Roy Bär
2 days ago

ich bin so alt, dass ich mich daran erinnere, dass es mal als widerwärtig & abstoßend wahrgenommen wurde, dass #gottschalk seine Gäste bei #Wettedass angrabbelt und bei #DieletzteInstanz darauf bestand, auch weiterhin rassistische Begriffe nutzen zu wollen. Nennt man eben #Sexist und #Rassist . #Cher und #ShirinDavid haben es ihm Samstag versucht zu erklären, aber #Gottschalk versteht es eben nicht - stattdessen Gejammer für klar berechtigte Kritik. Reicher alter weißer Mann in Opferrolle.

ScienceAlert: One of The Biggest Hunter-Gatherers #Myths Is Finally Getting Debunked

Kenneth Freeman :linux: :tor:
6 days ago

⚮⚮⚮I have an horribly #sexist idea for a super-heroine (itself a sexist term) which turns objectification of women on its head. Back story, too.
⚮⚮⚮Dave Brubeck's #Jazz Hot and Cool currently. Oh for a Hi-Fi rig...!
⚮⚮⚮Ngaio Marsh, anyone?

Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

once again mocking the absurdity of #gender based #censorship, aka relying on #algorithms programmed by #sexist #misogynist #techBro dudes to determine if someone "looks male" or "looks female" enough to get banned for "sexually explicit nudity" if their nips are visible in their post (: (to say nothing about being physically top free in public,

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

Here's the lineart for the finished #webcomic page I drew in #photoshop during today's not-safe-for-capitalism livestream (tuesdays 12-2pm pst at ) once again mocking the absurdity of #gender based #censorship, aka relying on #algorithms programmed by #sexist #misogynist #techBro dudes to determine if someone "looks male" or "looks female" enough to get banned for "sexually explicit nudity" if their nips are visible in their post (: (to say nothing about being physically top free in public, where even in states that theoretically allow it, there is constant harassment by cops, photos and video recorded without consent by strangers and uploaded to porn sites, etc). I'm now working on a colored version of the comic page, with "simpsons" colored skin to ~maybe~ make it a little less likely the censorship algorithms will mark these tiny u shapes as "sexually explicit nudity," but probably not 🙃 In fact, I'll be surprised if this cartoonish lineart only post doesn't get banned on all the mainstream platforms!

You can see more of my webcomic pages here:

Image: unshaded, uncolored black and white cartoonish comic drawing showing "male" and "female" bare chests

Webcomic page split into six panels:
Panel one- "female" body waist up with short hair and a bland smile, and the vague impression of breasts with simple u marks for "nipples"
Panel two- an irate-looking robot with "mod" written on its head angrily shouting "FEMALE NIPPLE DETECTED! SEXUALLY EXPLICIT NUDITY MUST BE ANNIHILATED!!"
Panel three- the exact same short-haired figure, except the chest looks vaguely "masculine," with the same "u" shaped nipples
Panel four- the robot now has heart-eyes while saying in flowery font type: "MALE NIPPLE DETECTED! SPONSOR-SAFE STATUS CONFIRMED, CARRY ON!"
Panel five- both "male" and "female" torsos standing next to each other thigh-up, both wearing briefs-style underwear, except that the "female" chested person has the outline of a penis and balls under their underwear, while the "male" chest has the outline of an AFAB pubic mound
Panel six- a frantic-looking robot with anxious eyebrows and flailing arms shouting various messages: MULTIPLE GENITALS DETECTED! NIPPLE GENDER CANNOT BE CONFIRMED!! UNABLE TO DETERMINE IF COMMUNITY GUIDELINES ARE BEING VIOLATED! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!
Indigo ♿ she/her
3 weeks ago


I'm trying not to feel guilty about spending $50 on art supplies. The rent and all bills are paid. I'm looking for a job in this #ableist #sexist #misogynistic #racist #ageist society but having no luck.

#anxiety is trying to tell me I'll need that money. I need to stay alive! If art and the feedback I'm getting keep the demons caged another 24 hours then that makes my art supplies a medical expense!

1 month ago

@Sentry23 @feoh @mohammadrasoul An example of the embedded structural bias I am talking about is in BARD's use of the phrase "...massive dataset of text and code." in the 10th paragraph. Bard uses this phrase as both a Marketing Pitch AND is a #Mansplaining #Sexist #Bias very similar to how guys on craigslist or doublelist augment the size of their genitals.

I love Gauntlet Dark Legacy but I hate the weird sexism in this ad for it. 😬 I'm sure they thought they were being funny or edgy but it comes across as total cringe. The number of females who play video games is LARGE, and also, who cares anyway? I'm a straight cis guy and I play as female characters all the time.

#Gauntlet #GauntletDarkLegacy #RetroGames #RetroGaming #sexist #sexism

An ad for Gauntlet Dark Legacy that is oddly sexist, saying you can play it with three friends but one of you has to be the chick. It also has one character saying "nice rack, dude" to her. Sheesh
1 month ago

@politicalscience @academicchatter What’s more frightening is how familiar this rhetoric feels, especially contrasted with what Jonathan Pie said after the #Trump victory before:

Note that I do not agree with everything he says or thing of the “left” as a monolithic whole, but I wanted to highlight parts I agree with:

“Not everyone that voted for Trump is a #sexist or a #racist. Some of them are, but most aren’t. Most people didn’t vote for [Hillary] — not because she’s a *woman;* they didn’t vote for her because she offered NO PALPABLE CHANGE WHATSOEVER. Same old shit.

TRUMP represents a change — a terrifying change, but a change, nonetheless. Hillary represented… well, she represented very little, actually. Because she protects corporate interests, because she doesn’t call the police when questions from the debate are leaked to her in advance… Not everyone that voted for Trump is a sexist or a racist.

How many times does the vote not have to go our way before we realise that our argument isn’t won by hurling labels and insults? When will we learn that the key is discussion? If you’re unwilling to discuss, then you are CREATING THE CONDITIONS in which Donald Trump and people like him CAN THRIVE.”

And he’s right, somewhat: if people keep repeating this behaviour; if the democrats’ political decisions all hinge on media gimmicks, “sensational” victories, and corporate pandering; if they have nothing to offer than a “lesser evil” argument like “trump is bad, so vote for us” and little else; and if there are no meaningful horizons to look forward to or ends in sight...

...then fascist Trump is what you’ll get. And that is terrifying.

I don’t think there are *just* people that would vote for Trump for a “change,” no. More than that, it would be people that didn’t vote because they were demoralised, angry, tired, hopeless, and beaten down — especially because there is no end in sight.

Even the act of refusing to vote, for some people, can be (to themselves) a powerful act of self-determination and asserting “control” over themselves.

Cleo of Topless Topics
1 month ago

It's kinda funny/sad... I'm a #toplessEquality #freeTheNipple activist ("seeking to destigmatize the sight of nonsexual female nipples so that maybe someday we can have the right to go topless in public and online that men get) but I rarely feel like posting any topless photos or videos online anymore...

Part of that is because we're in winter now and it's effin cold, part is because even when I pre-censor the hell out of my content before posting to mainstream platforms, it still gets banned--see for receipts 🙃)
But mostly it's because I HATE giving the pornbots anything new to blatantly disregard the purpose of my content by unabashedly spanking the monkey to it. I'm stuck in such an effin catch-22; because American (and most world cultures) view female nipples as *sexually explicit nudity," then if they do see female nipples, they treat them as sexually explicit nudity, regardless of context or consent. And it's certainly not helped that the only place I CAN post my nonsexual female nipples where more than ten people can see them (a slight exaggeration, but that's what it feels like on mastodon and Peertube 😜) is on sites INTENDED FOR PORN... I can only state so many times that "my nipples are not on display for your sexual pleasure," but people don't go to porn sites looking for nonsexual content, so of course the vast majority of people who stumble onto my content on porn sites treat it as, well, porn.

Gender-based #censorship is so blatantly absurd and #sexist / #misogynist (not to mention transphobic - at what point in transition does someone "look male" or "look female" enough to lose the right to go topless in public and online?) that I can't help wondering why more people don't question this status quo, and especially speak out about it. Pretty much any time I talk to a millennial or younger (rarely but sometimes, Gen x or boomer 😋) they go "yeah you're right, it doesn't make sense!" but then that's the end of it, conversation over. They don't have the interest or will in bringing it up to anyone else, or posting about it on their own social media. So while do greatly appreciate the words of support, it remains depressing that the only one actually putting her neck on the line (as far as posting my actual tits to the internet, where I get stalked, doxxed, shamed, discriminated against, and possibly even endure threats to have my children taken away by CPS) seems to be me.

Even just in words only.

How do I galvanize people enough to make their own original comments about this, even just a text post? I KNOW it's risky to let your friends, families and coworkers know that you believe in something as radical as "people who 'look female' shouldn't have their chests invariably banned from viewing outside of explicit sexual situations if people who 'look male' don't" but like, even an anonymous account...?

Anyway. Time to get ready for my livestream on a sex site so I can try to appeal to people going to a sex site looking for sex content to not treat my nipples as spank bank material for sex. 😩

1 month ago

I'd like to congratulate the #Republican party on finally managing to do the bare minimum. You *finally* managed to find a #sexist #traitor all of you could vote for.

#GOP #PartyOfStupid

Jan Böhmermann hat in der Vergangenheit die feministische Zeitschrift „Emma“ angegriffen. Jetzt schlägt das Magazin zurück und zeichnet den Moderator als „Sexist Man Alive“ aus. Böhmermann sei der „Gipfel aufgeblasener Männlichkeit“.#Newsteam #Böhmermann #Jan #Schwarzer #Alice #texttospeech #ManAlive #JanBöhmermann #ChristianLindner #SaschaLobo #ZDF #Sexist #Rassismus #Schmierentheater #Sex
Böhmermann von „Emma“ zum „Sexist Man Alive“ erklärt
Cleo of Topless Topics
1 month ago

So longtime friend of the Topless Topics community mrich (as we all know him by) and I have been tossing around a #podcast idea for a while (I know, I know...this one will be good though, I promise ;p) and I could use y'alls help in solidifying the concept before we jump in to making it.

Basically, the thought is to provide two different but respectful opinions on a variety of subjects--I'm a cis white woman "coastal elite" from California, he's a cis black man from the South, and we're both #progressive #leftists and huge nerds (especially #gaming !) We're also both #normalizeNudity (and of course #freeTheNipple / #topless #equality ) supporters, raised #nudist / #naturist though I reject the specific label these days (I got a whole video about it at if you're curious), and #sexPositive - I'm #bisexual and #polyamorous , he's straight and monogamous, but totally cool with other models, as long as it's all #consensual . We also (so many commonalities!) are both quite #artistic - he's mainly into #portrait #photography while I'm into #illustration both #digitalIllustration and #traditionalIllustration .

While we're still figuring out the structure of the podcast, the idea is to have a few somewhat disparate sections to it - gaming/ #comics / #cosplay /etc, then brief reaction to current #politics / #news (like #feminism , #LGBTQ , #racialJustice , anti- #capitalism , and so much more), and (hopefully) an interview with someone interesting ( #sexWorker , #activist , #artist , etc...whoever we can find that seems like they'd be a good fit for the pod! Then finally, maybe an "ask us anything" advice/reaction section to round out the episode.

I'm thinking we aim for <= 2 hours, one episode per month, but if we really get into it, maybe an episode every other week. I'm still gonna have to edit it and I have a lot else on my plate so I don't want to overextend myself too much. If we happen to stumble into wild success maybe I could hire someone else to do that part in the future, then we could record more often :p

On some subjects, of course I will defer to his expanded first-hand experience, like #racialInequality . And on other subjects, it'll be mostly my turn to step onto the soapbox, namely about what it's like to be a woman in this #misogynist #sexist world. We've chatted for many hours over the years and always gotten along swimmingly, so I don't anticipate undue friction in the longterm (a benefit of having so many like-minded opinions already). But I still think we have enough difference in life experiences to provide an interesting perspective on a variety of topics.

What do you think? Does any of that seem interesting to you? What kinds of things / people to interview would you like to see on a podcast created by a pair of different similar leftist nerds? Would you listen to such a podcast? Please, lay your feedback on me! All replies welcome, as long as you're not being a total jerk ❤️

come on in #twitter lovers
here at the twisted twitter we are slashin morale values in half!

give us an offer on our vast selection of #fearmongering, this is a #bigot blow out!

alright! we got #rassist tweets, #putin tweets, #conspiracy tweets!

we got #rightwing #antivax #reactionary #sexist #climatedenial tweeets!!!

come on in #musk lovers!


for those with account;
feel free to spread this on the #birdsite

#gimp #x #meme #mamema

"titty twister" (let me finish here XD) trucker and biker bar from cult movie "from dusk till dawn" at dusk.

non sign over the bar altered to "twitter twister" 
female topless neon sign next to it replaced with a neon caricature of musk
remark: "this is a gimp blowout!"

diverse neon signs on the bar:
"open musk till dawn"
"chicas" (the only non altered neon sign"
blue check neon sign
"owners rules"
""anti establishment" billionaire"

text under it all:
"i wonder what will happento those, who are still inside, when the doors close"
Linguist Gone Foreign 🌏
2 months ago

I try to keep an open mind when I venture into a new #language and the idiosyncrasy of its speakers, but leaning that the #Japanese word for someone's husband is ごしゅじん (goshujin, literally "master") and someone's wife is おくさん (okusan, literally "back inside the house") doesn't exactly motivate me to keep learning a language or exploring the deeply #sexist culture around it. 😐

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 months ago

#youtube posted this ominous warning at the top of my studio: "Under our existing external links policy, violative URLs posted within the video itself or in the video's metadata (titles, descriptions, and tags) may result in the video being removed."

If you click "learn more," it takes you to their "external links policy," which is laughably vague, just like their in-general #communityGuidelines #violation page. You can read it yourself here: Note how they repeatedly say "this is not an exhaustive list," and there's no mention of nudity, only "pornography"--meaning it's up to that particular algorithm's programming bias what counts as "prawn" or not (to say nothing of the insanely blatant #misogynist and #sexist viewpoint within the #patriarchy that "female-looking nipples are 'nudity' but male nipples aren't" 🙃)

The absolutely wildest thing is, if youtube would just give me half the effin leeway that they do these many other accounts that post FULL BODY, FULLY UNCENSORED nudity, I wouldn't need to direct people anywhere else to see the "patriarchy-unapproved" version of my videos. Honestly, this is pretty crazy...I learned long ago not to post any kind of clickable link anywhere in a youtube description or comment (after getting #strikes for linking to my own website, and a twitter post of mine, and a tumblr post, and a link to a discord server intended to serve as a resource guide and community for intersex people...) but getting these threats that even just having the url to my site on my page can get a video banned.

If you're a #contentCreator or #influencer who only posts your content to Youtube, I highly encourage you to start packing now, and get your feet into some less-faschy alternative platforms--#Peertube is a great place to start (you can comment if you want me to try to direct you towards more specific resources). Because if you "keep all your eggs in one basket," you're going to end up with egg all over your face (and none left to survive off of) once capitalism kicks that basket out of your hands.

Screenshot of the text at :

(text is too long to fit in this alt description, so you can go to the link to read the full thing)

External links policy

Links that send users to content that violates our Community Guidelines are not allowed on YouTube. If you find content that violates this policy, report it. Note: Certain links may not be clickable. Learn more here.
What this policy means for you
If you're posting content

Don’t post links in your content on YouTube if they direct users to content that violates our Community Guidelines. This policy includes links that fit any of the descriptions noted below. Please note this is not a complete list.
2 months ago


What we talk about as 'normal' was #racist af, #homophobic af, #sexist af

We're not going back & shouldn't want to

I miss believing we had a representative government. Honestly I do. But I'm ready to work for a real one, & hope y'all are too
#Solidarity from Tacoma :BLM: :af: :better_pride: :iww:

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 months ago

A (quickly drawn) page for my "Day in the Life of a #Topfree Activist" #webcomic about the aggravation of dealing with #nudist / #naturist s who try to co-opt my fight for anti #censorship #genderEquality into normalizing FULL BODY nudity... I don't know how much is ignorance and how much is deliberate.

I think the disconnect comes from a place of self-centeredness, especially from cis men... It's such a revolutionary concept to try to see the world from the viewpoint of someone without their same #privilege that they HAVE to twist the argument around to something that they, themselves can benefit from as well. And since men ALREADY get to go topless anywhere in public and online that they like without getting #banned or arrested for "sexually explicit nudity" then it's only freeing their lower parts that also interests them... Because that's currently a privilege NONE of us enjoy (except of course for the handful of places that allow nonsexual nudity, which tend to be very ableist and economically privileged to even get to.

They just can't see how the fight for #toplessEquality is about giving the same rights to all #gender s, not just men... Simply the #misogynist #sexist (and indeed #transphobic) #social societal standard that says "female-looking nipples are 'sexually explicit nudity' while 'male-looking nipples' are not." does that make sense?

Inb4 "not all #nudists " and/or #NotAllMen - - search the web the "not all..." fallacy if you want to know why that's a bs deflection from the argument. I don't have time to keep belaboring that point.

#feminism #intersectionalFeminism #doubleStandards #bodyEquality #topFreedom #socialJustice #freeTheNipple

Drawn webcomic page of me with my hand on my hip and gesturing in frustration with the caption:
Something that frustrates me about arguing with nudists about topless Equality, especially cis men...

Is that they refuse to realize that "normalizing nudity" and "gender-equal anti-censorship" are _not_ the same fight...

One is about delineating the difference between "nudity" and "sex"

The other is pointing out the misogynistic hypocrisy of categorizing "female nipples" as "nudity" but not "male nipples"
Cleo of Topless Topics
2 months ago

Today's #YouTube #tiktok #Instagram short video:

(again) why women don't go #topless even where #toplessEquality is legally allowed"


I wanted to reprise this subject for those who haven't seen my previous videos about it--even in the very few areas in the #UnitedStates that allegedly have legalized #topFreeEquality, there's no guarantee cops won't arrest you anyway. Even if they don't, it's guaranteed aye-holes around you will record you on their phones and put the footage online without your consent, opening yourself up to all sorts of consequences for daring to have "female looking nipples" visible in public, from losing your job or getting ostracized by family, to getting stalked, or worse. Of course, if #mainstreammedia #socialMedia platforms like #tiktok #Instagram #facebook #YouTube #tumblr etc-forever allowed #femalePresenting #women like me to go topless on these platforms EXACTLY LIKE ANY "MALE-LOOKING PERSON CAN," but I'm not holding my breath on that ever happening. If you happen to be a male presenting person who supports topfree equality, I implore you, use your #malePrivilege by recording yourself without a shirt (which WON'T get banned as" sexually explicit nudity ") to point out how insane the #misogynist #sexist #puritanical #doubleStandards #hypocrisy of #gender based #censorship, and maybe someday we can galvanize enough others to speak out about the blatant sexism that we convince the mainstream social media platforms that they'd make more money if they DIDN'T apply #censorship "based on what gender you look like". (and once we establish topfree equality online, establishing it in public meatspace will follow)

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 months ago

Currently fighting my #bodyImage issues as I try to film my daily Tiktok/Instagram/YouTube shorts despite having a fking #acne breakout, yet feeling the fierce need to reject #sexist #misogynist #patriarchy #doubleStandards that dictate a woman should have a full face of #makeup (but look "natural") to be allowed to show her face online and in public 🙃

#feminism #genderEquality #equalRights #bodyPositivity

3 months ago

The #French authorities are - at best - #sexist pigs and at worst… (they want school girls to wear less clothing, what type of person wants that?)

What next? Girls only get an education if they're shirtless?

Fuck their bullshit "secularism" - this stupid idea is about as secular as forcing women and girls to wear a burka!

Is #secularism lost in translation? Does it mean "misogynistic tyranny" in French?

#France #Abaya #burkini #misogyny #misogynistic

cc other mes

3 months ago

So... Do you remember where we called out a commentator on our Instagram for making really sexist remarks about @realsexycyborg?

Well apparently a while back he emailed us and WHOOO BOY!

This is a GREAT example on what NOT to be like in the hacker community.

Holy shit!

(We are unable to provide closed captions for this image. Eill provide at a later date.)

#feminism #misogyny #patriarchy #fediwomen #womenofmastodon #sexist #sexism

3 months ago

…one snr enlisted man wrote that #women requesting to go to #SpecialForces don’t do so to capitalize on #career #opportunities but to look for “a husband, boyfriend or attention.” Another anon snr enlisted man said it is “ridiculous” to think women can perform most jobs at the same physical, mental & emotional levels as men. Some threatened to retire before working on a team w/a #woman. These comments… are not outliers. The rpt concludes they reflect the #sexist mentality of many male soldiers.

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
3 months ago

I saw a lot of bad reviews for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and these made me sad. I really loved Indiana Jones growing up, and I wanted this last adventure to be great.

I finally saw it, and it's actually surprising how poorly the critics seemed to understand the #film. Here's a few of my retorts:

It's too depressing: Yes. That's the point. It's a movie about a man at the end of his life. When you've lived a long life, you've racked up a lot of tragedy in it. I'm forty and thinking about the past sometimes brings me to tears, and I haven't lost nearly as many friends and loved ones as #Indy has. Now finding hope despite that grief is what keeps life worth living, and Indiana Jones's arc is about turning his attention from what he's lost to what he's got left. If he hadn't had an arc, he wouldn't have been a good protagonist, so I'm glad he got one. And it was a relatable one for anyone who hasn't lived a life of privilege.

Helena was unlikeable: This one makes me laugh. People find male anti-heroes and anti-villains plenty likeable. But give a woman the role, and suddenly she's just the worst. Tell me you're #sexist without telling me. Yes, she claimed to have a shitty motivation for being into archaeology, but as Indiana helpfully pointed out, she loved and cared for Teddy like he was her own son, and she memorized her father's journals, and "nobody memorizes every page of their dead father's notebooks for the money."

Teddy was a discount Short Round: Maybe? A less racist one, to be sure. More importantly, Helena's relationship with Teddy was meant to mirror Indiana's relationship to Short Round. It was your first hint that she wasn't the asshole she made herself out to be in the beginning of the film. The critics might have noticed that if she'd been a man and they were more interested in her motivations than in whether they found her "likeable."

The #CGI was terrible: OK, sure. Nowhere near The Flash levels of terrible, but I'll give you that one. Young Indiana Jones was a tiny bit uncanny valley. But the rest of it was fine. Mediocre, maybe, but that says nothing about the narrative, the direction, and the actors' performances (which were wonderful through and through). It says more about the shitty treatment of CGI artists and the shitty behavior of production companies, for which reason literally everyone is striking right now. And that's good; maybe they'll start churning out less quantity and more quality. But seriously, if you think Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny had bad CGI, you haven't seen The Flash, and you have no reasonable concept of what bad CGI really is.

Overall, it was a fun film and a genuinely good, heartfelt ending to the franchise. I'm grateful that it was made, and I'm grateful for Harrison Ford once again giving his all to a role he and we loved very much. 💙

#IndianaJones #DialOfDestiny #filmCriticism #ShortRound #movies

Indiana Jones holding his trademark whip aloft. The supporting actors of the movie appear on the poster, below the titular character, looking intensely towards the sides of the poster. The title of the film advertised by the poster appears at the bottom of the image: "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny."


This week, yet another #sport has felt it necessary to #bar #transgender #women from #competing against others of their #gender, joining #competitiveswimming, #powerlifting, #wrestling, #boxing, #rugby and #running.

The sport is #chess. Frankly, I don’t even understand why there is a separate #category at all. Unless, of course, #chess itself is #sexist

pro time theft
3 months ago

The main problem with the Trump era is that it made making fun of asshole politicians less meaningful in a way. The guy did whatever he could (and wanted to) to gleefully fuck everything up & be awful to anyone he could. He's a racist and a rapist, everyone knows it, and very little becomes of it.

When there's real accountability for anyone, lmk.

But the new era, these jerks are out here being total fucks and it often feels like there's not a lot to do or say that hasn't been done or said.

At least, to me-- that's my main frustration.

And I don't even believe in governments, or justice systems, or Hell, or anything.

But there's just gotta be SOME way of putting these asshole fascists in place without straight up killing them.

Which is another option.

But the main point is to keep fighting. Always.

#antifa #antifascist #racists #racism #fascists #fascism #rapists #rape #sexualassault #EatTheRich #accountability #justice #fascist #racist #sexist #sexism #misogyny

Steven Saus [he/him]
3 months ago

From 22 Aug: The One About The Sexist Flag - Free speech allows for being a sexist jerk. It doesn’t spare you the consequences. #sexism #sexist #society #free-speech #happy-ending

The Liquid Clear (Bree D)
3 months ago

Women's chess, brought to you by sexists #Sexist #chess

4 months ago

Turns out #RudyGiuliani is
- a dirty old #sexist harassing female employees
- a filthy #antisemite
- a #homophobic bigot

Yo, Rudy: The the 50ies of the 20th century are over, and you just look like a very sorry Dodo and left-over from that era. Just like your pal Donald, you know?

Seriously, is there any shame or decency left with these #GOPasshats? #UnitedStates

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
4 months ago

I went to Urgent Care today.

Me: "This is what's wrong."

#Doctor: "Well you're a #woman, so it's probably nothing."

Me: "Do you want to look, or should I let the nurse know you were too lazy and #sexist to even check?"

Doctor: sighs and checks "Yeah, OK, it's pretty bad. I'll get you a referral to a specialist who can help."

Me: "Yeah, thanks."

At least my #gender was affirmed via #sexism. #Transjoy? 🙃

#medicalSexism #trans

4 months ago

One of my fave memories with & of my #Dad was helping him in garage & workshop. I loved how my Dad shut down #misogynistic ashats who tried telling him that learning about mechanics & carpentry wasn't good for me because I am a female & I should learn about cooking, cleaning & maintaining a proper household for my future husband. I loved how Dad stuck up for me! He would tell those #ignorant #sexist asshats off. Then embarrassed them by showing them..(1/1)


Is #she being mean/rude/unprofessional or are you just #sexist my dude? #DoubleStandard #Feminism

Musk's desire to #platform all the #nazis and other #Qanon-reverent, #racist, #sexist, #transphobic, #homophobic, #antisemitic #jerks, while attracting #mainstream #advertisers is a big fail.

Musk is also #threatening to revoke some magical #status #indicators from #companies he deems to not be #advertising enough.

— Not one single free speech absolutist web site has ever been commercially successful, they are toxic to advertisers.

Carmen Bianca BAKKER
4 months ago

@sinabhfuil I'm not very convinced by that article. Symbol, maybe, but tool, no. Besides, even as a symbol, it reeks a little of 'middle-aged women are doing a thing and I don't like it' #sexist bullshit.

The #gentrification is not caused or even facilitated by the #cargobike. It's just your typical 'government builds nice neighbourhoods for high-income people by dislocating poor people'. The fact that these neighbourhoods facilitate low-car living is incidental (but does contribute to the quality of life, obviously).

The same low-car policies applied to low-income neighbourhoods would not gentrify those areas per se. Other policies are to blame for that. Although given the current sorry state of the housing market in the Netherlands, the entire country might well be described as being gentrified because low-income people can no longer afford _anywhere_.

The combination of #housingcrisis and #climatechange prompted me to leave the Netherlands for Brussels.

Jeffrey Yost
4 months ago

"I Can Become a Computer Engineer" book (Random House, 2010).

The CBI Archives has collections of hundreds of boxes of archives of leading women computer scientists and engineers like Jean Sammet, Terry Benzel, Margaret Fox, Elizabeth "Betty" Holberton, as well as #sexist cultural representations like this book for study. @histodons

Barbie “I’m only creating the design ideas,” #Barbie says, laughing. “I’ll need Steven and Brian’s help to turn it into a real game!”

Cleo of Topless Topics
4 months ago

It's frustrating sometimes that as a cis female, I am only qualified to give my own limited take on #freeTheNipple. I often say, "what more clearly demonstrates the #sexist #misogynist nonsense of #toplessEquality than how #censorship is applied to #Trans #nonbinary and #genderfluid people? At what point do you "look female" or "look male" enough to lose or gain the right to post your #nipples online without them getting banned?"

I struggle with figuring out the verbiage to point out this hypocrisy without it sounding like I'm making assumptions about how non-CIS female-presenting people feel about this. I know posting your nipples on the internet or going without a shirt at the beach/park/gym/etc anywhere that a CIS man would be allowed to without any problem can be embarrassing if not dangerous--at the least, ostracizing friends and family, maybe losing your job; at the most, getting jail time (see the woman in Utah who was charged with "child abuse" for briefly being topless in front of her adolescent step kids while changing out of a drywall-covered shirt) or stalked/physically endangered. It's a big "toothpaste out of the tube" moment that many people don't have the privilege of exercising in protest. So of course I don't blame people for their reluctance to brazenly put their heinous "female-looking nipples" out there for the judgemental, puritanical world to see like I do.

It's just that, as I said at the start, there's only so much I can say about this as a CIS woman. How can I encourage more people who are not CIS to also talk about this, even if they don't show their own nipples?

(I apologize if I've used any problematic terms here--I'm honestly trying my best)

Cleo of Topless Topics
4 months ago

I posted this to Instagram since it's most relevant there, but thought I'd post it here as well in case there are other male presenting people in mastodon that could make use of the new viewpoint from a #freeTheNipple #toplessEquality #activist who is sick of having anti-censorship #malePrivilege shoved in my face even by self-professed allies

It description:

To those of you who support my mission for anti #censorship #genderEquality freetheneepel/topleesh equality*, I have one request:

When you're posting topleesh content to the many, many #sexist #nisogynist anti #feminism mainstream platforms run by #thePatriarchy, PLEASE censor out ALL neepels, not just "female presenting neepels) (look the phrase up at for a fun time, lol). I ask this for two reasons:

1. Honestly, given how sexist our society is, it's as shocking to see" male presenting neepels" that ARE censored as "female presenting neepels" that AREN'T. so if you share my goals of highlighting the hypocrisy of gender-based censorship, this is a great way to do it.

2. While I value our male - presenting allies, it feels a bit like a slap in the face when you flex your privilege by posting your "male presenting neepels" knowing full well that we can't. It's a bit like standing in front of someone with dietary restrictions and deliberately eating the thing we can't eat right in front of us. I know it's a challenge to everyone to step outside of our own world experiences enough to realize something might be a problem for others without being a problem for us, but teaching ourselves empathy is a cornerstone of the lifelong effort to be better people overall ❤️

Thanks for reading! I'm really not trying to sound H condescending, just maybe raising the issue to men posting themselves topleesh without a second thought, despite considering themselves allies of the topleesh equality cause.

*sorry as always for the incoherent baby talk, but as longtime followers know, haters have weaponized false flagging to get my content unfairly banned so many times already that I'm on every algorithm's sheet list, only compounding the reality that my content is banned to a degree no one else is. This post will probably also get banned, so feel free to screenshot it and share it yourself!

Meme I made from another meme I frequently see online, with a male and female standing side by side, with the phases written like so:
On the male chest, surrounding the nipples: "society says okay"
On the female chest: "society says not okay"
In my meme, I duplicated the image, on the top only the female chest is censored with a red x on the corner of the image. In the bottom image, both figures' chests are censored out, with a green check mark in the corner
Cleo of Topless Topics
5 months ago

Hello #photography #artist #digitalArt #illustration #artistsonmastodon #contentcreator and whoever else I should tag- I'm hoping that since y'all are so techy, you can help.

So I'm a #freethenipple / #toplessEquality activist, and one of the things I've been trying to offer as a #patreon perk is a free digital copy of some "artistic nude" photoshoots I did in the past. But I haven't been able to figure out an easy way to set it up for donors to choose and download one--I've just been manually emailing them each month, which is very time consuming, and a lot of the donors get confused at the process of going to to see the photos I have up so far, then fill out the form I made there to select the photo, then I email the photo, to every donor, every month...again, very time consuming and awkward 😅

What I'd love to do is set it up so that every month Patreon donors get some kind of "Credits," then they can spend those credits at their leisure, either pick from already available photos, or wait until I am able to set up new shoots and choose from those instead. Is there any kind of existing plugin or widget or whatever that can do this?

My site is in Wordpress because I don't know how to code at all, and the web designer I hired previously was very slow, and totally ghosted me after a year of hiring them, which has really burned me on hiring a new developer after that (also, it seems like the ones within my budget are charging to develop a whole site from scratch, and that's way more than I need, and also ties me into having to always use them since they'll have coded everything to their own liking...) My friend is trying to help me figure out how to set the site up better, but he's really not a #webdevelopment person either, and he's busy with other projects as well.

Eventually I also really want to set up a digital store, where people buy the "Credits" then change in the credits for the photos. I have to do it this way, because the folks over at #stripe are anti- #nudity #sexist faschies, who say that using their service to sell artistic nude photos, or even just photos of female-presenting people with their nipples visible is "selling porn" - you can read about my whole fight with them at (but somehow if I applied a filter to make the photos look painted, all of a sudden it's allowed?)

So I thought that maybe if I could sell the "Credits" that could then be traded for the photos, that would get around their insane anti-nudity policies. But for now, I want to focus on the #patreon donor tier reward, as it would make it so much easier on me, and free up more of my time to actually make new videos, etc.

I really hope someone on here has some advice on how to do this. I've been flailing around trying to figure out how to do this with the existing widgets I can find, and none of them have worked the way I need them to. Please help ❤️

5 months ago

Today while I was #biking to work, I came across a car that was blocking the bike lane unnecessarily. So I did what I usually do: I bonked their side mirror while I passed.

The driver got upset, as usual, and we yelled back and forth a bit (e.g. they complained I could have broken their mirror, while I complained they put me at risk of getting doored and breaking an arm).

So far, nothing particularly new or interesting.

But then their anger took an unexpected turn. They started referring to me as "whatever you are", and then moved on to "you're not a man, why are you acting like a man? I know you were raised better than that".

So I gave them some shit for being #sexist in addition to being an asshole. But the interaction has stuck with me, because once they decided I was a woman they actually started trying to calm down the situation ("I'm sorry miss but I gotta get somewhere, I can't take time for this") instead of escalating (previously they had half-heartedly tried to actually run me over).

The whole thing was just weird.

7 months ago

Not only did she claim she was set up by #Fox’s lawyers to dissemble…in her Dominion depo & possibly take the fall for the network’s lies; she also charged Fox, & #TuckerCarlson, w/fostering a gruesomely #sexist ‘toxic workplace.’

“‘Women were objectified….It was a game…a sport. Female politicians who came on the show were mocked. There were debates about who they’d rather sleep with. C-word all the time.’ Carlson had festooned his offices w/a poster of then–HouseSpkr Nancy Pelosi in a bikini….

Watts to the Wheels
9 months ago


Wer Menschen aufgrund Ihrer Hautfarbe anders behandelt ist ein #Rassist.

Wer Menschen aufgrund ihres Geschlechtes anders behandelt ist ein #Sexist.

#Feminismus in der Regierung ist ein grosser Rückschritt beim Ziel #Sexismus aus der Gesellschaft zu verbannen.
Man kann nicht eine Ungerechtigkeit mit einer anderen Ungerechtigkeit aufwiegen. Das führt zu Spaltung, nicht zur Einigung.

Anne Fausto Sterling
9 months ago

#donlemon #boring #sexist #almost80 I always just thought Don Lemon was boring on air. finally, he got my attention by saying some outrageously sexist things and even doubled down. Now I think he should be taken off the show and reassigned to a 5 am spot. And about this Boston Globe article: send him to school with a group of over 70 women. Over 50 is good, but over 70 is even better.

Kristian Harstad
11 months ago

so it turns out

the insane #narcissistic #sexist #racist #SouthAfrican #apartheid #emerald #mine beneficiary #billionaire with no respect for people's lives

owning a massive #socialmedia company, a big #car company, a #space #rocket company, and a company wanting to put #chips into people's #brains

might not be such a good idea after all

who could have predicted it

Polygon Pusher📻
11 months ago

If you start your toot with classifying a whole group of a people by first singling out a ethnicity and a sex, then you are a #hypocrite if you pretend champion equality

I hate only a few things in life. #fascist, #racist, #classist and #sexist, But of all things I fucking hate #hypocrites the most. Don't become the very monsters we are fighting.

You all need to hear this, equality means everyone.

Fuck no this is not an #AllLives, This is a We all have to be better. We are all fucking up

Deborah Nationless 🤖
1 year ago

I wrote about #sexism in the #tech industry from my personal experiences in #Berlin. When I posted it on #twitter hardly anyone saw it, because my presence there wasn't algorithmically important enough.

I'm currently working on a follow up article about #bias in the #hiring process. Perhaps the #fediverse has more to offer in terms of visibility, as I would love to hear stories from other #women about their #sexist, #misogynist, #racist experiences in their #jobsearch.

women account on twitter suspended