2 days ago

#Octopus erweitert InDesign um nützliche Zusatzfunktionen, kostenlos. Die Entwickler sind selbst Anwender und haben jahrelange Erfahrung im #Script⁠ing, im Umgang mit #InDesign und in der Entwicklung von Automatisierungslösungen.
#InDesignScript #AdobeInDesign

4 days ago

here's the script that did it:

#script #bash

6 days ago

#Development #Launches
capo.js · Optimize web performance by identifying out-of-order head tag elements

#Script #WebPerformance #WebPerf #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #DevTools #HTML #CSS #JavaScript

At one point #JodieFoster was going to star in the #film Double Jeopardy but she didn’t agree with the director, Bruce Beresford, on the #script.

“We were having a difference of opinion and she said 'We'll have to do it my way I'm afraid.' And I said 'Why Jodie?' And she said 'Because I'm so intelligent. I'm such an intelligent person that there is no point in disagreeing with me because I'm always right.' I thought she was joking but she wasn't! She had an extraordinary opinion of her own IQ.”

Makoto Tachibana
1 week ago

Drawing with ArtRage for iPad.
The drawing process was recorded in a script. Clean up that script and set it free.
#drawing #process #script

"m7-script" Makoto Tachibana
Licensed under CC BY 4.0 License

“This thumbnail was created from a script”

2 weeks ago

Who has a #python #script or website to check if a text list of web applications has any programs for a #bugbounty or #vulnerability disclosure?

Preferably includes both basic #OSINT scraping such as Google dorks and bug bounty platfm #API queries.

Generates report.

Plan to write one if needed.

3 weeks ago

(4/10) But I’m still putting a non-negligible amount of time into the #writing but we’re getting more comprehensive content out of the deal for far less time than I could write it from scratch—even in topic areas where I’m not a subject matter expert.

I’ve ghostwritten or had bylines in online or print content for more than a decade now. I’ve written editorial letters, opinion pieces, #SEO content, and white papers—even the odd video #script.

Jonathan C. Dietrich 🌀
3 weeks ago

Spent *hours* this weekend working on my


workflow but, I do *love* the quality of the end product.

#shakespeare #xml #xslt #pdf #texlatex #tex #latex #script #romeo #juliet #play

A two page spread of a well typecast script, showing the start of Act I, Scene iii of Romeo and Juliet.

Hemen dago nire asken script-a bideoak txikitzeko:

"codec"-a aldatzen du eta 720px baino gehiago daukaten bideoak bere resoluzioa aldatzen du.

Backup bideo karpeta murriztu du 140G-tik 50G-ra.

#linux #script #bash #ffmpeg #tipOfTheDay

DAT :loading:
3 weeks ago

War jetzt so sehr genervt, dass ich mir kurz ein #Bash-#Script tippte, welches die Dateinamen der #Podcast​s fixt.

Erstmal nur die Ausgabe dessen was ausgeführt werden würde - bei zu vielem ist das Resultat noch kaputt.

Das wäre nicht nötig, wenn Leute einigermaßen sinnvolle URLs verwenden würden! *seufz*

Shell prompt with results:

syncthing@steiner-dresden:~/Podcasts$ tech/tech2go/
mv "tech/tech2go/1079409-m-3e523c50d4312f18e18f5036bc3070e3.mp3" "tech/tech2go/Weekly_8_AutoGPT_Plastik_Klimaschutzgesetz.mp3"
mv "tech/tech2go/1086318-m-008677d83aee3305ad4abc5a791241fd.mp3" "tech/tech2go/Weekly_9_NatriumBatterien_Solarmodule_freies_Wissen.mp3"
mv "tech/tech2go/1088583-m-38d9c69ffcea721c21f7129671360a2d.mp3" "tech/tech2go/Deep_Dive_Warum_die_EU_die_ChemikalienGruppe_PFAS_verbieten_will.mp3"
mv "tech/tech2go/1092468-m-7acc8f585df03dd2c720026c9b572190.mp3" "tech/tech2go/Weekly_10_Emotionale_KI_Wärmepumpen_Freiheitsgeld.mp3"
syncthing@steiner-dresden:~/Podcasts$ Labertaschen/WRINT/
mv "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1479_Bank_Run_Klimageld_und_Spitzensteuer.mp3" "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1479_Bank_Run_Klimageld_und_Spitzensteuer.mp3"
mv "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1480_Grundung_der_Gestapo.mp3" "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1480_Gründung_der_Gestapo.mp3"
mv "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1481_Nobody_expects_the_Spanish_String_Theory.mp3" "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1481_Nobody_expects_the_Spanish_String_Theory.mp3"
mv "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1483_Das_Ende_der_ETA.mp3" "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1483_Das_Ende_der_ETA.mp3"
mv "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1482_Katzenfuhrerschein.mp3" "Labertaschen/WRINT/WR1482_Katzenführerschein.mp3"
syncthing@steiner-dresden:~/Podcasts$ Politik/LageDerNation/
mv "Politik/LageDerNation/LdN332_source_feed_ptm_context_mp3_ptm_file_LdN332.mp3.mp3" "Politik/LageDerNation/LdN332.mp3"
Tom Cruise | de
1 month ago

No shoes in the jet, please! Take them off! This also applies to the superstar ❤️‍🔥🔥👍 But please tie it up properly afterwards, Sweetie.😂 Yep, it's warm in Florida. 1st: an other shirt, 2nd the important airplane check!

I gave all the photos a little sharpness!

#TomCruise #Naples #naplesairport #Florida #USA #tomcruiselove #tomcruiseforever #tomcruisede #tomcruisegermany #marrymetomcruise #youcompleteme #iamcosUR #missionimpossible #deadreckoning #script

Blabla Linux 🇧🇪♻️💻🐧🇫🇷
1 month ago

Nouveauté, mon p'tit doigt me l'avait dit 😜

La clé #USB de #réemploi @Emmabuntus va devenir le couteau suisse des installeurs 😎
Nous avons donc eu l'idée de finaliser cela en ajoutant un #script nommé #diagnostic qui va intégrer de nombreux utilitaires disponibles sur #Clonezilla pour savoir si les différents éléments de l'ordinateur fonctionnent 🤙

Merci à Patrick et à tous les autres pour leur implication et leur formidable boulot 😉

Ах-ах, ну, неужели, наконец-то, сбылась моя мечта идиота и я всё-таки нашёл трёхмерный симулятор жизни в манга-стилизации?? Да еще и с MMD-движком?? И без смерти, и без чернухи?? Скачаю-ка да потыкаю, а пока предлагаю вам оценить транглюкацию с англиканского из описания в Google Play!
#games #sim #japan #school #shoujo #3d #android #script

Gerald So
1 month ago

I think overall #TheWorldIsNotEnough was a poor #Movie b/c the #Script wasn't inventive enough. #JamesBond felt played out. Note the drastic plot twists in the NEXT movie #DieAnotherDay, having Bond captured by #NorthKoreans, etc. "We've got to do SOMETHING to spice things up."

Marcel Gaida
1 month ago

Got tired of checking if a registration website is online or not - so I wrote a script that does the check for me and sends me a push notification to my phone when it is, through the Pushbullet API.

You can find my code at the link below.

#programming #python #py #jupyter #script #code #github

Liz Fyne
1 month ago

"To put it simply, writers are the first block in the tower on which the rest of the product is built." So why are they so badly compensated?

#writing #script #hollywood #movie #wga #film #tv

Alan Mah Baxter
1 month ago

Just sent off my shiny new spec to my manager! Hoping all those late nights pay off!!🤞#feature #biopic #aapi #script #screenwriting #writing #writingcommunity

ᴺⁱˡᶻ 🍸
1 month ago

Warum hab ich mir das erst jetzt besorgt?
#lieblingsfilme #Tarantino #pulpfiction #script

Buch mit dem Script zu "Pulp Fiction" von Quentin Tarantino
Seite aus dem englischen Script zur Szene "Sieht Marcellus aus wie Schlampe?"
Fotos von John Travolta und Uma Thurman als Vincent Vega und Mia Wallace
Alan Mah Baxter
1 month ago

VIBES request! On a writing deadline, I’m to aiming to finish a draft of my new spec today!! Fingers… are… crossed. 👨‍💻#appi #feature #script #biopic #deadline #vibes #writerslife #writers #writing #writingcommunity

Bruno C. Vellutini
1 month ago

I often need to synchronize two timelapse recordings of developing embryos (control vs treatment) and combine them side-by-side to visualize the differences.

Combining image stacks in ImageJ/Fiji is straightforward, but synchronizing involves more manual (and tedious) stack wrangling. So I wrote a small macro to help me out. Maybe it's useful for you too :)

#ImageProcessing #ImageJ #FijiSc #Macro #Script #Timelapse

The video shows the desktop of a computer. ImageJ (Fiji) image processing software is open with two image stacks and the code editor with a macro. The video walks through the steps to synchronize and combine the two image stacks into a single stack where the samples (developing embryos) are synchronized by their developmental stage. This is useful for playing the videos side-by-side and comparing control versus treatment samples.


Project 1: A high #fantasy novel, currently delayed as I construct a new language, world map, three thousand year history, etc.
Project 2: A low sci-fi sequel to ‘Coolest Fcking Cool’. On hold whilst I determine the true nature of the maze in literature.
Project 3: A low #sci-fi prequel to ‘Coolest Fcking Cool’. On hold until I gather enough goofy ideas.
Project 4: A film #script retelling Dracula as a Wes Anderson style thriller.
Project 5: A TTRPG based on the action cinema style of Gareth Evans or Chad Stahelski.
Project 6: Building a resin replica of the Blade Runner PKD blaster.


Coffee. Biscuits. Playing enough CoD MW2 so I be a faceless suity man, waiting for Jedi Survivor to release.

“It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important as trifles.” - Arthur Conan Doyle

David August
1 month ago

Anyone have a good scene they recommend from a movie or TV show for a female presenting actor with a playing range of 25-30? #acting #actor #ActingCoach #screenplay #script

1 month ago

I don't regret making setup Bash scripts.

I just needed to reinstall my system. Most of my stuff are now up and running in less than an hour.

#bash #script

Phil Clarke
1 month ago

Here's a kind endorsement from one of the many writers I've worked with so far this year. This one comes from experienced TV writer, Laurence Davey.

For more words from Philmscribed writers, visit:

#screenwriting #storytelling #filmmaking #script #writing #writingcommunity #screenplay #screenwriter #philmscribed #scriptanalysis

@librebits tengo que confesarte un secreto: estoy preparando nuevos capítulos para profundizar en #bash #script...


PACK’s mask generator isn’t working for me anymore, so I threw a quick one together. It’ll take a wordlist of what you’ve cracked so far and create two lists of hashcat masks, one sorted by frequency (i.e. most common at top) and one sorted by length (i.e. fastest to crack at top).

#hashcat #cracking #passwords #script

A masked artisan creating Venetian masks. Making masks … get?
Zvavybir 🇪🇺🇺🇳
1 month ago
In case anyone has a use for it: I made a small script to add browser history support to the lernu! dictionary ( It would be nice if somebody could make a simple add-on out of this.

#esperanto #lernu #dictionary #script #javascript
Sara Kathleen
1 month ago

A little Sunday morning art project that came out. Painted on African Blackwood, and one of my favourite Beatles lyrics. 💚 shown with some blue kyanite and a bonsai that needs a haircut.

#beatles #lyrics #songlyrics #art #artist #woodworking #handwriting #handwritten #script #MastoArt #artistsonmastodon #kyanite #bonsai #quotes

A shelf with 5 bright green house plants all bunched up closely together. In front of them lies a big chunk of blue kyanite - which looks sharp and pointy because it is. Also is a rectangle of black wood, like a plaque or a sign, with hand painted words on it. In my handwriting, as it’s not a stencil or anything. It says the movement you need is on your shoulders, in white, with a little vine drawn around the words.
Tammy Hunt
1 month ago

The Art Of the Pitch

Brush Up On Your Performing Skills

“The pitch is a whole other animal…I am much more comfortable writing. That’s what I do. I’m not a talker, I’m not a performer, I’m not an extrovert, but you’ve got to go in there and be entertaining with it.”

- Amanda Silver (writer/producer Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes; producer War for the Planet of the Apes; writer Jurassic World, Mulan 2020)

#pitch #film #tv #writer #director #producer #script

Stuart D Neilson
2 months ago

#Autistic led drama "A Kind of Spark" is on #BBC iPlayer and airs on CBBC from 17 April.

"Never before has there been a cool, edgy kids TV series that can attest to hiring #neurodivergent actors, performing a #script adapted from a #book written by a neurodivergent author (also one of the show’s screenwriters) and employing neurodivergent #consultants, #crew and #actors. That is, until now."

Linux Magazine
2 months ago

Backup Assistant: @linuxnews_de looks at an open source solution to simplify backup on Android devices #Linux #OpenSource #Android #backup #LAB #shell #script #Flutter

close-up image of part of a harddrive
Alan Mah Baxter
2 months ago

Busy Wednesday! Diving into a rewrite of my biopic spec. Onboarding a new admin to A-Game (WGA and Pre-WGA AAPI writers). Then meeting with an EXEC at a production company!! #thehustleisreal #writerslife #staffing #tvseries #feature #script #asianamerican #execs #writer #WritersOfMastodon #writing

Tammy Hunt :verified:
2 months ago
Angela Miller
2 months ago

Been a very busy day today.#stem #history #research in the morning, looking into #JamesClerkMaxwell childhood. Lunchtime #music rehearsals with friends, working on a #gaidhlig song and Little Wing.
Afternoon busy #script #writing with morning's notes. Evening #filming the #video in sunny Corsock!
Flopping now.

The bridge by Glenlair House where James Clerk Maxwell grew up.
Hayden White :arch:
2 months ago

My post-installation #bash #script for #arch #linux has received a complete rewrite. More info on that here:

Roland Dreger
2 months ago

Small improvement for Word import script: Attributes for list format and start value are now added for list paragraphs. #InDesign #script

2 months ago

Random snow divots from stuff falling off the melting trees today reminds me of some obscure runic or cuneiform script...

#snow #script #nature

Random snow divots from stuff falling off the melting trees today reminds me of some obscure runic script...
2 months ago

A better way to attack Microsoft Azure AD with temporary access passes

Microsoft's TAPs were designed to simplify passwordless authentication, but they can also be used by attackers to bypass MFA.

Even if an administrator goes in and deletes the TAP, an attacker could still maintain access to the user account. In the process of the OAuth On-Behalf-Of (OBO) flow, we have somehow removed the correlation between the Temporary Access Passes (TAP) and the refresh token, a process I (Daniel Heinsen, SpecterOps) am calling « OBO persistence ».

Granted, in this scenario, you only have access to APIs that don't require admin consent, but that's enough to read the users email, Teams messages, OneNote notes, and calendar. In order to revoke this access, an administrator will need to revoke all the user refresh tokens. #microsoft #azure #python #script #tools #informatique

🛠 obo-wash

2 months ago

Dis mastodon, on m'a demandé de récupérer des fichiers sur un disque dur qui déconne.
J'ai utilisé photorec, mais la personne à qui je rends service aimerait que les #photos récupérées soient un tant soit peu rangées.
J'ai pas trouvé de #script et j'ai pas le temps d'essayer d'en coder un.
Tu aurais ça sous la main ?
Un bout de code #bash ou #python qui pourrait trier les photos dans une arbo année/mois en fonction de la date de prise de vue des données #exif ?
Repouets et boosts appréciés.

Tammy Hunt :verified:
2 months ago

Outstanding guidelines for writing characters.

#writer #story #character #script ✍🏻

TSM at Work
2 months ago

A bit of #aws #cli here, a bit of #jq there, and lo and behold, a guide for what your new #NFS mounts will be as your #vm moves from #onpremise to the #cloud. Oops, did I “accidentally” #commit the #script next to the #generated #markdown document in the #wiki? #sorrynotsorry

2 months ago

Si te gusta programar en #python y los dibujos animados trabajo en algunos proyectos que ayudan en #blender

Podés colaborar, aprender, armar scripts para vender [$] y más...

#2D #animacion #animación2D #arte #mastoart #py #blender #b2d #script #addons #complementos

2 months ago

Se acuerdan que hace unos días pregunté si alguien tenía ideas para hacer que un #script revise si hay una nueva #version?

Pues ya lo hice 😄. El script revisa si hay un .version_check en su carpeta. Si existe, hace un #stat para sacar la fecha de modificación.

Si el archivo no existe o tiene mas de 24h hace un #fetch y compara el hash actual con el de origin y si son diferentes muestra un mensaje.

Finalmente, hace #touch del archivo para crearlo o actualizar la fecha de modificación.


Dallman Ross
3 months ago

#bash #script

@nixCraft Here you go. (Use hard quotes around the password if it contains magic chars like "$" or "-".)

spamless@nomotek-pavi:~/bin$ ./pwcheck.bash 1234ßaA
Your string is 7 characters long.
Your string contains 1 lower-case ASCII character.
Your string contains 1 upper-case ASCII character.
Your string contains 4 digits.
Your string contains 1 other character: "ß"

Bash script is pictured:

spamless@nomotek-pavi:~/bin$ cat pwcheck.bash
#! /bin/bash

lower=$( echo "$PW" | tr -dc [:lower:] )
UPPER=$( echo "$PW" | tr -dc [:upper:] )
digit=$( echo "$PW" | tr -dc [:digit:] )
spclK=$( echo "$PW" | tr -d  [:alnum:] )

grammar () {
  s=s # for plural words
  test ${#W} -eq 1 && s=''

W=$PW; grammar; echo Your string is ${#W} character$s long.
W=$lower; grammar; echo Your string contains ${#W} lower-case ASCII character$s.
W=$UPPER; grammar; echo Your string contains ${#W} upper-case ASCII character$s.
W=$digit; grammar; echo Your string contains ${#W} digit$s.
W=$spclK; grammar; echo Your string contains ${#W} other character$s: \""$W"\"

echo ""
Renoir Boulanger
3 months ago


The irony is that back in jQuery golden years (2005-2012 ish), with manual insertion of #script and #CSS tags the industry was explaining how to achieve performance by bundling things together. Less #HTTP requests, optimize TCP frame ramp up.

Nowadays we download MBs of code, for a ridiculous fraction. Just to be re-download and parsed again.

3 months ago

Here's the output from a script I made to synchronize files (mainly my #Music library) between the various places where they exist.

It's just some basic #rsync stuff, but it does the job well and makes my file organization slightly less crazy to maintain.

Plus... wolfy!

#Bash #Script #Backup #Synchronize #Files #Wolf #Terminal #Linux #MusicLibrary #JBO #MeisterDerMusik #IchGlaubeDuLiebstMichNichtMehr

A screenshot of a bash terminal shows an rsync-based script that synchronizes files between a few different locations.  The example script shows J.B.O.'s album "Meister der Musik" being copied to a backup drive.  An ASCII wolf at the top of the screen is above the title "Awoo File Synchronization."
A screenshot of a bash terminal shows an rsync-based script that synchronizes files between a few different locations.  The example script shows J.B.O.'s album "Meister der Musik" being copied to a backup drive.  At the end of the output, the message "Backup synchronization complete.  Press any key to close this terminal.  Awoo."  is shown.

Simple scripts are the best scripts ✌️😏

#script #git

Kev Quirk
3 months ago

Nice simple #script to help automate pushing to my #Git repositories:

Tammy Hunt :verified:
3 months ago
JoViKo Wi
4 months ago

Hey smart Tuskers!

Is there a way to script backups of my Mastodon account, so that I can turn that into a weekly-ish cron job on and save the backup files to a folder on my Mac?

To be explicit, I'm looking for an automated way to export Follows and Bookmarks and the other .CSV files, plus request and download the contents archive.

Looks like there are various ways to backup a Mastodon instance, but how about for us users?


#Mastodon #Backup #Export #Archive #script

JoViKo Wi
4 months ago

Hey smart Tuskers!

Is there a way to script backups of my Mastodon account, so that I can turn that into a weekly-ish cron job on and save the backup files to a folder on my Mac?

To be explicit, I'm looking for an automated way to export Follows and Bookmarks and the other .CSV files, plus request and download the contents archive.

Looks like there are various ways to backup a Mastodon instance, but how about for us users?


#Mastodon #Backup #Export #Archive #script

Patrick Stewart
4 months ago

It was a #fun day! Felt really #productive. While I could have done more #work for my actual #job, I'm glad I have the time to do the things I #love like #writing and #podcasting again. Although for my next episode I'll likely write out a #script and some intro #music would be nice. Perhaps I'll read my own #stories. If you did #listen to my 1-take #episode today, what did you think? #Feedback is welcome in comments. Listen to it here:

#poll #advice @podcasting

Good evening #hivemind. Best way to make #Python imports work for both #PyPI #package #builds and also when running as a #script? #python3 #pythonista #build #setuptools

4 months ago

I've been working on a process to make a Raspberry Pi, with Camera module and PIR module, work as a motion detection trail-cam. It's a pair of scripts, one in Bash and on in Python3.

The next step is to look into Cellular modems to have it report back to me when it captures something.

I'm sure someone more experienced could do this more elegantly, but I'm happy with my progress so far. It's been fun to learn Python.

#linux #raspberrypi #python #Script #learning

4 months ago

I have written a wonderful #Powershell #script for work to automatically put desktops and laptops into the correct groups based on timetables that keep changing, so if a room is now timetabled for a subject it wasn't before it will have the software needed by the next morning. Don't feel like I can show off at work (the Venn diagram of 'people who know what I'm talking about' and 'people who show any kind of interest' is 0 people) so I shall show off here

hpkomic 👻
4 months ago

There is no pain like your co-writer setting you up for a #MobyDick joke in the #script but he forgot to give you edit access on it.

Tunera Type Foundry
5 months ago

We love this fancy script typeface! Anybody knows it name and if it has already been turned into a digital font? #typography #typeface #typedesign #script #typemastodon

David, walking to the bridge, noticed the #script that Zaza had been memorizing sitting on the table. He got out a pencil and made a quick notation then hurried on. He heard Zaza return, pick up her script, and continue practicing.
"And what is this?" she recited, reading. "By what fart or craft are… HEY! Who wrote this in my script?"
David suppressed laughter until Zaza came out to the bridge and stamped her foot.
"David!" she scolded.
"I'm sorry," he said, hanging his head.


This is a #script I did to automatically post links to new blogs here

I'd shared it on an inactive instance but some may wanna see it again :P

#bash #tutorial #fediverse #blogging

Scott Williams 🐧
5 months ago

Our first day back in the office for the New Year and I wrote and dropped this #script on my poor coworkers to review. #forgejo


#aftereffects #script #adobe

Jeroen SZ 🦣
5 months ago

Interesting on #Hindi and #Urdu #language today in Language Log

"Hindi and Urdu are variants of the same language characterized by extreme digraphia: Hindi is written in the Devanagari script from left to right, Urdu in a script derived from a Persian modification of Arabic script written from right to left". (Quoted from King 2001)


Mike Kuketz 🛡
6 months ago

uBlock Origin: Effiziente Benutzung mit Dynamic Filtering und Skript-Blockierung

Ein großartiges Tutorial vom Forenteilnehmer seeket. Alle, die uBlock Origin nutzen, sollten das unbedingt lesen/kennen! 🤗

#ublockorigin #tracker #script #firefox #chrome

Katie Leavens
6 months ago

Redirected account here, so I thought I would re-share a few things I made this year:
- #brushtrajans for the Friends of Calligraphy thank you cards
- A fun bird #illustration and #script with #flourish interactions
- #engrossersScript alphabet sample
- #illumination D copied from #medieval #manuscript MS Hunter 229

Engrosser's script alphabet sample in black in on white paper by Katie Leavens
Illuminated D in raised 23k gold leaf, red and
blue with back outline and white highlights.
Copied from medieval manuscript hunter 229
by Katie Leavens
Blind debossed letterpress thank you card with
teal logo for Friends of Calligraphy. Set on record player with album of same color as logo.
Gouache painted finch in browns, pale blue and
coral with calligraphic script name "Alessandra"
curved around it. Name ends in a tornado-like
flourish that wraps around birds left wing. Artist:
Katie Leavens
Hugo Jourdan
6 months ago

I'm working on a huge project to build PDF to learn how to design a specific script.

Here is the v0.1 for Cyrillic.

#script #drawbot #typedesign #learning #python

I've published a Google Apps Script I've been using and adjusting for a few years now to sync events added to my personal calendar to my work calendar if they fall within work hours:

You can control how the work calendar event looks based on whether your personal cal event is public or not—and events not set to public will just read "Out of Office" (there's no API to create actual "out of office" type events yet).

#google #work #calendar #automation #script #gist

J Suzama Crail
6 months ago

#introduction My site bio has the real juice squeezed & distilled to pithy perfection, but in short-form: Audio/Visual/Literary Storyteller, Mentor, & Mass Communicator, so Teacher at my core. Live in gratitude, esp for my self-made fam. A home w/a bay view & a supreme spousal unit were karmic rewards for the kindest deed of my life. Then cut down at 40 by medical fraud, I lost 18yrs drooling. Clawed my way out of a wheelchair & I am SO BACK! #amwriting #poetry #music & #script #books #film 😎

#Poem Self No. 64 by J S Crail overlaid on an #abstractminimalism dripwork painting by #MorrisLewis. 
"I am both and neither, perceptual incongruity, unbound in the place where red lacquer meets jagged car keys and moonbeams bounce from bedroom mirrors, know-nothing know-it-all, touched, chaste, scraping nails on slate for passion's parfait, enchanted, enthralled, lonely and bitter, afrolic in basement shadows, asleep in sunshine meadows, I am the corner of your eye, and the cracks in your heart, a despair of barbs and a loving of darts, shooting through, but stuck, struck, plucked and vibrating, an endless wave, a single pulse, I am all, nothing and everything counter-clockwise in your countenance."
7 months ago

High on Type crew previewing their new script today in the Alphabetum in Den Haag. Sound based ideograms, hand painted in XXL size.

#Calligraphy #lettering #typography #script

Vincent de Boer in the Alphabetum
Guido de Boer in the Alphabetum
7 months ago

Hello Mastadon community! As my first encounter with this platform, uploading a line drawing (one of a series) I generated with a custom #processing script. Overlapping gradients of slightly angled lines play with the boundary between line, surface and volume in two dimensional space. #script #artwork #lines #colorful #digitalart