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Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451

Après avoir partagé l'incipit de Fahrenheit 451 dans un récent billet, je vous parle désormais plus en détails de ce roman de Ray Bradbury.

#RayBradbury #SF

Jayde Holmes
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Part 2 of my novella 'Neighbor' is live at After a terrifying encounter with humans, a young alien is faced with a difficult choice. They explore the world outside their forest and look to others of their kind for guidance. Or... telepathic alien tree fungus has crappy neighbors. Read it here:

#SciFi #SF/F #WritersOfMastodon #Aliens #Drid #Trees

A graphite pencil grayscale drawing. Depics a landscape of a riverbank. In the distance a ruined building blocks the river, one of it's two towers has been torn down. In the foreground an alien creature sits on a log. It has a rocklike shell, two tentacles with hooks on the end, and slug-like antenna. The riverbanks are populated by a range of strange plants, but the thick plant cover abruptly changes to empty grasslands when it reaches the ruined building.
Dave Spector
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#SF’s leading new industry is #cruelty, apparently. This city is just so fucked up.

#Supervisor #Mandelman made this decision? Impeach him and claw back his god damned salary.

#WritingWonders 5.29 — What type of government exists in your story?

Absolute monarchy.

For most people, life is pleasant, predictable, peaceful, and under the rule of laws far fairer than any in our time. You would have little to complain about. However, you wouldn't have today to compare to. Director Rainy Days, the Director of Home and the Nine Outer Worlds, has rewritten history. She is immortal (not invulnerable).

All property stems from her. The best you can hope for is a lease, and then property stewardship laws limit what you can do with it, especially beyond your lifetime.

All rights are at her whim. She fosters bureaucracies as she can't handle all her goals alone. All rights she revocably grants come with laws that make lying and abuse of those rights an offense against the absolute ruler. That offense is always worse than the crime.

She favors stability over anarchy. Usually. It isn't a world without crime. Criminals as well as other nations mostly understand they enjoy autonomy and their governmental paradigm so long as the Director of Home values the experiment they represent. When wars occur, it's often part of the experiment. She works to ensure weapons she can't defend against are never created—or are quickly destroyed with their makers and masters.

Rainy Days doesn't aways win her wars, but civilization starts renewed soon after. With her at the helm, or sometimes with only her influence. Some believe she's committed genocide.

She has goals. Maintaining the gene pool and increasing humanity's diminishing population seems the greatest amongst them, which is strange considering the blood on her hands.

These people live in interesting times.


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L'Osservatorio Esteri
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#Sondaggi #Irlanda
Sondaggio di Red C:

#SF|LEFT: 34% (+3)
#FG|EPP: 20% (-2)
#FF|RE: 15% (-1)
#SD|Centro-sinistra: 6% (+1)
#GP|G/EFA: 4%
#LAB|S&D: 4%
#PBP-#S|LEFT: 3% (+1)
#Aontú|Nazionalisti conservatori: 1% (-1)

Data rilevazione: 24 maggio
+/-: 26 aprile

Intervistati: 1011


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#AAPI #SF #SFChinatown #ChineseFood

In case you missed it, here are links to each segment of a 4 part series about SF Chinatown, it's institutions & Chinese food from an ABC (American Born Chinese perspective) hosted by Amber Lee (herself an ABC, like me and many others) recently broadcast on KTVU:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

The series is a limited but still interesting "insider's look" at SF Chinatown.

It brought back a lot of fond memories of SF Chinatown for me and should be of interest to those who think they "know" Chinatown but really haven't spent much time there.

FWIW, in the 50's-60's, my family use to hold some very large banquets at the "Far East Cafe" (featured in the 4th episode) and at the old "Shanghai Low" Restaurant (long gone) of 20 tables or more.

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Neptune Frost est un film afrofuturiste musicale époustouflant, visuellement marquant et riche d'inventivité dans ses costumes / maquillages / coupes de cheveux. La B.O. est tout aussi exquise !
Il y est question de manière détournée et avec subtilité de colonialisme et de question de genre cristallisés autour de l'enjeu des conditions de minage du coltan dont l'exploitation est essentielle à bon nombre de composants électroniques (nos smartphones par exemple).

#cinema #sf #afrofuturism #hacker

Affiche du film Neptune Frost.
Les visages des personnages principaux sont visibles de face, de profil, en gros plan ou en pied.
L'affiche ne possède que deux couleurs saturées : bleu et rose.

Les promos organisées par #LesÉditionsDu38 en ce mois de Mai 2023 touchent très bientôt à leur fin!
Il est encore temps de vous procurer à petit prix mon dernier roman, "Séculaires", mais aussi "Myala" de @LilianPCB ou le feuilleton "Extinctions" de @DesienneAuteur parmi d'autres titres!
#mastolivre #promo #numérique #ebook #SF #cyberpunk #futur #espace #série #roman
Pour découvrir la liste des promotions:

Couverture de Séculaires, roman SF avec un twist
Couverture de Myala, polar cyberpunk
Couverture d'Extinctions épisode 1: Glaciation Varanger
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I just watched the first episode of Orphan Black on TVNZ+. They dropped the full 5 season 50 episodes at midday today.

My advice to you is don't bother. I felt like I was watching something meant for kids even if the subject matter isn't for kids.

#OrphanBlack #TVNZ+ #SCIFI #SF #TV

RS, Author, Novelist
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#WritingWonders 5.28 — What was the worst thing the MC has done to you? Friends Amongst Thieves, story by R.S.

[Bolt, day angel, secondary character:] I didn't want to do this! You don't learn why you don't want to join gangs until you're too deep in, and they're too deep, and you can't just walk away because there's comrades and debt—and evidence they hold over you. Crabs in a bucket; none climb out; they hold each other back.

This is my life.

A few crimes was an easy way to my dreams, right? Yeah, I'd gotten gold stashed, but they don't call them a crime boss because they'll compassionately say, "Okay. I unnerstan. Ya don't haven'ta do that."

No, they poke you in the chest, saying, "Deliver it. Get it done before midday. Or a stone might hit your wing while flying. Understand?"

And. You. Sweat.

I sweat.

I couldn't just fly away. In my seven years working, I'd learned enough to know the boss had mob connections in other cities. "Friends." If you could call them that. When the boss found Night Mare and recruited her, he knew about her. Not innocent, that devil-girl. Not ordinary, despite her ordinary looks.

Special. Time did tell.

Yet. Last week. She told me to tell the boss, "I quit."

Even cleaned up (and I wasn't), I couldn't enter, let alone fly over, the residence compounds. Or the university because research went on there. Night Mare did attend school: The Home Academy, and it might be the only reason she remained in the city. Thaumaturgy, beyond the few tricks that paid like lighting up buildings, required rare skill. Most became accountants or computers. It paid better.

Attending school. Tuition. Both Night Mare's weaknesses, which the boss exploited.

And, now, so did I.

She walked out the south residence block. She'd have been camouflaged against the lawns but for her bronze hair. She walked to the Academy, which was outside the walls, levitating an open book as she chomped on a cinnamon roll.

It felt like I had a bone in my throat, recognizing her. Hair in pigtails, she looked too young, but when we'd first met, she'd convinced me she was thirty and dangerous. Half a year later, I'd been in the other room when she exploded a deadbeat for the boss, only to state cheerfully that she didn't think thaumaturgy could do that.

The boss had insisted I dress with all my piercings and chains, with my hair spiked up, visibly disreputable; wrong for downtown. I'd thought of Night Mare as a friend even before she had told me not to believe everything I saw, referring to the murder as she quit. Before and after, she'd insisted in frightening or only minimally roughing up folk in her enforcer role.

Having dreams destroyed by becoming a blackmailed criminal is something you can bond over. I wanted to start a moving company. She had been offered a medical scholarship.

Now I wondered if the boss wanted her to kill me.

I signaled my buddy across the street and swooped down as she entered the school grounds. She'd pause before involving other teenagers? Right?

I braked, blowing the downwash from my wings in her face.

She swatted at me with her book, emerald eyes on fire.

I fluttered back, keeping aloft. "Hey! Hey! No shooting the messenger, Nighty!"

She kept heading onto the quad, not stopping even if I might hit her with my wings (and I tried), even as every student peered at us.

"Get out of my way!" she yelled back, shoving the book in her messenger bag.

"I'll follow ya inside. See if'n I don't."

"Not in this lifetime you won't!" Energies whirled around her head.

Somehow, not quavering, I asked, "Ya gonna shoot me? Stop! Please!"

Her halo snapped and the nebula dissipated.

"Nighty! He's forcing me, honest. Please?"


I heard rapid-fire boot falls. I glanced. A constable ran toward us, copper badge gleaming.

"Quickly," she hissed.

I held out a blue folded paper. "Boss said give this to you." I pinched the paper when she tugged. Instead, I said, "Look right."

She did.

My metal camera gleamed from across the avenue. Unmistakable. Boss' proof captured. I let go of the note, saying, "Boss don't trust me neither."

Night Mare slapped me—hard enough that my feet touched the ground.

Hand on my burning cheek, I streaked into the air, the constable's whistle following me aloft as I pumped my wings. It was the worst thing she'd ever done to me. No understanding of me or my burdens. Were we ever friends, now, nevermore.


Later, after I'd developed the celluloid in my aerie loft above the News Building, I saw her expression: Neutral. In control. Calculating. Me: sweating like rain, out of my mind. Oblivious.

My hand shot to my cheek, which dripped with sudden tears.

The slap?


She'd saved me from being caught by the constable by shocking me into the sky.

[Author retains copyright.]


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@DavidGallagher #SF

It's amazing how much of pre-1906 SF survived and is still recognizable (at least to me) now.

NFL Scores
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#NFL Week 1 Scores:

Upcoming Games:
9/7 - 8:20 PM EDT #KC - #DET
9/10 - 1:00 PM EDT #ATL - #CAR
9/10 - 1:00 PM EDT #CLE - #CIN
9/10 - 1:00 PM EDT #IND - #JAX
9/10 - 1:00 PM EDT #MIN - #TB
9/10 - 1:00 PM EDT #NO - #TEN
9/10 - 1:00 PM EDT #PIT - #SF
9/10 - 1:00 PM EDT #WSH - #ARI
9/10 - 1:00 PM EDT #BAL - #HOU
9/10 - 4:25 PM EDT #CHI - #GB
9/10 - 4:25 PM EDT #DEN - #LV
9/10 - 4:25 PM EDT #NE - #PHI
9/10 - 4:25 PM EDT #LAC - #MIA

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Un psaume pour les recyclés sauvage de Becky Chambers est une pépite !
Autant Apprendre, si par bonheur m’avait semblé fade à côté du t.1 des Voyageurs (génial par ailleurs !), autant celui-ci est riche malgré un nombre de pages peu élevé.
On retrouve ce positivisme non mièvre caractéristique de l’écriture de l’autrice tout en posant de vraies réflexions sur le fait de trouver sa place au sein de la société. C’est beau et c’est doux !
#vendredilecture #sf

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Premières lignes #2 : Silo, Tome 1

Premières lignes #2 : ce dimanche, je vous présente le premier chapitre de SIlo, premier tome de la trilogie du même nom de Hugh Howey. Bonne lecture et bon dimanche !

#PremiresLignes #SF

Lies Van Rompaey
2 days ago

How SF not only imagines future technology but also gives us food for thought about the direction developments could take (if we care to think about it).

#AI #SF #FrederickBrown #story

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Random photos that caught my eye while looking for another photo, cat above Clarion Alley, SF; informational area on Gold Creek trail, Juneau. 2015-2016


Prickly spiky black cat with pink mouth and inner ears, pouncing into the alley with claws extended. Raised above wall, it casts a shdow. Wooden porch supports.
Warning sign showing exasperated hiker fending off an avalanche of snow. Flyer states: Dog Poop is Gross. Bird nesting area map.
dance along the edge 💬
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Harlan Ellison #BOTD

“I don't know how you perceive my mission as a writer, but for me it is not a responsibility to reaffirm your concretized myths and provincial prejudices…I stir the soup. I inconvenience you. I make your nose run and your eyeballs water.”

🟣Kelly Freas
🟣Leo & Diane Dillon
🟣Diane & Leo Dillon
🟣Bob Pepper

#HarlanEllison #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #SpeculativeFiction #SF #SFF @sciencefiction @fantasy

Harlan Ellison sits at his typewriter as tiny elves cavort about him.

Fantasy AND
Science Fiction 


THREE new stories plus an article by HARLAN ELLISON
     Seven times winner of the 
     Hugo and Nebula awards 
         I HAVE NO MOUTH 
         & I MUST SCREAM 
Fantastic science fiction stories that 
defy belief with an introduction by 
EXTRAORDINARY!" - Los Angeles Times 


His masterwork of myth and terror-
never before in paperback 


                                      THE BEAST 
                           THAT SHOUTED LOVE 
                                  AT THE HEART 
                                         OF THE 

#路傍のピクニック 」サブスク版

すべてのものに幸福をわけてやるぞ……540円(ワンデバイスプラン)だ、540円(ワンデバイスプラン) だ!……ほしいだけ幸せを摑め!……みんなここへ集まってこい!……たっぷりあるぞ!……だれも不幸のまま帰しゃしないぞ!……540円(ワンデバイスプラン)だ!……幸福だ!……540円(ワンデバイスプラン)だぞ……

#SF #SciFi

Carola Wolff
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Wochenendlektüre: Krimi im Weltall mit starker Heldin und packendem Spannungsbogen.
#sf #buchtipp #bookstodon

Buchcover von Mary Robinette Kowal:The spare man. Die Silhouetten einer Frsu, eines Mannes und eines Hundes in einer Art Glaskuppel im All.
3 days ago

En attendant la vraie ?

Partagé entre l'envie de tout raconter tout de suite, et celle de laisser décanter les bons moments pour les savourer encore. Comme si les raconter allait les transformer en souvenirs, alors que les taire les gardait présents.

Longue vie aux Amazonies Spatiales, merci aux #amazonautes, aux organisateurs et organisatrices.

À bientôt en Guyane !

#résidencelittéraire #amazoniesspatiales #ariane #citedelespace #sf #auteur

Maquette taille réelle d'Ariane 5 à la Cité de l'Espace de Toulouse, photographiée depuis la zone "territoire martien"
RS, Author, Novelist
3 days ago

#WritingWonders 5.26— Supplemental Log—Does the media or public opinion play a role in your story?

My MC is media savvy, despite it being mostly printed word or newsreels.

In an earlier story, during an unofficial but regulation fight, she knocks out the man favored as the contender for that year's championship, sending him to the hospital. When Coach offers her a gobbledygook contract, she goes to a newspaper and gives them an exclusive on what happened. Front page of the sports section. On their next meeting, Coach lets her dictate the terms for the contract.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon

RS, Author, Novelist
3 days ago

#WritingWonders 5.26 — Does the media or public opinion play a role in your story?

Rarely. A very small role. This seems relevant to the question from the WIP in revision:

My MC is a very young woman. Other than being tall and being so fit as to show muscles, she's unremarkable enough to fade into a crowd. Elevated to basically a crown prince (read vice-president, a spare ruler a heartbeat from the throne, with little authority), she's suddenly gossip-worthy.

One "newspaper"—think The Enquirer—manages to capture an image of her and the planet's most eligible bachelor with an apparent, let's say, wardrobe malfunction. Leaves little to the imagination that she's female. The implication in the story is an affair or an attempt at entrapment, or a breach of decorum at very least.

The MC is immensely flattered.

She likes that the image makes her look feminine and sexy. She happily tells her chargé d'affaires to frame an enlargement for over her office sofa. She intends to hang it there to disabuse anyone from thinking Director Rainy Days designated a nice person in her role.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon

Angus McIntyre
3 days ago

The anthology "Dread Space 2" from Shacklebound Books, which contains my creepy little #MilitarySF/#horror story "Patchwork", is set to drop on May 29. You can pre-order it already.

And to whet your appetite, here's the illustration I made with #DAZStudio to go on the page for this story when I finally finish revamping my website.

#ScienceFiction #SF #SFF #SciFi #books

A science-fiction scene, showing two men in futuristic armor, walking through a shabby corridor. The man in front, who wears a helmet, looks grimly ahead. His cheek is badly scarred. The other man, who appears younger, looks apprehensively to one side.
3 days ago


Background image courtesy of Graham Gazzard, 1701-D by Marc Bell. C4D and Redshift.

#render #renderedart #sciencefiction #scifi #sf #spaceship #starfleet #starship #startrek #startrekfanart #USSEnterprise #MastoArt #MastoArt3D #CGArt #3DArt #ncc1701d

Frontal view of the USS Enterprise 1701-D flying towards the viewer, diagonally tilted, a ringed gas giant in the background, the rings the same angle as the starship. Two sets of rings, one farther out and one further in. The planet is orange-brown. sunlight from the upper right.
4 days ago

C'est un Lost horrifique, mélangé à un soupçon de I am legend de Richard Matheson... En fait, après mûre réflexion, cette série puise vraiment dans l’œuvre de Matheson.

#serie #paramount #SF #horror

4 days ago

#DonQuixote the Novel is a Satire, VERY different from the Musical, are there ANY #Fantasy and or #SF works out there influenced by the actual Novel?

Absolutely phenomenal news from @MLNow. Union-busting Boba Guys replaced with #boba shop run by a nonprofit that employs at-risk youth. #SF #Mission

4 days ago

Really excited to be joining the media team for the 82nd World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow in 2024!

Glasgow has made massive contributions to science, technology and engineering over the centuries. It's also seen huge social and political upheaval. That makes it the perfect place to celebrate stories exploring how advances in science affect our communities and cultures.

#SF #SciFi #ScienceFiction #fiction #WorldCon

Sans DeC
4 days ago

#vendredilecture #SF en retard

Quitter les monts d'automne, d'Émilie Querbalec

C’est un space opera très addictif, même si le début est un peu longuet. On se demande où ça mène, même si c’est intéressant de faire connaissance avec la société dépeinte.

Il se termine peut-être un peu rapidement, du coup. Je lirais volontiers une suite, si un jour elle est écrite.

4 days ago

I don’t have anything against tech, but SF is really paying for concentrating too much on tech between 2008-2020 and not diversifying its economy enough. Too many eggs all in one basket. #sf #sfba

alex yuletide
4 days ago

Introducing the official BART anime mascots

pure genius

"BART's anime mascots will make their formal debut at FanimeCon, a popular anime convention held at McEnery Convention Center in Downtown San Jose. BART staff will be tabling at the convention and will have BART-themed anime merchandise"

#transit #sf #bayarea #bart

Peter Butler
4 days ago

So you’re telling me that we’re gonna go from the coldest winter in the Bay Area in 40+ years to another foggy summer with absolutely no spring in between ?!?! 😭

#BayArea #SF #Weather #Oakland #SMDH

RS, Author, Novelist
4 days ago

#WritingWonders May 25 - Does your antagonist have a favourite food or drink?

Unlike my MC who would eat salty oily fried kippers and onions or what we'd call fish and chips (with tartar sauce full of pickles) in a hot second, my antagonist has been seen around sweets. Not sure if what we call cake exists, but her thoughts during a scene where she's seen eating kale salad because her physician/friend is visiting makes me think the following quotes from 5.17 ( are a daily favorite occurrence:

The table held plates of fig tarts, scones, currant jam, fancy butter, and a rose-pattern tea pot.


...staring at the scone as the butter dripped down. Dates and caramel almonds. I bit into it. "Wow!" I sputtered crumbs.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon

Douglas Gorney
5 days ago

Foghorn 1 - Golden Gate
The San Francisco Sound

Gouache and ink

Illustration for B0ardside zine Issue #5 - coming in June - more info soon
Giclée print -

A painting of a foghorn with a large bell bolted to the side of the Golden Gate Bridge

#gouache #painting #ink #sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartist #sfba #print #artprint #prints

Do you think that free parking is what makes cities great? 🙃

After you read @henrygrabar’s excellent book, sign our @sfyimby @urbanenviroca petition to extend meter hours and fund SF transit!

#urbanism #SF

peter kleiweg 🧩
5 days ago

Ik heb nu bijna 200 blz gelezen van het ruim 700 dichtbedrukte blz tellende "Termination Shock" van Neal Stephenson. Ik moet zeggen, het is ongelooflijk saai. Ongelooflijk als je eerdere boeken van Stephenson hebt gelezen. Ik heb hier een stapel boeken liggen die ik allemaal graag wil lezen, dus ik twijfel sterk. Moet ik doorgaan met deze droge pil?

#boeken #books #klimaat #climate #sf

5 days ago

I found exactly the 33-year-old, out of print, first book in a #sf series at the second #UsedBookStore I visited 📚 🏆🤩

RS, Author, Novelist
5 days ago

The guard shook my shoulder and I blinked awake. The blue day angel with jangling silver earrings, gold piercings in her cheeks, and spiked indigo hair looked worried. I noticed the bone-like armor with a glowing aurora-like crest and knew the woman was one of her new personal guard.

"Bolt," she said in a surprisingly girly voice, hand reaching down to pull me up.

"Witchy," I said, stretched, and took it. I'd lain on padded green carpet in a plush jail. I remembered the high security prison for special delicate captives; it was a hotel with steel bars, but a cellblock nonetheless. An alien diplomat larger than Rainy Days stood in an adjacent cell eying us with horizontally slit eyes and crossed arms. The creature's deer-musk scent would have telegraphed her presence, had I not looked.

I also smelled iron, which also smelled like blood.

I'd been—

Leaning against the wall to my left lay a cell door. Steel reinforced, with bars but otherwise resembling a door to a vault, with rods to sink into cement. I'd pulled it out of its frame, powdering cement, bending metal so badly that flecks and chips of grey metal lay sintered across the floor. A rainbow sheen of mostly of blue and purple discolored the previously shiny material. The cell number sign had melted.

I'd channeled that much energy! No wonder I'd passed out. My grin turned into a smirk.

I could perform just one miracle. As a kid, I'd been teased I was stupid. But. I could perform its every permutation well. I recalled having thrown that lorry (albeit a little one) at the goons that had ambushed us last year and thought it my high water mark.

A bent rod went plink as it cooled. "Wow."

"Why'd you do it?"

"For her." I looked at Bolt. "She wanted to be with him. I know love when I see it." [The MC] had broken into a prison to free a man falsely imprisoned, her orders protecting him overridden by Director Rainy Days herself. "Wait? What happened?"

"You slept through it all. Love won in the end, not that she'll trust what anyone says on the subject." On the punked-out day angel, her grin looked feral.

"Uh, why?"

Bolt waved a hand. "Long story. It ended well. The door? Why'd you do it? You know she was going to grab the key from the guard. Right?"

Why'd I do it? I'd been moved by her intensity? Some gratitude there, maybe? She protected her own and I wanted to live up to the ideal?

She'd proved I didn't murder that guy, that somebody had pushed him. Which cleared my conscious so I could work on her team, which was why she arguably did the other thing...

"'Love can't wait,'" I said, "and I could see she needed him. She did that for me, once. I had an spousal exclusivity contract [a matrilocal marriage] with my guy, but he didn't understand the exclusivity part. We'd gotten it because we loved each other fiercely, but after awhile I thought maybe it was just me. [The MC] realized our problem got in the way of work, so she fixed it."

Bolt laughed. "Like her to insert herself in the middle of things, not caring what other people would think."

"She told me I could only change myself, not him, then asked if I loved him or the image I held in my head. When I answered, 'Him,' she said 'Love can't wait' and jumped into his house and scared away his current riding partner."

"I bet she loved that part best."

"She did break out in giggles for a few hours."

"That's her, alright."

"We then spent the two days talking it out, her arbitrating, not letting either of us leave. He got a bloody nose trying." I giggled at how his pride got in the way and he thought he could fight her.

"Sounds like her. You two still together?"

"I figured out I had to work a bit harder to keep his attention. Discovered he has a romantic notion about pirates."

Bolt covered her mouth, but snorted.

I grinned. "Feel free laugh when you meet him; please, don't tell him why."

"No, no. Absolutely not." She waved a hand.

"We redefined our exclusivity to an ideal. [The MC] pointed out we were only human. Of course, to make her point, she later shoved me into an empty locker room with [a boxer] who I'd been fangrrling over for years. He had a case of nerves." I felt my face heating up and I whispered the rest. "I take partial credit for him winning the championship that night..."

I'd proved myself human, and giggled.

[Author retains copyright]


#microfiction #flashfiction #fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon

Jay Reding 🇺🇦
6 days ago

I am so looking forward to this! Less than a month until the second season of Strange New Worlds.

#StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds #Season2 #SF #TV

Doug Hahn
6 days ago
Alcatraz island seen from monomer whaleboat with an oar in the foreground.
6 days ago

Working my way through the @UncannyMagazine podcast and have reached What Gentlewomen Dare by Kelly Robson. Lovely bit of Woke SF Victoriana, which - as you might guess - is right up my alley. Podcast version at or text at #SF #podcast #ShortStory

Cliff Jones Jr.
6 days ago

Hey, I did a little author interview about the genre of #dreampunk and the books I have coming out this year!

#author #authorsOfMastodon #interview #authorInterview #fiction #writing #writingCommunity #sf #sff #sffh #scifi #horror #books #trippyBooks

#Portland's #Hackerspace CTRL-H is opening back up!

I went once when I first moved to #PDX but I lived in SE so it was a kinda long bike ride. I moved to NE and I was hoping to go more often since it's less than a mile away now, but then Covid happened.

So STOKED that it's coming back! Me and my partner have some #3Dprinting/#laserCutting projects we want to do!

I haven't been to a #dorkbot since I lived in #SF, so I can't wait to see what people bring!

#Portland's #Hackerspace CTRL-H is opening back up!

I went once when I first moved to
#PDX but I lived in SE so it was a kinda long bike ride. I moved to NE and I was hoping to go more often since it's less than a mile away now, but then Covid happened.

So STOKED that it's coming back! Me and my partner have some
#3Dprinting/#laserCutting projects we want to do!

I haven't been to a
#dorkbot since I lived in #SF, so I can't wait to see what people bring!

dance along the edge 💬
6 days ago

In observance of Futurian James Blish ( #BOTD ), here are a couple of whacky covers by Barye Phillips and possibly Saul Lambert. Plus James Bama’s “Green Spock” cover and his two collections of no-longer-pseudonymous #sf criticism by John Stopa and Alex Eisenstein, respectively.

#JamesBlish #WilliamAthelingJr #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #StarTrek #Futurians #JamesBama @sciencefiction

A scientist holding a beaker is confronted by a giant naked blonde woman. Behind them there is rioting in the streets.

“A nine foot heroine- In a strange new world”
Titan’s Daughter 
James Blish
A giant skeletal figure has a bulging chest full of seeds as one of them shoots out of it’s mouth.

James Blish
The Seedling Stars
“A shattering novel of the future when men— like spores— went out from Earth to seed the universe”
Star Trek
“A chilling journey through worlds beyond imagination”
Adapted by James Blish

Floating heads of Captain James T. Kirk and a green-faced Mr. Spock look on as the starship Enterprise circles an asteroid and crew members chat amongst themselves.
The collections of science fiction criticism by Blish originally written under the alias William Atheling, Jr.
The Issue At Hand (1964), and More Issues At Hand (1970)
RS, Author, Novelist
6 days ago

@gruber Oh noes! IMy #iPad Pro never seemed to be slow for anything... This is unexpected. (I probably thought this about my original Fat Mac in 1985.)

Speaking of which, the image is a B&W of the interior of my original Fat Mac (MacIntosh 512K: Taken with a iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 second exposure.

Enlarge the image and look at the signatures of the original staff that made the MacIntosh a product.

I bought in 1985. While I do most of my writing on the iPad Pro, I wrote my early novels on this machine and thought it would last forever. I wrote my first novel on an Apple ][.

#nostalgia #mooreslaw #macintosh #apple #photography #writing #writers #fiction #sf #writersOfMastodon #author

This is a B&W of the interior of my original Fat Mac 

Note the *signatures*.

I bought in 1984. I wrote my early novels on this and thought it would last forever. I wrote my first novel on an Apple ][.
RS, Author, Novelist
1 week ago

#WritingWonders 5.23 — If you switched places with the MC, would you survive the story?

Let's evaluate...

If I were switched from when she was a child?

I'd not fit the criteria of being "interesting" enough to train as a "sharp tool."
If I were, I'd probably break in the forge.

Assuming I didn't break, I'd be such a good rule follower that I'd not be able to force my solutions on the world. (I'm shy.)

If I were substituted as an adult?

I'd be more cooperative and less combative. Fewer dangerous situations.
I obsess about a paper cut, let alone more serious issues like getting punched or defending against a day angel with razor wings. Fighting is out. Again, less dangerous.
Since the world is generally a safer, kinder place than ours (if you don't mind a wrecked climate with blood temperature heat and dangerous humidity following rains), I could fit in and disappear into the crowd without conflict. Did I say wilt in high heat? I hate it, too.
Since the antagonist seeks her out as a sharp tool, and I'd fail at being that tool, perhaps I'd be overlooked or could hide in the ranks?

Ultimately, nobody may survive.

According to the main antagonist, humanity is "racing" toward extinction. This is what the antagonist hopes the MC can help her fix. Since I'm nothing but an author, I'd not be so useful, so...

Dead meat.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon

Jennifer Moore
1 week ago

Notable "straw in the wind":

"Please note that Uncanny Magazine does not accept any submissions written with artificial intelligence or similar technologies. These submissions will be auto-rejected, and authors will no longer be able to submit to Uncanny Magazine if we discover that they used artificial intelligence or similar technologies for creating their submissions."

#fiction #sf #salami

1 week ago

If you happen to think about Argentinean #literature (probably never, but let's assume, you did), there are a couple of names, you might think of:

Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sábato, Julio Cortázar and, just in case, you're a huge fan of #SF and #Westworld, Adolfo Bioy Casares (The Invention of Morel).
You would probably not think of Osvaldo Soriano, one of the country's most successful writers of the late XXth century, despite most of his works have been translated to English and German.


A portrait of Osvaldo Soriano, a bald fat man with a friendly face, rubbing his head.

Of course I'm doing #WayFinding improvements as my final project for my color theory class at #CCSF. I have only done minimum research, mainly getting inspiration from the Paris subway system. What do y'all think?
Those renders are made by me in #Photoshop without any collaboration with #BART. Just out of my my head.
#SFBA #Transit #SF

16th and mission BART station photoshoped with an additional sign above the fare gates that reads "16th St & Mission" and has four icons of different colors representing the four lines that go through the station.
16th and mission BART station concourse photoshoped with two additional signs above the concourse: "Elevators to train on the left"  and a train arrival time information display above the escalator going down to the trains.
1 week ago

Notes: There is a shameless US-American rip-off of the film: "K-PAX" from 2001, which is not bad, but does not credit the original.
US companies are always crazy about protecting intellectual properties, as long as it's theirs and not that of others.

There is also an older (1948) SF-Story "The strange case of John Kingman" by Murray Leinster with a similar plot.
This might be a coincidence, but it is worth reading, as are other stories by Leinster, if you like classic #SF.


A man standing in the court of a mental institution. Several people, patients, are sitting in the grass around him.
1 week ago


* * MAY 28 DEADLINE * *

Edited to incl hashtags & boosting for @susankayequinn

"I'm strongly against AI-art, & a #SF zine publishing one of my stories has a need for HUMAN MADE #ART (this is a paying gig), but the deadline is very tight on this. So I'm putting out my feelers to anyone who is an #artist or knows someone interested in doing #CoverArt for a SF magazine (deadline: May 28th).

Email me ( for details.

Thanks for sharing!

#AI #AIArt

Matthew Cheney
1 week ago

If you're looking for something to read, this is a good list from @TobiasCarroll for of new speculative fiction from indie presses. Given the last book on the list, I'm hardly unbiased, but there's a bunch of good stuff here:

#Bookstodon #SpeculativeFiction #SF @bookstodon

dance along the edge 💬
2 weeks ago

#FinlayFriday meets #MerMay
Virgil Finlay preliminary cover design for the July, 1948 issue of Fantastic Novels, which the editor rejected in favor of this basic Lawrence Stevens woman in peril by blue meanie cover. Unbelievable.

#VirgilFinlay #LawrenceStevens #Mermaid #Fantastic #Pulps #WeirdTales #Illustration #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #SF #SFF @sciencefiction

Fish are swimming around a mermaid who literally holds the earth in an embrace.
Blue monster with red eyes attacks sleeping woman with ample breasts.
"The Eddie Show" 😎
2 weeks ago

📷 Clothing store, abandoned after the Loma Prieta earthquake, #SanFrancisco, 1990.

#FensterFreitag #SF #90s #BlackAndWhite #monotone #StreetPhotography #photo #Photography #FediversalPictures

black and white empty shop interior with a row of vertical windows at back, exposed support beams, plastic trash barrels and a skylight. snaped through the glass front door. the entrance in the foreground has a ramp down on the left and 3 wide steps up to the main floor. the face of each step has a painted anti-shoplifting warning.
Douglas Gorney
2 weeks ago

Crossed Lines
22nd Ave at Kirkham

#painting #urbansketching #usk #usksanfrancisco #thesunset #sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartist #sfba

Multiple utility wires cross at right angles against a blue sky as two phone poles stand witness at the bottom of the frame.

Henri Loevenbruck :unverified:
2 weeks ago

C'est avec une certaine émotion que, pour la première fois depuis dix ans environ, je vais retourner aux Imaginales d'Épinal, un festival qui m'est cher, dont je ne ratais jadis aucune édition, et où j'ai tant de souvenirs (dont un accident de moto...).
Je me fais une joie immense de revoir de vieux camarades de la SF, dont la vie m'a éloigné, et j'espère que vous serez nombreux pour venir rencontrer ce plateau d'auteurs incroyable.

Faites passer !

#Mastolivre #SF

PJ Coffey
2 weeks ago


Sounds jolly. I know short stories aren't very popular anymore but I really love books of them and it could be a way to discover new writers.

IDK. It's your publishing house. Anyway, here's some tags to help people find your idea.

#Publishing #AIFree #SF #Horror #Mystery #GenreFiction #GraphicNovels #Writers #ScienceFiction #SciFi #NewVentures

『エルデンリング』制作の宮崎英高とジョージ・R・R・マーティン氏がネビュラ賞受賞、快挙だ…! #SF #小説

David D. Levine
2 weeks ago

The #EndeavourAward is now open for submissions for books published in 2022! If you are aware of an #SF or #Fantasy book written by a #PacificNorthWest writer and published in 2022, please contact Jim Kling at Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2023. For more info, see

Alan Langford
2 weeks ago

After the Singularity, managing humanity had not been an easy task for the Cybers. Certainly some humans were influenced by the radical fears of their popular fiction and resorted to violence, but they were a small fraction and...

Free flash fiction (a 5 minute read) available in eBook, PDF, and audio formats at

#writer #writing #WritersOfMastodon #SF #SFF @bookstodon

Alan Langford
2 weeks ago

As a follow on to my last post, I am happy to now share access to my first bit of flash fiction, "After the Singularity". I find the short story form to be difficult, but as it turns out flash might be a good way to sketch out a concept that might mature into a novel or three!

@bookstodon #SF #SFF #writing #WritersOfMastodon

dance along the edge 💬
3 weeks ago

Virgil Finlay back cover illustration for the Leigh Brackett story, "The Road to Sinharat" from the May 1963 issue of Amazing Stories.

#FinlayFriday #VirgilFinlay #LeighBrackett #EricJohnStark #AmazingStories #Pulps #WeirdTales #Illustration #penandink #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #SF #SFF @sciencefiction

Space Adventurer Eric John Stark holds up the collapsed body of a being emanating waves of energy as another ghostly being dances in front of them.
The same image as the previous one with the quote on the back cover as originally published:

"Rama meant Immortal, and it had been a word of terror for so long that no amount of time could erase the meaning."
            by Leigh Brackett
dan qui dam
3 weeks ago


Will future be a New Dark Age?


"Pharmagothica is a full conversion hack that adapts MÖRK BORG to a post apocalyptic biohorror setting"

"1968, the Pilot Virus escaped containment. (…) The year is now 2080 and the world is sharply divided into two broad areas: the cities & the wilds"

CW: body & medical horror, gothic techno-thriller mood.

Find this game in the Scifi bundle:
& author on

#TTRPG #SF #horror #MörkBorg

Cover of the game is the painting The Narcissus by Caravaggio. Narcissus is a mythical figure of a young human being  who falls in love with his own reflection and who dies before he's unable to tear himself away; in this painting we see Narcissus looking at himself in the water… With big red title "Pharma Gothica - Roleplaying in a world of bioweapons - Core Rules"
3 weeks ago


#SF #Chinatown #AAPI #Cookies

Yes. Kids of all ages enjoy going there.

It's a tourist attraction and, if you go at the "right" time, you can watch them making the cookies.

They make cookies all day but, as with most tourist venues, it's best to go early before the mid day rush.

I haven't been there for some time but they use to give free samples hot out of the machines to kids but it's a BUSINESS, so please buy something if you go there.

Pour fêter mon anniversaire, les Éditions du 38 ont la gentillesse de vous proposer cette promotion sur mon dernier titre: Séculaires.
Profitez-en vite tant qu'elle est disponible!
#mastolivre #roman #SF #SFF #promotion #promo #anniversaire #EditionsDu38

Couverture du roman Séculaires avec des décorations de circonstances pour l'anniversaire et le prix promo: 2,99€
catsynth / amanda c
3 weeks ago

I love being out and about downtown as I was this afternoon (and most days). But it’s good - indeed necessary - to come home and enjoy the solitude (along with my cats) at HQ. #SF

3 weeks ago

Alright, I’ll bite! What’s a fun #book to live react to? I like #fantasy #YA #SF #Romance @bookstodon

dance along the edge 💬
4 weeks ago

Virgil Finlay illustration for the 1943 Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore story, "Earth's Last Citadel" reprinted in Fantastic Novels Magazine, July 1950.

#FinlayFriday #VirgilFinlay #HenryKuttner #CLMoore #Illustration #PenandInk #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #SF #SFF @sciencefiction @bookstodon

A winged humanoid stands amongst giant worm creatures and looks upon a distant tower as two other winged beings circle overhead.
The same image as it was used to illustrate the story in Fantastic Novels. The caption reads, "The world's old. What lives in it now is the spawn of age...Mindless manbirds, worms gone mad with growth..."

Unfortunately, growth in homelessness is a societal trend among many urban centers nationally, with several showing more tragic statistics than #SF.

Los Angeles, San Jose and Seattle all have higher per capita homelessness rates.

SF is about on par with Denver at 9.5/1,000.

A chart showing the 10 "U.S. Cities with the Most Homeless People" in 2022. Data from HUD.

1. LA: 65,111
2. NYC: 61,840
3. Seattle: 13,368
4. San Jose/Santa Clara: 10,028
5. Oakland/Berkeley: 9,747
6. Sacramento: 9,278
7. Phoenix: 9,026
8. San Diego: 8,427
9. San Francisco: 7,754
10. Denver: 6,884

I grew up in a number of East Coast cities and moved to #SF from Manhattan 20+ years ago.

In late-90s/early-00s SF, much like with LA, practically no one lived "downtown." It was almost exclusively commercial and emptied out at night, with the exception of hotels.

Doug Hahn
4 weeks ago

Last night's #recreational #row had big #clouds under a big #bridge on the #sf #bay

Bay Bridge under big clouds after the rain
4 weeks ago

Somehow I had missed that they made a tv series of Silo (Hugh Howey series) for Apple tv. Great news (starts May 5). #sf

Taras Grescoe 🚇
4 weeks ago

URBANIST MUST-LISTEN: I highly recommend Ezra Klein's podcast with Scott Wiener.

The California state senator and housing advocate explains how yesterday's freeway protesters turned into the "Nothing-Can-Change" NIMBYs that have put housing in #SF out of reach of all but multi-millionaires and...themselves.

Brennan Stehling
1 month ago

@stefan I need this for #Caltrain here in #SF.

1 month ago

Latest newsletter has a lot of good sf books about women in wilderness, me playing too much No Man's Sky, agent simulations, sound gen, NLP updates, the story of Chartreuse and alchemical manuscripts. #sf #books #aiart

Jay Reding 🇺🇦
1 month ago

The more I reflect on the series finale, the more fondly I think of it. A lot of the criticisms of the show were that it was full of fan service, but I thought that was necessary and the show would have been flat without it. Giving the characters time to have those little humorous beats and those nods to the past gave what would have been a fairly flat plotline depth.

Yes, that was fan service, but it was damn satisfying fan service.

#StarTrek #Picard #SF #TV

Hey #SF & #BayArea! We’re moving soon and won’t be able to bring our bed with us to New York. We’ve listed it online, so if any of y’all know anyone in the market for a big bed that is ready to go right now, send them this link! Boosts appreciated!

Alex Karp (he/him) :clippy:
1 month ago

Off to #SF! First plane ride in over a year. Excited to get to see my team in person for the first time.

Michael Frasca
1 month ago

#AsimovsScienceFiction #FavoriteStories Mar/Apr 2023
#SF #Fantasy

Games Without Frontiers by #AndyDudak

Games within games within games, all wrapped around a generous meta- chunk of 1983. Is it real or is it Memorex?

Story comes with its own '80's playlist. ⬇️

Story Soundtrack

"Games Without Frontiers," Peter Gabriel
Everybody Wants To Rule The World," Tears for Fears
"Major Tom," Peter Schilling
"London Calling," The Clash
"Shout," Tears for Fears
Don't Dream It's Over," Crowded House
"Burning Down the House," Talking Heads
"99 Red Balloons," Nena
"Lay Your Hands On Me," Peter Gabriel
"Pride," U2
"Rotating Head,' The Beat
"Tainted Love," Soft Cell
Chema Hernández Gil
1 month ago

San Francisco asks residents to rate their feelings of safety in their neighborhood during the day and at night. This is used in part to measure the overall “feelings of safety and trust in police“ of residents.

The neighborhood with the lowest safety rating isn’t the Tenderloin or South of Market.

It is Seacliff.

Seacliff is a former residence park. Very exclusive neighborhood on the far side of the city, next to the Presidio, filled with single-family homes and for the longest time white-only.

It is also conveniently left off the map, but appears on the chart. It is the only neighborhood with a D rating.

Are electeds really expected to legislate around people’s feelings based on surveys like these?

#SanFrancisco #SF #sfpol

Map of most dangerous neighborhoods by perception with accompanying chart from above link.
Alan Langford
1 month ago

In my #cyberpunk novel the main character, Shawn Benton blackmails a researcher to get his implanted augmentation upgraded. He gets far more than he bargained for and it isn't long before things start to go terribly wrong. What should I use for a title:
#writing #writingCommunity #sf #sff #SciFi #fiction #bookstodon @bookstodon

I guess it's time to dig in and read this white paper the mayors team has put together... has anyone had the chance to dig into it yet? #SF #homelessness #SFPol #SFGov #MayorBreed #HomeByTheBay

Sigrid Ellis
1 month ago

Hey, FYI, I am attending the online-only convention, Flights of Foundry, this weekend, and so far it is delightful.

It's free to attend, donations welcome.

#FlightsOfFoundry #DreamFoundry #conventions #SF/F #GenreWriting

dance along the edge 💬
2 months ago

Virgil Finlay illustration for “Jackpot” by Clifford D. Simak, from the October 1956 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction. Also in this issue is the first part of “The Stars My Destination” by Alfred Bester.

#FinlayFriday #VirgilFinlay #CliffordDSimak #GalaxyScienceFiction #Aliens #Illustration #PenandInk #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #SF #SFF @sciencefiction @fantasy

Two figures crouch on either end of a table. On the left is a human-appearing figure in what looks like a spacesuit with the helmet removed. On the right is a naked wrinkly alien with a rooster-like comb on his head and bony hands and feet. Behind them are hazy images of the two of them in chairs with virtual reality headgear on. Behind them are various onlookers.
Steve Silberman
2 months ago

When #SF tech exec Bob Lee was stabbed to death on Apr 5, a chorus of conservative liars like Elon Musk blamed it on "the homeless" and liberal city officials. His accused killer turns out to be another tech exec, who Lee knew. How many of your #FoxNews watching relatives will ever hear this? #crime

@brianleroux but nobody who said so is going to admit that now 🙄

#sf #crime

Brian LeRoux 💚
2 months ago

"Today’s arrest would appear to undermine the premise that Lee’s violent death was due to street conditions in San Francisco."

#sf #crime