Eclectic Human
2 months ago

A chaotic Top of the Morning to you all!
Here's a #fractal bouquet of #shamrocks for #StPatricksDay. #Sláinte!

From my #FractalArchive.
#Fractals #FractalArt

A fractal formed of green, white, and black checks curves into a repeating series of shamrock shapes.
MM Anderson Art 🎨
2 months ago

This pastel artwork is appropriate for the day. 'Clover on Purple' depicts a group of green leaves of the white clover plant. It's one of the first green things to appear in springtime and I like seeing it in the lawn.

Find this nature-inspired artwork in my online gallery at or one of the sites in my profile.
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Soft pastel art in vertical format depicting three-leaf clovers with green leaves on a purple background.
3 months ago
A tea tableau with Irish linens and Homer Laughlin china, and a cat statue overseeing things. The tea is Peach Apricot black tea.
MM Anderson Art 🎨
3 months ago

#StPatricksDay is a little over a month away. I created 'Green Shamrocks and Colorful Rainbow' in soft pastels back in 2020 for use in card designs. I drew the oxalis, or shamrocks, from life as it grows wild all around my area.

See my entire collection of St. Patrick's Day greeting cards at or find the artwork as a print at one of the other links in my profile.
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Soft pastel artwork in portrait format depicting a pair of shamrocks, or oxalis with three leaves. The larger is at the top with a smaller one below. A rainbow runs diagonally behind the upper left side curving toward the bottom of the image.
Ian O'B
7 months ago

@JJKavanaghBuses Junior Football Championship Final

#Shamrocks. 3-11
#StMollerans 1-06

Full Time.

Hard luck lads.

4 years ago

Shamrock Blossoms

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 70-210mm Lens - ISO 800

#photos #photography #flowers #shamrocks

Shamrock Blossoms