last night at the not so chichi side of Larkspur landing

#dusk #twilight #marin #sfbayarea

Dusk, calm water, a long disused railway bridge has been left raised to allow boats through. Light glowing from the mariner buildings, hills in the distance
Terry R
6 days ago

Band of Horses @ Greek Theatre in Berkeley on 9/24/2010. Such a magical night, great crowd, weather was beautiful, venue was amazing, band was perfect. Looking back, it was one of my best concert experiences. #throwback #bandofhorses #livemusic #berkeley #sfbayarea

1 week ago

Polish your desires as ducky drones manage the heat, tune the beat, and optimize for rubber conversion comfort! No rubber required, come explore at "RubberDucky December: Rubber Rush!"

Thursday, December 14th, 7-10pm
Powerhouse Bar (1347 Folsom St, SF, CA)
No Cover

#rubbersocial #rubberfetish #rubberducky #latex #rubber #kink #sfbayarea

A person in a rubber singlet with arm bands, and a heavy collar on beaming proudly into the camera wearing the M San Francisco Rubber 2024 Sash. The background is red for the holidays. The image is a poster for a San Francisco RubberSocial called RubberDucky on December 14th from 7-10pm at Powerhouse. There is no cover for the event, and it is 21+
Chris Henrick
1 week ago

Found out that #BART will soon be replacing its turnstiles with gates to stop people from hopping them / fare evasion. Wondering how much they’re paying for the new gates and the cost of installing them vs how much revenue is lost in fare evasion. My guess is that it’s at least 2-3 times. Seems like a big waste of money and a deliberate punishment on poor people and kids who can’t afford the fares. #sfbayarea #sf #oakland #sfba

steve cooley
1 week ago

This friday night, December 3, 2023, if you are in the SF Bay Area, come see a tryptic of my #pajaroiterations original paintings, along with nearly 100 artists in the annual Works/San Jose Members show. #sanjose #campbell #santaclara #milpitas #cupertino #saratoga #willowglen #sfbayarea #sanfrancisco #california #traditionalart #fediart #mastoart

Scott Ragle
1 week ago

#GivingTuesday means so much to me, and it also means that your support for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center can go a long way towards helping someone living with #HIV. This is why I'm riding 545 miles from #SanFrancisco to #LosAngeles next June, so that people have better access to care and resources. Please consider a donation! #aidslifecycle #SFBA #SFBayArea

Hey, all of my fellow NorCal folks in the South Bay (Campbell area), are you free this coming Saturday from 3:30pm to 7pm? Would you like to help me do something fun for the kids in the community?

I need some volunteers to help my organization run popcorn booths, cotton candy stands, and keep lines for kiddie rides organized.

If you can, please reply or fill out my volunteer registration form here (and make sure you mention this post in the comments):

#sfba #siliconvalley #sanjose #sfbayarea

K-ZO da Snowman
2 weeks ago

Hey #Oakland and #SFBayArea #BayArea, KP Market (Koreana Plaza) is owned by a slumlord. Show up and show out for tenant support! Rally today at 12pm.

TODAY at Noon!
KP Market owner and landlord Byong Yu must immediately address chronic leaks, mold, pests, and other severe habitability issues at 2341 Valley Street.
Join with your neighbors in the fight for dignified housing! No eviction by disrepair!
This Sunday, Nov. 26, at 11am, meet up at 2341 Valley St. for coffee and art-build.
At noon, we march over to KP Market
(2370 Telegraph Ave.) — picket 12-3pm!
Join the tenant union in resisting gentrification and displacement in Oakland.
Adrianna Tan
2 weeks ago

Lots of things I dislike about Bay Area public transit, but being able to take your bike on almost all buses, trains, ferries, is a huge win.

So many fun trips here start on a bike, onto BART, or ferry, then SMART train, then golden gate transit bus, and more.

You can take them on almost every mode of transit except Muni streetcar. (But Muni bus is fine and has good bike racks)

#PublicTransit #Bikes #BikeTooter #SanFrancisco #SFBayArea

A Bridgestone BB-1 bike on a BART train in San Francisco
Mike McCaffrey :pdx_badge:
3 weeks ago

Sigh, you leave the #SFBayArea for a few years and suddenly you have no idea where any of the #bart trains are going.

Bart train sitting at the 12th Street station. The display says it is headed for Berryessa which sounds like an AI generated place name for a Bart stop.
Ashley Gardini
3 weeks ago

Very sad news about the Haas-Lilienthal house suddenly closing and laying off most of its staff. I hope they really do reopen to the public next year...not doing so would be a tremendous loss to SF's architectural history.

#Architecture #ArchitecturalHistory #SanFrancisco #SFBA #SFBayArea #Preservation #Victorian

Andrew F
3 weeks ago

Did some back of envelope math. The marginal cost of commuting up the #SFPeninsula to #SanFrancisco is cheaper with #Caltrain but only because parking is so expensive in SF. If parking were free (as it generally is in industrial parks), a car with decent MPG has about the same cost (and cheaper if you take an EV).

There's also the cost of the car, insurance, etc. But if you need a car for whatever reason, that's a sunk cost.

So for many Bay Area commuters, the decision to ride public transit boils down to whether you find traffic or having to match your plans to the train route/schedule more aggravating I suppose.

#sf #sfbayarea

Chris Henrick
3 weeks ago

Found out recently that the Alameda County Sheriff issues parking citations on neighborhood streets. Seriously? A neighbor got one for parking the wrong way on a two way street. Looked up the California vehicle code and sure enough it states that your vehicles two right wheels must be 18" or less from the curb when parallel parked. Tried paying the $65 ticket and both their online and phone system can't even find it by citation number. Yay!
#alameda #sfbayarea #oakland

salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
3 weeks ago

So, if an unknown passenger leaves a #book, a review copy to be precise, in the middle of a seat on #Caltrain, what do I do after reading it?

Pass it on in the same manner, or can I keep it?

[It's about statistics, 😉. Also, thank you.]


Chris Henrick
3 weeks ago

Spotted a California Salamander on a hike in Joaquin Miller Park in #Oakland the other day. It was surprising to see one not close to any water source.

#california #sfbayarea #nature #photography

A close up of a California Salamander under some grass and leaves. It has a long brown colored body and longer tail perhaps 8-10 cm long total with short legs..
H Polley
4 weeks ago

What passes for “subsidized” home ownership in Alameda, CA: a 2-bedroom townhouse will sell for over $412,000 to qualified lower income applicants. On top of the mortgage, insurance, and property taxes, there is also an HOA fee (not subsidized) of $371/month. #SFBayArea #HousingCrisis

Ariel Waldman
4 weeks ago

Big microscopy event in the SF Bay Area happening in January that I'll be speaking at!

#science #sanfrancisco #sfbayarea #berkeley

Edit: I posted too soon, got what I want from, $285 with tax.

Hey #SFBayArea , I'm looking to buy some #aluminum #plate, ideally within about 100 miles driving distance of #Oakland, and affordable. I want to buy a 40" x 60" x .190" 6061 piece. Recommend a vendor? (It's for a cool project, a bike slider that will go in the back of my van.)

#metal #NorCal #OakandCA

Jennifer | Sidewalk Safari
1 month ago

Sharing my Top 10 #doors from the month of October.

#6 I love the reverse P framing this #SanFrancisco #door

#DoorPhotography #Travel #TravelPhotography #SFBayArea

Beige Victorian door with a conical lamp and pumpkins in front on the stairs.
Jennifer | Sidewalk Safari
1 month ago

Sharing my Top 10 #doors from the month of October.

#2 Amazing colors make this San Jose #door pop

#California #SFBay #SFBayArea #Travel #TravelPhotography

Bright blue door viewed through a gate and trellis covered in pink flowers.
Ashley Gardini
1 month ago

Very cool exhibit up at City College right now - "Terrain of Discourse" by Mary Anne Kluth.

#Art #Sculpture #CCSF #SFBayArea #MaryAnneKluth #CCSFArtGallery #ArtGallery

Chris Henrick
1 month ago

Somewhere between warm and cool, cloudy but humid in the East Bay today. Not a bad day for a ride either way!

#BikeTooter #gravel #gravelbike #cycling #oakland #SFBayArea #outside

Screenshot of an activity (bike ride) recorded on Strava app showing a map of the route through the east bay hills in Oakland, California. Stats include 22 miles distance, moving time of 2 hours, and 2,609 ft elevation gain.
H Polley
1 month ago

Alameda pulled out all the stops for the front yard Halloween displays this year. #SFBayArea #Halloween #alamtg

A skeleton sits in a chair, wearing a sun hat, and raising a hand in greeting. Behind it is a sign that reads “Igor’s Ghoul School – a Place where it’s Cool to be a Ghoul.”
A scary goblin with a pumpkin head and sharp teeth sits in the crook of a tree. A candleabra is to the left, and scary pumpkin demon heads are at the foot of the tree. There is mist in the air, with read and purple lighting.
A front yard with a palm tree is strewn with giant light-up eyeballs.
Two skeletons stand on a lawn, Barbie and Ken. One wears a hot pink dress and the other wears sunglasses, pink shorts, and carries a pool float. At their feet is a tiny skeleton dog wearing a pink ribbon. To the left is a paddling pool and a banner that reads Barbie’s Pool Party.
1 month ago

More than 17,000 people marching in San Francisco demanding an end to genocide and an immediate ceasefire. The United States should be providing humanitarian aid instead of shipping weapons and ammunition to aid and abet genocide (civilian deaths in Gaza were more than 7,703 since Oct. 7). Free Palestine! 🇵🇸💔

#CeasefireNow #FreePalestine #Gaza #SanFrancisco #SFBayArea

H Polley
1 month ago

A moment of zen for your weekend. Crab Cove, Alameda, CA. Sound up for sandpiper and crow sounds. #SFBayArea

A calm cove with mudflats at sunrise. A flick of western sandpipers flies across the water. The sun is just rising over the horizon.
Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
1 month ago

Action alert: Happening in my local area in Richmond CA: an anti Israel inflammatory, one sided, misinformed proclamation by the Richmond CA city council. Please send a letter if you can. #sfbayarea #bayarea #antisemitism

1 month ago

A Red-tailed Hawk reclaiming the water slide ladder at the abandoned Raging Waters park in San Jose, California as a watchtower. Oct 2023

#inaturalist #hawks #raptors #wildlife #nature #SanJose #California #sfba #sfbayarea #ALT4you

A red-tailed hawk on the wooden ladder of a water park slide.
2 months ago

The other day while I was walking, I saw from the side of my eye, a bird flying mere inches off the pavement. As it got closer, it flew up and landed on a tree next to me. It was a Cooper’s Hawk and after letting me take a few pics, it decided to take off but again, inches above the pavement.
San Jose, California, Oct 2023

#inaturalist #hawks #raptors #birds #birdsofmastodon #wildlife #SanJose #California #sfba #sfbayarea #nature #ALT4you

A Cooper’s Hawk somewhat camouflaged in a tree with red leaves
Brian Kolm
2 months ago

Cartooning for the Whole Family at the #cartoonartmuseum


- Thursday, December 28th
- Friday, December 29th
All workshops from 2pm to 3:30pm

(Cancelled: Monday, November 20)

"Looking for something fun for the whole family during the holidays? Join our Cartooning for the Whole Family workshops during Thanksgiving and Christmas, have fun and get creative together!"


#cartooningworkshop #sanfrancisco #sfbayarea #museumworkshop #familyfun #familyworkshop

3 parent and child groupings: bears, tigers, seagulls

Cartooning for the Whole Family at the #cartoonartmuseum

- Monday, November 20th, 2023
- Thursday, December 28th, 2023
- Friday, December 29th, 2023

All workshops from 2pm to 3:30pm
H Polley
2 months ago

My little town of Alameda, CA is big into #Halloween. #SFBayArea

A house with a front yard decorated for Halloween at night, featuring orange and purple fairy lights, a ghost hanging from a tree, a skeleton sitting in a chair on the front porch, and a bat next to the door.

Local newspaper did a lovely article on next week's Petaluma Pride events (Oct 13-15) :blobcathearts:

I am endlessly tickled by how my role is described in the caption: "Joshua Simmons (Vice President and Treasurer; communications and accounts receivable)."

It's not wrong, but A/R isn't something I expect to be identified by 🤣 Gotta bring in that funding!

Anyway, YOU should come! Learn more at

#PetalumaPride #SFBayArea #Petaluma #SonomaCounty

A screen capture of an article. Headline: Petaluma Pride announces weekend of events
Subtitle: anchored by a big Saturday festival at Walnut Park, the 2023 celebration will include a dance party and Sunday brunch
Lead photo: a photo of four people adorned in Petaluma Pride gear with their arms around each other after an event.
Caption: Petaluma Pride board members at the 2022 Petaluma Pride Festival. Left to right: Hanan Huneidi (Founder and President; entertainment and venue coordinator), Jennifer Horos (Member at Large; vendors and sponsors outreach), Brandon Allen (Member at Large; volunteer coordinator) and Joshua Simmons (Vice President and Treasurer; communications and accounts receivable). (Photo courtesy of Petaluma Pride)
The screen capture has been modified to highlight in yellow Josh's description.

So, uh, my trips-around-the-sun odometer is ticking up to thirty-something over this weekend.

If ever you've received good information from me, or felt better after one of our chats, or are a more distant connection but grateful for the work I do in FOSS or local politics, today's a good day to pay it forward:

Donate $30+ to help make #PetalumaPride happen!

We need to raise another $4,300 by October 13th:

#Pride #SonomaCounty #Petaluma #SFBayArea

A Petaluma Pride 2023 poster with witch-y, activist, and agricultural imagery – stars, eggs, egg yolk, raised fists, and the logo with a nonbinary rooster with a glorious rainbow of tail feathers. The foreground is largely in tan and orange outlines and text set against a midnight blue background.

The poster reads: Friday, October 13. Live dance party featuring DJ Bravo. Paint night, costumes encouraged. Saturday, October 14. Farmer's Market & Afternoon Festival at Walnut Park. Drag & Burlesque at The Big Easy. Sunday, October 15. Brunch at River Front Cafe. Musical Performance by Ellie James. More details on
2 months ago

Ooookay, why’s a fighter jet screaming overhead in the blue skies of Oakland? #sfba #SFbayArea #whatishappening

H Polley
2 months ago

Bizarre marketing tactics by property management companies, continued: we are curious about an apartment that can only be viewed at an open house between 2-2:30 this weekend. The unit is still occupied (!), and they are inviting the general public into this tenant’s apartment during a Covid surge. The listing on Zillow has had 50+ inquiries to date. #SFBayArea #HousingCrisis

H Polley
2 months ago

While visiting #StowLake today my partner snapped this photo of a charming male hooded merganser that swam right up to the shore. Perhaps he was looking for treats. We didn’t give him anything but praise. #birding #HoodedMerganser #SFBayArea

A small duck, a hooded merganser, swims close by and looks right into the camera with his golden eye. His head is black with a large white patch behind the eye, his back is dark grey, and his flank is chestnut brown.
Visions of Napa
2 months ago

Black capped flycatcher in the over-manicured gardens of Foster City, California.

#Birds #urban #birding #BirdWatching #SFBayArea #California

On the lower branch of a tree sits a small, black and white bird. The bird is almost all black with a white belly. He’s got a short beak. In the background is a condominium building.
Terra Field
2 months ago

I am having trouble finding any appointments for COVID vaccine boosters in the Bay Area. Anyone else had any luck? #SanFrancisco #SFBayArea #BayArea #COVID #booster #covidbooster

joy larkin 🌺
3 months ago

Didn’t notice the smoke this evening until I went near a window. Thank god for the new air purifier. These ~160/170 readings are high. #SF #SouthBay #SFBA #SFBay #SFBayArea #Smoke #Wildfires #cawx

PurpleAir readings for the SF South Bay on 19 September 2023
joy larkin 🌺
3 months ago

Per their blog post today, Caltrain 🚄 is unfortunately not planning to issue service updates in the Fediverse. 🫠However, they will continue to use Twitter and issue text/email updates, and set up a new Discord server (for some unclear reason). #SF #SFBA #SFBayArea #Caltrain #SFBay

3 months ago

I'm going to have to go with #Lawsonite because it was first described from one of my favorite places in the world.
#mincup23 #sfbayarea

We're over halfway to our weekly goal! We're trying to raise $1,000 a week until #PetalumaPride comes up, the weekend of October 13-15.

This is only our 2nd annual event, so we don't exactly have a runway or nest egg to trade on! That is to say: every dollar counts.

Whether or not you're a local, you've seen the news. You know how important Pride is in today's environment. Help us make our community safer and more inclusive:

#Petaluma #SonomaCounty #SFBayArea

An illustration of a family of chickens, in black and white, carrying a colorful Petaluma Pride banner. Tiny chicks scurry around their parents feet, kicking up tiny puffs of dust.

The second annual Petaluma Pride Festival returns the weekend of Friday, October 13 through Sunday, October 15! 📣

Our weekend of events will center on Saturday, October 14, while the big day for neighboring Russian River Pride is on Sunday, October 15.

Learn more on our website at

#PetalumaPride #Pride #Petaluma #SFBayArea #SFBA

A digital flyer featuring Petaluma Pride's iconic black-and-white enby rooster with pride-colored plumage, framed in a circle, over the black and white outlines of the rolling hills and native oaks surrounding Petaluma.

The flyer reads: Save the date! Petaluma Pride 2023 October 13-15.

Friday, October 13, Pride Dance Party: DJ dance party, costumes encouraged.

Saturday, October 14, Pride Festival: Live music at Walnut Park, Farmer's Market, dinner and drinks on the town, and drag and burlesque at The Big Easy.

Sunday, October 15, Pride Brunch: Brunch with musical performance by Ellie James.
Mike D
3 months ago

NARCAN training at The Good Hop 8/31

#oakland #eastbay# #sfbayarea #narcan #fentcheck #fentanyl #overdose

Superhero Training at the Good Hop (Oakland)

Learn how to administer Narcan to stop an overdose.

FentCheck Fundraiser. This Thursday, August 31 at 6PM.
Peter Merholz
4 months ago

Go outside, #SFBayArea folks.

Photo of sky at sunset, blue sky, pink and orange clouds
Peter Merholz
4 months ago

Hey #SFBayArea #SFBA #Oakland #Berkeley #SanFrancisco folks. Sunset is doing it's sunset thing out there.

Delia Christina
4 months ago

You can't take me anywhere.

We were having a lovely dinner at Wayfare Tavern (my new favorite place in SF because Dean knows me at the bar.)

And how did I end up having an argument with someone about voter access and the myth of voter fraud?

They bought our champagne but still. Don't try to tell me that voting should happen in person when we all know that having different ways of voting will increase the voting access.

Anyway. I politely yelled at him and we hugged later.

#sfbayarea #sanfrancisco #LadyBachelor

4 months ago

Putting this out there, hoping the power of Mastodon works!

My daughter just started community college and is looking for an entry level research lab role (she wants to do biochemistry). I don’t have any connections in this area but if anyone has any tips on how to get in, we’d be grateful for your help. Location: #SFBayArea

#biochemistry #STEM #ScienceJobs

@northbaypython is coming up *next weekend* on July 29th and 30th here in beautiful Petaluma an hour north of San Francisco! ✨

We're excited to be back for year 4 with another destination event and a program that reinforces fundamentals, demonstrates interesting use cases, and pushes us to be better people.

It's a star-studded lineup that includes up and coming voices — don't miss it!

Check out the program and get your ticket today: #NBPy #Python #SFBayArea #BayArea

A screenshot of the North Bay Python website, featuring aerial photography over the rolling green hills at Reis Ranch in Petaluma. Overlaid on the photo is the text:

The Community Python Conference on a Farm

North Bay Python 2023
July 29th & 30th
Petaluma, California

Tickets on sale now!
5 months ago

Where and what time of the year would be a good to spot Tundra Swans in and around SF Bay Area?

#tundraswans #swan #sfba #sfbayarea #wildlife #birds #birding

5 months ago

Three California native Blackberries in different stages of maturity, Montalvo Villa Park, Saratoga, California, July 2023
#inaturalist #saratoga #California #sfba #sfbayarea #berries

Three California native blackberries in different stages of maturity
H Polley
5 months ago

For #PortfolioDay I wanted to share two pairs of my #Polaroids from my longtime series of California coastal scenes. My love for marshes, coves, and beaches continues to grow.

#Photography #FilmIsNotDead #CaliforniaCoast #SFBayArea

Chocolate Polaroid photo of Drakes Estero in Point Reyes, CA. Silhouettes of fennel frame an inlet of water snaking through a dark marsh. The photo is in warm sepia tones.
Chocolate Polaroid photo of Drakes Estero in Point Reyes, CA. An inlet of water is seen in patches through a dark marsh, with a small island of reeds in the foreground. The photo is in warm sepia tones.
A round frame color Polaroid photo of a sky filled with puffy clouds, above a calm blue bay. A thin line of land is on the left side of the horizon.
Round frame color Polaroid of a pale, clear blue sky over a calm bay at low tide, with dark rocks forming a curve in the foreground.

If you are in the #SFBayArea and interested in #Cooperatives, I organize a chill-vibes lake-sit / chit-chat re: Coops and worker-directed non-profits.

We'll be doing our next one this Friday at 2pm!

DM me if you want the location!

Dan Brekke
5 months ago

A bill crafted by a group of Bay Area lawmakers would raise bridge tolls by $1.50 for five years starting next January to raise revenue for @SFBART, @SFMTA_Muni and other transit operators still facing fiscal fallout from the pandemic.

Under SB 532, toll revenue would be prioritized for agencies carrying the largest number of passengers. The money is intended to help operators maintain current service levels and improve safety, cleanliness and efficiency.

SB 532, along with the $1.1 billion transit bailout lawmakers approved last week, aims to allow Bay Area transit agencies time to develop new revenue sources. Proposals for new revenue may involve a regionwide tax measure in 2026. #transit #sfbayarea