2 days ago

I think I made a wrong turn at Sesame Street #funny #sesamestreet

Mik Duffy
4 days ago

I love Todd Haynes' film Far From Heaven and watched it multiple times when it was playing theatrically. Somehow, however, I missed this crucial piece of related media.

#SesameStreet #Muppets #film

Has Sesame Street started an account here yet? #Muppets #SesameStreet

Retro Librarian
1 week ago

1978 Sesame Street Fever
#music #SesameStreet #disco #muppets #vinyl

Grover, Ernie , Burt and Cookie Monster all participate in disco

This is the song that was going through my head in the doctor's office this afternoon. Note, I looked on Youtube but couldn't find a good version of it, so have a Spotify. Sesame Street's Chrissy and the Alphabeats - One Way. #Muppets #SesameStreet #Music

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 weeks ago

‘Rubber Duckie’ and other tunes land at Philadelphia Free Library, donated by Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath

#SesameStreet #RubberDuckie Bob #Music

Hey, I don't suppose there already is a server for Muppet fans, is there? Please boost. #Muppets #FraggleRock #SesameStreet

In the late 90s or early 2000s, VH1 had a special about singers who'd been on Sesame Street. I didn't see it, Mom just told me about it, and I don't think I had rediscovered the Muppets yet, anyway, but boy, it would sure help with making my playlist. Plus it would just be fun to watch! I don't suppose anyone here has seen it? #SesameStreet #Muppets

3 weeks ago

Watch Haim Sing the Alphabet With Elmo & Friends on ‘Sesame Street’

Check it out! 👇

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3 weeks ago

"Hey ho! Kermit the Frog reporting live at midnight from Sesame Street!" #grickledoodle #nosferatu #muppets #kermit #cartoon #sesamestreet #MastoArt #drawing

This is a sister playlist to Before They Were Muppet Songs. It's songs that Sesame Street has done parodies of over the years. I think I did this mostly out of curiosity, to see how big it would get. #Muppets #SesameStreet #Music

4 weeks ago

Artículo muy cortito que a algunos nos hace volver 40 años atrás. ¡Estupenda Anna Fité!

Excelente argumento contra el #revisionismo que están sufriendo productos que quedaban enmarcados en un contexto histórico concreto.

Triki (Cookie Monster), Epi y Blas (Bert y Ernie), la prohibición de globos en los programas y más...

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1 month ago

Cookie Monster wants those Girl Scout cookies NOW!!! #grickledoodle #cookiemonster #sesamestreet #girlscouts #cookies #cartoon #MastoArt #drawing

Father Roderick
1 month ago

In this week's episode of my #podcast The Break:
🔹 Upcoming adventures & travel plans
🔹 #StarTrek #Picard, the secret of #SesameStreet and the #Silmarillion
🔹 The real reason the church doesn't like esoteric practices
🔹 Review of J.R.R. #Tolkien's recording of 'The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth'
🔹 Physical, emotional and mental health
🔹 Why #Apple 's Reality headset might be revolutionary
🔹 Let's read The Silmarillion together!

Listen here:

The puppets of Sesame Street.
Serge from Babka
1 month ago

This video from Franlab shows a pre-Cookie Monster #muppet meant for adults. It's really interesting to see how the character changed from this "Coffee Monster" to the final Cookie Monster so many of us grew up with on #SesameStreet.

Unsaturated Living
1 month ago

“Me not sad that cookie gone. Me happy that cookie happened.”

~Cookie Monster

#happy #grateful #gratitude #mindfulness #kindness #kindnessmatters #compassion #buddhism #CookieMonster #SesameStreet

Thinking about all the Muppets who have human names, most but not all of them on Sesame Street.

Annie Sue

And of course, Uncle Travelin' Matt!

Wow, even more than I realized, and I'm sure I left some out! #Muppets #SesameStreet #FraggleRock

Just out of curiosity, and because I couldn't actually find what I was looking for, I listened to Spotify's official Sesame Street playlist. I've heard 7 or 8 songs so far, and they're all Elmo. This is most peoples' problem with Elmo. It's not that we don't like the character himself, it's that he just took over everything. At least that's my feeling. #SesameStreet

2 months ago

🍸 🐲 🚬
We all know what The Count is really keeping track of.
Nasty boy!
#SesameStreet #muppets

meme of The Count from Sesame Street, captioned 512 notches on bedpost; Ah ah ah ah ah ah!
Pensive Ruminant
2 months ago

Mean Girl #Twitter got nothing on #NPR & #PBS. Frenz4Life! 😊 ❤️ #SesameStreet #TinyDeskConcert

50 years ago (April 12, 1973), Stevie Wonder played a funky live version of "Superstition" on Sesame Street

#StevieWonder #SesameStreet

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street interacting with Grover
David Vienna
2 months ago

I asked my #music streaming service to play '70s deep cuts and — no kidding — it played The Pointer Sisters' "Pinball Number Count" song from #SesameStreet... I mean, I'm not mad about it.

Animated gif of the cartoon that accompanied the "Pinball Number Count" on Sesame Street, which shows a pinball traversing an elaborate pinball machine landscape and setting off a number count.
2 months ago

So, I started goofing around saying "Wubba Wubba Wubba" around the MDMRN Twins. They both looked at me funny.

Well, that led to me having them listen to the #SesameStreet classic from lovable, furry, old Grover - "The Monster in the Mirror."

They loved it. They asked me to re-play the song a few times.

That was kind of unexpected, but come on - Grover gave us a bop.

Here's the #MusicVideo

Tags: #Music #MV #Grover #KidsMusic #Parenting

Retro Librarian
2 months ago

1977 Sesame Street Pinball Number Count with the Pointer Sisters.
#Sesamestreet #pinball #tv #tvshow #nostalgia #pointersisters #70stv

2 months ago

Kermit says it best.
#SesameStreet #muppets

A two-paned meme with Kermit the Frog. First panel is captioned Before going vegan, with Kermit saying It's a little unusual drinking milk made from nuts. Second panel is captioned after going vegan, with Kermit saying What the fuck was I thinking, drinking nipple secretions from a freaking cow?
Helle Strandgaard Jensen
2 months ago

Exactly 10 years after I defended my PhD (see📸) I will return to my alma mater, European University Institute, to talk about my second book:

"Sesame Street. A Transnational History" (Oxford University Press, 2023)

It is April 13, 3-5 pm (UTC +2). If you aren't in Florence😊, you can join on ZOOM:

Find the book here (30% off w code AAFLYG6)

@histodons #sesamestreet

Newly minted PhD in blue jacket holding a large bouquet of lilys in front of garden
Steve Tanner
2 months ago

Yes, that's a bootleg illustration of Ernie & Bert hanging on the wall! I wonder if the #SesameStreet folks had anything to say about this 1987 #ChooseYourOwnAdventure book, "The Great Easter Bunny Adventure." #CYOA #gamebooks #muppets #InteractiveFiction

Screenshot of book. Kid climbing through window. Picture of Ernie & Bert on the wall.

Still trying to find the Disney and Muppet fans here. Please boost! #Disney #Muppets #FraggleRock #SesameStreet

Joy Denebeim :tv: :tb: :pa:
2 months ago

@Cathar since you're bringing up Elmo, wouldn't #birdsite be #sesameStreet in this context?🙂

I like to think sometimes, if I were to make a cover album, what songs would I put on it. Prairie Dawn's I'm a Person is definitely one of them! #Music #SesameStreet

incredible haul from Reckless Records Chicago last weekend! 🤘⚫🤘 (particularly excited to sample The Count 🧛🔢)

#RecklessRecords #Chicago #SesameStreet #vinyl

Overwhelming evidence that someone spent too much on vinyl, with some albums carefully obscured... 👀
Anthony Dean
2 months ago

"Sesame Street" to offer NFTs for $60 each; also, reasons to buy a year of PBS Passport instead

#SesameStreet #NFT #PBS #PBSPassport #streaming #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

♀️ Artist: #JimTozzi in City: #NewYorkCity 50, Avenue A, East Village #NewYork USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Free The Nipple!" (Befrei die Nippel) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Bert #FreeTheNipple #Sesamestreet #Equality #FreeTheNippleDay #Society #GenderEquality #Female 👍

Streetartwall. On a street wall is a comic mural sprayed / painted by Bert from Sesamestreet. For "Free The Nipple Day he pulls up his sweater and shows the bare chest.
Held on March 26th, Free The Nipple Day highlights the unjust treatment of women for being perceived indecent if appearing topless in public, while it is considered socially acceptable that men do so. In 2012, filmmaker Lina Esco launched the campaign during the production of her documentary of the same name, which featured her walking topless in the streets of NYC. Facebook removed the film's teasers for violating its guidelines, and in 2014, various celebrities, including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Lena Dunham, showed support by posting pictures of themselves on social media. Free The Nipple Day advocates for a radical change in the perception of the female body.
Jeff Sikes
3 months ago

Oh you know, just a Saturday night listening to the classics. #SesameStreet #Batman #AudioBook #GenX

A well-worn record album from my childhood, titled "Sesame Street Fever". It's a mock of the Friday Night Fever movie, with Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster posed as the Bee Gees. Grover is in the classic John Travolta Saying Alive stance with one arm raised pointing to the sky. He's wearing white leisure suit.
A read along comic album, circa 1978. This is Batman vs. Sherlock and Gorilla Grod (2 separate stories)
The first page of the Batman / Gorilla Grodd story line. The Bat Jet appears in the first panel.
Old British Telly
3 months ago

[1976] Sesame Street - The Counting Song. All the way to twelve, featuring the pinball machine and the fun fair. Performed by The Electric Company.

#OldBritishTelly #FreeForAllFriday #SesameStreet

Ben Greenberg
3 months ago

Elmo sighting on 2nd Ave (Derek Berg)

Or: Driven to distraction

#nyc #StreetPhotography #SesameStreet

Jason Garber
4 months ago

Love to #SesameStreet for posting hours-long song compilations on #YouTube. Lifesaver.

Justin Ferrell
4 months ago

394 days later and I’ve now watched so much #SesameStreet that I think Cookie Monster’s food truck might be my favorite cooking show. #dadlife

A screenshot from the Monster Foodies section of Sesame Street, where Cookie Monster runs a food truck
Cole Haddon
5 months ago

"A MUPPET FAMILY CHRISTMAS" (1987) is a lost classic from Jim Henson, the Muppets equivalent of the AVENGERS: ENDGAME super team-up. Characters from all the major Henson series at the time -- "SESAME STREET", "THE MUPPET SHOW", "FRAGGLE ROCK", and "MUPPET BABIES" -- united in a one-off Christmas special to celebrate the holiday at Fozzie Bear's family farm. You're welcome!

#Christmas #TheMuppets #FraggleRock #SesameStreet #JimHenson

Kay Dub
5 months ago

Okay y’all gonna make me have to start a movement to take back #Elmo from being used as #ElonMusk ‘s immature alter ego.

My grown adult self loves Elmo too much to keep letting y’all slander his name with such a horrific association without speaking out.


Will McKinley
6 months ago

“It has touched so many millions of people. And they can’t wait to tell you how it changed their life.”

#BobMcGrath (1932-2022) — singer, actor, beloved #SesameStreet star for nearly 50 years. #RIPBobMcGrath

Bob McGrath on Sesame Street.

RIP Bob McGrath. He was a HUGE part of my childhood on Sesame Street. You always know this day is coming, but it still hurts. One of the greats. #SesameStreet

Bob McGrath from Sesame Street offering Cookie Monster an apple. He just passed at 90. Gutted. My childhood.
6 months ago

@cliffwade Looking at your list & seeing Taylor Swift on top feels like #SesameStreet's old "One of these things is not like the other..." moments :blobgiggle:​

6 months ago

My cousin Mark sent me this photo. I want the Cookie Monster kaiju! (To go with my Flame Godzilla toy.) #Kaiju #SesameStreet

Sesame Street characters as kaiju (monsters). Cookie Monster on the left, looking like Godzilla, a three-headed and winged Big Bird, and a gorilla-like Elmo.
Bryan Waterman
7 months ago

Supplementing my #introduction post with some tags in hopes of finding peeps (meeps?) or helping them find me: #mobydick #whitman #warhol #hosono #dada #seduction #sesamestreet