8 hours ago

تقریبا بعید می‌دونم که اگر **سیلو** به اقتباس مجموعه کتاب دوم (تحت عنوان شیفت) برسه بتونه سبک روایت و پیچ اصلی رو کامل به تصویر تبدیل کنه.

Mike McCaffrey
9 hours ago

I'm excited to see anything with #LenaHeadey in it (a sentiment that should be shared by anyone who watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles), but I had no idea that MGM+ was even a streaming service that existed.

#Silo #Beacon23

elblandknipser :verified:
1 day ago

Habe heute mal den Crosstrainer reaktiviert und dabei #Silo geschaut. Macht schon mal einen guten Eindruck und die 30 Minuten Sport zeigten mir sehr nötig ich das habe 😅

3 days ago

Right, everybody is saying #Foundation is good on #AppleTV+ so Imma give it a go. I’m not hugely into sci-fi, but have enjoyed #Silo and #Severance on #AppleTV+ so hoping it’s the same level

Thad Harroun
5 days ago

#Academic #silo being built in real time:
Department A: New course proposal.
Department B: We teach a course with the same name and content.
Result of several meetings with Associate Deans and up: There will be two courses! But cross-listed! (Though why would program A students take program B's identical course and vice versa?)

Tilly Bridges
6 days ago

Welcome to #TransTuesday! It’s time to dive into one of the most ambitious topics I’ve tackled. This year I fell completely in love with a show on Apple TV, and at least part of that is due to THE UNINTENTIONAL (?) TRANS ALLEGORY OF #SILO.

Someone recently called my trans allegory deep dives Tillyvision, and frankly I think that’s pretty dang great.



#trans #transgender #lgbt #lgbtqia #queer

A SILO promotional poster with Rebecca Furguson as Juliette Nichols walking up a large spiral staircase with the words “the truth will surface” on the steps. On AppleTV+.
Hisham Zerriffi
1 week ago

Just finished both #Foundation and #Silo and need something new to watch. Any recommendations?

#SciFi #TV

1 week ago #Silo war klasse, aber was mich noch mehr flasht ist #Foundation, und bei #Infiltration hänge ich auch irgendwie dran, weil die Geschichte aus mehreren Perspektiven erzählt wird.

Thomas Rabenstein 👽
1 week ago

FOR ALL MANKIND: Staffel 3 🚀
Gestern Abend fertig geschaut und ich beginne mal mit dem, was mich am meisten nervt, und zwar das ewige Vorspulen innerhalb der Folgen. Warum? Ich will wissen was auf dem Mars passiert und dieses ganze Beziehungs-Gefühlsdusel-Gedöns auf der Erde, trägt dazu gar nichts bei und ist für mich uninteressant. Leider geht dabei meist 50 Prozent der Folge verloren. Was auf dem Mars passiert, ist spannender, dort spielt für mich die Musik. Obwohl es auch auf dem Mars vermeidbare Längen gab, war ich mit dem Abschluss recht zufrieden, besonders mit der Wendung, dass der einzig überlebende Kosmonaut aus Nordkorea, der erste Mensch auf dem Mars war.
😆 Das hat die Russen und Amis etwas aus der Bahn geworfen. Zu erfahren, was mit dem Mann noch passiert, hält mich für Staffel 4 bei der Stange.
Als nächstes beginne ich mit
#Silo und hoffe, die Serie ist so gut, wie ihr Ruf.

Jo's Adventures
1 week ago

The top of a US-made silo at a farm I was at. I like the look of it. It's not been used much as some important bit broke pretty early on several decades ago (mid-1900s).

#silo #farm #topshot #photography #germany #2023

Edits on the image: Small amount of sharpening.

Peter Cohen
1 week ago

At least part of my initial attraction to Silo on Apple TV+ was purely aesthetic and had to do with the absolutely delicious retrocomputing terminals they created.

That, combined with the brutalist architecture and utilitarian modernist furniture gives the whole thing a very "Stanford Community College Prison Experiment" vibe.

#appletv #scifi #silo #retrocomputing

The glowing green CRT display of a computer terminal on the Apple TV+ show "Silo."

I've caught up on #Foundation and #Silo within our Apple TV Plus binge subscription, so now starting #ForAllMankind as the third big one I'm hoping to get through in time.

Not counting the ones already watched or watching with my wife: #TedLasso, #Severance, #Physical, #MythicQuest, and probably another couple still to go.

Richard Broekman
2 weeks ago

I recently watched the #Silo tv series and I very much enjoyed it.

I don't remember enough details of the books to know just how faithful an adaptation it is. As far as entertainment goes though, the show delivers for me. Looking forward to season 2!


Caught up on #Silo and I have to say, well done on the final reveal.

Mr. Murphy
2 weeks ago

#Invasion needs to happen for real instead of #Silo.

Ant :twit:
2 weeks ago

How the works of Daniel Suarez ✍️ New Book ~ CRITICAL MASS inspired other authors such as Hugh Howey. See my full interview with these two gentlemen in #ClubTWiT
#scifi #daemon #wool #silo

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
2 weeks ago

🇬🇧 I have read another book of the #Silo series! This is the second one and I have only one left. As I wrote earlier, the first season of the series is about 40-50% of the first book. The second volume is even better than the first, so if the screenwriters don't mess something up we can get ready for a great continuation of the series!

Stuart D Neilson
2 weeks ago

They managed to include both The #Silo and a baby #DeathStar in this mocking-up. Imagine dropping a spanner (or suspect) onto your chosen assassination target 500 metres (125 storeys) below.

A collection of 3D-printed sample modules in the interior of a model of Neom. The two exterior walls are flat 170 km by 500 mirrors exposed to the sea, mountains and desert.
Emily Ding
3 weeks ago

I read #Wool a loooooong time ago and realised recently that it had been adapted into an Apple TV series called #Silo. I've quite forgotten how the book went, so watching the series was itself an adventure and at the end of it I still have so many questions! So I might go back to the book, and then read the other two in the trilogy—titled Shift and Dust—even if it might spoil me for Season 2... If you're looking for something escapist away from work, this is great :)

#edreads #ednotwriting

Book cover of Wool by Hugh Howey
Poster for the Silo TV series
Silvia Pato
3 weeks ago

Si os gusta la #CienciaFicción y no habéis visto #Silo, os la recomiendo encarecidamente. La he devorado. Rebecca Ferguson está espectacular, como siempre, y el guion te tiene enganchado hasta el final. Deseando la segunda temporada y con ganas de leer los libros de Hugh Howey.

Luis Bermejo
4 weeks ago
Luis Bermejo
4 weeks ago
Luis Bermejo
4 weeks ago

Acabo de ver Silo 1x07 "The Flamekeepers" #Silo #trakt

Luis Bermejo
4 weeks ago
Luis Bermejo
4 weeks ago
Luis Bermejo
4 weeks ago
🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
1 month ago

🇬🇧 I thought the first book in the #Silo trilogy was good, but I'm at about 1/3 of the second and it's even better! It's slow to get going, but then holds the reader by the balls.

🇵🇱 Myślałem, że pierwsza książka z trylogii #Silos jest dobra, ale jestem w jakiejś 1/3 drugiej i jest jeszcze lepsza! Wolno się rozkręca, ale później trzyma czytelnika za jaja.
1 month ago

I'm assuming Katniss had an outhouse. I never saw the 4th movie. #Silo
1 month ago

One of #Silo's most interesting features was how its post-apocalyptic setting wasn't all that horrible. Surveillance state, eugenics, erased history, crappy computers, no pulleys, yes. But they had a congenial culture, coffee machines and flush toilets. Most sci-fi creators envision bleaker destinies as a whole.
1 month ago

I finished watching the first season of #Silo. It was great. I want more.

I guess now I have to add a bunch more books to my reading list. 🧐

1 month ago

#Exit von Hugh Howey

3. Buch der #Silo Reihe.

Grandioser Abschluss der Trilogie.
Hoffentlich hält Apple+ solange mit der Serie durch!


Cover des Buches Exit von Hugh Howey
1 month ago

Die Tage mit der Serie #Silo fertig geworden. Hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Allerdings hat mich das Ende sehr verwirrt. Cliffhängermäßig sehr gut, aber halt verwirrend, ich habe einige Fragen. 😬 Freue mich schon auf die 2. Staffel. #AppleTVplus

#StuffingParty time, and another ep of #Silo.

Krolowa ⚧️
1 month ago

I loved #silo on #AppleTV but for all this talk of sanctioned relationships, and having to get into a lottery to produce children – why is there no #Homosexuals anywhere in the Silo?

Does the pact say anything specifically about banning gays? Do trans people not exist in the post apocalyptic world?

Even the movie Road Warrior, written for and marketed to the straightest of straight guys, had gay people in it – some good, and some bad - yet the bad were the most interesting.

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
1 month ago

🇬🇧 I finished the 1st volume of the #Silo trilogy written by #HughHowey, based on which a series was created on #AppleTVPlus. S01 of the series is about 5/12 of the first book. Sensational story! I'm reading on, and looking forward to the continuation of the series.

🇵🇱 Przeczytałem 1. tom trylogii #Silos napisanej przez #HughHowey, na podstawie której powstał serial na #AppleTVPlus. S01 serialu to ok. 5/12 pierwszej ksiazki. Rewelacyjna historia! Czytam dalej, a i czekam na kontynuację serialu.

Este finde tengo que hacer mega sesión series, aprovechando que tengo tres días (lunes libro) para acabar de ver #Silo, #TheWitcher, #SecretInvasion y #Startrek #strangenewworlds y además comenzar con #Starwars #ahsoka y #From.
Por cierto, si hay algún marciano que no ha visto las películas de P. Jackson de #Esdla, este sábado, en #LaSexta, en sesión tarde, hacen #LaComunidadDelAnillo y empiezan triología (la de cine, no la versión extendida). 😉

@selzero True, I couldn't get into Mandalorian at all. Have you checked out Foundation and Silo on AppleTV?

#foundation #silo #AppleTV

Time for another #StuffingParty, and continue to binge #Silo. I'm 3/4 through EP 6.

1 month ago

#Silo auf #appletv+ ist ja mal eine so gute Serie. Die Besetzung einfach nur fabelhaft und spanned bis zu letzten Sekunde. Was ein Cliffhanger. Hoffentlich kommt bald Nachschub.

Para ser honesto, en 21 días tan sólo he podido leer un poquito de nuestro amigo #TerryPratchett. Seguiré en cuanto me estabilice por aquí.
En cuanto a series, no he podido ver ninguna de las que tengo pendientes. #TheWitcher, #Silo, una que me han recomendado que se llama #From y otra que estoy esperando como «agua en mayo», #Ahsoka, que está por salir ya mismo.

1 month ago

Dernière en date à avoir subi ce traitement, #Silo dont le prémisse est cool, mais c’est longuet, un peu transparent. J’avais envie de lire le livre mais c’est écrit par un homme alors ça n’ira jamais en haut de ma #PAL.

Sebastian Helzle
1 month ago

So #Silo-Trilogie fertig gelesen. War ab Mitte des ersten Buchs sehr gut und hat zum regelmäßigen Schlafmangel mit beigetragen.

Was jetzt? Die letzten beiden Reihen waren Foundation und Expanse.

1 month ago

BTW, #tedlasso and #silo on #appletv ? WOW. Amazing shows so far!

1 month ago

Not me doing a deep dive on all the characters in the Toy Story movies because I started watching Silo and learned that the actress Rashida Jones also co-wrote Toy Story 4.

#ADHD #ADHDer #ADHDmemes #NeuroDivergent #AuDHD #Silo #ToyStory #RashidaJones

Stefan Ihringer
1 month ago

Started to watch #Silo. After 4 episodes I still don’t know what to think of it. It has some suspenseful plots, but it develops very slowly.

And it bothers me that there don‘t seem to be any safety nets every couple of floors. Like, how is the lowest floor not littered with stuff and bodies?

1 month ago

Should I keep my #AppleTV subscription? My 3 month free sub ends next week. I can cancel anytime though. I’m not liking the #Foundation second season and next #Silo season won’t be happening anytime soon. I watched #TedLasso, but the second season bored me because of episode fixating on one character themes. Are there any series on Apple that are interesting, please share.

2 months ago

Finished the last of the three books in the #Silo series and wow, fantastic. Powered through for two hours because I couldn’t stop turning the pages to see how it all concludes.

2 months ago

Ich hab gestern die erste Folge von #Silo gesehen. Hat mir gut gefallen. Schönes Setting, bin gespannt, wie sich das Ganze im Laufe der Serie entwickelt.

Mark Riedl
2 months ago

#Silo (Book or TV series) would make a good interactive fiction/text adventure game

Ant :twit:
2 months ago

Have you watched Silo on #AppleTV ? Have you read the books Wool, Shift or Dust which the series is based on? Here's a highlight of my interview with NY Times Best selling Author @hughhowey in #ClubTWiT Sign up to see the full interview

2 months ago

Watched the first episode of #Silo last night, and now I need to subscribe to TV Plus.

Have to give it to Apple. Even when they give you something free, they know the money will follow!

Why don’t other streamers do the same thing?

Chris Limb
2 months ago

Sorry, just one of those silly ideas that wouldn't let go of me #Silo #Formby

George Formby singing "When I'm Cleaning Windows" behind scenes of Allison going out to clean in Silo S01E01
Matthew Broberg
2 months ago

The #Silo is making me want some abstract tattoos...

Matthew Broberg
2 months ago

Getting into #silo and shouting “don’t put on the helmet!!!” Bc I don’t trust that it’s pumping air. Gahhh, come on ..

2 months ago

Started watching #Silo this weekend. Episode 3 was so so good. Hooked.

tim dalton
2 months ago

Silos in a field of yellow with a late June evening sun suppling the light. taken in 2006 with a canon eos 20d.

#SilentSunday #Sonntag #photography #foto #landscapephotography #silo #Farming

Photo is of three silos standing seemingly by themselves in a field.  The view is looking up a sloping field of bright yellow something that I don’t remember.  It’s a late June evening with the sun throwing a warm light over everything.   The silos are at the top of this hill with nothing but blue sky and a couple bits of cloud behind them.
2 months ago
2 months ago

Hatte nach langer Pause mal wieder Apple tv+ geholt, eigentlich für #Foundation Staffel 2. Die ist aber leider übelst trashig geworden - bin komplett enttäuscht. Dann habe ich aus Neugierde #Silo geschaut und gleichzeitig wurde mir noch #Severance empfohlen. Jetzt habe ich zwar leichten Realitätsverlust, aber dafür auch zwei neue Lieblingsserien! ☺️ #appletv #appletvplus

Konstantin 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Friday night schedule:
Continue reading #Wool from the #Silo books 📚🍿😻

2 months ago

📺 Currently watching/recently watched/looking forwards to 📺

#Silo (loved the books)
#WheelofTime (longtime book fan)
#OurFlagMeansDeath (October? 🙏🙏🙏)
#ALeagueOfTheirOwn (*hisses at Amazon*)
#StarTrekLowerDecks (caaaw!)
#Xena (holding s2 hostage until I finish my vid)
#TheSarahConnorChronicles (rewatch yay)

Support the writer's and actor's strike ✊ UNION STRONG

2 months ago

What Deadline says: “Filming on the second season of Apple TV+ sci-fi thriller Silo has entered an indefinite hiatus amid the Hollywood strikes.”

The correction: Filming on #Silo has entered an indefinite hiatus because corporations like Apple refuse to make fair deals with #WGA and #SAGAFTRA.

2 months ago

#silo and #severance on Apple TV+ are really, really good.

Christian Alder
2 months ago

Right, absolutely loved Silo! Really enjoyed the world building and being left with questions.

(I've not read the books, now I feel I shouldn't until the series is over 🫣)

#Silo #AppleTV

Badger AF
2 months ago


OK, this is only for those who have finished the first season of Silo (yes, it has been renewed, but that's largely contingent on the writers/actors strike between resolved amicably).


1) Did the sheriff + wife die? It seems that their bodies are not outside the silo.
2) I'm guessing the paradise is projected into the helmets of people who go outside to clean.
3) What's the deal with the tape? Is it purposefully faulty?


2 months ago

So finished the finale. That was pretty solid all the way through.

The thing that stands out to me is "yeah, no crap they were trying to destroy pictures and records of the old world." If the outside was still toxic death 140 years later, last thing they need is a group of conspiracy theories busting their way out and dooming them all.

Am curious though about the next season. Resisting the urge to read the books....

Steve U
2 months ago

@schwa #Silo slows down mid-season but really picks up toward the end. Perhaps give it another shot.

Andrew Hinton
2 months ago

“Lost, but the characters all live in the hatch.” #Silo

☝️This is how I feel about #Silo right now. #Deadloch had ruined murder mystery for me forever.

Clayton Errington 🖥️
3 months ago

Man #silo on #appletv was a good one. Highly recommend if you’re needing a new show. #siloappletv

3 months ago

I am enjoying reading the #Wool trilogy after watching the first season of #Silo.

I am looking forward to reading next the #Shift trilogy in order to understand what happened in the world.

Joanna Denni
3 months ago

#Silo on #AppleTV is really good if you're into dystopian fiction

I love the #retro #design of #silo's computers. It's a total rip off of #Fallout of course, but the vertical screen dimensions are a nice touch. #scifi

a screenshot from the tv show "Silo". The UI is orange and green text on a black background.
screenshot from the tv show "Silo"

two computer monitors with screens that are taller than they are wide  flank a chunky hard disk drive.
Jamie :ivory_elephant:
3 months ago

Argh! The ending to #Silo! I need answers!

Mr. Murphy
3 months ago

@BlackAzizAnansi Suddenly, real life requires a spoiler alert for #Silo everywhere online except for Mastodon. Everyone on here can just breathe without the proverbial space suit.

Father Roderick
3 months ago

In the newest episode of my #podcast 'The Break', I explore why JRR #Tolkien picked Hobbits as the heroes of #LordoftheRings, I review Season 1 of #Silo on #AppleTVPlus, I review the #books I read this week and I discuss the latest developments around #Twitter, #Reddit and the #Fediverse (#lemmy & #mastodon).

Look for 'The Break with Fr. Roderick' wherever you get your podcasts or listen on my website:

Frodo and Sam on their way to Mordor.
3 months ago

Loved the finale and enjoyed the series overall.

There as a bit of a slump in the back half and it was so obvious that Tim Robins was going to be the ‘big bad’. Like, it’s Tim Robins!

Some silly gripes. It annoyed me that absolutely they stopped caring how long it took people to get anywhere (big late season GoT vibes there). Also the reveal of the other silos was great but they looked way too close together considering what we have seen of the size of our main silo


Donncha Ó Caoimh
3 months ago

That season finale of Silo was exceptional. I'm glad I have forgotten almost everything in the books! The final scene wasn't quite a surprise but it was done so well.


Daniel Durrans
3 months ago

I very much enjoyed the finale of #Silo and I'm glad it has been renewed for a second season. #AppleTV

Guillermo Latorre
3 months ago

Pensando en qué serie ver ahora. La última que me ha encantado ha sido Ted Lasso. Como sigo teniendo la suscripción de Apple TV+ estoy por empezar #Silo o #Severance, que os he leído muy buenos comentarios de ambas. 🤔

Mark Riedl
3 months ago

FYI the book that #silo is based on is $3 on Amazon (kindle edition)

@mrsjmccrimmon I’ve started reading the books. It’s strange. The big reveal in the TV show is revealed in the first couple of chapters. I’m now baffled about where this is going!

So far though I think the TV show is better, as it really expanded on elements of the book. Usually it’s the other way around!


3 months ago

@paul holy shit #SILO is great!

The Silo finale definitely delivered the goods. Overall a solid 1st season, the series managed to stick close to the source material and be a faithful adaptation, while also introducing some new additions that make things interesting even to those who have read the books.

Some great performances by Rebecca Ferguson, Chinaza Uche, Tim Robbins, Iain Glen, and Harriet Walter. Generally, the entire cast is top notch.

Can't wait for season 2.

#Silo #TV #TVshow #Apple #AppleTV #SciFi #Wool #series

Promo shot of Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins, Common, David Oyelowo, Rashida Jones, and Harriet Walter as their respective characters from the Silo TV show.
Russell Garner
3 months ago

Loved last night's #silo, cannot wait for more.

OK, the show is very different to the book already - and I’m even more confused now 😂 #Silo