1 day ago

A short bit of audio I forgot to share that was made on Blackpool Pier a month or so ago. Passing the amusements, bingo, gambling part of the pier. #MastoAudio #Audio #Blackpool #UK #Seaside

David Allan
2 days ago

Absolutely love this place, St Michael's Mount at Marazion, near Penzance in West Cornwall.
Never forgot the very first time I glimpsed this vista and still find it hard, when passing by, not to capture it in a photograph.

#England #Cornwall #coast #NationalTrust #landscape #seaside #photography

St Michael's Mount at Marazion, near Penzance in West Cornwall. Pictured on a summer's day with a sandy beach in the foreground and aqua marine colours of an ebbing tide.
Vivienne Dunstan
3 days ago

Some bonus #bird #photos from my husband's #walk this morning from Arnold Clark garage in city centre #Dundee, #Scotland to his office via the #Tay. So many #starlings especially! #Birds #Birding #BirdPhotography #BirdingPhotography #Photography #Seaside #Rivers #RiverTay #Guillemots #Tayside #RiverBirds #CityWildlife #UrbanNature #SilveryTay #Birdstodon

Four brightly coloured and patterned starling birds sitting side by side on top of an advertising sign. Their colouring is black and brown with numerous white splodges.
Two starlings perch on an advertising sign. They look to the left where another bird is taking off, with its wings spread wide. Its right wing is blurry from the rapid motion.
An action shot with starlings on an advertising sign. At the far left a starling has just taken off. Beyond the starling sitting to its right another is landing. Both the flying birds have wings spread wide. Further right are two more starlings perched on the sign.
A guillemot bird - seen in black profile - swimming among a silvery River Tay with dappled white marks all over it. "The Silvery Tay".
Jamie Richardson
1 week ago

The wife is off to sea…

#sea #seaside #beach #sand #waves

a woman in silhouette walking towards the sea on a beach
Anita North
1 week ago

Whitby adventures, 199 steps, and Dracula! Great day exploring today.

#Whitby #whitbyabbey #holiday #vacation #ruins #dracula #bramstoker #fishnchips #seaside #199steps

1 week ago

What a lovely start to the day ! #dogsofmastodon #beach #seaside

chocolate Labrador returning to shore by wading through a large rockpool in the bright sunlight. The sea seems clear clise up and bright blue in the distance. The sky is a vivid blue too with a few clouds and jj
David Allan
2 weeks ago

This way to the beach – a glimpse of the lighthouse and pier at Tynemouth through this path in the sand dunes at Little Haven, South Shields in the North East of England.
The late afternoon sunshine delivering a warm golden glow that contrasted nicely against some cool blue skies.

#England #SouthShields #coast #seaside #landscape #photography

A path through the sand dunes to the beach at Little Haven, South Shields, in North East England. The late afternoon sunshine accentuating the golden tones of the dunes against a deep cool blue sky.
2 weeks ago

Today was a nice day with a little bit of #wind . It should lift the #skirt nicely:)
#beach #flyingskirt #erotic #erotica #art #aiart #ai #girl #beautiful #hot #sexy #seaside

David Allan
2 weeks ago

It's official – the UK's Met Office confirmed that yesterday (Saturday 9 September) has been the UK's hottest day of the year with some areas reaching 33°C.
On Sunderland's seafront, I don't think I've seen it as busy for quite some time.
Just a shame we didn't have this sort of weather a few weeks back.

#Sunderland #England #coast #heatwave #seaside #people #photography

Into the final days of summer and the beaches in Sunderland, North East England, were crowded as people flocked to make the most of a heatwave saw record temperatures across the UK.
2 weeks ago
Robbie Rowe
2 weeks ago

Taking advantage of the unseasonal #heatwave to sneak in a day at the beach before autumn weather returns. The sun has burned away the sea mist that earlier partly veiled the Isle of Wight, the whale back downs seemingly floating above the flat calm sea, the Needles now emerging from a pastel wash of haze

#Dorset #Seaside #AvonBeach #WeatherWatch

TildalWave :toot:
3 weeks ago

Gowd I miss my fav spot at the #seaside. Took these shots on my last day there this summer and boy did it know how to say goodbye in all its tranquil glory!

Shot #handheld using #ultrawide #ManualFocus lens on a #FullFrame body with #IBIS and a custom picture style I made specifically to capture dramatic skies with. Otherwise #unprocessed #SOOC photos.

#Cirrus #Altocumulus #Sunset #Beach #Adriatic #Croatia #Istria #Samyang #Rokinon #Walimex #14mm

A photo of dramatic skies at sunset looking down the top of a pebble beach towards a horn stretching half-way into the sea. There's a lot of white cirrus and altocumulus cloud formations contrasting with deep-blue skies and a vivid dusk palette hitting the horizon.
A photo of dramatic skies at sunset looking down the top of a pebble beach towards a horn stretching about 3/4 into the sea. There's a lot of white cirrus and altocumulus cloud formations contrasting with deep-blue skies and a vivid dusk palette hitting the horizon. Last glimpses of the sun are peeking over the middle of the maquis overgrown horn.
A photo of dramatic skies at sunset looking down the top of a pebble beach towards a horn stretching about half-way into the sea. There's a lot of white cirrus and altocumulus cloud formations contrasting with deep-blue skies and a vivid dusk palette hitting the horizon. With the Sun low on the horizon, the distant rocky shore reflects intense ember red hues of a sunset opposite the shot's PoV.
A portrait orientation photo of dramatic skies at sunset looking down the top of a pebble beach towards a horn stretching about 2/3rds into the sea. There's a lot of white cirrus and altocumulus cloud formations contrasting with deep-blue skies and a vivid dusk palette hitting the horizon.
David Allan
3 weeks ago

Fascinating having the opportunity to go exploring the kelp beds on the beach at Seaburn, Sunderland in North East England. These areas are normally submerged and hidden from view, but today was the lowest tide of the year.

#Sunderland #England #coast #seaside

Normally under water even at low tide, but these kelp beds on the coast at Seaburn in North East England, were revealed on the lowest tide of the year.
Luxuriant kelp catching the late summer sun on the day of the year's lowest tide.
Kindergarten Artist
3 weeks ago

It's not Meer Mittwoch (Sea Wednesday), but that's where I am so I'll post some pics. Kinda tired after travelling 9-ish hours from point A to point B (we travelled further than that but we made a halfway mark last night). Say γεια σας if you see me!

#greece #ellas #hellenic #seaside #photography

Kallithea at night time, overlooking Café Bar Blu
Sight of the Thracian Sea from Kallithea Beach
A sign that says "Full Greek traditional kitchen and special luxurious wines"

Also place where we'll be staying for 7 days
A glimpse of downtown Kallithea, with me giving a peace sign
David Allan
3 weeks ago

The seagulls are adept at snatching pasties and ice creams right out of your hands and it can get very crowded with visitors and holiday-makers, but St Ives in West Cornwall is still a jewel of a place.
If you arrive by train, this is the fabulous view you get as you make your way from the station into the town.
Blue skies, warm sunshine and low tide – I couldn't have timed this visit any better!

#stives #cornwall #beach #seaside #landscape #photography

The pretty seaside town of St Ives in West Cornwall, pictured under blue skies and sunshine at low tide – summer at its best!
Vivienne Dunstan
3 weeks ago

Some bonus #photos from my husband’s lunchtime today, by the River #Tay near Riverside Tescos. A swimming and diving #guillemot and a young herring #gull. #Dundee #Scotland #Birdstodon #Birds #Birding #BirdPhotography #BirdingPhotography #Guillemots #Murres #Gulls #RiverTay #Seaside #Countryside #Wildlife #Nature #Photography

A bird low in the water stretched out towards the left. It has a dark pointed beak and dark grey head and back. It is swimming along, with its head down low.
A bird’s bottom and legs sticking out of the water as it dives in. Its wings almost look as though they are flapping and there are lots of splashes around. The bird has a white undercarriage and black topped back and wings. It has black legs and black feet.
A bird coming back up out of the water. It is facing towards the left and it’s white tummy is sticking out with its dark head and beak above. Its wings are stretched out behind it. It has a white tummy and chest and dark colours elsewhere.
A very fluffy looking young bird, swimming to the left. It has a yellow beak, much white plumage, grey wings and a dark tail sticking out.
4 weeks ago

Some coverage by the main media about the weather making disappointing figures for UK #seaside towns but not a peep about pollution also a piece on how to snorkel in rivers which seems downright irresponsible given the current circumstances. This was the notice we saw in #Eastbourne also I understand you couldnt go in the sea in #Swansea either.

Advice not to swim notice attached to Eastbourne tide tables poster
1 month ago

Southern California seaside flowers, a creation based on my walks at the Ocean #Art #seaside #flower #AIArt #Midjourney

Watercolor scene of flowers and native plants on a rocky cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean.
1 month ago

OK. This isn't code for for something is it? In a hotel window which may or may not still be in use (hard to tell despite how run down it looked) #photography #Blackpool #UK #England #Seaside #CliffRichard #SeasideSpecial

A beige painted aged hotel window with a late 70s to early 80s decal of Cliff Richard in a white suit applied to the window. Cliff looks young but forlorn, hands in his pockets. The image of cliff has no background, just a colour cut out.

More holiday photos #seaside

CW: food/alcohol in one photo

Haddock and chips, with tartar sauce and a bottle of cider
Sea cliffs, pale grey, with a bright blue sky and paler blue sea. I kept thinking I could see France in the distance
A broad seafront promenade with a grand Victorian terrace on the left and a shingle beach on the right. In the distance is a pier, and one of my children
A grass-covered miniature railway line (10.25in between the rails) heading away in a straight line, past a boating lake, towards a rollercoaster

On holiday with the children #seaside

Looking out to sea. In the foreground are a road,  a path, a bicycle chained to a railing, a clock on a tall pole and a pair of blue direction signs pointing in opposite directions
A beach and promenade at dusk, looking towards the sunset. The tide is low, the sky is clear, and in the far distance are cliffs or hills on the other side of a wide bay
A mural that reads "it always feels sunny". The word "sunny" is in yellow; the rest of the text and the background are various shades ov blue
Looking out to sea on a pebbly beach. In the foreground is a handrail. Two people are sitting on the beach, and waves are breaking
Rick Gaehl
1 month ago

Here is a typical, summery scene on a UK beach.

My advice is to not go in the water...

#MeerMittwoch #Photography #Seaside #Beach #Sea #Flag #Psychogeography

A red, danger flag on a windy beach. The flag is in the left foreground, the beach is sandy, and there is a low promontory at the end of the beach. Everything is misty as a consequence of the wind whipping up sea and sand.

It's sedimentary my dear Watson! 😊

#rocks #geology #seaside #YnysMon #Cymru #Wales

Multiple bands of rock in various colours.

#YnysMôn is a #geologist's dream. Some of the oldest Precambrian #rocks on earth along with pillow lava, jasper formations and rocks of all colours can be found on this amazing island. #geology #seaside #YnysMon #Cymru #Wales

Rocks along the coast in tilted bands of different colours.
1 month ago

‘On the sands at low tide’
Artist: CF Tunnicliffe
#Illustration #nature #birds #seaside

Close up watercolour illustration of some small sea birds and clusters of sea creatures, shells and seaweed. The text accounts for their presence by saying:  “They are not often so close together as in this picture so some child must have collected these & spread them on the seaweed to be able to view all these treasures”

There was loads of interesting, colourful #seaweed on the #beach last night. #seaside #YnysMôn #Cymru #Wales

Yellow/orange crinkly seaweed on a pebble beach, lit by the setting sun.

Here's a relaxing little video for you. We love going to this #beach. The waves are so gentle and there are always beautiful sunsets here. The water is warm and inviting. A perfect place for evening strolls whils listening to the Sandpipers. #seaside #YnysMôn #Cymru #Wales

Video of the sea lapping against the shore after sunset.
Adriana N
1 month ago
A seagull uses the wind to stay in the air. The wind is powerful.
2 months ago

Moin! Of course we all love to see #MeerMittwoch and lovely pictures of the #seaside and #beach. But our #oceans (and our planet) is/are in trouble.
So if you are here or elsewhere at the beach for your holidays or just for a walk, you might want to join the forces.
There's always litter to pick. Thank you.
#SchleswigHolstein #MarineDebris #nature #GhostFishing
BTW, I am proudly wearing my #bracenet wrist bands

Rest of a fishing gear at a beach at waddensea. This is just one example of marine debris.  
BTW, I am proudly wearing my #bracenet wrist bands made by ghost gears.
David Allan
2 months ago

Church Cove, on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula, as seen through a gap in the shrubbery that runs along the church wall in the grounds of St Winwaloe's (the church which gives 'Church Cove' its name).
Don't know how many weddings take place here, but one things for sure, there are some great locations for the official photographs!

#Cornwall #England #coast #seaside #landscape #photography

A view across the beach at Church Cove on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula, as seen from the grounds of St Winwaloe's Church (the church is actually situated on a sheltered corner of the cove).
David Allan
2 months ago

High tide in Mousehole, West Cornwall and the sea in the harbour is a beautiful aquamarine. The fishing village was home to Dolly Pentreath, said to be one of the last speakers of the Cornish language, although I learn that there is some debate about how fluent she was. One account says she was very fluent swearing in Cornish!

#Cornwall #England #coast #landscape #seaside #photography

Picturesque Mousehole harbour, in West Cornwall, at high tide and small leisure boats on the aquamarine-coloured sea.
Bicycling Monterey
2 months ago

@carolski A4 #BikeNite Many public parks with EXCELLENT access by biking and walking here, including along the #MontereyBay Sanctuary Scenic Trail's #MontereyCounty car-free section, e.g., Fort Ord Dunes State Park, Monterey State Beach Park, Window on the Bay Park, Monterey State Historic Park, San Carlos Beach Park, Lovers Point Park, and more. Scroll the following post for photos showing scenes along that trail:

Also many within very close bike/walk distance from the car-free coastal trail, e.g., for El Estero Park / Dennis the Menace Playground, only necessary to cross one street, Del Monte Ave, to get there.

For photos of Window on the Bay Park, scroll down our post about #Climate Reality Project, which features a gallery of that park:

#MontereyCounty #parks #CarFree #Coastal #Trail #Marina #Monterey #PacificGrove #Seaside #BicyclingMonterey #BikeMonterey #BikeTooter #PeoplePower #transportation

Two young girls on a small tandem bicycle pause on what appears to be a highway—but it's actually a paved car-free trail for people-powered transportation! No wonder the children, who are wearing bicycle helmets and summer play clothes, are also wearing bright smiles.

This is part of an 18-mile car-free Monterey County section of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail network.
2 months ago

Top secret behind-the-scenes footage of this weeks sparkly dancer rehearsing their twizzly-arm-stomp dance.

#seaside #video #loop #silly #dance #drawing #SillyScribbles

A short animated loop of a seaside view, with blue-green sea gently rolling into a beach, and a blue sky with fluffy clouds. There is a large rock stack on the beach. On the top is a simple drawn figure, doing wee dance.
David Allan
2 months ago

Godrevy Island in West Cornwall's St Ives Bay as a weather front approaches.
Seen some spectacular sunsets from here and the plan was to experience another, but it didn't happen this time around.
The iconic island and lighthouse is said to be the inspiration for Virginia Woolf's novel 'To the Lighthouse'.
Godrevy is part of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) as well as being part of the South West Coast Path.

#Cornwall #England #NationalTrust #coast #seaside #photography

Godrevy Island in West Cornwall, pictured as a weather front approaches, forecast to bring rain and strong winds (what happened to summer?).
2 months ago

An afternoon at The Bay of Herne!
South East coast of England on a cloudy/sunny/cloudy/sunny day.
Englanders doing their seaside thing, beach huts, windbreaks, cream teas, chips, sandy egg sandwiches!
#hernebay #beach #seaside

Herne Bay pier in the distance, pebble beach foreshore, lightly splashy ocean
Pebble beach and ocean edge with my very pink knees in foreground!
Seaside party in front of beach hut with striped windbreak
Beach huts disappearing into the distance on the left, with pebbles and ocean on the right
2 months ago

A little something for #SilentSunday

This is the St Nicholas Chapel in St Ives. It sits on top of a hill surrounded on three sides by the sea and looks over the town, its beaches and harbour.

It is a splendid spot.

#photography #360degree #sphere #chapel #seaside #sunset #Cornwall

A 360 degree photograph taken from the top of a hill by a sunlit chapel, and warped into a planet sphere. The chapel perches on the top of the sphere, in a sky of deep blue with some clouds swirling bottom left, where the setting sun glows.
2 months ago

Me: OK, great, I've had a fairly productive day sorting through photos and getting organised

Also me: lol, I made a wave wave

#photography #seaside #wave #silly #drawing #SillyScribbles

A photo of a wave crashing into some rocks, just off shore from the headland in St Ives, Cornwall. The sea is green in palces, and dark blue in places, and looks very lovely. The splash of water from where the wave hit the rocks has a happy face and arms, raised in a wave to you. I didn't even bother animating it. Shocking.
2 months ago

And so it begins... the first quick "ooh I like that" from the trip photos. A tiny planet made on the path between St Ives and Carbis bay, in Cornwall.

#photography #360degree #seaside #Cornwall

A 360 degree photo turned into a planet sphere. The sky is blue, with thin trails of white cloud swirling around the sphere. On the south an old stone house pokes down at a slightly quirky angle. Across the centre stretches a narrow path and stone wall. On the north side there are leafy plants and a crescent of blue-green sea.
The Wee Owl Studio
3 months ago

Good morning everyone,
Tomorrow it's roof repairs and the start of the hallway painting, the end of major renovations is in sight!
Original soft pastel painting - Sea Birds via @Etsy
#painting #landscape #sea #birds #seaside #artwork #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original soft pastel painting - Sea Birds
A little seascape with grasses on the shore and seabirds flying overhead.
Materials: soft pastel, sanded paper
Width: 14.5 centimetres
Height: 20 centimetres
David Allan
3 months ago

At last – blue skies and warm sunshine on Sunderland's seafront (and it's forecast to get even warmer in the coming week).
Don't normally complain about living on the North Sea coast, but late spring/early summer can bring coastal cloud and cooler temperatures.

#Sunderland #England #NorthSea #coast #seaside #spring #summer #seascape #photography

Temperature finally lifting and blues skies along Sunderland's coast as spring gets ready to give way to summer. A view from the beach at Seaburn towards Roker Pier and its lighthouse at the mouth of the River Wear.
3 months ago

#SeaSaturday 🌊
📍 De Geul, #Texel

I had a lovely evening photo hunt in the dunes with a friend the other day. We took some nice pictures.

#MastoPhoto #Seaside #Dunes

Dunes with high grass in front in golden light, stunning colourfull sky, tiny ship on the horizon.
footsteps in the sand. green dune grass, north sea on the horizon. blue sky. golden light
sunste, dune with grass in shadow in the front.
Dunes in golden light, stunning sky, sunset to come
4 months ago

Today I was out and about in the dunes at De Guel on #texel ☀️
Such a gorgeous, sunny day, but some rain would be good in the near future.

#SilentSunday #landscapephotography #Beach #photography #seaside

a road on sand, leading to the dunes in the back. blue sky. sunny day.
dunes with dune-grass on a sunny day. clear blue sky.
dunes grass in the front. beach and calm northsea in the back on the horizon. on a sunny day. blue sky.
beach with some dune-grass. sunny day. blue sky. calm north sea on the horizon.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
5 months ago

Behind the town of Seaside in Florida lies a lake, which no doubt contributes to the humidity during the day there.

Early one morning, I photographed this dragonfly resting on the fence on a small pier on the lake. The air was still cool, so the dragonfly was probably still sluggish until the day warmed up.

#photo #photography #a8cgm #florida #UnitedStates #DragonFly #Seaside

A green dragonfly sitting on a bleached wodden fence.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
5 months ago

In Seaside, Florida, a photowalk in September is best enjoyed in the early morning to avoid the oppressive humidity and heat that sets in later in the day. But the silver lining is that this early start allows us to witness the breathtaking sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico, casting a golden glow on the pristine white sandy beach nearby.

#photo #photography #a8cGM #beach #Seaside #Florida #UnitedStates #sunrise

Blue parasols provide shade for beach chairs on the beach by Seaside in Florida as the sun rises
5 months ago

I've been up to "De Koog" beach the other day. I'd say this is the roughest part of #Texel
I walked up to Paal 21, but only slowly because the scenery was SO stunning! 😲 ...also got free sandblasting. 😅

#MastoArt #Seaside

6 wooden poles in front of the rough north sea
shells on the beach. north sea in the background. because of the strong wind, there is sand built up behind the shells.
a crestwave washing ashore over some shells
stron wind moves the sand over the beach. rough north sea on the right
Donncha Ó Caoimh
5 months ago

A sign outside a home in Seaside, Florida, tells the curious passer-by, “The Truman House”. It was used as the home where Truman Burbank lived in the film, The Truman Show.

The house itself sits at 31 Natchez Street in Seaside. I didn’t see anyone about, but then again I walked past at around 8am in the morning before the oppressive heat of the day got too bad.

#photo #photography #a8cgm #Seaside #Florida #UnitedStates #TrumanShow

A sign in front of a home in Seaside, Florida says, "The Truman House".
Donncha Ó Caoimh
5 months ago

A Metal Flag with Heart

The Stars & Stripes made from corrugated metal outside someone’s house in Seaside Florida. I guess it was a child’s project, especially with the heart attached to it.

It was so rusted then, I doubt it’s still there now, 13 years later!

#photo #photography #StreetPhotography #a8cgm #UnitedStates #Florida #Seaside #StarsAndStripes #USAUSAUSAUSA

A US flag made from corrugated metal on a wooden pole, with a heart shaped drawing attached to. It sits next to a fence in front of a house
Donncha Ó Caoimh
5 months ago

Sunset at Seaside

It was the end of another sweltering day at Seaside, Florida. The sun was setting in a blaze of glory. The sky was on fire with dramatic rays of orange and pink, and the clouds were playing their part perfectly.

I spotted a swimmer going into the water, and she made for a nice silhouette on a fiery evening.

#photo #photography #Florida #Seaside #UnitedStates #a8cTravel #a8cGM #Automattic

Sunset on the beach at Seaside, Florida. A swimmer enters the water.