I might see you on the other side of this update... Fingers crossed #selfhosting

5 hours ago

It would be great to have a file storage solution that could also connect to #google drive and #microsoft #OneDrive so that files can be copied and moved between them and a home based #SelfHosting #Linux solution.

5 hours ago

I was going to go all in and try out #seafile for file storage at home. I learned that it doesn't store files naturally on the filesystem. It stores them in chunks and uses the database to track which chunks belong to which files. I'm not keen on this, only from the sense that if the db gets corrupted, the files are toast. I'll have to investigate any options for backing up seafile storage to complete files on multiple drives as backups. Will report back later. #SelfHosting #cloud

Edoardo Secco
5 hours ago

Domanda per chi usa #Yunohost

Dove lo avete installato?
(avrei qualche consiglio da chiedere a chi lo ha messo in casa)

Ricondivisioni gradite 😊


A fresh release of my @nlnetlabs #unbound #docker #image hit the road, it's version 1.18.0-2 now. I updated #AlpineLinux to 3.18.4 due to #security updates. Stay safe! 💙

#dns #dnssec #privacy #security #HomeLab #SelfHosting

Mam do zrobienia przeinstalowanie OpenWRT na moim WRT1900ACS, tylko mój setup to kilka izolowanych sieci wirtualnych, mesz, i ExtRoot, więc mi skonfigurowanie od zera tego zajmie bite godziny, choć nie jestem konkubentem.
#utrzymywanie #selfHosting #nudy #komputry

So now that I have this #wiregaurd made easy thing with #netbird in the #homelab. I wanted to have a split horizon type #dns where the wiregaurd network would go to the wiregaurd interface on my LB and anything on my internal network would go to the internal interface on my LB. I'm using this for my phone.

With 2 DNS servers and a forwarding zone, i'm able to override records and point it to the wiregaurd network on the second dns server.

#selfhosting #selfhosted

Lynze :mastodon:
21 hours ago

Un “truco” muy bueno para bash, de @selfhst con ^:

Command Line Corner: Using ^ to correct mistakes
Use ^typo^correction to fix mistakes in previous commands without having to retype the entire command from scratch:
user@selfhst:/$ cd /home/usr/appdata
-bash: cd: /home/usr/appdata: No such file or directory
user@selfhst:/$ ^usr^user
user@selfhst:/home/user/appdata$ _

#Bash #Linux #SelfHosted #SelfHosting #CommandLine

Matt :idic: 🌌
1 day ago

How normal is it for fsck to detect file system errors on a freshly formatted SSD after a large rclone sync run? Red flag? Big one?

I'm trying to stress-test a suspect drive. SMART is always clean. At the point I don't trust SMART to prove a drive is good, but I'd trust it to tell me one is bad.

rclone sync seems to be the best stress-test I can think of, given that my original error condition was severe filesystem corruption.

#selfHosting #it

Matt Ellery
1 day ago

Things I've done in production on a Friday afternoon:

✅ Got Fail2ban sshd jail working on Debian 12
✅ Spent 10 minutes gazing in horror at the number of connection attempts from China and Russia.
✅ Edited robots.txt (goodbye data slurpers)
✅ Added .well-known/webfinger to my Hugo setup. You can now search for me using - neat! (Thanks to @tormodh )
✅ Archived the contents of my old semi-broken AWS server.
✅ Yeeted said server.

#sysadmin #selfhosting #Nextcloud #Hugo

Bright Spark 💡(they/he)
1 day ago

So... maybe I am trying to bite off more than I can chew.
I WANTED my new home server to have 3x8TB drives, in RAID5.

However, I realized that I also need to back all 16TB up somewhere when full.

After some headscratching, I then THOUGHT I had a solution:

Companies use tapes for that, don't they?
So, I did a quick search, and... the media is dirtcheap. Like, 50 bucks for 12TB uncompressed.

"Perfect!", I thought.

Then I looked at the drives...

...they cost THOUSANDS!☠️

#Selfhosting #Backups

Zergy :verified: :redpanda:
2 days ago

🇫🇷 Les gens qui ont leur propre serveur DNS, vous utilisez quoi ?

🇬🇧 People who run their own DNS server, what software do you use?

#DNS #AutoHerbergement #SelfHosting

2 days ago

#RSS does rock, more people need to go back to it IMHO. Hackaday is a good one to follow as you'll find a few cool blogs featured there if you're into the maker style Tech stuff: Weirdly I don't have a huge amount of general #selfhosting related #RSS feeds, just specific project blogs.

Annd account purged and deleted, sorry to future people that might not find a solution they needed because I posted it there. On the other hand totally looking for #RSS feeds about #technology #radio and #selfHosting, maybe #solarpunk #permaculture and #cyberdeck s also

2 days ago

What do you call your home media server? Mediacenter? Hub of media? Looking for creative ideas, and feeling strongly here...

#selfhosted #selfhosting #linux #plex

2 days ago

Raspberry Pi 5 Promises to Be a Game Changer

The wait is over! Raspberry Pi 5 is coming to redefine DIY tech. Explore its groundbreaking potential and features here!

#raspberrypi #selfhosting #DIY

Mike Elston
2 days ago

Do you have separate domains for LAN and WAN access?
For example
LAN DNS server: ``
Public DNS server: [[public ip]]
Do you setup different domains like `plex.domain.lan` or `` for internal
#Homelab #dns #selfhost #SelfHosting

Sam Weston
2 days ago

Lack rack update: The PDU arrived so everything is now powered off my very overkill UPS. It’s at 10% load at about 80 watts for the whole “rack”. 😆

I’ve also migrated to a Cisco Meraki switch I had knocking around, after resentfully paying them £30 for a year’s license. #HomeLab #SelfHosting

Ikea Lack table with a bunch of rack mount gear on it including a UPS and PDU
2 days ago

Ok, I’m doing it. It’s #k8s on my 2 node #proxmox cluster. Can’t find a better setup that:
• Supports #docker
• Supports VMs
• Supports clustering
• Is free or cheap

Considered #portainer and might still use it alongside #microk8s. I honestly just want proxmox with docker support.. sigh. Is it so hard to just add support for it? They’d have a huge boost of popularity on their hands imo. At least in the #homelab community.

#cluster #containers #selfhost #selfhosting #vm #oss

Aiight #homelab identity management gurus. What do yall use to do that SSO stuff in the #homelab.. I came across some and have no idea which one I should try. Most of them have some #selfhosting option.

2 days ago

I learned about #CasaOS last night, for #SelfHosting. A very interesting product that I will try out, except it doesn’t have #seafile, the one app I want to look at using.

2 days ago

I learned about #CasaOS last night, for #SelfHosting. A very interesting product that I will try out, except it doesn’t have #seafile, the one app I want to look at using.

Stetsed :blobcatenby:
2 days ago So it will most likley handle plex transcoding pretty okay due to it's relativley decent GPU that's builtin however depends what resolution your doing ofcourse.

Nextcloud AI's image tagging i will suspect it will still be slow due to how it works(currently it does the inference calculations on the CPU which is pretty inefficient especially on an SBC such as Pi). So it depends how many images you have that you want to be tagged but don't suspect it will be high performance in this task
#selfhosting #selfhost #selfhosted

The new Raspberry Pi 5 sounds like a nice upgrade! I wonder how well it will perform with Plex's transcoding and NextCloud's AI image tagging. The Pi 4 struggles with both, so I had to move those services to my MacBook instead. Would be nice to have everything on a single server again!

#RaspberryPi #rpi5 #RaspberryPi5 #Linux #NextCloud #Plex #SelfHosting

I was fighting with my VPN Network not working for weeks, Today I tried Tailscale/Headscale and it seems great. Played around with the configs and docker for some time, and now I have a working overlay Network.

That was important to me: It should not be the default network connection but an extension, so that I can access my Homenetwork securely from any other network.

#tailscale #headscale #vpn #selfhosting #docker

3 days ago

Today I finally finish writing up a shell script automating the installation of #IPFS gateway on VPS servers.
I can quicky fire up a ipfs gateway to help users in censored situation visiting web contents.

#selfhosting #censorship

3 days ago

My poor little #plex server running on an ancient laptop used all the CPU trying to stream Pirates of the Caribbean. I usually hover around 60% usage so hopefully I can get it back down there and not need new hardware. #selfhosting

Butt Pat Coach
3 days ago

I have a job interview call in ten minutes and #NextCloud #NextCloudOffice seems to have deleted all the text from the document with my prep notes in.

It's usually great, and a good way to avoid Google Docs and Microsoft 365 by #SelfHosting. This is the first problem I've had with it. But what a problem!

4 days ago

I'm a sucker for #selfhosting and just discovered #audiobookshelf ( Combined with #OpenAudible, my audiobook collection is downloaded, safe and sound and not depending on someone else's license deals. The Android app is pretty sweet too.

I think `iostat` is my new favourite #Linux command. It gives you so much information about what exactly your hard drives (or SSDs) are doing. It takes a while to get used to, but here is an example of the output:

# iostat -xht /dev/sda /dev/sdb
09/26/2023 11:26:52 AM
avg-cpu: %user %nice %system %iowait %steal %idle
40.4% 0.0% 4.5% 18.3% 0.0% 36.9%
r/s rkB/s rrqm/s %rrqm r_await rareq-sz Device
102.18 2.9M 10.33 9.2% 21.72 29.5k sda
0.00 0.0k 0.00 0.0% 0.00 0.0k sdb
w/s wkB/s wrqm/s %wrqm w_await wareq-sz Device
34.98 2.7M 14.72 29.6% 170.21 78.8k sda
29.97 2.7M 9.33 23.7% 193.34 90.6k sdb
d/s dkB/s drqm/s %drqm d_await dareq-sz Device
0.00 0.0k 0.00 0.0% 0.00 0.0k sda
0.00 0.0k 0.00 0.0% 0.00 0.0k sdb
aqu-sz %util Device
7.94 95.7% sda
5.73 43.5% sdb

#iostat #SysAdmin #SelfHosting #SelfHosted

@edri @euronews I hope you'll ask @signalapp serious questions like:
- Why do they collect #PhoneNumbers?
- Why do they not offer their #App outside of #GooglePlay [i.e. @fdroidorg ]?
- Why do they #centralize their #app and #infrastructure?
- Why do they keep their organization and infrastruture in the #USA where they'll be subject to #CloudAct and other #Cyberfacism?
- Why don't they allow #SelfHosting the #backend?
- Why can't users do #SelfCustody of their Keys??

Maarten Steenhagen
5 days ago

By the way, these are the sorts of issues you have when you #selfhost on a simple home network. They happen very infrequently and so far have been easy to identify and fix.

Don't let it deter you from #selfhosting! It's likely that you have oodles of unused bandwidth on your home connection, and it's really not necessary to use someone else's servers for things you can easily serve yourself. Caveat: you'd need to know/learn some stuff and be willing to do some network and back-end admin.

5 days ago

Successfully migrated my instance to a new server running Debian Bookworm.

Mastodon 4.2.0 is running smoothly with

node.js 20
ruby 3.2.2
PostgreSQL 15
redis 7.0.11

#MastoAdmin #SelfHosting

5 days ago

Best free, #OpenSource, #linux based option for #SelfHosting file storage at home? Ideally with app support for copying to/from mobile devices and perhaps support for mounting drives in #windows. I know about #nextcloud and have tinkered with it. I don't love it as it seems to do too much.

5 days ago

Typical symptoms of forgetting to enable the 'group' and 'other' permissions are your instance just showing a blank home page (or a page with just the Mastodon logo) and lots of "permission denied" entries in /var/log/nginx/error.log.

#MastoAdmin #selfhosting

5 days ago

Something to be aware of when installing Mastodon on Debian Bookworm (and possibly recent Ubuntu versions) is that user home directories are created with 700 permission as opposed to 755 with previous Debian versions.

This will stop nginx being able to access any files under /home/mastodon, so don't forget to

chmod 755 /home/mastodon

as root!

#MastoAdmin #selfhosting

5 days ago

You don't need #Cloudflare for this (unless you've got millions of users maybe). mod_substitute, mod_proxy (#Apache), #Express, http-proxy-middleware and 50 lines of glue code will do. I've done this for a hosting provider a year ago when a lot of their customers where cautioned for violating #GDPR. It was supposed to be a stop-gap solution and replaced by a dedicated proxy, but it still runs well enough (1 proxy per host).

#WebHosting #SelfHosting #NodeJS #GoogleFonts

🤔 Found this weird issue with #docker on one my boxes. Maybe some #sysadmin #selfhosting enthusiast can help.

Problem: Similar to but on a #debian12 install.

I found that starting a #docker #container alters the host's routing table.

Running `ip route del default` restores the outgoing traffic on the host.

I have searched all over the place for a solution, but so far nothing. Anyone see anything I may be missing on this?

Routing table comparison between 0 containers running, and starting a container.
After running `ip route del default` this line is removed from the routing table, and outgoing network traffic is restored on the host.
6 days ago

Nice to see that #firefish has a built-in The Funny(tm).

#fediverse #selfhosting

6 days ago


WHAT IS WRONG WITH-...wait, I just needed to clear my cookies? This entire time!?


Why can cookies sign me onto an account that doesn't exist on Firefish?

#fediverse #yunohost #website #selfhosting

Stefano Marinelli
6 days ago

For a long time, I used Apple Notes, but always faced sync issues with Android. Then, I briefly switched to Google Keep. Today, I realized just how well Nextcloud Notes works. Finally found a solution that satisfies me.

#AppleNotes #Android #iOS #GoogleKeep #NextcloudNotes #Nextcloud #Google #Apple #SynchronizationSolution #SelfHosting #SelfHost

Sam Weston
6 days ago

Lack rack update: I’ve braced the front legs and given the UPS something to sit on. I’ve also screwed in the shelf, although I’m not sure how long those self tappers will hold in the soft table legs.

Cable management is temporary; I’ve got a PDU coming this week. #HomeLab #SelfHosting

Coffee table being used as a server rack with a printer on it and tower server next to it
Coffee table with front legs braced using a piece of wood and a server rack shelf
Futurist Jim Carroll
1 week ago

Taking slow methodical steps to get to v 4.2.0 here on

4.1.7 to 4.1.8 to 4.1.9 all good. Now for a server level backup in case the next step goes wonky.

#ilearnedthehardway #Selfhosting

This is a poll for people who run their own infrastructure!

Bare metal vs Cloud?

The "simple virtual machine" case is if you rent a VM without boilerplate around it :flan_thumbs:

If you have hardware at home with VMs in it, this counts as Bare metal.

If you have some Open Stack or something at home, this would count as Cloud I guess :flan_think:

You can even reply which OS you use on which kind of host!

#selfhosting #linux #bsd

Sander Meijer
1 week ago

Have been playing with Zabbix and the options are impressive. Have decided to go for it. Needed to improve the monitoring of, so will implement it there as well.

#Zabbix #ITstuff #SelfHosting

Josef Davies-Coates
1 week ago

📢 Calling all #opensource #selfhosting #greenhosting #hosting boffins on the #fediverse!

I'm running various instances of #mastodon 4.2 (all using @cloudron which makes doing such things easy)

I'd like to connect at least one of them (the biggest most public one) to an instance of #ElasticSearch to take advantage of the new #fulltextsearch feature featured in #masto 4.2.

Where is the best place to get a reliable affordable and #renewable energy powered one-click install of Elastic Search? 🙏

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 week ago

@bradwilson @slyborg @delroth I have bad news for you: #Bitwarden’s desktop client is an #Electron app:

So your #SelfHosting helps you not.

They addressed the #libwebp issue by updating from April's Electron v24.1.1 to last week's v24.8.3:

Sam Weston
1 week ago

I’m considering getting rid of my proper rack in favour of a lack rack. If it’s good enough for @maartje hosting it’s good enough for me…

A friend gave me the proper rack when his employer’s office was shutting down. However it’s only about 40cm deep so not really that useful for anything bigger than switches and firewalls.

Anyone in the south of England want a rack for a good price? #HomeLab #SelfHosting

Oak finish ikea table with a UPS and a server in it
Metal comms rack with a couple of patch panels and a UPS that won’t fit
Max Mehl
1 week ago

Backing up #Seafile libraries isn't as simple as it should be. "Seafile Mirror" to the rescue! ⛑

✅ Full snapshots of a Seafile library
✅ Optimised for automation and headless
✅ Configurable intervals
✅ Simple to understand, small footprint, no overhead, Python

Learn more about this new tool and how it solves the various issues the Seafile-native tools have in my blog post:

#Python #backup #NoBackupNoMercy #cloud #selfhosting

Screenshot from the project's Git repository:

Seafile Mirror: A Python tool to handle clean read-only (re-)syncs of Seafile libraries with the intention to mirror them.
Austin Godber
1 week ago

If you see me posting nonsense GIFs to myself that means only one thing ... has been upgraded!!! This time to v4.1.8 for security reasons. It's going to take me a bit to look at 4.2.0.

#mastodon #mastoadmin #selfhosting

Jan :rust: :ferris:
1 week ago

This makes Ferris happy :awesome: 🎡 :ferris:

kellnr | A self-hostable, fully Open Source registry for #Rust crates

See their announcement:

#kellnr #RustLang #Crates #SelfHosting #SelfHosted

Jakub Rojek
1 week ago

Już we wtorek odpaliłem "early access" artykułu, a teraz już normalna premiera :)

Pamiętacie fora dyskusyjne? Pewnie niektórzy już nie, za to #Reddit czy #Wykop znacie doskonale. Wiecie, że są podobne systemy, które można samemu wdrożyć i łączyć się z innymi?

Zapraszam na tekst o #SocialNews oraz #kbin.

#SocialMedia #Selfhosting #Fediverse

Grafika promocyjna i logo systemu /kbin - różowy (lub fioletowy) kształt imitujący "tick" oraz biały napis "kbin" na granatowym tle z różowymi wzorami.

@paul I used the Federated timeline a lot more as I built up my own list of followers. Now that I follow enough people, my home timeline is more than enough. Also, since I am #selfhosting on a server with just 2 other users, the Federated timeline is not significantly different than my home timeline. That said, I do sometimes go to the public timelines of other instances just to get a completely different stream. It’s one of my favourite features of Mastodon.

@mastohost hi again. So my single-user instance has been up for four days, and I’ve now gotten a notification that I’ve exceeded the media storage allowance for the ‘moon’ tier. Is that because of the number of accounts that I follow? (~2k)

Also: when I searched for the hashtag #SelfHosting from my instance I was not able to find this conversation; is that an example of the ‘limited federation’ capability of the ‘moon’ tier?

2 weeks ago

A reminder that this Friday (9/22) is the deadline for completing the 2023 Self-Host User Survey!

#selfhost #selfhosting #selfhosted #opensource #homelab

My Actual Brain
2 weeks ago

What selfhostable YouTube front end does everyone prefer?

I want to host one for personal use. I’ve been using a public instance of invidious, but it does not have sponsorblock and more importantly, it does not track video progress.

I’m also considering viewtube and piped.

#youtube #selfhosting #selfhosted #linux #homelab #privacy

Ryan Peters
2 weeks ago

I'm spinning up a new #ubuntu #linux host for #docker workloads only. Would you suggest Ubuntu server 20 or 22? Thanks!

#selfhosted #selfhosting

Sam Weston
2 weeks ago

Today I won an auction for a 1000VA UPS for £52.94. It’s allegedly only about 18 months old and seen light use. It was over £1000 new! I’m going to go and collect it on Wednesday. 🎉

I’ve fancied a UPS for a while and just happened to spot this fairly local bargain. #SelfHosting #HomeLab

Auction for a big black rack mount UPS with APC logo and £52.94
2 weeks ago

Looks like its time for a new #introduction :blobfoxwave:​

I am an engineer living near San Francisco with my partner #migrating to this instance from As a gay/queer furry (adjacent?) engineer, I am excited to be joining this community!

My projects and interests cover all sorts of things, from tech (#fpga #eink #cpp #python #arduino #selfhosting #zfs #VintageComputing) to #travel (and #transit) and creative outlets (#photography #DigitalArt #music #gardening #movies #cooking).

(NB: I'm just kicking off the migration process. If you see follow requests from this account over the next few days, it's likely I was following you from

Sam Weston
2 weeks ago

Since setting up my new server a couple of months ago on NixOS I hadn't got around to figuring out backups. Most of the stuff on it isn't particularly critical but my Joplin notes server kind of is.

Restic is stupidly easy to configure, so I've set things up to do daily backups to Backblaze B2. Great success!

I do still need to stash a Raspberry Pi and USB drive somewhere for offsite media backups I don't want to pay cloud prices for...

#SelfHosting #NixOS

If you get a follow request from is legit. It’s-a-me!

I’m tinkering with #Selfhosting again. This time I’m trying out the managed host provider: @mastohost.

Gotta say, after smashing my head on the keyboard many times on this project & multiple failures, the setup process with was refreshingly simple.

I could see this being a good option for folks/orgs that want to host a #Mastodon instance without requiring their own dedicated server.

Oh yeah, I could actually self host an IRC bouncer now

What software should I use for that?

#IRC #SelfHosting

Capybara :neovim: :arch:
2 weeks ago

Okay guys it has been a nice run, but I will have to give up entirely on #selfhosting

Backing up the pictures from my phone to my #nextcloud made me look at old pictures from my ex

Did you know that about 150 million households in the US and EU now have access to reliable, high-speed fiber internet? ⚡️🔥

If you've got bandwidth to spare, you can now set up an unmetered @torproject relay using Pi Relay!

Learn more 👉
Try it 👉

#opensource #nonprofit #privacy #selfhosting #tor #volunteer #foss #anonymous #mutualaid #censorship #internetfreedom #relay #homenetworking

2 weeks ago

Time for a proper #introduction!

I'm an open-source enthusiast and self-hosting masochist. Initially a #JavaScript developer, still doing all things web, big #WebAssembly fan, recovering conference addict. I am a #DevRel focusing on #DevEx & OSS communities in particular. Also a staunch advocate of flexible, async remote work.

I co-founded #RustFest (that really needs a proper fediverse presence, until then, check out @eurorust) with @jer & @skade

Frequently have Opinions™ and post about #conferences, especially online, #remoteWork, my #homelab & #selfhosting hobby (currently rebuilding, follow along at #homelabNG )

For Canine Cuteness head to #pupdate, #doggyDaycare and @lumi

Other contacts and chat: link in bio :brows:

📸 by Juli Racsko

Flaki sitting on a bench in Tallinn with the coastal Noblessner area in the background. He has a white hoodie, jeans and lace-less black shoes, looking directly into the camera a bit squinty. His right hand is held up to the side, where Lumi the young blue merle collie is lying on the bench, sniffing his palm in search of treats. His left hand is full of colorful dog things, including a fox toy and Lumi's bright blue lead. The rest of the picture has a an overall faded, bluish tint and a white border that makes it almost feel like an album cover.
Capybara :neovim: :arch:
2 weeks ago

Current #Selfhosting status

- [x] general backups and large files I dont need daily
- [x] my Pictures folder from my daily driver laptop
- [x] university projects
- [:loading:] pictures from my phone
- [:loading:] Calendars and tasks
- [x] Movie/shows collection
- [x] flac music collection

- scanned versions of important documents

Capybara :neovim: :arch:
2 weeks ago

#selfhosting and #nextcloud update:

My Google drive -> Nextcloud move has been going great so far. The desktop and mobile clients work very well, and the virtually unlimited storage space I have on my instance makes it awesome for syncing very large files (which I've been needing to do a lot lately)

For the folders where I needed 2 way sync in my mobile devices (neither mobile clients can do) I found that #syncthing works perfectly

2 weeks ago

Practising Permacomputing: Call for workshop participants

"This autumn is dedicated to Practising Permacomputing; a concept and a nascent community of practice-oriented around issues of resilience and regenerativity in computer and network technology derived, among others, from permaculture principles. As part of this community, space is offered to makers and thinkers in digital culture (and other connected areas) to put the fundamentals and applications of #permacomputing into practice through a series of workshops, a meetup, and a concluding day of public presentations with guests. Join us to explore permacomputing futures!"

#workshop #selfhosting #datacenter #recycling #electronics #plants #amsterdam

Rewilding Computation: Practising Permacomputing
Flyer of the workshop series and event. It's a duotone image dominantly green with some some plants, a chip, and a transistor.
2 weeks ago

@ivorybear Thanks! See the linked thread in the first toot, also the latest toot.

TL;DR: I'm rebuilding my homeserver, I was testing the new Intel-based config with a basic H610 motherboard, and now that the ASRock Rack server/workstation motherboard arrived I am moving the test rig onto that platform.

The end goal is to replace the current, low-power Ryzen 5000-based config in the Monsterlabo The First case, and to both serve as a #selfhosting home server and a “cloud” gaming PC (in a VM) — all of this fully passive & thus completely silent :blobnomcookie:

Robert @ Tech Addressed
3 weeks ago

Considering setting up my own Mastodon instance but before I decide, I'd like to know what kind of bandwidth & disk space people's instances are using.

Sound off below - please boost for reach.

#mastodon #fediverse #selfhosting #selfhosted #selfhost

stirz ✅
3 weeks ago

Morning, #fediverse

To all people doing #selfhosting or running some #homeserver on #Linux

I am keen to know how you are handling notifications:

• E-Mails?
• PC Speaker?
• Chatbots?
• Lights?
• ...

Currently, I am tinkering around with a simple #Telegram bot which is a breeze through #BASH.

Please share how you do it in general or using which piece of software.

And boost, if you can!

3 weeks ago

well i'm glad you asked

so here is the main thing you should take into account when you write anything you expect to be hosted by more than you or your employer:

You Are NOT The Only Thing Running On This Server

what does this mean in practice?

- don't attempt to handle common tasks such as ssl yourself. a reverse proxy is generally the first thing that gets set up, you can safely assume one exists.

- make your reverse proxy setup as painless as possible, ideally it shouldn't be more than a proxy_pass/reverse_proxy call (but unfortunately situations like /.well-known exist)

- don't bundle common dependencies like databases or redis, because there will generally be something else that will already require one set up.

- don't run multiple common dependencies at the same time (cough cough lemmy-ansible and a million other stuff running 2 half-configured nginx instances for the same thing that can be done with 1 well-configured instance)
- a big hell no to anyone who puts apache inside a php container. i get it php hosting sucks but at least go for php-fpm

- prefer common dependencies over obscure ones if possible (you better have a really good reason to pick an sql db that isn't postgres. mysql is begrudgingly acceptable. sqlite doesn't count)

- that said, resource usage is a really good reason to pick one dependency over another (say, a lighter search indexer than elasticsearch)

- don't assume you have full control over the above common dependencies (compiled extensions, weird configuration requirements)

- don't pollute the filesystem in a way that can't be trivially cleaned up
- so, either use the package manager or place files in predictable and non-shared places

- containers do not solve any of these problems (ok maybe except the last one), they just sweep them under the rug. do not rely on containers as your only way of installation.
- and for sure do NOT bundle common dependencies
INSIDE containers, (cough cough gitlab)

- opaque install scripts are even worse than containers and should not be your only way of installation (cough cough pihole)

- opaque install scripts that assume a clean slate and blindly overwrite global configuration is a horrible idea and should have big red warnings.
- opaque install scripts that set up containers under the hood are only slightly less bad (still a bad idea)

- that said, for those who want the option, the last couple are definitely nice to have (they should not be
required, however)

- the only thing necessary to host your thing should be a reasonably normal linux system (no cloud function serverless whatevers)

- try keeping resource usage in mind, unused ram is not wasted ram if there are 20 different services all competing for that ram

- scaling down is more important than scaling up. don't hoard excess resources ahead of time if the only reason you're doing that is so you can scale up in the future

- have actual installation documentation beyond "docker compose up" or "curl | sh" or "todo"

- while you are not obliged to support weird setups (musl, bsds, whatever) you shouldn't be hostile to them. they know they're running something unsupported and as long as you fix the often-not-that-hard compat issues they report, they'll do the hard work themselves

- you should never EVER
REQUIRE a mail server, what is wrong with you?

there's probably more but it's apparently 3am so my brain is starting to go into eepy mode

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Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Sam Weston
4 weeks ago

Update on #selfhosting public stuff from home over #ipv6. My home IPv6 prefix is very much not static. 😆

It's fine, as long as I don't ever reboot my OPNsense router it doesn't change... 👀

Seriously though, is there some magic trick in DHCPv6 to gently encourage my ISP to not change my prefix? I feel like I figured this out during my brief stint using Mikrotik router.

Otherwise my contract ends in January anyway 🤷

4 weeks ago

*Don't panic!* This is just my opinion and what I'm going to do about it:

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