1 day ago

Will Cogley designs and 3D prints a small robot fox dog cat pet-like thing
#robot #3dprinting #servo #maker

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2 days ago

Robotic Fox Is Part Dog, Part Cat — Just Like the Real Thing - Foxes are cat software running on dog hardware, or so they say. And [Will Cogley] ... - #robotshacks #quadruped #cheetah #servo #spot #cat #dog

The Graffiti Express
1 week ago
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada
3 weeks ago

The front wheel is bad for reliably turning or driving straight. After locking it at 90° turning is very reliable. Driving straight is fine, too, but might add too much drag.

After looking for replacements like a ball wheel, I might just add a servo to position the wheel as needed.

Just have to find out how to connect it properly.
#Dalek #robot #Arduino #servo

The front of the Dalek base. A servo is mounted above the front caster wheel. It doesn't align perfectly, but I might be able to make it work.
Rafael Carício :pe:
4 weeks ago

Passei várias horas do meu tempo livre nesse final de semana atualizando a versão do #GStreamer no Browser Servo

Servo foi um experimento da #Mozilla que começou em 2012 e foi até 2020. A ideia era experimentar criar um navegador mais seguro usando uma linguagem de programação mais segura, nesse caso #Rust. Alguns experimentos no Servo acabaram sendo integrados no #Firefox. Hoje o #Servo é um projeto da Fundação #Linux.

1 month ago

@asahi95 there is #ladybird, but development is slow and the browser is really not usable. I've also played around with #servo, which was given to the #LinuxFoundation from Mozilla, but it too is still needing a lot of work.

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Making Music By Probing Magnetite Crystals - Well, noises anyway. [Dmitry Morozov] and [Alexandra Gavrilova] present an interes... - #conductivity #lattepanda #magnetite #puredata #arduino #servo #vvvv #art

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$60 Robot Arm is Compact - Thanks to 3D printing and inexpensive controllers, a robot arm doesn’t need to bre... - #robotshacks #robotarm #robotics #servo

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Elegant Evening Dress Sports Servo-Actuated Flowers - There’s been plenty of research into “smart fabrics”, and we’ve seen several proje... - #wearableelectronics #wearablehacks #flowers #dress #servo

nilsmartel :fedora:
4 months ago

Awesome news, the infamous #servo browser engine will continue to be developed!

CK's Technology News
4 months ago

#Mozilla's Abandoned #Servo Web Engine Is Making a Comeback in 2023

jbz :catjam:
4 months ago

「 Servo 2023 Roadmap

As we move forward with our renewed project activity, we would like to share more details about our plans for 2023. We’ve recently published the Servo 2023 roadmap on the project wiki, and our community and governance and technical plans are outlined below 」


#Servo #Rust #RustLang

jbz :catjam:
4 months ago

「 Servo’s mission is to provide an independent, modular, embeddable web engine, which allows developers to deliver content and applications using web standards 」


#servo #rust #webrender

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4 months ago

3D-Printed Servo Motor Has 360 Degrees of Rotation - Hobby servos are nifty and useful for a wide range of projects. There’s nothing st... - #3dprinterhacks #robotshacks #3dprinted #servo

4 months ago

looking for #goodfirstbugs in #servo at , and not finding any label. 😞

Linux ✅
5 months ago

::: SERVO - selainmoottorin kehitys tehostuu -23! :firefoxnew:

Hankkeen aloitti Mozilla 2012 - Servo on itsenäinen, sulautettava moottori.

Kehittäjät voivat toimittaa sovelluksensa käyttäen verkkomaailman vakioita!

Pähkinänkuoressa: Servo on alkutaivalta käyvä nettiselainmoottori kirjoitettuna Rust-ohjelmointikielellä - vakioperustainen vaihtoehto Chromium Embedded Framework:ille (CEF) C++ :n sijaan.

Kehitys =>

#Servo #Suomi #Firefox #Mozilla #selain #Rust #Linux

heise online
5 months ago

Browser-Engine: Open-Source-Projekt Servo kündigt überraschendes Comeback an

Externe Geldgeber ermöglichen die Wiederaufnahme der Arbeit an der Rust-basierten Engine Servo. Nach dem Mozilla-Abschied war die Entwicklung eingeschlafen.

#Browser #Internet #LinuxFoundation #LinuxundOpenSource #Mozilla #Servo #WWW

Pascal Garber
5 months ago

Die Entwicklung der Open-Source-Browser-Engine #Servo soll 2023 wieder in Schwung kommen. Finanzielle Unterstützung von externen Quellen ermöglicht es, das Team wieder aufzustellen, nachdem es von Mozilla entlassen wurde. Der Fokus im neuen Jahr liegt auf der Verbesserung des Layout-Systems, mit dem Ziel, das grundlegende #CSS2-Layout zum Laufen zu bringen. Weitere Details sind noch unbekannt. #Rust

Linux ☑️
5 months ago

::: SERVO - web browser engine development boosts in -23! :firefox:

Started by Mozilla in 2012 - Servo makes an independent, modular, embeddable web engine, allowing developers to deliver apps using web standards!

In short - Servo is a prototype web browser engine written in the Rust language - a standard based alternative to Chromium Embedded Framework with Rust instead of C++

Your contributions are most welcome =>

#Servo #web #engine #Mozilla #Linux #LinuxFoundation #Firefox #standards #Rust #development #developer #framework #browser #deleteChromium

David Burns
5 months ago

This is really awesome! Glad to see #Servo getting some loves again! #browser

Paolo Redaelli
5 months ago

I just wish #brave could also use #servo engine in addition to the too widespread #chromium engine.
Having several web engine implementation should be a target for an healthy Web

Proyek #Servo jalan lagi dan mulai jalan di bawah The Linux Foundation

Ricky de Laveaga
5 months ago

@servo 🦀 ❤️ mystery #servo "new external funding"

5 months ago

@jntrnr #Servo rising from the ashes? Let's build a browser on top and call it "Phoenix"! *scnr*

jbz :catjam:
5 months ago

「 The focus for 2023 is to improve the situation of the layout system in Servo, with the initial goal of getting basic CSS2 layout working. Given the renewed activity in the project, we will keep you posted with more updates throughout the year. Stay tuned! 」
#Servo #WebEngine #Rust #Rustlang #Opensource #Mozilla

jbz :catjam:
5 months ago

「 Servo to Advance in 2023
We would like to share some exciting news about the Servo project. This year, thanks to new external funding, a team of developers will be actively working on Servo. The first task is to reactivate the project and the community around it, so we can attract new collaborators and sponsors for the project 」
#Servo #Rust #Opensource

Jakub Synowiec
5 months ago

Servo browser engine is getting full-time developers again in 2023, after Mozilla laid off the rust team working on Servo in 2020.

The new development is lead by Igalia – a private, employee-run consultancy focused on open-source software based in Spain. In 2019, they were the second top committers to both the WebKit and Chromium, and in the top 10 contributors to Gecko and Servo.

#servo #opensource #mozilla #igalia #rust

5 months ago
Dont do this at home
5 months ago

That's interesting, Mozilla stopped developing #Servo for #Firefox (ok transferred it do the Linux foundation) using #rust but #google is now starting to use it for #chromium

Elias Probst
5 months ago

@jbzfn I'm really sad, that Servo lost quite a bit of momentum and was just a testing ground for technologies to be incorporated into Firefox/Gecko.
It could've been a fantastic engine to be embedded in all kinds of new browsers and would've created a lot of potential for new developments.

#OpenSource #Browsers #Servo #Gecko #Firefox #Mozilla

Very interesting looking #gfx #job opening at KaiOS, including work on webrender, which is one of the key components to make it's way from #Servo to #Firefox.

Andy Warburton ❌❌❌
5 months ago

This is genius... print in place tank track able to be driven by a single continious rotation servo. I can't wait for this file to release!

@kevsmac I bet this is right up your street too!)

#3dprinting #robotics #electronics #maker #servo #3dprinted

as described
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6 months ago

Silicone-Slapping Servos Solve Simon Says - Most modern computer games have a clearly-defined end, but many classics like Pac-... - #motionsensor #robothand #toyhacks #games #servo #simon

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6 months ago
9 months ago

For people interested in #rust I can recommend the podcast. Just listened to the episode about #Tauri with Daniel Thompson-Yvetot from July. I really like their attitude toward security and community. Also I discovered Tauri looks more interesting than I initially thought, so it might be worth a look. According to them, #Servo might be resurrected to some degree in the context of Tauri development because of the complications when using different webviews on each system.

I think that the last time I tried #Servo was before Firefox 57 (Quantum).
Tried now and I can say that is very fast and the rendering improved a lot (not yet like #Firefox).

Maciej Barć
2 years ago

#random thought:
Is #chromium (core) the #linux of #web #browsers?
Seeing #gecko, #servo, #webkitgtk as kindof different kernels...

Das Projekt um die Open Source-Web Engine Servo wird künftig von der Linux Foundation gehostet und betreut. Die Entwicklungsziele bleiben dieselben.
Servo: Mozillas experimentelle Browser-Engine zieht zur Linux Foundation um
3 years ago

Petit partage d'un récit autour de la lib SmallVec #rust utilisé dans #servo de #Mozilla.

Merci aureliaa pour le partage!

Gato Doofenshmirtz
3 years ago

#review 3/3

Siguiendo el hilo de navegadores basados en el motor Servo en vez del común Gecko de Firefox, puedo observar muchas diferencias notables.

Se me habia olvidado mencionar qué este es un fork construido por el mismo equipo de Pale Moon, Basilisk. Habia descargado este proyecto y el build oficial, ese build me creó una dependencia y no pude corregirla (nivel kernel) 🤔

-Interfaz: Es muy parecido a un viejo Firefox ESR, similar al de Tor Browser.
-Complementos: Si tiene, pero nos dirige a dos sitios en donde están los repositorios, uno es Github donde no se ve mucho material y otro es el oficial de su navegador pero parece caido.
-Consumo: De momento tiene casi el mismo consumo que un Firefox normal, la verdad no sé nota tan pesado a pesar de la multitud de ventanas... es más fluido.
-Comportamiento: Hasta el momento interactua fluido con todos los sitios con buena capacidad de respuesta, menos con Mastodon, se pega... no sé el por qué, pero se siente que va unas fracciones de segundos más atrás.
-Idioma: Te puedes descargar el diccionario, pero aun la interfaz continua en inglés.

No sé hasta que punto lo utilizaría como un navegador predeterminado, sólo sería como un navegador más a nuestra disposición, ni tan pesado ni complejo. Además de ser una alternativa a todo lo antes visto. Seguro con el tiempo demuestre mejor con su desarrollo.

#servo #gecko #firefox #palemoon #basilisk

3 years ago

@framasky Apparemment, l'équipe en charge de #Servo est aussi remerciée...

Ça pue tellement du cul tout ça...