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My wife could not get up a steep grade, so I stopped to take photos and let her stumble on ahead to catch up to her in a few minutes.

From my high point, I can see out to sea, other islands in the distance, and looking back to the left, you can see The Turnip Patch that we left earlier. It seems like forever, we're into about 3 hours now. It's a big island.

A seal follows us like a puppy dog, as we walk near it on the shoreline .

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Calm ocean, looking from the rocky shore of our island, to the distant wild islands further out. We'll never visit those, our boat is too small for deep sea travel
The light (appears sandy from a distance) white spot is the huge rocky mound called The Turnip Patch, on my left, behind us, but directly ahead in the focus point. There's some nice fluffy clouds up there, and sun is getting in. It's lovely out here, you should visit?
We've acquired a friend. A seal has been following us, watching us walk the shoreline. He's a little shy, sometime before I take the shot, he dives and hides again but I caught him in a photo this time. I've had them come so close to shore, where it is shallow and close to us.
Moving along my field of vision, more distant islands and below, a rocky ledge protruding out of the ocean at the shoreline
3 days ago

We had barely made the main part of the island, before it got sunny (and warm) and I spotted that same boat we saw leaving the harbour, heading home. Easier to see the man now that it is sunny.

We haven't seen him, but that HUGE deer is nearby. I can tell by the fresh scat (deer poop)
He's probably watching us carefully and stepping behind a tree to hide from us, as we pass by. I looked really hard. Never saw him.

Walking is difficult now

#Shoreline #Beach #WildIslands #Exploring #Hiking

A patterned camouflaged aluminum boat, about 16-18 foot, one man in it, with a large outboard. He passed by very quickly, I heard the engine and looked out as he passed by. By now, we are on a high spot on the island looking down at him
That large deer poop again. Normally deer poop is tiny round pellets like a large rabbit, but this is a compressed blob, and it's pretty fresh looking. The deer knows we are here, and is avoiding us
More uneven large rocks on the shore. The passage is restricted on the land, trees are dense, with no paths, trails or ways to bushwhack through (Cutting your way through making a path)
My wife is walking below, on the uneven boulders. She's getting warm from hiking in the sun now, and is carrying her jacket in one hand and her cane in the other. She's been having a hard time on these uneven rock surfaces. But she's a trooper. My backpack is laying behind her, I took it off to get between trees and take some photos
3 days ago

If you follow my Island stories, you'll know that I clean beaches, and bring in debris for proper disposal.
You can see the Turnip patch wood and debris from Satellite

I really wanted this Navigational Buoy. They don't recapture them, they put up new ones, when storms tear them free. I knew where a RED and GREEN one were, on different beaches.
Port And Starboard gate-posts of a Sailor's Driveway, MINE!

#FlotsamAndJetsam #Shoreline #NavigationBuoy #Culvert #Beach #WildIslands #Exploring

From space, looking down at The Turnip Patch narrow isthmus (tombolo), X shapes and vectors of logs and driftwood dot the rocky mound
A HUGE red Navigational Buoy that was torn free in a storm, and washed up on the beach. It has XM6 on the side. 
I tried to carry it, but I could only drag it, and our boat could not take the weight, I wanted to make a second trip to get it, but when I did, it was gone. Someone else claimed it for a trophy. 
SIZE almost as long as I am, and just as heavy.
A concrete culvert section, about 4 foot long and 3 feet in diameter, half submerged in the ocean. It may have washed out from the highway where a  bridge was replaced a few miles away, or been intentionally brought here to moor a boat off the beach
A drawing featuring green barrel, can or navigational buys on the left, and red on the right heading back to land. 
At the bottom shows a man in a boat, with arrows indicating the path to take
3 days ago

Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) is used as a thickening & gelling agent in foods and other products.

It is also used to clarify beverages such as beer.

When we were kids, we'd gather it to sell, it has health and nutritional benefits.

You'd break your neck if you stepped on this, it's extremely slippery.
Some interesting shapes and textures on #Driftwood;
I brought a big one home.

#Shoreline #IrishMoss #SeaMoss #Food #Health #Kelp #Beach #WildIslands #Exploring

Irish Moss and Kelp, slimy and thick on top of the beach rocks. People gather this, and dry and sell it. It has medicinal benefits, and also good as fertilizer in gardens. It's orange and brown and white in thick deposits
A horn shaped piece of ocean shaped driftwood. I'm holding it in one hand to show, with turnip patch stones below
a round piece of wood with patterns zigzagging across the face. Art created by the sea, carved as if by an artist hands.
A concrete manhole cover, the power of the sea is tremendous. If it washed this out to sea and up on an island, this is about 70 pounds/31 kg in weight. It didn't  float here between the seaweed on the beach.
3 days ago

On the seaward side, the waves on most days, come crashing ashore, but we'd find heaps of bones in between.
Seals are known to fight, and perhaps that's what caused deaths, or they come here to die?
I set a few bones on a rock to get a photo.
There's some pretty interesting stuff, on beaches, such as the blanket of irish moss and kelp at the water's edge.

Difficult walking here, my wife has a cane

#HarriganCove #Halifax #NovaScotia #Shoreline #Rocks #Beach #WildIslands #Hiking #Exploring

I suspect a portion of a seal, a bleached white bone, with a center hole. These would be some marine creature, but also could be land mammal bones washed up from other islands where sheep might have been kept once.
Some big rib bones lined up on a rock. They may not be marine mammals, they could easily be from the carcass of a deer that died on the island, or while swimming to it.
Orange blanket of thick, slippery kelp and irish moss 
Kelps are large brown algae or seaweeds. 
Chondrus crispus—commonly called Irish moss or carrageenan moss —is a species of red algae which grows abundantly along the rocky parts of the Atlantic coasts
A tangled mess of tree trunks, branches, logs and driftwood, block our path through the edge of the Turnip Patch. Sometimes we had to walk closer to the water to get by obstacles. I wonder what we'll find in the woods over there?
3 days ago

All of #NovaScotia has amazing shorelines, some sandy, some with fascinating rock deposits.

As we move from the north end of the island, we cross an area called THE TURNIP PATCH, probably named for the turnip size boulders that have piled up in a big heap, on a narrow stretch between the end, and the main island portion.
Storms wash up debris, #FlotsamAndJetsam & driftwood
We discovered something else...
Heaps of Marine mammal bones!

#Rocks #Beach #Shoreline #WildIslands #Hiking #Exploring

resilient small spruce trees cling to the rocks, and between them, as far as you can see, is a field of turnip sized rocks, round and smooth and uniform in size, piled up from years of breakers and storms beating them on the shore. 
There are many places like this around here, that are fascinating to discover.
When we reached the summit of the pile of stones, it's a long walk to the rest of the island.  A  bit difficult to walk on these round stones, especially for my wife, who struggles to keep her balance, walking with a cane. 
In the distance, at the end of the rocks, is forested area, the main body of the island
Today it is calm. But this is the windward side of the island. Most days, waves crash right up on the mound, and in storms, it crashed over to the other side of the island, shaping a hill of rocks behind it.  Other islands in the distance
Trapped in the rocks, are thousands of tree roots and logs, driftwood ,flotsam (Washed off ships) and jetsam (tossed off ships, littering) , and debris.
A cooking pot stands out in the rocks, left for decades on the shore. 
Far to the right, appears to be a field.
Debra Martz
3 weeks ago

Wave Crashing on the Breakers ©Debra Martz Behind the mansions of Newport, RI is the Cliff Walk trail. From the trail, you can admire the mansions on one side and on the opposite the Atlantic Ocean. Vanderbilt's Mansion, The Breakers, took its name from the breakers like this which run along the coastline.

#NewPort #RhodeIsland #AtlanticOcean #Shoreline #Coastal #Breakers #ShopEarly #PhotographyIsArt #BuyIntoArt #GiftThemArt #giftideas #FediGiftShop #DebraMartz

As the blue water of the Atlantic Ocean rolls toward the shoreline, waves crash on rugged gray rocks creating large splashes. Photography by Debra Martz
Solarbird :flag_cascadia:
3 weeks ago

There are 35 minutes left to find a ballot box and put your ballot in it!

#NorthShore #Kenmore #Bothell #LakeForestPark #Shoreline #Briar #SnohomishCounty #SnoHOmish

Babs E. Blue
2 months ago

Happy Monday, #Fediverse

It's a new week.....enjoy all the small discoveries along the way!

"We shall not cease from
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we
And know the place for the first
time" - T.S. Eliot

Photography by me
Lake Michigan, U.S.A

#Monday #shoreline #LakeMichigan #patterns #sand #lake #morning #sky #beach #lighthouse #nature the sand from the receding tide; in the fence along the narrown strip of land; in the rocks that line the sand; on the jetty leading out to the bright red lighthouse...patterns...on a Monday morning... as fall descends on the southern shores of Lake Michigan.
3 months ago

A yellow dog
no, an apparition
a shape then
a memory
a ragged #shoreline
a prairie autumn
wind warning what
was promised
a reminder unneeded—
Across the lake
the moon tips
sundown’s purpling
commands awe with deference
I step out of my shoes
draw my collar high
lean into this howl
of dread

#vsspoem #poetry

3 months ago

Convictions made of sand —
Like how the shoreline
Breaks the ocean,
It matters where you
Make your stand.

September 12th, 2023
#vsspoem prompt: #Shoreline

Share. Boost. Feel it slip away.

#poetry #prompt
#AmWriting #WordedArt

Steven Kennard
3 months ago


Blomidon Beach, Nova Scotia

Hashtags begin here:
#StevenKPosts #Blomidon #Beach #Shoreline #Clouds #Reflection

An inlet curves around a brown sandy shoreline under a sky of low textured clouds. These are reflected in the silver water below. There is a low hill with some trees on the right of the photo.
3 months ago

It's nice to just stop someplace and take it easy for a bit, isn't it?
Commission work.
Character belongs to Nightwaff

#Anthro #Furry #Animal #Digital #FW911 #FurryWrecker911 #Commission #ManedWolf #Male #Wolf #Canine #Motorcycle #Biker #Suzuki #SV #Shoreside #Shoreline #Landscape #Windmill #Daytime #HazySky #Bay #Water

A brown and orange anthropomorphic maned wolf in motorcycle gear leans against his Suzuki SV motorcycle while parked on a foot-path. The foot-path is lined with rocks and bushes that separate it from a bay. The water of the bay reflects the blue sky from above. The maned wold is smiling as he looks over the bay to the opposite shoreline where trees and power generator windmills are located.
A Fool And His Fuji
3 months ago

Coastal Wandering.

Flying the coast north of Maryport, Kar hadn't had a chance of late to fly much so we had a morning out.

#coast #shoreline #waves #aerialvideography #dronevideography #sand #beach #seagulls #naturephotography #nature #landscapephotography #sea #cumbria #cumbriaphotography #lakedistrict #bluesky #waves #shoreline #djiglobal

Aerial video, four in one, showing the coast and beaches of West Cumbria coastline
Solarbird :flag_cascadia:
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I was out #biking and saw a few "Burke Gilman - Interurban Trail interconnect" signs and ended up chasing them down. The southern ones are horrible, the northern ones are similar to how I used to bike to Shoreline Community College for school.

Anyway one thing lead to another and I think this is the least likely to kill you route from Lake Forest Park Town Centre to Alderwood Mall, in case for gods only know what reason you wanted to go there. But as a subset of that, it's also the least bad Burke Gilman<->Interurban (North) connection.

#Seattle #Shoreline #LakeForestPark #BurkeGilman #InterurbanTrail #Kenmore #Lynnwood

Share The Cities
4 months ago

Check out @jp4all who are organizing for more equitable open space near two future light rail stations in Seattle & Shoreline! #seattle #shoreline #LightRail

Laura Loe (Seattle)
4 months ago

Thanks to @jp4all for doing a great action network alert and having such a positive message and great art on your website and for @ShareTheCities for hosting the action form.

#Seattle #LandUse #Trees #Urbanism #StationAreaPlanning #TransitOrientedDevelopment #Parks4All #RenameJacksonPark #GreenCities #GreenZoning #Future

Follow them now!!!

Let folks in #Shoreline know their voices are needed, too!

Dezene Huber 🌻
6 months ago

Exceptional analysis of the 2021 #PNW #heat #dome.

OA 🔗

Quotes: “…(analyses of) deaths in metropolitan #Vancouver found that they were disproportionately in neighborhoods with higher #material and #social #deprivation and lower levels of #green #space…”

“…over one million #mussels were estimated to have died in a mere 100-m stretch of #shoreline…”

“…the #heatwave killed ~10 million #barnacles along a single 100-m stretch of #intertidal #habitat…”

#ClimateChange 🔥🌡️🌎

Quote fig. 1: “Heatwave daily maximum near-surface (2 m) temperatures (TX). a ERA5 reanalysis data maximum 3-day running mean (between 23 June and 02 July 2021) of TX anomalies relative to a daily 1981–2020 climatology (see Methods for more details). b Absolute TX values for 2021 (solid) and 1981–2020 climatology (dashed); black lines: spatial average of ERA5 data over the black box in a, with shading ±1, 2, and 3 standard deviations; red lines: observations from Lytton, British Columbia (BC), denoted by the red triangle in a—missing values from 1 to 5 July are likely due to the wildfire. Black letters and outlines in a show the main Canadian provinces and US states referred to in this study. Gray outlines and letters in a show the eight crop regions in BC, discussed further in the section on Agricultural Yields.”
Quote fig. 2: “Exceedance of previous record high temperatures during a the June 2021 Pacific Northwest heatwave, b the July–August European heatwave of 2003, and c the July–August Russian heatwave of 2010. Filled contours show ERA5 since 1950, whilst individual markers show observational station data in Canada; see Methods for record lengths.
Quote fig 6: “Thermal images showing extreme high surface temperatures during low tide on 28 June, 2021, on a a rocky intertidal shoreline and b within a mussel bed. Scale bars indicate the range in temperature from the coolest to warmest parts of the image, while the value at the upper left indicates the temperature in the cross-hairs at center. Note that the mussels in b have died and are gaping open. A subset of species impacted by the heatwave are shown in c–i, including c bay mussels, Mytilus trossulus, d Pacific oysters, Magallana (= Crassostrea) gigas, e heart cockles, Clinocardium nuttallii, f leather stars, Dermasterias imbricata, g kelp crabs, Pugettia producta, h dogwhelks, Nucella lamellosa, and i barnacles, Chthamalus dalli (upper portion of image) and Balanus glandula (lower portion of image). See Methods for locations and dates of photos in c–i.”
A Fool And His Fuji
6 months ago

We went back to Silloth with the cameras and drones as we were a tad rushed on Friday.

Will get more shots up soon but here's one of the nicely detailed benches.

#urbanphotography #streetphotography #bench #shoreline #coast #abstract #towncentre #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #silloth #seating #metalwork #rust

Monochrome photograph looking along a street bench with a framing of the metal work with the seat of the bench going into the shot
Colour photograph looking along a street bench with a framing of the metal work with the seat of the bench going into the shot
A Fool And His Fuji
6 months ago

Monochrome Coast.

There is a bit of bleakness on the pebble and stone coast here, the BnW treatment lends itself to the atmosphere here well I think.

#concrete #landscape #coast #waterways #beach #shoreline #waves #cumbria #LakeDistrict #sea #water #sand #pebbles #shells #seaweed #fujifilm #landscapephotography #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome

Monochrome black and white photograph of a pebble and stone beach with a cloudy sky and the sea in background
Monochrome black and white photograph of a pebble and stone beach with a cloudy sky and the sea in background
Monochrome black and white photograph of a pebble and stone beach with a cloudy sky and the sea in background
A Fool And His Fuji
6 months ago

Driftwood Pile.

Final shot from our beach morning, just some nice pieces of driftwood on the beach.

#driftwood #wood #landscape #coast #waterways #beach #shoreline #waves #cumbria #LakeDistrict #sea #water #sand #pebbles #shells #seaweed #fujifilm #landscapephotography #parton

Pile of driftwood on the beach at Parton, with sea in background and early morning cloudy sky at sunrise
7 months ago

I'm not really sure what this is? Do you know?

Walking along the beach one day, this larger-than-usual squishy thing appeared. It looked photo-worthy but I didn't explore it further.

Maybe it's some kind of egg sack? I'll see if I have other photos..

#Nature #Shoreline #Beachcombing #Beach #AltText

tiny beach gravel/sand with a few grasses and rock weed bits ,but in the center is a small translucent Jelly-like creature or plant. Might be an egg sack. It's unusual. But interesting. Have a good look, I'll leave it posted until you can ID it for me?
Al Andersen
9 months ago

It was a #foggy #misty kind of day on this October morning at Shore Acres State Park just outside of #Charleston in #Oregon, which is perfect weather for #hiking and #photography.

#cliffs #coast #fog #landscape #LandscapePhotography #mist #ocean #outdoors #PacificOcean #rocks #seascape #ShoreAcresStatePark #shoreline #travel #TravelPhotography #trees #waves

This is an Oregon coast scene taken on a foggy day. Below you, the bedrock from the cliff you're standing on juts out into the green-blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the white frothy surf that has been churned from the relentless action of the waves against the rocks. To your right is a large cliff that edges into the center of the picture frame, the middle of which is hollowed out into a giant sea cave. Above the cliff, almost atop the sea cave, is a fenced viewing area, surrounded by tall evergreens, making one wonder whether there will be people there when the roof of the cave decides to collapse. In the distance you see more tree-topped cliffs that jut across the horizon, ending just before the right frame of this picture.