Another meeting? Really?
That just means more #MeetingArt
(Yes, I've exaggerated my muscles a "bit" in this #selfportrait)

Update: Move is largely done, now the finer details need to be ironed out. So I'll be online only sparsely still. ;)
Take care!
#drawing #kleinekunstklasse

Seldportrait of yourstruly (balding dude, belly, glasses, beard), bearing an expression like "are you serious?".
6 hours ago

Day 152 (Day 7 Advent Calendar)

"Once in royal David’s city
stood a lowly cattle shed,
where a mother laid her baby
in a manger for His bed:
Mary was that mother mild,
Jesus Christ her little Child."

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #AdventCalendar #Kinkmas

Looking through the side of a stable. Molly is crouching down in the corner holding a doll baby wrpped in white cloth. She is wearing a blue dress with the side pulled down exposing one breast, sparkly high heels and white headdress so she looks like the virgin mary
1 day ago

Day 151 (Day 6 Advent Calendar)

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go
There's a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well
It's the sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow"

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #AdventCalendar #ChristmasNude

Soift focus image of molly naked with back the camera holding up a string of colour lights over her head so they are cascading either side of side. The lights are blurred and soft bokeh
2 days ago

Day 150 (Day 5 Advent Calendar)

"Go, tell it on the mountain
Over the hills and everywhere
Go, tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is born"

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #AdventCalendar #SexyChristmas #OutdoorNude

Molly wearing angel halo and white body stocking wrapped round a tree and pointing into the distance. The tree has a few autumn leaves left on it
Anne Camozzi
3 days ago

I love my wheelchair . It gives me so much freedom and independence ♿️
Self portrait
Digital drawing
#selfportrait #digtal #wheelchair #disability #ArtAdventCalendar

A whimsical drawing of a blue wheelchair with a person exploding stars surround it words are on the edge of the painting which give my website and also another line says love the life you live
3 days ago

Day 149 (Day 4 Advent Calendar)

"Nothing ever seems too bad, too hard or too sad when you've got a Christmas tree in the living room." ~ Nora Roberts

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #AdventCalendar #SexyChristmas

Molly topless behind Christmas tree wearing a santa hat
Vadim aka t-maker
4 days ago

Squatting Nude (Self-Portrait)

The etymology of the words “naked” and “nude” has nothing to do with sex, but in the popular imagination the link is almost automatic. (Nudity: A Cultural Anatomy (Dress, Body, Culture) by Ruth Barcan)

#nudist #naturist #nudism #naturism #FKK #NormalizeNudity #nude #naked #nudity #nakedness #indoors #interior #portrait #portraiture #selfportrait #artnude #posing #squat #squatting #man #photo #photography #portraitphotography

Naked man poses squatting
4 days ago

Day 148 (Day 3 of Advent Calendar)

“Christmas magic is silent. You don’t hear it — you feel it, you know it, you believe it.” ~ Kevin Alan Milne

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #AdventCalendar #ChristmasNude #BlackAndWhite

Black and white of Molly kneeling naked with her back to the camera and looking back over her shoulder. She is wrapped in Christmas lights
Art Zemon ✅ 🟦
5 days ago

Self-portrait at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Nikon Z 7ii
Post-processing in RawTherapee

#blackandwhite #bwphoto #photo #photograph #nikon #rawtherapee #arkansas #selfportrait

black and white photo looking down on the glass dome of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The shadow of the photographer appears on the right
Ian Langham
5 days ago
5 days ago

Day 147 (Day 2 Of Advent)

"It is not known precisely where angels dwell - whether in the air, the void, or the planets." ~ Voltaire

#mollys365 #SelfPortrait #AdventCalendar #ChristmasNude #Reflection

Silver bauble hanging in a christmas tree in it is reflected molly crouching down with camera in front of her face taking a picture. We can see her naked breasts and an angel ornement
6 days ago

Day 146 (Day 1 of Advent Pics)

"Christmas time, mistletoe and wine Children singing Christian rhyme With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree A time to rejoice in the good that we see" ~ Cliff Richard

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #AdventCalendar #Christmas

Glass of white wine with mistletoe round the base. In the background are the bokeh lights from a christmas tree and Mollys nude bum and back reflected in the wine glass
1 week ago

What my days are looking like lately
#digitaldrawing #AllDayEveryDay #SelfPortrait #Cartoon

Digital drawing of me working on the computer, drawing with a tablet.
1 week ago

Day 145

"Divas need their furs!" ~ Martha Reeves

#mollys365 #Selfportrait #PubicHair

Looking down past mollys knickers to a tuffed if a pubic hair poking out from the side and between her legs is a tabby cat with her tail resting by mollys pubes
Sir Nameless
1 week ago

Want to see? Come with me.

#SelfPortrait #SixWordStories

Monochrome photo of a man’s torso reclining on a floor with a 1970s era film SLR camera on the floor in front of him. The phone is toned green and has a vintage look to it.
Alberto Chimal
1 week ago

«Un hombre se propone la tarea de dibujar el mundo. A lo largo de los años puebla un espacio con imágenes de provincias, de reinos, de montañas, de bahías, de naves, de islas, de peces, de habitaciones, de instrumentos, de astros, de caballos y de personas. Poco antes de morir, descubre que ese paciente laberinto de líneas traza la imagen de su cara.»
—Jorge Luis #Borges, "El hacedor"
(más una #aparición a destiempo)
#autorretrato #selfportrait #citas #citasliterarias #ElHacedor #JorgeLuisBorges

Centrado en la toma, el rostro de un hombre vestido con una camisa negra ligeramente arrugada. Lleva lentes y el cabello corto.
1 week ago

Day 144

"I'm hungry for a juicy life."~ Brigid Lowry

#mollys365 #SelfPortrait #Topless #PubicHair

Molly leaning forward into the camera. One of her breasts is hanging out of her dress her long hair hanging down. Her leg is tucked under her and we can just see her pubic hair between her legs
1 week ago

Day 143

"Lose your mind and come to your senses."
~ Fritz Perls

#mollys365 #SelfPortrait #SexToy #Dildo

Molly wearing purple jumper leaning into the camera with a purple dildo in her mouth. Sunlight is catching her red hair and her chest
Knox Bronson
1 week ago

Jan Uiterwijk ~ sign language

Either go away or go all the way inLook at what you holdCome back down on a spear of silenceWhen it fliesYou go on throughYou come on throughThe ridiculous noOh noOne more pair of

Loving eyes look down on youSheets and a pillowHow old will you have to be before youStop believingThat those eyes will look down on youThat way for


1 week ago
A nude female wearing wooden pegs on her tongue, sides, pussy lips, upper thighs and nipples. She is whipping her ass with a Japanese whisk
A nude female wearing wooden pegs on her tongue, sides, pussy lips, upper thighs and nipples. She is whipping her ass with a Japanese whisk
Bek Andrew Evans
1 week ago

I hadn't done a self-portrait in several years, and none after transitioning. I painted this shortly after getting settled into the new house after having been homeless for much of last year.

Art Print:

#queerartist #transartist #print #printforsale #myart #art #artstation #krita #selfportrait #transmasc #transmasculine #colorful #digitalart #digitalpainting #longhair

colorful digital portrait with brush stroke visible. Masculine person with long brown hair mostly tied back with some strands hanging loose. Wide blue eyes with no or very difficult to see eyelashes. Scruffy sideburns. Bags under eyes, small scar on forehead, hollowness or other vague illness to cheeks. Blue tee shirt, and abstract green and purple background.
1 week ago

Day 142

“At the end of the night awaits the white morning: showered in sunlight.” ~ Gerrit Achterberg

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #Topless #Boobs #Reflection #MirrorSelfie

Molly reflected in a mirror. She is topless and reaching up. We can see her bare breasts ahte lines and curve of her neck.There is bright white light coming in round her body and refracting on the mirror.
2 weeks ago

Day 141

“The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable.” ~ Carl Jung

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #cleavage

Molly on all fours leaning into the camera. She is wearing a black bra and her cleavage is right in the centre of the image and to the right side her long hair falls down over her arm
Sir Nameless
2 weeks ago

Mine to take. Let him break.

#SelfPortrait #SixWordStories

A man standing with his back to the camera looks over a half-frozen pond into the distance. Behind the pond is a forest of conifers.
He is standing on a deck with a roof and railings. The scene is very dark but the setting sun partially illuminates the man, then water and the sliver of sky above the trees.

I accidentally put too much bubble in the bath. #BubbleBath #SelfPortrait

I’m behind a towering mound of bubbles as tall as I am in the tub. My long silver hair is clipped up atop my head.
Vito C.
2 weeks ago

Selfie-Saturday: Mal schauen, ob der Wolfram im Studio auch gscheit trommelt… Ergebnis: Klar trommelt er gscheit! 😁🤩😉🙈

#selfiesaturday #selfie #selbstie #selfportrait #selfiesamstag #wolframkellner #studio #drumming #drummer #streetlifestudios #studiotime #work #fun #beard #bart

2 weeks ago

Day 140

“A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.” – Marcia Carrington

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #PubicHair

Looking down mools body. She has a large cup of coffee on a saucer sitting ontop of her pubic hair.
Jeremy Osborn
2 weeks ago

I am the photographer, the subject, and perhaps the reflection.

#SelfPortrait #photography #prague #BlackandWhite #recursive #ArtDeco

A grayscale image where in the foreground a man in a winter cap and jacket is pointing a camera at the viewer. In the background an angular steel staircase spirals to an infinite point. Multiple uncountable glowing orbs are visible in the center of the image.
2 weeks ago

Day 139

“… and the very folds of the curtains contained secrets and sighs.” ~ Anais Nin

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #Topless #Boobs #Titty

Mollys body half shroaded with green and green curtains. One of her breasts is showing round the side of the material
3 weeks ago

Day 132

“He took the necklace out of the box and carefully fastened it around her neck. Just like he’d imagined himself doing when he bought it. That might even be why he bought it – so he’d have this moment, under her hair. He ran his fingertips along the chain and settled the pendant on her throat.”
~ Rainbow Rowell

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #Nude #necklace

Looking down mollys naked body. She is wearing a large pendant necklance and nothing else. We can see her breasts, one has a small bruise on and her public hair
Sir Nameless
3 weeks ago

Waited in vain. It never changes.

#SelfPortrait #SixWordStories

Man sitting on stairs with the back of his right shoulder facing the camera. The camera is at the top of the stairs pointing down. The man is wearing a medium-toned T-shirt and dark jeans and is barefoot. The background is nearly white while the foreground is in shadow. The photo is monochrome with a blue tone.
Roni Laukkarinen
4 weeks ago

Bad hair day selfie 2023-11-12 15:15.

#Selfie #SelfPortrait

Me kinda winking with a navy blue t-shirt that has pixel graphic with label ”Open sorcerer”. Brown long hair and wooden brown round eyewear.
4 weeks ago

Day 127

“Purple puts us in touch with the part of ourselves that is regal. Purple is the queen in all women; it helps us keep our backs straight and heads held high.”
~ Byllye Avery

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #Lingerie

Looking down at molly sitting on the floor. She is looking up at the camera and we can see down her body. She is wearingmatching lace purple knickers and bra and the rest of the image is in black and white
4 weeks ago

Day 126

"And with that one act, she turned every good deed of hers into a sin."
~ Akshay Vasu

#mollys365 #selfportrait #Cleavage #boobs

Molly pulling her red checked shirt open to show her cleavage and black bra
4 weeks ago

Cinquantasette (2023). #SelfPortrait #Nudity #Photography #NudeArt ©vivibene1

Me nude sitting on a bed in a black bodysuit that is pulled down below my breasts. I'm wearing black cage stilettos with one arm draped over a bent leg. I' in low light except the setting sun hitting my leg.
1 month ago

Cinquantaquattro (2020). #SelfPortrait #Nudity #Photography #NudeArt ©vivibene1

Black and white of me standing in front of a hotel window with my back to the light that is flooding the room.  I'm wearing black thigh high socks and a sweater than is open in front revealing my cleavage, stomach, and vulva.  My left hand is touching my hair and I'm turned to the right with my hair covering my face.
A Person
1 month ago

#selfie from back in the day

some young kid in flip flops leaning on a light pole
1 month ago

Weeeell that’s my #selfportrait day for this year #selfportraitday.

watercolor sketchy face
1 month ago

You may or may not know it’s All Saints’ Day today. But did you know it’s also a #selfportrait day?


Allysse Riordan
1 month ago

Hello 👋

I've not been around much of late. My health has been pants and that has meant not a lot of screen time.

I will do my best to catch-up with the #FP4Party soon. I have two cameras loaded but well... health stuff has meant little photo time.

Anyway... here's a roadside photo with many signs and a self-portrait thrown in for good measure.

#BlackAndWhite #Photography #Monochrome #MonochromePhotography #BlackAndWhitePhotography #BNW #MonochromeMonday #SelfPortrait #Portrait #Portraiture

A vertical black and white photograph ofmroad signs by a golf course. There is a street mirror under the road signs. My full body reflection is visible in it.
Sami Kelsh is a tired bear
1 month ago

Day 28 of Stream Ink is Puppet!
This is the most accurate self-portrait I have ever drawn.

#art #ink #muppets #selfportrait #selfie #whimsical #typography

Portrait of the artist as a Muppet. They are flailing their long wiggly arms in the air with an excited expression. Above them is the word YAY in big script lettering.
1 month ago

Day 112

“On the motionless branches of some trees, autumn berries hung like clusters of coral beads, as in those fabled orchards where the fruits were jewels . . ”
~ Charles Dickens

#mollys365 #selfportrait #breasts #topless #Autumn

Cluster of orange red berries on a hawthorn bush next to mollys bare breast. The plant is casting shadow leaf patterns on her chest
1 month ago

"Self-Portrait," Anita Rée, 1930.

Anita Rée is still little-known today, which is a shame. An independent German during the Weimar period, raised Protestant but part Jewish and part Venezuelan, straddling tradition and Modernism, she had an interesting perspective. Much of her work is haunting and intense and reflects the fears and tension of the time.

She died by suicide in 1933 when the Nazis took over and declared her work "degenerate." Thankfully, her paintings that were to be taken down and destroyed were hidden away by friends, and restored after the war ended.

From the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg.

#Art #WomenArtists #DegenerateArt #SelfPortrait

An Expressionistic self-portrait. A woman, seemingly nude, with arms crossed and visible from mid-chest up, looks into the viewer's face. Her dark hair is smooth, parted and pulled back. She wears red dangling earrings. Her left arm is crossed across her chest, while her right supports her head. Her expression seems neutral at first, but the more one looks, the more one gets a sense of fear, worry, and tension.
1 month ago

"Self-Portrait," Malvin Gray Johnson, 1934.

Johnson was active during the Harlem Renaissance and in his portraits of Black people, would often include hints of their African ancestry to emphasize their identity. In his self portrait, he adds some African-style masks in the background.

With the masks, the easel and canvas, the no-nonsense approach to his ancestry, and the confrontational expression and pose, he seems to be saying, "Yeah, I'm a black artist. Wanna make something of it?" Sadly, this portrait was done not long before his death at 38.

From the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC.

#Art #BlackArtists #HarlemRenaissance #SelfPortrait

A self-portrait from the Harlem Renaissance.  A black man in his mid-30s sits in his studio, his hands on his thighs. He wears pants and a horizontally striped shirt. His gaze confronts the viewer frankly. In the background we see an easel with a canvas, and some African-style masks.
Bob Jamieson
2 months ago

The big picture: Viviane Sassen turns her lens on herself

The Dutch photographer’s self-portrait in a bathroom mirror reflects her fascination with the strangeness and eroticism of the body
he Dutch photographer and artist Viviane Sassen has spoken about her work dramatising her shyness, her anxieties about connecting with the world.

#art #photography #nude #WomensBodies #SelfPortrait #books

2 months ago

Tried my hand at another self portrait, this time incorporating scanned gouache painting patterns in the background #MastoArt #DigitalArt #selfportrait #gouache

2 months ago

Day 100

"The only moment ever available to you is the present moment. Everything else is memory or imagination." ~ Leonard Jacobson

#mollys365 #SelfPortrait #nude

Molly standing naked at the foot of the bed in front of the window. Her arms are stretched up behind her head. The curve of the bedframe cuts across her lower belly so we can't quite see her pubes.

Nude in the Evening (Self-Portraits. Front and Back Views)

Living in a society with an underdeveloped infrastructure for nudist recreation often forces those who try to practice a clothing-free lifestyle to be isolated in their place of residence.

#nudist #naturist #nudism #naturism #FKK #NormalizeNudity #nude #naked #nudity #nakedness #indoors #interior #portrait #portraiture #selfportrait #artnude #posing #standing #man #photo #photography #portraitphotography

Standing naked by the window in the evening light. Self-Portrait. Front view
Standing naked by the window in the evening light. Self-Portrait. Back view
Thomas Wong Matthews
2 months ago

'Fenêtre Fenêtre'

A self-portrait taken in the summer of 2020 with my SX-70.

📷 Polaroid SX-70
🎞️ SX-70 Black & White Film

#Polaroid #Photography #Selfie #SelfPortrait #FilmPhotography #Window #Reflection #Glass #StreetPhotography #BelieveInFilm #Instant #InstantPhotography #AnalogPhotography #Edmonton #Alberta #Canada

Thomas is crouching in front of a reflective window, taking a picture of himself using a folding Polaroid SX-70 camera - he's located in the lower middle of the Polaroid frame.  The window is barred and there is an illusion that he is behind the bars.  This Polaroid photograph is black and white.

━━━✥◈ METsona 2018 & 2019 ◈✥━━━

A throwback to when we used to have fun designing our own METsona for the Gala! Here are mine, for the "Camp" and "Heavenly Bodies" themes.

#MastoArt #SelfPortrait #Repostober #METsona

The "Camp" Metsona: a full body, stylised version of myself wearing shiny black leather tights and a yellow-and-black striped top, the shape resembling a bee. There are white flowers all over, delicate bee wings on the back, hexagon-shaped golden glasses, and a hairstyle shaped like a beehive to top it all off.
The "Heavenly Bodies" Metsona: a full body, stylised version of myself wearing a simple black outfit consisting of pants and a top. There's a red belt detail and red roses in "my" hair. The entire right arm is wrapped in golden bracelets, the hands extended and holding an eyeball and a fake blood droplet. Two massive golden rings with blue-eyed eyeballs float around the figure.

Nude Self-Portrait

Summer lasted so long that I thought it would never end this time. The cold snap came unexpectedly. And the number of clothes I was wearing quickly began to grow. I am still a nudist at heart.

#nudist #naturist #nudism #naturism #FKK #NormalizeNudity #nude #naked #nudity #nakedness #indoors #portrait #portraiture #selfportrait #artnude #posing #squat #squatting #man #photo #photography #portraitphotography

A squatting naked man poses for a photo
2 months ago

Day 90
“Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day – like writing a poem or saying a prayer.”
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #Nude #SoftFocus #gladioli

In the foreground is peachy pink gladioli flowers and through them in soft focus is molly sitting naked on the sofa.
Sariel Snowings
2 months ago

Awooo 🌙✨

Spooky season is for self indulgent art, so I’ve decided to embrace the werewolfiness of it all. I think it suits me.

#art #furry #FurryArt #MastoArt #FediArt #Werewolf #Halloween #SelfPortrait #TransArtist

A series of seven black and white portraits showing a cartoon version of Sariel slowly turning into a werewolf.
Aitch - Þei/Þem
2 months ago

Ok, I’m going to try to do the inktober alternative: #mabsdrawlloweenclub2023 even though I’m already late.

Day 01: Spooky Self Portrait (drawn from a photograph I took maybe ten months ago before I got new glasses)

#art #sketch #drawing #SelfPortrait #InkTober #MastoArt

Black ink drawing in a very small sketchbook, line and hatching to create shading and depth. I am looking up at the camera over my glasses and smirking slightly. I have only drawn my right eye, the left side of my face fades away into nothing.
Air Adam
2 months ago

This year's birthday self-portrait - tenth year of taking them! A little more salt in the beard than last year, probably an extra worry wrinkle, but no scars. I'll take that 🙂

#SelfPortrait #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #photography

Portrait of a bald, bearded Black man, wearing rimless glasses, looking to the right of the frame, with a black background.
2 months ago

Day 78

“Floating, falling, sweet intoxication. Touch me, trust me, savour each sensation. Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in.” ~ Charles Hart

#mollys365 #SelfPortrait #KnifePLay #BDSM #Kink #Topless

Close up of mollys breast with the sharp point of a knife dugging in beneath her nipple
3 months ago

Day 76
"So much of all this, so much of all living was patience and thinking.”
~ Gary Paulsen
#mollys365 #SelfPortrait #Topless #Breasts #Boobs

Molly laying on her side on the bed looking up into the camera a criss cross of shadows runs across her breasts and face and in between the light illuminates her. The picture has a soft focus feel to it
3 months ago

Day 74

“We know so little about one another. We embrace a shadow and love a dream.” ~ Hjalmar Söderberg

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #ColourSplash #Nude #topless

Molly wrapped up in a dark twoel that is sliding down to reveal one breast. A sharft of coloured light slices up through the image across her boob
3 months ago

Day 72

"Imagination grows by exercise." ~ W. Somerset Maugham

#mollys365 #SelfPortrait #Nude #NakedExercise

Looking through the handle of a yellow kettle bell. Mollys hand is gripping the top. Through the gap in the mirror behind her we cam see her naked butt and some of her public hair
3 months ago
3 months ago
My nude torso is submerged in water to mid stomach. The camera is angled over my shoulder looking down my body and someone told me it reminded them of a Lucien Clergue photo, which might be the nicest compliment ever!
3 months ago

Day 51
"There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them." ~  Sylvia Plath

#Mollys365 #SelfPortrait #bathselfie #Nude #BathTime #Boobs #NSFW

Molly laying back in the bath with camera held above her head so it's looking down her body. She is smiling up at the camera and her boobs are floating in the water
3 months ago

Also, an interesting self-portrait came out of this roll of film. Shot with a large DIY ring light.

#photography #BlackAndWhite #mediumFormat #selfPortrait

b/w self-portrait (shoulder upwards), no visible clothes, black backdrop, ring-light makes the face appear dreamy and a bit ghostly due to lack of shadows. the ring reflects in the eyes
Deirdre Spencer
4 months ago

Art for today. In college I was so discouraged by my experience in the painting department I was in that I quit painting for 35 years. I had been told I wasn't a "serious enough artist" to be allowed to start my thesis, and was given no direction on how to achieve that.

This is my second finished painting since I started painting again this summer. It's as much a straight-up self portrait exercise as it is a document of my rediscovery of a key part of myself through painting.

Don't let anyone stifle your dreams by telling you you're not good enough. And it's never too late to follow them.

Alchemy, by Deirdre Antes Spencer, oil on canvas board, 14"x18", 2023.

#artistsOnMastodon #painting #art #SelfPortrait

A painted self portrait sits upon a wooden table easel, surrounded by art supplies on the same surface. The woman in the painting looks confidently at the viewer, wearing a blue chambray painting shirt, and a brass crescent moon earring with a labradorite stone dangling from it. She has brown eyes and dark hair with a silver streak in front, pulled back. 

The room she sits in is filled with white, sunlit fog; a self portrait of Remedios Varo is behind her in a wall gallery. There are three moths around her: two fluttering in the fog, and on upon her shoulder.
4 months ago

Vampire the Masquerade inspired chokers are available in 16 clan variants - what better way to show loyalty and pride for yours?~

My little shop has returned to Etsy, link in bio!💙
#etsy #handmade #vampirethemasquerade #choker #selfportrait