That's enough posts from me today!
Have a happy Friday evening nerd-friends! ❤️


Just a selfie of me near a window for good lighting
7 hours ago

Cat selfie montage with Cat Snaps App #catsofmastodon #cat #selfie

cat selfie montage

Once again, with everything giong on with work today, finding time for a #selfie wasn't easy, but it's always worth it.

Julia, a trans woman with glasses and shoulder length light brown hair, wearing a tank top with very thin green and white horizontal stripes.
10 hours ago

Happy Friday folks ✌🏻

Me in front of a lovely sign that says “save water drink wine” doing a peace sign

Problem solved
#selfie #TransJoy #trans

Olivia smiling at the camera.  Same outfit, this time she’s sitting at her home desk in front of the giant yellow lockers that take up the middle of the office
Marta 🌿🐸
13 hours ago

Watched a video about #minimalism and #wardrobe today. I have rejected "get rid of the things you haven't worn for a year" advice years ago, and keep all the loved and good garments that don't fit only because of their size. This way I have something to wear regardless of my current size, which changes often enough.
Excited to wear these capris again, just look at all these pockets! Proper cargo pocket is rarely found in sewing patterns too, so I may do some shameless copying. #sewing #selfie

Full height selfie of me taken with an magic arm and a timer. I wear purple fitted top and pale beige capris with a ton of volumnous cargo pockets (6-8, depending if you count tiny ones).

Good morning, world. Hope that you are all finding at least a spark of joy in your days.

I have a photographer coming from a newspaper in a couple of hours to take my picture, but I appear to have lost the ability to smile right now. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get it back?
#selfie #TransJoy #trans

Olivia looking at the camera.  She is wearing a black short sleeve shirt & has dangling crescent moon earrings
Kwisatz Haterade
14 hours ago

Got my face lasered this morning so I couldn't do full makeup, but still having some fun with it. I really need more sheer layering options, it's such a flexible look.

(The trend I've seen a lot of celebs leaning into is full-on "tights are pants, right? sure." and I'm not that bold, but I respect it. >_>)

#makeup #fashion #selfie

Selfie of a woman with very light pink hair in a lob with bangs, and purple eyeshadow and lipstick, wearing a sleeveless lilac bodysuit under a long-sleeved sheer top.
15 hours ago

Cat selfie montage with Cat Snaps App #catsofmastodon #cat #selfie

cat selfie montage
Dr. Bear
18 hours ago

Shattered after the gym. #Selfie #GiveMeAttentionGoddamnit!

Image shows Rob, shirtless in the changing rooms at the gym. He’s very hairy and it’s easy to see why he’s called “Bear”. His silver chain hangs around his neck with his engagement ring hanging off it. His beard looks like an abandoned nest and his face says “I’m trying to be sultry and sexy but instead I look like I’m having a poo.”
18 hours ago

Tu crois qu'il peut y avoir des gens qui ignorent que traverser la planète en avion pour se prendre en selfie sur un lieux filmé dans une série à succès...c'est un comportement de merde participant au climaticide ?

Bande de débiles !

#climat #connerie #selfie

20 hours ago

I don't post pics of myself, like, ever. As my self-esteem grows, though, I suppose it sounds nice...

Badaboom, badaJae~ #selfie #Eevee

21 hours ago

#selfie on the way home yesterday in the early evening light #nude #outdoor

Nude woman outside sitting
Chubby nude woman in alleyway during daytime

I'm not aware about too many things I know what I know and you know what that means

#Trans #blog #selfie #HRT
#Queer #LGBTQIA #daily #goth #nailsthatglow

1 day ago

Made it outside. #selfie

Sheepchase selfie in the street.

I never post pictures of myself and today I felt like doing so. So hello 👋🏽

#selfie #blackmastodon #blackfedi

Pictured: Myself
teledyn 𓂀
1 day ago

Me humanplaining taking a #selfie to a #cat

That's me on the left, I know, hard to tell, we're both getting kinda grey
Colin Steel
1 day ago

I just woke up in the morning and first thing I do is grab my phone and take a selfie. Showing off my big pecs and wonderful wall of rippling abs to anyone I send through messenger. They'll be flustered and get hard over this pic when they open new message from me. ;)

🎨 by: DanandNite/Dan_and_Nite (FA and Twitter)

#muscle #anthro #dragon #abs #pecs #selfie #tease #sexy

thomas 🌸
1 day ago

snapped a #selfie before interviewing

selfie of me
1 day ago

Cat selfie montage with Cat Snaps App #catsofmastodon #cat #selfie

cat selfie montage
Denny Kozlov
1 day ago

In spite of a dose of existential dread, I present today's endeavor to fight it off with some transmasc vibe. :heart_transgender:

#selfie #nonbinary #genderqueer #genderfluid #transmasc #trans #QueerElder #pride

Head-and-shoulders shot of a white nonbinary person in their 60s, seated in their van's driver's seat, wearing a rust-colored flat cap, a denim shirt over a tiedye tshirt, and a wry expression.
David Ivy
1 day ago

four images from four different states. utah, texas, arizona, new mexico.

#tbt #throwbackthursday #selfie

to men brush their teeth on the beach of lone rock.  they are bundled because it was a really cold night.
a man stands in an abandoned wooden church
a hand holds up a small instant exposure image of three friends, with a background of a little forrest.
three men are smiling during a hike

I'll always make time to take a #selfie no matter how busy work gets. Priorities.

Julia, a trans woman with glasses and shoulder length light brown hair, wearing a black top with thin white horizontal stripes.
Lírio, demônia do harém
2 days ago

Ontem eu fiz um passeio com a Luna até a praia da Barrinha, São Lourenço do Sul - RS. Momento tranquilo e maravilhoso. ❤️

#Selfie #Fotos

O fundo é a beira da Laguna dos Patos na praia da Barrinha, a água está calma, quase não há vento e o céu tem algumas poucas nuvens. A areia está contornada por pedaços escuros de plantas aquáticas em decomposição, um pouco mais a frente há um ponto de gramíneas no meio da areia, a cadela Luna está em frente à ele, usando uma roupa rosa e azul.
Vista lateral da beira da Laguna dos Patos na praia da Barrinha, a partir de uma parte elevada, embaixo de uma figueira enorme. É possível ver ramos da figueira no contorno superior da foto. Há árvores e gramínea bem próximos da beira.
Vista da parte elevada onde há uma parede de pedra, em cima há uma figueira enorme com bancos e mesa de madeira embaixo dela. É possível ver arbustos menores e outras árvores no fundo.
Minha pessoa, olhos e cabelo castanho-escuro, óculos de grau sujo, cabelo solto e levemente sorrindo de boca fechada. Usando o clássico chapéu de biólogo que é bege e tem protetor na nuca, batom avermelhado, uma blusa cinza com estampa de caveiras e rosas vermelhas e a clássica pulseira de aço que belisca. Segurando a Luna que está olhando para a Laguna.
David Ivy
2 days ago

road trip throwbacks today

#tbt #throwbackthursday #2016 #selfie

man looks surprised, surrounded by red dirt and snow in arizona
man stands in the middle of long road to nowhere, not a car in sight.  he’s wearing a green utility suit and converse sneakers.
three friends in front of a rock formation near monument valley
a friend bows his head to the beauty of his surroundings at sunrise, overlooking lake powell wearing a wool cape.

I am a writer but tonight's post is short because I spent my writing fuel on a story today.

#Trans #blog #selfie #HRT
#Queer #LGBTQIA #daily #goth #nailsthatglow

2 days ago

The look today: new skirt, new shoes and one of my favorite tops 🖤

#ootd #selfie

Miona sitting on a table, taking a selfie in the mirror. She's wearing a black top, a mauve skirt with frenchy knot on the front, and apricot colored heels with double ankle strap.
Selfie of Miona. She's wearing a black mask, a black top and a necklace of our solar system.
Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 days ago

#selfie fr I'm 12 dyslexic bipolar red pandas in a black track suit

evie is eepy
2 days ago

this pose is a lil goofy :p also I could really use a bigger mirror, huh?

(boosts ok!)

another mirror selfie of me in the same outfit. one hand is on the back of my neck with my elbow raised out to the side, and one foot is on its tip-toes to show off the shape of my thigh.
evie is eepy
2 days ago

leggy #selfie

(boosts ok!)

a full-body mirror selfie of me, a white woman with curly brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. I'm wearing a gray v-neck t shirt with a low neckline, short black with white stripes adidas running shorts, and striped black-and-white no-show socks. I'm smiling slightly and looking at my phone, with one hand on my stomach just below my bust.
Sandra Gibbons
2 days ago

Got a major chop earlier, and I feel about 16” lighter. Summer here we comeee! ☀️

#Mastodon #selfcare #selfie #summer

Selfie of my new hair cut today! 16 inches were cut off, and now my hair hits just below the shoulder. The stylist put some waves in and it looks and feels so bouncy! I’m happy with it.

I was hoping to get a picture where you could read the caption on my shirt. (It's "I give myself permission to be fabulous.") But you can still see the unicorn, so it's all good.

(P.S. I give *you* permission to be fabulous, too! ❤️ )
#trans #selfie

Julia, a trans woman with glasses and shoulder length light brown hair, wearing a fuchsia t-shirt featuring a white unicorn with long aquamarine hair and a purple cape, prancing in front of a rainbow. The caption, which is not completely visible, says, "I give myself permission to be fabulous."
3 days ago
Courtney Cantrell
3 days ago

No make-up, no filters, no touch-ups, post-shower. Because we all need a reminder of what's real. ♥️


Photo of a white woman in her mid 40s, Brown eyes, brown and pink hair that's wet and thin and curly. She's looking directly into the camera with a slight smile on her face.
Linette Moore
3 days ago

hmm new author photo maybe #selfie

linette with her purple hair down, wearing a hoodie over her dress
evie is eepy
3 days ago

when she hits you with the :3

(boosts ok!) #selfie

outdoor selfie from the chest up of me, a white woman in a red and blue plaid shirt, with brown curly hair and brown glasses. I'm smiling slightly and making eye contact
Olivia Werth 🏳️‍⚧️
4 days ago

Good morning, & I hope you all have a better day ahead then I do. 💜

I’m about to take a Valium & have needles stuck into unmentionable places for 8 hours. See you all on the other side
#selfie #TransJoy #trans

Olivia, smiling at the camera as she sits in a chair at the doctors office.  She is wearing a black sleeveless shirt, non-dangling pink white & blue crescent moon earrings, & has her hair up in a high ponytail since she’s going to be laying down for the rest of the day
4 days ago

Depression: … und der Umgang mit den guten Zeiten.

Das Teilen/Boosten ist erwünscht, bleibt aber frei in eurer Entscheidung. 😉

#selfie #depression #depressionen #notjustsad

Ein freundliches Selfie von mir.
4 days ago

Flamingos waiting
By Meister Jeder 6/23
#dada #dadaism #dadaismus #photography #collage #selfie

4 days ago

Wolkenmolke ist DaDa
By Meister Jeder 6/23
#dada #dadaism #dadaismus #photography #collage #selfie

5 days ago

At least I have a cuddly kitty to help me on such days.

And every other day :catLaugh:

#trans #selfie #TransSelfieTrain #TransJoy #PMSFunTimes #cats #Domino #CatsOfMastodon
(CW eye contact from me and Domino)

Erin with hair that isn't fully dry sitting at her home office desk with Domino on her lap.
Close up of Domino on Erin's lap looking cuddly but also upset that he isn't getting pets this exact instant.
Olivia Werth 🏳️‍⚧️
5 days ago

Good morning, world. May the joy find you & fill your days. I’ve got another fun day in the office ahead of me, always a blast 😁
#selfie #TransJoy #trans

Olivia, smiling at the camera as she sits in a chair at the office.  She is wearing a black sleeveless shirt & has dangling crescent moon earrings painted pink, white & blue
5 days ago

Just got ma'am-ed at the grocery store wearing scruby junk clothes :blobcatlove: :blobcatlove: :blobcatlove:

#trans #selfie #TransSelfieTrain #TransJoy
(CW eye contact)

Erin sitting in her car with groceries with her hair pulled back into a messy bun and wearing a random ICS Village tshirt that's too big for her.
Iain Clark
6 days ago

Selfie with painting. And cat.

It's the #MastoArt / #MastoCats crossover you've all been waiting for.

#CatsOfMastodon #ArtistsOnMastodon #DoctorWho #Selfie

Me (middle-aged white bloke with salt-and-pepper beard), a painting of Yasmin Finney, and a smug-looking black and white cat.
the magnificent rhys
6 days ago

Passed a mirrored window earlier and the inevitable #selfie happened.

Check out my chonky belly.

#photo #photograph #MirrorSelfie

A picture of me taken in a mirrored window in town with my X100V while wearing an olive t-shirt over my massive belly, chinos, and loafers without socks.
David Ivy
1 week ago
a man takes a selfie in an alley, wearing a pearl necklace, space buns, an ear cuff, a silk-linen tunic and a sequin jacket.

Today's topic: Peak Gender & Peak Self-Love.

We post a lot of really nice selfies, but very rarely selfies in a not-so-appealing way.

This is me after waking up and leaving bed (well, yes, I spent about an hour in awake, in bed, cuddling my cat #CatWoman aka Mimi). Raw, unprepared, unhinged me.

NB: Those shoes are ugly for in-house, I know. But I need to wear special soles and these shoes were the only ones I could find where my regular soles fit in and that are light enough to wear them at home. Also, since they have so many holes and the material is air-transparent, it is also good for the feet.

#Trans #TransJoy #TransPride #PeakGender #Selfie #SelfLove #Pride #PrideMonth

Selfie of a non-binary person in the early morning. They wear a red night-gown and a pink kimono. The kimono has some floral patterns. They look into the camera and smile. Their hair is a mess and it is clear that they even haven't had their coffee yet, but they smile nevertheless.
Olivia Werth 🏳️‍⚧️
1 week ago

I would just like to start by thanking everyone who reached out last week after my last post, it means more to me than I could ever express so I’ll leave it at that.

Tonight I am kind of riding high. As of tonight, the zine my spouse & I created is officially in the world. We had a little launch party in conjunction with a queer art show opening. The response was overwhelming, far better than I could have ever dreamed. People telling me that my reading brought tears to their eyes. Money from a local queer group so we can pay people to make another issue. Early discussions with organizations that want to work with us in various ways from networking to speaking engagements & workshops. Lots of amazing conversations with people who have trans kids or grandkids who couldn’t wait to share the zine with them & be able to have some good supportive conversations. A talk with a teacher who wants to find a way to incorporate it into her classroom. I even did my first ever community tv interview! How did that happen?

None of this would have been possible if not for this community here. Giving me the room to stretch out & find myself, giving me the strength to develop my voice. Encouraging me to keep going when I posted my first attempts at poetry here, cheering for me when things were going well & offering support when i could bring myself to ask for it. My life is so much better than I ever thought it could be, & for the first time I really feel I have a chance to contribute something of value to the world. And none of this would have ever been possible if I had not stumbled into eightpoint last November. So thank you all very much for saving me, & for giving me a chance to find my way. I love you all
#selfie #TransJoy #trans

Olivia, smiling at the camera.  She is wearing a black tank top, & has long dangling earrings made up of hearts in the colors of the progress flag.  The eyeshadow in her left eye is pink while on her right eye she has blue.  This is the only picture I took tonight (it was a busy night, I’m sorry)
1 week ago

The Great British outdoors #selfie

Selfie in the garden. I’m in a wooden gazebo structure with a fence behind me
1 week ago

New shirt has arrived~ 💓
I think it's cute 😊

#ootd #selfie

Miona in the mirror taking a selfie. She's wearing her new shirt with an ice cream print in trans colors, a bright green assymetric skirt and a pair of slingbacks.
Miona taking a selfie from a higher angle. She's wearing her new shirt with an ice cream print in trans colors, a bright green assymetric skirt and a pair of slingbacks.
1 week ago

Your local #Saanich #GardenAddict #weirdo #selfie 👩‍🌾🥰 I bought that #WideBrimmed #hat for $5 from Fields in Hope, BC during an #environmentalActivist support trip, last year.

#AsianMastodon #Teochew #Chinese #CallingInWeirdos

My weirdo selfie, wearing wide brimmed b/w striped hat.

Wore my wizard costume to a party. While I was there, I made this forest-y headband thing. So I guess I'm multi-classing as a druid now.

#selfie #dnd #cosplay

A shoulder cropped photo of non binary person wearing a headband decorated with small antlers, leaves and feathers. They are wearing a green cape over a white shirt, with a rainbow badge.

Tuesday #selfie for you.

Julia, a trans woman with glasses and shoulder length light brown hair, wearing a black t-shirt featuring an 9-bit rendering of the Ghostbusters' ECTO-1 chasing two Pac-Man ghosts.

I went clothes shopping today and got a new outfit :blobfox_laugh:
#trans #transfem #transjoy #selfie #LGBTQ

selfie of me wearing a ruffled green shirt that has little green flowers sewn on with a black henna choker and jean shorts
same as previous but my arm is at my side
same as previous but with a black felt like choker that has a metal ring in the middle

#Introduction (Formally

I’m a single #gay male residing in Southern #California. I enjoy #gaming, #hiking (everything #outdoors really...) #music, #movies, #reading and #photography to name a few interests. I’ve been playing #FFXIV for the last 12 years, and enjoy genres like #JRPGs, #Action, #Adventure, #Fighting and #Simulation type games.

Looking forward to connecting with other users here on Mastodon! Thanks in advance for any boosts/reposts! 🥰


joel is single now #selfie

Joel cute selfie with her grandma glasses on.
Winifred Yost 🏳️‍⚧️😸
2 weeks ago

Got my hairs cut so of course that means a new #selfie shoot

Winnie with a new haircut and a cleave-tastic pose
2 weeks ago

Look at my beard. I can’t believe I was clean shaven when I joined this lovely social media platform 6 months ago and now, through peer pressure, I have this constant itch on my face.
#selfie #eyecontact

Me talking a selfie in front of a fridge. I have a red T-shirt on and my beard is splendid. I am not smiling with my face but I am with my eyes.
Selfie. Looking up the corner showing off my fabulous beard.
Selfie of me looking down to expose all my chins with all my beard.
3 weeks ago

Category is: “If I die, tell my wife hello”

#neutrals #TozeTravels #bali #ubud #selfie

Mirror selfie of a man in beige shorts, brown knitted tshirt and brown wide brim hat. The room decor is very neutral as well
Steve Faulkner
3 weeks ago

Cleaned up no my act after a cleansing from @patrick_h_lauke
Before(right) and after(left) 🤳
#photo #selfie

After haircut and shave. Looking somewhat human.
Before haircut looking look like a Keith Richards tribute act.
3 weeks ago

Reunited and it feels so good 🥰

#cat #caturday #selfie

CW: eye contact

A girl with blue hair and a black cat

happy #agenderPrideDay!!! :flag_agender:​ :sparkles_agender:​ :heart_agender:​ :butterfly_agender: :queer_cat_agender:

the label i use most often to describe my gender is #demifemme. :flag_demifemme:​ it means i'm partially feminine and partially #agender! when i first tried to explain this to my (clueless, cishet, but well-meaning) partner, the conversation went like this:

:zerotwo_derp:​ you know how sometimes i'm like YEAH, I'M A WOMAN!!! and other times i'm like... uhhhh, like a... hmmm...
:frog_think:​ ... a potato?
:zerotwo_derp:​ YES, EXACTLY! :ms_100_demifemme:​

well, today just so happens to be one of the more potato (a.k.a. agender) days... so here's my #OOTD, featuring some of the colors on the #librafeminine flag! :flag_librafeminine:​

growing up AFAB, i was self-conscious about my (lack of) booba because of society's silly beauty standards. now that i'm older, free from the gender binary, and suffering from chronic back pain... i'm quite happy with my flat chest!! :giggle:​ :sparkles_demifemme:​

#gender #demigirl #nonbinary #woman #selfie #pride #boostsOK

A mirror selfie of me wearing a black sleeveless crop top (it's actually a bralette) and a flowy, plum-colored, high-waisted skirt (it's actually a skort). My black-brown hair is in a messy ponytail that ends below the hem of my skirt.
"Agender" means neither a woman, a man, nor any other gender. Its flag consists of 7 equal-width horizontal stripes, from top to bottom: black, grey, white, light green, white, grey, and black.
"Librafeminine" means mostly agender, but with a small amount of attachment to femininity. Its flag consists of 7 equal-width horizontal stripes, from top to bottom: black, grey, white, deep pink, white, grey, and black.
Ten :verifiedtrans:
3 weeks ago

Good morning!

I didn't really sleep last night, but I'm in a good mood because I got this awesome hot sauce in the mail! I gave it a taste and I love it!

How's everyone else doing today?

#selfie #trans #transgender

A woman with blonde hair and wearing black glasses. The woman is smiling at the camera while holding a bottle of hot sauce.
Vel 💽
3 weeks ago
Support group fit from yesterday #selfie

Charles Harper
3 weeks ago

James McBey (1883 – 1959) was a largely self-taught Scottish artist and etcher whose prints were highly valued during the later stages of the etching revival in the early 20th century.

I went to Aberdeen recently to see an exhibition about him:

#art #selfie #portrait #orangeandblue

Self Portrait James McBey (1883–1959) Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Tanned and handsome he poses with an artist’s palette and a serious, almost gruff expression. His pale blue shirt contrasts nicely with the rest of the canvas which is in shades of orange. I haven’t taken to him…
3 weeks ago

Hier, überigenz. Ich wollte nochmal n #selfie machen, aber beim Arzt kam raus, dass ich noch kleiner bin als alle dachten. Ist dann wohl so. #gameover

Hand, Stirn. Unwichtig, wirklich. Verbringt euern Abend lieber mit guter Musik! ✌️
Kit Malone
4 weeks ago

Good mornin'! I think it's time for a #MondayMorning #Selfie thread!

Post those lovely mugs and tell us what you are up to today!

I'm back in the office after a really, really nice weekend. Planning out my field outreach for the summer and catching up with my boss who was on vacay last week.

Pretty uneventful but honestly after the year that we've had - uneventful is good.


A selfie of Kit taken in her office. She's an average build blonde woman with long straight hair and a floral tattoo on her left arm. She's smiling and has a bit of a gap in her teeth (which she refuses to fix because she  likes it). 

Behind her is a bookshelf of books, awards she's won, and a trans flag.
Stephen Radford :telly:
4 weeks ago

Might be time to shave #selfie

A selfie of me with a scruffy face
Ten :verifiedtrans:
4 weeks ago

I woke up happy this morning and then my Internet went out due to an outage. I'm still happy, but a little disappointed without being able to be on my computer right now 🫤

Anywho, enjoy this #selfie I took this morning.

A woman wearing a blue and white patterned dress. She has blonde hair and wearing black framed glasses. The woman is smiling at the camera

I'm home now, after a nice day with my parents. So here's my #selfie for today.

Julia, a trans woman with glasses and shoulder length light brown hair wearing a black top with thin white stripes.