Anders Thoresson
15 hours ago

Is there anything like that you easily #selfhost?

#selfhosted #selfhosting

#OrbStack es una alternativa a #DockerDesktop para #Linux y #MacOS ligera y con una pinta muy guapa !! También permite levantar máquinas virtuales de #Linux -> #DomingoDeSelfHosted #DomingoSelfHosted #selfhostedsunday #SelfHosting #selfhosted #selfhost

Captura de pantalla de la ventana principal de la aplicación orbstack

@landley I guess the only solution is to #SelfHost #GitLab or rather #Gitea, which is prefered by people whi think GitLab is too bloated and who just want a basic #git frontend.

I wished I had the €€€€€ to start a hosting company like @Stuxhost that does offer such #managedHosting....

TapTap 🎮
2 days ago

Anyone got #selfhost experience with #SMTP #email ? Any delivery problems/general horror stories or is it better than you'd think?

I use which works fine, costs a euro a month, and has German Privacy so I'm not toooo worried. But it's not technically self-hosted even if it's currently

Luka Manestar
2 days ago

@joelpomales And while it is no longer under active development we can still #selfhost various solutions on those #synology #NAS units that are more powerful then most commercial options

TapTap 🎮
2 days ago

Oh speaking of #wordpress and #selfhost woes, any good payment processing stuff for that?

Was looking at #jetpack but didn't see the 10% fee (on TOP of Stripe, who actually does the work!!). I already got #Stripe, so anything that integrates with that is good.

I also have Paypal and Patreon, but the point is more to have as direct and 'on premise' a form as possible not just send traffic over. Plus fuck paypal

Daniel Aleksandersen
2 days ago

I’m gonna have to host this thing myself again, haven’t I? My Mastodon host,, does not offer full-text search (ElasticSearch). Exporting the database and searching it by hand to rediscover posts is getting old. I wish I could just use my domain with one of the existing instances rather than having to maintain a full instance just to get my domain as the handle. Mastodon is nothing like email. #Fediverse #selfHost

2 days ago

I bet #Gandi is seeing a lot of imapsync work these days ...

toward #selfhost FTW

[edit] this page can be of help for anyone moving from one email provider to another to get it's archive transferred without relying on the providers user interface (that may not exist) :

Loïc ⏚
2 days ago

aujourd'hui 29 novembre, notre serveur souffle sa première bougie 🎂

joyeux fédiversaire à tout 🎉

une première année à surfer sur le Fediverse 🌊 l'occasion de regarder ce qu'on est devenu au fil des mois :blob_cat_heart:

#SelfHost #fédiversaire

@jimcarroll similar amount of money invested into my #selfhost. Definitely well worth it.

Futurist Jim Carroll
2 days ago

One year ago this week, I setup my solo single user Mastodon instance at

I thought I would give a shoutout to everyone that was involved in the effort. (Me). Thank you to the team (me) for all the hard work and effort! You did a great, fantastic job with stellar results!

(Wait - there was no hard work or effort. But a shoutout is still nice)

The story of my setup is in my profile.

I have spent about $150 or so for the year. For me, it's well worth it.

Thank you for all the followers, and I look forward to another great year!

#mastoadmin #mastoadmins #selfhosting #selfhost

Meet the tech support team.

Ubuntu tech support (me)
Security Planning Architect Manager (me)
Content Moderator (me)
Federation Outreach Coordinator (me)
User Management and Support Manager (me)
Backup and Data Management Coordinator (me)
AWS / S3 Implementation & Support Coordinator (me)
Instance Customization Integrator (me)
Financial Manager (me)
Server Backups and Disaster Recovery Coordinator (me)

Now I feel guilty that I haven't posted from my pixelfed account for over a month. (see linked stats😆 ) The reason why is it turned out there was no fix for the issue of not being able to see mstdn and pxlf accounts from one another becauee they are on the same physical box. 😢
#stats #mastodon #fediverse #pixelfed #selfhost #mastoadmin #pixelfedAdmin

3 days ago

Search engines focus on diary and only give me generic diary apps, but I want a food diary app that I can #selfHost

#askFedi any good FLOSS self hosting food diaries?

Looking at self-hosting newsletters. So far I've come across mautic and listmonk as software options. I cut my teeth on the venerable mailman. Are these the best options?

#newsletters #emailautomation #selfhost #nosaas

Loïc ⏚
4 days ago

We've upgraded to the kernel v5.15.0-89 ☑️

You might have seen a few "502 Bad Gateway" errors while the server was rebooting, but everything is back to normal now 👌


@ActionRetro Consider #OpenSource'ing it so everyone can #SelfHost it and use it as an #Accessibility tool for their own site (similar to #Tor2Web but with an Allow-List...

Rev. Kellyn Delgado
4 days ago

So I decided to stop using my #SelfHosted #Firefish server due to server costs and things not working right. So I'm back here! Hopefully when the bugs are fixed and I get a little richer I will #SelfHost again.

6 days ago

50% off on all subscriptions!
#synology #NAS #selfhost #selfhosting #news #giveaway #tutorials

ℹ Up-to-date information
🗞️ 100% reliable Synology-related news
🧪 1st hand tests and tutorials
🎁 occasional giveaways including Synology hardware
☎️ 1-3 h per month for Synology consulting or #Docker assistance (depends on the subscription tier)

@retr0id @saagar @signalapp it's not #FLOSS if you can't #SelfHost yoir own #Sefvers + build your own #Client from scratch.

Besides #Signal collects so much metadata it has a #Honeypot stench like #ANØM had.

What's the point of an #anonymizing #messenger if they - in clear violation of #GDPR & #BDSG - conmect that to a #PhomeNumber which im more juristictions than ever can't be obtained anonymously in.any legal capacity???

I am a nerd and so I always want to know when the next release of software XYZ is coming… so for Mastodon:

Is there a roadmap on when we can expect releases? I'm trying to sound and intend this in the absolute least pushy way possible. Just curious and eager!
#MastoAdmin #SelfHost #Mastodon #Software #nerd

1 week ago

Nueva post en mi gemlog en donde cuento algunas cositas que estuve haciendo con mi servidor doméstico:


#gemini #gemlog #blog #selfhost #selfhosting #smallweb #smolweb

Paul Sanders
1 week ago

Well, #google #takeout has hit me square in the face. I always knew they had lots on me, but to see the amount of data is just shocking.

#privacy #burnittotheground #selfhost
1 week ago

Plex ruffled some feathers this week with their latest e-mail marketing campaign, so we've compiled a list of privacy-related settings every Plex user should review.

Let us know if there's anything we've missed!

#selfhost #selfhosted #homelab #homeserver #plex #privacy

Huw Fulcher
1 week ago

Said bye bye to Proxmox on my home server today. I wasn’t really using it so wiped it for Ubuntu Server instead.

Now to self host a load of things I don’t need 😂


M. Forester
1 week ago

Heyho. Christmas time is coming and as always I'm ill-prepared. 😬

So, I got working on my #SelfHost-able advent-calendar project on #Codeberg and released a new major version.

It's now able to handle multiple years (so the unlocked pictures from yesteryear aren't gone) **and** it can play videos. 🤯

Check it out here:

It's written in #Go and uses templating for the HTML pages. The text is currently fully in German, but should be easy to localize.

1 week ago

I've been enjoying using Cloudron... the latest apps installed include Castopod and N8N. Simply amazing and simple to use! #cloudron #castopod #n8n #selfhost

*|FNAME|* 🇨🇦
1 week ago

@mike BC.
Started out on as it was Canadian, well run and the SysOp @chad is a really good dude.

Now I #Selfhost

1 week ago

The #OpenAI fiasco has me trying out some #OpenSource #LLM implementations on my local machine.

They're pretty good. Obviously not perfectly equivalent to #GPT4 but not a million miles away — and absent restrictions and the odd, overly-friendly, American undergrad paper tone.

I think I'm likely to dive in and look to #SelfHost a #ChatGPT-like implementation for my own use, if I can get good results with modest hardware/cloud costs.

1 week ago

Is it possible to migrate an account with old content and followers from #mastodon to #gotosocial ?

#selfhost #askFedeverse

1 week ago

Time to write few bots for #mastodon

As I #SelfHost this instance, not worry about disk space.

1 week ago

Migrated to #GotoSocial from #honk as #GTS supports the #mastodon api

Want to use the #Emacs client and mobile client #Tusky

Hence the move.


It's Yehor, not Ihor
2 weeks ago

I can't stop it. I'm now #selfhost addicted. I hosted a blog with #Ghost and it was cool. Then I hosted #UmamiAnalytics and integrated it into the blog. Then there was a #Gitea instance with some of my public repositories, previously hosted on #GitHub. And I have #Umami on Gitea as well now =) Because why not?
There are so many nice #FOSS out there! Need to try each of them! :blobcatscience:

#homelab #selfhosted #selfhosting #HomeServer #addiction

TapTap 🎮
2 weeks ago

As I've been going down the #SelfHost route, I realized how silly it is to give free advertising to #YouTube in my site's Videos section. I use them, but I'm not a YouTuber I'm a Video Producer.

So now the URL is and I've removed most reference to YouTube where unnecessary.

2 weeks ago

Maybe I’m just getting old, but I’ve started to move to #selfhost more and more; decided to go ahead and buy a m2 pro mini as well to play more with local AI stuff..

2 weeks ago

Anyone #selfhost Gitea? I was setting things up, but now looks like I should be using @forgejo instead?

TapTap 🎮
2 weeks ago

googled an old banger tweet and forgor it won't be on google anymore. Gotta #selfhost my own twitter archive. I know I can do it just haven't bothered yet

TapTap 🎮
2 weeks ago

Hmmm who #selfhost s their own #pushnotifications? Esp on #wordpress?

I'm using Perfectly Push. It's options aren't as great as OneSignal but...onesignal deleted my several hundred subscribers. So.

It also links to my front page, not the article that I pushed! Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if there's a better way.

Yikes... now that I've fixed the issue with the bad post causing dead entries in Sidekiq, elasticsearch is destroying poor #footiMac as it catches up.

(Big thanks to @moira and @paul for the fix)
#mastoAdmin #selfhost

A screenshot from http shows multiple processes for elasticsearch and the two CPUs running at max.

Elasticsearch continues to not impress me. #ResourceHog #Java #Mastodon #MastoAdmin #SmallInstance #SelfHost

Konstantin 🏳️‍🌈
2 weeks ago

As an experiment, I just managed to run the entire stack of @feedbackbulb on a MicroCloud ( and it really did take about 30 mins from watching the keynote and skimming the docs to a fully functional, highly available (8 nodes) instance of Feedbackbulb that can receive a feedback report. I've never used lxd before so I need to read a bit more but so far I'm loving it :).

#MicroCloud #Canonical #SelfHost #IndieDev

Futurist Jim Carroll
2 weeks ago

Ask me anything!

Coming up to 1 year that I set up my single-user Mastodon instance at

I was convinced that protocols were the future, and that controlling my destiny in the Fediverse would be important - and that running my own server would best help me understand what the protocol was all about.

I tell my story here, from a post last December:


"You might notice my Mastodon instance name,
It's just me here. I decided early on I wanted my own 'identity' ; my own instance. Just like I got my own email address back in the 90's (under
I think over time :
- you might find your current Mastodon home doesn't fit your future - it might become like a HotMail or AOL email address
- you might want to know how Mastodon actually works by having your own setup
- in the months to come, we will see a LOT of paid self-hosting options that might let you set up your own identity for a small fee.
With all that in mind, here's the story of how I did it."

#selfhost #selfhosting #mastoadmin #admin

A screen shot of the email notification of the creation of Jim's private single user Mastodon server.

I have added this new setup to the services setup section (Step 10) in my little how-to on creating your own mastodon server from an old iMac.

#footiMac #Mastodon #SelfHost

A screenshot from the newly updated blog post shows a number of points in a list. Too many words to add to the description here, you can see and read more at the link provided.

I've decided that just to be consistent with the current recommendations at, I'm going to bring the total threads on #footiMac back up to 25. 10 each for the two processes handling default/ingress/push/pull queues, and 5 for the process handling mailer/scheduler. I've been watching the sidekiq live-poll screen and want to see if bringing them back up to 10 helps clear the queue a little faster as when I post, both queues used 5/5.
#selfhost #mastoAdmin #selfhosted

A screenshot from the sidekiq status screen shows the three processes, 25 threads, 0% utilization and 1082MB RAM usage.

The changes for my little 2-user #footiMac are doing well. When the queue fills to 100-200 it is quickly dealt with. Creating two processes/services for the four main queues allows them to use the two cores without blocking each other. The mailer and scheduler have their own service. I feel like the docs on should really replicate something like this rather than one service for all sidekiq queues. It's not a big deal as far as complexity and probably sets people up better for scaling if they do grow..
#MastoAdmin #selfhost #selfhosted #mastodon #thanks

You can see how I came to this setup from this thread:

A screenshot of the sidekiq busy screen shows 3 processes, 15 threads, 3 busy, 20% utilization and 1GB of RSS. There is a table showing each process.

@TritTriton @ActionRetro Yeah, that's what I meant: #FrogFind't tech stack is a good #WebProxy and I wished for an option to #SelfHost it.

Because a lot of use-cases profit fron it...

@ActionRetro @TritTriton Any way to #SelfHost the stack of #FrogFind?

Cuz I think this would work great and #decentralization would definitely reduce the burden of hosting and allow to further adapt it.

I.e. adding an #OnionService because I'm the kind of #MadLad that shoves vintage systems running #Lynx on OS/1337 (#toybox + #musl / #linux) behind a #OPNsense to provide them with @torproject / #Tor connectivity until I have ported that to #OS1337 as well...

I took the example from the resource linked before. This was my procedure:
1) I increased the sidekiq process to allow 75 instead of the default 25 workers. This helped, but it was still full and only going down slowly.
2) Then I split out the processes (by duplicating the systemctl file and make one each for the ingress, push+pull, default, scheduler, and mailers. All had 75 workers. It turned out only the pushpull service was pinned to that 75 and database connections went to over 200.
3) So I split the push and pull into separate processes and realized it was all on the pull process. All other processes were very low.
4) Finally, I reduced the number of workers back down to 25 for all processes except the pull process. RAM usage has quadrupled from 400MB to 1700 but I had space there to grow into.

My server is now back to a good place, database connections are below 50, nothing in the queue, and toots/notifications are going out instantly again.

And most importantly, I can once again handle all the news GottaLaff puts out! :D

#footiMac is all good once again.
#selfhost #mastoAdmin #selfhosted #smallAdmin #Mastodon

A screenshot of the sidekiq admin interface shows 6 processes, 200 threads and only 1 busy with 1% utilization. RAM has gone from 400MB to 1700MB. All processes show 25 threads except the bottom pull thread at 75.
Screenshot of the PGHero screen for connections to the database shows 46 connections. A pie charts shows mastodon_production in blue taking up about 75% of the pie. Pixelfed is the next largest.

I suspect #footiMac is getting a little overtaxed. But I am wondering if other #selfhosted #mastoAdmin have a thought about these messages in Sidekiq for dead processes? Too many files open, on my end or the remote end?

Is there maybe a FAQ available for small admins like me to look to that might show the most common indicators of problems on a Mastodon host?

I remain concerned that Java/Elastisearch is putting more load on my server than is really warranted. Thoughts?
#help #MastoHelp #Mastodon #SelfHost

A screenshot of messages in the web admin interface shows three rows. Two with HTTP connection error and one with EBusy error.
Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
3 weeks ago

I guess I will write a blog entry at on using #forgejo [1] as a lightweight project management tool using the MKS (Milestone Kanban System) [2] using the built-in issue, project, wiki. I think it is a good approach for many little non-software projects out there. And #OpenSource and simple to #SelfHost as a #container.


Emil "AngryAnt" Johansen
3 weeks ago

Anyone know of a good way I can have some #selfhosted service set as an #ethernet #networking gateway which I can then toggle on/off - killing all traffic I route that way?

Yes, I am looking for an easier way of manually cutting teenager internet access.

#selfhost #smarthome #homeassistant

I think that maybe the Wordpress ActivityPub plugin that federates my blog has been causing a lot of undue PHP process activity. Any activity with friends/followers or when a post is published, it overloads my server. Anyone else federating their wordpress based website (self-hosted) seeing this problem? It might be interacting somehow with LiteSpeed Caching? #selfhost #wordpress #selfhosted #mastoAdmin #ActivityPub #Fediverse

gemma lynn
3 weeks ago
Loïc ⏚
3 weeks ago

We've just had a 7-minute internet outage, but everything is back up and running 📶


@AltTextHealthCheck @riversidebryan as a self-hoster, I’m a little sad I'm not on this list. lol #selfhost #alwaysAltText #mastoAdmin

4 weeks ago

After several months of successful use, finally posted a draft of my Dell SFF server rack mount project

#HomeLab #SelfHost #3Dprinting

Josef Davies-Coates
1 month ago

@emi if you mean something a bit like substack (?) I'd say which is #opensource and run by a #nonprofit and possible to #selfhost (although newsletter emails have go via Mailgun)
1 month ago

Hey. We announced the launch of our latest project today, The Self-Host Cast - a podcast dedicated to all things self-hosted.

You should check it out.

#selfhost #selfhosted #homeserver #opensource #podcast

ArtBear on Firefish
1 month ago

How is #spaceHost coming along?
What's the latest?
Are we anywhere near
#Firefish servers that are really simple/easy to #selfhost with little to no time overhead for tech trouble-shooting?

Andras Bacsai
1 month ago

🛠️Now you can see the first webhook on all resources, so you need to copy and paste (+ add auth header with token).

You can automate a lot of things with this small endpoint.

+ Also added one-click service. 🤖

#buildinpublic #opensource #selfhosting #selfhost

Ben Hardill
1 month ago

I need a replacement for DropBox.

All I use DropBox for is syncing a small number of files between 2 laptops and 2 phones and mostly as an easy way to send photos to the laptops from the phones. Their current free plan only allows 3 devices.

Happy to self host.

Any Suggestions?

#homelab #dropbox #selfhost

Michael Gale
1 month ago

Can anyone on #fedi remember the name of the tool that lets you scan your website and get an environmental impact report?

#web #tech #environmental #greentech #apps #selfhost #selfhosted #selfhosting

Michael 🤨
1 month ago

Somebody tell me why or why not I should #selfhost my own #Matrix server. I'm going insane with indecisiveness. On one hand I think it'd be cool to have an instant messaging service I host myself for my partner and I to use, but on the other hand I'm still kinda bummed at all the work I put into trying to selfhost a Mastodon instance that I ended up having to give up on earlier this year. I have precious few hours to spend on personal projects and I just can't decide what I want to spend them on

Julien Lengrand-Lambert
1 month ago

Current status, trying to #selfhost @supabase. Let's do this 💪

1 month ago

@MickInTx How difficult is #Headscale to secure? I #selfhost most of my things, but this seems like something that could create major problems if it wasn't secured right.

Is it possible to install via #Yunohost and have it be relatively secure?

2 months ago

Any #linux #nerds or #selfhosting #dweebs run a #peertube instance? What is your experience? How taxing is it on your system? Do you run single user or is it open? How much bandwidth does it use?

I know there are official numbers for this, but I'd rather hear from real people that run it.

#boostswelcome #selfhosted #selfhost #homelab

Clayton Errington 🖥️
2 months ago

RSS is great, now let's see how we can self-host FreshRSS on

#100DaysToOffload 57/100 #rss #docker #selfhost

2 months ago

I just setup a #Tor relay.
And I already have a #Veilid node up and running.

Maybe I should get more bandwidth from my ISP?

(Or how can I set max bandwith for veilid?).

#Privacy #SelfHost

thomas (they/them) 🌺
2 months ago

Exploring the feasibility of creating a worker-owned cooperative for software engineers, essentially an agency serving the solidarity economy, other cooperatives, and unions.

#coops #cooperative #WorkerOwned #WorkerOwnedAndOperated #unions #solidarity #selfhost #opensource

Josef Davies-Coates
2 months ago

Just #migrating my #mastodon account from the wonderful #coops instance where I was @jdaviescoates to the @uniteddiversity instance I #selfhost, just because I can 🙂 (thanks to the power of @cloudron which makes #selfhosting easy)

Loïc ⏚
2 months ago will move! 🚧

Our server will be unreachable tomorrow:

- from 06:00 AM CEST the 6th
- to 15:00 PM CEST the 6th

Indeed, we're moving to another town on this day 🚚

You won't be able to interact with us during the operation, but we can't wait to be back online from our new home 🏡

Our french blog post:

#selfHost #maintenance

Olivier Forget
2 months ago

Question for #selfhost #homelab #server folks: how do you handle the threat of #SSRF attacks meant to probe your internal network?

SSRF is usually mitigated by preventing any requests to an IP that is not publicly accessible [1]

But in a home / self hosted env, you probably want to allow your local services to talk to each-other. If you run an app that makes requests to arbitrary addresses (think fedi server!) you may now be exposed?


2 months ago

I'm planning to self-host a few things (Mastodon, Home Assistant, Nextcloud, ...) and want to have some recommendations.
Should I use different cloud providers/ VPS/ servers at home? What is the most cost-efficient variant? What other platforms should I host by myself? Do you have other tips?

#fediverse #selfhost #foss #smarthome

2 months ago

Who self-hosts their own email and what are your interesting tales to tell? #selfhost #selfhosted

Anders Borch
2 months ago

My terraform script is slightly buggy, so this took a little longer than expected, but I'm at v4.1.8 now...

#MastoAdmin #SelfHost #SingleUserInstance

Robert @ Tech Addressed
3 months ago

Considering setting up my own Mastodon instance but before I decide, I'd like to know what kind of bandwidth & disk space people's instances are using.

Sound off below - please boost for reach.

#mastodon #fediverse #selfhosting #selfhosted #selfhost

3 months ago

well i'm glad you asked

so here is the main thing you should take into account when you write anything you expect to be hosted by more than you or your employer:

You Are NOT The Only Thing Running On This Server

what does this mean in practice?

- don't attempt to handle common tasks such as ssl yourself. a reverse proxy is generally the first thing that gets set up, you can safely assume one exists.

- make your reverse proxy setup as painless as possible, ideally it shouldn't be more than a proxy_pass/reverse_proxy call (but unfortunately situations like /.well-known exist)

- don't bundle common dependencies like databases or redis, because there will generally be something else that will already require one set up.

- don't run multiple common dependencies at the same time (cough cough lemmy-ansible and a million other stuff running 2 half-configured nginx instances for the same thing that can be done with 1 well-configured instance)
- a big hell no to anyone who puts apache inside a php container. i get it php hosting sucks but at least go for php-fpm

- prefer common dependencies over obscure ones if possible (you better have a really good reason to pick an sql db that isn't postgres. mysql is begrudgingly acceptable. sqlite doesn't count)

- that said, resource usage is a really good reason to pick one dependency over another (say, a lighter search indexer than elasticsearch)

- don't assume you have full control over the above common dependencies (compiled extensions, weird configuration requirements)

- don't pollute the filesystem in a way that can't be trivially cleaned up
- so, either use the package manager or place files in predictable and non-shared places

- containers do not solve any of these problems (ok maybe except the last one), they just sweep them under the rug. do not rely on containers as your only way of installation.
- and for sure do NOT bundle common dependencies
INSIDE containers, (cough cough gitlab)

- opaque install scripts are even worse than containers and should not be your only way of installation (cough cough pihole)

- opaque install scripts that assume a clean slate and blindly overwrite global configuration is a horrible idea and should have big red warnings.
- opaque install scripts that set up containers under the hood are only slightly less bad (still a bad idea)

- that said, for those who want the option, the last couple are definitely nice to have (they should not be
required, however)

- the only thing necessary to host your thing should be a reasonably normal linux system (no cloud function serverless whatevers)

- try keeping resource usage in mind, unused ram is not wasted ram if there are 20 different services all competing for that ram

- scaling down is more important than scaling up. don't hoard excess resources ahead of time if the only reason you're doing that is so you can scale up in the future

- have actual installation documentation beyond "docker compose up" or "curl | sh" or "todo"

- while you are not obliged to support weird setups (musl, bsds, whatever) you shouldn't be hostile to them. they know they're running something unsupported and as long as you fix the often-not-that-hard compat issues they report, they'll do the hard work themselves

- you should never EVER
REQUIRE a mail server, what is wrong with you?

there's probably more but it's apparently 3am so my brain is starting to go into eepy mode

#selfHost #selfHosting #selfHosted


Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago
3 months ago

Time to make a proper #introduction

My name is Ilya, but online I usually go ether with Mango (my sona name) or Ilya_MZP.
I'm 22. Pansexual. My partner is @ItsFunkyCaptain
Student and an IT help desk employee.

I post mostly about tech related topics (#linux #programming #selfhost #hvac #RighttoRepair). Horny on main, I repost #fatfur art. Used to draw back in the day, but abandoned that... I like #photography, so expect some nice pictures whenever I go out on my bicycle. Yes, I love #cycling