Daniel AJ Sokolov
15 hours ago

@GottaLaff Look who's talking.
#Target sent their #Canadian stores into bankruptcy, although Target could have paid their service providers, taxes, pension dues, and suppliers. But bankcruptcy was cheaper for Target. They didn't give a damn that this led to bankcruptcies and layoffs at several suppliers. #Shame #greed

Justin at Ecoscore
3 days ago

Made the mistake of looking at the #ABCNews main webpage today. What a pitiful collection of hand-wringing and tabloid shock jock stories it has become.
And I was silly enough to expect #news 🙄 #shame #aunty

4 days ago

Reacting to the remarks of Haryana Congress Chief Udai Bhan's derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Haryana Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) Chief OP Dhankhar on Saturday said that the Congress should apologize.
#Shame #HaryanaBJPChiefAttacksCongress #PM

Pip Gowenlock
5 days ago

Yes I simplified it for the boosts. Of course I mean post town. #totp #shame

T. T. Perry
5 days ago

Matt Bernstein: LGBT Conservatives (w/ Contrapoints)

LGBT conservatives: Why? How? Where did they come from? What can we learn from them, and how can we dismantle the LGBT #conservative that lives within all of us? Natalie Wynn (aka #Contrapoints) helps us psychoanalyze one of the more confusing political positions of our time. Jeffree Star makes an appearance, for better or for worse.

#Youtube #LGBT #Queer #Feminism #Intersectionality #Politics #Shame #Stigma

6 days ago

Revolving door of Australian politics. We call it the #gameofmates the rest of the world calls it #corruption

#shame Where is the royal commision?

Tom is now listening to Fingers of Steel


1 week ago

#Troubles legacy bill enters law.
<< when the #DUP, #SinnFein, and Irish gov. agree something is bad; it is unarguably bad.

Anyone who is not opposed to this monstrous bill is either happy to blind-eye cold-blooded murderers or has just not thought through the consequences.

Imagine SS guards had got a German gov. approved bye in the 70s. This is one of the most shameful things the UK has done in recent times.
#shame #uk #law

***Dave Hill
1 week ago

The #Founders ' biggest mistake was worrying only about a monarchical tyrant, and assuming that #tradition, #honor, #enlightenment, #voters, and/or #shame would keep #dolts like #Tuberville from breaking the #government.

Unfortunately, the #GOP #conservatives care nothing for tradition, their honor is performative, they equate enlightenment with "woke," they think shame is a way to attack their opponents, and their voters in our binary system keep returning them to DC.

1 week ago

Do animals feel shame, or are they faking it? Animals, especially dogs and cats, can show signs of shame, guilt, and embarrassment, but these are not necessarily the same as human emotions. Animals can use these expressions to manipulate us or avoid punishment.

#AnimalEmotions #Shame #DogsAndCats

2 weeks ago


«Finalment, la família kurda de l’Iran retinguda des de fa 10 dies a l’aeroport de #Barcelona ha estat deportada tot i haver demanat asil polític a #Espanya. El vol ha sortit aquest divendres al matí.» #shame #migrants

Jennifer Moore 😷
2 weeks ago

And if you don't want to read my whole blog post with the backstory & explanation, but just want to know about the three free online taster events you could come to, then you can jump to a description here:

#neurodiversity #autism #ADHD #sex #shame #events #SystemicModelling #CleanLanguage #online

Jennifer Moore 😷
2 weeks ago

New blog post!

I wrote about some cool stuff I've been learning recently, and a few short free online taster/sampler events happening this Monday (UK daytime), open to anyone interested.

Taster topics include

• masking & unmasking (in the sense of freedom to be the way you are - that's the one I'm helping to run)

• autism/ADHD and sex

• how shame & humiliation work in our brains.

#neurodiversity #autism #ADHD #sex #shame #events #SystemicModelling #CleanLanguage

"Systemic Modelling learning curves". The background is a faded-out version of a piece of paper that's described in the blog post.
WIST Quotations
2 weeks ago

A quotation from Rogers, Will:

Civilization has taught us to eat with a fork, but even now if nobody is around we use our fingers.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #barbarism #civilization #etiquette #manners #shame #veneer

Kevin Russell
2 weeks ago


This is just the kind of denialist oil propaganda the CBC does all the time. Rex Murphy wrote all the oil stories for the next ten years after he left.

How ashamed one must be to be associated with @cbcnews

Nothings new cbc says, be reassured, sell more oil.

#Shame #cbc #climate @cbcnews #cbcnews

Adrian Segar
2 weeks ago

What do you remember from high school? I share three of my high school memories that still retain power fifty years later—and why.

#HighSchool #memories #RocketDesign #physics #EBike #shame

high school memories: Photograph of a 50-millimeter company mortar used by the Soviet Army in the early years of World War II. The mortar has holes in its tail fins.

1/3rd through September... time for an update on my #FallFinishAlong objectives...

#1 - cardigan for daughter = finished!
#2 - I took up #knitting this, but it is a long boring way to go...
#3 - have located the project, but didn't look at it yet #Shame
#4 - finished 2 small brioche learning items! I am wondering if I should try a brioche hat next, or dive into the bigger brioche blanket for mother-in-law... #questions

Started cardigan for a niece (4yo) in rainbow sock yarn #oops

I #give up#

The :shorthand #emojis: render fine:

But adding it to the existing renderer ( )breaks it.


.. I tried so hard and got so far..

Save the Hellfire
2 weeks ago

TAKE HOME YOUR RUBBISH AND LEAVE NO TRACE! Several dog owners thought it was ok to leave their dog poo bags! #shame #litter #SundayMorning

3 weeks ago Sophie Little on Local Bbc station Radio Norfolk- please listen to first few minutes (after news bulletin) talking about impact of loss of local radio content due to cuts enforced by senior BBC management. I’m moved to tears at the loss of this resource & so many wonderful local shows across the country. I have learned so much from local bbc content & in such an engaging format. #shame #bbc

Maybe it'll all just go away if you wag your finger #harder

#shame them into submission

3 weeks ago


#NotForgetting #SarahVine's #ConflictOfInterests "relationship" with #CokeFueledEugenecist, #MichaelGove, #OfCourse...

And, they #SplitUp... #ReallyAcrimoniously, too... #Awww... #Shame...

🧙⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | 🪐🦹🚀🦄🚀🦹🪐

#CokeFueledEugenecist, #MichaelGove says: "I've proven that I've got the experience to be able to deliver Brexit."
#CokeFueledEugenecist, #MichaelGove has a #SpecialPlace near #TheWestminsterBubble...
Lisa Bortolotti
3 weeks ago

Our #projectEPIC keeps growing and more disciplines are included: Fred Cooper (historian of #medicine) will join us in January, based in Bristol. Read about his fascinating research on #loneliness and #shame: @philosophy @historyofmedicine

Exploring experiences of food insecurity, stigma, social exclusion, and shame among women in high-income countries: A narrative review

Chloe Pineau
Patricia L Williams
Jennifer Brady
Madeleine Waddington
Lesley Frank

#HouseholdFoodInsecurity #FoodInsecurity #Women #Stigma #Shame #Resilience


#Read all you want! #OpenAccess
#Share generously! #KnowledgeSharing
#Grow your understanding of #Food

Save the Hellfire
3 weeks ago

Take home your dog poo bags and leave NO trace! #litter #shame

Robert Zaichkowski
3 weeks ago

WTF is Paul Calandra thinking? He & Doug Ford need to reinstate protections on all lands removed from the Greenbelt NOW! NOT remove protections from even more Greenbelt land! #shame #ONpoli #GreenbeltScandal #HandsOffTheGreenbelt

#Shame really tho,
as having a #futureproof #website with #php for #nil

Even if barely used is #impossible then.


Milcom Miasma
4 weeks ago


You are a brave and honest person for admitting that. I too, have shameful secrets - I watched "Xanadu" in the theater.


1 month ago

@selzero @aral

#Awww... #Shame...

I suppose we should #Stop #MentioningIT, then; will #IT #ChangeAnything...?

I wouldn't want to #Upset #SlaveMerchant: Antoinette Sandbach's #DeadAncestors, aye...? They could #ComeBack as #Zombies...

🧙⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | 🎈🐘🦹🦄🦹🐘🎈

WIST Quotations
1 month ago

A quotation from Mencken, H. L.:

Conscience makes cowards of us all. Politeness is even worse. It makes actors of us.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #conscience #cowardice #fear #insincerity #politeness #shame

Save the Hellfire
1 month ago

Last nights campers just couldn't be bothered! Had their fun, left their crap and drove away! #shame #leaveNOtrace #litter

1 month ago

Poverty is a societal shame, not an individual one.
#poverty #shame

Anni Bürkl
1 month ago

im Vergleich, #Amazon #Kdp #Selfpublishing - bei Taschenbuch:

Rund 10 Euro nimmt der Druck.

Von den restlichen rund 7 Euro sehe ich als Autorin .... 21 cent.

#Shame #Buchbranche #Bookbubble #Buch #Buchbubble

WIST Quotations
1 month ago

A quotation from Franklin, Benjamin:

Take this remark from Richard poor and lame,
Whate’er’s begun in anger ends in shame.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #anger #rage #reaction #regret #shame

Kyle Memoir
1 month ago

Used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Legally purchased the guns even though he had been involuntarily committed for a mental health issue. Left a journal suggesting a deeply disturbed mind imprinted with racist garbage from the internet.

The DeSantis-backing GOP gun-sucking racists out there love these guys because they are susceptible to social media programming but offer wonderful deniability.

#buffalo #guns #america #shame

"You do you" is Eu-gen-ics.
1 month ago

We will never redress the harms done by a trauma response to #shame by shaming the trauma response.

#lumpentheory #mourning

"You do you" is Eu-gen-ics.
1 month ago

@CatHat Outrage and pain are our center telling us action must be taken.

Anger is also a stage of #grief, #mourning being one of the actions that must be taken.

The challenge is that when our center tells us it is time to act, we can do so too heedlessly—reaching for the mechanisms most readily at hand.

#Saneism, #ableism, #shame of mourning itself, these are mechanisms far too readily at hand.

We are so deeply habituated to saneism that we even turn it on ourselves:

Robert Zaichkowski
1 month ago

Neelan - a car free #HighPark supporter - found this disgusting poster in High Park recently opposing the recent park changes. Having biked through it yesterday as part of Critical Mass, I thought those improvements made the park better. #shame #BikeTO #WalkTO #TOpoli #VisionZero

1 month ago

@CorioPsicologia @dalonso @lliones
Completamente de acuerdo. Sólo un jugador ha renunciado:
Cuando lo leí, creí que sería el primero y que le seguirían los demás... Me equivoqué
#shame #verguenza #rubiales

"You do you" is Eu-gen-ics.
1 month ago

To shame denial is to #shame #mourning as yet incomplete.

Shame for getting stuck mid-process doesn't tend to encourage folk to complete such process.

Yet ours is a society that shames mourning as a somehow unjust imposition on others.

Our is a society that needs better tools to more wholeheartedly do the work of mourning.

Ours is a society that needs better tools to more adeptly process and work through shame.

When enough folk get stuck, we are all stuck.

We've work to do… to get unstuck.

Robert Zaichkowski
1 month ago

The Ford government is being irresponsible by refusing to support allowing Toronto to pursue a sales tax to fill its significant budget hole. This is on top of them depriving Toronto of $200M annually of development charges. #shame #TOpoli #ONpoli

Robert Zaichkowski
1 month ago

About time Ryan Amoto - the staffer at the centre of the Greenbelt scandal - resigned. However, Steve Clark & Doug Ford need to resign (or be arrested) over such corruption, as well as keep their #HandsOffTheGreenbelt. #shame #ONpoli

Greg W.
1 month ago

A How to Guide To Creating Your Very Own Dangerous Cult Following

Donald Trump is a Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath who has no feelings of shame like you and I. When accused of infidelity his response is "So what", when accused of sexual battery his response is "So what" even his attempt to rig the votes in order to stay in the office of President his response has been "So what".

And His Base Love Him For It!
This is about how he got there

#Trump #Shame #Cult #Fear

Church of Jeff
1 month ago

A family stands before a 1,341-year-old Sequoia tree known as "Mark Twain," which was cut down in 1892 in the Pacific Northwest. The tree, towering at 331 feet (100 meters) in height, was brought down by a pair of men who worked for 13 days to saw it.
#history #conservation #climatechange

Rat (she/her)
1 month ago

I'm rereading a very long, rambling document of word vomit that I wrote about a year ago in which I was (and still am) struggling to come to terms with the #shame and #DisenfranchisedGrief that I feel around #ComingOutAsAnAdult.

A year ago when I wrote it, I felt ashamed that I even had to write it. But looking back at it now, as much as I wish I could go back and redo my whole life so I'd never have to write it, I feel a lot of compassion for that past version of myself. She didn't deserve to be so alone and deal with so many of those horrible, overwhelming feelings by herself. Maybe there's a small act of meaning and bravery in that writing.

Is this #SelfCompassion? Am I doing it right?

#LGBTQ #Bisexuality #Bisexual #queer #writing #RandomThoughts

Peter Nimmo
1 month ago

Evidence that there are some people who have no #shame. Two people turned down gongs in Liz #Truss's resignation #honours list. But 14 others have accepted! Imagine spending the rest of your life as Sir or Lord Something and everyone knowing you got it from Liz Truss. These people are on a different #ethical planet than most of us
#morality #politics

Kevin Russell
2 months ago


But its not a bribe. Suckers. Americas top court is filled with Republican practiced liars and bribe takers.


Essie :enby:
2 months ago

I have so many complicated feelings about shaming people for their harmful actions, specifically from a public health standpoint. It hurts so much to see people I care about or respect go everywhere maskless. I want people to know that what they're doing is not okay. I don't want a thousand other people to say the same thing making them feel hopeless and pull away from doing better all together. I want people to hear that they've hurt others, acknowledge that, and then do better. I want them to mean it, not just say it to stop people harassing them.

I have shamed people or been part of mass shaming re: COVID. I just did in a recent post about the ADA33 afterparty. But the more I think about it and hear from people who have been in community organising for decades, the more I feel like I'm just doing collateral damage. I read 5 different points of view on it by 20 different people just today and it's so much to consider, I feel very confused. I feel like I don't even know what accountability is anymore. I just want people to do better. I don't want the person doing harm to feel hopeless. But leaders going maskless to disability events also makes me feel hopeless. I want everyone to just do better, be better, and have hope.

I have so much to learn and un learn. I need to read abolitionist and HIV organisers on this.

#shame #shaming #publicHealth #Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #maskUp #DisabilityRights

dana hilliot
2 months ago

(1/n) Là j'ai HURLÉ. 😭

Je tombe là-dessus, l'interview d'un mec qui a parcouru les déserts de Namibie à Vélo. Super. Paysages magnifiques, la route des diamants, les villes coloniales allemandes à l'abandon, hyper romantique.

Alors ok, c'est l'été, saison propice à raconter de belles histoires (la jeunesse de la start-up nation boboisée qui s'en va à l'aventure parcourir le vaste monde)

MAIS !!!


#néocolonialisme #genocide #shame #ignorance #namibie #allemagne

Rat (she/her)
2 months ago

There's also a weird sort of #shame that I feel, like the #Christfascists won. Their goal was to keep me from experiencing any sort of sexual or #queer liberation, to make me straight and vanilla, and they basically won. I was too stupid and pathetic to figure out I was #bisexual and #kinky before the #pandemic, when I had a chance to actually explore those identities in meaningful ways, so I might as well just be straight and vanilla. The Christfascists won.

Logically, I know that none of that is actually true and it's a #trauma response from being raised in religious fundamentalism, but it's where my mind goes in darker moments.

Anyway, here's hoping for nasal or pan #covid vaccines! And if you organize #kink and #BDSM events and care about inclusivity, please realize that #CovidIsNotOver and tell people to #WearAMask.

Rat (she/her)
2 months ago

There's also the immense #shame that I feel for not exploring any of this #kink stuff sooner when, like everything else in my life, I show up in these spaces and everyone else my age seems to have been at this for at least a decade. And because of #covid, who knows how long, if ever, I'll have to wait until I actually can explore some of these things in meaningful way?

Kyle Memoir
2 months ago

Think about this:

We searched a vast ocean for years for any sign of MH-370, but we can’t take a few weeks to sift a #Winnipeg landfill for two #MMIW victims we know are in there. We’re not even going to try on a limited basis.

This country is still racist as fuck.

#shame #Canada

#NP loving 'Adderall' by #Shame right now. Their set at #Glastonbury was sweaty intensity (because it was in a big tent)
Wondering what happened to all those lads doing nootropics on Reddit 10 years (Adderall being one of the easiest to get hold of)

3 months ago
Daniel AJ Sokolov
3 months ago

Over 18 years ago, I wrote an article about #plasma drives for #space #travel (in German)

It was published in the world's oldest newspaper, the @wienerzeitung
from Vienna, #Austria.

The Wiener Zeitung was government owned but independently edited. Today, I had to print its final issue. After 320 years!

Instead of working towards a new ownership structure, the government decided to close it in spite. Doggone #shame.

Daniel AJ Sokolov
3 months ago

20 years ago, I wrote this article about how Canada hopes to bring all of Canada online:
(in German)

for the oldest #newspaper in the world, the @wienerzeitung

Today, the government owned (but independently edited) newspaper printed its final issue. After 320 years, the Austrian government decided to shut it down by law, rather than to seek a new ownership structure.


3 months ago

Ever been fired from a job?

I have - the worst part was, I didn't even do it.

So I wrote about the #shame and the stuff that comes with it.

Only Carry your own Baggage

Favorites/Boosting always loved

Kevin Russell
3 months ago


Sorry. You just lost me. I can't see how leaving this instance is not necessary.

This is awful, I feel cheated and betrayed. How much are they offerIng?

I'll be recommending be defederated.

My instance is pro meta, I will be moving.

Which instances are not betraying us?
#mastodon #meta #betrayal #money

Betrayal. #shame

Contrary to common advice I talk about my negative #imposter thoughts. Because spelling them out loud:
1. makes them sound silly to you too
2. reduces the #shame element
3. allows trusted others you’re telling to give you positive feedback which we all need
4. normalises #vulnerability

Kevin Russell
5 months ago


Once again New Yorker's craptastic political system has given the another idiot rightwing mayor pretending to be a democrat.

Next Election New York gets Mayor George Santos!

#NYCity #Shame

Shame - Food for Worms

Great 3rd album by this British group. It’s post-punk, but I’d say on the thoughtful/arty side, and unlike previous Shame albums, there’s quite a lot of “real singing” going on.

Supposedly recorded live in the studio (I think the vocals may have been recorded later), it has that kind of “band playing together” energy.

#nowplaying #vinyl #postpunk #shame

Anne Fausto Sterling
6 months ago

Report from Science, March 17 2023, volume 379: 6637
#maternaldeathrates #childdeathrates #blackmothers #noexcuses this is a failure of our medical system and of our after net. We know how to prevent this. It is a #schande #shame on our nation that we have not taken action

Maternal and child death rates climb
Anne Fausto Sterling
6 months ago

Hmmm. Secret bill passed in secret session. Come on #Kentucky! What are you scared of? Own the fact that you are #antigay #transphobic and willing to cause severe harm to #transyouth #shame

SelfCare Backpack
7 months ago

Here's the thing: #shame is something we want to avoid. I've realised that there are 2 broad types of shame: internal and external. External shame largely comes from someone else (society, community etc), and internal shame comes from you not acting in the way you are or want to be (external shame can absolutely become internalised shame, but I'm not qualified to speak about that). I've found two braod ways to deal with this shame #MentalHealth

Kevin Russell
7 months ago


🇨🇦 Dr. Banting fought all his life to stop pharma from stealing his invention. Lost in court once to a US firm. Banting lost insulin. But after a year of being unable to make "their" insulin in their labs, insulin was returned to Dr. Banting.
The final betrayal of Banting was later. As he was "ducks in rowing" for his death, he protected insulin by "selling it" to his Alma Mater for a dollar.
But after Bantings death, The University of Toronto, quickly sold it to US pharma.


@awoodsnet @Skoop

you could have taken a screenshot with @phpugly

this will be reported to @eric and @john !!

#shame !

Kevin Russell
8 months ago


No we want the dictator to be overthrown and brought to justice like previous nazis in europe, and for Russians to go home.

The torturing Russians, crazy criminal thug Russians.

To go home, and apologize to their mothers.

For a century. #Shame #ShameOnRussia #putin

I'm pretty sure that people who set up Fediverse accounts they didn't use much were just making a parking space for later (i.e. now), probably not useful to try to #shame them about slinking or creeping or whatever.

8 months ago

Here is my updated #introduction :
I’m Yukari, Japanese living in Canada for 24+ years. I’m a #japanese #CulturalConsultant working in #film & TV. I’m also a #writer, #interpreter , #Podcaster and #watercolour artist. #brenebrown fan running weekly Brene Brown Book Club. Passionate about changing #culture . I’m really into #fountainpen too!
#自己紹介 です。#カナダ 在住。TVや #映画 の日本文化コンサルタント、#ライター#通訳 をやってます。「はみだし系ライフの歩きかた」という #ポッドキャスト も配信中。#万年筆 好き。水彩画もやります。#ブレネーブラウン が好きで #ブッククラブ も主宰中。日本の #Shame 文化を変えたい人。

Keith J Chouinard :verified:
8 months ago

GOP Rep. Who Spoke At Pro-Hitler Event Goes After Ilhan Omar Because Of ‘Anti-Semitism’

Reading the news regarding politics often makes me feel ashamed to be a US citizen.

#Shame #Usa #Politics

Derek Prior
8 months ago

@tallship you can add whatever link you’d like. We may add additional icons over time, based on usage.

I’m wondering: does the hostile approach like you’ve taken here ever actually work for you, or nah?


Joe ᔪᐊᐣ
8 months ago

… 2/2

I love her to bits but I realized after my parents #divorce some years ago (I'm from a rare breed of people who got to see their parents got through a hateful divorce at adulthood) that, even she wanted to do good, she actually got me some of my worst traits. She resorted to #shame to correct me when I was a teen.

I remember when I got too much 'feminine manners' when I was around 15 - she imitated me, parroted me - it shamed me so much that it indeed corrected me, I lost the 'feminine' presenting but also got me big issues about trust. To this day I have a broken psyche. I have a diagnosis of #borderline personality disorder and I'm always jumpy about what I tell people about my truth.

On the other hand, she can give incredible advice. She was always there for me and always accepted me and my boyfriends. She tried, in her broken way, to make me as she thought would be a easier way to navigate the world. She's still trying, sometimes. But I'm not having none of her shit anymore. I'm my own person.

I feel dirty.

For the first time since the time of XP I have bought a Windows licence.

#Microsoft #Windows #Licence #Shame #LinuxUser

Ronald Steed
8 months ago

Repentance or #Metanoia?
#healing #prayer

Matt 4:12–23
I’m hearing #Jesus say something like this:
“Listen! Change your #mind & your #heart about the way you are headed… turn & face a new way! #God is here with you & loves you deeply… God’s Kingdom is near. The way you face friends… the way you are headed will lead to disaster.”

I don’t get #judgment or #shame in the word “metanoia” that I get from “repent”.

I find some healing in that. Do you?

More on #Medium:

Photo of an ocean beach on Long Island Sound at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT.  The waters are fairly calm but the sky is overcast and threatening in the distance.  The beach is strewn with small shells and a little glacial till.  The scene reminds me of Matthew’s gospel, chapter 4 where Jesus calls Andrew, Peter, James, and John from their fishing businesses.
8 months ago

The UK Conservative government is a disgrace. People are dead because of the state of the NHS. Utterly disgraceful. #Politics #Shame #NHS #Conservatives #UKPolitics

Wow, the trolls are really out today. Last year, I wrote a piece on #shame in #medicine. It was a difficult piece to write & took a lot of courage to make myself vulnerable & publish it. Overall the responses I received from colleagues (and readers outside of medicine, too), were positive. Someone (in medicine) just decided to email me to essentially shame me for writing it & for the incident that triggered it, which was, again, about...shame...and the problem w/ shame in medicine

I am so sick and tired of browser makers having to mangle their user-agent strings because site developers do astoundingly clumsy, half-assed, thoughtless browser sniffing.

By the time IE11 was out, people should have learned from the many previous examples of this. But apparently not.

People like this make me so angry.

#Mozilla #Firefox #badCoding #browserSniffing #shame

@EC64 gamed the hell out of this one on my C64. Also used my action replay cardridge to cheat lives . #shame #c64 #commodore #retro #retrogaming #retrocomputing #gaming #game