a sandlot, and one more on the right. A large tree grows from the sidewalk in front of the lot, and a car-less street provides space for soon-to-come beat-em-up gameplay against this backdrop.
1 month ago

I haven't posted in a while. So here is a chess-based puzzle game I'm currently working on!

#screenshotsaturday #screenshot #chess #puzzle

1 month ago

Curious, on average, how many screenshots (including screen recordings) do you take per day?

(for the purpose of this poll i think it makes sense to consider saved images, like memes, as a screenshot)

feel free to reply (or not) and describe what you do with them (receipts/archives, sharing with friends, incorporate into art, reference, etc), what types of things you screenshot, how/if you organize them, etc.

#boost ok #screenshot #poll #survey

1 month ago

That magic moment when the text from the #Code #Screenshot completely fits in the #AltText character limit..... this is an entire #Aseprite #Lua script!


1 month ago

So I was grinding the new public delves on the #Telvanni Penninsula and #Apocrypha for hours and hours and this little guy was my price. Neat!
#ESO #ESOfam #ElderScrollsOnline #Screenshot #SteamDeck

A screenshot of the game Elder Scrolls Online. A squirrel in the green grass.
1 month ago

#Pseudoregalia ist auf seine eigene Weise so ein schönes Spiel. Liebe diese Grafik schon sehr.

#Screenshot #indiegames #gaming

Nikki 🦔
1 month ago

Another day, another bit of Quantum Witch progress. Today, Ren and Tyra's room.

#art #mastoart #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #screenshot

Pixel art. A woman stands in her room, the walls painted purple/pink. There is a double bed, above it is a window. A portrait of Ren and Tyra hangs near the bed, and a large animal skull with a flower sticking out of it adorns the wall by the door.
Cheradenine Zakalwe
1 month ago

It appears
#Trump's legal defense #grift #site got #hacked. Don't know how long the hacked version will stay up.

(Edited to add
#screenshot of the hacked version just in case)

Screenshot of Trump's HACKED "legal defense" fund site
1 month ago

For today's #screenshotsaturday here is a screen of the city of Siloas, where a train stops. Hero Ryo seems to be completely fascinated by it!

#gamedev #rpgmaker #indiegamedev #screenshot #DarkSword

:blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑
1 month ago

Okay, we are off to the races!

PSA: You can edit the stats of the premade characters, so here is my #Karlach

#Barbarian #DnD #BG3 #Gaming #Screenshot #MildSpoiler

7ft tall Tiefling Barbarian with red skin posing in a glen.
1 month ago

#Arch #Linux with everything I need, and just 821 packages in total 🥰

#pacman #flatpak #screenshot #neofetch #gnome #desktop

LadyIcepaw (Linda)
1 month ago

It's my birthday 🥳
For fun, have some out-of-context screenshots from my games! You can find them all on Itch:

4 visual novels are released so far, 3 of which are free to grab! And I may just have plans for another 👀

#lovewood #screenshot #gameDev #indieGame #visualNovel

A little anthro wolf girl is saying to the tailor next to her "Squibbles says it's important to stay hydrated!"
She is referring to the green frog plushie in her arms.
Screenshot from Frightwood. It's night and Moth is saying "Speaking of monsters that demoralize me, we should get going before my parents notice my absence."
Screenshot from Lovewood. Moth says "And give you a wedgie, in the middle of an already mortifying ordeal??"
Screenshot from Lovewood. The protagonist and Nord are being tossed above the canopy of the forest, Nord is giving a startled scream.
:blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑
2 months ago

Having blown one fascist fortress out of the sky, we are now pushing our way thru the tunnels of another fascist fortress, this one an immense underground bunker, to blow it... up to the sky? Anyway, enormous fireworks for everyone. Soon.

#Fallout #Gaming #Screenshot #RailwayRifleGoesToot

Player Character (to the left) talking to Desdemona, leader of the pro-android-rights railroad as the characters infiltrate a bunker.
Rini :autism: :ffxiv_rpr:
2 months ago

I love Palia :awwwblob:
I made Alice in Wonderland themed outdoor tea party :blobcatbigfan:

#Palia #PaliaOpenBeta #Screenshot #Gamer #Gaming #Tea #AliceInWonderland

Alt text: 2 screenshots of a long wooden table with different cups, pots, jars and flowers. Around the table are multiple differently styled chairs.

Gabor Heja
2 months ago

My favorite part of game jams is I can experiment with the game mechanic and style I wanted to try.

Also, the given themes help to shape the game as well.

So... my buns are now farming tomatoes (plant them, grow them, crop them), chopping wood, will occasionally light the forest on fire when not looking, sleep and eat.

But you'll be able to ask them to look out for the buns with matches - though even they won't know if they had.

#lowrezjam #gamejam #gamedev #godotengine #screenshot #pixelart

Screen capture of the game mentioned in the post, it has no title at the moment. The video shows a little pixel art world in a cozy nice style with two bunnies (or kittens?) doing some farming and wood chopping, as the post describes.

The art is by Sprout Lands by Cup Nooble:
Death by Lambda
2 months ago

A #screenshot of this #toot
from @dansup that cannot be boosted or favourited with the #error #recordNotFound

Does any #mastoAdmin know what that means?

A #screenshot of this #toot 
from @dansup that cannot be boosted or favourited with the #error record not found
Nikki 🦔
2 months ago

I'm sure you'll forgive my distraction when you see this screenshot :)

#indiedev #screenshot #pixelart #indiegame #mastoart

Ren, wearing a red dress, stands on a stone clifftop. The moon shines above her, illuminating a mountain in the distance.
Quinn Comendant
2 months ago

Setting up my Strava. Am I doing this right? 😁🍴

#Strava #screenshot #fitness #humor

Screenshot of my Strava profile, with four photos of calorie-laden plates of food, but also a chart of recent workouts to prove I do burn off the calories.

People who screenshot a media story to make it accessible because it's behind a paywall, but don't alt-text the screenshots to make them accessible..

..c'mon, my guys.

#Disability #screenshot #AltText #BeBetter

2 months ago

Why can't I upload #screenshot on my #Android to #Mastodon I always get an error saying upload failed. Input was incomplete. I have no problems uploading pictures taken with my camera. It happens when I use the website and when I use my app which is #meglodon

#mastohelp #mastodonhelp #feditips
@feditips .

Jeff the Alien
2 months ago

OK Look. I have tried to be nice about this, but now the unfollows and blocks are coming soon. Stop posting links back to #Twitter or #Threads or any other billionaire backed social media. I just am being honest. I'm never clicking a single one of those links. Ever! So just stop!

If I feel you aren't getting the message or come back with snark in a reply, well, I will just go ahead with blocking ya and move on with my day. I'm not looking for an argument so get it through your head - Seriously. Being on a billionaire backed social platform puts your data at risk. Even more so on Threads.

Every single time you post a link to one of those sites every single instance connected to the
#Fediverse looks up the link, caches it, and then shares it again. This goes on until every instance has it cached. It is a lot of unnecessary #internet traffic you are creating for the billionaires. A #screenshot of the information you are posting about works so much better.

Mastodon doesn't need any help - Its doing fine!

@domesticstreetcat @const_void
Someone can also use other #adblocking #upstream #dns #resolvers as my #screenshot from my #pihole shows ❤️

Noelle 📚
3 months ago

First post of me comparing Mastodon to Threads lol 🤣 just trying to promote Mastodon 😁

#Threads #Mastodon #screenshot #SocialMedia #fediverse

Screenshot of a post I made on Threads which reads: Threads is okay but Mastodon is like 1,000x more interactive than Threads. I'm getting silence on every post on here. 😬
Markus Ostermeier
3 months ago

macOS Tipp: Screenshots gleich in die Zwischenablage kopieren
Seit einiger Zeit hab ich mir angewöhnt, dass wenn ich unter macOS einen Screenshot machen - und das ist bei mir im Regelfall über die Tastenkombination CMD+Shift+4 der Fall (damit kann man selbst den Bildschirmausschnitt festlegen) - dass ich einen "Rechtsklick" auf die Vorschau des Screens
#macOS #macOS #ProTipp #Screenshot

Csepp 🌢
3 months ago

#Casio #PocketViewer simulator #screenshot (in Wine). I kinda dig this early 2000s #anime art style. (In moderate quantities at least.)

Any other #handheld computing / #PDA fans tried this platform?

"About" window with a cute (naked?) anime elf lady with neon rainbow hair and lots of rings and two large bracelets, holding a tablet to her chest with "NC2022" written on it.

Text in window:
NC3022 Hardware Emulator/Debugger version.0.3
Copyight (C) 1998,2000 by CASIO Computer Co, LTD.
Progammed by M. ynagisawa@casio consumer dev dept
Plugin Information
Un-Assembler Function system Plug-In Ver.1.0 @myan.
OC3025/26 LCDC Simulation Plug-In ver.1.1 @myan.
NC3020 Generic Keyport Simulation Plug-In ver.1.2 @myan.
Houston Dog :mastodonworld:
4 months ago


from the article (on Harris poll of 100 brands) #screenshot

#96: Meta 
#97: Twitter 
“The brand found to have the worst reputation was The Trump Organization with a score of 52.9”
4 months ago

My app "P1X DOS Dreamer" is released. Super basic functionality but still a lot of fun in making ;)


Generating infinite amount of screenshots of:
* Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis
* Riven The Sequel to MYST

(you need your automatic1111 backend and my models; files to dl coming soon)

#StableDiffusion #python #retrogaming #AI #screenshot

Jordan Mechner
4 months ago

A friend in Germany just sent this to me. This is how gaming journalists took a #screenshot, back in the day.

5 months ago

Show me your home screen, be it Android or iOS and tell me all the details of what all you are using on the home screen.

Launcher: @novalauncher 8.0.5 Beta
Wallpaper: System wallpaper from Google
Icons: OneYou Icons
Widget: Nova search widget with weather and date enabled

Most of the icons on the home screen have swipe up and swipe down actions.

#Nova #NovaLauncher #Android #HomeScreen #Screenshot #Apps #Tech #AllThingsTech #iOS

Screenshot of my Nova Launcher 8.0.5 home screen. You can see a search bar widget at the top that shows the date and weather. 

At the bottom you see various app icons that open numerous different apps via the app icons themselves as well as via swipe up and swipe down actions.
5 months ago


I *never* struggle with #flatpak 🙂 Never used it so far...

I don't have a reason to use a newer #Firefox than #Debian has, fortunately.

Maybe now:

#gtk_vector_screenshot by @nomeata used to work with Firefox, but it's broken in #bookworm. Only empty #screenshot 😞 Should try other versions of Firefox.

It's broken with #epiphany a.k.a. #Gnome Web, too: Screenshots are not empty, but pixelized, i.e. not #vector 😠

gtk_vector_screenshots still works great with other #GTK3 programs.

Blake Patterson
6 months ago

Some pics of the first Interceptor I claimed from a Dissonant planet in No Man's Sky Interceptor.

#NoMansSky #NMS #gaming #games #gamers #PCgaming #SciFi #procgen #screenshot #virtualphotography #spacegames #ships #HelloGames

6 months ago

Bless all the people who post dark mode screenshots

#ScreenshotSaturday #screenshot #darkmode

James Scholes
6 months ago

For my followers with some vision, I'm doing some #accessibility research: if you were asked to take a #screenshot of a particular application/window, and send it on a chat app like Slack, what steps would you follow? Do you use any apps to make it easier?

I have finally configured Windows 11 to my liking 😌 Snapshot taken, too.

#windows #windows11 #vm #screenshot #screenshotsunday

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
7 months ago

@davew I wish the various #screenshot shortcuts on devices and computers would capture and present text and links as equal peers with the default snapped picture. On #Apple stuff you have to hunt for the little Live Text button in the corner to OCR what was just snapped, but why? The OS knew it was text just a moment ago!

Still surprised that there is no such thing as a FOSS widget maker that works as an alternative to KWGT...

Or at least a good generic music widget with #MaterialYou...

Because the power of #KWGT is actually so awesome, I just did one myself :blobcatderpy:

#Ricing #Android #NovaLauncher #Screenshot #Customization

My home screen with a few icons, a gallery widget from the Muzei App and a custom widget for my music built with KWGT
Jason Evangelho
8 months ago

This feels good.

No more Windows partition, and I have my Kubuntu 22.04 appearance exactly how I love it: Dracula global theme and Candy icons.

Thunderbird ESR and Daily are both set up, all my current Steam games are downloaded and running perfectly, Plex/PlexAmp ready to rock, and Aptik full system backups are configured!

Now, I just need to get OBS set up for the upcoming podcast recordings.

(Wallpaper is mine, I've attached it for you)


#Linux #Screenshot #Desktop

A KDE Plasma desktop, featuring Dracula theme and Candy icons. The wallpaper is a multi-colored night sky, with a giant skull wearing headphones in the foreground.
Luca Mondini
8 months ago

Ho conservato su una cartella di Drive parecchi #screenshot dei miei desktop e telefoni dal 2004 ad oggi.

In pratica la storia di come si sono evolute le interfacce e, parallelamente, i miei gusti.

Questa ad esempio era la mia macchina del 2005 con #gentoo #linux e #fluxbox 😅

Prima o poi ci devo fare un post.

Gentoo Linux + Fluxbox nel 2005

I stumbled across the #iOS back tap feature this morning. Now I can open my camera with a double tap, or take a #screenshot with the triple tap. How handy!