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My Summer Friend
Chapter 2
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My Summer Friend
Chapter 2
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Warming up for Christmas 🎄 :blobamused: :bloblul:

I've also tried out Alpaca after ages .... and I gotta say I'm quite impressed. It's a really really usable program out of the box.

The only flaw I could find is the fact I can't turn off the outline on the brush cursor, which is kinda annoying (to me). Other than that, It's freaking awesome program!

I haven't tried comic/manga tools yet though. :blobheart: :blobuwu:

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Commission for the lovely @RoyMaster56

Be careful about going backstage...

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Kushy Draws
10 hours ago

Geno from super Mario RPG
But this time is a boyo not a puppet!

#shota #shotacon #geno #cute #boyo

Kushy Draws
19 hours ago

Wanna go for a round of crossed wands with #LucanBrattleby in #hogwartslegacy ?
He's such a cute #shota

(Imma gonna do more variants later)
#shotacon #boy #shota

shota wife SMILES at another man like a WHORE

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2 days ago

probably going to end up coloring this but for now take some shota breeding ! :blobcheer:
my boy Momo being knotted by @meowldoodles ’s boy Aiko !! aren’t they the cutest :catto_blush:

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Satou Lofthouse
2 days ago

Well, it' better than it was.

- Every pose will always need help to fix those hands and to stop extra limbs from appearing.

- Hair is slightly too dark, but I would rather just fix that in post processing by now

- hair highlights are weird. It struggles to understand the concept even though it's easy. The main highlight should be straight across, and then there should be three random dot highlights on the hair on the side where the highlight ends.

- Didn't like the idea of nipples much.


- Shaded weirdly in the chest area.

#kurokazamiya in the speedo is mine, and the other image i straight from the anime to compare.

#shota #shotacon #shounenmaidkurokun #stablediffusion

Clean ver./乾淨版😋

#shota #shotacon


Kai: Wow! We have so many views on our streaming this time!
Hanyu: I still feel a bit embarrassed though...
Shufan: !?? What streaming?!

#shota #shotacon

I've finally finished creating the models, so get ready for possible video with The Supersons (Jon Kent & Damian Wayne), Batman & Superman. 😍 I'm so looking forward to working on that.

#shota #shotacon #supersons #robin #batman #superman #jonkent #clarkkent #damianwayne #brucewayne #thesupersons #3dcg #animation #video #3dgay #yaoigay #yaoishota #gayshota

Satou Lofthouse
4 days ago

Gonna need to retrain and take some thing out of the data set. It is spawning in so many extra limb all the time, the bow and outfits never look right... I had to crop the hands out of the shot due to how awful they looked. The hair is kinda washed out, and it didn't seem to understand how to do the highlights. I have tried so many of my epochs... I have tried a lot of different checkpoints too.

#stablediffusion #kurokazamiya #shounenmaidkurokun #shota #shotacon

4 days ago

The goat boy showing his other tail is also real :blobsmilehappyeyes:

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4 days ago

Nicole X Gumball X Darwin

Literally had to learn Blender for this one

All the art I post is currently free
If you like it, consider 5$ on Ko-Fi:

#shota #shotacon #gumball #gumballwatterson #nicolewatterson #theamazingworldofgumball #tawog #darwinwatterson #rule34 #nsfw

Jerking it .
A lil animation from me.

commission info :

Contact :
Discord : KaiserLix#1535


#shota #boy #animated #gay #shotacon

Kushy Draws
5 days ago

New commission finished, thank you so much for the support!
#shota #shotacon #cute #boyo

#shota #shotacon #incest

i hate to do this while i already have owed stuff but commissions are open and somewhat necessary, as i don't have the clothes right now for funeral stuff. i take ko-fi, cashapp (preferred), and paypal. i don't have a commission sheet as of now but i'm also open to discussing prices to work with you. i'll post some random pieces so you can get a feel for my art style. nsfw, kink, lolisho, and a bunch of other stuff are available and open for discussion, i'm not going to be as strict on my 'won't do' list with these for obvious reasons. i will tel you, however, if i don't have experience in what you're wanting so you can make the choice.

#commission #commissions #art #artist #AethyArt #AethyArtist #loli #lolicon #shota #shotacon #furry #kink #kinky #KinkArt #FurryArt #pony #mlp #MyLittlePony #MLPFIM #anime #sketch #rgrk

wawawa very quick mini comic before bed, helped get me in the drawing mood so things will be getting wips pretty soon :3 enjoy little sylys getting treated pretty rough, i forgot his tail but oh well o7

#shota #shotacon #noncon #nsfw #crying #sketch #art #artist #AethyArt #agegap

a small, injured shota with his arms tied behind his back. he appears distressed and says 'please, please don't'. there is a low effort penis drawn covering his genitals.
the same shota in the same pose, now sobbing openly as the penis enters his vagina, causing him to bleed. he says 'it hurts, stop it'.
a final version of the same shota in the same pose, seemingly tired from the attack. he is sniffling and quietly sobbing, with blood and cum appearing to ooze out of his pussy.
Satou Lofthouse
3 weeks ago

This post mentions genitals and some fetish stuff but only the words for the with no details, so I will not put this behind a censor. It is all Stable Diffusion related, but since there are no images, I am not required to censor the post. If that is too much, skip this. A lot of #loli #lolicon and #shota #shotacon titles are mentioned, but no details are described.


I think I'm gonna make a list of animes (and games) I have noticed don't really have loras yet and go from there. I'll see what I can do later on in regards to making them turn out. I will be putting the series' here even if there are loras if the loras are of a different style than the show (trained on fanart), trained poorly (can't change their outfits and/or backgrounds because the things were baked into the lora, their faces look bad from different angles...), if the loras are bad because they require you to use an obscure checkpoint instead of one everyone uses, if the checkpoint is a problem because it can't produce hentai or CAN do it but the anatomy is very bad, if the lora is only for SD XL because I am working with 1.5 only, if it produces lots of duplicates/twins/triplets, extra limbs/limbs in the wrong places, and/or lots of cropped heads and body parts.

Will add to this as I think of more shows (and some games) I wanna do.

You can filter this whole post if you like. I'll be updating it a lot and you may get tired of seeing it. This is mostly for me.

Series and games:

- Boku no Pico
- Shounen Maid Kuro-kun
- Ecchi na Shintai Sokuetei:
- Dokidoki Little Ooyasan
- Shoujo Ramune
- Chicchana Onaka
- Ichinen Buri no
- Oyasumi Sex
- Shoujo Kyouiku RE
- Hajimete no Orusuban
- Pita Ten
- Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
- Asa Made Jugyou Chu:
- Eiken:
-Valkyrie Drive Mermaid:
- R-15
- Bottle Fairy
- Ichigo Mashinaro (I saw loras for them, but I need to try them myself and see if they work
- Vampire Knight
- Loveless
- Mermaid Melody
- Demon Master Chris
-Kyonyuu Fantasy
- Imouto paradise (game only)
- Strawberry Panic (most of the characters)
- Simoun
- Sugar Sugar Rune
- Powerpuff Girls Z
- Sukisho
- 11eyes
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (don't get your hopes up too high)
- Sonic X (will be more complex in that I will have to do extra to be able to make hentai of it)
- Undertale (this is gonna take forever because I will need to make all the characters except the humans from scratch because I am never going to train a lora or checkpoint or anything with fanart. I need to do this all myself, however I will be using Momo from To Love Ru as a base for the hair and go from there)

Concept loras:

- Scat
- Fingering that actually looks correct and doesn't cause the fingers to just melt into the flesh
- Dicks for inpainting
- Pussies for inpainting
- Improved exhibitionist loras
- Todcon lora
- Anime style pacifier lora
- Some specific clothing loras for inpainting
- Some very specific shoes because that would be awesome
- Better facial expressions
- Holding blank signs (for writing a message on. Could be fun for memeing)
- Fixing side view faces (for those loras where the source material was so bad they couldn't get a good side view in the first place)
- Inpaint fixes for other loras (like where the hair pins don't turn out that great in the other person's lora)


- R-15
- Wataten
- Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi
- Pita Ten:
- Pride style with a variety of flag combos. Needs to be able to do shirts, skirts, socks, pins, bows, eyes, and hair

Clothing loras:

11eyes school uniform
Kuro Kazamiya's green bow lingerie outfit
Fight Ippatsu Juuden-chan charger girl outfit


- pose checkpoint for depth maps. Requirements: no cropped heads, no backgrounds, no clothes, no hair, perfect anatomy, perfect hands, variety of body types, variety of face types. Will figure out lighting one day.

Satou Lofthouse
3 weeks ago

Uncensored a #bokunopico screenshot, but the dick is too big. I'm still happy it turned out this well, but it was an uphill battle both ways to get here.

#shota #shotacon #stablediffusion

Satou Lofthouse
4 weeks ago

I need money to live and can't get a real job due to disability, so...

I'm still learning, but I have improved lately and was wondering if anyone would be interested in commissioning generated ship art with #stablediffusion in the style of their fave shows? I have some limits, but most of the limits are just basically because it's out of my power, so I'll split them apart.

I am willing to do anything as long as it doesn't break my morals, break the law, or is just out of my power. Anything.


Personal limits: (limits I am willing to break but only if given thousands of dollars, which will never happen)

- I will only use loras of official art. What I mean by this is that I don't want to steal someone else's art style or characters because I would feel uncomfortable taking bread from their table like that.

- I won't do realism (to avoid breaking the law, and to avoid making anyone who has that face sue me). (Only rule I cannot break at all. I am not about to go to jail.)

- I will not ship real minors (people under the age of 18) with anyone, even if they are drawn as cartoon/anime, and even if they are being shipped with a non real character. I won't even if it is just making them hold hands and/or kiss and/or date. They're real people man. No.

- I will not ship real people (even if it's their anime/cartoon/furry persona/rp character) that are literally related to each other in real life. Once again, those are real people. No.

- No spiders, clusters of holes, or vomit.

- I will politely decline if you find a new limit that I am not willing to cross.


Limits of Stable Diffusion:

- It still struggles with genitals, especially dicks. I can barely get it to generate a normal-looking cut dick, so I cannot do uncut. Plus, I am not a fan anyway.

- I cannot guarantee that furry dicks will be accurate either. I can try, but I am not sure how they are supposed to look depending on the animal, and I am not sure how to fix it if it is wrong. I can try, but I cannot promise it'll be great.

- I can attempt any pose and kink/fetish, but know that not everything is available yet to try due to limitations (what people are allowed to post on Civitai). Some things turn out wrong (like peeing coming from the vagina and not the urethra on girls). I will do what i can to help.

- Your characters may not exist yet on Civitai, which means I would need to make a lora. And sometimes your lora does exist already, but they made it so poorly, that I it's unacceptable. I may need to test and see if your characters are able to turn out before I commit to trying what you want me to do.

- Fingers in vaginas and other various orfices haven't been turning out well, but I can try and figure that out for you.

Let me know what your needs are, and what your budget is, and I'll see what I can do for you! in the comments is a picture of the first decent generated ship art I managed to make.

I can do more than these, but I will need to add more tags as I think of more: #loli #lolicon #lolisho #shota #shotacon #todcon #toddlercon #incest #agegap #enemiestolovers #furry #anthro #feral #scat #watersports #hentai #yaoi #yuri

I am also able to make you a lora for anything you like (as long as it doesn't break the law, or go against my morals)! Stable Diffusion allows you to do anything you want to, so if it isn't within what I am able or willing to do, you can take the lora and do anything you want to with it, and I am happy to help you out with that. I can write fics as well, and I don't use AI for writing, however if you want some fanart in the fic as well, that will cost extra due to the level of extra stuff I would be doing to make it more interesting.

If these terms are to your liking, feel free to contact me at satoulofthouse(at) to discuss your budget and what you wish to achieve. Have a very good day!

Satou Lofthouse
1 month ago

Took a screenshot from #shounenmaidkurokun and used ai to get Kuro a non pixelated dick. It was hard and it took 45 tries to get it this good, and I couldn't make it stop being slightly blurry upon closer inspection. But It's a start. This was especially hard due to the level of pixelization there was to try and get rid of the issues. I think this would go much better on images that aren't as pixelated to begin with, and on a dick that isn't so small due to how far away the viewer is from the dick on screen.

#stablediffusion #hentai #yaoi #nsfw #shota #shotacon #agegap

dont just stare he might scratch you !!!

#genshinimpact #genshin #shota #shotacon #hybrid

unlucky benny cant fit in his pants </3 so sad so sad

#genshinimpact #genshin #shota #shotacon

rlly old art i dont think i posted

#GenshinImpact #genshin #shota #shotacon

1 month ago

A little 14 year old kitty sits in front of you eagerly waiting to be played with. Do you engage with your new pet?

#furry #furryart #cub #teen #Petplay #nsfw #shota #shotacon

forgor to post earlier but todays my birthdayyy

#cub #shota #shotacon

1 month ago

Would you let an eager high school boy suck your cock?

#furry #furryart #yiff #shota #shotacon #cub #nsfw #nsfwart #teen

Candy Loves to Draw
2 months ago

Hello everyone!​:blobcat_blush:​​:blobcat_blush:​​:blobcat_blush:​

I'm originally from
Fedibird, Aethy, and Misskey!
I use them often, and I also love to learn Japanese and other languages!

I hope I can make friends here!!!
#introduction #lolicon_ #shotacon #proship #profiction #profic #problematic #lgbtqia+ #iceshrimp #artist #artistoficeshrimp #artistofmastodon #mastodonartist

Satou Lofthouse
4 months ago

Even if I can't do what you're looking for, can you (anyone reading this) tell me what you would want that you'd be willing to pay as little as $5 or as much as $2000 for? I am willing to go get the skills necessary to make it happen. There are no stupid answers. If you want something, I can try to make it happen. check bottom of the post for what the money goes towards)

I'm talking art-wise and maybe even story wise if you're interested in a fic. I could gen something for you, or I could try and make a 3d model for you or something. I'm a little desperate, so i guess my limit will be "keep real person stuff to where both people are at least 18 right now irl", "don't ask me to make content with a real adult and a minor even if the minor is fictional", and " don't ask for me to generate anything where the characters look realistic while asking for underage", and these will be the only limits. If you wish to talk more about these limits, private message me.

Tagging for reach to try and find customers:

#hentai #loli #lolicon #shota #shotacon #lolisho #kodocon #todcon #toddlercon #yandere #guro #candygore #enemiestolovers #incest #agegap #bdsm #scat #piss #furry #furries #cub #feral #noncon #dubcon #somnophilia #nsfw #sfw #ageplay #ocs #selfshipping, #rpf, #rps #proship #proshipping #profic #profiction #comship #AethyCommission #commission #commissions

I can do more than these (attempt to), just don't know what else to tag.

I can't really do realism (don't know how) so yeah. The more 2d the better, btw.

The money goes towards very basic essentials like food, my car payment, and my school payment. Thank you in advance. I love you.

4 months ago

the new hire finally got his ID.....!
#shota #shotacon

4 months ago

gettin friendly with the new hire...!
#lolicon #shota #loli #shotacon

No, Rosie, we don’t. We KNOW that people can be triggered by certain things, and we actively work on making good community that doesn’t hurt people. Antis like you are why lolis have a bad rep. You make it seem like we’re the problem instead of ACTUAL predators.

#antis #proship #l0li #shota #shotacon #lolicon #proshipper #proshipping #art #artist #Twitter #X

Been seeing people do intro posts so I might as well take a crack at it.

Hey, I'm Meow (She/Her) and I'm an very amateur writer. I mainly like #shotacon but I do like #lolicon too. I'm both #proship and #profic . I post mainly NSFW stuff with some SFW fluff and minimal bitching on the side. My favorite color are blue, gold, and anything pastel and my favorite pokemon are Meowscarada, Sylveon, Vaporeon, Zoroark(especially hisuian form), Goodra, Noivern, Banette, Sableye, Riolu, and Lucario.

I'm a heavy #selfshipper and have a big list of F/Os that I may or may not post at some point. I'm pro-para. My DNI is meant for pro-contact pedophiles, zoophiles and necrophiles and those who support pro-contact pedos, zoos, and necrophiles. What I like in fiction does not define me or my morals in real life.

I like a wide variety of fandoms but the ones I write about the most are:


I'm for some reason fixated on these five the most so I'll be posting about them the most.

Aethy has proved to be pretty damn chill so far. I've been here a week and it's been pretty refreshing so much so that getting on Twitter and seeing how much discourse happens there is actually kinda stressful to me. I used to use Tumblr as well but that place is crawling with antis and I get terminated every time so I like it here instead. Smaller community, but definitely a better community.

Other than that I'm the weirdo who likes #lactation and #ovipostion . Idk I think both are hot whether it's me lactating and egg laying or if it's a character doing it.

Satou Lofthouse
5 months ago

If anyone wants to enjoy fandom the way it's meant to be with no discourse of any kind, no irritating shipping discourse labels, and no talk of irl desires, you should apply to join my server! It's adults only, but if you want totally sfw spaces, you can def make some, as the server is forum-based.

Content you'll find within the server, and also very easily be able to avoid if any of it is too much for you: #hentai #loli #lolicon #shota #shotacon #lolisho #kodocon #todcon #toddlercon #yandere #guro #candygore #enemiestolovers #incest #agegap #bdsm #scat #piss #furry #furries #cub #feral #noncon #dubcon #nsfw #sfw #ocs #selfshipping (and many more that I haven't thought of yet)

We also have areas for Real Person Shipping ( #rps ) and Real Person Fiction ( #rpf ), but those areas have stronger rules due to the fact that those people are real. If you need clarifications as to the rules pertaining RPF and live action characters/people, check the comments of this post.

It's also possible to use a tag that let's people know you don't want to see any prompt engineered content in the room(s) you make. The tag is noaiart (without the spaces). You can also ask for people to not ship certain things in your room(s), but you will need to list the ships you don't want in there. If people aren't a fan of your rules, they can make another room. So long as you're respectful about your rooms' rules, you may have as many as you like and curate your server experience to your heart's content!

Tagging for extra reach, although these fandom shipping discourse labels words will not be used within the server: #proship #profic #comship

(I did this on my twitter, but I'll post it here for people who don't know)

Key for the emojis in my bio:

⚰️🕊️ - Dead Dove
🌈🍖 - Proship
🍯🧸 - Shotacon
🍭🎒 - Lolicon (Interchangeable with 🐰🎒)
🍼🐹 - Toddlercon

#DeadDove #DeadDoveDoNotEat #Proship #Shotacon #Lolicon #toddlercon

Satou Lofthouse
6 months ago

Doing this post so i don't lose track of what I've done so far, and also so people can see what I've done.

Art generation requests I have completed for practice:

1. White haired blue eyed #loli touching herself:

2. Dark skin, green eyed, blue haired trans #shota spreading pussy open:

3. Two lolis with different hair colors and facial expressions, semi-nude:

#stablediffusion #hentai #lolicon #shotacon #lolisho

Satou Lofthouse
6 months ago

Got a request for a trans #shota with blue hair, green eyes, dark skin, and spreading his pussy open. This went a lot better than I expected once I found the right lora! couldn't get the t dick clit to happen but I would have been surprised if that had worked.

#shotacon #hentai #boypussy #stablediffusion

Satou Lofthouse
6 months ago

I'm feeling confident in my abilities and would like to take some requests and see what I can generate! if there is something specific you are looking for, you can browse and send me loras, textual inversions, and lycoris that have what you're looking for: characters, outfits, expressions, concepts, poses... etc.

Shipping will be way harder to do, but I can manage it, surely.

You can ask for sfw stuff as well. In fact, if you want me to, you could send me something you drew, and I could also use image to image and you could see what it would look like in another art style if you're interested. Since Stable diffusion is run locally, it wouldn't be feeding the AI your art information into a collective, if you know what I mean. Basically, it's safe. If you have any questions, let me know, and I'll clarify stuff.

So send me a detailed request of what you would like to see! If you're new to Aethy/Mastodon, you can change your comment on this post to a message if you are feeling anxious about other people seeing your request by clicking or tapping on the button that looks like a globe.

If you want to see the requests I've already completed, you can look here:

#stablediffusion #lolicon #shotacon #hentai #cub #kodocon #furry #fetish #kink #shipping

RND | Wenn Kinder Kinderpornografie verbreiten: Was Eltern über Sexting und den Internetkonsum ihrer Kinder wissen sollten
#Lolicon #Shotacon #Manga

Marek Küthe
9 months ago

For context, this was a response I got when I asked the question on the following meme.

#shota #shotacon #hentai #bokunopico

You can see a picture on light yellow/beige background. Under it there is a text in red. On the picture you can see the two main characters of Boku no Pico from Episode 2, which are two young boys. One with brown hair, the other has longer (sterotypical: girlish) blond hair.
Underneath it says: "R: 60 / I: 11". Underneath it says the following:
"Why did god give boys a g-spot in the butt if he didn't want boys to have sex and then made gay sex a sin?"
10 months ago

Hi, I'm BoySlides, making another intro on another blog. I really hope I can find back some of the followers I lost when I deleted my first Pawoo blog shortly after moving there. That was a debacle, Pawoo needs to get better at moderation. I am a cis gay male #shotacon and occasional #lolicon in his 30s. #shota #loli I'm into #Genshin, #MHA, and #MadeInAbyss. I like #Aether, #Cyno, #Bennett, #Razor, #Chongyun, #Xingqiu, #Venti, #Nahida, and #Dori. I like Qiqi but not in a shipping way, she's too innocent. I love seeing and reading about horrible things happening to #Deku. I have a #footfetish and like seeing #toes poking out of slide sandals or flip flops. I also have a fetish for penis inspection and rectal temps. Kind of a #medfet, but it's just as hot when #daddy does it as it is when a doctor does it. It's the embaresment, I think. #ddlb #dadson #gaymedfet #cmnm I'm on AO3. I like role-playing as a shota or daddy.