Arpon Basu 🤖
5 hours ago

Mathieu Joseph scores his second of the game, both on snipes off the rush. #showcase

6 days ago

Redebut was fun! next time i really need to practice what i wanna say lol
Have a quick toggles showcase c:
(retexture by AnwenStarr // Model by Eliza)
#vtuber #redebut #expression #model #showcase #vrc #vrchat #furry

Daniel Schier 🐧🍪
6 days ago

During the #ansible community day, I was asked about my terminal.

Well, my overall theme is coming from the awesome Catpuccin project. My prompt is made with Starship and the initial "fetch" is small tool, written in Go, mostly for myself. And the font is FiraMono Nerd Font.

Here are the links to said projects:


#bash #prompt #theme #looks #terminal #shell #linux #opensource #showcase

A terminal, showcasing a cute "fetch" at the beginning, made out of a bunny, and some system information like the logged in user, the operating system and the time.

The prompt is showing additional information like the git branch, last command result and versions of the runtime for a project directory.
50+ Music
2 weeks ago

"Boogie Fever" is a song recorded by #LosAngeles, #California-based #RAndB group #theSylvers, from their 1975 album #Showcase. Their most lucrative single, it reached No. 1 in the US on both the Billboard Hot 100 and #HotSoulSingles charts as well as reaching No. 1 in #Canada on the RPM national singles chart in 1976. It was their third of nine Top 20 R&B hits and first top 40 pop single. Billboard ranked it as the #No20SongFor1976.

Chris Biscardi
3 weeks ago

scrolling through #showcase and #crates channels in the #bevyengine discord is so inspiring. I wish I had more time to make games with all of the cool things people make.

@johanhelsing 's work is amazing as always

A portals implementation:

Voxel meshing algorithms:


3 weeks ago

[YouKraut] Vorstellung: Alle Space Marines bemalt / Warhammer 40.000 Leviathan (Minis, Tabletop, Chefoberboss)

Nach etlichen Mal Tutorials habe ich nun alle Space Marines aus der Warhammer 40.000 Leviathan Box komplett bemalt und stelle euch diese im folgenden Video mit den jeweiligen aktuellen Einheitenkarten vor:


#Chefoberboss #Showcase #YouKraut

🥳 Happy Thursday! I’m excited to release the big 2.0 update to my album player @longplay today.

Where 1.0 focussed on discovery and the album wall, 2.0 focusses on the listening experience and organising your albums.

There's a now playing screen, album shuffle, CarPlay and more. Free update for existing users.

Read about the story behind the update and what's next:

#IndieDev #iOS #showcase #music

Row of four iPhone screenshots:
- The album wall, which now has a collection picker
- The new now playing screen, including a shuffle button
- The various sort orders, including the new Memory sorting
- An in-app dictionary of the sort orders
50+ Music
1 month ago

"Boogie Fever" is a song recorded by #LosAngeles, #California-based #RAndB group #theSylvers, from their 1975 album #Showcase. Their most lucrative single, it reached No. 1 in the US on both the Billboard Hot 100 and #HotSoulSingles charts as well as reaching No. 1 in #Canada on the RPM national singles chart in 1976. It was their third of nine Top 20 R&B hits and first top 40 pop single. Billboard ranked it as the #No20SongFor1976.

Malaysia Public Transport
1 month ago

Railway Assets Corporation (#RAC) Chief Executive Officer, Mr Azhar Ahmad briefed the 10 high potential #railway #land sites offered at the RAC #Property #Showcase 2023 today.

All of the land with a total area of ​​369.452 acres is located in 6 states, including #Johor and #KualaLumpur.

CEO of RAC presenting the railway lands that are available to be developed.
CEO of RAC presenting the railway lands that are available to be developed.
Malaysia Public Transport
1 month ago

On 24 August 2023, YB Loke Siew Fook, the Minister of Transport, inaugurated the Railway Asset Corporation (#RAC) Property Showcase 2023 which took place at the JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

This is the first time RAC organized #property showcase. A total of 10 #railway land sites with high #potential for development with a total area of ​​369.452 acres are offered at the #showcase.

Minister of Transport having a speech at the showcase.
Minister of Transport trying to officiate the event.
Minister of Transport successfully officiated the showcase.
Minister of Transport held press conference after the officiation of the showcase.
1 month ago

Breaking news.....My Song "Drinks on me" was recorded almost 10 years ago Independently.... Meaning I own the rights.... I still have major companies interested in this song.... This is a message to all you young artist.... All it takes is one hit And you can live off of it #Forever I'm doing the paperwork now so stay tuned #drinksonme #share⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

#radioplay #radio #music #hiphop #newmusic #rap #radioshow #worldwide #djs #radiostation #spotify #artist #showcase #newmusicalert #tunein

This morning, panic set in when #Twitter / #X apparently deleted ALL #IMAGES POSTED BEFORE 2015. It seems to have been an error, and was corrected, but it's a reminder that the service is not stable.

#Artists, today's #art #deletion #panic is why you can't use #microblogging sites as your primary #ArtGallery. They were never built to #showcase or #archive #artwork, nor are they good places to find it later.

It's only a matter of time before all art is deleted from Twitter, and whatever wasn't cross-posted is lost forever. Please diversify.


As an aside, please like my posts on Twitter so the algorithm picks them up...

1 month ago

It is finally time! After working on this on and off for over a year, we are excited to launch the open beta for Trendly. Trendly is a sales & trend monitor for iOS developers. It connects through App Store Connect to display your data in various charts. #testflight #iosdev #indieapp #showcase #AppStoreConnect

Banner saying “Open Beta; Available Now” with the app icon of Trendly on the side
2 months ago

Confira tudo o que foi revelado no THQ Nordic Showcase 2023, que apresentou Tartarugas, Titãs, South Park e muito mais!
#THQNordic #Showcase #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

Matt Moose
2 months ago

Shameless self promotion time.

A dusty #showcase of some of the #tunes I've bashed together over the last few years.

Sorry, chromatic purists... I think all but two of them are in C. Will try harder.

I'm hereby petitioning the cosmos for a life that lets me do more of this and better, as the day job.

Feedback, suggestions, commissions, etc. all welcome.

Coming soon: studies for fretless bass and bass recorder.

Kelly Guimont
2 months ago

Today I'mma spend some time sharing awesome stuff by people I know. In the midst of typing this I decided to make it a thread so you can see them all in one convenient place. I also just decided to hashtag a phrase two people told me they associate with me, since it works well for this.

In the style of the @stroughtonsmith #Showcase posts, I give you #MakeWithTheClicky (:

2 months ago


A #php #showcase page for... #Tshirt designs
(Colors the bg of each if a [color] keyword is present in the #filename )
codepen io/ryedai1/full/NWEJbxN

Commissions: ​:star_split:​ OPEN ​:star_split:​

✦ Vtuber Model
✦ Vtuber Rigging
✦ Emotes
✦ Animations
✦ Illustrations
✦ 3D figures (Sculpted, printed and painted)

Prices and examples below!

#Illustration #Live2D ​:live2d:​ #commissionsopen #commissionsinfo #animation #vtuber #vtube #vtubestudio #vtubershowcase #showcase #Live2dCommissions #live2dmodel #modelshowcase #イラスト

3D Printing
2 months ago

🎉🏆 Get ready for the Ultimate Showcase! 🖨️🎨

Exciting news, @3dprinting community! 🌟✨ We've hatched a brilliant idea to spice things up and celebrate your incredible talent!

Introducing the Monthly Community Competition! 🏅🎉 Each month, we'll pick a captivating theme, and it's your chance to shine! 🌈 Share your awe-inspiring creations, epic failures, mind-blowing prints, and breathtaking designs!

🎨 From jaw-dropping prints to out-of-this-world designs, let your imagination run wild! There are no boundaries—just pure creativity! 💡🚀

We're putting on the final touches, but get ready for some epic preparations! In just a few days, you might be the shining face of @3dprinting for an entire month! 🥳🎉 The winning image will be the profile picture or banner for a month!

Stay tuned for the official announcement and unleash your 3D printing magic! 🎉🖨️ #

Followers only! This one is for you! Happy printing.🔥

#3DPrintChallenge #MonthlyCompetition #Showcase #UnleashYourCreativity #3dprinting

Łukasz Rutkowski
2 months ago

I have a simple iOS dictionary/translation app on App Store, where you can view English and Polish phrases and translations. It is a wrapper for the website with a native interface and share extension that allows you to directly search from other apps. It is available for free, without ads.

#iOS #Showcase #dictionary #translation #AppStore

Screenshot of the app with title "Translate. English to Polish words". Showing search results for fabulous phrase.
Screenshot of the app with title "Explore. Phrases related to your search". Showing search results for "phrases" text.
Screenshot of the app with title "Find. English meaning of Polish phrases". Showing search results for "oszałamiający" phrase.
Screenshot of the app with title "Share. Translate directly from other apps". Showing search results for "sharing" phrase.
3 months ago

#Development #Comics
ABCs of CSS · Each letter is CSS-drawn and uses the property/value it showcases

#Showcase #CSS #CssProperties #CssValues #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Cheatsheets

Filip Budd
3 months ago

I'd really appreciate if you joined the #Discord community for my games!

We host #community #events and have a lot of fun playing #garticphone and other games in #vc

If you have #art to showcase, we have channels for that, too!

Enjoy your stay!

#indie #studio #gamedev #fun #showcase #update #updates #games #play #gaming

Chili con Charme
3 months ago

Experienced artist specializing in visual effects, motion graphics, and video production. With a creative touch in all my works (including client projects), I'm also into bodyweight workouts, frontend development, security policy, and metal music. Let's connect and discover our shared interests! Check out my showreel too! 🎨💪💻🤘

#b3d #art #showreel #showcase #aftereffects #compositing #motionGraphics #introduction #Frontend #Metalhead

production showreel
3 months ago

#ki #datenschutz #showcase
Künstliche Intelligenz: Frage-Antwort-System für den Datenschutz-Blog Dr. DSGVO
Sensible Daten gehören nicht in fremde oder amerikanische Hände, wie etwa ChatGPT, die Clouds von Microsoft, Google oder AWS. Wie gut, dass eigene KI-Systeme möglich sind.
Endlich müssen Geschäftsgeheimnisse nicht mehr in ChatGPT oder irgend eine Cloud reingeladen werden.
Ein Experiment für einen Frage-Antwort-Assistenten für diesen Datenschutz-Blog, Dr. DSGVO.

3 months ago

Thank you to everyone who came out Saturday for AFTER THESE MESSAGES, and special thanks to Amy Roll for creating these kick-ass cookies for the event. Make sure to catch her dad Henry Roll's cinema showcase on August 25. Part of the ESSENTIAL PITTSBURGH series by Pittsburgh Sound + Image.

🎟️ :

#pittsburgh #homestead #IRL #event #cinema #film #16mm #screening #psychedelic #experimental #showcase ☢️

Cookies made in the shapes of film reels, film boards, film cameras, televisions, and tickets on display in a baking box.
3 months ago

TONIGHT AT 7PM! Join us in Homestead, PA at Eberle Studios as we celebrate the anniversary of the first television commercial featuring the work of two legendary filmmakers in the field: Joe Pytka & Joe Sedelmaier.

AFTER THESE MESSAGES: The Commercial Cinema of Pytka & Sedelmaier:

Doors open at 6:30. $10 tickets at the door. Venmo available.

#pittsburgh #homestead #IRL #event #cinema #movies #film #video #TV #showcase ☢️

Original TV test pattern for the television channel WQED in Pittsburgh.
3 months ago

Okayyy…just watching Bupkis. Why is Pete looking for weed in Canada at a bowling alley? It’s legal here. There is a weed shop on every corner. JS. 😆 🇨🇦 #Bupkis #showcase #canada

Analog Feelings
3 months ago

Bluechirp's UI redesign is slowly taking shape!

#showcase #mastodon #programming #development #opensource

A screenshot of my custom Mastodon client "Bluechirp".
Axel Le Pennec
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Hi Steve, hope it’s not too late for a #showcase boost. Thanks again!

I’m currently building It’s a fast & simple iPhone app to help you effortlessly master time zones and navigate through time with a simple slider. This will be perfect to make sure I don’t miss any #WWDC labs or sessions!

Public TestFlight link:

The app is built entirely in #SwiftUI, uses #CoreData for persistence and #CloudKit for data sync / cloud storage.

Anders Kierulf
4 months ago

A substantially revised Smart Othello app is ready for beta testing. Matches are now real-time instead of turn-based. The revised app will be free, with a one-time in-app purchase for some features.

Public TestFlight link:


#Othello #Reversi #showcase #iOS #TestFlight

Main screen of Smart Othello 4.0 showing buttons to play an Online Match, to Play Computer, or see Rules & Strategy.
Othello game in progress between Test-smartgo and smartgo.
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Finally found the time to finish off and publish one of my little weekend project concepts! #NameItGeography #Showcase

iPhone screenshot of a geography quiz app showing a map of North America’s and a keyboard for typing its countries.
iPhone screenshot of a geography quiz app showing a completed game with the time and correct answers.
iPhone screenshot of a geography quiz app showing its home screen with a range of games listed for free and paid.

@stroughtonsmith Hi Steve, hope it’s not too late for a #showcase boost.

I recently made a new iPhone app:
MeterStats – the ultimate app for keeping track of your energy, heating, and water usage!

With MeterStats you can easily monitor your meter readings and gain valuable insights into your consumption patterns. Additionally, the app allows you to track special events to test the impact of certain actions on energy use.

Read more:

Get it now:

A showcase of the app with the app icon and title ”MeterStats: Keep Track of Your Energy Use” on the left side.

The right side are 4 iPhones slightly rotated and partly cut off. The iPhones show screenshots of different parts of the app.
Manuel Kehl
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith @zenitizer Hey Steve, just wanted to thank you again for actually, spontaneously doing the #showcase on Thursday 😁

Since my own reach online is rather limited, this was such a great help to get the word out about the Zenitizer launch. I truly appreciate it, have a great week! 🙏

4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith I've been working on the first release of RealityCheck, an inspector of RealityKit open-source macOS app.
This is the tool I wish I had when I first got into AR.
#Showcase #AugmentedReality #RealityKit

A screenshot of the RealityCheck macOS app view in dark mode, inspecting a streaming session containing animations
A screenshot of the RealityCheck macOS app view showing the ARView debug options being controlled at runtime
A screen video recording of the flow connecting to an app with a running AR session and streaming it to the RealityCheck macOS app
4 months ago


@Marker helps you seamlessly keep track of key moments during a livestream, VoD, lecture, podcast, or other media.

Multi-Device Sync, Multiplayer, Twitch (Marker) ingest, ~20 export options, & hundreds of other micro things before launch…

I've been using it for ~1.5 years. Super great for my workflow!

For anyone that's interested, head on over to my site, to sign up for my product newsletter, which will be first to get TestFlight access! 👀

Marker’s app design is being shown off on two 12.9” iPad Pros, an iPhone 14 Pro, & a 16” MacBook Pro,  overlaid ontop of a white, noisy background, with a halo of white light.
Preview of Marker’s onboarding flow.
Anthony Arblaster
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith late to the party here for #showcase. My little app #MigraineBot for helping track #migraine attacks is in app review for version 4.1.1. Coming soon to an #iOS app store near you!
#IndieDev #iOSDev #SwiftUI

4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith a bit late to the party, but I recently released a new iOS app for managing music score collections in the ABC notation format, It’s a bit of a niche app I guess, but it might interest musicians playing #IrishTrad music and other traditional music genres #showcase

Chris Free
4 months ago

I made this and it still delights me every race weekend. Lots more ahead, but proud of what I’ve built so far. #SwiftUI #showcase @nextGP #monacogp

Screenshot showing the user interface of the NextGP iOS app

@stroughtonsmith I am working on adding support for widgets to AirWeight, my Bluetooth scale weighting app:


Daniel 🏳️‍🌈 Jilg
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith The newest @telemetrydeck update includes A/B testing and it was cool but a lot of work to try and understand all the statistics underneath to that our customers don’t have to! I also fixed a ton of bugs and I’m seeing the number of iOS 17 users rise pretty quickly already. Still looking for xrOS… #showcase

Screenshot of AB testing in TelemetryDeck
Screenshot of a bar chart
A funnel chart
A like Chart And a pie chart
Andriy Kachalo
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Taskheat(@taskheat) is another app worth mentioning in this #showcase. It's a task management application built around task dependencies and flowcharts. We recently updated it by adding an AI assistant to improve and extend existing flowcharts.


Andriy Kachalo
4 months ago

Hey Steve, thank you for this #showcase!
We have released the iPad version of our student planner app Subjects(@subjects). It is handy to track timetables, homework, and grades.

50% Discount:

Nayan Vemula
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Thanks Steve for doing this #showcase

I am beta testing Actionary, a new watchOS app to view health data.


Actionary app running on watchOS with a search button and list of health actions including steps, heart rate etc.
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith My outliner app for iOS and macOS is built in 100% SwiftUI. Can't wait to see what's new at WWDC. #showcase

4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Working on Glucomate (@glucomate), which is an app for people who monitor and then record their blood glucose in HealthKit.

Some people input it manually via the app, or similar, and others have it sent to HealthKit automatically and use the app to make sense of the data.

I've got a long list of features and improvements planned, but have a feeling there's every chance that WWDC will mean those plans change. 😆


A promotional image for the app “Glucomate.” Contains multiple screenshots from various parts of the app.
Arnaud Joubay
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Hey, I'm almost ready to launch No Treat Today, a companion app for anyone looking to master their consumption of sugar, fat, junk food or alcohol.
You collect apes every time you resist your cravings.

TestFlight here:


Jon Edwards
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith A quality of life improvement that shipped in an update to Twixt Time today that delights me is a change to the cell swipe behaviour, which now pulls in the the detail view for a given timepiece #showcase

Screen capture of an accuracy tracking app for mechanical timepieces, named Twixt Time, showcasing a list of watches transitioning to the details for a specific timepiece accessed via a swipe gesture.
Thibaut Sailly
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Amazing thread, I hadn’t installed that much apps for a while. Thanks Steve for initiating this #showcase thread!

I work on Le Baby with @amadour, a memory helper for parents with a newborn (or more), a brain fried by sleepless nights, and who need a simple way to stay in sync about their baby’s last updates. Focused on simplicity and privacy.
Two days ago I posted an article detailing all the aspects of its interface design:

César Pinto Castillo
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith We just released an update to our privacy focused #podcast app #Lysten. All data is synced using #NSPersistentCloudKitContainer, so no backend. 😍

In the latest release we added #SharePlay, making it possible to listen to pods with friends and family.

Here’s an #AppClip link to the latest episode of #UnderTheRadar by @_Davidsmith & @marcoarment . (Yes, the app is so small the entire thing fits inside an App Clip 😂)

#showcase #swiftUI #icloud #ios

4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith What a great idea! I've been spending some time browsing through the apps — and finding other #indiedev s to follow.

My own app is NextAction, a Getting Things Done-inspired task manager for iPad, iPhone and Mac. I'm getting ready to release a new version (widgets!) next week. #showcase

NextAction App, a Getting Things Done-inspired task manager
Ortwin Gentz
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Just in time for #wwdc, we released Where To? 12.6 with a new watchOS app completely rewritten in SwiftUI. Using Where To? you can easily find the closest and best rated restaurants, shops and services. The watch app features a new search UI, swipe-to-fave and a new complication reflecting the last viewed place from the iPhone. #showcase

Marcin Krzyzanowski :clippy:
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Just shipped Judo 2.0 - that is a major revamp towards a solution to the developer-designer handoff problem

With, you can design/prototype ready-to-use, configurable SwiftUI Views (Components) and ship them to the developer to integrate into the application.

It's like Interface Designer but better + Figma, and for the #SwiftUI era #showcase.

check it out in App Store

Andy Kent
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith As of last week, after a a full year of work, Portal for Mac is out in the App Store. 🎉

Feels so good to have it out there pre WWDC. Hoping for headphone motion tracking and HomeKit support coming to the Mac this year to help us get closer to iOS feature parity.


4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith I’m working on a spoiler-free companion app for Tears of the Kingdom on the Switch. #showcase

It’s a fully native app with a UI that’s been inspired by Apple Maps.

People are more than welcome to join the beta while I’m preparing the app for v1:

Screenshot of the app, showing a custom pin placed on the map of Hyrule. The bottom of the screen shows pin details, including a note.
Another screenshot, now showing a list of notes added to pins and locations.
Jan Früchtl
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith I launched @couchtimes, my first app ever, three weeks ago. It's a very focused and simple TV show tracking app for TV enthusiasts to keep track of and organize their favorite shows.

App Store:


Screenshot of the Watchlist of the app CouchTimes. The list contains the following shows from top to bottom: Succession, Insecure, BEEF, Ted Lasso, The Last of Us, Euphoria.
Details view with Ted Lasso as the show selected inside the app CouchTimes. Show the show cover and some general information at the top, a "check-off" button in the middle, and episodes at the bottom.
Search for recommendations inside the Search tab of CouchTimes. The list has two sections, Streaming and Networks. The Streaming section shows Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Paramount+, and ITV. The visible items of the Networks section are HBO, Showtime, and AMC.
John Grubb
4 months ago

Since the last #showcase from @stroughtonsmith I have expanded the line of Magsafe compatible docks that i designed

Many changes and additions were inspired by folks here on Mastadon!

Looking forward to hearing more about the “Home Screen” mode in ios 17 that should work really nicely with these docks!

I have to thank him again for the bump in traffic to my Etsy shop.

4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith #showcase I finally released my new Mac app @stempel! You can now finally create files in Finder with right click ► New File. It even allows you to mark the file as executable, for example if you want to create a Python script.

You can directly manage all templates, even creating templates for Numbers or Word documents or folders for web projects with multiple files.

Download link:
Learn more:

#appdev #macdev #indiedev

MacOS wallpaper with right click menu showing a new file being created
A macOS window showing a text file being edited with a  list of templates on the left.
Carlo Zottmann
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith I focus on making existing apps work with Apple's automation system.

My first app is Actions for Obsidian (macOS & iOS), which makes the note-taking tool #Obsidian a first-class citizen in Apple's #ShortcutsApp. It adds ~40 actions for working with your notes, vaults, Dataviews etc.

I've released it a few weeks ago on desktop 🎉, the iOS version is currently in #TestFlight and will very soon go into the review process.

Thanks! 🙏🏼

#showcase #obsidianmd

Marketing shot for the app Actions for Obsidian for macOS, showing a Shortcuts editor (showcasing many of the provided actions) to the left and the app's main window to the right. Both are overlaid with the text "30+ Shortcuts actions for working with Obsidian"
Zack Apiratitham
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith Hey, thanks for the #showcase! I’ve been slowly working on a big update for @Liftoff. Just finished the search tab and hoping to get the widgets built out soon!


A screenshot of an iOS app, Liftoff, showing a Search view containing a grid of items in 3 rows. The rows are Launch Vehicles, Spacecrafts, and Agencies.
A screenshot of an iOS app, Liftoff, showing a detail view of the Atlas V 551 rocket. Details contain specifications like the launch count, success rate, first flight date, height, etc.
A screenshot of an iOS app, Liftoff, showing a profile of an astronaut Stephen Bowen with his profile picture, status, nationality, age, flight count, etc.
A screenshot of an iOS app, Liftoff, showing a detail view of the space agency NASA with info such as administrator, founding year, number of launch vehicles, spacecrafts, launch success rate, etc.
Justin Ferrell
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith added a free tier to @mastowatch, my Mastodon server inspector! Allows anyone to browse #Mastodon server rules, emoji and even blocked domains without having to sign up or register. I planned to hold off for #WWDC but got too excited and released this week. New features for #MastoAdmin folks like being able to copy and reuse any server’s list of blocked domains plus custom icons that I’m stoked about. #showcase

Sami Samhuri
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith My first app @videoforants is on the store! It helps you compress videos and is mainly geared towards fitting into the Mastodon limit right now, though it does other things too.

#showcase #video #mastodon #ios

4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith I’m closing in on 1.0 of my thesaurus of SF Symbols for Mac and iOS — an OED of iconography for designers and developers #showcase

TestFlight link:

Screenshot of Symbolsaurus running side by side on macOS, iPadOS, and iOS
Adam Wulf
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith I'm working on Developer Duck, an GPT-4 rubber-duck-programming-bot with Xcode integration, chat window, command line, and (soon) spotlight style quick access. Privacy is important, and your data is /not/ used for GPT-4 training. Weekly updates! #showcase

Simone Montalto
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith I’ve just released an update for Book Tracker, an app to keep track of your library, reading progress and quotes. The new version has a lot of improvements and a new UI, with quick widgets on the home screen/ sidebar, the possibility to track multiple reading progress for the same book, add multiple notes while you are reading, a new rating system and a lot more.

The app is available both for iOS and macOS



Brandon Horst
4 months ago

@stroughtonsmith I’m a few weeks away from launching WitKit, a GPT-4 client for Mac and iOS. Fully native on all platforms, with full Shortcuts support, streaming results, iCloud sync, search, tagging, custom prompts, history tracking, and complete privacy with no accounts required.

Basically ChatGPT for pros who love quality apps.

Send me your email if you’d like in on the TestFlight., @witkit, #showcase

WitKit for Mac screenshot with the conversation:

## User

Give me the three laws of robotics, and then generate 3 more which we should add to the list.

## Assistant

The original Three Laws of Robotics, conceived by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov, are as follows:

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Expanding upon these laws, I propose three additional laws to better adapt robots to the contemporary world:

4. A robot must respect human privacy and refrain from accessing, collecting, or sharing personal data without explicit and informed consent from the individual(s) involved.
5. A robot shall be programmed to recognize and mitigate potential biases in its decision-making process, ensuring that actions taken are equitable and do not perpetuate existing injustices.
6. A robot must be designed and programmed to promote sustainability and protect the environment in all its actions, minimizing its ecological footprint and the consumption of finite resources.