The Carrot weather app on iPhone is so funny. (It is American though, so consider this in an American context 😹) #silly #weather #PortAlberni

A screenshot from the app is in a dark blue with a little sci-fi animated scene of a little town in between hills. Port Alberni 13° with a raindrop icon appear in the middle. The text says: “If only Justin Trudeau had raked Canada’s forest fires…”
Hannah Copes
9 hours ago

Just got an online grocery delivery and accidentally purchased 3 different types of sweetcorn (fresh, tinned, frozen) 🙃 What does this say about me? What will Mr Sainsbury think of me?!?

#Silly #groceries

1 day ago

My misty morning dancer from earlier has entered IT'S THE WEEKEND mode.

Same moves, but more sparkly.

Have a good one lovelies.

#silly #dance #animation #rainbow #sparkles #drawing #FridayFeeling

A simple black and white cartoon figure does a groovy dance standing on a white cloud stage. Behind them a rainbow appears and disappears, formed by sparkles. Then it loops. Endless sparkly dancing baby. It's Friday!
Sexual Offenderman
2 days ago

I'm not sure what I expected to happen :/

#art #offenderman #mistake #meme #silly #rip #adhd

A drawing of Offender looking questioningly at a frozen pole.
A drawing of Offender looking determinedly at a frozen pole.
A drawing of Offender licking a frozen pole.
A drawing of Offender freaking out over being stuck to frozen pole.
2 days ago

I don't do a lot on VR but I really enjoy Beat Saber, and the new Queen selection is top fun.

It's not that I'm a particular big fan, but they have some Proper Good Tunes.

So yeah. Spend longer than intended waving my arms about like a loon.

#silly #animation #BeatSaber #VR

A looping video of a small stream, water running down a rock. On a smaller pebble in the water stands a simple cartoon person wearing a VR headset . They are waving their arms around while swaying to the music.
Emma Newman
3 days ago
3 days ago

Okay everyone - it is time for #StoryTime with Muffy!

Here she tells the story of when she used to work at an antique store, but broke one of the vases. Then...well, I'll let her tell it.

Such a funny little story.


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ACNHMuffy #ACNHMemes #CozyGames #CozyGamer #CozyGaming #Silly

A collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. Set in Muffy's house where Muffy (black sheep with purple horns) is telling a story to a bald, bearded villager. Her house has diamond flooring in different shades of purple with black hallway wallpaper. She has mostly antique furniture around her home with a reddish oscillating fan in the background. Her story as told in each of the two panels:
Top Panel - When I worked in an antique store, I bumped into this really old vase. Smashed it to bits!
Bottom Panel - I thought nobody'd notice if I made another vase outta clay and stuck it on the shelf. Ha! Wrong!
A collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. Set in Muffy's house where Muffy (black sheep with purple horns) is telling a story to a bald, bearded villager. Her house has diamond flooring in different shades of purple with black hallway wallpaper. She has mostly antique furniture around her home with a reddish oscillating fan in the background. Her story as told in each of the two panels:
Top Panel - So this rich guy comes in. He sees my awful vase, says it's a "work of art," and pays a fortune for it!
Bottom Panel - I could NOT stop laughing...until my boss found out what happened, darkness.
3 days ago

A few years ago, before The Teenager was a teenager, they were getting bored with a piece they had to practice on the guitar.

As some weird form of motivation we recorded them playing & I promised I'd make an animation for it while they practiced.

This is the result, recently rediscovered.

It's kind of cute.

#silly #animation #guitar #parenting #music

A teal background with pale clouds moving across. A black scribbled platform. Three simple black and white cartoon characters, simple shapes with arms and legs. The soundtrack is a young person practicing a guitar piece. With each note the a character opens its mouth. Occasionally other characters drop down on their heads to accentuate notes, other large ones poke into the foreground (and the three main ones try to peer round to stay in shot).
4 days ago

Just ran across this on Amazon 😂 #umbrella #hat #silly

Umbrella Hat on Amazon
Ian Tindale
4 days ago


Time to be silly

Tuesday is scientifically proven to be the silliest day, if you compose a joke, and you have to refer to a day — any day, doesn’t matter — make it Tuesday, the joke will automatically be funnier

Tuesday should be the silly day, ensure everything you post is silly

#Tuesday #Silly #SillyTuesday #TuesdayIsSilly #BeSillyOnTuesdays #OnTuesdaysBeSilly

5 days ago

A slightly odd, and very bouncy, #MondayMonster

It's been a long day.

#SillyCuratorPrompts #silly #animation #chomp

A short looping animation. A red brick wall with a bright blue sky beyond. On the wall stands a brown, furry, big-toothed mono-pod monster with big ears and eyes. It jumps up and bounces along the wall, opening its mouth with a CHOMP as it does so.
David August
5 days ago
VIN Diesel's full legal name, Vehicle Identification Number Diesel, was the sole determining factor in his original casting for the Fast & Furious franchise. 
[photo of Vin Diesel]
5 days ago

I love living in Scotland. It is a wonderful place in many, many ways, but today I had a reminder that there is always a price to pay.

I give you... the Monday Morning Midges.

#Scotland #midges #river #midges #photography #midges #nature #midges #silly #animation #loop #midges #drawing #midges

A short animated loop of a rocky river.  Four simple cartoon characters stand on the rocks and flap their arms ineffectually against the rampaging dots that are the midges. It is overcast, but warm and the air is moist. The midges love it. The people less so.
The Randomiser Podcast
6 days ago

What’s incoherent, burbling and loves Doctor Who??

Perhaps it’s a new episode of The Randomiser Podcast!


…coming soon.

Brace your ears.
Maybe treat them nicely in anticipation.
Take them out somewhere.
Buy them, um… audio dinner.
The sounds of a nice dinner, yes.


New episode coming soon folks.

You have an unspecified amount of time to reach minimum safe distance.

Basically… run.

#DoctorWho #Podcast #Silly

Socar Myles
1 week ago

The new walk of shame: when Doordash leaves your food at your neighbour's door, and you tiptoe to grab it, hoping they won't catch you and think you're a porch pirate.

#food #inconveniences #silly

1 week ago

@Sandra @chris @rwxrwxrwx
I guess my problem is that this seems to be the rule, except for two cases of / and - with zero arguments, even though this would define them there:

(defmacro reducable-operation ((binary-operation) (identity))
`(lambda (&rest numbers
&aux (pad (- 2 (length numbers)))
(pre (loop repeat pad collect ',identity)))
(loop for number in (append pre numbers)
for ans = number then (funcall ',binary-operation ans number)
finally (return ans))))

1 week ago

A short animation about capturing the perfect moment.

Have a good weekend lovely people.

#silly #animation #happy #cartoon #creature #drawing #polaroid #photo

A blank screen. After a moment a red fluffy cartoon creature bounces up from the bottom, fluff pressed downwards from the movement. They pause at the top, their hair fluffs out, their small smile turns big, and there is a flash as they become a Polaroid style photo. There is a pause, then the photo frame disappears and they fall back down, surprised look on their face and fluff streaming behind them. Pause. Repeat.

Finished an old sketch that Birb has been using as Furaffinity ID for a while xD

[ #ryuukiart #silly #doodle #dragon #hawk #furry #fursona ]

1 week ago

Me: *laying in bed waiting for my partner to come in & turn the light off*
My partner: *opens the door, but pauses*
My partner, yelling down the hall: Stop! Licking! Your! Wounds!
Our cat, Mayonnaise: mow ;^;

Mayonnaise is a wonderful boy but he gets sores a lot because he's got aids & we need to get him a little cat suit.

#cat #cats #goof #silly #sigh

Sven Jacobs :androidHead:
1 week ago

When wanted criminals go to the #vet for medical issues, do they also go to the #dog #groomer for a #haircut? 😁

#joke #silly

2 weeks ago

As I sat in the #garden a chaffinch sat high up in a tree, singing.

I took too many photos, in an attempt to get a decent shot.

As I was scrolling through to pick the ones to keep, it was like a wee storyboard was taking place, so I filled in the gaps.

I suspect it was an argument about nuts.

#birds #photography #silly #drawing #nature

A three panel photostrip, featuring a chaffinch and a simple cartoon person. 

Panel 1: The chaffinch and person sit on a branch. They are looking at each other and chatting.

Panel 2: They still sit on the branch, but are now looking away from each other, sulking.

Panel 3: The chaffinch has attacked. Its wings are up and it's about to peck the hand that is the only thing stopping the wee cartoon person plummeting to their doom.

I have no idea why.
Editor B
2 weeks ago

But I mean who even has time to read 22 words, in today's fast-paced society? I think we can boil it down to half that: "AI extinction risk, like pandemics and nuclear war, is a global priority." Of course, I had ChatGPT rewrite that for me. It's like they're not even trying!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, see

#AI #NTHE #ChatGPT #OpenAI #Silly

2 weeks ago

Hmm. Googly eye impact. Less surprised, more confused.

#silly #tree #photography #animation #GooglyEyes

A photo of a tree trunk, near ground level, with a pronounced tree hollow. I have added googly eyes above, so the hollow looks like a mouth. Well, it already looked like a mouth to me, obviously.
2 weeks ago

I see surprised trees EVERYWHERE in the woods.

Maybe they see me too.

That might be why they look so surprised.

#silly #tree #photography #PhotoShop

A photo of a tree trunk, near ground level, with a pronounced tree hollow. I have added eyes (round ones, from an owl) above so the hollow looks like a mouth. Well, it already looked like a mouth to me, obviously.  For the avoidance of doubt, no owls were harmed during the creation of this silliness.
2 weeks ago

Went for a walk in the woods.

Found the shrub where the fluff monsters grow.

#silly #drawing #nature #photography

A close up photo of a fluffy white feather in the spiky branches of a shrub. A happy cartoon face has been drawn on to the fluff. It is a very sweet fluff monster.
Socar Myles
2 weeks ago

The first novel I wrote was so aggressively boring, I let a friend read it and he told me the inciting incident needed to be in chapter one.

It was.

It just wasn't a particularly exciting incident.

(I wrote the "Seinfeld" of books. A book about nothing.)

#writing #silly #fail

2 weeks ago

Had to put together a robot image for work. Looked through my files for related robots to riff off. Found this. No use whatsoever but I had forgotten all about it and it made me chuckle.

It was made many years ago, after a visit to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park (I would heartily recommend visiting both the museum & park, btw).

#silly #computers #robot #animation #OldTech #RetroComputing

Animated loop of a robot creature made of lots of old computing parts, standing in front of more old tech from the museum of computing. It looks a bit bored at the start, and presses a couple of the buttons on its body. The first does nothing. The second gives it a wee surprised look. The third makes it jump up in delight. Important to find the right button.
2 weeks ago


Off this morning cause it is #sports day at school for my youngest two. They are both on "Team Yellow" and I only have one yellow shirt.

A Taco Cat shirt.

So, guess I am wearing that.

Have a good one!

Tags: #Parenting #Silly #TacoCat #Selfie #MorningMoments

Selfie of a balding, bearded white man wearing a yellow t-shirt that has an orange cat inside a taco. Above it says, "Today's palindrome is:" and below the cat it says in all capital letters: "Taco Cat"
2 weeks ago
A green & brown mottled pear has been turned into a squirrel. Sort of. It has a bushy tail behind, and squirrel ears, eyes, nose and feet, and sits on a tree branch. It's a little odd but I think it sort of works. Sort of.
2 weeks ago


So @Easydor commented on my original #RiverDance anim with a theory that the dance was inspired by flies sitting at the river cleaning their legs.

And I could *SEE* it.

And now you can too.


Original post:

#silly #river #video #loop #dance #animation #bugs

A video loop of a rocky river. On the rocks stand 6 flies with long forelegs doing River Dance style moves. It's an alternate version of an earlier gif, with cartoon human bodies replaced by fly bodies. I sometimes question my life choices you know.
Starry Time Podcast
2 weeks ago

Smash or Pass.
12 Greek Olympians.
🔱 Poseidon
💀 Hades
💸 Hermes

#GreekMythology #Silly #Humor #SmashOrPass #GreekMyth #Mythology

Hannah Copes
3 weeks ago

I'm just idly browsing puppies for sale in my local area, as I am wont to do when feeling stressed. And among the cockapoos and sprockers I found something wonderful: Frugs. FRUGS. French bulldogs crossed with pugs. This brought me a lot of joy and I wanted to share it with anyone who might need to be blessed by a frug.

#Frug #Silly #DogsOfMastodon #Puppies

Snippet of an ad for puppies, titled 'Frugs'. Shows small puppy aged 11 weeks with black and white marbled coat, a squashed nose and large, bat-like ears. Retailing for 1000 GBP.
3 weeks ago

Yesterday I made a wee loop of some figures dancing by a river, & only realised after posting that I'd made a #RiverDance and should have, you know, done the *proper* dance.

So I decided to give it a go.

It did not go well, but it made me laugh so...

#silly #river #video #loop #dance #drawing #animation

A video loop of a rocky river. On the rocks stand 6 simple cartoon figures doing River Dance style moves. Gently bouncing bodies, straight dangling arms and fast legwork. I think at one point one of the legs bends backwards.  Not sure how I managed that.
3 weeks ago

Nice evening for a river dance. But not that kind. This one has more arm flapping. More flapping generally really.

#silly #river #video #loop #dance #drawing #animation

A riverside video loop, with water flowing over rocks in the foreground. There are trees and a mountain in the background. On the rocks are 6 simple cartoon figures. They are dancing. It is not good dancing, and they are all slightly out of step with one another, but they are enjoying it and that's all that matters.
3 weeks ago

Important full fictional names:
Barbie - Barbara Millicent Roberts
Callie Torres - Calliope Iphegenia Torres
Chuck E. Cheese - Charles Entertainment Cheese
Oz, the Wizard - Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs


There will be a quiz.

Tags: #Silly #Fiction #FictionalCharacters #Names #Barbie #GreysAnatomy #ChuckECheese #TheWizardOfOz

Retro Gerry
3 weeks ago

These old Usborne computer books sure do hold some neat liitle surprises. after poking about trying to learn some z80 over the last night I can totally agree with red robot here.
#retrocomputing #retroprogramming #binary #ascii #funny #silly #machione code

image taken from 1980s usborne computer book. there are 2 comic like panels.the first featuring a red robot struggling to translate code into binary. the text below this panel  reads
"Machine code is the code in which the computer does all its work. when you give a computer a program in BASIC, all the instructions and data are translated into machine code inside the computer."
the second  panel is the robots hands holding a sheet of paper with the words computer code and the binary numbers "01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 0100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 1110011 00100000 01110011 01101000 1101001 01110100" written on it.
the text below this panel  reads
"In machine code each instruction and piece of information is represented by a binary number. Binary is a number system which uses only two digits, 1 and 0. You can write any number in binary using 1s and 0s"
3 weeks ago

Going through some old aquarium footage.

Found this plant*, which looks** like a drunk muppet chuntering at you at the end of a long night.

#silly #aquarium #GooglyEyes #video #loop #nature

* is it a plant? I think it's a plant
** to me, YMMV obvs.

Video loop. An aquarium plant on some rocks. It's fluttering in the water flow, and I've added large googly eyes and it looks like a loose mouth opening and closing.
3 weeks ago

A little something for #WorldBeeDay

Flight of the Mumble Bees

You're welcome

#silly #animation #drawing #bees

Three cartoon bees flapping their wings and flying across a parchment backdrop.

Each of them is mumbling text - "mmphh!!!" and similar.

3 weeks ago

There are times when you have to say "it doesn't matter how much you believe this can work, it doesn't, step away".

Unfortunately I invariably follow that up with "although I could add googly eyes & a happy mouth".

So aye... have a Happy Friday Fish.

#silly #video #animation #GooglyEyes #fish

A video loop of a pink fish flapping its find. It is pulsating slightly, and something, no idea what, spurts out the top of its head periodically. It has large googly eyes and a happy, toothy, smiley mouth.
3 weeks ago

Heard a weird alarm-like noise.

Prowled the house staring at each electronic device working out which one had made it.

Anyhow. Aye.


Turns out someone just phoned us.

#silly #PhotoShop

An old, grey, rotary phone. I have edited eyes on to the handset, a smiling mouth at its base and a nose into the centre of the dial. It's a bit odd, but looks happy.
Starry Time Podcast
3 weeks ago

Got that classic Couch inertia...

This is me rn:

#Humor #Inertia #silly #dogs

Bull dog sleeping on a leather couch with its tongue out. The meme has the text Couch Inertia: Objects (and dogs) on the couch tend to remain on the couch.
Mark Tisdale
3 weeks ago

For #ThrowBackThursday something silly that I did with some forgotten app a few years ago. Done with a photo of my great grandfather, the black sheep of the family. Photo probably taken in his teens (he was born in 1868).

The fact I have not been haunted by his ghost for this suggests something...
😉 🤣


Hannah Copes
3 weeks ago

Business pitch: cottagecore gym classes.

Picture a spin class but all the bikes are little vintage style bikes with wicker baskets and the pace is super chill. The video on the screen simulates you going along a country lane to pick up fresh bread at the bakery on a summer day. The instructor just reads Wind and the Willows to you for the duration.

Please invest in the gym by adding your class pitches below!

#Silly #Cottagecore #Fitness #WindAndTheWillows #FrogAndToad

Retro Gerry
4 weeks ago

#chatgpt is basically "amsoft's Animal Vegetable Mineral" you dont need to load from tape isnt it. 😋

#amstrad #amstradcpc #silly

4 weeks ago

A bird appears to have laid an egg on the mossy wall in our garden. Does that happen? No nest, nothing. Just an egg.

I am perturbed.

#birds #garden #photography #silly #drawing

A close up photo of a birds egg on a mossy wall. I have drawn a silly face and arms on the egg, mainly because it is not a particularly interesting photo and it adds a little cheeriness.
Retro Gerry
4 weeks ago

So apparently, it looks like the best mattress of 2023 is a giant 1980s style ROM cartridge.

who'd have figured.

#silly #retrogaming

screenshot showing an advert for article titled "best mattress 2023 reviews: memory foam, pocket sprung and hybrid" with image aboved it of a rendered matress that bears resemblence to a 8bit games cartridge.
Hannah Copes
1 month ago

I (34, F) have a roommate, Algernon (spider, age unknown). We usually get on very well - he's quiet, tidy and our schedules don't overlap much. He does spend most of his time in the bathroom (I suspect because he is a pervert) but since he mostly hangs out on the ceiling, I've been happy to accommodate this.

However, he recently took over the whole bathtub. I thought he may be stuck and, keen not to emasculate him, I tied a ribbon to the bath handle so he could climb up by himself. Instead he took this as sign he could fill the tub with a web. Yesterday I moved him to an area of the apartment we both underuse (the top half of the hall cupboard). He was pretty furious, and we haven't spoken since. AITA??

#Silly #AITA #Roommate

1 month ago

Hadn't done an animangle in an age. Took a photo of a robin and decided to do a bit of a mash-up with an aardvark (I am lazy, it was top of my animal source folder).

It kind of worked, but I am left thinking "just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

Anyhow. Have a raardvarkin.

#photography #photoshop #creature #animangle #silly

A photo of a robin standing on a mossy wall, but it has been photoshopped so it has tall ears and a long snout (based on an aardvark). I'm not sure why.
Socar Myles
1 month ago

This is me doing a terrible dance, inspired by the hot dog from "Burger Time."

Anyone who thinks they can't dance should look at this and feel better.

#dancing #silly #photography

A person with long, skinny limbs jumping high in the air. This is a very clumsy, splayed-limbs type of jump, not a graceful leap.
A foolish-looking dance step. It looks like something a person might do if a bee was trying to sting them.
More goofy dancing. This is sort of a flailing half-spin. Hair is flying everywhere.
A sort of...triumphant airborne pirouette. It's terrible. Just terrible.
1 month ago

Today has been annoying in a number of small, trivial and very infuriating ways.

Need to shake it off.

Only one thing for it.

#silly #animated #drawing #GooglyEyes #photography #mosstodon #LichenSubscribe

A close up of a lichen covered Y shaped branch with a ball of moss (or something quite mossy anyhow) wedged in the centre.

The mossy ball has animated googly eyes and a wee smile.  Because why not?
Hannah Copes
2 months ago

I used to think my greatest fear was snakes, but as an adult who lives alone I now know that I am most afraid of dropping my keys into the food waste bin when I take out the vegetable scraps and am stuck outside wearing socks and flipflops...

#Fear #LivingAlone #Silly

Mark Tisdale
2 months ago

I had a missed call from my doctor's office. Must be for my mother. Their automated system can't seem to wrap itself around the idea that she's no longer a patient.

But at first I thought was it for me? Do I have an appointment that I'm forgetting?

I logged into their patient portal and my next appt is not for months. I had to laugh though, for that next appt, it says the reason for my visit is:


....uhm... maybe not a great way to abbreviate Follow Up....

And yes, I am 12 years old.

#Silly #funny #Life

Animated gif - Jim from Office Space trying to stifle a laugh.
Hannah Copes
2 months ago

Now that Mr Beast is becoming a trans ally, I'm excited for his upcoming video called 'I gave away 2000 boobs - you'll never guess what happened next! | TOP SURGERY REVEAL' #TransRights #MrBeast #Silly

Lisa S Baker
2 months ago
a painting of a slug riding on a vw bug.
2 months ago

I have a folder on my desktop full of photos I want to play with or half finished pieces.

Periodically I go through & bin anything that has loitered for too long.

It's a sign. Move on.

It currently contains a clip of ducks on a rainy river. I liked it because of the ripples, but it wasn't right. Was about to delete but opened first & had totally forgotten my last ditch attempt to make it 'work'.

Anyhow, it was so #silly I decided to make a gif.

#river #rain #ducks

TL;DR I am an idiot.

A short video loop of a pair of mallard ducks sitting on a river. Rain falls, and around them are the patterns of rain drops circling on the water. For some reason I drew a simple black and white cartoon figure sitting on the male duck, as if riding a horse. It makes NO sense. They're not even moving.
The Randomiser Podcast
2 months ago

Much belated #Introduction

I’m Tim, one of the two presenters on The Randomiser #Podcast. We burble on about #DoctorWho new and old, and other favourite shows such as #RedDwarf #Blakes7 and my cohost Chas also likes #TheTomorrowPeople

Professionally I #VideoDesign for #Theatre and once or twice for #Theater

My own interests here are mostly fun things like #Puns #Scifi #Etymology and #BadJokes but I’m also interested in connecting with other fans of Doctor Who and generally being #Silly

2 months ago

Had a request for a googly-eyed version of the wee mossy chump, and couldn't resist.

It was a good request.

#moss #photography #mosstodon #drawing #animated #silly #GooglyEyes

A chunk of moss sits on top of a wide wooden fence post. Green ferns fill the background in soft focus. The mossy chunk has a smiling cartoon face drawn on with animated googly eyes.
2 months ago

Found a delightful clump of moss on a fence post. I think it was pleased to see me.

#moss #photography #mosstodon #drawing #silly

A chunk of moss sits on top of a wide wooden fence post. Green ferns fill the background in soft focus. The mossy chunk has a smiling cartoon face drawn on. It's quite the cutie pie.
Lisa S Baker
3 months ago

I couldn't resist sharing one more from my polka dot series. I mean, come on, Gladys is just too sassy not to share. ha ha. Hope everyone has had a great weekend! 🧡❤️🧡

get it:

#chicken #chickens #chickenlovers #birds #birdlovers #art #artwork #watercolor #arte #painting #artmatters #buyintoart #AYearofArt #sassy #fun #silly #mastoart #mastodon #mastochicken #makesyousmile #smile #joy #funart

A guide to being scared about doing things.

#Meme #Humour #Funny #Silly

A 2 branch flow chart from

-> branch 1 ->  DO IT

-> branch 2 -> BUT I'M SCARED -> DO IT SCARED
Dom | TheHellfridge :v_bi:
3 months ago

New instance, so I suppose it's time for a new #introduction.

I'm Dom, 32, #bi / #polyam (not into cis dudes afaik tho lol), I'm a #translator, I play a lot of #videogames (loving #indiegames), although gamers (tm) are exhausting. I #speedrun as well, so check out my #twitch and #youtube for that.

I like #silly and #queer things, I'm into #musicals and #pretentious #art #discourse, no matter the art.

Also I live with my wonderful #family and four #cats which I occasionally toot pictures of.

Hannah Copes
4 months ago

It is very funny to me that LinkedIn has to periodically remind mangers that millennials aren't at college or university #LinkedIn #Silly #Millennials

Screenshot of LinkedIn post: "PR tip of the day - remember millennials are now 27-42 years old. If a strategy includes reaching millennials, make sure everyone is on the same page of what that means. Millennials are VPs, directors, parents, homeowners, married, single, renters plant parents etc - it is not interchangeable with college student or shorthand for a young person (see Gen Z)"

Can we do one of those silly camera roll threads on here?

Please, I need some ridiculous long reply threads in my fediverse life.

Also, even if you are too cool to participate, could you please do your algorithmic part and boost this post so others can be silly with me? Because we could all use a little stupid fun in our lives. 🥲

#Silly #Threadiverse #Memes #Pets #CurrentMood


Your choice, no new downloads, from your camera roll:

1. current mood
2. cute pet pic
3. best worst meme

SpongeBob SquarePants with a name tag that says Professional Shitposter with a Twitter Blue Checkmark
Terence Eden
4 months ago

🆕 blog! “Kneel Before Your QR Master”

You know what I love about the streets of London? The pavements are so clean. Many is the time I crawl around on my hands and knees - rubbing my trousers into the walkways of my beloved city. Hardly anyone kicks me up the arse, either. You feel the same way too, don't you? What? […]

👀 Read more:

#badvertising #posters #qr #silly


Anyone found this shop yet?

#fun #silly #humour #meme

Two mannequins dressed casually & fallen over really awkwardly in a shop front window.
Caption reads.
"Finally, some clothes for drunk people."

Explaining stuff on the internet can be exhausting...

#fun #silly #humour #meme #social #socialMedia #internet

A cartoon about:
The BS Asymmetry Principle
The amount of energy needed to refute BS is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.

Man: "Wait I bet the moon's made of cheese"
Woman: "Well spectrographic analysis & orbit calulations suggest not. Plus we built a rocket, took people there and they couldn't eat it"
Man: ".... hm yeah...
i'm still thinking cheese...."
Woman: *facepalm*

The condensed guide to #religion?

#fun #silly #humour #meme

Conversation between 2 generic side profiles of faces.

A: My religion says I can't do that.
B: Okay.

A: My religion says you can't do that.
b: Fuck Off.

You know that phrase:

"On the edge of your seat"

#fun #silly #humour

A carved stone pillar has a figure sitting atop a sharp wedge. Uncomfortable looking!
5 months ago

Welcome to Wednesday.

I've discovered exclusive footage of the elusive... erm... this.

I think it's some kind of morning sunfish creature (it helps if you see the buildings as fins).

Basically I took a lot of photos of the world glowing in the low morning #Scottish sunlight, and this is what happened.

So yeah.

*shuffles away quietly*

#sunlight #360degree #silly #photo #fish #creature

A 360 degree photo warped into a sphere. Around the outside are woods (top) and buildings (low left and right). The top and left are being lit by a low morning sun, glowing orange. 

The centre is grey, based from a road and carpark. The yellow road lines curve in the centre and have been turned into a smiling mouth. Above there are two bright eyes. It looks a little (arguably just a very little) like a round fish, with fins made from buildings. Just a little.
5 months ago

old man wolnir in the mist
has shiny bangles on his wrist.
just put ‘smash them’ on your list
to make him wolfar, is the gist.

#darksouls #rhyme #silly