5 hours ago

btw I never shared the dress I made for the medieval festival in Eggenburg.
It's 100% handsewn and embroidered with real gold folie and pearls.
The left picture is what I fashioned it after but changed some minor details. Video is in the making but I probably need another 3-4months for it. :( #medieval #sewing #Reenactment #embroidery

drawing of a medieval woman
picture of a woman wearing a medieval dress in blue.
19 hours ago

Before I start the final stitch of Armond’s silk shirt, I should probably test the changes I made to the collar. #sewing #MenWhoSew

Photo of shirt pattern pieces sitting atop a roll of muslin on a gridded mat.
20 hours ago

Birthday present for my mom done!
#sewing #maker

Pattern here: by
… but I’ve changed it a bit, and added pockets.

The bottom part is made of “waxed” tablecloth, for easy cleaning.

The flowers are #embroidered. The pattern is from etsy (RoyalPresentEmb), but altered a bit.
The density is insane. Stiff as a board. If I am to use it again, I will have to change that.

Fabric grocery bag/tote.

Mustard yellow, with cream coloured straps, a pale green and flowery bottom. Front pocket has two embroidered pink and purple lilies.
An inside look of the tote bag. It has a removable bottom (in thick cardboard, protected by a sleeve), and an inner pocket.
Michelle / The Giddy Stitcher
21 hours ago

No pretty photo for this one, because he's also on Mastodon and it's a *secret*.

But I have successfully chosen and ordered fabric for the other half's #Halloween shirt, which I'm hoping can be a fun treat for him after a rough year.

This was one of my #FallFinishAlong goals, because choosing fabric that you're sure someone else will love is a project unto itself. But I'm not sure it actually counts as an FO, only @consumableJoy can rule on that one 😅

2 down, 2 to go!

#Sewing #Fabric

Benita Skinner
22 hours ago

It’s definitely been a year of porcupine sightings! 🥰👏
This was up close & personal, with me sweet talking to keep it from being too scared. 💚

#quilting #sewing #nature #ForestLiving #porcupine

Just back from my first trip to #Newcastle / #Tyneside as Soph started her PhD. Have a feeling we'll like it there! Since I know no one down there; if you know of any communities for folks with an interest in the intersection of #tech and #socialJustice, #sewing, #twitching (#birdWatching not streaming), #foraging, #vegan lifestyle (already visited #alternativeStores and it's AWESOME), #climateAction or needing extra players for #fiveASide (#football) let me know <3

An important part of a #sewing project is prancing around in the nearly finished piece 'cause it looks so cool.

1 day ago

Finishing these dice bags up (got put on hold while other IRL stuff took priority) by the weekend. Just need to take them ribbon shopping so that I get matching colors. After these are done, wand making starts. October is rapidly approaching!

#dicebags #sewing #octoberiscoming #kofi

2 days ago

Today is my and @socalgecko’s 15th wedding anniversary, and I made him a cheekily autumnal corduroy waistcoat for the occasion. Because he’s a love like that, he posed for photos wearing a shirt and pants I made for him a while back. #sewing #MenWhoSew #lgbt #artist

Smiling bald daddy poses for photo in new waistcoat with a marigold in his mouth.
Waistcoat front made of cocoa colored corduroy with pink lining and orange accents.
Waistcoat back made of orange gold jacquard print.
2 days ago

I have little confidence with my sewing machine so over the weekend I took a class and made this mushroom-themed reversible tote bag. #sewing

A large tote bag with printed mushrooms in pinks and yellows, and a pink solid lining.
2 days ago

#FallFinishAlong Friends, I need your advice. I am working on these 2 grey & yellow embroidery hoops. (The grey thread looks less purple IRL). Do you think I should…

A) Finish each hoop monochromatically
B) Finish both hoops with a third color, possibly this light green?

#mastoArt #Embroidery #Sewing #WIP #WIPWednesday #FiberArt #FiberArts

2 mostly-finished embroidery hoops. 
1st hoop: A flower mandala in grey thread on yellow. 2 sections - a circle near the middle and some large leaves at the edges - have not been stitched yet.
2nd hoop: A sunflower mandala in yellow thread on grey. Sections of the mandala - a circle of knots & some half-done compound stiches near the middle  - have not been stitched yet.
Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
2 days ago

Pretty proud of my #upcycling project, made with trousers legs.
Meet the laundry bag!

A blue and brown bag hanging from a tall white radiator
Benita Skinner
2 days ago

🧵🪡 The recommended length of thread, to use for hand stitching is 18” – approximately from the tip of your fingers to your elbow.
That length, for two good reasons:
* It allows you to pull the thread through the fabric, in one pull.
* Plus it keeps the thread stronger, without wearing it too thin, as it looses fibres each time it’s pulled through.

#quilting #sewing #handstitching #thread #QuiltTip

Pretty pincushion, with a threaded needle.

So I made a little web tool called thready -

It’s pretty niche and lets you find potential Gutermann #thread colours when you’re #sewing.

If you actually have use for it and you give it a go I’d love to hear any feedback 🙂


The cloak! This was a One-Day-Make and about the same effort as a skirt. Which makes sense because a cloak is basically a NeckSkirt.

It's boiled wool-rayon with a silk habotai lining.

I'm quite pleased with it!

#sewing @sewing

A short purple wool cloak with a high collar, rectangular arm holes near the hem, and 3 black hooks at the neck.
A mirror selfie of a white woman wearing the cloak. The length of the cloak is about hip length.
Mise a jour du site et de la boutique, j'ai ajouté le requin "trans" que j'ai fais y a 3 mois !

je veux bien des retours de gens qui savent utiliser des lecteurs d'écran sur la page du site ^^

Vous pouvez l'acheter sur kofi, ici :

#couture #sewing #peluche #blahaj #requin #trans

One piece of Ankara / African print, several scraps of old #cotton #bedding and #curtains, one #cat #quilt block I made years ago and... seven suture stitches from the local hospital 😂. Had an accident with my rotary cutter and I use a #chainmail glove now. #quilting #sewing #textiles #fabric #CatsOfMastodon

A patchwork quilt made of different prints in orange, dark red and pale blue. It's entirely squares and rectangles, except from one block made in the shape of a cat. The cat is dark pink with white polka dots.
Magic Cauldron
3 days ago

Finished the Panel. Thinking about how to proceed? Just sewing it together with some fabric for a simple halloween pillow case? Or should I quilt it? And if I quilt it: How? Via hand? Machine quilting with my sewing machine? (Just did straight lines with a sewing machine while quilting >15 years ago) And which pattern?
It's so clolourful and patternwise is so much going on, but in my mind I see a simple spidernet pattern in white, sewn by machine. What do you think? Would love to hear your ideas and input!

#quilten #patchwork #sewing #nähen #kissen #HalloweenDeko #pumpkin #holiday #Haloween #pillow
#EPP #EnglishPaperPiecing

Heller Holztisch. Darauf ein viereckiges Stoffstück, zusammengesetzt aus einem mittleren, sechseckigen Stück im Zentrum und 6 Elementen (die wiederum auch aus Stoffstreifen im gleichen Abstand zusammengesetzt sind). Für dieses Patchworkprojekt wurden viele verschiedene, bunte Halloweenstoffe genutzt.
3 days ago

One of these days, I'm going to cut out facings first so I don't have to figure it out at the end.


One for the #sewists: what is this thing I’ve found in my needlework box? Semi-opaque plastic. I have no idea where it came from and the box is inherited so it could be 50 years old though I think not. #sewing #amSewing #sewist

Mysterious squarish bit of dark brown plastic, about 2.5 cm wide.
Ancient Sounds
3 days ago

Audio Etymologies of the Day

"Sew" comes from Proto-Indo-European *syuh₁- [sju:], like this (listen):

*syuh₁- developed into Sanskrit सीव्यति sivyati:
from which comes Urdu سینا siina:

*syuh₁- also developed into Lithuanian siūti:

To sow seeds is from another root, for another day ...

@linguistics #etymology #englishlanguage
#phonetics #ProtoIndoEuropean #Sanskrit #Urdu #Lithuanian #sewing

Extract cropped from a website giving instructions about how "to sew Easter eggs"; the heading, in Lithuanian, is "Siūti velykiniai kiaušiniai". "Siūti" means "to sew". Picture is a stand with four or more brightly patterned fabric-covered "eggs".

H. Randt
3 days ago

Este finde pude estrenar la faldita nueva ✨
Me encanta lo bien que ha quedado, después de todo el esfuerzo 🥹 Además es muy cómoda y transpira bien~

#atelier #dressmaking #sewing #tailoring

Vídeo en el que se ve la falda completa.
Flatch U. Lancelot
4 days ago

Sunlight is the best light. #sewing

Hand stitching bias for neckline on dress.
4 days ago

#CatsOfMastodon #Pets #Sewing
I know it’s Mondog but whatever. It’s not easy trying to sew in a straight line when affection is required immediately! 🙄

Gray tabby, begging for attention
Ignoring her won’t work
Now she’s effectively nudging my arm, making it impossible to sew (well, I was also taking pictures so I had stopped already)
Brody Berg
4 days ago

Haha I own a pattern notcher now! #sewing

4 days ago

Part of my currently secret sewing project involved the tiniest bit of print matching. The matchable area in this pattern is barely 2 inches long, so I chose this bit of circular motif. #sewing #MenWhoSew #lgbt #artist

Closeup of circular golden mandala on orange fabric. Mandala motif is matched across a vertical seam.
🥧 Punkin' Pie 🎮
4 days ago

I've just gone through my sewing pattern stash and added 18 brand new, uncut patterns to my etsy shop!

USA shipping only right now, but shipping is free! Help me clear out my craft room a bit!

#SmallBusiness #EtsyShop #Sewing #SewingPatterns #Butterick #McCalls #Vogue #KwikSew #vintageSewing #retroSewing

EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
4 days ago

It's a good day. After a quiet, smoky day at home yesterday, I started in #kimchi, made aloo palak with eggs for breakfast, watched the second-last episode of #MyLovelyLiar with my #kdrama peeps in 3 countries, and now, it's time to finish the kimchi and get the laundry done.
I'll start yoga strong classes this week as well as a #French discussion group. #hangul learning is going quite well. I made a Quizlet set with a lot of common words/phrases in K-dramas.
#sewing coming up on Wednesday.

Michelle / The Giddy Stitcher
4 days ago

Shoutout to this basic tiered skirt I made recently from a charity shop bedsheet that cost me all of a couple quid.

It's not the most exciting #Sewing project in the world, basically just three strips of fabric gathered and joined together, but you know what I've been wearing it a ton and I absolutely love it!

Moral of the story?Even the simplest of projects can bring lots of joy.

And also other moral, flouncy skirts are the best.

@sewing #Thrifting #Skirt

A long purple skirt on a dressmaking dummy, standing in a room with yellow walls (that's my craft room!). The skirt has an elasticated waist and three equal heigh tiers, each more gathered than the last. It's simple, but effective.
Benita Skinner
4 days ago

These are the treasures, I found this weekend in my stash.
They’re for the Bits & Bobs collage quilt I’m dreaming about making! 🥰💙💖

I have some Bits & Bobs information, about sharing my progress, in today’s newsletter. 💌

#quilting #sewing #buttons #fabrics #beads #ribbons #trims #embellishing #collecting #vintage #embroidery #doilies #handkerchiefs #oldlaces #fabriccollage #textilecollage #BitsandBobs

Bits & Bobs collection - from my stash.
4 days ago

Helping daddy sew some gloves
#sewing #CatsOfMastodon #cats

A close-up of a cat biting a spool of yellow thread on top of a sewing machine
EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
4 days ago

For most of my activities during my lifetime, note-taking has simply been a way for me to stay awake and not fidgeting while someone else speaks.
However, for #sewing, I'm very anxious to develop some great techniques over time and I've filled over 30 pages of a simple lined notebook, with a table of contents. I note observations about each new project: what went well and what I want to improve in the future as well as anything new that I tried.

Michele H 🪡
4 days ago

Got another home #sewing session in this weekend. Finished stitching and cutting out the leaves, then dug through my stash of embroidery hoops, knowing that there was a least 1 damaged one in the batch. Wrapped half the hoop in a scrap of t-shirt hem, then hand stitched an assortment of leaves to the fabric. I’ll make a few more when I get a chance, but I also think I may make a garland or two as well.

Pile of fall colored fabric leaves in assorted shapes
Fabric wrapped hoop
Small flat wreath featuring 11 leaves
piebob ✨
5 days ago

@ansate this doesn't have the sleeves, but i'm currently obsessed with this pattern and have made several tunic-length versions (as well as several dress-length ones). i love the shape of the neckline - it's a v-neck, but a softly curved one. i also enjoy picking out contrasty scraps for the facings.

5 days ago

My trusty corduroy/velvet pressing pad (aka: an old bathroom rug) is out so that I may get this lovely cocoa colored corduroy ready for an anniversary gift I’m making for hubby. As he’s a follower, I won’t be sharing much of this stitch up until it’s done so as not to spoil the surprise. #sewing

At the bottom third of the photo is visible a rectangle of brown corduroy fabric. In the middle is a striped, shaggy bath mat. In the background, a steam iron atop a red enameled iron stand.
Chad Hill
5 days ago

Looking for #Sewing help/ideas/inspiration?:

I like to sew things for my daughter, despite only modest ability. I made her dresses for a few years, then skirts, but she only likes shorts now (7), so I’m making her some new shorts with her favorite character (bluey) for her bday. But she will outgrow those fast, so am looking for other exciting ideas for (relatively simple) things to make with the rest of the fabric!

Past projects: pen holders, shoulder bag, Velcro wraps, bandanas/hair ties.

Photo of some cool bluey fabric we found at the store a while ago and which she forgot about, so will make a great surprise for her bday.
EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
5 days ago

I'm pleased that I've actually purchased very little new fabric in 2023 but notions are certainly a different story.

EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
5 days ago

Useless: I feel compelled to read ALL of my social media feed, every day! I have managed to do a bit of pruning, recently. I prefer to follow folks such as yourself who will interact.
Useful: learning about #sewing. I can't believe that I've kept a pen-and-paper sewing journal and have filled about 35 pages with my process notes. Also, I now have #MeMade clothing that I can wear most days of the week. I look oddly unique and I love it!

5 days ago

Muslin prototype for Armond’s #ElfkinLaunch trunk show look short shorts is done. Such a delightfully quick sew. The final version will be in this lovely purple cotton twill with a shirt in that gorgeous geometric silk print. #sewing #crafting #lgbt #artist

A pair of five-inch inseam shorts in plain muslin is covered by a rectangle of violet purple fabric on the left leg. Behind and above the shorts is a geometric teardrop print fabric in dark purple, magenta, navy blue, black, and white.
6 days ago

In a minute the muslin prototype of these short shorts for Armond is gonna be done. I tried some twill tape on the left leg to see if I fancied the effect on this design. I do not. Didn’t even bother finishing putting it in. #sewing #MenWhoSew #ElfkinLaunch

A pair of shorts under construction. They are finished to the point where the fly and legs are done but waistband is not yet attached.
Benita Skinner
6 days ago

Checking in to let you know I’m ok! 🥰👏
Lots of strong wind & rain - should be all gone by tomorrow.

Hand stitching keeping me calm… 😊🪡🧵❤️

#quilting #sewing #nsstorm #HurricaneLee #handstitching #anxiety #spider

I took a sewing class last night, my first one since high school

As I told the instructor I feel like I've been a beginner at sewing for years

I feel a lot more confident in finishing my existing projects now. If I actually do finish them remains to be seen.


A denim Dopp bag with a leather tab on the zipper and leather accents on the side
Same bag, showing the inside in black
6 days ago

There’s no rest for the wicked. With the fancy fatigues done, I’m moving on to the muslin prototype of Armond’s short shorts. The fly shall be going in momentarily. #sewing

The front leg pieces of a pair of shorts under construction. They are made of plain muslin and are shown wrong side facing up with half a pocket bag attached at the hip.
juliette 🌻
1 week ago

I just finished this adorable little bodysuit for my baby due a month from now. Now I can’t stop starring at it and thinking that an actual baby is going to go in there. #sewing

Baby bodysuit, it’s adorable, trust me.
1 week ago

They need snaps, washing, and a thorough thread snipping but the fancy fatigues for Ernesto’s #ElfkinLaunch trunk show look are done! To say I am pleaed with the result would be an understatement. #sewing #crafting #lgbt #artist #fashion

Front view of military style fatigues in front of a plain white background. Fabric is a pistachio green with magenta toile de Jouy (18th century French illustrations of rural life - this one is Asian rural life) print. Tableaus depicted are a boy on an elephant, a noble on a fancy litter, and two egrets grazing a marsh). Each tableau is approximately 12 inches wide and they have been centered on the high thigh area of the pants legs. Belt loops and hip pocket welts are made of bright pink fabric. There are hip and cargo pockets as well as zipper pockets at the front hip and knee.
Back view of same pants. There are no back pockets.
Melissa Fehr
1 week ago

Up on today: two versions of the MadeIt Patterns RestVest - one in black and another in white! It's a shame the pattern company closed down because this pattern is so great, I could see it becoming my TNT.

I used the "slim fit" version of the pattern, but shortened the length and modified the edges to be banded instead of bound, which changed the construction order.

Details at

#sewing #fehrtrade

A white woman in her 40s with her hair pulled back in a sloppy bun is standing and smiling in the sunshine. She's wearing a white sleeveless top and mauve shorts and there are boats in the background.
A white woman in her 40s long brown hair is standing and smiling in the sunshine. She's wearing a black sleeveless top and denim shorts and there are boats in the background.
A white woman in her 40s long brown hair is standing with her back to the camera. She's wearing a black sleeveless top and denim shorts and there are boats in the background. The shoulder area of the top forms an angular cutout.
Naomi aka Tattooed_Mummy
1 week ago

Just plopping this here as a thing for me - feel free to bookmark , share or star though if you think you too might like to make a bean bag chair!
#beanBagChair #craft #sewing #chair

1 week ago

All the fabric I use is from vintage collections, destashes, remnants and other second hand textile sources like clothing. I'm usually able to cut around flaws but sometimes they sneak in! In the case of this hat, the upholstery fabric unravelled quickly once it was cut and as a result some fibres weren't caught in the seams.

I could have consigned this hat to the bin - and a manufacturer may well have simply thrown it away. I want to draw attention to textile waste so it'd be hugely hypocritical of me to cast a hat aside when some simple mending could make it wearable and actually even more interesting.

Visible mending can be so gorgeous! I got a book out of the library the other week and did a bit of weaving to enclose the loose fibres and strengthen the area.

I hope someone will love this hat enough to adopt it and build fabulous outfits around it.

#visiblemending #sewing #slowfashion #textilewaste

Close up on a hat made of a rose brown velour upholstery with floral woven into it. A rectangular patch of pink woven thread is up against a seam.
Two patches of visible pink mending on the side of the hat.
A wider angle so you can see the whole bucket hat. A swing tag says "this is trash".
Daniel Menjívar
1 week ago

Snuck in just a couple of minutes of #sewing time today to start trimming an online PDF pattern… will get it taped up tomorrow! @sewing

A paper cutter sits on a large cutting mat with scrap strips of paper off to the side.
Operation: Puppet (he/him)
1 week ago

Every #puppet builder will tell you making hands is the worst part of it. This was basically a form of puppet builder’s torture and took nearly 2 hours for *one* but you can’t argue with results.

Pulling out all the stops for this Nosferatu.

#puppets #puppetbuilding #maker #sewing

Three quarter view of a bony yellow puppet hand
Top view of a bony yellow puppet hand
Bottom view of a bony yellow puppet hand
1 week ago

Before I get back to it in the #sewing room, here's a #timelapse of yesterday's adventures closing up the legs and putting the zipper into the fancy fatigues. #MenWhoSew #artist #lgbt

1 week ago

Next week, @cmdln will be gone for a long weekend for the first time in a long time (maybe since before COVID). My plan is to cut out a bunch of sewing projects, set up my machines on the dining room table (so the dogs are supervised) and just sew the whole time. I can't sleep when he isn't here, so I might as well use that time wisely. But first: evaluate my wardrobe to see what I really need.