For now I created a #Shortcut to toggle Appearance (Dark Mode) and have assigned Triple Tap gesture to it.

#ios #iphone #accessibility

Anders Thoresson
7 hours ago

What command do I use in #iOS #Shortcut to iterate over all selected items in a multi-option list?


Isaac Halvorson
21 hours ago

So I’ve got an issue with iOS #shortcuts that I can’t figure out.

I created a #shortcut that simply opens a text box, where I can enter the title of a todo, which is then sent to Reminders. Very simple. (first screenshot)

I put a trigger for this shortcut as a widget on my Lock Screen. (second screenshot)

The issue is, the Lock Screen doesn’t stay active when the text box is open (third screenshot). If I take too long to enter text, it just dims the screen as usual, even if I’m mid-typing.

A screenshot of the Shortcuts app for iOS, showing the details of a simple shortcut that adds a Reminder item.
Screenshot of an iOS Lock Screen, showing a widget button to launch the shortcut in the first screenshot.
Screenshot of the iOS Lock Screen, showing the text box opened when triggering the shortcut from the first screenshot. 📚
22 hours ago

From helping you go between apps more quickly to navigating your system, getting around Windows 11 is a lot easier if you know a keyboard shortcut or five. #microsoft #windows11 #keyboard #shortcut

1 day ago

I created a cool #Shortcut that automatically takes you to the update page in the App Store when you open the App. 🚀 Sometimes though, you‘re hopping around between apps to checkout a few recommended Apps and don’t want to always end up on the updates page. That’s why I use #DataJar by @simonbs to store the last time the updates view was opened. ⌛️

Make sure to set up a personal automation when opening the App Store

Jimmy Little
1 day ago

Want to make your #ActionButton on that shiny new iPhone more useful?

1. Install “Actions” by @sindresorhus
2. Make a conditional #Shortcut.

Now your button does two things. That’s twice as many things, if my math is correct.

Screenshot of the Shortcuts app, showing Ann “if“ conditional block, where the first switch will run any shortcut you choose, and the second switch will open the Camera app
Greg Lowe
5 days ago

Many thanks @gruber! Your #action #button #shortcut saved me a bunch of time. Of course now, the gears are turning and wonder what else I could do with it.

#ios #apple #contextualcomputing

Mike Flynn
5 days ago

What's the best iPhone 15 Pro action button shortcut you've seen or made so far? #iPhone #shortcut

Jimmy Little
5 days ago

So, does #AppleWatchUltra no longer support running a #Shortcut with the Action Button? 😱

Aidan Maurin-Jones
1 week ago

I hope this gets fixed quickly… 🤬🤦‍♂️ Feedback ID: FB13185959

iOS 17 Shortcuts bug:

When I use the dictionary parameter when making a POST request with the set variable action as a value of one of the keys within the dictionary and then close the shortcut and go back into the shortcut the entire dictionary gets replace the by variable created by the set variable action.

#shortcut #ShortcutsApp #applefeedback #ShortcutsUserGroup #shortcuts

1 week ago

Was passiert, wenn ihr im #Firefox ein ^ gefolgt von einem Begriff eingebt?
#quantumbar #shortcut #firefoxfacts

Thomas 🧸
1 week ago

Ich habe einen #Apple-Kurzbefehl erstellt, um YouTube-Videos in #Invidious-Links zu konvertierten.

Edit: Der Shortcut funktioniert offenbar nur bei ganz klassischen Weblinks ohne Referrer und auch nicht bei Kurzlinks etc., ich kann‘s aber nicht besser. Falls sich jemand auskennt, möge die Person den Kurzbefehl gerne verbessern und teilen.


LoKan Sardari 🚀
2 weeks ago

Jusqu’à maintenant, j'utilisais Firefox comme navigateur et j'étais repassé sur Reminders depuis la WWDC, pour laisser une chance.

Entre temps, passage sur #Brave et depuis ce matin je reviens sur @things pour organiser les activités du site.

J'avais oublié que je peux utiliser "Quick Entry with Autofill" avec Brave ou Safari, et que je peux configurer un #Shortcut sur iPhone pour faire la même chose que "Remind Me Faster". Un clic et hop, je peux saisir. 📚
3 weeks ago

Use this simple method to reopen a browser tab to make your browsing life is better. #browser #keyboard #shortcut

3 weeks ago

Little GNOME keyboard shortcut I just discovered: Ctrl+Shift+, opens an emoji dialog. Works in every GTK text view widget!

#GNOME #keyboard #shortcut #keyboardshortcut #Emoji #GTK

Made myself a automation / shortcut to the iOS focusses, also made 2 simple wallpapers that show what kind of focusses they are (Replic) is personal, (NS) is work, I might even consider making more, its fun x3
#shortcut #automation #furry #ios #work

a shortcut / automation showing how the screens change to the focus it is set via a icon
3 weeks ago

Does anyone have a shortcut that can use a geofence to turn wifi calling on and off on an iPhone? Is such a thing possible? (I want to use WiFi calling at home - where it works well - and nowhere else)

#apple #iPhone #shortcut #automation #geofence

3 weeks ago

No shortcut's worthwhile —
All I admire
Came the long way.

September 7th, 2023
#vsspoem prompt: #Shortcut

Share. Boost. Move along.

#poetry #prompt
#AmWriting #WordedArt

3 weeks ago

Ok now, humanity is really doomed to extinction. For its stupidity.
#BreakingNews, indeed. 😱
#GreatWallOfChina #Diggers #Shortcut

Two people detained for digging shortcut through Great Wall of China | China | The Guardian 📚
3 weeks ago

Apple's macOS keyboard shortcuts are worth knowing because they can save you precious minutes every day, which adds up over time. Here are 7 you should get to know. #apple #macos #keyboard #shortcut

Herbert Hertramph
3 weeks ago

iOS-Shortcut für Paperless-ngx (via API) - funktioniert sehr flott - Dateien können einfach über das Teilen-Menü an Paperless übergeben werden.
Danke an @kleinheld für den Tipp!

#paperless #paperlessngx #ios #shortcut #scan #pdf

Mike Flynn
1 month ago

I published a new #shortcut last night that takes a date and looks in to your calendar to generate a short text-snippet of your availability that day.

I have a video explainer on the page, but the point is that I don't ever want to create a list of times I’m available for a meeting ever again!

#Apple #iOS #macOS #ipadOS

A screenshot of my explainer video about the Availability Shortcut. 📚
1 month ago

You can be a seasoned Windows user, but you may still not know every shortcut available. Here are 12 keyboard shortcuts you may not know. #windows #keyboard #shortcut

1 month ago

One year ago, we took three months off and traveled through Southern Africa! 🇿🇦🇳🇦🇧🇼🇿🇼🇿🇲🇲🇼🇹🇿
Every day, I use a #Shortcut to surface a few random photos from the day one year ago. Additionally, I utilize the @drafts action to open my journal entry of that day. It allows me to reflect on what we saw and learned. 😍
In the upcoming weeks, I'll be sharing some photos from that incredible trip. Stay tuned! 🤩

Herbert Hertramph
1 month ago

@kleinheld ausprobiert - super! Damit kann ich sogar auf direktem Weg meine Obsidian-Dokumente an Paperless übergeben! Toll!

#paperless #paperlessngx #obsidian #ios #shortcut

1 month ago

TIL you can configure shortcuts in Visual Studio Code with:
File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts

Added duplicate (Ctrl+D), very happy now
#VSCode #Shortcut #Programming

Rob Lisenko
1 month ago

Does anyone know in #MacOS of a way to use ShortCuts/Automator/AppleScript to launch all the files/aliases in a specific folder?

On the MacPowerUsers' podcast they shared #Shortcut of a handy #AppleScript that runs a specific Moom Snapshot of given windows arranged. It works great, and prior to this I have a folder in my taskbar of aliases of ~dozen programs I like open while coding, after opening that folder I use cmd-A and cmd-O to run them, but is there a way to automate this step?

Herbert Hertramph
1 month ago

Klappt gut z.B. für schnelle Erfassung von Notizen unterwegs: Obsidian-Link zu einer bestimmten Notiz kopieren und auf Lockscreen legen. Bei mir mit der App Launcher, sollte aber auch mit einem Kurzbefehl machbar sein.

#Obsidian #iOS #Shortcut

Matt Hodges
2 months ago

I've created another #iOS #shortcuts — "Simple arXiv Summary". When on an #arxiv page, it collects the content of the abstract and passes it to the #Bing #AI app and requests, "Explain this abstract from an academic paper in terms a high school student would understand." The Bing #LLM then generates a summary. No API keys required, just need the app. You can get the #shortcut here:

@MattHodges @matthewcassinelli What a cool idea! Can you share that #Shortcut?

3 months ago

Each week, I have an automated #iOS #Shortcut that pops up with a predefined checklist.

I call it my ‘Weekly Check-in’ and I use it to keep myself sane!


3 months ago

Get things done! 💪
Want to know how to fix keyboard conflicts in Vivaldi?

Jack Wallen from Tech Republic explains how! 👇

#browser #shortcut #HowTo #productivity

3 months ago

#iOS users not wanting to open #twitter links on or struggling with (a twitter to #activitypub gateway) frequently being unresponsive can create a #shortcut to open those links in #nitter.

iOS shortcut that opens twitter links in nitter.
Ben Lovell
4 months ago

@jasonraimondi My most used #Shortcut right now is a little one I wrote to calculate my #Mileage for work travel. I enter starting odometer reading when I head out, and the ending reading and destination when I return. It does the math and saves it to a CSV file in #Dropbox. At the end of the month it adds up the total and I print off a nifty little spreadsheet to turn in for reimbursement.

Markus Targiel
4 months ago

Hier findet ihr einen #Shortcut namens #Twoot fürs #iPhone, der gleichzeitig einen #Tweet auf #Twitter und einen #Toot bei #Mastodon absetzt.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 months ago

In case you're still a fan of "both sides".

This iOS shortcut lets you post to your Twitter and Mastodon accounts at the same time

#IOS #Shortcut #Twitter #Mastodon

A screenshot of an iPhone 14 Pro showing a shortcut running accepting a post to send to both Twitter and Mastodon.
Sharing good Moments
4 months ago

#OrganicMaps directed us to our next destination (a special lake) via a long and steep climb on the main road.
To avoid this, we followed the hiking route from Fundão via Alto das Piçarrinhas to Penhas da Saúde. This #shortcut was challenging to ride, we had to push our bikes frequently. After a chilly night #camping in a pine forest at an altitude of ~850m, we spent the second day mostly pushing our bikes again. although we enjoyed being alone with nature and listening to the birds singing.

5 months ago

@box464 Your "Ice Refills" #Shortcut for #iOS seems to have stopped working on my iPhone. Possibly after the update to #ios1641 though I'm pretty sure I've seen it work since then.

So I made a home screen shortcut to the @dimillian GitHub, and it fails the same way - tap it and the color changes for a moment but nothing else happens.

But both of them work properly from inside the iPhone #Shortcuts app, and both work even on the home screen on my iPad (also 16.4.1).

Do you see this issue?

Senhor Schlauschlau 🪐
5 months ago

@andybaio Is there an #iOS #shortcut that stops music playback on all devices (e.g. HomePod mini) when a call comes in?

Senhor Schlauschlau 🪐
5 months ago

#Question: Is there an #iOS #shortcut that stops music playback on all devices (e.g. #HomePod mini) when a call comes in?


Sophos X-Ops
5 months ago

The Windows #shortcut pointed to a #PowerShell command. Obviously, because that's totally normal, right? 🙄​

But the shortcut had been modified so that the Target field in its Properties sheet appeared blank.

Apparently there's a little bug in Windows. Microsoft already knows about it, because it was revealed in a blog post by researcher a year ago. If you mess around with a shortcut and prepend a big chunk of "space" characters, the Target field still works but the command will be hidden from the end user.

The threat actor used this exact technique.

The command executed by the Windows shortcut is a PowerShell "Invoke-WebRequest" download of a VBS.

#GuLoader #Remcos #maltax #malware


The actual command executed by the Windows shortcut is a PowerShell "Invoke-WebRequest" download of a VBS
Sophos X-Ops
5 months ago

We did get a copy of the original Zip archive from the #MDR investigation. The attacker (or the cloud provider) had already pulled down the file by the time we got to it but the customer still had a copy. We then began looking for similar files on OSINT sources and found a bunch more.

The Zip files contained two files, each. One is a Windows #shortcut file, and the other was a benign file.

The benign file was an MP3 recording of a live music performance - a file that sounds like someone playing an Oud, the stringed instrument similar to a lute used widely in the middle east. (If any musical aficionados can confirm the instrument or identify the song, reach out to @threatresearch and let him know.)

We've uploaded the recording here:

But although the file was legitimately an MP3, you can see they were named with the wrong file suffix. If you double-click the benign file, Windows says it can't open it. So it encourages the recipient to double-click the other icon, the one that looks like it's supposed to be a PDF document.

It wasn't a PDF document.

#GuLoader #Remcos #maltax


A screenshot of the contents extracted from two zip files used in an attack. Each Zip had two files inside. One file is a Windows shortcut with a PDF icon, and the other file was a benign file - the same benign file, in fact, renamed with a different name and extension.
César Pinto Castillo
7 months ago

@tomk I modified the challenge and made a #shortcut that fetches the Odometer from my #Tesla, loads my current location and then asks the user the reason for the trip.

Once this is done it uses an App Intent to send this to my app Volante which is a trip journal app. I need to have all my car trips logged for tax reasons.

It took me some time to figure it out, but it works 😍

Jeff Sikes
7 months ago

An easy but useful #Apple #Shortcut for iOS / iCloud+ subscribers. Get the most of the “Hide my Email” option! It’s easy to use when you’re in Safari or email, but sometimes you need to use the feature outside of those scenarios.

This shortcut opens the dialog directly, without having to dig through your settings. Note that it might take a few seconds for the modal window to pop up, but it will!

7 months ago

Pro tip: ⌘ + ⌥ + > cycles through font weights.
#figma #design #shortcut

Jeff Byrnes
8 months ago

@Ofsevit if you’re on iOS or macOS, this #Shortcut by @justin might help

Now running my #Shortcut that exports my iCloud Photo Library photos so I can back them up to another disk. Of course, with a One Thing action inside "Repeat with Each" to see its progress.

8 months ago

🔗 I made a small #shortcut for easily creating an PURL from the iOS sharesheet:

Super barebones so far but I’ve already been using it as a personal URL shortener! #omglol

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
8 months ago

@JonnyT I don’t disagree it’s useful. I disagree that it widely serves an #accessibility issue.

For those who need it, add-ons like the one @rrwo found exist. Heck, I just whipped up this two-step #shortcut for #Mac, #iPhone, or #iPad you can use by sharing any image from any app, as well as files in the Mac Finder. Enjoy.

Darby Lines
9 months ago

I have a #Shortcut set up on my #Mac that fires off all my work apps, sets the lighting scene for my office and starts my office fan…I really need to add a conditional to that last bit based on the temperature.

10 months ago

Met deze (Mac/iOS) shortcut kun je sneller reageren op Mastodon berichten op andere instances:

#shortcut #mastodon

matt 🦕
10 months ago

Been playing around with #AppleShortcuts to make a one-click follow for off-instance profiles.

Mainly I'm trying to solve the issue of being linked to a profile and having to jump through to your own instance to follow, this #Shortcut will store your instance when first run and then will build a URL to the profile using your instance.

This is my first step into the #Fediverse so lemme know how useful this is or if there're other approaches out there