8 hours ago
Anyone have an end-user focused alternative to Plex, primarily for Apple TV? #plex #selfhosted #appletv

First version is online - Check out the first release of Goosle my fast, private and ad free take on search.

Let me know what you think!

Check it out on GitHub:
Blog post:

#searchengine #metasearch #goosle #php #nojs #css #github #google #duckduckgo #search #private #privacy #torrent #magnetlinks #free #selfhosted

Finally, my #Nextcloud server is up and running.
#fedoraserver #homelab #selfhosting #selfhosted
14 hours ago

Public registration for the .meme TLD went live today and we were able to snag

Any thoughts on something fun we can do with it?

#selfhost #selfhosting #selfhosted #homelab

In today's blog post I continue the theme of degoogling one's life. I talk about my experiences with @invidious, an alternative open-source frontend to Youtube that can be self hosted.

Do you want to watch YT videos without actually going to Youtube site? Take a look!

#degoogled #selfhosted #homelab #OpenSource

16 hours ago

Posted about my #openresty troubles last night on What's weird about the issue is that any of the other systemd files that I've changed for my #selfhosted services don't usually get changed with the package gets updated.

But for whatever reason, OpenResty overwrites my file on each update. Took this happening 2-3 times before I realized it was a trend.

Does this happen to anyone else? Any solutions to solve it?

19 hours ago

Опробовал сегодня Fooocus — selfhosted ИИ для генерации картинок по тексту, позиционирующий себя как альтернативу Stable Diffusion и Midjourney. Увы, на моей видеокарте (Radeon RX 6500) он просто отказался запускаться, выдав ошибку, что в системе нет высокопроизводительных GPU. Однако через Google Collab работает вполне нормально. Результаты весьма порадовали (см. приложения). Также понравилось, что можно указывать разрешение изображения, чего сильно не хватало в Bing, и наличие режима масштабирования изображений (image upscale), который я тут же опробовал на фоновой картинке нашего сообщества. #ии #генератор_изображений #selfhosted #open_source

По запросу «man standing on the top of mountain and looking to the sky»
По запросу «Sun and clouds over ancient castle with thick stone walls»
По запросу «Paladin from Warcraft II with glowing eyes»
Joshua M 🇦🇺 the memecaster
23 hours ago

How's the Internet of Things era going? As a #privacy and #freesoftware nut I always found the barrier to entry not worth the cost,

It sounds like Home Assistant is maturing nicely - but are you still paying a lot for hardware? Like I couldn't even find a lightbulb on Amazon that I could tell is compatible

#floss #Foss #iot #Internetofthings #smarthome #homeassistant #selfhosted #technology #myhome #ownyourhome #antigoogle #antiamazon #opensource #oss #freeculture #Alexa #googlehome

1 day ago

Finally pulled the trigger. I deleted Plex from my server (but left the config files in place in case I regret it). Plex builds in a lot of good features and has a much more fleshed out Android TV app than Jellyfin (which I've been running alongside it for a while), but the whole "we'll email everyone in your server and oh btw it's opt out, not opt in" was the straw that broke the camel's back.

#Plex #Jellyfin #selfhosing #selfhosted #Homelab

Luigi 💚
1 day ago

Added postgree + pgadmin at my homelab #nomad instance, I'm still migrating some services from docker compose but having a database will make everything smoother. #Terraform + nomad provider combo for managing jobs are incredible way to automate everything!

#selfhosted #homelab

1 day ago

I have recorded my entire mail server migration endeavour so far in two blog posts:

Part 1:
Part 2:

I will now compare various self-hosting solutions for email and then summarise my findings in part 3, stay tuned!

#sysadmin #mail #email #smtp #imap #selfhosted #selfhosting #admin #linux

2 days ago

Today I am open sourcing Satounki, a self-hosted, open source and cloud-agnostic temporary elevated access management solution!

Satounki is written in #Rust and generates a load of code in #Golang and #Typescript 🚀

I am looking for contributors, so if this sounds like something you'd be interested in working on, please reach out!

I have also posted an announcement on #hackernews -

#opensource #selfhosted #cloud #aws #gcp #cloudflare

Jonatan Steuernagel
2 days ago

Anyone happen to know which Domains one need to Whitelist in DNS ad-blocking to get OneDrive to work?

It only ever worked sporadically and today stopped completely. Switching to normal DNS fixed it, but I don't really see what domain could be the fault. The logs are spammed full with general Windows telemetry domain BS.

#selfhosted #pihole

2 days ago


Yay, that's great to hear!

Not sure why, but somehow @radiofreefedi didn't turn into a proper link.

I'm sure they'll be super chuffed, and rightfully deserve all that praise for massively boosting #FediMusic this last year!

I'm looking forward to you joining the #Faircamp family, other #SelfHosted solutions, or whatever other exciting #FairTradeMusic community solutions (such as #JamCoop or #Mirlo) will pick up traction and/or appear in 2024!

James Smith 💾
2 days ago

Actually not half bad, for a weekend project. #SelfHosted #HomeLab

A home-made 10” rack system with lots of cables, three raspberries pi, Ethernet switch, fibre ONT, and OpenWRT router, all in 3D printed rack panels screwed to some bits of wood instead of a proper rack.

Just ordered my new 'homelab server' from @tuxedocomputers : The TUXEDO Cube AMD-Ryzen-Series, that will either run FreeBSD BHyve or Proxmox

Getting something like this instead of actual powerhungry server hardware for this purpose seemed like a good tradeoff

#homelab #selfhosted #tuxedo

David Bureš
3 days ago

A new blog post by me: How to fix the infinite loading spinner when accessing Actual Budget for the first time:

#selfhosting #SelfHosted

3 days ago

So, bald mein selbst zusammen gebastelten Router austauschen mit etwas mehr geeigneter Hardware.

Banana Pi R3 + OpenWRT wird es sein. Das wird ein lustiges Wochenendprojekt.

#Router #selfhosted #selfmade

Next to Navidrome, I am also testdriving the what I think is maybe the nerdiest ActivityPub server I've seen: Epicyon

Combined with the Hacker theme, it is build with Python and involves no javascript. So it is ... interesting.

#fediverse #activitypub #selfhosted #openbsd #runbsd #epicyon

Both substreamer and amperfy work snappy on the go / over 5G. Only Amperfy has the Carplay integration I need. Blog was updated with these findings.

#streaming #selfhosted #navidrome

3 days ago

I have to install a Shelly in my kitchen oven. Usually when I leave the club (20m walk, 5m Uber) I come home hungry and with a Shelly installed in my oven I'd have good food ready to eat when I got home (lasagna!!) and I'd even be able to impress some chicks!

#ShowerThoughts #SelfHosted #SmartHome

(I know there are smart ovens, but I'm poor)

Image from Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Keyboard
4 days ago

I wish Termius had a ChatGPT/Bard integration. It would make my life much easier


4 days ago

After a request on the #selfhosted community on Lemmy, I wrote up how I use LUKS, Clevis, and Tang to give me network-bound encryption. This means that I can restart my servers as long as they're on my home network without worrying about having to log in to decrypt the drive, but if someone breaks in and steals my servers and turns them on anywhere else, the data on them is safe.

#selfhosting #encryption #LUKS #clevis #tang

Rev. Kellyn Delgado
4 days ago

I recently learned about #Proxmox and I really want to try it out sometime. I really want to run my #Docker server in a #LXC container so my #Chromebooks aren't the only ones nesting #containers! 🐢

#SelfHosted #virtualization #pve

4 days ago

Time to learn something new
#grafana #prometheus #selfhosted

4 days ago

I'm contemplating doing #Btrfs on top of #LVM. Since btrfs' support for multi-disk is still lacking and I want bit-rot protection on my large media server. Thoughts? Has anyone gone this route?

#Linux #Jellyfin #SelfHosted #DIY #MakeMKV #Ffmpeg

4 days ago

I was planning to get music from a whole variety of platforms this #FairtradeMusicFriday, but I came across so many albums by #FediMusicians that I could only find on #Bandcamp (afaik), that today turned out to be a #BandcampFriday exclusive.

But fret not, every Friday can be #MusicFriday, and I shall concentrate on #SelfHosted, #Faircamp and #JamCoop based #FediMusic in the next few Fridays!

See below for album and artist links. 1/x

Also, #solidarity with @bandcampunited!

#ff #FollowFriday

A grid of Bandcamp album artwork for

Allflowers - More Or Less Forever
Phantoms Vs Fire - Xylem
Phono Input - Sidereus Nuncius
Romeo Rucha - Stay Calm
sideSister - Nothing
Socool & Friends - Planet Socool
Spaceport Market Wizard - Fumbling For a Lightswitch in a Strange Room
Jannis Wichmann - Konfrontation
Lynze :mastodon:
4 days ago

Para los cocinillas o los que pretendemos serlo.
GitHub - TandoorRecipes/recipes at
#Docker #DockerCompose #SelfHosted #SelfHosting

Lynze :mastodon:
4 days ago

El Doodle de turno autoalojado:
GitHub - lukevella/rallly at
#Docker #DockerCompose #SelfHost #SelfHosted

Lynze :mastodon:
4 days ago

Ojo, nueva versión 2 de Paperless-ngx!
GitHub - paperless-ngx/paperless-ngx at
#Docker #DockerCompose #SelfHosting #SelfHosted
5 days ago

This Week in Self-Hosted (1 December 2023)

This week's newsletter features a ton of notable software updates, a content spotlight on #AudioBookshelf, video content from @dbtechyt and Jim's Garage, and a new edition of the Open Home newsletter from @balloob!

#selfhost #selfhosted #opensource #homelab #homeserver #newsletter #technology #server

Lynze :mastodon:
5 days ago

Pues actualizado #UnRAID a 6.12.5 sin problemas. De momento esto chuta bien. 😊
#SelfHosting #SelfHosted #NAS

6 days ago

#MediaWiki #Update: 🙈 Erstmal #Ubuntu 18.04 im #LXC auf 20.04 updaten, damit zumindest #PHP 7.4 verfügbar war. Danach MediaWiki selbst von 1.31 auf 1.35 (#LTS) und nochmal auf 1.39 (LTS) hochgezogen. Letzter Schritt: Das ganze rüber bringen auf #AlmaLinux 9 mit PHP 8.2. 🚀
#Homelab #LinuxContainer #VM #VirtualServer #SelfHosted #Linux #RHEL #Proxmox #Cluster #Server

Anders Thoresson
6 days ago

Is there anything like that you easily #selfhost?

#selfhosted #selfhosting

6 days ago

Is there a reason to use #Plex nowadays over #Jellyfin? #homelab #selfhosted #opensource

It's Yehor, not Ihor
1 week ago

A new #HomeServer is about to be unboxed and become a part of the #HomeLab, hopefully, tonight :mastodon_oops:
#selfhosting #selfhosted #asusminipc #asus #minipc

1 week ago

Oh lawd the spotify wrapped started

Advice, buy directly from your favorite indie artists. Pirate any millionaire artist. Make a server with #jellyfin or smth and stream it to your devices.

If you want stats use #listenbrainz

It'll be much better that any corporate streaming service

#music #fuckspotify #spotify #selfhosted

@timboard It's just the lazyness and lack of public pressure why they didn't start something like as a site to do so.

After all, #Germany did so quite some time ago with and thus provides an accessible and public way to communicate to the public that is #SelfHosted.

#Threads is just #NSAbook in a different UI, so this required no effort from the existing #SocialMedia team to onboard...

1 week ago

Jellyfin has gained traction as a free and open-source media server, offering a reliable platform for streaming movies, TV shows, music, and photos. This guide will show how to install Jellyfin Media Server on Linux Mint 21 #linuxmint #linux #jellyfin #selfhosted #opensource #mediaserver #media #video #tv #internet #streaming

Step-by-step guide to installing VSCodium on Linux Mint 21 or 20
Matt King 🍔
1 week ago

What do you use for backing up your photographs? Seeing a bit around using NextCloud (auto upload from phone would be good). Would also be good to keep a decent UI for searching/organising the images so don’t want to just bung all my files on a drive or S3 bucket.

#Photography #SelfHosted #FOSS

Boiling Steam
1 week ago

Selfhosted Email by Maddy on Oracle Cloud: #linux #selfhosted #email #maddy

Chris :verified: :vbike:
1 week ago

Doing some more cord cutting today, set up #Jellyfin and a DVD converting pipeline. We've got 15 years worth of DVDs to get in there. But off to a good start, and so far I am really impressed with Jellyfin. #selfhosted #cordcutting

2 weeks ago

So in my exploration of the local (#selfhosted) #LLM space I'm now coming across license agreements. Reading the BigCode Open RAIL-M v1 License seems reasonable enough. It certainly doesn't claim ownership of generated output but nor does it indemnify against infringement. I guess you have to trust the training data?

Ruby Weekly
2 weeks ago

Introducing tududi: A personal task management system built with Sinatra


#programming #ruby #selfhosted

is the 3950x too much for a nas? #selfhosted #homelab

If anyone has successfully gotten Peertube working on NixOS with Caddy, please message me. I've tried both Podman and the official NixOS packaging of it, and the farthest I've gotten is OAuth bitching about the externyal domain not being identical to the internyal IP. (If I configure the instance domain to be, it throws a tantrum that it's not If I set the instance domain to be, it throws a tantrum that it's not
#caddy #nixos #peertube #selfhosted #askfedi

I know I been a big bbbiaaatch about this but here is a question. In your storage... whatever ..would you take ..

1. More bays to fill ya up with PB's of data... ( I know it sounds sus just go with it )
2. Go Fast and Furious 43! 10 gig on dem hoes.

Some context. I have 10 gig available to me and realistically I don't need Petabytes of space...

#homelab #selfhosted #selfhosting #storage #nas #networking

🎉 VERY pleased to announce that VanDAM will be a recipient of grant funding from #NLNet, under their @NGIZero Entrust programme. 🎉

We'll be working on lots of great features and improvements, but the big goal is to develop the app into an #ActivityPub powered "decentralized Thingiverse" where anyone can self-host an instance to distribute their content.

Also we're still looking for a new name that can take us there; send in ideas!

@3dprinting #3dPrinting #SelfHosted

James Smith 💾
2 weeks ago

Got some GREAT news coming for @vandam imminently, which means I really could do with finalising a new name for it that better reflects what it is.

Any great name ideas out there for a self-hosted 3d print model hosting app, with a future that hopefully includes ActivityPub federation?

@3dprinting #SelfHosted #3dPrinting

Bob Dendry :gamepad:
2 weeks ago

So I've decided to start that #blog I was pondering a couple of weeks ago. I'm probably going to go with #WriteFreely due to it being #Foss, #Federated and #SelfHosted. Unfortunately, not the simplest thing to set up from the #Docker image available (I think I should be able to tweak the Dockerfile to fix that though)

@Mrfunkedude yeah. AND, with this #fediverse adjacent/facilitated, fuelled-by-#enshittification resurgance in #selfhosted internety things, THEY'RE COMING BACK BABY.

#webrings, #distributionlists, #rss feeds, even fucking #IRC, all the old "before the net was captured into walled web 2.0 bullshit gardens" tech is coming back and this "I was there when USENET was THE thing kiddo" codger could. not. be. happier.
2 weeks ago

Plex ruffled some feathers this week with their latest e-mail marketing campaign, so we've compiled a list of privacy-related settings every Plex user should review.

Let us know if there's anything we've missed!

#selfhost #selfhosted #homelab #homeserver #plex #privacy

wger project
2 weeks ago

Finally finished moving everything to material 3! As a bonus, there is finally a dark theme available!

#workout #fitness #flutter #selfhosted

Alright finally trying out Immich. Sick of paying for Google Photos after they rugpulled the free tier. And it fits into my broader de-googling goals

#immich #SelfHosted #homelab #docker

2 weeks ago

Naturally this leads me to wondering....

Is there an OSS equivalent that people are fond of?

I get kinda itchy either these sorts of things because I don't trust that the free tier will exist long-term

Boosts appreciated
#SelfHosted #Homelab #Networking

Orion (small)
3 weeks ago

new instance, new #introduction :

hey, i'm orion. i'm an internet weirdperson by night and a professional grasstoucher by day

i do art. i also, coincidentally, do things with that art such as posting it on the internet sometimes. when i'm not posting art, i'm talking about the #yugioh tcg and playing on a #ttrpg stream about cards on motorcycles

some things i might post about:

long live the muka muka sweep and may your dragonmaids stay chambered <3

Paul Chambers
3 weeks ago

Still finding it awkward to break free from hosted services like RSS, Email, etc, to self-hosted solutions, as I ditch #Google, #Microsoft, etc, but I am slowly adapting to the changes and pretty much going to my #selfhosted solutions now as a first instinct.

Still, sometimes it's like trying to hold a conversation in a different country and you only know a few words of the language but all the curse words. lol.

3 weeks ago

I fucking hate Linux

Airikr :endeavourOS:
3 weeks ago

I got tired of Qwant's "endless" question about me being human because I am using an VPN. So I installed SearXNG[1] on my VPS. Haven't used a self-hosted search engine since my RPi 4 died earlier this year. Feels good 😌


#selfhosting #selfhosted #OpenSource

Mauve 👁💜
3 weeks ago

Instead of #selfhosted servers it'd be nice if software was #CloudFree and #P2P

Not only should we not ve reliant kn centralized corporate hosting, we should be able to just use whatever devices we have on hand without extra server maintenance.

3 weeks ago

Ok quick fedi question:

Is FediFetcher considered harmful, useful, or something?

I'm noticing lots of missing replies and I'm not sure if it is a small instance issue, relay issue, config issue or something that FediFetcher can help fix

Boost/answers welcome thanks!
#SelfHosted #fediverse

Max Lee :BoostOK:
3 weeks ago

So, uh, I might've started another service 🙈
It contains all videos from my YouTube channel! Follow it at @moeptv if you understand German! :D

#selfhosted #peertube #fediverse #activitypub

TapTap 🎮
3 weeks ago

Is there a #selfhosted equivalent to #googledocs? Specifically spreadsheets

We keep a fairly basic spreadsheet for our future #YTP #reaction #streams

Google Sheets isn't causing any problems YET but, I'm challenging myself to self-host as much as I can. I already killed Linktree, that was easy.

a spreadsheet of stream ideas
3 weeks ago

The self-hosted wake word system that Home Assistant uses doesn't have "Computer" as an option, as in "Computer, lights kitchen off" or "Computer, engage snooze mode"

The claim is that it would result in false positives. This is misguided. Residents and visitors would learn quickly to not mention computers lest the awaken it's attention.

This is actually good on multiple levels, and will prepare us for the bleak future that surely awaits us when AI takes over. Or will get guests to stop talking about computers. A win either way.

Computer, submit post
#Homeassistant #SelfHosted

I took the example from the resource linked before. This was my procedure:
1) I increased the sidekiq process to allow 75 instead of the default 25 workers. This helped, but it was still full and only going down slowly.
2) Then I split out the processes (by duplicating the systemctl file and make one each for the ingress, push+pull, default, scheduler, and mailers. All had 75 workers. It turned out only the pushpull service was pinned to that 75 and database connections went to over 200.
3) So I split the push and pull into separate processes and realized it was all on the pull process. All other processes were very low.
4) Finally, I reduced the number of workers back down to 25 for all processes except the pull process. RAM usage has quadrupled from 400MB to 1700 but I had space there to grow into.

My server is now back to a good place, database connections are below 50, nothing in the queue, and toots/notifications are going out instantly again.

And most importantly, I can once again handle all the news GottaLaff puts out! :D

#footiMac is all good once again.
#selfhost #mastoAdmin #selfhosted #smallAdmin #Mastodon

A screenshot of the sidekiq admin interface shows 6 processes, 200 threads and only 1 busy with 1% utilization. RAM has gone from 400MB to 1700MB. All processes show 25 threads except the bottom pull thread at 75.
Screenshot of the PGHero screen for connections to the database shows 46 connections. A pie charts shows mastodon_production in blue taking up about 75% of the pie. Pixelfed is the next largest.

I suspect #footiMac is getting a little overtaxed. But I am wondering if other #selfhosted #mastoAdmin have a thought about these messages in Sidekiq for dead processes? Too many files open, on my end or the remote end?

Is there maybe a FAQ available for small admins like me to look to that might show the most common indicators of problems on a Mastodon host?

I remain concerned that Java/Elastisearch is putting more load on my server than is really warranted. Thoughts?
#help #MastoHelp #Mastodon #SelfHost

A screenshot of messages in the web admin interface shows three rows. Two with HTTP connection error and one with EBusy error.
*|FNAME|* 🇨🇦
3 weeks ago

@GottaLaff similarly, as someone who operates a single-user #SelfHosted instance I neither expect nor want anyone making moderation decisions for me.

I alone decide what I do or do not want to be exposed to online.

3 weeks ago

You're not doing it right if your smart home goes down when the Internet does.

#selfhosted #selfhosting #smarthome #smarthomeproblems

3 weeks ago

I feared the “Share On Pixelfed” plugin for WordPress was not receiving the same attention as its sibling plugin “Share On Mastodon”.

And then… plugin author @janboddez releases Share On Pixelfed 0.9.0. The plugin is now modernized and working out of the box with Wordpress 6.3.2 and 6.4!

Thank you Jan, you’ve made my weekend & my future in the #fediverse simpler.

#fediverse #opensource #pixelfed #selfhosted #selfhosting #socialmedia #Wordpress

I think that maybe the Wordpress ActivityPub plugin that federates my blog has been causing a lot of undue PHP process activity. Any activity with friends/followers or when a post is published, it overloads my server. Anyone else federating their wordpress based website (self-hosted) seeing this problem? It might be interacting somehow with LiteSpeed Caching? #selfhost #wordpress #selfhosted #mastoAdmin #ActivityPub #Fediverse

4 weeks ago

Setting up @Castopod was surprisingly easy and fun. Now I'm very close to publishing my first episodes 👀

#podcast #selfhosted

What do you cooks of the #homelab use to keep track of all your food thingys. I need something to help keep meals and grocery lists right. Has to be self hostable!! We don't play over here 😂

#selfhosted #selfhosting #groceries