16 hours ago

Timelaps of the first blossom panicle of my tomatoes, description and date is inside of each pic. Meanwhile this panicle was growing into a higher position and the leaf jungle around it changes each day #tomato #seeds #blossom #fruits #gardening 🍅

30th May: forming of the first blossoms shortly before they open
1st June: same blossoms are open, smiling at me and waiting for (self-) pollination
7th June: initial state of the growing tomatoes, pollination successful
7th June: the rest of the blossom panicle, where you can see the third tomato starting to grow as well
The Zen Art Center :verified:
1 day ago

Apple of the Mind. Exploring the relationship of the mind, heart, soul, and brain. Taken from a Dharma Talk given by Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon on 2/16/2023. #zenmaster #dharma #buddhism #buddhist #Buddha #bodhisattva #meditation #seeds #flowers #fruit #heart #soul #brain #mind #meditate

The Zen Art Center :verified:
2 days ago

Planting Seeds in your Mind. Taken from a Dharma Talk given by Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon on 2/16/2023. #zen #zenmaster #dharma #buddhist #buddhism #Buddha #bodhisattva #meditation #seeds #flowers #fruit #heart #soul #brain #mind

The Global Plant Council
3 days ago

International Study Reveals Genetic Link Between Modern Wine Grapes and Ancient Varieties

Researchers trace continuity in Israel’s local wine industry from the Byzantine period to the present day. A new study led by the paleogenetic laboratory analyzed DNA from ancient local winegrape seeds discovered at archaeological excavations in the Negev. via Tel Aviv University #plantscience #plants #agriculture #wine #vines #grapes #science #crops #planthistory #seeds

Image: mix of different variaties of grapes. Credit: Nicky ❤️🌿🐞🌿❤️ / Pixabay
3 days ago


Image by Hugh Turvey
via <Nilofar Hossain @hossainnilofar retweeted Toñi @toiblarlos>

#art #wildFlowers #trees #fruit #seeds #seedheads

A delicate negative image (white on black) of grass and wildflower seed-heads under a fringe of a canopy of trees. Main seed-head image is probably Hogweed. Trees (left to right) are Mountain Ash? with berries, Oak with acorns and Maple or Sycamore with helicopter seeds
Birds Books and Bullshit
4 days ago

Anyone got any tips on how to diversify the species coming to your bird feeder? I've got suet and an unknown mix of seed. This is what my setup currently looks like.

#Birds #Feeders #Seeds #Suet #Backyard #CameraTrap

A house-shaped bird feeder sits on a poll. A platform sticks out on one side, and a beam sticks out in two directions, towards and away from the camera. A bird bath is visible in the background.
steve dustcircle ⍻
5 days ago

#EPA Sued Over Failure to Regulate #Neonic-Coated #Seeds Harmful to Bees and Songbirds

Drew Naylor
6 days ago

#Patented #seeds are a waste of resources and an abomination before God.


Plants EFSA
1 week ago

RT @NRInstitute: 📢Can #plant @Twitter help @NRInstitute's Dr @lucieAbuchi ?👇 The team are keen to find *wild* populations of rattail fescue🌱(Vulpia myuros) in the #UK to collect #seeds. Can you help?🤔If so please get in touch!💻📱 Thank you🙏
Pl. RT @chickpeaman @JonneRodenburg @Plants_EFSA


Jo Jitsu
1 week ago

Got a late start on planting, and my balcony is still a mess, but really happy to see my morning glory which I tried in a new location already sprouted and seems very happy there. Hoping to see runner bean sprouts soon too. #gardening #seeds

Atlas Obscura
1 week ago
In Washington State, a new preservation facility offers a back-up plan for an uncertain future.
Kelp Seed Banks Save Biodiversity and Indigenous Traditions
2 weeks ago

My tomatoes shortly before they were going out permanently, from a helicopter perspective #tomato #seeds #gardening 🍅

My tomatoes shortly before they were going out permanently, from a helicopter perspective
Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
2 weeks ago

Harvesting and drying some cilantro seeds, so I can sow them again soon.

#OffGrid #SeedHarvesting #Seeds #VegetableGarden #Cilantro

Cilantro seeds on a bleu tray
2 weeks ago

trying #nodiggardening for the first time with microclover
to replace the lovely crimson clover that added beauty, food and nitrogen for the soil!
Happy #seeds !! Go #sunshine !

compost alley for seed planting
crimson clover
Michelle Hoffmann - DVI
2 weeks ago

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: RARE! Uña De Gato ~ Katzenklauen ~ Griffe de Chats ~ Cat's Claw ~ Devils Claw Seeds #gardening #catsclaw #seeds #nature #magick #psychic #ritual #vine #climbingvine

Cat's Claw for sale on Etsy
Rachel Armstrong
2 weeks ago

To stop mice from eating seeds ... make everything smell like seeds? #Mice #Seeds

The Dapper Diner
2 weeks ago

From a dozen #seeds planted to 2 #plants finally developing leaves with holes. Let's go!

#Agrichemical companies won’t say how they’re disposing of #seeds coated with hazardous #pesticides, and the #EPA isn’t tracking it

3 weeks ago

Marimoko Bullets

3D printed seed containers for my cannabis seeds.

These contain Red Raisin F5 Auto Regs

#marimoko #cannabis #marijuana #3dprinting #cannabisgrowing #cannabisgrowers #seeds

3 weeks ago

Ran out of containers for seeds so had to create some.

Mendo Breath x Red Raisin Cannabis seeds

Custom made 3D printed vials

#marimoko #cannabis #marijuana #3dprinting #cannabisgrowers #cannabisgrowing #medicine #diy #seeds

J Mills
3 weeks ago

Put these gems in the ground today.

Red & white: Potawatomi lima

Purple: Barnside Sweet runner bean

Brown: Haudenosaunee (common) bean

#beans #seeds #gardening

A collection of dry beans, three different species. Purple runner beans (light purple with dark purple spots and dark purple with light purple spots). Light brown common beans with maroon spots / streaks. Lima beans with white near the hilum and splotchy red edges
3 weeks ago

Worked on #sowing more #CoverCrop #seeds for #SoilRemediation & #rewilding our yards. I'll update later on the plant seeds sowed - pretty big list. Both of these blends are #beneficial for #PollinatorGardens too. Many are also #edible for humans & wildlife. Sourced from #SmallFarmers ✌👩‍🌾

#GardenersOfMastodon #SDFgardeners #SaveSoil #SeedsOfTheRevolution #GardeningForClimateChange #Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #yyj #vanisle #VancouverIsland #PNW #PacificNorthwest #SelfSufficiency #SeedSavers

Cover crops seeds blend.
Beneficial bug mix of cover crop seeds.
Emma the Curious 🧐
3 weeks ago

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has partnered with Lidl for a World Bee Day promotion of bumblebee-friendly planting 🐝

“Get bee-sy this World Bee Day with a FREE pack of bumblebee-friendly garden seeds from Lidl 🌱 Just ask* at the till for your pack. *subject to availability. Limited to one per customer.”

#bees #bumblebees #seeds

[*”Just ask” is not a simple request for an #ActuallyAutistic person. It would be far better if they were automatically offered.]

An advert with a turquoise background and a big dark green circle in the middle. A couple of bumblebees are buzzing around the top of the circle, and there’s another one on daisy-like flowers in the bottom left corner. The text in the circle says “Get bee-sy planting seeds. We are buzzing for World Bee Day on Saturday 20th May. Just ask at the checkout for a free pack,”

In the bottom right corner there’s an image of the “Seeds for bees” seed packet.
Native Plants
4 weeks ago

In early March I snipped off entire seedheads and stems of some native plants and plopped them in soil. No cleaning. Since they were outside, they got cold stratified naturally.

This mid May photo shows some life!

Top left is spotted bee balm which did really well.

Top right is purple coneflower. Low germination - but three sprouts nonetheless!

Bottom left is Indian Grass and bottom right is pearly everlasting - no action yet.

#NativePlants #Seeds #SeedStarting #Sowing #Gardening

Early March photo shows four six-inch pots. Top left is spotted bee balm, showing three stems with ten seedheads. Top right is purple coneflower, showing four small half-eaten seedheads. Bottom left is Indian grass, showing several stems with seeds. Bottom right is pearly everlasting showing several stems with white fluffy seedheads.
Mid May photos shows the same four six-inch pots, but outside. 
Spotted bee balm shows dense germination. Purple coneflower shows three sprouts. Indian grass and pearly everlasting do not have any sprouts.
4 weeks ago

#HalifaxSeed sells Ground Cherry seeds. I've seen their variety is different than mine but they may have more than one.
#Seeds #Ordering #Gardening

You can get their seed catalog here (PDF) or visit the website for more.

Yesterday I saw a YouTube video about obscure #fruits in North America. I was interested in seeing the Osage Orange because a relative of mine used to love #osage wood.
Anyway, I didn't know the Osage is an evolutionary anachronism. That is, the animals that spread its seeds are gone. Only humans spread the #seeds now, with intentional plantings.
It sounds so existentially forlorn. 😥

Roger Ward
4 weeks ago

Looking straight down on a tiny Ribwort seed head, Plantago lanceolata, at Green Ridge, Brighton, Sussex UK. The circular centre is actually a spike of seeds.

I usually follow back, and really appreciate and often follow boosters & likers.

#Nature #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Wildflowers #Ribwort #Sussex #BeautifulEngland #Photography #Macro #GreenRidge #Seeds #Seedhead #Spring #Springtime

Image is a top view of a partially shed seed head of wild Ribwort. The seed head has many tiny white radial flowers in fine stalks around a central spike of seeds. Because the image is directly from above, the spike is not seen as such, but rather just a central circular patch of seeds.
4 weeks ago

Scroll back, to see PEACH results?

This is one of those amazing anomalies that tickles my fancy....

I grow #trees from seed. Fruit trees mostly, I save my #seeds from #fruit, stratify them, grow them & plant them in the ground. I've planted a few 100 trees since I took up this #Tree farming #hobby

Last year's fruit, are this year's treelings.

This year, I ate a pear, that had seeds already growing inside! One week later, I had 5 #pear trees 🍃​


A wet paper towel, with three visible sprouting seeds. They are pear trees. I just ate the pear, April, 2023 marked on the bag to put them in the fridge to stratify. Except, in one week, I had trees starting. FOR REFERENCE, all pear seeds must be cold-stratified for about 90 days or they won't sprout. these pears in shipping were probably near frozen for months of cold storage  before they got to the store. The proof is in the seeds sprouting inside. But, to my benefit, I don't have to wait a year for a new batch of trees to plant
4 weeks ago

Have you been following my #Peach Tree undates?
From my own peaches, on my own tree, I have been replanting trees.

Last year only 2 healthy trees.
This year started at 10, 2 given away, 8 remained. 2 to plant in each property, with a few spares. I promised my sister a pair, then the spares started doing poorly, so my sister will get my country designated ones.

My best 2 are in the ground, a little bigger than this. They are 2 months old.
#Gardening #Seeds #Trees #Fruit #Peach #AltText

A leafy tree, about a foot tall, it's a peach, they have long slender leaves, that fall softly to the sides, and no branches until they are taller
1 month ago

The revolution is a lifehack away


1 month ago

First harvest of yellow midget cherry #tomatoes!

Going to save those #seeds for later.

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowYourOwn #Plants

Native Plants
1 month ago

Winter sowing update, this time about re-purposed spinach/salad containers. These little greenhouses were successful.

The bottom container was the pot, and I made drainage holes, and put soil and seeds.

The top container was like a roof, which I taped on and put holes to allow for rain and snow, and for ventilation.

Worked well! Left container is Spotted Joe Pye Weed (native), and the right container is Blanketflower (near-native).

#WinterSowing #SeedStarting #PlantPropagation #Seeds

Two mini greenhouses made of clear plastic spinach and salad containers. Left container shows several small sprouts of Joe Pye Weed, and right container shows about eight large sprouts of Blanketflower.
Two closed mini greenhouses, made up of a total of four plastic containers. We see how the additional height from the tops allow for seedling growth.
Michelle Hoffmann - DVI
1 month ago

RARE! Uña De Gato ~ Katzenklauen ~ Griffe de Chats ~ Cat's Claw ~ Devils Claw Seeds for use in gardening, magick, homeopathic remedies, etc. #gardening #catsclaw #seeds #nature #magick #psychic #ritual #vine #climbingvine

Three Cat's Claw seeds
Cat's Claw seeds
One of our Cat's Claw plants
more Cat's Claw seeds
Bjorn Idle
1 month ago

I really like the pattern that these fennel seeds form as they grow. Like a miniature fleet of UFOs all arranged in clusters...

They have good textures and patterns on the seeds too. I'm a sucker for textures, in case no one had noticed.

#Nature #NaturePhotography #Fennel #Macro #Plants #MacroPhotography #Seeds #SeedPods

Closeup of clusters of brown seeds pods held in rosettes, echoing the layout of the flowers the preceded them. Some of the pods have started to split open along the thin sides
1 month ago

Here's some of the #seeds that I sowed today. #GMOfree seeds are so important for our #FoodSecurity futures.

Without quality seeds - we would all starve. I'm huge on #SeedsSaving & seeds sharing & local #food security & personal #SelfSufficiency

#AsianMastodon #GardenersOfMastodon #MastodonGardeners #SDFgardeners #zone8 #Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #yyj #vanisle #VancouverIsland #PNW #PacificNorthwest #GrowPlantsNotHate #PlantAGarden #Garden #SeedsOfTheRevolution #SilentSunday

Jewel nasturtium seeds.
Hon Tsai Tai mustard seeds.
Red garnet amaranth seeds.
Sugar baby watermelon seeds.
Coney von 1Land
1 month ago

When crossing the borders, #seeds must be free of diseases and pests. To ensure that,
@CGIAR #genebanks work closely with germplasm health units.

According to a new study, reducing the risks can have a substantial economic impact.

Read more➡️

Laura E. Hall
1 month ago

2) Take a moment to browse and enjoy this German book of vegetables from the 1870s

#Vegetables #Seeds #VintageIllustration

An illustration of multiple types of carrots
An illustration of several types of onions
An illustration of cabbages
1 month ago

This week's #FollowFriday / #FavoriteFollows list - #Gardening / #Rewilding / #Permaculture / #SolarPunk

a lil human, #gardener, solarpunk, wannabe webdev, blossoming infosec student, maybe an artist ... a dreamy soul. Talk about me as They/them/it.

Editorial Guild at Permaculture Design Magazine / Teacher-Designer. Be Fruitful & Mulch Apply

passionate gardener, defender of democracy…I strive daily to pay attention, and to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Life enthusiast. #SunflowerChallenge2022 team member w/@LovelyPlot. Fibromyalgia, gardening #blogger EDS & c.pain sufferer. #RHS Level II #Horticulture Student.

I just plant #trees - one at a time
- re-afforestation (native trees) to tackle climate change, #environment, diversity, aesthetics

I was an economist, an educator, and a researcher. I am interested in plants, #nature, natural #farming, music, Japanese as a language, gaming, VR, and everything else.

I'm the head of Friends of #Bees, a working group in #Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice, and the Environment. We educate about and advocate for our native bees and #pollinators.

We grow Open Source #Seeds and use Open Source garden #technologies at home or in #community gardens to connect people via #OpenSource (philosophy, seeds, software & hardware) in a #horticultural and creative way.

Music, #plants, food

#gardening #permaculture

Plaything of the winds. Professional cat herder, part-time writer, VP of the Janeway Collective, time traveler extraordinaire. Aficionado of #foliage both large and small, gardener, fencer, sewist, crocheter, and user of the serial comma.

1 month ago

I swear it feels like I did a lot of heavy work today. Not really heavy, but steady. I've started to prepare random garden veggies, about 7 types of Tomatoes, Cukes, Red Peppers, Potatoes, Apple Trees😂​ and some Ground Cherries.
finding a place for 50 Red Solo Cups is getting to be a lot of work. I potted that many more this afternoon. I put half outside (in case the cold kills them) and keep the rest inside, where cat-free windows and light exist.
#Gardening #Seeds #GrowYourOwn #AltText

A bunch of mostly red solo cups, filled with dirt and green stuff, plants, maybe edible ones? Who knows? And don't let that one cactus fool you, those paddles are edible too. I googled it.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

A pandemic habit I’ll keep. Periodically, I set out free seeds and seedlings of various plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers for people to take.

Today’s offering: spider plants, lunaria, and apple seeds.

#gardening #COVID19 #pandemic #BeKind #PayItForward #plants #seeds #Free #yeti #coffee

Overhead shot of shallow cardboard box mounted to my front wrought iron fence containing five little cups of soil/spider plant shoots. There are also little coin-size bankers envelopes holding free seeds.
Prep area of my concrete retaining wall, upon which are placed a cardboard box, little cups of soil, the “parent plant” for the spider plant shoots, a pair of scissors and my Yeti tankard full of black coffee.
Daryl White
1 month ago

This grew.
In my backyard.
From #seeds I spread last July in the midst of a very hot and dry weather pattern.
Specifically in the period the packet said NOT to spread the seeds.

#Nature is amazing.
#garden #flower

A bright flower with largely pink petals. Tips of the numerous petals are yellow. Petals are in two layers around a burgundy center with a center of pale green.  Background us blurry green from other plants in a wildflower garden.

Please welcome Gabriel Piemonte to The #Taoist Online! In his first #article, he explores our amazing planet-producing #seeds!

The Many #Seasons of Gardening and the Many Meanings of Seeds

#medium #environment #nature #plants #Writing

1 month ago

Some veritcally arrange macro shots of varying provenance. As usual, I have absolutely zero scientific information to add. I'm a photographer not a horticulturist.

#Photography #MacroPhotography #Macr #Nature #Flowers #Leaves #Seeds #Autumn #Spring

Close up macro image of some small pink buds and white blossoms.  They have green centres and the stamen are clearly visible topped with yellow whatever the little seed looking bit at the end of the stamen is called.  I just take the pictures, I'm no horticulturist.
A macro image of what remains of last autumn's dying greenery.  It is two seeds or nuts (haha, nuts) still clinging to the dead flowering part of the the plant.  At this close range, it looks a little like two striped chestnuts in a tangle of dirty, shredded canvas but actually the two seed things are much smaller than chestnuts and I haven't got the foggiest notion of what this plant might have been prior to it's wintery demise.
A macro image of leaves beginning to emerge from a bud on a tree.  The remains of the bud 'casing' are reddish and the leaves and stems bright green.  The picture has been taken with a flash so the background is pure black.  ASll the little veiny bits and tiny hairs on the leaf are visible.  If macro photography has taught me anything, it's that most things are hairy if you look close enough.
1 month ago
Illustrated cover of the book, The Secret Garden. A girl in an orange coat and hat, unlocking a door into the garden.
Illustrated cover of the book, The Secret, Garden. A girl in a white dress, peering through an ivy-covered door into the  garden
Illustrated cover of the book, The Secret Garden. A girl in a blue dress and orange bonnet, walking through the garden with a fox as companion.
Illustrated cover to book, The Secret Garden. A girl in a white and pink dress,  walking through the lush garden of foliage and red flowers.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
2 months ago

Do you live in or near Ann Arbor, Michigan? The Ann Arbor District Library has an annual local seed giveaway. That's right, seeds for free right now! Check it out:

More great services that local libraries provide.

#AnnArbor #Michigan #Gardening #Seeds #FreeStuff #Library

2 months ago

#Introduction #Thread #Gardening
I encourage anyone with an interest, to grow a tree, from seed. It won't make you move out of your tiny apartment for about 4 years. You can donate it, plant it, or throw it away if you decide. Still fun.

I started this about 2008, and by 2010 I was planting trees. My seeds were producing 60% success rate, but by the next year, 90% success, depending on source of seeds.
Apples are a good start.

#Hobby #Seeds #Apple #Trees #AltText

A tray of planting tubes, about 40 holes showing on the top, a long funnel shaped tube extends to make tree removal easier. There's a seed on the top of every hole, ready to be pressed in, soaked and stored safely over winter outside in the cold
2 months ago

#Introduction #Thread #Gardening

Space is my limiting factor. I'd be waist-deep in garden plants, if I had room.
I started many under my desk lamp in my office. Someone commented on the RED glow in my room. Grow bulb.
I designed this rack, to hold 99 Red Solo Cups, so that the cats and plants could share the only window to get light from.
Watering the top, it filled trough, overflowed to next level & repeat to the bottom where it was gathered in a sump.
#Hobby #Seeds #Trees #AltText

A yard full of rows of trees and shrubs. About 100 potted plants, that's just one side of one yard. There's plants and pots everywhere. After a heavy storm, my plants end up in the ocean.
my designed racks for red solo cup size, angled for run off and max sun locations
A special tree planting pot, about 40 deep holes, tapered so that the young treeling can be pushed out from the bottom. There's about 2 dozen single leaf apple trees appearing
Sprouts on apple seeds. Apple seeds won't sprout until they have been frozen or chilled for 3 months. These came out of the apple from the store (Granny Smith) already rooting, which indicates how long your winter apples, and pears are stored before they reach the produce section.
2 months ago

#Introduction #Thread #Gardening

I've forgotten some. There's seeds on a pineapple, and on a Banana. Both are likely sterile but I tried each without success.
Right now, I am growing daffodils from last year's seeds.

I've started one or two pots of all my varieties of tomatoes to see what starts. They should be able to go out in the greenhouse in a few weeks.

#Apple #Pear #Plum #Peach #Apricot #Nectarine #Fig #Palm #Cactus #Lemon #Oak #Hobby #Seeds #Trees #IndoorGardening #AltText

A group of assorted cactus plants, some 3 foot high
Oak and other trees in cups and small pots
Fig tree, still have it.
A group of assorted pots from bucket sized to quart size, each with a different tree in it, grown from seed.
2 months ago

#Introduction #Thread

I've sort of become a #SME (Subject Matter Expert) in these seed to tree developments.
IE: last year, I only was able to grow 2 peach trees. This year 10 grew. Gave away 4, 1 died, & the rest will be planted at each property when the ground thaws.
#Apple #Pear #Plum #Peach #Apricot #Nectarine #Fig #Date #Palm #Cactus #Kiwi #Grapefruit #Mango #Lemon #Orange #Pomegranate #Cherry #Oak #Chestnut #Maple

#Hobby #sports #IndoorGardening #Gardening #GrowYourOwn #Seeds #Trees

My peach tree was started in Feb when the seed began to sprout. This is the first time they have left the heated house. 
It dropped to -4°C overnight and I thought I lost them all. so much personal time and energy, I felt defeated. Then they recovered, and these big ones over a foot are fine. 
A tiny new one that sprouted late, died due to the wrong choice of potting soil (packed like clay)
A first sign of a peach tree. A tiny gnarled sprout an inch out of the ground
The *resting* room for tropicals. Some die in there without enough light. Some seem to never die, in spite of the abuse. This is my pomegranate tree, one of the bigger ones. It's had branches torn off in moving, each repotted and rooted too, waste not, want not. But I must have a green thumb, I've tried so hard to kill my tropical trees, they are so much work
2 months ago

#Introduction #Thread
Due to my upbringing, I had wonderful experiences that most people would never have, but I also lost experiences that others take for granted.
I didn't have a #Hobby
On ships, people golf in port (I didn't think I'd ever get old enough to be a golfer 😂​) and I detest #sports (well, any viewing of them, you really do need the exercise 😉​)
I was looking for a discontinued species of Apple when I found my interest. #IndoorGardening #Gardening #GrowYourOwn #Seeds #Trees

a grapefruit tree. One of many tropical trees I have grown, until they take over my windows, shared by my cats, and we  have to move on to outdoor trees
If it contains a seed, I must try to grow it. I had a Cactus Pear (yuck, no taste) that had seeds. Shown here, against a fence

This is not a desk cactus, this was 4 foot tall and growing. Three, from seed, and I gave them away as they grew me out of house and home
The sequence of my growing an Apricot tree from seed. First, you take some Apricots.. Tasty too. Day 0, the seeds sprouted, Day 1, first leaf appeared, and an inch a day, for a week. I have an Apricot tree from seed planted in each of my properties that I grew myself
Many small *treelings*, tiny trees and seeds of all stages.
Scientific Frontline
2 months ago

#Seeds and fat balls do more than just fill small #birds#stomachs. New research from Lund University in Sweden shows that feeding during the wintertime causes #birds to be healthier, since they do not have to expend as much energy fighting #infections.
#Biology #Environmental

2 months ago

#Euonymous seedcases, some open with orange seeds. Pretty #pink cases. Clear #blue sky. #Autumn at Moa Flat, 07 April. Large bush growing in roadside verge by a farm paddock. West Otago, New Zealand.

#seed #seeds #WestOtago #NewZealand

Detail photo showing bunches of pretty pink Euonymous seedcases, some open with orange seeds hanging out.
A few branches from a large Euonymous bush with masses of pretty pink seedcases, viewed against a clear blue sky.
Top part of a large Euonymous bush with masses of pretty pink seedcases, seen against a clear blue sky.
The main bulk of a large Euonymous bush with masses of pretty pink seedcases, seen against a clear blue sky. Tall grass seedheads in foreground.
2 months ago

Gardeners, stewards of our plots, some “re-wild the garden” wisdom here:
(good comments too)

Last Year’s Sunflowers Save This Year’s Garden
“The poet Adrienne Rich once wrote ‘all learning looks at first like chaos.’ Here in the garden, I’ve learned that chaos provides more possibilities for growth--the garden has taught me to embrace chaos, to look beyond it and find hope”

#gardening #seeds #ecosystem #bees #insects #birds #flowers #FlowerPhotography #PayingAttention

Peachy-sunset color Echinacea flowers and a butterfly in my summer garden.
Native Plants
2 months ago

Since I eat tons of yogurt, I've taken to using 750 gram yogurt containers for winter sowing my native plants.

Over the winter, I made drainage holes, put in soil and seeds, made holes in the lids, set them outside. At the end of March, I needed to allow light in, so I created windows in those lids, using scrap plastic or clear packing tape.

This type of container works!

This is Black Eyed Susan, Bottlebrush Grass, and Smooth Blue Aster.

#Seeds #Sowing #Gardening #GrowYourOwn #NativePlants

Three large yogurt containers and three lids that have been cut up, with clear plastic taped on. Lids have holes that allow for rain. 
The first container has black eyed Susan sprouts. 
The second shows grasses that are an inch tall. 
The third shows aster sprouts. 
Overall we see good germination.
Native Plants
2 months ago

Sowing seeds inside plastic bottles during the winter just plain works!

I collected seeds myself from Blue Stemmed Goldenrod (Solidago caesia). I put them in soil in a Tropicana bottle on Dec 21, 2022 to mark Winter Solstice. Now I see germination which is quite thrilling.

This goldenrod is well behaved and not too tall, and it might even still be in bloom in October, when there's not much colour around.

#Gardening #SowingSeeds #Seeds #WinterSowing #Goldenrod #NativePlants

Left side is a view of the orange bottle, taped up, with soil and seeds, and a label BSG for Blue Stemmed Goldenrod. Right side is a close up shot of the inside of the bottle. We see soil with several little sprouts, indicating germination.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 months ago

A pandemic habit I’ll keep. I hang a shallow cardboard box from my fence out front & fill it with seeds I’ve saved over the winter. When it gets a bit warmer, I’ll set out geranium clippings from the plants I overwintered on my windowsill.

#COVID19 #gardening #seeds #PayItForward

Packets of seeds in small brown coin-sized envelopes scattered next to a cardboard box with a FREE sign taped to it.
2 months ago

First sprouting seeds of the season!

From seeds collected of last summer’s Hyacinth Bean Vine… looking closely, the foliage and stem color hues are already there…

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Hyacinth Bean Vine flowers and the foliage in my summer garden
Sprouting seeds from Hyacinth Bean Vine
2 months ago

Looking for 18+ Canadian people willing to test grow some Red Raisin F5 Autoflower Regular seeds and see how well they grow.

If interested, join the Matrix server to sign up:

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2 months ago

If you're interested in starting seeds with soil blocks perhaps this new guide on my site will be helpful! There's a video demo too so you can see just how easy they are to make.

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Walter S.
2 months ago

Wet dandelion seed ((Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia)

Last March was the wettest since 2001, which is good as we need every drop of water here after years of not enough rain.

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Very wet dandelion seeds on green background
2 months ago

Veggie seeds arrived today from a little farm on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound. I spent a lot of time with family friends who lived in Oak Harbor there. The seeds are adapted to our Pacific Northwest environment. So happy these local businesses exist.

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Seed packets from Deep Harvest Farm in Freeland, WA on Whidbey Island
2 months ago

At my lil local library's seed swap and I am SO PUMPED!! This past growing season was my first real attempt at seed saving too, and I'm so happy to return with things to share.

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A table full of plant seed jars and packets
2 months ago

#Introduction #TwitterMigration 2022

ex-sailor, tried #Navy, didn't like it, quit after 33 years.

Ran a Mobile #DJ Biz; Taxman took the fun away.

"I"ve been to both ends of #Halifax, have you?"

#Military Brat: attended more schools than years, incl.Germany.

3 #Cats, Feral, Rescue & Stray.
You'll notice that I have #ADHD.

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Background: Management, Safety, Quality, Engineering, Computers, PERL, HTML

A small warship passes under a bridge over a canal.
(former) Canadian DDH 265, HMCS Annapolis bow (pointy end) to the right. You could only see it if you knew to look but there is a flight deck at the stern with a helicopter on it Photo Black and White 1974, transiting the Kiel Canal, Germany
2 months ago

Gardening. I needed to replant some grass because it didn't quite cover the area. Fresh air always helps.

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Two new rose bushes added to the garden today 🌹🌹
Some flowers have bloomed from some bulbs, but I'm not sure what they are.
New seeds in the garden
Also added some fertilizer and soil to cover the new seeds in the garden
3 months ago
Don't send nudes, send #seeds. 🌱
4 months ago

Alright! having a go at sharing the Ecologies, Technologies recordings on PeerTube.

The first conversation - Almendra Cremaschi sharing her experience with Bioleft, a network of plant breeders and a seed archive growing a protected commons in germplasm:

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A handful of $companies own the $patents on virtually every #seed planted in the US. Now, a new crop of unowned #seeds is bringing #biodiversity back to #farming.

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4 months ago

Because I was still on the mailing list for some reason, let me remind you to NOT BUY from #BakerCreekSeeds because of their blatant support of right wing ideologies and white supremacy.

Better options: High Mowing Seeds, Sow True Seed, Heritage Seed Market, Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Fedco Seed.

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Chaz Brenchley
4 months ago

Hmm - if I take the seeds out of a regular supermarket habanero, do we think they'd grow, or have they likely been through some process that would prevent viability? And if they did grow, d'you think they'd grow true?
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#OpenSource#Seeds Loosen #BigAg’s Grip on #Farmers#WorldSensorium / #Conservancy

"A handful of companies own the #patents on virtually every #seed planted in the #US. Now, a new #crop of unowned seeds is bringing #biodiversity back to #farming."

4 months ago

To know if #compost is ready to harvest, In a pot put a few seeds of radishes in the compost.

If the seeds don't germinate it is not ready. Unfinished compost contain toxins that prevent those seeds to germinate.

If your #seeds germinate transplant them in a #garden bed.


4 months ago

Is winter toast? Brutal Arctic cold may be done after Saturday morning | I think it’s nearly time to start seeds for my big planters . . . #Spring #Seeds #Flowers #PureMichigan #Winter

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
4 months ago


👋 Clara, I hope you're doing well!

I just remembered how we were discussing #LibertyGardens #pollinators and a #Seed exchange.

Is the offer still on the table to swap seeds?

Anyone else interested? I need to up my #SeedBank game. Especially with heat and drought tolerant #heirloom or wildish #seeds

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Native Plants
5 months ago

I asked a friend if she had a few more butterfly milkweed seeds to give me - looks like she had some extras.

I currently have 3 butterfly milkweed plants. I'll sow some seed so I can get a few more, and then give away the rest.

Monarch butterflies lay their eggs only on milkweed.

So no milkweed = no monarchs.

If you plant #milkweed that's native to your area, maybe a monarch caterpillar will come to life in your garden!

#MilkweedForMonarchs #MonarchButterfly #Seeds #Gardening #NativePlants

A few hundred butterfly milkweed seeds in a ziploc bag, on a plate. Seeds are brown, large and fairly flat.
Hiromi Goto
5 months ago

#Seeds fill me with wonder and deep gratitude. They are the original time-travellers, having always been doing what we only dream of. So I leave 2022 with this image from #UmiNami farm. #Dill flower heads gone to seed. Fireworks in stasis. Carrying yesterday into the promise of tomorrow. Blessings to you and your kin. The land. Life-giving water.

Black and white image of seed head of the dill plant. The stalks of the umbels form from the top of the main stem, the seeds bursting out like fireworks.
Colin Purrington
6 months ago

A dried tomatillo from my garden a few years ago. I've never found confirmation in the literature, but these fruit get blown around quite easily and thus seem capable of long-distance seed dispersal. But I'm not sure whether wild varieties trap their seeds in the same way. It could be the case that artificial selection by breeders has favored lineages that make seed collection easy, and these spherical seed packets certainly do that. #botany #gardening #Solanaceae #Physalis #seeds #fruit #evolution #plants

Dried, spherical husk of a tomatillo fruit with seeds resting freely on the bottom. Most of the tissue of the husk is gone, leaving only a delicate network of veins.
Jason :twit:
6 months ago

Because I was still on the mailing list for some reason, let me remind you to NOT BUY from #BakerCreekSeeds because of their blatant support of right wing ideologies and white supremacy.

Better options: High Mowing Seeds, Sow True Seed, Heritage Seed Market, Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Fedco Seed.

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6 months ago

Looking for people who are growing afrocaribbean vegetables in the UK. I need some advice, please. Examples #okra, #cassava, #callaloo #collard
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6 months ago

There's a place I often walk where Telegraph Weed #plants grow abundantly in cracks along the side of the road. I love the wild-west vibe and cheerful yellow color. #Seeds from the inner part of the #flower are shaped to catch wind and colonize new areas. Seeds from the outer part lack the parachute parts and likely fall close to home where conditions are known favorable. The tea has been used medicinally as an antiseptic wash for surface wounds.

#photo #nature #urban @plants

Several weedy plants with dandelion-sized yellow flowers growing on cracked asphalt.
Several old and abandoned building in the background with boarded windows and peeling paint. In the middle ground, dirt with many Telegraph Weed plants, upright and flowering. The plants appear to be several feet tall. In the foreground, a sidewalk covers the bottom left corner of the frame.
Old buildings in the background with many Telegraph Weed plants extending along pavement and dirt from foreground to background. Blue sky fills the top of the frame, dotted with a few small clouds.
7 months ago

A small stand of tall grass volunteered itself in one of our perennial beds one summer. I happened by on a walk around the yard and saw it had gone to seed.

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Black and white close up photo of the seed pods and seeds of a 'weed' in front of an out-of-focus wooden fence.
7 months ago

#Introduction: from Twitter:

ex-sailor, tried Navy a bit, didn't like it, quit after 33 years.

Ran a Mobile DJ Biz, b4 the Taxman took the fun away.

𝓘'𝓿𝓮 𝓼𝓮𝓮𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓼 𝓸𝓯 𝓗𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓯𝓪𝔁, 𝓱𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾?

Military Brat: attended more schools than years, incl.Germany.

3 Cats, Feral, Rescue & Stray.
You'll notice that I have ADHD.

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