Google Search Liaison
2 hours ago

Two weeks ago, we started opening up access to SGE. Since then, we’ve made a number of quality updates, including a major improvement that reduces the time it takes to generate AI snapshots by half! We hope everyone testing it out enjoys the speedier experience. If you haven’t yet signed up, check it out at:
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Has disappeared from #Mastodon? I don't see them in my Follows list or in a Mastodon #search. 🤷🏽‍♂️
EDIT: and also seem to have disappeared. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Ben Lorica 罗瑞卡
5 hours ago

#TheDataExchangePod 📻 Amin Ahmad of Vectara explains how neural networks and custom foundation models are changing the landscape of search and information retrieval. By equipping us with state-of-the-art features, LLMs are revolutionizing the process of crafting conversational experiences
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Alessio Pomaro
8 hours ago

💡 Come ho detto in diverse occasioni, non ha alcun senso aspettare la generazione di #SGE, ed in generale di motori conversazionali basati su #LLM, se la risposta può essere ottenuta con un risultato tradizionale (veloce e prezioso).
🧠 Ricerche di questo tipo hanno senso quando il risultato distilla contenuti elaborati da diverse fonti, risparmiando query per sessioni di un certo tipo.

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16 hours ago


It's spreading, fast. Just in the last two months I've seen search result quality absolutely plummet. Tons of top results seem to be LLM-generated garbage content vaguely related to the subject you're trying to find info on.

Search was pretty bad 6 months ago. I can't imagine how utterly useless it will be 6 months from now.

Too bad Google's spending all their time implementing generative "AI", rather than improving search results... ?

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23 hours ago

Dark matter soon?
Favorite science news with Sabine Hossenfelder @skdh
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23 hours ago

#Firefox 114 released with new #features including #bookmarks #search, a revamped #DNS over #HTTPS feature, and #browser #history enhancements. Update as soon as possible.

I've just changed my search engine to #LibreX, after #SearXNG started refusing to give me any results. Just out of interest, what do y'all use?

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I've just changed my search engine to #LibreX, after #SearXNG started refusing to give me any results. Just out of interest, what do y'all use?

#searchengine #search #searx #searxng #metager #yacy #DuckDuckGo #startpage #whoogle #mojeek #qwant #bravebrowser #ecosia #google #bing #yandex #yahoo #askjeeves

Byron Miller
1 day ago

Today's search of the day is:

"has:link wwdc blog" - This tells advanced search to search for posts that contain a link and the words "wwdc blog". This is great if you're interested in the awesome stuff apple announced but want to read perspectives of tech writers and bloggers across the world.

And there are lots of them!

You can find our custom operators on our search reference page:

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has:link wwdc blog  

advanced search on
Glenn Gabe
1 day ago

On the AI content front -> CNET is overhauling its AI policy and updating past stories

"The policy promises that no stories will be entirely produced by an AI tool and hands-on reviews and testing of products will be done by humans. The AI can produce and organize emails, articles, social media posts, and other content from the brief."

#google #seo #ai #content #search

Philipp Krenn
2 days ago

"Semantic #search", going from literal (token-based) matches to getting closer to the meaning of your text, picture,... at #JNation
PS: Yes, it also mentions #ChatGPT 😉

Semantic Search: New Solutions to Old Problems
Byron Miller
2 days ago

Today's Mastodon Search of the day "3d printing" - hop on over to and type "3d printing" into the search box and find profiles and discussions from 3d printing enthusiasts across the fediverse.

There are lots of awesome projects being worked on, STLs being shared, and topics being discussed.

#mastodon #search #discovery

Blake Leyh
2 days ago

I just opted-in for Mastodon full text search at

Opt-in search seems like a great idea for Mastodon? Is there something I haven’t considered?

#Search #Tootfinder

2 days ago

"While the popular history of the internet valorises Silicon Valley coders…many of the original concepts for #search emerged from #library scientists focused on the accessibility of documents."

Simon Greenwood :0dd_verified:
2 days ago

Anyone know of a standalone #FOSS #email #search engine with a web interface that's quick to set up? I need to search a mailbox that's far too big for client side searching.

Tim Richards
3 days ago

Mulling over how much worse Google has become with search results over the past year. What other search engines are people using and would recommend?

#Search #Google 📚
3 days ago

#Google is attempting to improve #search for #Gmail users by introducing AI to the experience.

Ryan Peters
3 days ago

I'm sure something exists, but I need a #windows tool that allows me to 1) target (and index) a folder and 2) allow for text searching for content in that folder.

I can't stand the built-in Windows search tools. GREP is fine, but slow. Ideally, I want to have a tool that manages its own index and allow for keyword searches. Thanks!

#search #index #windows #utilities #grep

Matthew Ford :bitzesty:
3 days ago

🔍 Improving the Search Experience with OpenSearch (ElasticSearch)

We recently helped the Trussell Trust transition from MySQL to OpenSearch, an open-source, scalable, and flexible alternative to ElasticSearch.

🚀 The result? A 5 to 10 times increase in search performance, reduced load on the application and database, and a smoother user experience.

🔗 Full story:

#opensearch #ruby #rails #search

Richard Higgins
3 days ago

We often think of the origins of web search as happening in the garages of Silicon Valley, but in fact in the 1970s a group of brilliantly future-minded librarians invented the principles and early version of web search. #search #libraries

Bing seems to be running a new test on their first SERPs: besides blue boxes for sitelinks of the organic number one result, they were showing 2 grey boxes for some other results in the left column.

Possibly these boxes represent entities and main keywords of these pages.

At first glance I don´t see the advantage for regular users. So, maybe this is giving a glimpse into how Bing organizes results? Maybe it's not meant for the public?

#SEO #Bing #SERP #search #entities

Bing search engine result page for "test" with 8 sitelinks in light blue boxes for the first organic result. Below is another result with two light grey boxes in the left column reading "Broadband" and "Internet Service Providers".
Lower part of the same Bing SERP for "test". Here three more results are shown with two light grey boxes each in the left column.
4 days ago

#SearchEngineTest I want to download an .iso of the [GNU/] Linux Mint Debian Edition. Search using keywords "LMDE" and "download"

* correct download page was #5 result, the release notes for the previous release were the #2. The rest were geek press articles about LMDE

* Mojeek: correct download page at the top, with .nl download page for the same release as #3. The rest were geek press too


#search #SearchEngines

4 days ago

I'm often torn between being too lazy to tag anything and just #aggressively #tag #stuffing #every #post.


#mastodon #search #hashtag #hashtags #meta #content 😉

4 days ago


I completely agree:

However, the spelling is off, and thus the #search. 😉

BTW, is #Reddit the next target?--#Elmo invested in 2014. How many influence does he currently wield at the company?

Vic Uzumeri
4 days ago

@scottwinkels @timbray

#search #ukrainenews


That would be the ideal result, and it may happen over time. In the meantime, I think there is enough Ukraine content on Mastodon/Fediverse to provide a pretty clear picture of events. The problem is that the fediverse search process is a bit obtuse and it is hard to tap into everything that is available. 📚
5 days ago

Over the next 15 days, #Gmail users will begin to see “top results” when they #search their inboxes, featured above the “all results” section. The new category is fueled by #Google’s machine learning models.

Web & Links Park
5 days ago

Happy Birthday, @Bing 🎁🎂

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Amata (they/she)
6 days ago

Dr. Nelms was really nice! We had a great experience. Turns out both my partner & I were correct in the (different) things we noticed. Edraith does have some age-related changes to her eyes and Dr. Nelms recommended we take advantage of the free exam for working dogs next year as well, to monitor the progress, ensuring it is normal age progression. She still has fine vision though and there is nothing to worry about. I was happy to have Rex Specs though after, her eyes were sooooo dialated. Thanks for supporting our working dogs who help keep you safe in the wilderness! :D

#aussie #dogs #dogsofmastodon #australianshepherd #workingdogs #SAR #Search #searchdog #searchandrescue #acvo

Brown & white dog in left, in a red bandana with "ACVO National Eye Month" lettering, and also wearing Rex Spec goggles with smoked lenses. On the right is a sign with a cat and dog in glasses, says "Veterinary Eye Care" and drs name
6 days ago

@davidshq Hmm, I find a number of the claims in the news release perplexing, especially describing #Brave #Search as “the only global, independent alternative to Google and Bing”. Do they not consider Duck Duck Go, Startpage, or any of the other alternatives as “global”? #web #browsers

Dave Mackey
6 days ago

interesting move by #Brave in releasing an #API for their #SearchEngine with an emphasis on it's use in training #AI. I expect this to be a controversial move, imho, it rubs a bit against the grain of the #privacy / #security centric ethos of the Brave ecosystem.
Full announcement from Brave:


1 week ago

@dilmandila ...I will raise you this gem from the DuckDuck search magic.

#DuckDuckGo #Search

cropped screenshot:
Search query on DuckDuckGo for, "debian clipboard".
First search result from says: "Best adult clubs where entry is restricted for naked people"

Come speak at #OpenSearchCon! You have until June 9th to get your presentations in for one of our three in-person tracks.
(why not submit multiple ideas!)
🔎 #Search
📈 #Analytics, #Observability, & #Security
🤗 #Community
#OpenSearch #opensource

OpenSearchCon CFP
AJ Kohn
1 week ago

Google SGE Fail

It kind of feels like they should disable SGE completely on these types of queries. Because this is all sorts of wrong.

#Google #SGE #Search #LLM #SEO #Psych

Google SGE result for 'psych season 1 episode 8 full cast' which is incorrect in nearly all ways from listing the wrong episode to including cast members who aren't in episode 8 or the episode they reference.

If Google could maybe reboot the Search Console server? 😀

(or reboot if this post gets 3 boosts, @johnmu 😂?)

#SearchConsole #SEO #Google #Search

Elysia Macht
2 weeks ago

Apparently people complaining about #Searches here are already screwed in any case, as Cälckey seem to bypass whatever "Not searchable" instances + setting picks?

You mention something someone has an 'Antenna' for & they can see Unlisted posts like Searches, too, though not following you. This seems a dubious or risky thing for trans people who for obvious reasons seem to ask for better protection the most here.

#Search #trans #A11y?

Pauline von Hellermann
2 weeks ago

Oh wow i seem to have a new search function, to search my timeline - and it looks like you can search without hashtags! Amazing, is this the new @Mastodon search function that was announced a few weeks ago? #Mastodon #Search

Stephen Shankland
2 weeks ago

OK, let's try this Google SGE thing — Search Generative Experience, i.e. generative AI-boosted search results. What queries should I try? Commerce, travel, science, news, entertainment, Eunice Winkless biography?
#search #AI #Google #generative

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago

The domain for one of my less successful projects,, is up for renewal.

I've already thought about moving it to the fediverse, as it previously relied on Twitter and their API, but it's a bit more difficult here without full-text search.

And it doesn't look like #MatchDonations or #DonationMatch are even a thing.

#donations #SideProject #search #FullTextSearch

2 weeks ago

Flim is a searchable database of HD Screenshots. Stills coming from movies, documentaries and soon from Ads and music videos“

#search #ai #film #movies #scenes

2 weeks ago

Despite my recent whinging about search results in DuckDuckGo since it became a front-end for Bing, I've noticed a curious thing over a few weeks of testing with other search engines. It usually returns better results for NZ-specific searches than either Mojeek or

#search #SearchEngine #Aotearoa #NZ

Google Search Liaison
2 weeks ago

To better surface relevant, expert, and knowledgeable content in Google Search and News, we developed a system called topic authority that helps determine which expert sources are helpful to newsy queries in certain specialized topic areas. Read more: #Google #Search #GoogleSearch

2 weeks ago

#Search #WebSearch #metadata

One of the problems with making Google search better is that much of its indexed content is unstructured data. How can you search a big pile? I have found that even unstructured data search can be tamed to a certain extent when you use something I call 'persistent metadata' — metadata applicable to any physical object, like date and location.

Google Search Liaison
2 weeks ago

Site names are now supported for subdomains on mobile devices. Learn more about the details and availability here:

Also, if you’ve consulted our resources and still find issues, you can post into our dedicated thread at where we’ll use feedback to look for general improvements. #Google #Search #GoogleSearch

AJ Kohn
2 weeks ago

Neeva RIP

"... it is one thing to build a search engine, and an entirely different thing to convince regular users of the need to switch to a better choice. Contrary to popular belief, convincing users to pay for a better experience was actually a less difficult problem compared to getting them to try a new search engine in the first place."

Yeah, marketing isn't so easy is it?

#SEO #Search #Neeva

3 weeks ago

#search #WebSearch #OSINT #Wikipedia #genealogy

Hey y'all, I've made a BIG LIST of Search Gizmos. There are over 45 of them, and that doesn't count the ones I moved to RSS Gizmos!

If you want to try some unique ways of doing news search, web search, genealogy, OSINT, Wikipedia explanation, I got you a WHOLE TOY BOX at .

Everything's free! No ads. Probably won't work on your phone (so many apologies)

Share if you like it! Thanks!

Jorge Arango
3 weeks ago

New on my podcast: a conversation with Search Anthropologist Dan Russell about his book "The Joy of Search." Tune in to improve your googling skills!

#Search #Podcast #Research

Olivier Forget
3 weeks ago

I've wanted to play with #sqlite's #FTS5 (Full text #search extension) in #Deno for a long time. But this issue may not get resolved (for good reasons):

So I forked the repo and made a one-line change to the Makefile and bam! got my FTS.

So far it seems to work fine. Give it a shot if you like, you can import like this:

import { DB } from "";

I'll publish as a proper module in time if signals are positive.

3 weeks ago

Neeva, an ad-free and subscription-based search engine focused on privacy, announced it would shut down on June 2, 2023.

#Privacy #AdFree #Search #Google

1 month ago

Now in beta: Set your tailnet's DNS search paths with Tailscale! #search-domains" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">